mhall119hi guys, could someone set the longitude/latitude on http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/venues/110/detail/13:14
mhall119otherwise your March Ubuntu Hour event is shown off the coast of Nigeria ;)13:15
ebelsounds like a bug :P13:30
slashtomis the loco directory using OSM yet13:30
slashtomethically we shouldn't be using google maps for this13:30
mhall119slashtom: OSM doesn't have the coverage necessary, nor is it designed to be used in the way we use google maps13:43
slashtomthat would only be a problem if we had events in the back arse of west meath, or somewhere like that13:45
slashtomhowever google maps data is copyrighted13:45
slashtomebel knows more about this aspect13:45
slashtomand surely the design is irrelevent... it's free open data, you can design whatever you like to use it13:46
ebelI've had this discussion :P13:46
ebelOSM can be embedded like google maps. :P13:46
ebelAlso in some areas (e.g. Dublin) OSM actually has a better map.13:47
ebel*However* this is all on ebel's TODO list :P13:47
ebelusing google maps may make the LD database copyright infringement.13:48
slashtomaye, and i would consider it more in the spirit of open source to be using OSM13:53
airurandomhall119: the longitude/latitude on http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/venues/110/detail/ has been set based on where google maps tells me it is.14:14
airurandosorry slashtom and ebel ;)14:14
ebelI'll make an OSM patch someday!14:15
ebelI remember someone being suprised that we didn't have free map in Ireland. Since the USA (rightly) does it.14:16
airurandoebel: any request gone to TOG yet re UJG?14:17
ebelno, sorry, completly forgot14:18
slashtomwell at least it's not as bad as UK, as this would be treason, infringing crown copyright14:18
ebelslashtom: probably only low treason14:19
ebeland the UK has different kinds of treasonous affairs, and crown copyright.14:20
ebelIt's only the King James Bible and the Book of Common Prayer that are under perpetual, neverending Crown Copyright14:20
slashtomaye, only low treason at worst14:20
slashtomstill far better to use OSM than risk committing treason14:21
tdr112what date is the ujb14:23
airurando1,2,3 april14:24
airurandooh Hi tdr11214:24
tdr112there is a  open social night on the 2 nd , no other events on ,14:26
tdr112it could be a goer for the 2nd and/or 3rd14:27
airurandotdr112: coolio.  Could either ebel or yourself make a request for Sat 10am to 5pm perhaps.14:31
airurandoDoes anyone want activity on Sunday also?14:31
airurandotdr112: are we going to have a release party at the end of April?14:42
tdr112airurando: we are14:44
tdr112airurando: yep we can put some thing together , will talk more14:48
* slashtom and ebel will offer our apologies for the release party14:48
tdr112np enjoy your trip14:49
mhall119thanks airurando14:53
slashtomis mhall119 a locodirectory bod?14:55
ebelfrom .fl.us15:01
slashtomshame they aren't keen on OSM, it would be nice if Ubuntu were to use it15:07
airurandomhall119 , my pleasure, apologies for the initial omission.15:17
slashtomblooody hell this is close, Ireland are 305 for 6 with 3 overs remaining to hit 32816:42
ebelapparently ireland are odds favorite to win the cricket world cup, and at the start the odds were 400:1. that would have been a nice money maker16:46
slashtom2 overs left and 12 runs needed16:51
tazzGo Ireland! :D16:58
tazzany of you watching the match ?16:58
slashtomaye, 4 runs!16:58
tazzHa ha!16:58
slashtomnot watching, just seeing the web updates16:58
tazzheh, same here.16:59
tazzwell i think Ireland just won.16:59
tazzI remember India chasing 326 Vs Eng Not so long a go.16:59
tazzAnd that was the Hightest score ever!17:00
ebelDid i hear ireland won?17:07
tazzHey ebel17:17
ebelyo yo17:17
tazzYea this was the highest successful run chase in World Cup history.17:17

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