keesbjf: lucid linux-ec2 changelog shows release tracking bug as 712864, but that bug has nothing to do with the kernel? should that be 716657 ?02:15
bjfkees, i'll look, thanks for the heads-up02:16
keesbjf: cool; thanks.02:16
bjfkees, where do you see 712864 as the tracking bug, i'm looking at the changelog in the kernel tree and it shows 71665702:23
bjfkees, i see it02:25
bjfkees, i don't know how that happened, but i can guess, and it was very sloppy work on my part02:26
bjfkees, thanks again for pointing it out though02:27
anon^_^anyone able to address my question?02:39
MTecknologyIf you were to compile a kernel that was completely monolithic vs using a lot of modules.. when you boot is the longer wait time only in loading the entire kernel into memory; or is there a lot of extra processing that needs to be done?03:06
ohsixmodules builtin will be initialized, modules will be loaded on demand and only initialized when that happens, it's not a huge difference but it is a difference03:09
=== jk-- is now known as jk-
MTecknologyso there is extra load time for built-in modules if you're not going to frequently use them?03:13
MTecknologyohsix: thanks :)03:16
jjohansenMTecknology: actually, it depends.  Modules have linking overhead, and if you are talking about loading modules from the initramfs then builtin is definitely faster04:54
MTecknologyjjohansen: I don't use an initrd though04:55
jjohansenwell that you won't have that added problem to consider04:55
MTecknologyjjohansen: I have a 2.2MB monolithic kernel; I was just wondering if I'm losing by having monolithic and changing some things to loadable modules would be a better idea.04:57
jjohansenMTecknology: it will just depend, on when it gets used etc. /me likes the flexibility of modules,04:59
MTecknologyjjohansen: I've been kind of sad though... having to stick with -rc2. When I try anything newer X won't start. I see -rc7 has been released; so I think it's time to try that. :)05:01
MTecknologyI know there have been a lot of changes with intel video05:02
jjohansenMTecknology: yeah, I just tried my machine that display won't work, its still a no go for me05:02
MTecknologyintel video?05:02
jjohansenI hear some are now working, mine isn't05:03
MTecknologyI hope I have more luck than you then... but i doubt it05:03
MTecknologyI wish I could use acpi -t too :(05:05
anon^_^anyone able to address my question?05:11
anon^_^are there issues persisting with latest kernel updates for 10.04 in update manager?05:11
anon^_^placeholder values for linux kernel are showing up, but not the binaries05:12
jjohansenanon^_^: not that I know of05:12
anon^_^jjohansen, so why would placeholders show up as an update but not the actual kernel files05:13
jjohansenanon^_^: have you tried dropping to the terminal and doing apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade05:13
jjohansenanon^_^: sorry I really don't know05:14
jjohansenanon^_^: try forcing a refresh, hit the check button05:17
anon^_^refreshed update manager a few times, same result05:18
jjohansenanon^_^: what sources do you have?05:18
anon^_^can't select the placeholders for the new kernel
anon^_^default sources, no change05:19
anon^_^added some ppa repos, but nothing that influences the kernel05:19
jjohansenanon^_^: x86 or x86_6405:19
anon^_^presently running 2.6.32-28-generic05:20
jjohansenokay, I'll see if I have a lucid around that needs updating05:20
anon^_^the new kernel placeholders showed up with updates this morning05:21
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anon^_^well that is interesting, when I unchecked docky-core ppa from other software in sources list and then refresh, i suddenly see kernel update files06:29
anon^_^was the ppa that i unchecked from sources list06:29
anon^_^after deselecting docky-core ppa06:52
anon^_^anyone have an idea of why that would occur?06:52
RAOFanon^_^: Because you've updated the apt lists, and the missing packages have now been added?06:53
anon^_^when docky-core ppa was included06:55
anon^_^RAOF, why would apt lists not show kernel updates when a dock ppa is selected06:56
anon^_^the dock shouldn't change kernel dependencies06:56
RAOFIt won't, but when you removed the docky PPA you also updated the apt lists.06:57
