YoBoYgood morning06:47
YoBoYsomeone can ping me before the classroom on the LD today ? :p06:48
dholbachgood morning07:44
trinikronowhat time is the classroom session today?10:55
leoquanttrinikrono, via #ubuntu-classroom==>set topic: the fridge10:58
leoquanti'll take a look10:58
trinikronofor example its 7am for me10:58
leoquantUpcoming Schedule: http://is.gd/8rtIi 10:58
leoquanttrinikrono, is your question answered?11:04
trinikronois the schecule in utc?11:04
leoquantwo 2. mrt 16:00 – 17:00 GMT11:05
leoquantfirst class11:05
trinikronoleoquant: gmt and utc is the same?11:06
leoquantsorry telephone)....11:07
trinikronook i think i have it now11:08
trinikronoit would be 11am-12pm for me11:08
trinikronowill just leave it to idle then thanks leoquant11:09
dakerRonnie, dholbach mhall119 cjohnston nigelb http://isdjango1.3releasedyet.com/12:20
Ronniedaker: lol12:20
nigelbhaha, neat website12:20
Ronniein 1.3 are coming a few very nice features :D12:21
Ronniealso lol @ the url :D12:21
dakerlike this one http://ismubarakstillpresident.com/12:22
mhall119daker: did you make that django one?12:50
dakerno, someone post it on #django-fr12:51
mhall119I'm not sure what's big about 1.3 besides class-based views12:51
nigelbmorning mhall119 12:52
nigelbdo you have time these next few days to do some summit reviews?12:52
mhall119not today, unfortunately12:53
mhall119nigelb: what are you doing April 1st?12:54
nigelbmhall119: nothing much I suppose, why?12:54
mhall119cjohnston and I will be summit hacking12:54
mhall119if you can participate remotely12:54
mhall119register on LD12:55
mhall119cjohnston: you haven't registered on LD yet either12:55
nigelbI've now registered :D12:56
nigelbOnly 2 hours? Pfffft :p12:57
mhall119nigelb: we both have kids who will be getting out of school12:57
nigelboh, right.  2 hours is a big thing.12:58
nigelbActually, we could skype up and jus talk instead of IRC12:58
mhall119that can probably be arranged13:04
* nigelb does happy dance13:04
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=== daker_ is now known as daker
nigelbmorning cjohnston 13:53
=== daker_ is now known as daker
dholbachdaker, :)14:06
mhall119morning cjohnston dholbach daker 14:54
dholbachhi mhall11915:33
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 3 starting in 25 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:36
dakerhaha LD session in a few minutes :)16:53
serfusgood luck with that guys :)16:54
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YoBoYRonnie: I have an error on the manage.py init-ld >> django.db.utils.DatabaseError: no such table: auth_group17:33
RonnieYoBoY: have you executed: ./manage.py syncdb17:34
Ronnieand ./manage.py migrate    ?17:34
YoBoYha nop :p17:34
YoBoYgoing too fast :D17:34
YoBoYgreat that's fine now17:36
mhall119that is a lot to cover in an hour17:59
YoBoYif only I had time to work on LD :']18:03
=== daker is now known as Ghost_of_daker
nigelboh no, Ghost_of_daker ! ;018:08
aakshay__mhall119:  nice session.. :) ...18:11
aakshay__mhall119:  but m stuckd somewhere :(18:11
YoBoYwhere aakshay__ ?18:12
aakshay__YoBoY: here18:13
aakshay__YoBoY: ./manage.py syncdb You will need to run  ./manage.py init-ld  to make the LoCo Team Directory fully work. You will need to run  ./manage.py init-ld  to make the LoCo Team Directory fully work. Error: No module named south 18:13
aakshay__YoBoY: Error: No module named south18:14
cjohnstoninstall python-django-south18:14
cjohnstonmake sure you install all the packages in the INSTALL file18:14
YoBoYaakshay__: read the INSTALL file you have a sudo apt-get install .... line in it18:15
aakshay__cjohnston: nopes.. :( ......let me check all the packages18:15
aakshay__cjohnston: thanks.... :) ..18:15
aakshay__YoBoY: thanks.. :)18:15
cjohnstonaakshay__: what version of ubuntu are you running?18:15
aakshay__cjohnston: maverick lynx18:16
