initselfthe party is clearly here08:18
HPVif i had a job paying more than $10/hr i would spend the money to hire another person to work on ubuntu09:13
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seidossomeone tell sabdfl09:26
seidosor Jane Silber09:26
seidoscompassion -> buddha09:45
seidos1 xor 0?09:45
ishimeruGood morning everyone16:23
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iheartubuntuanyone know if it is possible to change my email associated with my nickname after registering?17:37
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pleia2iheartubuntu_: /msg nickserv help set email17:41
iheartubuntu_danke schon17:41
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nhainesI think dankeschön is one word.18:24
kdubsorta, germans have a thing against the space bar i guess18:28
nhaineskdub: if you want two words you can say "vielen Dank".  :)18:32
DarkwingDuckKinda like "Ubuntu is african for 'I can't configure debian'"18:46
nhainesWell, "dankeschön" is a special word, and it doesn't mean the same thing as "danke schön" which doesn't make sense but be two unrelated words "thank" and "beautiful".18:46
iheartubuntuouch :)18:48
jamiedmattinglykinda like spanish porque is why and por que is because18:48
nhainesjamiedmattingly: right.  Same letters but three different words.  :)18:49
MarkDudeGood podcast that describes how German language makes words up18:52
nhainesSure, but "dankeschön" isn't an example of one of those.  :)18:53
MarkDudeEven funnier- it is read by a German person, you hear him trying not to laugh as he says stuff18:53
nhainesIs it a podcast or is it just a reading of Mark Twain's essay?18:54
MarkDudeThe language permits making up words that can be a paragraph long18:54
MarkDudepodcast of his essay18:54
MarkDudeand has link to written form18:54
nhainesYou keep on using that word.  I don't think it means what you think it means.18:54
nhainesBut that essay is fictional.  :)18:54
MarkDudeOf course you are correct nhaines - most of what Twain did had a *wink* to it18:55
MarkDudeHis *fiction* can have  more truth to it- than most non-fiction18:56
MarkDudeBTW, Ubuntu means:18:56
MarkDudeMy wireless cards work :D18:56
nhainesI really threw pleia2 off with that one.  :)18:58
MarkDudenhaines, that quote is so good- the other Distro folks I told that - hella laughed18:59
MarkDudeand then started talking about the work they were having to do with Broadcom - to get it to work18:59
nhainesWe had too many people for me to quip like that each time unfortunately.  I'll have to pull stills from the archive video to get a count.19:00
pleia2MarkDude: the canonical version of the joke is "Ubuntu is an ancient african word, meaning "I can't configure Debian"" but there are about a zillion versions of it now19:00
nhainesWe have attendance counts for all of the sessions except the introductions.19:01
MarkDudepleia2, I know :D that was where I 1st heard it I think19:01
pleia2ah :)19:02
MarkDudeSitting in a room installing Fedora- the truth that nhaines said- folks agreed19:02
MarkDudeThe oh crap - my install is not working. If I really want it to work, I need install Ubuntu- even the backhanded compliments acknowledge how GREAT Ubuntu is :)19:04
iheartubuntui like spelling german numbers like 2732 becomes something like: zweitausendsiebeneinhundertzweiunddreissig19:04
nhainesThat's just efficient, that's all.  :)19:08
nhainesAnyway, I wouldn't call my quip a "truth", it was just a joke that relied on the audience knowing the meaning and origin of the word "ubuntu".19:09
MarkDudenhaines, Um it is a truth19:10
MarkDudethe other side of the proprietary debate- is the it just works19:10
MarkDudeMy work with other Distros has proven that Broadcom can equal 2+ hours of my life to add to Fedora19:11
MarkDudeor sometimes more19:11
MarkDudeSimilar to earlier Ubuntu installs involved me using additional wifi cards19:12
nhainesI've always just dumped the firmware in /lib/firmware and gone on with my life.  :)19:12
MarkDudeFor some the early GK meeting wifi issues were met with 2 choices- add a 2nd card, or spend some time19:13
MarkDudeMaybe Ubuntu folks may not see it as a truth, but folks from other Distros do, even if begrudgingly19:14
iheartubuntunhaines - I was thinking about the coming release in April in regards to placing an Ubuntu Store shipment. I figure that the release is still almost two months off. Maybe some maverick stuff will go on sale, maybe it wont. I dont know.19:21
iheartubuntu I will still go ahead with this order for anyone interested and can tweak the quarterly shipments to different dates as I learn more to how Ubuntu runs sales and releases new items.19:21
nhainesiheartubuntu: it's a lot less important if you're splitting shipping costs.  :)19:22
nhainesBut yeah, shipping's a real killer.19:22
iheartubuntudo they sell markdude masks in the ubuntu store by any chance?19:34
iheartubuntui wanna grab me one of those19:34
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, no- maybe there are Doug Stanhope masks- I had a few folks say I remind them of him19:35
* iheartubuntu googles Doug Stanhope19:36
iheartubuntuoh yah19:36
MarkDudeNot a deadringer or anything, but even I can see a bit of it19:37
MarkDudeMore so then when folks say Dave Grohl http://www.oyunlab.com/8-Music-resimleri/5025_Dave-Grohl_resimleri.html19:38
MarkDudeAlthough when I put a pic of Dave as my profile pic on FB, only a few folks noticede19:38
* iheartubuntu has removed his personal FB page19:40
MarkDudeEvery time a person says that19:41
MarkDudeall I hear is.....19:41
MarkDudeI chose not to talk to the majority of folks under 25 - on *their* terms19:42