RAOF(As in: the locally cached list of packages available in the archive)06:57
anon^_^so RAOF, if i re-enable docky-core ppa in sources list06:58
anon^_^and refresh, it shouldn't interfere06:58
anon^_^well that's not the case06:59
anon^_^because i just re-enabled the docky-core ppa, and the output for update manager06:59
anon^_^is the same as it was before07:00
anon^_^i installed linux-libc-dev because i could07:01
anon^_^then disabled docky-core ppa refreshed07:02
anon^_^output showed all kernel updates07:02
anon^_^go back and re-enable docky-core ppa in sources list07:03
anon^_^update sources list07:03
anon^_^and it's blocking kernel updates again07:03
fairuzany special channel I have to join for Perf tool related problems?08:10
apwperf is shipped as part of the kernel08:14
fairuzI have this error when I try to use perf stat : Consider tweaking /proc/sys/kernel/perf_event_paranoid08:24
fairuztaht is when I try to collect caches miss data08:24
fairuzi tried this command perf stat -e L1-dcache-load-misses echo "test"08:27
jjohansenapw: this is a screen shot of anon^_^'s failure : http://img121.imageshack.us/img121/1092/oopsd.jpg08:29
fairuzi tried the command with verbose, and it sais I dont have the permission. So, I tried with sudo and now It says Error counter 0 , sys_perf_event_open() syscall returned with -1 (no such device)08:31
apwfairuz, hmmm never seen that myself08:32
apwbug #66200908:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 662009 in alsa-driver "[Lenovo Y530 - Realtek ALC888] Regression from 10.04: No sound with snd_hda_intel model=lenovo-sky" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66200908:32
fairuzI'm running ubuntu on ARM, maybe Perf not supported on ARM platform?08:32
apwits cirtianly likely that differnet sub-sets of fucntionality are missing yes, they may not yet expose any physical counters08:33
fairuzhmm ok08:33
fairuzare you running on x86? can you try the command and see if it come out with cache miss?08:35
fairuzperf stat -e L1-dcache-load-misses echo "test"08:35
apw              15419  L1-dcache-load-misses   08:36
apwseems to work on my intel box yes08:36
fairuzhmm ok08:36
fairuzapw: thanks anyway08:37
apwif you are using arm specifically you might also ask in #ubuntu-arm, they may have more specific knowledge 08:37
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SpecialistHi there! I am currently running 2.6.35 on Ubuntu 10.10 and am considering switching to 2.6.38, which would allow me to use my second video card (which is detected by 2.6.38's nouveau driver, but not by the one from 2.6.35). Are there any pitfalls that I should be aware of? Maybe even some pre-built packages (I have found only packages for 10.04 so far)?09:28
apwSpecialist, it is a common combination for those of us in the kernel-team so it might be expected to work09:29
apwbut its not supported, and as you note there arn't any official packages for that combination09:29
SpecialistThanks! So I guess compiling it from the git repo is the way to go...09:33
smbSpecialist, You can just use the deb packages of the kernel for Natty09:36
kengyusmb, good morning. for the eeepc SRU patchset I sent yesterday, two of them (from Corentin Chary) are too new and not yet in mainline, but they're already in mjg59's linux-next branch (http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/mjg59/platform-drivers-x86.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/linux-next). Since rtg is asking for commit SHA, do you think if it is okay to leave it blank or any preferable way you'd kindly suggest? :-)09:46
smbkengyu, Well _usually_ you should wait until things _are_ in Linus tree before requesting SRU. (at least imho)09:49
smbkengyu, Are the changes at least in the official linux-next tree?09:50
kengyusmb, yes, they are. I suppose you already know patches from me are usually for some reasons. :-/09:53
smbkengyu, Of course I do not question that they are there for a good reason. Being poking you about them being upstream is more because I want to avoid things getting lost. And us ending up on having working Maverick but not in Natty09:56
smbkengyu, So if they are in linux-next, then at least add those commit shas and reference to linux next09:57
smbLike: (cherry-picked from commit x linux-next)09:57
