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crazedholy f03:02
crazedthere's some serious power here03:02
crazedi can write my own mime-type handler to handle chef's json attributes03:02
crazedif you include a part hanlder, does that ruin the pre-existing cloud-init support for various mime types?03:05
crazedhm having problems with user-data on the ubuntu 10.10 ami04:16
crazeddoesn't seem to set the date or anything really04:16
crazedcloud-init.log http://ubuntu-cloud.pastebin.com/n9rRgww504:19
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smosercrazed, how did you make the multipart file ?05:19
smosercrazed, i'm wondering if it might not like your dos line feeds.05:26
smosercrazed, so, i downloaded your pastebin, then manually separated into 4 files (using vim), then05:30
smoserwrite-mime-multipart ./part-handler.py:text/part-handler ./node.json:text/chef-attributes ./solo.rb:text/chef-solo ./cloud-config.txt:text/cloud-config > ../user-data.txt.new05:30
smoserand launched with that user-data.txt.new as user-data-file, and i think it had the affect you wanted.05:30
smoserresultant user-data at http://paste.ubuntu.com/574292/05:33
smosercrazed, but realize that 'output:05:34
smoser  all: "> /tmp/cloud-init.log"' is only in natty05:34
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crazedoh really?14:14
crazedthanks for the tips14:14
crazedsmoser: i used write-mime-multipart the same way you did there14:14
smosercrazed, well, it did "work for me" when i tested it.14:16
crazedthat's actually awesome14:16
crazedwhat AMI did you use?14:16
crazedor were you on euca14:16
crazedhas more details of what i did14:17
smoseri did it on a private cloud. but used maverick14:17
crazedi'm going to give it another try14:18
crazedalso i did notice that write-mime-multipart wasn't in the bzr repo under tools anymore?14:22
crazedi wound up running it from a machine that had cloud-init14:23
crazed0.5.15-0ubuntu3 is the version of cloud-init i'm running14:24
smoserits in cloud-utils now14:26
smoserand fwiw, do not write log to /tmp14:26
smoseror the tmp cleaner will clean it14:26
crazedhm alright, i was just seeing if it would work14:27
smoserie, you'll start writing there early in boot, and then  aprocess that does an 'rm -Rf /tmp/*' (effectively) will remove your file14:27
smoserthat wont work for 10.1014:27
smosertimezone, final_message, and output are all 11.04 only.14:27
crazedwhere is the output of the parthandler print messages supposed to go? /var/log/cloud-init.log?14:28
crazedin 10.10 that is14:28
crazedhm i've copied your multi part file, still don't get the part-handler to run it appears14:29
crazedis there a verbose way of initiating the cloud-init run, without relaunching instances?14:32
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photerransmoser: i've been using cloud-config to bootstrap machines in EC2 for the last couple months, and just ran into an issue yesterday for which i'd like to offer some feedback.  it seems the security.ubuntu.com repository is overwhelmed with traffic (since at least yesterday morning) and this causes cloudinit to die while waiting to connect (for cloud-config's apt_update or apt_upgrade).  Using the EC2 mirror for the14:50
photerransecurity repository seems to work just fine, but apt_mirror has no effect on the security repository location.14:50
photerranbesides that one small issue cloudinit & cloud-config are great and I'm excited about the new features coming in natty, thank you!14:52
crazedthey do seem pretty powerful, just wish i could get my part-handler to work :)14:52
kim0crazed: I had written this on multipart handlers, might be helpful http://foss-boss.blogspot.com/2011/01/advanced-cloud-init-custom-handlers.html14:52
crazedkim0: that's where i got most of my info from14:53
crazedvery good stuff there14:53
kim0hehe, ok glad then :)14:53
crazedi see the part handler getting output to /var/lib/cloud/data/plugin14:53
crazedbut it doesn't seem to actually run14:53
crazedi see nothing in the logs, so i'm not sure what's goin gon14:53
crazedit's in teh console output14:54
crazedah my python syntax is off lol14:55
* crazed has been using too much ruby lately14:55
* kim0 likes snakes not gems14:56
crazedi like chef for config management14:56
