BiosElement15 gold stars go to mark today I think00:33
Cheri703http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?sduid=984304&t=2699861 BOGO Chipotle!00:49
Cheri703wow I'm annoyed at companies today02:05
dmcgloneHi guys02:51
dmcgloneCan anyone tell me if the ubuntu netbook edition desktop is customizable?02:51
* paultag chuckles02:52
paultagdmcglone: no fugg'n way02:52
dmcgloneI was run‌ning the live version and it sucks!02:52
Cheri703customizable how?02:52
paultagdmcglone: 10.04 is nice02:52
Cheri703and 10.10 or 10.04?02:52
paultagdmcglone: 10.10 is a barf factory02:52
dmcgloneI couldn't even move the stupidf bar on the left side02:52
Cheri703I used 10.04 for a while02:52
Cheri703use desktop edition now02:52
paultagI loved 10.04 UNR02:52
dmcglone10.10 Cheri70302:52
paultagthat was outstanding02:52
Cheri703ew, HATE 10.1002:53
paultagnow I'm running Fluxbox+GNOME on 10.1002:53
paultagworks really well02:53
Cheri703used it for about 15 min and gave up02:53
dmcglonepaultag: really?02:53
paultagHell, I even uploaded a package to Debian/Ubuntu to make that easy02:53
dmcgloneright now I'm run‌ning KDE, but im not too fond of it02:53
dmcgloneI really like kde's netbook layout, but I'm getting frusturated with a couple things02:54
paultagdmcglone: file bugs02:55
dmcgloneI think Ubuntu is more suited for these here small computer02:55
dmcglonethe main problem im having with kde is it will not log out02:56
dmcgloneit just hangs on a black screen when I try to log out02:56
dmcglonesux big time02:56
paultagdmcglone: *file bugs* :)02:57
paultagdmcglone: devs can't fix what they don't know02:57
dmcgloneIf I'm gonna waste my time filing bugs I'm gonna make it worth while and file on gnome LOL02:57
paultagBBL. walking home02:58
dmcglonecheri are you using the netbook edition or just the regular desktop?02:59
Cheri703now I use regular desktop, I forget why I switched over, I used netbook edition for several months03:00
dmcglone10.10 or 10.04?03:00
Cheri703used 10.10 for about 15 minutes03:01
dmcglonedid you like 10.04?03:01
Cheri703once I realized that the ONLY possible way to access my secondary partition was by plugging in a flash drive to force access to nautilus, I was done03:01
Cheri703yeah, I did03:01
dmcgloneI see03:02
dmcgloneanother reason I'm not liking kubuntu it is forcing me to manually mount my extra partions and I can't get them to be shared on the network03:03
dmcglonehow many hours do you get with your battery?03:05
dmcgloneI'm averaging about 3.5 to 4 hours03:05
Cheri703that's around mine, I can get 4.5ish if I'm conservative03:06
dmcglonecool, I thought I got ripped there for a bit03:07
canthus13Cheri703: I'm actually liking 10.10... I'm surprised. no issues so far aside from the occasional wireless pause. (once or twice a day...)03:13
Cheri703well, that was the netbook one I hated so much03:13
Cheri703I actually installed 10.10 on here, on a second partition, but I haven't messed with it much, haven't felt like transferring crap and setting up messengers and whatnot03:14
canthus13Oh.. yeah.  guy at work tried it, switched back to desktop.03:14
canthus13yeah.  I only installed it because I installed a new hard drive.03:14
dmcgloneI have to say I liked 10.1003:14
* canthus13 did the install right this time, with separate root and home partitions.03:16
paultagcanthus13: that's not always right, jabroni03:17
dmcgloneI always use seperate /home and /03:17
canthus13paultag: It's righter than one big partition.03:17
* Cheri703 has separate partition for OS and storage03:17
paultagI seldom do :)03:17
Cheri703vs home and everything else03:17
paultagcanthus13: bollocks03:17
Cheri703that lets me use it for other installations as well03:18
canthus13paultag: Meh. It should be easier to upgrade this way.03:18
* Cheri703 likes her way03:18
paultagcanthus13: bollocks -- .conf file klobbering03:18
dmcglonepaultag: I do it because if I ever have to re-install, /home never gets touched and configuring is 100% easier03:18
paultagcanthus13: I have all my big stuff on an external, and directories similiked into my home03:18
canthus13paultag: Of course, on a server you want a separate /var for sure... just in case something spams the logs until the drive is full.03:18
