jcastroman dude01:52
jcastroso I went to a martini bar01:52
jcastroand was like "you know what, with A3 coming out, I think I will have an ubuntini"01:52
jcastroso I brought the recipe01:52
jcastrobut they didn't have grape soda01:52
jcastroso they substituted grape vodka01:52
paultagjcastro: winrar!01:53
paultagjcastro: how was it?01:53
jcastroit was disgusting01:53
jcastroand strong01:53
jcastroso I closed the nite with some ... bikinitinis01:53
jcastroI don't know why I am telling you this01:53
jcastrothey were so good though01:53
paultagjcastro: sick, bra01:55
paultagsee what I did there? HA!01:55
paultagjcastro: yo dude, what ever happened to the audio free culture showcase?02:44
jcastrodunno, design runs FCS now02:44
paultagjcastro: the page still says they're looking for maverick goods02:45
paultagjcastro: are we not doing that jazz anymore (no pun intended)02:45
jcastrono idea02:45
paultagcool, thanks jcastro02:45
* mhall119 throws a Paula Deen at paultag 03:40
paultagI fugg'n hate Paula Deen03:40
mhall119oh, Paula Deen riding a Narwhal03:40
mhall119someone needs to do that03:40
paultaglet's deep fry butter deep fried in butter battered and fried in oil03:40
mhall119I deep fried pork chops yesterday03:41
paultagmhall119: that's normal. Paula Deen has a fettish with lard and butter03:41
mhall119you say that like it's a bad thing03:42
paultagI sure as hell do03:42
paultagI like my food neat, fresh, clean, and not dripping fat.03:43
paultagthat's how I cook every meal, and that's how I'll eat :)03:43
mhall119so....I guess I won't be inviting you over for dinner03:43
paultagmhall119: Hey, I'm not hating, it's just how I prefer my food :)03:44
mhall119wait, is dripping with it's own fat okay?03:44
paultagmhall119: I mean, it can be. I hate adding crap03:44
mhall119so, maybe BBQ then03:45
paultagI love BBQ03:45
mhall119rolled in lard then deep fried03:45
paultagjust lost me ;)03:45
mhall119how about just dry rub and vinager then03:45
paultagmhall119: I think you'd like my veal brascioletini.03:46
mhall119I like any food I can't pronounce03:46
paultagmhall119: you'd find it rather nice -- veal with proscuitto inside, then fontina inside that, wrapped, covered with breadcrumbs and rocked out in cooking chery03:47
paultagmhall119: it's like deep frying, but it won't kill you as fast. That and it's a perfect dish with some pasta03:48
mhall119that does sound tasty03:48
paultagdamn skippy it does ;)03:48
mhall119you had me at proscuitto03:48
paultagmhall119: a man after my heart03:48
paultagdamn, now I want to make some. Way too late to eat, though03:49
mhall119yeah :(03:49
nigelbugh, I hate the wiki :|05:48
dpmgood morning all06:26
nigelbmorning dpm :)06:28
dpmhey nigelb :)06:28
AlanBellmorning all07:27
AlanBellcan a community council person help with removing a deleted profile from ~ubuntumembers please07:28
AlanBellthere is an entry in the group for Nick Fox ~nickj-fox and that profile has been deleted07:28
AlanBellthe 410 error on https://launchpad.net/~nickj-fox is tripping up one of my scripts07:29
nigelbdholbach should be up soon07:30
nigelbAlanBell: though you could fix the script instead of the other way around07:31
* nigelb runs07:31
AlanBellit makes the python lplib code fall over in a bit of an ungainly heap07:32
dholbachgood morning07:44
nigelbmorning dholbach & kim007:44
kim0nigelb: hey man07:45
nigelbdholbach: logs updated on wiki :)07:45
dholbachhey nigelb, hey kim007:45
dholbachI noticed - thanks07:45
nigelboh, right.  You're the big brother of the wiki :p07:46
dholbachno, not any more07:46
dholbachbut select parts I still get to know about07:46
dpmhey dholbach, hey kim007:54
dholbachheya dpm07:55
dpmhey :)07:55
kim0dpm: hey man08:01
dpmhey hey, how are you doing kim0? :-)08:01
kim0going good08:01
dpmdholbach, I'm using Sphinx to create a simple but nice looking doc. It's awesome!08:36
duanedesignmorning all09:23
Pendulumhiya duanedesign09:25
duanedesignhey Pendulum09:41
popey01:52:27 < jcastro> and was like "you know what, with A3 coming out, I think I will have an ubuntini"10:04
popey01:53:22 < jcastro> it was disgusting10:04
AlanBellpopey: dholbach: can one of you remove  ~nickj-fox from ~ubuntu-members please12:25
=== daker_ is now known as daker
popeyAlanBell: why?13:18
popeyAlanBell: https://launchpad.net/~nickj-fox looks gone13:18
