RoAkSoAxjuanito1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP00:01
twbComo se dice "taringa" en ingles?00:02
RoAkSoAxtwb: that word doesn't even exist :)00:03
twbRoAkSoAx: hence my confusion00:03
RoAkSoAxtwb: he meant taringa.com00:04
juanito1RoAkSoAx, je , si eh leere, y en cuanto al hardware que necesito ?00:05
kklimondatsrk: something like this works fine: http://pastebin.com/DVBRVRyh and http://pastebin.com/GaRpCnnu00:05
Davieyhallyn, No.. you only need a FFe for new features00:06
Davieyhallyn, Are you asking me to review it or just upload it?00:06
Davieyhallyn, Considering you have access to that component, i shouldn't need to build test, right? :)00:06
RoAkSoAxjuanito1: www.linode.com :) No necesitas HW realmente. Puedes tener un VPS00:07
kklimondasoft freeze also applies to bugfixes - if the package lands on the CD, it's good to make sure that the fix doesn't break anything else :)00:07
hallynDaviey: just to upload.  I can't yet push to the bzr tree :)00:07
RoAkSoAxDaviey: Dave "the night" Walker >P00:08
hallynDaviey: given I was squeemish about asking for upload rights at all, I'd certainly not mind a quick review/test if you had the cycles.  Though I assume you wouldn't have the time tonight, it being...  late00:08
twbRoAkSoAx: he also needs some web developers to write the site :-)00:09
RoAkSoAxtwb: indeed!00:10
juanito1RoAkSoAx, gracias00:11
RoAkSoAxjuanito1: de nada ;)00:12
hallynkim0: tossed bug 723796 over to you :)00:12
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 723796 in qemu-kvm "Enable spice in kvm" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72379600:12
juanito1RoAkSoAx, y habra servidores virtuales gratuitos ?00:15
RoAkSoAxjuanito1: no no que yo conosca al menos00:15
juanito1RoAkSoAx, como para practicar00:15
tsrktwb: thank you, what does the "trap" line of that do?00:21
Davieyhallyn, looks good, built fine, uploaded00:26
aazertduring an install i have to write Yes to continue, how to avoid that ?00:30
aazerti mean is there any option like :: apt-get install -Y package ?00:31
ahs3aazert: use it cautiously -- apt-get install --force-yes foo00:32
Davieyaazert, -y should be enough00:33
aazertwhen it is in french ?00:33
aazerti have to put O ?00:33
aazertfor OUI00:33
Davieyaazert, I don't believe that is internationalised00:34
Davieyhallyn, you pinged out... did you see:00:35
Daviey<Daviey> hallyn, looks good, built fine, uploaded00:35
twbtsrk: eh, what trap?00:38
twbtsrk: oh, that was for kklimonda.  It evaluates the first argument when the shell receives the TERM signal.00:39
hallynDaviey: awesome, thanks!00:40
twbtsrk: I think kklimonda is proposing that you move everything into the main "start script" stanza, and have a function cleanup() that you then run when the TERM signal is received.  That way, it'll start when upstart sends TERM, and if it takes too long, upstart will send a KILL to it00:40
twbtsrk: I think kklimonda's approach is sound; you should try it00:40
aazertcommand not working Daviey00:48
aazerti need to remove a package00:48
aazertbut not working00:48
aazertwhat i have done is : apt-get autoremove --force-yes konqueror00:49
aazertit is still ask me for yes or not00:49
aazertdo you get what i mean ? Daviey00:50
hallynaazert: add '-y' as well ?00:51
juanito1RoAkSoAx, encontre una web que te da servidores gratuitos 10gb de espacio00:51
aazertthanks a lot working now hallyn00:52
juanito1http://www.servidorvirtualgratis.com/        RoAkSoAx00:52
juanito1con eso puedo practicar ?00:52
tsrktwb: ok, i'll try that. stupid question: how do i run something from a bash script on the TERM signal?00:54
RoAkSoAxjuanito1: supongo que si siempre y cyuando no sea SCAMs00:55
RoAkSoAxjuanito1: yo te recomendaria que instales una maquina virtual y mpractiques ahi primero00:55
twbtsrk: cleanup () { echo foo; echo bar; }; trap cleanup TERM00:55
twbtsrk: i.e. you make it a function00:55
juanito1RoAkSoAx, y que virtualizo, el windows sever 2008 r2 ?00:56
juanito1y practico con la web que te pase es eso .00:56
juanito1disculpa no se mucho :S00:56
tsrktwb: oh, now i understand trap! thank you!00:56
aazertwhen i try to restart my ssh service this is what i got : http://paste.ubuntu.com/00:57
aazertwhat could be the problem ?00:58
aazertthis one : http://paste.ubuntu.com/574228/00:58
aazertwhat  i have to do exactly ?00:59
linuxtechAnyone have issues with the security issued kernel install?  linux-image-2.6.32-29-generic-pae appears to have some debconf/perl  issue. http://paste.ubuntu.com/574261/plain/03:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #727569 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72756903:31
boxybrownis there a way to include a netgroup in an /etc/group entry?03:41
boxybrownspecifically I would like to add all members of a particular netgroup to a particular /etc/group, like wheel or admin or something03:42
twbboxybrown: wow, you still use netgroups?04:01
twbboxybrown: wait... do you mean NIS netgroups, i.e. nsswitch.conf's "netgroup: nis"?04:02
twbboxybrown: or are you just using the term to mean "groups that come from the network"?04:02
boxybrowntwb: we are using netgroups, as in /etc/netgroups04:15
boxybrownyes its messed up04:15
boxybrowndont ask me why04:15
chrislabeardhow do i compile a program?05:16
chrislabeardI'm trying to do ./configure05:16
chrislabeardits not working05:16
TimyCGood evening. I have looked just about everywhere but I cannot get mysql server to start up on ubuntu server. I have tried purging it and reinstalling, creating the debian-sys-maint user... and the service just will not seem to start up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.05:30
EvilPhoenixchrislabeard, what program?05:45
chrislabeardI sorta figured it out I'm trying to install zoneminder05:45
EvilPhoenixTimyC, try "sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart"05:45
chrislabeardprobly one of the harder installs I've done05:46
EvilPhoenixwere there installation instructions with it?05:46
