jack_So what do you guys think about the Canonical/Banshee thing?04:16
holsteinpretty strange04:31
holsteinhas it been clarified yet?04:31
holsteinjack_: ^04:31
jack_mark shuttleworth put an update on his blog04:32
jack_they gave banshee a choice whether to disable the plugin or give 75% of profits to Canonincal, they choose to disable, so they're leaving it enabled and taking 75%04:32
holsteintoo bad for the gnome project04:33
holsteini mean, its hard not to see it as a kick in the pants04:34
holsteinas the transition to unity happens04:34
holsteinAND, *so* many people use the amazon store04:35
holsteini mean, i guess they dont have to give any of the bread to banshee/gnome04:36
holsteinso whatever04:36
holsteinjack_: what do you think?04:36
jack_seems like they're being strongarmed into doing what canonical wants. that sucks and goes against the open source way in my opinon.04:37
jack_if you're going to go against the developers of the applications, you might as well just fork the project04:37
holsteinyeah, fork it, and bring it in under whatever terms you want04:38
_marx_are novell or redhat sponsored distros having this issue?04:56
holsteini dont think they have commercial interests04:56
holsteinquite like this04:56
_marx_my point04:57
_marx_somebody is going to get the money04:58
_marx_my point, right novell and redhat _are publically traded companies05:00
_marx_enterprise focus05:00
_marx_canonical with ubuntu remains a wildcard in the enterprise market05:02
holsteinits new05:02
holsteinwe'll see05:02
holsteini mean, something is going to be different05:03
_marx_normally i'm testing by now but test box has become main box ;)05:11
jack_im compiling gnome-shell from source from the nightly05:18
jack_it looks pretty sweet05:18
_marx_well you have corporate hardware05:28
* _marx_ more yardsale specials05:29
jack_im not running on corporate hardawre atm heh12:48
_marx_who's supposed to chair tonight?23:35
* _marx_ has a new usb wireless device to try out23:36
_marx_akgraner: you about?23:57
akgranerI am23:58
akgranerdang is it time already wow23:58
_marx_i'm not alone23:58
_marx_who's to chair?23:58
akgranerhmmm good question where is internalkernel?23:59
akgranerhey holstein do you know who is chair...don't we have a list on the wiki page?23:59
_marx_i couldn't find that wiki page23:59

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