crazedpython is pretty nice though14:56
photerrankim0: just wanted to add i've also learned a lot from your blog, thank you15:02
crazedoh wow you're in egypt?15:02
smosercrazed, i often do 'rm -Rf /var/lib/cloud && reboot'15:03
smoserif you want to change your user data, then you have to use the 'seed' stuff15:03
crazedoh i did see that thread too15:04
crazedshould have read it :)15:04
crazedsmoser: in 10.10 is it possible to get script output elsewhere besides the console? or is that natty only at this point15:07
crazedjust takes amazon more time to display the output than it does for me to login and check files15:07
smoseryeah, its annoying.15:09
smoserin 10.10, any script or program you run, just have it redirect its own output to a file elsewhere rather that writing to stdout15:09
crazedah i know what you mena, that's what i was doing originally15:09
smoserexec >/root/my.log 2>&115:09
crazedthen i had this idea to separate the node attributes file from the script15:10
crazedto make things more portable15:10
smoserphoterran, hm.. i don't really knwo what to say about that.15:11
crazedyay part-handler is now working for me15:11
smoseryesterday the security mirrors were *really* slammed15:12
photerransmoser: indeed they were.  i was thinking it would be nice to be able to set the security repository location in cloud-config (apt_mirror_security?) or just using the EC2 mirror as is done for the other repository locations...15:16
crazedsmoser: is there an order in which things are ran? part-handler, user-scripts, etc15:17
smoserapt_mirror_security might be ok, with an explicit warning on it.15:17
smoserphoterran, the reason they don't do that is that they want security fixes out as fast as possible15:17
smoserand mirrors lag15:17
smosercrazed, part-hander is "very early" . actually while cloud-init is running and consuming metadata15:17
smoseruser-scripts are "rc-local" like15:18
crazedthat should work out how i want then15:19
photerranimho, using the EC2 mirror would get the updates out faster than this15:22
smoserpart-handlers can block boot entirely15:24
smoserjust fyi.15:24
photerranmaybe all the EC2 machines out there are what is causing the extraordinary congestion on security.ubuntu.com15:24
crazedsmoser: how so?15:24
kim0photerran: oh thanks!15:24
smoserphoterran, right, but it takes time to propogate to the mirrors.15:24
smoserits originally published to security, then the mirrors sync from that15:24
crazedhmm damn it15:30
crazedmissing ppa15:30
photerranah i see.  do you think there's any chance for getting the updates published to the EC2 mirrors when they're published to security?  know where I might go to suggest that to the right people?15:31
smosercrazed, they can hang block boot, ie by 'sleep 3600'15:40
smoserbut i fyou stack trace in one, it shouldn't screw up anything else in cloud-init15:40
smoserdid it ?15:40
smoserie, if cloud-init did not catch the exception, please file a bug15:40
crazedoh no it didn't screw up anything else15:44
crazedi just wasn't seeing my syntax errors15:45
crazedsince they were in the console output, i didn't think to check there15:45
* kim0 rings a bell, Community meeting starting in 2 hours. All welcome to hangout and chat 15:59
crazedwhat's that?15:59
kim0crazed: A chance for everyone to get to know everyone else16:03
kim0chat about how they're using ubuntu/cloud16:03
crazedwhere, here?16:03
kim0share info, have a few laughs :)16:03
kim0right here16:03
kim0in 2 hours16:03
crazedi'll be here16:03
kim0photerran: You're welcome to attend as well16:04
kim0Everyone is of course :)16:04
* kim0 jumps back to finishing his virtio blog entry16:04
photerrantyvm!  i intend to.16:05
kim0awesome :)16:05
crazedwhat are you writing about it16:10
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kim0crazed: just getting Windows7 installed over KVM with optimized virtio disk and network drivers16:19
crazedah alright16:19
crazed:) fully configured using cloud-init, chef-solo, and drush16:32
kim0rock n roll :)16:32
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crazedseriously impressed with this17:16
crazednow to try and scale it out using cloud formation17:16