EvilPhoenix(there should be)05:46
EvilPhoenixTimyC, try "sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start"  <--- that05:46
EvilPhoenixi made a mistake :P05:46
TimyCEvilPhoenix, That gave me an error, Start: job failed to start05:48
EvilPhoenixTimyC, you're sure you installed mysql-server ?05:48
TimyC(which is basically one of the few errors I keep getting every time)05:48
TimyCWell I believe I did yes05:48
TimyCsudo apt-get install mysql-server05:48
EvilPhoenixthat should've done it05:49
TimyCInfact when I type that now, it says I have the latest version05:49
EvilPhoenixthen there must me some glitch in your install or something :/05:50
EvilPhoenixsomething i'm not able to help you with, unfortunately05:51
EvilPhoenixsomeone else might be along who could help though :/05:51
TimyCI understand and appreciate your efforts :)05:51
* TimyC can't even seem to get it to purge at this point properly05:53
EvilPhoenixsounds like you've  got a messed up install or something05:53
TimyCOn a managed server... it's a wonderful issue05:54
chrislabeardanyone ever installed zoneminder05:55
chrislabeardman webcams are confusing06:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #711534 in eucalyptus "euca-upload-bundle fails when connecting to Eucalyptus and a path in bucket is specified " [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71153406:47
chrislabeardI do not understand this motion thing its asking for a password and nowhere do I see anything about a password06:55
Sheepherdhi guys im struggling to set up my apache2 web server. the manual says i need to change the RedirectMatch directive but i cant seem to find it07:32
twbSheepherd: what manual?07:42
Sheepherdtwb: http://goo.gl/wfDzA07:42
twbSheepherd: so, you're running 8.04?07:43
Sheepherdtwb: naw its 10.10 but shouldnt matter i guess since its about apache and not buntu. i was able to set up the website and get the message "It works!" when i visit my ip07:44
Sheepherdonly thing is that ive got no idea how i set up the webinterface of apache or better said enable it07:45
sorenThe webinterface of Apache?07:45
Sheepherdwell ive only used apache with xampp up until now. that webinterface i get there isnt default by apache?07:46
twbSheepherd: change 8.04 to 10.10 in the URL, then07:46
Sheepherdtwb: why should that number be in the url? i just type in the ip of my machine07:47
twbWTF is the X in "XAMPP"?07:47
twbSheepherd: sigh07:47
twbSheepherd: you linked to https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/httpd.html07:47
twbSheepherd: you should use https://help.ubuntu.com/10.10/serverguide/C/httpd.html07:47
Sheepherdaaaaah... wow i failed pretty bad here07:48
twbThey are probably mostly the same, but maybe things are different in your version, so you should read the documentation for the version you're using.07:48
Sheepherddidnt notice the version difference07:48
Sheepherdand no idea what the x stands for ^^07:48
twb"X (meaning cross-platform)"07:49
twbI wish these non-military types would get off my arpanet.07:49
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zerozillecan someone help me with fully remove shorewall? on ubuntu server08:06
twbaptitude purge shorewall?08:11
zerozilletwb il tried that08:13
zerozillebut still all my ports are closed08:13
zerozillecan annyone help me with removing shorewall?08:18
zerozilleafter removing it its still block all ports08:19
zerozillecan annyone help me with removing shorewall?08:25
zerozillecan annyone help me with removing shorewall on ubuntu server08:25
zerozilleafter remove and purge it still block ports08:25
sorenDid you reboot?08:33
zerozilleeven put of the power manual08:36
zerozilleits afresh install from ubuntu server08:36
zerozilleevry thing worked before installing shorewall08:37
zerozilleso i removed it08:37
zerozillebut still samen problem all ports closed on server08:37
sorenzerozille: What exactly are the symptoms?08:43
uvirtbotNew bug: #727643 in php5 (main) "package php5-fpm 5.3.5-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: подпроцесс установлен сценарий post-installation возвратил код ошибки 255" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72764308:46
zerozillewell i can't ping to anny port08:46
zerozillei only have shh port forward08:46
zerozillethis is since i intalled shorewall08:46
zerozilleso i removed shorewall08:47
zerozilleand did the purch thing08:47
zerozillebut still is for example port 80 closed08:47
zerozilleso web is not available08:47
zerozillei have put off utf08:47
zerozillei rebooted08:47
zerozillestill same problem08:47
binBASHmoin \sh09:09
=== th0mz_ is now known as th0mz
\shmoins binBASH09:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #727676 in antlr3 (main) "[BLOCKED] Sync antlr3 3.2-5 (main) from Debian testing (main)" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72767610:06
izualHello, I am running the latest ubuntu server (32-bit) and I want to automount my USB hard drive. I have done so through /etc/fstab by adding a line but this does not allow write access. Any tip?10:11
Davieyjamespage, Am i right in saying antlr3 sync is planned for o-series, not Natty?10:25
jamespageDaviey: yep - just flagging things to myself for UDS as I find them - these are all blocked by maven-debian-helper not being in main.10:26
jamespageshould I target it for o-series?10:26
Davieyjamespage, meh... that'll be fine i think10:27
Davieyjamespage, i was just checking if you were planning on a last minute dash for m-d-h in main for Natty :)10:27
* jamespage falls off his seating from laughing to much....10:28
jamespagehave some work items for jenkins for alpha3 so having a jenkins day today10:28
jamespagePS - if you want to see what is currently blocked by maven-debian-helper not being in main search with tag mdh-blocked10:29
jamespageStill need to add at least 3 bugs to that list.10:29
Davieyyeah, i noticed you added that tag... good thinking10:32