aakshay__cjohnston: 10.0418:17
nigelbthat's lucid lynx18:17
cjohnstonaakshay__: you have all of those packages installed?18:17
aakshay__cjohnston: in progress.. :)18:17
cjohnstonlet me know when you finish18:17
YoBoYRonnie: the links top-nav are relative to my install not absolute links (example : ) it's normal ?18:18
RonnieYoBoY: thats sounds like a bug18:19
aakshay__cjohnston: yes... :)18:19
YoBoYRonnie: LD or upstream ? ^^"18:19
Ronnieill have a look18:19
aakshay__cjohnston: yippii... its working...18:23
aakshay__cjohnston: i run syncdb18:23
Ronnieits upstream, ill provide a patch18:23
aakshay__then migrate'18:23
aakshay__cjohnston: then what to do?18:24
cjohnstonNext you will run the migrate18:25
YoBoYRonnie: great :)18:25
cjohnstonyou should be able to continue on as was taught in the classroom aakshay__ 18:25
aakshay__cjohnston:  yes. if i get stuck somewhere then will come back to ask .. :)18:26
RonnieYoBoY: Fixed, mhall119 needs to approve it tough18:38
YoBoYgreat :)18:39
YoBoYand the "user" links to the left, this should be functionnal soon ?18:39
Ronniethere is a merge proposal for that one18:40
Ronnieso it mostly depends on cjohnston and mhall11918:40
aakshay_cjohnston: done with settings.. now i want to start with bugs.. :)18:49
cjohnstongood aakshay_ 18:51
aakshay_cjohnston: thanks.. gud nite.. see ya18:52
Ronnieaakshay_: maybe this is a good bug to work on https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/60828918:52
ubot4Launchpad bug 608289 in loco-directory "Add continent field to venue (affects: 1)" [Low,Triaged]18:52
aakshay_Ronnie: ok.. let me start on it now itself 18:52
aakshay_ubot4: ok.. let me start now itself18:53
ubot4aakshay_: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:53
aakshay_ubot4: :) ... may be you are... :D18:53
ubot4aakshay_: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:53
aakshay_cjohnston: no gud nite.. sry...i am giving a try to fix bugs now..  :)18:54
aakshay_cjohnston: :D18:54
Ronnieaakshay_: have you any experience with django?18:58
aakshay_Ronnie: no.. :(18:58
aakshay_Ronnie: where to start with it?18:59
Ronnieoke, if you have some questions about that bug, feel free to ask...18:59
Ronniefirst you need to add an extra field to the venue model18:59
Ronniewhich lives in venues/models.py18:59
Ronniethat field should be linked to the teams/models.py:Country model19:00
aakshay_Ronnie: ok..19:00
aakshay_Ronnie: ok.. let me check19:01
mhall119Ronnie: thanks for fixing the top-nav19:08
mhall119LD's init-ld just grabs the latest trunk of ubuntu_website, I need to upgrade it to use bzr-apps so we can specify a version19:08
Ronniemhall119: there is already a merge for the integration of top-nav, so fixing ubuntu_website is not needed atm19:09
aakshay_Ronnie: i think i need to learn django first because i dont know how to add an extra field  to venue model.. :)19:09
mhall119Ronnie: a merge in ubuntu_website or in LD?19:09
mhall119aakshay_: http://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/intro/tutorial01/19:09
mhall119that'll get you going on Django19:09
mhall119Ronnie: who added top-nav to LD?19:10
aakshay_mhall119: thanks.. the session was very informative.. do i need to learn python as well?19:10
Ronniethe continent is almost a copy of the country field "country = models.ForeignKey(Country, null=True)"19:10
mhall119aakshay_: yes, python is a must19:10
mhall119but python is easy, especially if you have previous programming knowledge19:11
Ronniemhall119: https://code.launchpad.net/~ronnie.vd.c/loco-directory/top-nav/+merge/5145919:11
aakshay_mhall119: i am good at programming. so let me start learning python and django..19:11
aakshay_Ronnie: ok.. let me try to edit19:12
mhall119Ronnie: ah, using the stuff in ubuntu_website, awesome19:13
mhall119you rock19:13