kengyusmb, appreciated for the suggestion. another question is that if we do use "[Upstream]" in the subject? from debian/commit-templates/upstream-patch, there it is. Though the commit sha is not really mentioned there.10:02
fairuza stupid question.. i included arch/arm/include/asm/hardware/cache-l2x0.h in my code..but why I cant use the functions defined in arch/arm/mm/cache-l2x0.c10:26
fairuzi got l2x0_init undefined error10:29
smbkengyu, Hm, I am not sure whether we probably need to update the templates. I personally would not use anything in the subject/commit message than is in the upstream version and only modify the content of the message with BugLink and sob and sha reference10:36
apwyeah [Upsream] does seem to have become redundant these days10:40
apwas we use the presence of an upstream commit id as that indication now10:40
kengyusmb, I think I can just follow your convention. :-) I will re-send the patches later. now we have 2-week SRU cycle, is there any regular day for the upload, eg always upload on Fri, any SRU patch after that should wait for the next cycle.10:41
smbkengyu, I believe that it seems to happen on Fridays. But you want to ask Steve there. I am not paying that much attention to the details anymore. :)10:43
kengyuapw, will it be a good idea to update the debian/commit-templates/upstream-patch  to reflect current kernel team's convention?10:43
apwyeah it would ... will add it to the agenda for next week, as we'll be teaching people to use them :)10:44
apwadded to the agenda10:47
kengyusmb, sure. thanks for the nice answering. you're appreciated as usual. :-)10:48
kengyuapw, thanks for that. saw your wiki update. :-)10:49
smbkengyu, You are welcome. I try to be as helpful as one being as anal as me can. ;-)10:50
kengyusmb, no need to try, you're always helpful. thanks again anyway. :-)10:52
lagWhen you use "fdr binary-arch" the build udebs and debs are placed in .. - is there any way to configure that?11:04
lagAlso, how do you tell the fdr not to build a million udebs11:04
lagapw: ?11:15
apwlag, nope thats where they go11:15
apwbinary arch is designed to build everything11:15
apwthat includes the udebs11:15
apwbut you ony get those cause you asked for them in kernel_versions.in11:16
lagapw: So to get the image*.deb I use binary?11:16
lagapw: So to get the image*.deb I use?11:17
apwdisable_d_i=true binary-arch11:17
lagThat'll do - thanking you11:17
apwor if its one flavour, simply binary-<flavour>11:17
lagI don't have a u8500 flavour11:18
* apw wonders if lag remmbers anything we taught him11:18
apwlag, you must have cause you make a -u8500 package11:18
lagI know what I used to use fdr binary-omap3/411:18
apwit was listed as the flavour in your xorig.log earlier11:18
* lag checks11:18
apw<lag> I'm using Linux version 2.6.35-1000-u850011:19
apwu8500 in that context is the flavour name11:19
lagI could have sworn I tried fdr binary-u8500 and it couldn't find the flavour11:21
lagI build the packaging, so I guess I should know11:21
lagHmm... it seems to work now11:21
lagThat'll do me, thanks apw11:21
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apwsconklin-gone, bjf, the tag for hardy maverick is missing12:17
apwsconklin-gone, bjf, the tag for hardy _master_ is missing12:17
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skaet_apw,  thanks!14:55
apwskaet_, ?14:55
skaet_comments in the TechOverview. :)14:56
tgardnerapw, mumblwe14:59
apwtgardner, there15:00
apwskaet_, ah15:00
sconklin-goneapw: did you tag hardy? 15:33
=== sconklin-gone is now known as sconklin
apwsconklin, nope, was assiming it was sitting in your tree15:38
sconklinit was. I just got a strange warning when I tried to push it to the master. But it's all resolved and pushed now15:39
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tgardnersconklin, I'm not really in favor of another mailing list. why isn't the existing kernel team list sufficient?17:02
* apw wonders what it is for17:03
smbtgardner, Though I just pushed the additional patchset to, I would not announce it yet as it seems to need the swiotlb patch reverted. Otherwise compile breaks.17:03
sconklintgardner: because this includes people from qa, cert, archive admins, release managers, etc17:03