Davieyjamespage, The remaining TODO's on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/packageselection-server-n-hudson ... Is that planned to be done before /tomorrow/?11:24
Davieyjamespage, Those are all PPA item's right?11:24
jamespageAll PPA items  - I will work on them up until the end of tomorrow and see how far I get11:25
jamespagetechnically does not need to complete for alpha-3 (that was just the target robbiew and I agreed on)11:26
Davieyjamespage, What chance do you think you'll have of getting them done before A3 is announced?11:26
Davieytricky question i know :(11:26
* jamespage thinks about it very hard11:27
Davieyjamespage, Would it be better to re-target to Beta 1 for the remaining stuff?11:27
DavieyNot that it really matters for the release process... but setting expectations and skewing the burn down chart.11:28
jamespageI won't get them all done; I've just hit a minor new problem with one of the packages I've already done (something in dpkg has changed)11:28
Davieyoh joy :)11:29
DavieyWhat issue is that?11:29
jamespageSo pushing them back to Beta 1 (or a later date) would be OK with me - as its PPA work that I manage that should be OK from the release perspective as well.11:29
Davieyjamespage, can you make it so? :)11:29
jamespagedpkg error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/574400/11:30
jamespageone of my packages upstream version number does not start with a digit - this was OK until this week11:30
jamespagediscovered this yesterday afternoon when I uploaded the first jenkins-plugin (bzr) to the testing PPA.11:31
jamespageI've only just started looking at it TBH11:31
Davieyjamespage, try setting the epoch of 0:build212-hudson-6-0ubuntu1~test111:31
Davieytechnically 0: is implied.... but it might work11:31
jamespageOK - I will give it a whizz - but something has changed....11:32
Davieyjamespage, cjwatson is your man for that i think11:32
=== jjohansen is now known as jj-afk
cjwatson0: should make no difference11:34
cjwatson  * Do not allow versions starting with non-digit when doing strict parsing,11:34
cjwatson    warn otherwise.11:34
cjwatsondpkg now enforces what has been a policy restriction since forever11:34
cjwatsonyou should fix your version number to conform to policy11:34
DavieyI just read that at the same time :)11:35
jamespageSo: build212-hudson-6-0ubuntu1~test1 -> 212-hudson-6-0ubuntu1~test111:40
jamespageand munge my watch file to deal with this....11:40
Davieyjamespage, is build212 the upstream release, or just a snapshot of a major version?11:41
Davieydoes hudson/jenkins /have/ major releases?11:42
jamespagebuild212-hudson-6 is the upstream release11:43
jamespagebut that said this is a Jenkins managed branch of a further upstream project11:43
cjwatsonif there are upstream releases, you should ensure that the version falls in proper sequence between them11:45
jamespagethat project uses build numbers as releases - see http://svn.svnkit.com/repos/svnkit/tags/1.3.2/contrib/trilead/HISTORY.txt11:45
jamespageso this is the Jenkins branch of the upstream build212 release11:46
jamespageNew upstream->upstream releases are unlikely as its not being actively developed.11:47
Davieyjamespage, Kinda *good* that a CI tool considers each build a release :)11:50
DavieySort of eating their own dogfood11:50
Davieyjamespage, There is one non-development todo for https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/packageselection-server-n-java-library-housekeeping ... fancy re-targeting that for beta?11:54
jamespageYeah - OK11:55
Davieyzul, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/cloud-server-n-openstack-integration .. 3 WI's need something doing with them11:55
Davieyzul, Have we missed a nova upload?11:56
zulnope i just over estimated11:56
zuland cant read11:56
jamespageDaviey: done11:57
Davieyzul, heh.. it boggled me aswell...11:57
Davieyjamespage, awesome11:57
jamespagejust need to re-jig me jenkins WI's11:57
jamespagesee to have my London accent on today11:57
Davieyjamespage, 'lright guv'nor11:58
Davieysmoser, Around?11:58
Davieyjamespage, Does [james-page] Automate EC2 testing and increase depth of image testing using unittest/subunit: INPROGRESS <-- need postponing?12:01
jamespageactually no; now I've pushed out all other work items to beta-1 and can work on that now.12:01
jamespageIts coming on real nice :-)12:01
Davieyjamespage, ro-cking12:01
* jamespage puts down jenkins until next week :-)12:02
Davieyjamespage, Has smoser started his EC2 candidate testing for A3 yet?12:02
jamespagehe was having trouble yesterday - most of the archives in ec2 where not working - not sure how he got on.12:02
DavieySpamapS, Have you had a chance to review Upstart doc's12:05
Davieyjamespage, yeah.. i heard there were some archive issues yesterday12:05
Davieyjamespage, I wonder if your magic can be used in production to test A3 images :)12:06
Davieyi'll stop distracting you now12:06
jamespageTBH it would be a good test case12:06
DavieySpamapS, when you see this, i marked it as postponed and added it to the  general pool targeted towards beta.12:07
Daviey(assuming you are busy this week)12:07
Davieyjamespage, yeah... reporting issues!12:08
HackeMatei have a dhcpd running in a ubuntu server, i modified some macs to be able to connect12:08
HackeMateand the dhcpd.log declines them, no idea why12:08
HackeMateMar  2 13:06:58 OsiDHCP dhcpd: DHCPDECLINE of from 10:9a:dd:4c:90:4a via eth0: not found12:09
sorenjamespage: Is the config for your Jenkins jobs available somewhere?12:09
HackeMatethey are mac os, and the OSX says that ip is assigned to other device12:09
sorenHackeMate: No way to help without your config.12:09
jamespagesoren: yes  - however they are not much more that a wrap around python that do all of the hard work.12:09
HackeMatesorry, http://pastebin.com/ZP5dx02Q12:09
HackeMatefail certainly host uib14023412:10
sorenjamespage: So where's the python thingamajig?12:11
jamespagesoren: here https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server-iso-testing-dev12:11
sorenjamespage: Oh, I thought this was for testing cloud stuff.12:12