Ronniemhall119: yes, there is also a part for the upcoming "my_teams" page19:13
mhall119cool, how's that coming?19:14
Ronniei needed to fix a few other bugs (see twidentica and rss branched)19:14
Ronniethe my teams page is almost ready, it need some small tweaks19:15
aakshay_Ronnie: i added in venues/models.py then its showing an error in database :(.... means v need to edit the other files as well.19:56
Ronnieaakshay_: you need to update the database by executing south, let me explain19:56
Ronniego to the loco_directory folder (cd in terminal) and type (without quotes) "./manage.py schemamigration Venue"19:57
Ronnie./manage.py schemamigration Venue --auto19:57
cjohnstonMake sure you have the correct version of south19:58
=== Ghost_of_daker is now known as angeldaker
Ronniethis command tells south the make a migration file with the difference in the database structure20:01
Ronnienext we need to apply it on the database20:01
Ronnie./manage.py migrate20:02
Ronnieaakshay_: did it work?20:11
aakshayRonnie: Sorry.. net was not working.. i am working with the above commands.20:23
Ronnieaakshay: take your time, its not a race competition ;)20:23
aakshayRonnie: :) ...20:24
Ronnieaakshay: how its going?20:33
aakshayRonnie: it is showing "Nothing ti Migrate" in all 20:34
Ronnieand with this command: ./manage.py schemamigration Venue --auto20:34
aakshayi actually run this command only20:35
aakshayshould i try with the previous one?20:35
Ronnieoops, my bad, got some typo's20:35
Ronnie./manage.py schemamigration venues --auto20:35
aakshayRonnie: :-).. okiez.. let me try20:36
Ronnieit should tell that a 0007 file has been created, if executed correctly20:36
aakshayRonnie: yipii.. worked...20:37
aakshayRonnie: " Migrating forwards to 0007_auto__add_field_venue_continent.  > venues:0007_auto__add_field_venue_continent  - Loading initial data for venues. "20:37
Ronnieoke great20:37
Ronnienow execute: ./manage.py migrate venues20:37
aakshayRonnie: ok.. yes20:37
Ronniethat should make changes to the database20:38
aakshayRonnie: it showed nothin to migrate20:38
Ronnieaakshay: hmm, thats strange20:39
Ronnieand the command: ./manage.py migrate20:39
aakshayRonnie: i think because i run this already with "./manage.py schemamigration venues --auto"20:39
Ronniewithout venues20:39
aakshayRonnie: so no need to worry20:39
aakshayRonnie: i run this without "venues"20:40
Ronnieprobably the same result20:40
aakshayRonnie: yes... ;-)..20:40
aakshayRonnie: what to do next?20:40
Ronnieoke, i guess its good20:40
Ronnienext we need to check forms.py20:40
Ronniethis file translates a model into a form20:41
Ronniehere you can exclude, include fields, do some validation and save the changes to the database20:41
Ronnieif the form is very standard, this file should be almost empty20:41
aakshayRonnie: "standard" refers to???20:42
aakshayRonnie: means what does "very standard " mean here20:42
Ronnieno additional checks, no extra fields (which are not defined in model.py)20:42
aakshayRonnie: ok20:42
aakshayRonnie: where to access this file20:43
aakshaygot it20:43
RonnieVenue looks like a very standard form. it does one add one validation for the venue.name, and it includes some extra css and js to the page20:44
Ronnie- first "one"20:44
Ronnienothing fancy20:44
aakshayit is20:44
Ronniewhere you have to look is the Meta class20:44
Ronnieit defines model=Venue (which reffers to the Venue model in models.py)20:45
aakshayRonnie: yes.. it is defining20:45
Ronniesometime the Meta class has a property exclude = ('some_db_field') or it contains fields = ('some_db_field1', 'another_field')20:46
aakshayRonnie: okiez20:47
Ronnieif meta contained the fields param, you needed to add the new field in there, but if fields is not defined, django automaticcally uses all fields in the model, so were good to ge20:47
Ronniege = go20:47