tgardnersconklin, and they can't subscribe to the k-t list?17:03
sconklintgardner: no. too much traffic and not specific enough17:04
bjftgardner, there is more noise in that mailing list that they don't want to deal with17:04
tgardnerthats what filters are for17:04
bjftgardner, one of the issues with the new cadence is the difficulty of clearly handing things off between the different parties and clearly communicating what is happening, this addresses those concerns17:05
bjftgardner, some of them anyway17:05
tgardnerbjf, I don't think a mailing list is a good method for state management. Isn't that what LP is supposed to do?17:06
bjftgardner, it's not handling that part its to help with clearer communication of kernel sru work/issues17:06
* smb -> away to buy a new power supply17:08
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tgardnersconklin, bjf: gimme some examples of the kinds of messages you intend to send on this mailing list.17:16
sconklinjust sent one17:16
sconklinWill be sending another one soon about copying packages from ppa to proposed17:17
vishapw: hi.. poking about Bug 652934 again ;) , can we get that SRU milestoned.. all testing work has already been done, we just need to upload it :)17:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 652934 in linux "[RV515] Guest session causes screen to flicker violently and session is unusable" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65293417:18
vishapw: also, we should probably look into dropping that patch from natty too..17:18
bjftgardner, there was an issue with ec2 kernel which we wanted all the relevant folks to know about which was holding up maverick from moving to updates, that email would have gone to that mailing list17:19
* vish noticed that we got a kernel update this week, and was hoping this bug would have been included ;)17:19
bjfvish, if you subscribed to the kernel team mailing list you'd have a clearer idea if any given patch had been submitted for sru and if it had been accepted17:21
apwvish, that commit is gone from natty as far as i can see17:22
vishbjf: ah, cool! but i'm not that list yet.. :)17:22
vishapw: about the SRUs for lucid & maverick? (atleast maverick as I'm still on it ;p)17:23
vishi did test your lucid kernel too 17:24
apwvish will look17:24
vishthanks.. :)17:24
tgardnerbjf, it seems to me that ubuntu-devel would be appropriate for emails of that nature, e.g., "Lucid and Maverick EC2 kernels still lack verification". It should reach all concerned parties, its a well known list, _and_ you don't have to subscribe the key players 'cause they're already there. Starting a new list cuts out a big chunk of the public.17:35
sconklintgardner: well, this was discussed among the people who actually tale action items from the sru kernel process. I included you more for your information than anything else. So I think it's serving the needs of the stakeholders in a reasonable way17:42
apwvish ok patches submitted to the lists for revieww17:55
vishapw: thanks.. :)17:55
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* tgardner --> lunch18:35
bdmurrayI really don't see much relevant information in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LinuxWireless other than the link to upstream documentation19:04
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JFowell that was interesting19:21
kamalapw: fyi that mem=nopentium panic fix that I sent upstream landed in linux-next but does not appear in 2.6.38-rc7 ...  maybe it won't hit mainline until 2.6.39 (?)19:41
keestgardner: hi, if it's not already on your TODO list, can you take a look at bug 707577 for pitti's questions?19:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 707577 in linux-meta-lts-backport-maverick "Lucid LTS Maverick backport, update to 2.6.35-25.44" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70757719:51
tgardnerkees, otp, gimme a bit19:52
keestgardner: sure, no rush. I added the "kernel-tracking-bug" tag to that bug too, since I didn't see it in the sru-report.19:53
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* jjohansen -> lunch20:03
rick_h_howdy, wanted to check in and see if anyone was familiar with this failed to get i915 symbols, graphics turbo disabled issue that seems to be going around in 10.10?20:55
