* LjL rolls eyes00:00
charlie-tcaAs a native speaker, I see "what'sup" as a way to avoid being personal when greeting the person. Traditionally, a person used "Hi, How are you".00:03
charlie-tcaWhat's up allows the greeter to avoid really being interested in the person they greet00:03
* charlie-tca is done with his 2 pennies worth00:04
Jordan_UPici: That's probably as well as it could have gone with Logan_WP, which means that it's probably something that needs to be dealt with on a case by case basis explaining why a particular use of a factoid was innapropriate.00:04
Jordan_UPici: Heads up, krycek appears to have quite a history in the ban tracker.00:08
PiciJordan_U: too bad, I liked the x-files reference.00:10
LjLi really think TheMozart is trolling00:11
Jordan_UI don't.00:15
Jordan_UI certainly think it was premature to claim they were in-channel.00:16
LjLJordan_U: check history00:16
LjLand -ops-team00:16
LjLand the fact he was asking the same questions in january 201000:17
Jordan_UAhh, that does change things.00:17
ubottuxangua called the ops in #ubuntu (Ep1kMalware)04:39
rwwuser removed and PMed ^04:40
tonyyarusso"rww was concerned about some behavior from Ubuntu Members taking05:44
tonyyarussoplace outside of the Ubuntu namespace.05:44
tonyyarussowere you actually "concerned" or "curious"?05:44
rwwI was curious about the limits that ubuntu/member/* cloaks set on behavior outside of the Ubuntu namespace.05:45
rwwThere is no specific example (other than "how should I behave") I had in mind.05:45
bazhang<Secrets> also how do i reinstall the internet on  ubuntu06:00
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
Madpilotapparently we're the Gestapo now? (cf latest silliness on the mailing list...)06:58
Tm_Tyes yes06:59
Madpilotvisits by the Drama Llamas are so much fun.07:00
Tm_Tnot really07:01
Madpilot(trace elements of sarcasm are likely to be detected in anything I say...)07:02
Tm_TMadpilot: that won't work over the irc logs, hint hint07:02
Madpilottrolls are largely immune to sarcasm anyway, worrying about them will just spoil your evening07:03
Tm_Tnah, nothing can spoil my evening07:04
Madpilotprovided I'm within the CoC, I refuse to self-censor because of who might be dribbling whilst reading chanlogs from here in excessive detail07:04
Tm_Twasn't asking that either (;07:05
tonyyarussohas anyone even heard of that guy before?07:05
Madpilotnope, but certain natural assumptions about his IRC hangouts come to mind07:06
Madpilotgiven recent events07:06
ubottullutz_ called the ops in #ubuntu (omnomnom spamkid)07:13
ubottuStarminn called the ops in #ubuntu ()07:13
ubottuStarminn called the ops in #ubuntu (omnomnom GayNsex)07:15
Madpilotany other xchat (real xchat not -gnome) users get a long delay in identifying when joining Freenode which kills attempts to auto-join the new channel?09:10
Jordan_UMadpilot: Do you have it configured to use your nickserv password as a server password? If so you should be identified from the moment you connect.09:11
Madpilotyup, it's got nickserv pw in the server spot, have had for ages.09:12
Madpilotyeah, no idea. I just went over my xchat setup and Freenode's FAQ (hence the part & rejoin), and still get the delay from nickserv...09:14
Madpilotwill mess with xchat further tomorrow. sleep before I fall asleep on the keyboard... later, all.09:16
Jordan_UCould someone keep an eye on funnyloony in #ubuntu?10:02
ikoniaif you want10:03
rwwusing nickserv password as server password has always involved a delay for me. Dunno why people say it doesn't :\15:32
* rww has irssi wait a few seconds before attempting to join channels after connect15:32
Tm_Trww: I have no delay here15:48
tonyyarussorww: I believe that's because it takes moment for your cloak to apply.15:55
PiciWho is this chrisbuntunerd person?16:56
Piciin -offtopic16:56
knomechris, a ubuntu nerd?17:08
* knome hides17:08
* jrib hides17:10
knomeisn't it "a" if you pronounce ubuntu "juubuntuu"17:10
* knome hides17:10
* tonyyarusso wonders where knome learned phonetic spelling...17:18
* tonyyarusso says ooboontoo17:22
* knome says "ubbis"17:22
* popey doesnt care how people say 'ubuntu' so long as they use it17:39
popey(and file bugs)17:40
knomedon't have to fix bugs?17:43
popeyfixing bugs is overrated17:47
highvoltagepopey: for me it's "I don't care how people say 'debian' as long as they use it" :)18:15
highvoltage(some people say it 'ubuntu')18:15
PiciI say tomato but you say tomato18:15
mneptokyou say Tomato but i say DD-WRT19:02
highvoltageI say ubiquiti19:08
charlie-tcatomato/tomato doesn't seem the same when it is typed instead of spoken ;-)19:10
Picicharlie-tca: I saw an old SNL recently where Christopher Walken did that song and pronounced 'tomato' the same way both times... was funny.19:29

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