Davieysoren, Interested in contributing?12:12
jamespagesoren: so the ec2 testing and the ISO testing code branches are currently owned by this team12:12
sorenIs this different from the UEC tests?12:12
jamespagethe ec2 testing is a refactoring of the work smoser  - not sure whether this is the same thing or not12:13
HackeMatenow in tail -f dhcpd.log i see this: DHCPREQUEST for from bc:ae:c5:21:ae:67 via eth012:13
jamespage/smoser/smoser did/12:14
HackeMatelooks like other mac has assigned that host, but isnot12:14
HackeMatethe server was restarted12:14
sorenThe hudson link in the whiteboard of https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/cloud-server-n-automated-testing is broken for me.12:15
jamespagesoren: try this http://hudson.qa.ubuntu-uk.org/12:16
sorenOh, that's the same thing?12:16
jamespageyep - the URL in the spec was for a temporary instance we used during Maverick testing12:17
jamespageits still in ec2 but has a nicer URL now12:17
jamespagethere is no ec2 testing in that instance yet - still working on it locally12:18
jamespagealthough you can use it standalone - writing some docs at the mo.12:18
sorenI swear I remember seeing a script that would exercise UEC.12:19
Davieysoren: Want me to send you  7-minute-workout.avi ?12:21
SpamapSDaviey: saw that. Thanks. :)12:30
DavieySpamapS, cool12:30
Davieyjamespage, you created a rather pretty bug.... nfi what caused it.. but i like it - http://erk.daviey.com/sync-antrl3.png12:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #727760 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3.4 failed to install/upgrade: subprocesul script post-installation instalat returnează starea de eroare la ieșire 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72776012:46
HackeMatehi, i discovered my dhcpd is giving an ip to an unauthorized mac address12:47
HackeMatehow can i kick out that bad address12:47
HackeMatedhcpd.leases is empty12:48
korsakoff-hi everybody13:14
smosersoren, did you find what you were looking for ?13:15
smoserlp:~uec-testing-scripts-dev/uec-testing-scripts/trunk/ i think is it13:15
korsakoff-someone has a good how-to setup a svn private server (on u 10.04 lts)? I messed with wiki one but I would like to have an exhaustive one.13:18
rahmanHi, I am trying to change default umask of apache2. I added "umask 002" to /etc/profile and /etc/apache2/envvars. Restarted the machine but still php uploaded files created with -rw-r--r-- I want to make them -rw-rw-r-- Is there any other tricks?13:25
sorensmoser: Yes, I think that's the one. thanks!13:26
DavieySpamapS, Can you retarget https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/packageselection-server-n-commandline-userfriendly miletone against beta-1 please?13:35
DavieyHey smoser !13:36
Davieysmoser, you have a few documentation WI's targeted towards A3... Is that something that should be bumped to beta?13:38
Davieysmoser, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/cloud-server-n-cloud-init13:39
smoseryes. postponsed ro dropped.13:41
Davieysmoser, Are you talking with jamespage about trying to automate the sniff testing of A3 cloud images?13:41
smoserwell, no.13:43
smoserbut there would be no point in doing  so13:43
smoserthey're completely DOA.13:43
Davieysmoser, Oh?13:50
Davieysmoser, will there be a A3 release of the cloud images, or will they be delayed?13:50
smoserthere will be images.13:52
smoserthe debconf changes seem to have bitten me.13:52
Disconnectanyone know if the private-cloud stuff still routes everything through one nic? that was pretty bad..13:55
Davieysmoser, Is this able to be fixed before A3 final?13:58
smoserDaviey, there really isn't a choice.14:01
Davieysmoser, anything the rest of us can do to help?14:03
smoserwell,. heres the problem14:03
smosersometime between 20110228 build and today's build, the code at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eubuntu-on-ec2/vmbuilder/automated-ec2-builds/annotate/head%3A/vmbuilder-uec-ec2-fixes in line 262-267 stopped functioning correctly.14:04
smoserthe end result is that in the images,14:05
smoser# to update this file, run dpkg-reconfigure cloud-init14:05
smoserdatasource_list: [ NoCloud, OVF ]14:05
smoserit *should* have14:05
smoser# to update this file, run dpkg-reconfigure cloud-init14:05
smoserdatasource_list: [ NoCloud, OVF, Ec2 ]14:05
smoserits debconf multiarch fallout14:05
Davieysmoser, the tail of that file DID work?14:05
smosertail ?14:06
smosersomewhere between 20110228 and today, those lines stopped doing what they're supposed to do.14:06
Davieysmoser, Is this what Colin commented on about using an old debootstrap?14:06
smoser(yes, i think this is related, but i dont really see how... this happens well after the image is created, and happens inside a chroot)14:07
smoseri would have expected that the installed debconf would have made things work.14:08
Davieygrepping mail14:08
patdk-wkleave your poor email alone14:09
Daviey[09:41:30] <cjwatson> smoser: I suspect the other thing that's happening is that you're using a sufficiently old debootstrap that it doesn't create the /var/lib/dpkg/info/ARCH -> . symlink14:10
RoAkSoAxmorning all14:10
DavieyAfternoon RoAkSoAx14:10
cjwatsondebconf has nothing to do with anything14:10
cjwatsonor at least, if that debootstrap fixes it, debconf has nothing to do with anything14:11
* cjwatson reads more14:11
cjwatsondebconf multiarch fallout> please explain, this sounds confused14:11
smoseri most definitely am using an old debootstrap.14:11
smoseri probably am confused.14:11
cjwatsondpkg is the thing that was multiarchified, not debconf14:12
smoseri only suspected because what is failing to do what it used to do is:14:12
smoser chroot "${rootd}" dpkg-reconfigure --frontend=noninteractive cloud-init14:12
cjwatsonnow, debconf might have ended up getting confused as a side-effect, if /var/lib/dpkg/info/ARCH ended up as a directory not a symlink14:12
smosersorry, then my bad for conrfusion.14:12