paultagso that I can mount my same directories accross OSs, or wipes03:18
paultagcanthus13: aye! That, for sure03:18
paultagcanthus13: but for a desktop, I have a really hard time justifying splitting the drive03:19
Cheri703paultag: same idea as mine03:19
canthus13paultag: I don't dual boot. I just have it separate now because I'd rather do a fresh install than upgrade.03:19
dmcglonewhy paul?03:19
Cheri703my desktop is 2 separate hard drives03:19
Cheri703laptop 2 partitions03:19
paultagaye Cheri70303:19
paultagI used to have /Media03:19
paultagwhich contained my movies / videos, and that was on it's own drive03:19
paultagand that would be linked to ~/movies and ~/music03:19
canthus13paultag: That's my main reason. I have 90GB of music that I keep on my laptop.  It's a pain in the butt to transfer over wireless to and from my file server.03:20
dmcgloneI have /home / /www and /documents and I mount /documents under my Documents folder in my /home03:20
paultagcanthus13: aye, that's why I do what I do, no need to maintain /home with all it's messy . files03:20
paultagnot to mention if I go "back" in time through a dual boot ( deb might be newer then Ubuntu, then go back to Ubuntu and break my app )03:21
paultagor the old app "fixes" the "errors" and I go back forward in time and it fucks that up03:21
canthus13paultag: If I used more than one distro I'd prolly do something similar.03:22
paultagI'd just as soon keep stuff on it's own outside /home03:22
paultagcanthus13: :P03:22
canthus13Symlink ~/Documents, ~/Downloads, ~/Music to folders on a different partition and keep /home in the root partition.03:22
paultagcanthus13: that's exactly what I do03:23
canthus13There's no reason for me to do that though.03:23
dmcglonecanthus thats what I do03:23
canthus13if I boot a different OS, it's in a VM.03:23
dmcgloneI even showed Cheri703 how to do it03:23
Cheri703that's how I do mine now :)03:24
* dmcglone loves symlinks03:24
dmcglonemy home is almost nothing but symlinked folders LOL03:25
canthus13my home is a mess. :P03:25
paultagmine too03:26
dmcglonewhich home?03:26
paultagbut my system is usually in good order03:26
paultagmy /etc is maintained in git, so I can revert shittyisms, and /home gets a good cleaning every few days03:26
dmcglonemine is neat and tidy :-)03:26
paultagI put stuff in ~/Desktop so that I remember to remove it (because icons piss me off)03:26
dmcgloneI hate icons on my desktop!!!03:27
paultagdmcglone: that's why my default download location is my desktop03:27
paultagif I want to keep it, put it in it's right place, otherwise rm it03:27
dmcglonemy default download location is on my /Documents partition that is shared by all my computers in my house03:28
paultagoh no!03:28
paultagdon't download pr0n!03:28
dmcgloneI have a downloads folder in my /documents partition which is symlinked to my /home03:28
dmcgloneand it's shared on the network so the shit I download is spewed all over the network...LOL03:29
canthus13Bah. How do I enable a guest account with no password?03:34
dmcglonecreated the account but don't assign it a password LOL03:35
canthus13dmcglone: Ubuntu won't let me do it.03:35
canthus13It disables the account unless you give it a password longer than 5 characters.03:35
Unit193canthus13: sudo passwd user -d03:36
paultagthat's disable, yes?03:36
paultagcanthus13: you can call passwd by hand, methinks03:36
paultagas long as you're root, it should let you03:36
canthus13Ok.  tried passwd guest and then tried a blank pass, it won't allow it.03:36
Unit193use the -d switch03:37
canthus13I think I got it.  put in a password and then check the03:37
canthus13do not ask for password' box.03:37
dmcglonecanthus13: you gotta kick the computer first03:37
canthus13Now... I need a script that will automagically connect to wireless, fire up to dyndns, and then set up a reverse ssh tunnel to my server.03:38
canthus13that way, if my laptop is stolen and they can get into a working guest account, maybe they won't wipe it until I locate it.03:39
canthus13Oh. and fire up a keylogger. :)03:40
paultagcanthus13: like that defcon talk :)03:40