popeyexactly what?13:19
AlanBellwhen going through the list with lplib it falls over in a heap when it gets to that point13:20
popeysounds like a lp bug to me13:20
AlanBellso ~ubuntu-members has a "membership" record for that person13:20
nigelbpopey: he's asking you for his own materialistic gains :p13:20
AlanBellthen do go membership.member.name or whatever and it gets upset13:21
AlanBellit is kind of an unhandled situation in python lplib13:21
nigelbcan you do a try catch right thee?13:21
nigelball hail popey! :p13:22
=== daker_ is now known as daker
=== daker_ is now known as daker
jcastrojay foe14:53
jcastroJFo: what's on the playlist for the day14:53
JFowell, right now it is a new mashup album by titus jones14:55
JFopretty good stuff14:55
JFolet me get you a link14:55
jcastroI am on one14:55
jcastrois the band of the day14:55
JFoyep, I am listening to his Journey mashup right now :)14:56
JFogot Styx queued up next14:57
jcastrojust a small town girl14:57
jcastroliving in a loney world14:57
paultaggod I hate journey :)14:58
IdleOneJFo: thanks for the link.15:00
JFoIdleOne, my pleasure15:00
JFothis guy is my favorite new mashup artist15:00
* IdleOne is considering actually standing up to dance15:00
jcastropaultag hates everything15:00
paultagjcastro: I've started hating people in advance.15:01
JFoit gets it out of the way so the real work can begin I imagine15:01
IdleOnepaultag: good to know. I won't be insulted when we actually meet and you don't shake my hand.15:02
paultagIdleOne: I hate people, I'm not rude :)15:03
paultagdistinction :)15:03
jcastroI hate people too15:03
IdleOnePeople hate because I'm rude15:03
paultagI think we'll all get along15:03
IdleOneso far I am really liking this mashup15:03
JFothat the Journey one IdleOne15:04
IdleOneno the one one the home page15:04
JFosorry, got a bit ahead with my enter key15:04
paultagI want to do a mashup with Rachmaninoff and some rap. I need to find some rap in c-sharp minor15:05
paultagI feel like that could just be awesome15:05
JFopaultag, I have one that is beethoven's 5th and Jamie Fox Goldigger15:06
JFovery nice fit15:06
IdleOnewhich is the journey one, title?15:06
nigelbpaultag, paultag, paultag!15:06
nigelbwhats with all the hate? :D15:06
IdleOneI think I got it15:06
nigelbmorning JFo, jcastro15:06
JFoIdleOne, don't stop believin' in this love on earth15:06
JFomorning nigelb15:07
JFoglad you are better15:07
paultaghey nigelb :)15:07
paultagnigelb: because I don't like people :)15:07
nigelbJFo: im so glad I'm better and back in the interwebs15:07
paultagJFo: that's awesoem :)15:07
nigelbpaultag: lol15:07
IdleOneI am torn between mashup and Big Bang Theory episode15:08
paultagJFo: I heard the most amazing take on beethoven the other day15:08
JFooh yeah?15:08
paultagJFo: yeah. I usually don't care for it because it's usually played so dry, but the techincal chops of this lady were amazing. Let me find the link15:08
paultagJFo: Ah, found it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zucBfXpCA6s&feature=relmfu15:08
* JFo opens15:08
paultagJFo: I'm pretty sure she's crazy in the head.15:08
JFoaren't we all?15:09
paultag+1 there15:09
paultagI've never heard beethoven played with such flair and speed15:09
nigelb+1 JFo15:09
JFopaultag, http://www.soop.ca/bootie/bestofbootie2006/12%20-%20A%20plus%20D%20-%20Beethoven%27s%20Fifth%20Gold%20Digger.mp315:11
JFothere is the one I mentioned15:11
paultagJFo: oh jeez. awesome15:11
paultagJFo: thanks dude, this is already pretty sweet.15:11
paultagJFo: Oh! I've totally heard this! This was in a movie!15:11
paultagI think, right?15:12
JFonot sure15:12
JFobut I'd be interested if you found it in one15:12
JFowow, her fingers are like spaghetti15:12
paultagJFo: Oh, no. I'm thinking that version of beethoven in the background -- that was in eastbound and down15:12
paultagJFo: yeah! She's nuts!15:13
paultagJFo: hahaha, this is great15:13
paultagJFo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nHrh3EdzIs <-- 2:51, this is where I heard that version :)15:15
JFopaultag, that was some nasty bass in the beginning15:18
paultagJFo: inorite?15:18
JFothat was awesome15:20
paultagJFo: that show is pure gold15:21
paultagJFo: "Just like neil armstrong, I went to the moon and back, and *no one* gave a shit"15:22