cjwatsonthat's an easy thing to check14:12
cjwatsonif that's so, then some of the metadata will be in /var/lib/dpkg/info and some in /var/lib/dpkg/info/ARCH14:13
cjwatson(where ARCH is $(dpkg --print-architecture))14:13
cjwatsononly the files in /var/lib/dpkg/info/ARCH will be noticed14:13
cjwatsonusing the new debootstrap (it should be in lucid-backports now) will make sure that /var/lib/dpkg/info/ARCH is a symlink14:13
smosercjwatson, so this probably is what is going on. i just thought that the installed dpkg would have set that symlink up.14:14
smoserthis happens as basically the last thing done.14:15
cjwatsonsmoser: it can't set it up for things that were debootstrap-extracted before dpkg14:15
cjwatsonor at least not safely14:15
smosercjwatson, so i gather your suggestion is to get the -backports version of debootstrap then14:17
smosercjwatson, so, in the image14:21
smoserls -l /var/lib/dpkg/info/14:21
smosertotal 7614:21
smoser-rw-r--r-- 1 root root     0 Mar  2 07:12 dpkg.list14:21
smoserdrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 77824 Mar  2 07:21 i38614:21
smoserwhich seems "right"14:21
smoser - /var/cache/debconf/config.dat has the seeded values14:23
smoser  and is seen14:23
smoserso it would appear to me that a symlink laid down by debootstrap would not fix the problem.14:28
cjwatsonsmoser: no, that's wrong14:29
Davieysmoser, I know you have your hands full at the moment, but is the lxc stuff likely to land in A3 images or later?14:30
cjwatsonsmoser: dpkg-reconfigure isn't yet specifically aware of /var/lib/dpkg/info/i386 (there's a bug for that, patch under review)14:30
cjwatsonsmoser: the -backports debootstrap should make this work by way of the symlin14:30
smoserah. yeah.14:30
smoseri was reading the symlink wrong http://launchpadlibrarian.net/65373191/debootstrap_1.0.28_1.0.28ubuntu1.diff.gz14:30
smoserhm... i' still confused.14:31
smoseri'm fine to make the change in debootstrap.14:32
smoserah.. i see now.14:33
smoserthe debootstrap fix will get make /var/lib/dpkg/info actually get files in it.14:33
hggdhDaviey, is Euca ready for testing?14:34
smoseradn the dpkg-reconfigure would work because it would just lay down files there. and the issue i was having was that dpkg-reconfigure doesn't thikn theres a config script for my package14:34
Davieyhggdh, Still dhcpd woes... but testing as far as you can on two nodes appreciated14:39
Davieyhggdh, There is a known postinst issue on euca'-common... the euca'-networking job doesn't finishing starting14:40
DavieyAt least you can start an instance now... just not contact it.... :)14:40
=== andreserl is now known as RoAkSoAx_
hggdhDaviey, can I run with the ISO image, or should I use the current arch?14:40
=== RoAkSoAx is now known as andreserl
=== RoAkSoAx_ is now known as RoAkSoAx
DavieyIf you use the ISO from today, that should be good.14:41
Davieyi *suspect* it will crap out due to the postinst14:41
* hggdh notes RoAkSoAx is having an identity issue today14:41
RoAkSoAxhggdh, naah just changing to XChat for today's TestDrive session on the UDW instead of irssi :P14:42
RoAkSoAxhggdh, btw.. the ISO's for testing are the same as the ones in cdimage.u.c right? (the same ISO's TestDrive downloads)14:43
DavieyRoAkSoAx, Yes... I think it's safe to consider /current/ to be the candidate for A3 unless there is a re-roll.14:47
hggdhwhatever is the current14:51
RoAkSoAxhggdh, ok cool thanks15:02
zulhow is the iso testing looking?15:14
izualHello, I am running the latest ubuntu server (32-bit) and I want to automount my USB hard drive. I have done so through /etc/fstab by adding a line but this does not allow write access. Any tip?15:17
pmatulis!info usbmount | izul15:19
ubottuizul: usbmount (source: usbmount): automatically mount and unmount USB mass storage devices. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.0.20ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 16 kB, installed size 120 kB15:19
loolsmoser: Oy!  Would you be tempted to update python-boto in natty?  There's a 2.0 version on the web site which adds feature I'd love to use  :-)  (in my case, IAM)15:24
smosermitch suggested no.15:25
Davieysmoser, What did he say?15:25
smoser(mitch, the upstream) suggested it was probably just too big a change.15:26
smoserhold on, i will find it.15:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #727834 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72783415:26
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 725170 in euca2ools "euca-authorize requires source-subnet to function" [Undecided,Fix committed]15:27
smoserhm.. although, i guess he was speaking there about his new (and not publically available euca2ools)15:27
smoserlool, i would like IAM in natty also15:27
smoseri haven't followed boto upstream closely enough to know of potential regression, woudl have to spend some time to look at it15:28
smoserthe big issue we've had in the past is boto causing problems with euca2ools15:28
loolsmoser: I wouldn't mind the IAM command-line tools, which I'm currently using from a downloaded .zip, but I was actually looking at using the boto python API instead; is this also a big change over 1.9b?15:28
loolsmoser: Thanks for the information15:29
smoseriamcli is in natty, lool15:30
loolawesome, I obviously wasn't paying attention15:30
cap_00anyone know of a good version backup system? like how documents on google docs backup every change, and osx time machine will save every version of a file that you update continuously?15:59
cap_00looking for something to use on a smb share16:00
hallyncap_00: I've typically used git for that.  It's not automatic though.  Search for 'fuse version control', i bet there is something16:03
air^cap_00: you can do something similar to time machine by using hard links and copying the whole content on intervals.16:05
hallyncap_00: look at http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/fuse/index.php?title=VersioningFileSystems16:05
hallynwayback is the one i was thinking of (which i saw presented somewhere or other)16:06