dmcglonebeing optimistic. I like that.. LOL03:40
canthus13paultag: Exactly.03:40
canthus13paultag: I have a buddy whose laptop was recovered thanks to Prey. :)03:41
canthus13but I want more control than that.03:41
Cheri703canthus13: if you can't set it to automatically do it, put some sort of honeytrap file...like "OMG PORN!" and then they'll click on it :)03:41
canthus13Heh. I should be able to launch it at login.03:42
dmcglonebut how will that locate the computer? it don't have gps in it03:42
canthus13dmcglone: google the MAC addresses of the routers near it.03:43
canthus13dmcglone: That's pretty freaking accurate... like, within 30 feet accurate.03:43
dmcgloneI never thought about that03:43
canthus13google has a database of SSIDs and MAC addresses.03:43
canthus13dmcglone: this is where I got the idea:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4oB28ksiIo03:44
canthus13Oh. if anyone needs good earbuds cheap, skullcandy has their riot earbuds on ebay for 10 bucks a pair with free shipping.03:44
Cheri703and extra long shipping ;)03:45
canthus13Cheri703: 5 business days... Not *that* bad.03:45
canthus13I was just antsy. :)03:45
canthus13the opening story in that youtube video is fucking hilarious.03:46
canthus13paultag: are boston cops *REALLY* that stupid?03:46
* dmcglone can't use earbuds03:46
paultagcanthus13: can be?03:46
paultagcanthus13: which what?03:46
canthus13dmcglone: Forgot about that.03:46
canthus13paultag: The opening story on the youtube video I just posted.03:46
dmcgloneI can use regular headphones, but dang you can't find em anymore03:46
* Cheri703 is only half watching a movie and it's...weird and I think I'm missing a lot...but I don't care enough to rewatch03:47
canthus13dmcglone: skullcandy makes all sorts of really nice ones.03:47
paultagcanthus13: no flash right now :(03:48
canthus13paultag: Bummer.03:48
canthus13paultag: Basic gist of the story:  Pranksters decide to take an old VT-220 terminal and set it up next to an open manhole and see people's reactions... Boston cops show up, stare at it for a few minutes, then beat the living shit out of it.03:50
paultagoh ahahhaha03:50
paultagyeah I remember that03:50
paultagthat was great03:50
paultagthat was an MIT hack, so good03:50
paultagsome dude trying to fit in03:50
paultagoh shit, that was from that laptop osx reverse pwn03:51
paultagwhere the dude had pics of himself nekked03:51
paultagtotally seen that one :)03:51
paultagcanthus13: dude, I just came up with a really cool system03:53
canthus13paultag: Yup.03:53
paultagcanthus13: my server has a fake user account that just pipes mail into an app I wrote03:53
paultagcanthus13: the app checks the gpg sig on the email, and if it's trusted and on it's keyring, it executes the commands in the email as a shell script03:54
paultagcanthus13: so I can GPG sign "orders" to my servers (and CC them and stuff) to do some old-school 2-bit provisioning03:54
dmcglonetoo much work paultag03:55
paultagdmcglone: it's really not, since I have a key shared between my servers and my local boxes (not on keyserv) without a password03:55
canthus13dmcglone: Amazingly useful... If you could send those messages to a gmail account, then have your laptop check that email account.03:55
canthus13If the laptop is stolen, you can send it an activation command.03:55
paultagdmcglone: so I can actually just pipe stuff through it and have it post without me being there (servers asking for other stuff)03:55
paultagcanthus13: +1 there03:55
paultagthe best part -- if the GPG auth is wrong, the email gives a user not found >:D03:56
canthus13Install some sort of custom peripheral inside that sets off a thermite charge, maybe... :)03:56
paultagthat will keep down the spam03:56
paultagcanthus13: well this is nice because it exec's the commands in the mail03:56
paultagso I can just have it to whatever. The email addy is bitch@servername03:57
paultagit's nice.03:57
dmcglonewhat happens if you accidently run format commands? LOL03:57
canthus13paultag: I'm liking the idea of simply being able to email commands to the machine in case of theft.. they'd just queue up in the mail server until the laptop connected and fetched them.03:58