rick_h_upgraded and having display issues: http://askubuntu.com/questions/28730/upgrade-wont-allow-second-display-to-go-to-1920x108020:55
rick_h_and stumbled upon a bunch of bugs, this one lends me hope a kernel upgrade might fix? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/65110420:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 651104 in linux "intel graphics turbo disabled" [Undecided,New]20:56
rick_h_but nervous of just dropping in some linked kernel/etc20:56
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sforsheerick_h_, yeah, looks like you'd need to upgrade to kernel version 2.6.37 for the turbo mode fix, but I don't know if that will fix the screen resolution problem21:22
sforsheerick_h_, which linked kernel are you referring to?21:24
apwJFo, about ?21:40
JFoapw, yessir21:41
apwgot time for a chat ?21:41
JFosure, though I am in the hammock and my headset is inside :-D21:41
JFowant me to grab it?21:41
apwJFo, sure :)21:42
pmathewsI'm having problems with git:21:48
pmathews git clone git://git.omapzoom.org/kernel/omap.git 21:48
pmathewsInitialized empty Git repository in /home/pmathewslocal/DB-117/omap/.git/21:48
pmathewsremote: Counting objects: 2021581, done.21:48
pmathewsremote: Compressing objects: 100% (318816/318816), done.21:48
pmathewsremote: Total 2021581 (delta 1686376), reused 2019306 (delta 1684356)21:48
pmathewsReceiving objects: 100% (2021581/2021581), 430.22 MiB | 600 KiB/s, done.21:48
pmathewserror: inflate: data stream error (invalid distance too far back)21:48
pmathewsfatal: serious inflate inconsistency21:48
pmathewsfatal: index-pack failed21:48
pmathewsI have tried 4-5 times to clone the kernel but get this same error every time21:49
sconklinpmathews: have you tried cloning from any other repo? (just to see whether it's a local problem or one with the remote repo)21:52
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pmathews<sconklin>Give me an alternative repo please22:02
dorpsgekwhy is /dev/dsp taken from the kernel, it cannot be the size of the module, i have to compile a new kernel every new kernel update22:03
sforsheepmathews, I cloned that repository without issue, may be a local problem22:05
sconklinpmathews: git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-lucid.git for example22:05
rick_h_sforshee: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~manjo/maverick/lp651104/ was what I was checking out22:09
rick_h_that's still .35 though22:09
rick_h_sforshee: so the debate now is, how best to approach this. Should I just test a natty alpha? Is it a later kernel? (haven't looked yet)22:10
rick_h_go back to LTS and wait it out22:10
rick_h_or best way to get a .37 kernel that won't cause me issues with anything else going forward with 10.1022:11
dorpsgekok, i think it will be goodbey for ubuntu, it is no fun to compile everytime a new kernel for this22:13
hertondorpsgek, oss is disabled in the kernel, I think since bug 57930022:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 579300 in linux "Please disable CONFIG_SOUND_OSS* and CONFIG_SND_*OSS*" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57930022:13
sforsheerick_h_, manjo's kernel should be safe to try, but natty is using .38 so it will have the fix22:15
rick_h_ok, I'll give a usb boot a test then tonight. Thanks22:16
dorpsgekherton: to disable something without a (good) replacement is not nice22:18
mjg59dorpsgek: There's been a good replacement for it since 200222:20
apwdorpsgek, and pulse is meant to supply a replacement22:21
apwthat is why it was disabled22:21
dorpsgekut2004 --> open /dev/[sound/]dsp: No such file or directory    etc....................22:22
dorpsgekduring DOOM 3 initialization...22:23
dorpsgekWARNING: failed to open sound device '/dev/dsp': No such file or directory  etc...............22:23
dorpsgekso for a lot of stuff what people can use to have some fun22:24
keesdorpsgek: OSS devices were eliminated a while back. perhaps try using "padsp /your/command"22:24
JFo<-headset battery finally died.22:25
dorpsgekok, ik know what to do, thanx for the support22:25
dorpsgekis there a way to blacklist kernelupdates22:26
apwprobabally can pin: the kernel22:34