Disconnectanyone know how to install sudo-ldap instead of sudo during an automated install? it expects SUDO_FORCE_REMOVE to be set (even though there is a root pw and sudo-ldap is being installed)16:14
uvirtbotNew bug: #727861 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3.4 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72786116:16
Disconnectugh. apt-install doesn't work either cuz it disables removals and sudo conflicts. what a mess.16:21
jamespagesmoser, hggdh: quick start on using the ec2 testing stuff I've been working on http://tinyurl.com/68ja63x16:31
smoserjamespage, cool.16:33
jamespageI've got it working with Jenkins as well - just testing at the moment.16:33
smoserwe should see ami ids pop up at http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/server/natty/20110302.2/ in a few hours16:33
hggdhjamespage, nice :-)16:34
jamespageOK - I've not actually managed a successful natty test yet due to archive issues and it just not working this morning16:35
jamespagerun-ubuntu-ec2-multi-test has a option (-r) to pick a release date....16:36
geekbridoes anybody know if the bug that causes ubuntu-server to totally lock up when installing java in a 32bit t1.micro instance has been resolved yet16:43
Davieyjamespage, Have you documented how to setup hudson on natty?16:44
jamespageNot yet16:44
jamespageanother blog post?16:44
Davieyjamespage, blog post /and/ something on the wiki would be awesome16:45
jamespageand that would be jenkins on natty - hudson is another project :-)16:45
Davieyjamespage, Am i right in saying that the PPA will recieve /some/ support throughout the natty supported period of 18 months?16:45
Davieyie, semi-supported?16:45
jamespageDaviey: we can push something out to the stable PPA when natty is release; maybe drip feed critical patches to it?16:46
Davieyjamespage, yeah, good idea not to over promise - security/critical fixes only16:47
Davieyjamespage, Are you able to document something soon?  Would like to mention it in the Overview.16:47
jamespageDaviey: we discussed PPA's associated with Ubuntu Server at UDS-N - I thought there was a documentation task to make them more visible.16:47
Davieyyeah... who was that assigned to?16:48
DavieyI remember that discussion aswell.16:48
jamespageDaviey: I'll blog something now and write some more docs later16:48
jamespageit might have been sommer - SpamapS and ScottK where def in the session as well16:48
Davieyjamespage, Don't want to distract you from what you are currently doing...  If i started a wiki page and put TO FOLLOW on the page,  are you able to fill it in when you have time16:49
Davieyand/or redirect it16:49
cap_00thanks for the info hallyn and air^, (long phone call)16:55
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geekbrigod damnit, can you not install any java in a 32bit micro instance with ubuntu-server 10.04 ?!16:56
=== andreserl is now known as RoAkSoAx
=== Tohuw1 is now known as Tohuw
sssWhat's an easy way to prevent DoS attacks?17:04
Davieysss, Turn off the server.17:05
Davieysss, In what context, what service are you providing?17:05
sssA website especially PHP17:06
azertyy hello17:06
azertyyis there anyone there ?17:06
sssazertyy, yes17:06
sssazertyy, I think17:07
azertyyi create several user for ftp access, user1, user2 etc ... where my system is based on ubuntu17:07
azertyymy question what is the equivalent of the command  'w' which work with an ssh session for ftp session17:08
DavieyRoAkSoAx, Can you retarget this blueprint to beta?  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/packageselection-server-n-cluster-stack17:08
azertyyto able to see what happen on my server17:08
azertyyi mean the presence of ftp user on my server in real time17:09
lifelessSpamapS: hi?17:09
Davieysss, What DoS are you receiving?17:09
sssDaviey, I am not (yet?).17:09
Davieysss, Well often you need to be re-active to what happens.17:10
azertyylo there anyone understand my question ?17:10
Davieysss, Ie, if you spot a signature in the log files - you can add a fail2ban rule17:10
Davieyazertyy, A) Do you /really/ want to use ftp... and B) What ftp server are you using?17:11
RoAkSoAxDaviey: will do17:12
RoAkSoAxbtw do you have the script yet?17:13
azertyyyes i /really/ want use to use ftp17:14
azertyyi m used vsftpd17:14
azertyythat help much more time for upload rather than ssh17:15
=== cmagina is now known as cmagina-lunch
DavieyRoAkSoAx, It's nasty code17:16
DavieyRoAkSoAx, The LP API issue is still not fixed BTW17:16
RoAkSoAxDaviey:yeah I know I tried it yesterday17:17
jamespageDaviey: blogged and tweeted - http://wp.me/p15nXE-1U - will update wiki as well this week.17:22
Davieyjamespage, You are a MACHINE!17:23
jamespageDaviey: np17:24
Davieyjamespage, re-tweeted17:24
azertyyany clue for my question ?17:24
azertyyi use vsftpd17:24
jamespageDaviey: I'm also putting together some docs for packaging plugins17:24
azertyyhow to check user presence on ubuntu  ?17:24
Davieyazertyy, I don't know without trying, but perhaps near the bottom, http://www.experts-exchange.com/Software/Server_Software/File_Servers/FTP/Q_25345415.html17:27
Davieycreate an alias17:27
cap_00anyone know if there is a default clamav log file for scan results? i can only scroll up so far on my ssh console window17:31
Disconnectanyone get syslinux/pxelinux working with local booting under kvm? (still) working on automagic deployments but I can't get the reboot to succeed - pxelinux won't bail if it doesn't have a config, and setting 'localboot 0' (or -1 or 0x80) in the config just results in it saying "Booting from local disk" "Probing pci nic". (Hitting 'q'uit at the netboot/quit prompt -does- boot.)17:36
Davieyjamespage, fancy reproducing your blog post on the server wiki?17:41
DavieyJust thought, it won't show on planet ubuntu17:41
Davieyjamespage, I can do that if you want... i'll link back to your blog17:41
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uvirtbotNew bug: #727924 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72792417:47