mrjazzcatcrazed: would love to hear your thoughts about the tools and process to get this running, if you have the time and inclination to write something down.17:21
crazedi'll be writing a blog post17:22
crazedprobably tonight17:22
patrickw_Anyone know of problems installing sun jdk (6u24, 64bit, rpm format) in a chrooted loop device? I've been trying to get this installed but it hangs the loopback and I can't umount...17:33
mrjazzcatcrazed: awesome, I'll look forward to that.  Can you point me to your blog so I can look for it?17:35
crazedmrjazzcat: http://allanfeid.com17:37
mrjazzcatcrazed: thanks!17:37
photerranpatrickw_: are you installing right from the partner repo?18:00
* kim0 rings a bell .. Cloud community meeting starting18:01
kim0any new faces around18:01
kim0let's all get to know each other18:02
kim0now everyone is silent hehe18:02
* photerran is new here18:02
kim0photerran: hey o/18:02
photerrannice to meet you all18:03
kim0let's get to know each other better18:03
kim0can you introduce yourself please18:03
photerranwell you can call me photerran, i'm a sysadmin and lately have been working on building a hosting platform in EC2 using ubuntu18:04
kim0building a hosting platform on top of ec2 ?18:04
kim0interesting stuff :)18:05
kim0photerran: do you offer VMs directly to your customers18:05
photerranno we provide a web service to ad agencies and i'm working on a new platform to run our custom application18:06
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kim0awesome :)18:07
kim0crazed: howdy o/18:07
photerrani'm using cloudinit to bootstrap puppet to manages services & apps, and using glusterfs (on top of EBS and instance stores) to provide shared storage for different parts of the app18:08
photerranyeah it is awesome18:08
photerranreally beats having to roll my own AMIs :)18:08
kim0indeed it does hehe18:08
kim0hmm that stuff sounds interesting18:08
kim0photerran: have you heard about cloud days18:09
photerranyeah about two hours ago hehe18:09
kim0photerran: what about giving a session18:09
kim0sharing the knowledge you've gained building that system basically18:10
kim0it's nothing hard or complicated18:10
photerranwould this be over IRC?18:10
kim0just like this ;)18:10
kim0photerran: actually, if you join #ubuntu-classroom18:11
kim0there's a session going on right now18:11
kim0just to get a feel18:11
kim0it's part of Ubuntu Developer Week18:11
kim0cloud days is very similar to that18:11
kim0crazed: hey .. what's the interesting part :)18:11
photerranthanks i'll have a look18:11
crazedusing gluster on ec218:12
crazedhow's the performance with that?18:12
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kim0the first thing that came to my mind as well :)18:13
photerrando you want the long or the short answer?  lol18:13
crazedboth haha18:13
photerranshort answer is "not too bad"18:13
photerranlong answer is...18:13
photerranit's latency sensitive, so performance increases as file size increases18:14
photerranif your files are 100kB+ then performance should be OK, but I'm using front-end caching in apache & varnish to make it better18:14
crazedwhat excatly are you storing on gluster?18:15
crazedstatic content or?18:15
photerranalso, the speed seems to be limited by the EC2 LAN, not the instance size, so spreading the gluster volume out over more machines (and using the native gluster client) can get better aggregate throughput even tho single transfer rate may not be all that great18:16
photerranthis is all very preliminary btw18:16
photerranYMMV of course18:16
photerranstoring web content, HTML, JS, CSS, JPG, etc... the usual stuff18:17
kim0photerran: wonder if you can aggregate many little files into one bigger file to use the increased throughput18:19
crazedany reason you're not using s3 for that?18:19
kim0can't think of a way though18:19
photerrancrazed: i'm a sysadmin not a developer.  thats a requirement of the app18:20
kim0photerran: did you play with ceph as an alternative18:21
photerrani read about it but it seems too new to bet the farm on18:22
photerranmy conclusion at the time was "maybe when btrfs is ready for production"18:22
smoserkim0, nice work: http://cloud.ubuntu.com/ami/18:22
smoserthe ap-northeast-1 images are there.18:23
photerranalso i'm not too excited about having a metadata server... gluster is fully distributed18:23
