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BluesKajHowdy folks14:09
dscasselMorning, BluesKaj15:05
BluesKaj'Morning dscassel15:05
capmtrippshi all, anyone around who can give me a hand real quick?15:29
capmtrippshi all, anyone around who can give me a hand real quick?15:29
capmtrippsi downloaded a program called trickle, but can't find how to run it15:29
capmtrippsany ideas?15:29
IdleOnecapmtripps: how did you install it?15:31
capmtrippsfrom the software install center15:31
IdleOneit doesn't show up in the Applications menu?15:32
capmtrippsnope, unless its called something obscure that i can't see15:32
IdleOneBandwidth shaper maybe or something similar, if not just type trickle in the terminal and it should start up15:33
capmtrippsoh crazy15:33
capmtrippsit runs through the terminal15:33
capmtripps:P  n00b15:34
IdleOne:) you can make a launcher for it on the Desktop if you want15:34
IdleOnethat should help you, scroll down a little to the Trickle section15:35
capmtrippsi think i'm getting it15:36
capmtrippswhat does this mean in a command line? ~#15:37
dscassel~ is a shortform for your home directory.15:38
dscassel# starts a comment.15:38
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