aakshayRonnie: Meta is not showing any fields20:47
aakshayits showing only single line "metta = venue"20:47
Ronnieyes, so forms.py is complete (we do not want to add extra checks to the continent field, and django automatically saves it on submit)20:48
Ronniethe last step is to check the HTML20:49
Ronniebut this one is probably good already20:49
Ronnietherefore we go to templates/venues/ folder20:49
Ronniethe only template that uses the form we just checked is the file venue_update.html20:50
aakshaythere is no "folder" in this20:50
aakshayyes venue_update is tehre20:51
Ronnietry to understand the template20:51
Ronnieand try to think if you need to add something20:51
aakshayi think in this line "html_addr: $("#id_country, #id_spr, #id_city, #id_address")," we need to add continent field????20:53
Ronnieaakshay: you have a sharp eye, very good20:53
aakshayRonnie: :D.....20:54
aakshayso can i add "#id_continent"20:54
aakshaynew line is " html_addr: $("#id_country, #id_spr, #id_city, #id_address,#id_continent "),"20:56
Ronniethen your ready to test (for the sake of readability, you can add an extra space after #id_address20:56
Ronniedo you still remember how to start the site20:57
aakshaylet me start again20:58
aakshayyippii.. seems as if worked20:58
Ronniedjango can be that easy20:59
cjohnstonpush it up, and it will be reviewed...20:59
cjohnstonfwiw, a review may take a while21:00
aakshayits showing teh continents21:01
aakshaycjohnston: o/....21:01
aakshayRonnie: what to do next?..... :)21:01
cjohnstonaakshay: you want to commit the changes21:02
Ronnieyou can commit the changes, and push to your own lp profile21:02
cjohnstonbzr commit -m "text about what you did" --fixes lp:1234521:02
aakshayneed to run in loco_directory?21:02
cjohnstonthen bzr push lp:~username/loco-directory/1234521:03
aakshaycjohnston: need to run in loco_directory?21:03
cjohnstonI run it in the base direcotry.. i dont know if it matters21:03
cjohnstonso the directory that has the INSTALL file21:03
aakshaymeans in loco-directory?21:04
aakshayokiez.. let me commit21:04
Ronnieusually when you branch files, you execute the command bzr branch lp:loco-directory foldername21:04
Ronniethe foldername can be anything you like, so choose a descriptive name for the bug you trying to fix21:05
Ronniemy projects folder contains atm 16 different branches of loco-directory, so with a good name you can easiliy find which folder belongs to what fix21:06
aakshayokiez.. thats the best way :)21:07
Ronniemy folder hirarchy is usually /projects/<project-name>/<name-of-fix>21:08
Ronnieor bugnr_name-of-fix21:08
aakshay<name-of-fix> is the is the bug number21:09
Ronnieif you only use the bugnumber, its hard to find the right folder, because you have too lookup the number in LP to know which bug, therefore i add an extra descriptive tekst21:10
aakshayyes thats easy way then21:10
aakshayand i pushed the changes21:10
aakshaywhat to do next?21:11
Ronniei see, now you need to tell that the code is ready to be merged into the main brnach21:11
Ronniethis is the link of your created branch21:11
Ronniethere is a button "Propose for merging"21:11
Ronnieclick that one, and add a desription of the change you made21:12
aakshaynow propose merge?21:13
aakshayclicked it21:13
aakshayshowing the status "Pending"21:14
Ronnieyes, now you have to lean back, and wait for response21:14
aakshayyeee!!!!..... :) ......21:14
cjohnstonRonnie: stop teaching people to spam s!21:14
Ronnieif the code is OK, it will be merged, if not we will provide some feedback about the changes that you need to make21:15
Ronniewhen the branch is merged into trunk, then you can delete the folder on your pc21:16
aakshayok....but now you gave all the directions what to do next.. how will i do the bug correction myself?21:16
aakshay ok....but now you gave all the directions what to do next.. how will i do the bug correction myself?21:16