smoseryou beat alestic.com to it :)18:23
kim0smoser: oh northeast .. that's the Tokyo one18:23
* smoser gives erichammond a rasberry18:23
crazedphoterran: fair enough, same here actually. we deal with managing applications in the cloud, and typically will steer away from any shared filesystem usage as s3 gives you the added benefit of faster image loads (using asset host) and the ability to use cloudfront as a basic CDN. usually we will help teh devs understand what needs to be done an help migrate18:23
smoserkim0, yes. all our released images are there (not milestones though)18:24
kim0awesome :)18:24
smoserit sure seems to me like you're not caching though18:24
kim0smoser: you mean performance wise ?18:26
smoserjust seems like "processing"18:26
photerrancrazed: yeah we'd like to move in that direction, but we decided to migrate the legacy app first & develop those new features later18:26
kim0well .. it's a chance to have you look at the code18:26
kim0momento :)18:27
* kim0 prepares to be embarrased18:27
* smoser apologizes for interupting a conversation18:27
photerranno appology needed18:28
crazedeither way, it's cool to see people doing things with puppet18:28
crazedwhich i see is supported in cloudinit18:28
crazedpersonally i'm a fan of chef, so i've been working on getting a solid solution using the part-handler parts of cloudinit18:28
crazedonly cool thing i have so far is the ability to launch a full dev environment of drupal 7 with any number of modules installed18:29
photerranwell thats a start18:29
crazedit is, i have a decent chunk of chef cookbooks which i should be able to tie into relatively easily18:29
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crazedthen put that together with cloudformation to bring up larger environments, but i'm not sure how to handle making sure the various pieces exist18:30
crazedfor example, there's a race condition, what if my database isn't up before i try to connect to it18:30
crazedi suppose i could just add some retrying in there18:31
photerrani have yet to try cloudformation, but it looks nice.  i'm hoping for better documentation before I dive in18:33
kim0crazed: I'm interested in what you describe as a race condition18:35
kim0so basically .. chef configs a bunch of machines18:35
kim0and starts a bunch of services18:35
kim0but you have no way to ensure dependencies right18:35
crazedfor example in a cloud formation stack, i have an RDS instance and an ec2 instance18:35
kim0nor pass info between machinse (DB passwords ..etc)18:36
crazedthe ec2 instance is going to try and populate the rds instance database18:36
crazedbut if it doesn't exist, that will fail18:36
crazedi added basic cloud formation support to fog recently, so i've been playing around with it18:36
crazedseems cool, but would really like to see some sort of control on how to make sure resources of the stack are available18:37
photerranhmm the main cloudformation web page suggests there is a way to do just that18:37
photerranunder the "Easy to Use" section18:38
crazedi've only got some basic cloud formation templates18:40
crazedthere's a lot of syntax there18:40
photerranbtw, the cloudformation main page i mentioned is http://aws.amazon.com/cloudformation/18:41
kim0haven't checked that out yet .. do you have to write that template yourself18:42
crazedyes but there's a few of pre-written ones from amazon18:43
photerranit's brand new, announced on Friday, barely a week old18:44
* kim0 tweets the new Tokyo Ubuntu images → http://twitter.com/#!/ubuntucloud .. Thanks smoser 18:45
kim0crazed: photerran if you guys are interested .. follow that twitter account18:45
photerranI havent yet jumped on the twitter bandwagon, but when i do, i will follow18:47
photerranuntil then i just check in on the web every once in a while18:47
kim0photerran: are you on the facebook bandwaggon ? hehe https://www.facebook.com/ubuntucloud18:48
* kim0 hugs photerran :) a clean sole18:49
crazedstill looking for this ability to depend on other resources.. bha18:49
photerranthe whole shoe is clean18:49
photerrancrazed: do either of those templates show how to declare an EC2 -> RDS dependency?18:51
crazednot that i can see18:51
patrickw_photerran: I'm actually installing into a centos image, thus the rpm18:51