keesbjf, sconklin: regression in 2.6.32-29? bug 72765322:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 727653 in linux "initrd.img-2.6.32-29-generic breaks iwlwifi-6050" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72765322:53
apwkees, beat me to it :)22:53
keesapw: :)22:54
keesit doesn't look to bad, maybe a bad dkms hook or something? not really sure22:54
sconklinkees: thanks for letting us know. I wonder if we have any of this hardware22:55
apwsconklin, it looks like a firmware load failure22:57
jsalisburysconklin, I have this laptop with this wireless card, I plan on applying updates on Friday, so I guess my wireless will break :-O22:57
apwwas there anything like that in the changes in -29 ?22:57
apwotherwise it might be a firmware updare issue ... we might want to check they didn't get a firmware version update22:58
apwas in a linux-firmware package22:58
bjfapw, there is one sitting in -proposed22:58
bjfapw, a linux-firmware22:58
JFomy connection has gotten fragile, thanks for looking bjf, sconklin, apw :)22:59
apwany idea what is changed in it bjf ?22:59
bjfapw, looks like some new firmware, i need to pull the sources and look23:00
jsalisburysconklin, Actually, I'm running Natty, so I can't test.23:00
apwsee if those new names are in there23:00
apwMar 2 03:47:28 cogito kernel: [ 109.671281] iwlagn 0000:02:00.0: firmware: requesting iwlwifi-6050-3.ucode23:00
apwit looks for -4, -3, -2, -1 in that order23:00
bjfapw, i see iwlwifi-6050-4.ucode but no -3, -2, -123:03
apwbjf, in the new one?23:03
apwor in the old one23:04
bjfapw, yes the one in -proposed23:04
apwwahts in the current one ....23:04
bjfapw, well the git repo actually23:04
apwbjf, worth asking if the firmware is on their machine, the updates to l-f don't appear to change anything23:07
apwon those filenames23:07
bjfapw, the lucid firmware package in updates has:   * iwlwifi: iwlwifi-6050-5.ucode      in the changelog23:09
apwoh crap looking at the wrong branch23:10
apwbjf, not really sure why its not there the -4 as it is on maverick23:13
apwi suspect we need that adding in, just not sure why we suddenly are missing it23:15
apwbut its only one piece of h/w so i think we can get tim to look at it in the mornign23:15
apwbjf i think we should get the user to try manually installing the -4 firmware23:21
apwand see if things work, if so then we can add it to the package tmrow23:22
apwsconklin, ^^23:22
sconklinsounds reasonable.23:23
sconklinI'll update the bug23:23
apwsconklin, it seems to be in the maverick branch, ie there is -4 and -5 in there, but the lucid only has -5 which seems counter intituitive at best23:23
apwwhy it worked before the -29 i do not know, best to ask what version tehy had before too23:24
bjfso maverick has both -4 and -5 , lucid only has -523:24
bjfnatty has both23:25
apwhas to be the cause, but how it ever worked on lucid is beyond me23:25
apwsome background digging seems appropriate23:25
sconklinyeah, I'm fetching now23:26
bjfas usual we probably are getting a small part of the story23:26
apwtoo true23:26
sconklinThis is another area where we probably need to share some knowledge23:26
apwanyhow, one piece of hardware affected, and they have an old kernel to use so no need to be escalated any further me thinks23:27
apwsconklin, yeah indeed23:27
jsalisburyapw, sconklin, One piece of info.  I'm running Natty, with linux-firmware 1.47 on the same hardware.  iwlwifi-6050-5.ucode looks like it was added in l-f 1.42 according to the changelog.  I've seen no issues.23:40
apwjsalisbury, and you have -5 and -4 on your machine right ?23:40
apwin /lib/firmware23:40
jsalisburyapw, yes: 23:41
jsalisburyjsalisbury@salisbury:/lib/firmware$ ls iwlwifi-6050*23:41
jsalisburyiwlwifi-6050-4.ucode  iwlwifi-6050-5.ucode23:41
apwyeah so it seems we have -4 and -5 on later releases, but only -5 on earlier ones; which is unexpected23:42
jsalisburyapw, not sure who to check if my system is using -4 or -5, maybe something in /proc?  Already checked dmesg and logs.23:44
jsalisburyapw, I do see this in /var/log/udev:23:44
jsalisburyKERNEL[1298912762.504059] add      /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1c.4/0000:02:00.0/firmware/0000:02:00.0 (firmware)23:44
sconklinjsalisbury: I just updated the bug, with an attached version 4 of the firmware.23:57

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