cjohnstonwhat do you mean21:17
cjohnstonyou just fixed a bug21:17
Ronnieif you want to di it yourself, you need to learn django. if you know its structure, you can fix bugs yourself21:17
cjohnstonso just do the same thing21:17
aakshayok then i will start learning django by today itself... because i dint know while file to visit next for the correction21:18
aakshaywhat about pyhton?21:18
cjohnstonI just learn stuff as I go21:18
Ronnieyou you have experience with other languages, i think you can start directly with the django manual21:19
Ronniepython is not that hard, i think you can learn both at the same time21:19
aakshayya i am perfect with c++ coding... okiez.. so i start with django21:19
Ronnieif you need help, there is a #python and #django channel, LD specific questions can you ask here 21:20
cjohnstonI'm in both python and django21:20
aakshayok.. and i will also learn stuff as i go21:20
cjohnstonif you are nice, they will help you21:20
cjohnstonand since our code is open source, you can show them the actual code and they will be able to help you easier21:20
* Ronnie is still learning too. for each bug i need the django documentation21:20
aakshaycjohnston: okiez.. n yes we can show the code too :)21:21
aakshayany suggestions which bug should i take next?21:21
Ronnieaakshay: https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/72384521:22
ubot4Launchpad bug 723845 in loco-directory "Change order on Event and Meeting pages (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,Confirmed]21:22
cjohnstonthats an easy one21:22
cjohnstoni was gonna do it, but feel free aakshay 21:22
Ronniealtough this is more a html thing than django21:22
aakshayok .. so i will start with this by today itself21:23
aakshaybut i may take time.. :(21:23
cjohnstonaakshay: that one is a cut and paste21:23
aakshayok then its very easy... :)21:23
aakshayi will do it today only then21:24
aakshay*will try :D21:24
cjohnstonRonnie: im settin up to merge in the code you approved, then ill try to do a couple reviews21:24
Ronniecjohnston: great :D21:25
Ronnieaakshay: a more django bug is this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/61638321:27
ubot4Launchpad bug 616383 in loco-directory "Needs ability to directly link to a comment (affects: 1)" [Wishlist,Triaged]21:27
Ronnieor this https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/61654721:27
ubot4Launchpad bug 616547 in loco-directory "Edit/Delete Comments (affects: 1)" [Wishlist,Triaged]21:27
aakshayRonnie: okiez.. but you need to help me with these21:27
Ronnietoday i got one hour left21:28
aakshayno problem..i will ask you tommorrow..21:28
aakshayhere also its 3 AM ..:D21:29
aakshayand i hav college in morning....;)21:29
Ronniewhere do you come from?21:29
aakshaym in India21:30
cjohnstonnigelb: ^21:30
RonnieTricky comes from india too (but he is not online now)21:30
Ronniewhich part of india21:30
aakshaym in Delhi21:31
aakshaywhere do you come from?21:31
Ronnieim from The Netherlands (a very small country in west europe)21:32
Ronnienext to germany21:32
aakshayokiez.. :)...21:32
* cjohnston and mhall119 are from Florida (US)21:33
aakshayi have heard about it before.. :) ...21:33
mhall119aakshay: I commented on your merge proposal21:34
mhall119Ronnie or cjohnston, could you walk him through making a south migration script?21:34
mhall119I've about to leave for home21:34
Ronniemhall119: more the "brz add" command ;)21:34
cjohnstonI thought Ronnie did21:34
aakshaymhall119: ok.. checking...21:35
cjohnstonbzr add sounds better21:35
cjohnstonaakshay: 21:35
cjohnstongo back to loco-directory21:35
aakshaym in21:35
mhall119oh, did he just not add it?21:35
cjohnstonRonnie: bzr add loco_directory/venues/migrations/  ?21:36
mhall119you guys rock21:36
cjohnstonmhall119: I believe so21:36
aakshaycjohnston: next... :)21:36