crazedhm it might be handled by some scripts on the AMI they're using18:52
crazedbecause i don't see any user data scripts to install drupal either18:53
crazedjust basic userdata here18:53
photerranhopefully AWS will publish better docs soon, i suspect there's more to cloudformation than these templates show.  you might want to ask the question on the AWS forums in the mean time though18:57
kim0crazed: man, consider giving a session on chef automation as well .. sounds damn interesting :)19:01
photerrankim0: how often do you do these community meetings?19:03
kim0photerran: weekly same time19:05
kim0it's just a time for everyone to get together and talk19:05
kim0photerran: and crazed .. it would be great to mark your calendars19:05
kim0and try to make it every week19:06
kim0I'm trying to build some momentum around ubuntu/cloud which is for everyone's benefit really19:06
photerranok cool.  i like it.  i've been using ubuntu a long time and am just now starting to get involved with the community.19:08
photerranuntil recently i've been using ubuntu personally & centos/rhel professionally, but that's changing as I mentioned earlier19:09
* kim0 was a centos junkie for about 5 years ago19:10
kim0but I've been building some consistent respect for ubuntu server!19:10
kim0lost of innovative stuff really ..19:10
kim0and since we're still a small community .. every contribution counts :D if you're thinking about registering a session, "just do it" hehe19:11
photerranyeah its exciting.  my experience so far with ubuntu on EC2 has been very positive until yesterday when the congestion on security.ubuntu.com got in the way of spinning up new instances19:12
* kim0 nods19:12
kim0smoser: any idea why do those mirrors melt .. it seems it has happened a few times already19:13
kim0can't we balance on a few19:13
smoser$ host us-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com19:14
smoserus-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com has address
smoserus-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com has address
smoserus-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com has address
smoserus-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com has address
smoseri have a ticket open.  they should not (as you say) melt. but yes, they have.19:14
photerranit was the default location for the security repo (in sources.list) that got me, as i mentioned to smoser earlier19:14
photerranchanging it to the EC2 mirror works great, but that's not easily automated when cloudinit it bootstrapping an instance for the first time19:15
photerranis bootstrapping*19:15
photerranfwiw, in my case i'll be removing the apt_update & apt_upgrade from my cloud-config, leaving only the puppet agent stuff in there, and doing the apt_update & apt_upgrade later on in the process with puppet, after puppet has updated the sources.list19:19
smoserphoterran, the easiest way to do it would be to do dns trickery19:19
smoseryou can write security.ubuntu.com into /etc/hosts before apt comes through and updates. do that with a 'boothook' on maverick19:20
smoserthis is not tested. but i think it would work.19:20
photerranooh good idea, thank you19:21
smoserand if you try to intsall a package (puppet), then it will do an update.19:21
photerranah yes that would have bitten me soon enough19:22
crazedkim0: i don't mind doing a session on chef automation, though i'm by no means 100% expert at chef19:23
crazedthere's a lot to know about it19:23
crazedi use chef-solo, mostly because we don't have a subscription ot the opscode platform and the opensource chef-server doesn't support multiple clients that well19:23
kim0crazed: a pretty basic session would be more than enough19:24
kim0crazed: that idea is to introduce the concept and answer questions19:24
crazedi could handle that19:24
kim0the time doesn't really allow for anything close to advanced :)19:24
kim0crazed: awesome!19:24
kim0do you have a wiki account19:24
crazedi do19:24
kim0crazed: edit  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuCloudDays/Timetable19:25
crazednow i have to remember my wiki account password :)19:25
kim0hehe lol19:25
crazedoh this is launchpad19:25
crazedhm i think i know that login19:26