sss314How can I measure my bandwidth usgae?17:54
patdk-wkbandwidth usage of what?17:55
patdk-wkdisks? memory? network? modem? video might be pointless, ...17:55
Disconnecti'm gonna go out on a limb and say network, since, you know, thats the common usage. but your answer was good too, i'm sure...17:57
patdk-wkI normally care about disk and network :)17:58
* patdk-wk likes to use munin17:58
sss314network bandwidth17:59
jpdssss314: apt-cache show vnstat17:59
uvirtbotNew bug: #727933 in rabbitmq-server (main) "Shutdown halt if rabbitmq-server is running" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72793318:06
jibelHi guys, we are currently testing Natty Alpha 3, if you have some spare cycles join #ubuntu-testing and check the list of uncovered test cases at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/all/notcompleted ,18:11
jibelUEC, iSCSI and JeOS on ESX need testing18:11
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jamespageDaviey - that would be great - thanks18:21
zulannnnd we are bac18:45
Davieyjamespage, done19:19
uvirtbotNew bug: #727973 in openldap (main) "Included debian patch can cause DB corruption" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72797319:21
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SpamapSlifeless: hey sup?19:59
lifelesswondering about the chances of a haproxy 1.4 build for lucid20:00
lifelessSpamapS: ^20:18
=== photerran is now known as lz0
uvirtbotNew bug: #728017 in openssh (main) "xwindows over ssh causes instability" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72801720:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #728029 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72802920:46
hallynzul: SpamapS: cjwatson: just to make sure, is anyone working on merging the upstream fix for bug 708493 ?20:52
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 708493 in openssh "cannot login anymore: Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70849320:52
hallyn(if not I'll start)20:52
cjwatsonhallyn: I can do it21:10
cjwatsonhallyn: I want it in Debian too anyway, so if you merge it I'll just have to repeat the job :)21:11
cjwatsonhallyn: I just hadn't seen the upstream fix21:11
hallyncjwatson: cool, thanks21:11
cjwatsonhallyn: (tomorrow, though, I hope that's OK)21:11
hallyncjwatson: yup, no hurry for me.  plus there's a workaround for anyone bitten by it21:11
=== lz238 is now known as semiotic
zulSpamapS: around?21:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #728047 in samba (main) "smbd + ldap hangs at startup after update" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72804721:21
hallynkim0: around?21:39
hggdhsmoser, ping (ec2 tests)21:40
smoserhggdh, yo21:40
smoseri had a quesiton for you... was wondering about how hardy tests came along, we kind of faded on that.21:41
hggdhsmoser, first -- could you run the ec2 tests?21:41
hggdhnow: I do not really know, we ran and reported the results, but I did not hear back21:42
smoserhggdh, i'm running them.21:44
hggdhsmoser, I am forever in your debt21:44
hggdhof course, 'forever' is a flexible term...21:44
=== airtonix_ is now known as airtonix
kim0hallyn: yeah, sorry I didn't play with your ppa yet. I'm not sure which package to file the MIR for21:55
RoAkSoAxzul: quick question. When doing SRU, should we use lucid-updates or lucid-proposed branch?21:58
hallynkim0: ok, just wanted to make sure you got my comment thta I"ve now tested them and they seem fine21:58
hallynkim0: MIR would be for the two source packages:  spice-protocol and spice21:58
kim0hallyn: I've pushed the blog on virtio today , and will play with ppa tomorrow (cant wait actually) :)21:58
hallynvirtio blog?21:59
kim0hallyn: http://foss-boss.blogspot.com/2011/03/fast-win7-kvm-virtiodisk-net-install.html21:59
hallyncool will check it out :)21:59
hallynkim0: thanks, ttyl21:59
* hallyn off to try a qa test now that he has cds21:59
zulRoAkSoAx: depends on the package.22:00
zulRoAkSoAx: if there is an an update start with the update package22:00
zulRoAkSoAx: if there is an update and proposed merge them together22:00
B1naryTh1efDoes anyone know of a good manual for Ubuntu 10.04 LAMP?22:01
leniosB1naryTh1ef, see /topic22:01
B1naryTh1efYeah, other then the default?22:02
lenioswhat's the problem with the server guide?22:02
B1naryTh1efI'm just intrested to see others22:02
B1naryTh1efI like seeing a few different manuals22:02
B1naryTh1efto get an idea22:02
RoAkSoAxzul: ok ;)22:02
DavieyRoAkSoAx, "Technically" - using UDD, it should be -proposed as that is the location we would push to.......  but check it's the highest version using rmadison, as a scenario where -security upload has happend would cause it to not be the latest.22:11
RoAkSoAxDaviey: yeah i noticed that already :) >P22:11
Daviey(and base your branch on the one which is highest either $distro, -proposed or -updates22:12
RoAkSoAxDaviey: indeed was just asking cause in the case of sambe for example, -proposed is different from -updates and -updates is the same as -security22:13
DavieySadly, it would cause the merge proposal to be a bit ugly....22:13
RoAkSoAxfor lucid22:13
DavieyRoAkSoAx, proposed is less than -updates|-security?22:13
RoAkSoAxDaviey: as in debian/changelog it is22:15
RoAkSoAxi mena changes and debian/changelog22:15
zulhallyn: how busy are you?22:16
RoAkSoAxDaviey: indeed, so I'/m just using -updsates22:17
DavieyRoAkSoAx, so base your branch on -updates, and propose into -proposed22:17
RoAkSoAxDaviey: that what I was indeed planning :)22:17
zul Daviey: depends if -updates and -proposed has diverged though22:17
Davieyzul, I guess if an upload from -proposed never made it to -updates, yes22:18
zulDaviey: thats what i meant back there22:18
Davieyzul, but either case, for UDD the -proposed branch needs to be kept good.22:18
Davieyzul, If RoAkSoAx bases his branch on -updates and it cleanly applies to -proposed... that is what should happen22:19
zulDaviey: right22:19