cjohnstonaakshay: trying to make sure I give you the correct thing21:36
Ronniejust bzr add in the top directory 21:36
mhall119aakshay: did bzr add say it added a file?21:36
cjohnstonaakshay: "bzr add *"21:37
aakshayi dint do "add"21:37
aakshayi run "commit" and "push".. :)21:37
mhall119you have to bzr add $file21:38
cjohnstonright.. do the add now, then the commit, then the push21:38
mhall119whenever you have a new file you want to include in the bzr branch21:38
mhall119otherwise bzr ignores it21:38
aakshaylet me do it21:38
aakshayok.. now which file i need to "bzr add"?21:38
Ronnieyou can always check with the command "bzr status"21:38
mhall119loco_directory/venues/migrations/{{whatever is new}}21:39
mhall119bzr add loco_directory/venues/migrations/*.py will add any new .py files21:39
aakshayok yes.. now m adding21:39
YoBoY(or just "bzr add" who adds any new files)21:39
mhall119then bzr st will show an "A" next to the file21:40
mhall119YoBoY: but that can sometimes add way more than you want21:40
cjohnstonthats why i dont like bzr add21:40
mhall119just be specific and you'll be fine21:40
YoBoYunwanted files have no place in the source code, or have to be in the ignore list21:41
aakshayi run " bzr add loco_directory/venues/*.py "21:41
aakshayn get in status "akshay@akshay-laptop:~/loco/loco-directory$ bzr status unknown:   loco_directory/venues/migrations/0007_auto__add_field_venue_continent.py "21:41
mhall119forgot the /migrations/21:41
mhall119bzr add loco_directory/venues/migrations/*.py21:41
aakshaydone.. got the satus as "adding loco_directory/venues/migrations/0007_auto__add_field_venue_continent.py "21:42
aakshaynow commit?21:42
mhall119now you'll have to do another commit and push21:43
aakshayok yes21:43
mhall119you can push to the same branch as before, and it'll update Launchpad21:43
mhall119and your merge proposal too21:43
Ronniethe push can now be without the directory, bzr remembers the last pushed directory for you21:43
aakshaybut i mentioned it now.. i hope no problem will occur?21:44
aakshaypushed done21:44
Ronnieno, thats no problem ;)21:44
Ronnieits joust quicker to type21:44
aakshayok.. now what next?21:44
aakshaythe URL21:45
Ronniechoose a bug to work on21:45
aakshayok it will itself "propose to merge "?21:45
Ronnieyes, the propose it updated21:45
mhall119once you propose a branch for merging, any additional pushes to that branch will update the proposal21:46
aakshayok... 21:46
aakshaynow i am start working on "https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/616383"21:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 616383 in loco-directory "Needs ability to directly link to a comment (affects: 1)" [Wishlist,Triaged]21:47
aakshayand "https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/723845"21:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 723845 in loco-directory "Change order on Event and Meeting pages (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,Confirmed]21:47
mhall119okay guys, I'm off, talk to you  later21:48
dakeraakshay, just assigne to yourself and set its status to "In progress", then start working21:48
aakshaymhall119: see ya... and thanks.. :)21:49
mhall119aakshay: happy to have you on board with LD21:49
aakshaydaker: okiez... :)21:49
aakshaymhall119: my pleasure..... :) ... 21:49
cjohnstonaakshay: if you want to subscribe to bug mail you can go to: https://launchpad.net/loco-directory/+subscribe  then you will get emails when bugs are touched21:58
aakshaycjohnston: okiez.. it would be better.. :)21:59
aakshaysubscribed :)22:00
Ronnieaakshay: look again to the comment of mhall119 about the translatable verbose field: https://code.launchpad.net/~akshaytayal/loco-directory/608289/+merge/5196322:02