JFoyep, you know he is originally from Shelby, NC (about 20 minutes from where I am)15:22
paultagJFo: no shit15:22
macopaultag: language15:22
JFopaultag, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenny_Powers15:23
IdleOnesomeone asked if there is a way to get all of the Ubuntu free culture songs other than copying all of them from the live CD? anybody know if they are hosted in one place?15:24
paultagJFo: you should get a cutout and stand next to a shelby sign15:24
macoJFo: one night i sent my sister a vid on YouTube of the song Bass Tribute with pics of all different bassists, and i pointed out which was Marcus Miller then told her about Larry Graham being known for slap and things like that, and sent another so she could hear Jaco, and told her about Michael Manring's basses. she was really surprised to learn there's so many styles and greats15:24
JFooh yeah, Pastorius is one of my favorites15:24
macoJFo: she boggled at the "Jaco's playing on a fretless bass" thing "what?" "you know the metal bars on a guitar to tell you where your finger goes? he plays without them"15:25
JFohim too, got to see him play in Greenville15:25
paultagwhen I want something awesome to play, I play wooten :)15:25
* maco has seen Wooten twice15:25
JFomaco, I bet she did15:25
* nigelb renames channel to #ubuntu-music-freaks15:25
* JFo removed the -music15:25
maconigelb: more like #ubuntu-bassists15:25
macothough we need barry for that15:25
paultag<-- bassist15:26
macoi want my bass :(15:26
maco250 miles away15:26
macomust get mum to bring it when she visits next month15:26
JFopaultag, did you know that Victor gives free lessons in some music stores?15:26
popeymy brean saw ubuntu-bassists as ubuntu-bas**rds15:26
paultagJFo: yeah, he's awesome. Runs a camp, too. Gave a friend of mine one of his basses15:26
paultagI've got my babies. Stingray 3EQ, Rickenbacker 4001, P-Bass [American|Mexican]15:26
nigelbpopey: oh, I see you love bass :p15:26
JFoyep, it is right outside of Nashville15:26
nigelbmaco: you play?15:26
JFopopey, :)15:27
JFothat too15:27
nigelbpaultag: I didn't know you played dude15:27
maconigelb: used to. i worked in a guitar store15:27
paultagnigelb: yeah. I play piano, bass, guitar, accordion15:27
nigelbmaco: o.O15:27
macoi have a Dean Edge15:27
nigelbI'm limited to piano :)15:27
nigelbI know nothing about guitars or bass15:27
paultagHell, I think I recorded me playing something stupid for one of my friends on accordion if you want to see that ;)15:27
* popey hugs JFo 15:27
* JFo hugs popey :)15:27
paultagnigelb: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1202331/songofstorms.ogv <-- the song of storms from Zelda. Not my best work, just had to prove a bet15:28
nigelbhrm, why isn't it playing15:28
nigelbbah, chrome killed that page15:29
nigelbAnyway, I'm listening to blur song 2 after watching bmw hire series15:29
maconigelb: http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-ash1/v27/192/38/5319221/n5319221_30624343_8316.jpg  me in high school15:30
nigelbmaco: oh. Wow.15:31
paultagI wonder why nerds propensity towards music15:33
macouses both brain halves15:34
paultagmaco: humm. true.15:34
paultagit might be because it's technical15:34
paultagand personally challanging15:34
paultag(leveling up mentality)15:34
JFoI use it because it is nothing like what I do during the day15:34
* JFo has his bass with him now15:35
paultagJFo: got mine next to me (next to the accordion) :)15:35
* AlanBell is working out how to play piano15:35
paultagwhen I'm thinking about coding, I play bass15:35
JFosame here15:35
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 3 starting in 25 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:36
mhall119man, unity's build-dep is 220M?15:45
dholbachjono, I'll need a few more seconds because of UDW and some CC stuff15:52
jonohey all15:52
nigelbhey jono15:52
jonodholbach, no worries - call is not for 8mins :-)15:52
dholbachyeah, still, might be 2-3 minutes late15:52
jonodholbach, if you are that is cool15:52
dholbachjono, skype started, ready to go16:02
dholbach(once it transmitted my credit card information and everything - just a sec ;-))16:02
dholbachjono, go go go16:02
jonodholbach, kim0, jcastro, dpm one sec16:02
jcastroone sec!16:05
dholbachjono, I couldn't hear you, but sound generally works and I had activity on the mic16:05