* MarkDude found out he was speaking at a conference- *via* FB19:42
iheartubuntui just dont want to incriminate myself somehow :)19:42
MarkDudechat no-less19:42
MarkDudeAll sorts of business deals happen that way- some folks prefer to send that way- many opportunities can be lost this way19:43
MarkDudeDont post then.19:43
iheartubuntuhappen which way?19:44
iheartubuntui just sold my car on ebay19:44
iheartubuntunot fb19:44
MarkDudeBy that logic, we need not progress past newspaper classifieds19:45
MarkDudeSince it can work19:45
iheartubuntuwait wait, are you now a Facebook spokesperson? ;)19:45
iheartubuntui saw you shmoozing their booth!19:45
iheartubuntudidnt they scan your iris and take your dna before talking to them?19:46
MarkDudeAt least 1/3 maybe 1/4 of folks I know consider it almost rude not to send a message on FB19:46
* MarkDude is sure he can work for them, BUT, dont think I am saying that they ARE NOT evil- they are19:46
MarkDudeFB is at the min-    a TOOL19:47
MarkDudelike paper, pen, etc19:47
iheartubuntuas is money19:47
* iheartubuntu has never been called a tool before19:47
MarkDudeyou can be an asshat, by using a typewriter to tell folks how cool you are or some dumb stuff19:48
MarkDudejust because MOST folks choose to do stupid things with creative tools19:48
* kdub would say that facebook is more amoral with user's private information than evil19:49
kdubbut i still use it :)19:49
MarkDudeBeauty can still be created. The truths contained within should not be judged by the *base users*19:49
iheartubuntui think that would be correct kdub19:49
MarkDudeyour nuance is mreo correct kdub19:49
iheartubuntumr eo... i thought you were talking about MJ19:50
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, to answer your earlier question- most of what most people do on FB is all about ego, IMHO.19:51
pleia2MarkDude: you need better fb friends :)19:51
* MarkDude got back in touch with his best friend from high school19:52
pleia2I see it as just a communication platform19:52
MarkDudepleia2, myh friends are awesome19:52
pleia2but egomaniacs?19:52
pleia2I guess you do have a lot of CMs as friends ;)19:52
MarkDudeJust trying to extrapolate, what others see as so horrible about FB19:52
pleia2they tend to be very Out There19:52
iheartubuntuyah, i met up with most of my HS friends too. most of them have become bigger idiots than they already were19:52
MarkDudeThats funny because it is true19:52
pleia2iheartubuntu: lol19:52
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, I agree.19:53
MarkDudeBut sorting through 100+ people is worth it for TRUE friends19:53
MarkDudeand YES, if there was no FB, we would have got in touch other ways19:53
MarkDudepleia2, not as much my friends, but friends of friends19:54
iheartubuntuactually i think most of the people i got back in touch with were from grammar school19:54
iheartubuntu8 years with them all19:54
MarkDude#1 thing I use FB for?19:54
MarkDudeorganizing events, picnics in REAL life19:54
pleia2I mostly use it to stay in touch with family, they fail at email and I hate phones19:55
MarkDudegetting together with friends- maybe 1/2 of those prefer FB as way to do it19:55
MarkDudeMy Grandma like seeing pics of grandkids etc19:55
* iheartubuntu just got his first cellphone in 5 years19:55
iheartubuntui dispose them19:56
iheartubuntuerrr, despise them19:56
iheartubuntuboth actually19:56
* MarkDude agrees there.19:56
MarkDudeIn my heart, I still resist the idea of the portable phone19:57
MarkDudeIt is a leash19:57
MarkDudeAnd then I stop to think - would I resist the phone coming into my house early last century. Would I have viewed cars as scary compared to horses19:58
iheartubuntui really enjoyed not having a phone19:59
MarkDudeAnd when folks were living in caves, there had to a few of them scared about fire19:59
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, me too19:59
MarkDudeWhen I did was on jobsites, I would not take one20:00
iheartubuntumy goal with the phone now is to be more productive20:00
* iheartubuntu enjoys coin dozer and glow hockey 24/720:00
iheartubuntuwell, that didnt work20:00
MarkDudeI used to tell bosses - they would have to give the phone they were trying to hand me to someone else20:00
iheartubuntujust kidding, i dont have time for games20:00
MarkDudegive it to an Apprentice, they can bring me the phone if it is important20:01
* MarkDude still cant believe I got away with that crap20:01
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, you always have time to stop for a game20:02
MarkDudeand to smell a rose20:02
MarkDudemaybe not time for games, or roses :)20:02
* MarkDude was thinking the only thing that Charlie Sheen is missing right about now is mocking Anon? I mean all he needs to do is poke the bear.20:08
MarkDudeI am having a hard time thinking he does not have writers in a basement coming up with this crap20:08
MarkDudeI mean, I need to get work done. He needs to take a break I can get stuff done20:09
iheartubuntuhaha markdude20:31
* MarkDude does not delight in downfall of others20:31
MarkDudeUNLESS they are horrible people20:32
MarkDudeHe is there.20:32
* iheartubuntu made his companies brochure using Scribus :) looks sweet20:33
MarkDudeOr this picture about uninstalling dictators http://imgur.com/gallery/HFFd120:33
MarkDudeScribus is a great program, very powerful20:33
nhainesishimeru: good morning!23:28
iheartubuntudoes anyone here have admin rights in the forums? im requesting a name change there so all of my acct info matches up23:48
pleia2I didn't thing that was even possible23:56
pleia2(the forum faq say they can't except in extreme cases)23:57

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