Ronnieand if you do a new commit, is common to use another commit message (the message should contain a short description about the change you did on between the last commit)22:02
cjohnstonRonnie: I just got: AgendaItem with pk=22 does not exists     on an import-live-data22:04
Ronniehmm, let me check22:04
aakshayRonnie: i did not added " verbose_name=_('Continent'), "... so should i add and then commit again?22:05
Ronnieaakshay: indeed22:05
aakshayokiez.. :)22:06
cjohnstonand the spam has begun22:10
aakshayRonnie: and he also added to create  "South migration script".. i hope we have added it?22:11
cjohnstonRonnie: did you fix https://code.launchpad.net/~ronnie.vd.c/loco-directory/translation-blocktrans/+merge/5044722:12
cjohnstonaakshay: the bzr add would add the migration script22:12
Ronnieaakshay: at the bottom of https://code.launchpad.net/~akshaytayal/loco-directory/608289/+merge/51963 you can see whats added22:12
Ronniecjohnston: probably not fixed yet. didnt see your comment 22:13
aakshaycjohnston: okiez.. the same "bzr add" :)22:13
aakshayRonnie: yes its much clear from there22:14
aakshaycjohnston: :-)22:14
cjohnstonRonnie: the "mothership" or top-nav needs to be changed to white22:14
Ronniecjohnston: i think white is ugly (compare wiki.ubuntu.com with planet.ubuntu.com)22:15
Ronniecjohnston: how can i resolve the conflict in my branch?22:21
Ronnieconflict is fixed now22:34
Ronnieakshay: can you change the commit message (bzr commit -m "...." ) next commit, 4 times the same message is confusing22:41
akshayokiez.. i will.. :-p...22:42
cjohnstonRonnie: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+bug/72809122:44
ubot4Launchpad bug 728091 in ubuntu-website "#top-nav needs to be #FFFFFF (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Confirmed]22:44
Ronniecjohnston: ill fix that upstream then, if this is a decision for all community teams22:45
Ronnieoh, the bug is updtream ;)22:46
cjohnstonthats per the design guidelines22:46
cjohnstonor atleast the design team22:46
cjohnstonRonnie: what do you think about changing start date and local time of the event to local date and time... 22:47
Ronniecjohnston: where do you see start_date, do you mean in the code, of from the user pov22:49
cjohnstonRonnie: ^22:50
cjohnstonuser pov.. hover over the ? on the create event form22:50
cjohnstonit isnt start_date... its "start date and local time of the event"22:50
Ronnielocal date and time would be better yes22:51
cjohnstonill take care of that22:51
Ronniecjohnston: i think about revert the forms-layout and write a new one, which follows the design guidelines22:52
cjohnstonok.. so you want to dump that code?22:52
Ronniei think so, depends on the speed of the other coded22:54
Ronniecjohnston: this is almost like the web-guidelines: http://ubuntuone.com/p/frF/22:58
cjohnstonmhall119: Ronnie I think we need to discuss the top nav... Are we just going to have our own links, are we going to stay with the links that is used on *.u.c, do we want to try to get *.u.c to add LoCo Directory?23:00
Ronniei hope the top-nav would be all the same on *.u.c (with l.u.c included)23:01
cjohnstonwell.. right now its quite fare off23:01
cjohnstonthiers is ubuntu.com community support partners23:02
Ronniecjohnston: i know where the error "AgendaItem with pk=22 does not exists" came from. AgendaItem has a fied "parent" which links to another AgendaItem, but the parent was not created yet. I need to think of a solution23:10
Ronniemaybe we can implement: http://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/django-admin/#loaddata-fixture-fixture23:10
cjohnstonRonnie: I'm going to try to have a meeting tomorrow about the top-nav23:10
cjohnstonhow could it link to a parent that isnt created23:10
cjohnstonmhall119: ^^ interesting info23:11
aakshayi am leaving now...23:12
Ronnieaakshay: good (short) night23:12
aakshaythanks a lot for help...23:12
cjohnstonthank you too23:12