zulDaviey: right but also sometimes the security fixes has bug fixes in there (it shouldnt but it does happen)22:20
zulbasically all im saying is use common sense ;)22:20
Davieyzul, Hmm.. what do  you mean?22:20
RoAkSoAxisn't this documented somewhere? :)22:20
Daviey-security should land on -updates22:20
zulDaviey: i dont think im making any sense right now...its been a long day for me22:21
Davieyzul, have a beer :)22:21
zulDaviey: count on it22:21
jdstrandI'm not sure that I should respond since zul said he isn't making sense, but...22:22
lenioslatest grub-pc updates for lucid are on -proposed, will it go back to lucid branch any day?22:22
jdstrand"right but also sometimes the security fixes has bug fixes"22:22
jdstrandthat is extraordinarily rare, and of those rare cases, it has to do with build failures22:22
jdstrand(by far)22:22
jdstrandthat said, we pull from -updates22:23
Davieyjdstrand, no, what he was saying is... 'sometimes security uploads actually fixes bugs!' :P22:23
jdstrandI can get onboard with that statement :)22:23
* RoAkSoAx grabs some chips22:23
jdstrandsounds tasty22:23
* jdstrand -> chip run22:23
Davieydammit, now i want some22:24
* JFo is angry at you all <crunch> <crunch>22:25
jdstrandI *just* started crunch-crunching when you typed that! :)22:26
JFoheh, I had too22:26
* Daviey walks to the kitchen in hope of finding some.22:26
* JFo steals Daviey's crisps22:26
Davieyno dice, there was just a note saying "I can haz your chips -- JFo"22:27
* JFo wins!22:27
JFoI will buy you crisps in Budapest Daviey22:28
JFoand beer, I'm nice that way22:28
hallynzul: I"ve got a backload of some things I've not yet done but was supposed to quite awhiel ago by now (like checkpoint/restart recipes), so not shortage of things to do.  but whatcha need?22:32
* RoAkSoAx will try to take some pisco though probably nxvl will also do22:32
zulhallyn: if you want i can do the lxc stuff22:34
zulso you can offload it on to me22:35
hallynzul: cool, that'd be great, thanks!22:35
zulok ill do up a package for your perosal22:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #728088 in debian-installer (main) "iscsi root (amd64) with or without auth fails to boot" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72808823:10
aazerthello there23:19
aazerti can't remote server, i m on the machine;  how to check my bandwith speed ?23:19
aazertmy host say that they provide 1 GB23:20
aazerthow to check that ?23:20
nimrod10aazert, install vnstat23:28
nimrod10aazert, I'm sorry that is not the right tool , to check your speed you can start downloading something with wget and see what speed you get23:28
nimrod10aazert, you could also use ntop or  iptraf23:30
hggdhDaviey, there?23:31
Davieyhggdh, sort of23:31
aazertare you sure this time ? nimrod1023:32
aazertvnstat is for exactly ?23:32
hggdhDaviey, any known issues on publishing an image on euca 2.0123:33
nimrod10aazert, vnstat will show you the bandwidth consumed up&down,  iptraf will show you the speed per network card23:33
aazertthat's what  i need thanks nimrod1023:34
aazertlet me check23:34
hggdhdarn, got disconnected. Daviey, you know of anything on it?23:34
Davieyhggdh, uploading an image?23:35
Davieyhggdh, I only tested uploading 10.04 images, and that worked fine23:35
Davieyhggdh, did you install from ISO btw?23:35
hggdhDaviey, uec-publish-tarball23:36
hggdhDaviey, yes, from ISO23:36
hggdhyep, all fail23:36
hggdhfrom hardy onward23:36
aazertiptraf working perfectly, it looks like it  simulating an activy to check the network card capacity nimrod1023:37
Davieyhggdh, that worked for me :/23:37
Davieyhggdh, did you get any problems installing?23:37
hggdhDaviey, interestingly, absolutely no issues23:38
Davieyi /expected/ you to have an issue23:38
hggdhnot even bug 72676923:38
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 726769 in eucalyptus "package eucalyptus-common 2.0.1 bzr1255-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72676923:38
Davieyhggdh, what server is this?23:38
Davieyhggdh, interesting....23:40
hggdhnever a bit of boredom there...23:41
hggdhah well.23:41
* hggdh goes to open a bug23:41
Davieyhggdh, odd23:43
Davieythe SC failed to register23:43
hggdhoh bummer23:43
Patrickdkguess I should try i386 iscsi root23:43
hggdhDaviey, di you register it now?23:44
hggdhcuz I see two of them23:44
Davieyhggdh, hmm scrub that23:44
DavieyIt's attempting to register the server i was using :)23:44
Davieywhich is still broadcasting23:44
hggdhbut this should *not* be an issue23:45
hggdhwell. I rephase: this is a different issue -- euca_conf states cluster1 is registered, but it should not, since we do not share certificates and ssh keys23:46
Davieyhggdh, hmmmmmmmm..... i have a traceback23:47
hggdhDaviey, from what/where/when/how?23:48
aazerttx is for what nimrod10  and what is rx ?23:49
Davieyhggdh, run byobu, see window #123:49
aazertwhat is rx and tx ?23:49
aazerton vnstat23:49
Davieyhggdh, hmmm23:50
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 461464 in eucalyptus/1.6 "ec2 api tools (ec2-api-tools-1.3-42584) not working against 1.6" [High,Fix committed]23:50
nimrod10aazert, tx = transmitted ,   rx = received   , also     do     man  vnstat       it is all in the manual23:50
aazertok thank you very much help me very well your tool23:51
hggdhDaviey, joy, oh joy23:51
* hggdh adds in a regression23:51
* RoAkSoAx is still waiting for hggdh to test PowerNap >P23:53
Davieyhggdh, seems you've found a bug when (at least) sc fails to register,  it thinks it succeeded23:55
hggdhyes. At least one23:55
hggdhplust the regression on 46146423:55
DavieyI bet it's trying to put the image in the sc it doesn't really know about23:55
hggdhmight be -- it marks it as a valid sc, and tries it23:56
hggdhcan you shut them down23:56
Davieyhalt or reboot?23:56
Davieyreboot will wipe them?23:56
hggdhjust sudo stop euca*23:56
hggdhbetter safe23:56
hggdhthan... pissed23:56
jpdsDaviey: Hide the rum.23:57

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