kim0the wonders of the human memory19:26
photerranoh yeah that reminds me, what are the requirements to be a presenter?  wiki account... anything else?19:26
kim0photerran: not even that :)19:26
kim0I could edit the wiki for you19:26
kim0crazed: could you email me kim0 AT ubuntu.com19:27
photerranoh nice19:27
kim0photerran: you too please if you'll be giving a session19:27
kim0this is just so that I can remind you and coordinate19:27
kim0thanks guys19:27
crazedkim0: sure what kind of email?19:28
kim0crazed: just "hi" :) wanna get your email19:28
kim0photerran: so do you have a wiki account? have you decided on the sesion thing yet ?19:28
kim0photerran: scalable cloud web app would be great :)19:29
photerranno i dont have an account, and yeah i'd like to do a session.19:29
kim0photerran: what's the session title19:29
* kim0 will edit 19:29
photerrannot sure how much detail i can go into, i'll talk it over with my team leader & let you know in my email what I'll cover19:30
photerrangive me an hour or two to get it sorted out19:30
kim0great .. again, there's usually not much time for lots of details .. it's mostly laying down the basics and answering qquestions ..etc19:30
kim0so nor worries19:30
kim0photerran: thanks for the contribution19:31
photerranok great, it's my pleasure19:31
kim0all mine :)19:32
crazednow i have to figure out UTC19:33
kim0crazed: time now in UTC is 7:33pm19:33
crazed date -d "14:00 EST" -u19:33
kim0your tz skills are l33t :)19:34
kim0I end up googling hehe19:34
photerranwolframalpha is good for that too19:34
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crazedkim0: how long are these sessions typically19:38
kim0crazed: just one hour19:39
crazedseems all the times on there are during my work hours19:39
crazedwoah actually19:39
crazedi'm 80% sure i'll be in seattle those two days lol19:39
crazedgoing to amazon hq19:39
kim0does that mean you may not be able to present ?19:40
kim0just email me once you know19:40
crazedpossibly not this time, is this monthly/weekly?19:40
kim0mm .. it's usually of less frequency, although there's zero problem doing this more often if people are willing to share :)19:40
kim0crazed: let me know once you're sure whether or not you can make it19:41
crazedkim0: will do19:42
photerranjust my luck... signed up for launchpad to get into ubuntu wiki, now ubuntu wiki gives 500 error after the SSO gateway19:50
photerrani was going to just do this once i logged in, but maybe i should mention it here first anyway19:51
photerrankim0: the session details link (to Sessions page) on the cloud days page is broken, maybe you meant it to be the Timetable page instead?19:52
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semiosiskim0: I sent you an email about the cloud days session.  i'm all cleared but had to change nick (used to be photerran) as I explained in the email21:31
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kim0semiosis: just read your email21:53
kim0that's awesome21:53
kim0what you mentioned is totally fine21:53
kim0semiosis: puppet or gluster .. hmm what about two sessions :)21:54
kim0semiosis: still unable to edit the wiki ? should I do it21:54
semiosislet me try again, i was getting 500 errors earlier21:55
kim0semiosis: that sometimes happen, but the "action" usually completes fine21:56
semiosisah yes thats the case21:58
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semiosisnow getting 500 errors trying to open the edit page... i'll try again later.  in regards to two sessions... i wouldnt want to take up two slots just yet, hopefully someone else will see an opening and want to contribute as well22:02
kim0semiosis: then I'd take gluster and more generally .. storage best practices for scalable web apps22:03
kim0semiosis: should I write that title ?22:03
kim0let me know what to write22:03
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semiosishow about "Scaling legacy web apps in the cloud with GlusterFS" ?22:07
semiosisbtw since we're going in the direction of gluster i should note that I dont use the ubuntu packages, but the latest version from gluster22:08
semiosiskim0: the wiki is working for me now, i added the topic to the timetable.  thanks for your support!22:13
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