Ronniethank you too23:12
aakshaycjohnston: :D23:12
aakshaysee you tommorrow...23:13
aakshaygud nite....23:13
aakshayRonnie: :D23:13
aakshaycjohnston: :D23:13
Ronniecjohnston: the parent is created in the server database, and pushed into the json correctly, but the child is just locally created before the parent is23:13
Ronniethe link above will be much easier and not to forget a lot quicker23:14
Ronniebut we need to find a way to filter the items23:14
Ronnieits possible to filter a whole model, but not a model field23:14
Ronnieso maybe we need to parse the dumpdata json on the server, and remove the private parts23:15
Ronniethen save the json dump file on the server23:16
Ronniedo a daily dump file update (which uses less server recources than access the database each import-live-data request)23:17
dakerRonnie, cjohnston <= have a look23:18
Ronniedaker: is it a new site?23:19
dakera new version (django) of cloud.u.c23:19
Ronnieits very nice (i dont know the old one tough)23:21
dakerboth are made by me ツ23:22
Ronniewell done then23:22
dakergood night23:24
Ronniegood night daker23:25
YoBoYcjohnston: bug 728108 and bug 724761 are the same ?23:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 728108 in loco-directory "Change the help text for starting and ending times (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72810823:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 724761 in loco-directory "help message of the date and time of an event (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72476123:33
Ronniei think the "local" hint should be in the label too, not only the help text23:34
YoBoYRonnie: bug 72475923:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 724759 in loco-directory "always display the needed information for the time of an event (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72475923:35
RonnieYoBoY: your the "bug creator master" ;)23:37
Ronnieanyways, ill go to sleep to23:38
YoBoYI just register lot of events, and forgot always the utc/local aspect23:38
Ronniean heavy (not in term of weight, but in terms of usage) user, is always the best reference for targetting bugs ;)23:39
Ronniegood night all23:40
YoBoYgoof night too :)23:40
cjohnstonYoBoY: they arent duplicate.. the one i made changes the wording order23:42
YoBoYok :)23:43
aakshaycjohnston: Ronnie : in this bug "https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/723845", the UI of Events will be in which folder?23:45
ubot4Launchpad bug 723845 in loco-directory "Change order on Event and Meeting pages (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,Confirmed]23:45
cjohnstonloco_directory/templates/events and loco_directory/templates/meetings23:47
cjohnstonif you find some text, like the labels, you can grep them to find out what files they are in23:47
aakshaycjohnston: i located this also... its in  "team_event_list.inc.html"23:49
aakshaybut what i noticed that the actual output is not exactly according to the code written23:50
cjohnstonhow so23:50
aakshaycjohnston: there are four columns23:51
aakshay"EventName     Teams     Start      End      Global Event"   in code23:51
aakshayand in display it is "Eventname     start      End      TeamEvents"23:52
aakshayhow can it be so?23:52
cjohnstonyour looking at the team event list23:53
aakshayhow can name be changed to  "team events"?23:53
cjohnstonyou need to look at the global event list23:53
aakshay_cjohnston: so there is no "GlobalEvent"  column in the list23:57
cjohnstonwhat file23:57
aakshay_cjohnston: the file is "global_event_list.inc.html"23:57
aakshay_in the events folder under templates23:57
cjohnstonlook at evetn_list23:58
aakshay_let mem check23:59
cjohnstonthe global event list is for a global event, it displays all events that are a part of it23:59

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