* kim0 races to finish his virtio blog post16:05
jonodpm, cant hear you16:08
dpmjono, can you call me again?16:08
dholbachdpm, is your mic unmuted?16:08
dpmI had to select another sound input source, and skype does not seem to detect that while in a call16:09
mhall119cjohnston: warning, I made some changes to the Setup section16:18
dakermhall119, cjohnston any progress on HOF ?16:31
mhall119daker: cdbs did some work on in a couple weeks ago16:31
mhall119I haven't had a chance to look at his branch though16:31
jonojcastro, can you do me a favor and hop on mumble, need to test my mic16:33
jcastroyep, let me unplug and replug stuff16:33
jcastrojono: ok all set16:34
dholbachok my friends - I call it a day16:59
dholbachsee you all tomorrow16:59
dholbachbig hugs16:59
nigelbg'nite dholbach16:59
AlanBellnhandler: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports shows December as the report in progress17:20
* nigelb pokes nigel-cloud 17:32
nigel-cloudhrm, not bad.  irccloud.com17:32
vishpopey: you might want to comment on Bug 646669 ;)17:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 646669 in ayatana-design "Trash label mismatch Nautilus" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64666917:41
vishas soon as i noticed the description update, i went but but, we just renamed it from wastebasket to rubbish bin :D17:46
jcastronigel-cloud: it's what I use!17:49
nigelbjcastro: ohhhh17:51
nigelbjcastro: you pay for it yet?17:51
nigelbworth it?17:51
nigelbI like the UI.  Very slick17:51
nigelbI'll probably use it friday for the session17:52
jcastroit's what I used17:52
nigelbvery friendly when we switch between computers and OSes17:52
nigelbI don't want to get addicted and end up paying for it17:52
jcastroit's cheaper for me than a linode for IRC17:55
jcastrowhich is all I was using it for17:55
nigelbah, that makes sense17:56
nigelbbut my rackspace server is cheaper than linode at the lower end, and I use it for other stuff too17:57
=== daker is now known as Ghost_of_daker
nigelbthe arm session seems to have lots of interest18:31
jonoQ+A in 10 mins18:48
jonofeel free to tweet18:49
evilduanedesignnigel-cloud: i have been trying irccloud out too19:37
=== Ghost_of_daker is now known as angeldaker
jcastro<-- caffeine refill20:54
cjohnston+1.. I think I'm gonna do that jcastro20:54
JFocaffeine won't help me just now20:58
* JFo slaps LP20:58
jcastroI know right20:58
cjohnstonJFo: !21:00
JFocjohnston !21:00
akgranerheck a caffeine drip to an artery wouldn't help me at the moment...21:00
akgranerdang I feel like I am as slow as molasses in the winter today21:01
cjohnstonno update to uds.ubuntu.com :-(21:01
macoi should make another cup of mate21:01
macolong-lasting caffeine with no crash and no jitters :D21:01
maco(its like tea, but a different plant from south america)21:01
JFoakgraner, you are lucky... I have been doing bad things at twice the speed today21:03
* JFo thinks monday swapped with today21:03
JFoI find I am doing more correction than fix21:04
* AlanBell reads a tl;dr from JFo21:04
AlanBellJFo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHPOzQzk9Qo21:08
JFoAlanBell, heh, I try21:08
jcastro<3 JFo21:08
jcastroI've been a fan since Deadwood21:09
* JFo hugs jcastro 21:09
JFospeaking of which, I have a new knife21:09
JFohey, if you guys heard of a talk entitled "Forgive me Linus for I have sinned" would you be interested in attending it?21:32
popeyWHATS THAT YOU SAY!?21:44
popeyYES! NEW PODCAST!21:44
jonoczajkows1i, around?22:06
AlanBelljono: on holiday in spain22:07
jonoahhh right22:07
nhandlerAlanBell: That is mainly due to us getting behind on UWN. I can update the wiki though22:08
jcastroTechnoviking: ping22:15
jcastrocjohnston: where do bugs for www.ubuntu.com go?22:22
jcastroubuntu-website still?22:23
cjohnstonjcastro: you can put it there and ill put it correct.22:43
jcastrocjohnston: ok filed22:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 728095 in ubuntu-website "Create an Ubuntu Values Page" [High,Confirmed]22:44
cjohnstonjcastro: its been reassigned22:45
cjohnstonill try to talk to them tomorro22:45
jcastrooh dude22:45
jcastroI didn't know there was a -content22:45
cjohnstonya.. but they don't all belong to content either22:46

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