canthus13maybe a command to execute a script that turns on a keylogger, grabs some webcam shots, snags all the signal strengths, SSIDs, and MAC addresses of nearby routers...04:00
canthus13the mail checker would check that mail every ten minutes when connected to the internet.04:01
paultagcanthus13: I hate the tickle model so much04:01
canthus13But for something blind like this, it works. :)04:01
canthus13Heh. don't google tickle model.04:02
dmcglonecanthus13: your doing everything short of getting the CIA and FBI involved04:02
canthus13dmcglone: :)04:02
canthus13dmcglone: I love my laptop.04:02
dmcgloneSo do I, thats why I'd never leave it anywhere it could get stolen...LOL04:03
canthus13dmcglone: Inside your house?04:03
dmcglonehuh, I'd have a 20 laptops if it got stolen from my house04:04
* Cheri703 is frustrated, husband bought the wrong kind of ravioli, now we have a big bag of them, and I can't eat them, and it's likely to be a LONG time before he will, and that's wasted money we don't have :/04:04
dmcgloneInsurance :-)04:04
canthus13Cheri703: Bummer.04:05
dmcgloneif thats all you have to worry about Cheri703 your doing good... ;-)04:05
Cheri703trust me, it isn't, but it is one more on a list of things04:05
dmcglonewait till you have kiids and they pour a gallon of milk all over the floor and mix it with a box of cereal04:06
Cheri703we have $7 in the bank, spending money on food that won't get eaten is a big deal right now04:06
dmcglonethrow themselves through the walls04:06
dmcgloneI feel your pain04:06
Cheri703I might call them and see if we can exchange it04:07
Cheri703or return it04:07
dmcglonewell that really killed the room quick... LOL04:09
Cheri703you should watch daybreakers04:10
* canthus13 is rewatching that youtube video because it's freaking hilarious.04:10
dmcgloneno need to be sorry, I just thought it was funny :-)04:10
dmcgloneit's like all the guys run with their tails between their legs04:11
Cheri703they know better than to stick around when a woman is pissed04:12
* canthus13 doesn't back down. :)04:16
paultagcanthus13: you're wise. the kids that work there are my age04:16
paultagI'm scared shitless of an angry woman04:16
dmcglonewhy paul?04:17
paultagdmcglone: it's built into every kid! Until you're totally independent, you're always afraid of your mum04:17
dmcgloneI just let them say their piece and get on with my day.. LOL04:17
* dmcglone 20 years of mariage04:17
dmcgloneI don't know about that, I got a brother that isn't afraid of shit04:18
* paultag goes back to fixing fluxbox04:18
canthus13paultag: Trying to get it up to par with openbox? :)04:18
paultagcanthus13: sadly, in this one case, yes04:19
dmcglonehow'd it get broken in the first place?04:19
paultagcanthus13: I'm rolling out a -dbg package04:19
paultagdmcglone: it's OK, I just need to clean it04:19
* canthus13 hasn't really used fluxbox... but really really likes openbox.04:19
dmcgloneI see04:19
paultagwhy you ask? Because I have 2 papers due in the morning04:19
paultagcanthus13: fluxbox rules04:19
paultagha! funny because I'm working on the rules file :)04:20
canthus13paultag: mainly, though, I like crunchbang/openbox.  It's well put together, has everything I need already installed, and isn't that ugly. :)04:20
* dmcglone is watching the bluejackets04:20
paultagcanthus13: mmhum! I just fixed up fluxbox a bit04:20
paultagcanthus13: it has a nice ubuntu theme now04:20
* canthus13 has never seen a 'nice' ubuntu theme. It went from shit brown to technicolor vomit...04:21
dmcglonelol canthus1304:21
dmcgloneI agee04:21
dmcgloneeye candy is one thing I love04:21
dmcgloneKDE comes with plenty of it04:22
canthus13I'm not that big on eyecandy, but It's really nice for selling linux to the n00bs.04:22
dmcglonethe reason I like eye candy is because I get sick of looking at the same shit day in and day out, I need change after a few months04:23
dmcgloneit's like women, it gets ugly over time..... LOL04:24
Cheri703so I know you say stuff for the "humor" but...the sexist jokes get old dmcglone...I'm just saying04:25
dmcgloneit wasn't sexist04:25
dmcgloneyou just wait, after 20 years you'll understand what I'm saying.... LMAO04:26
dmcgloneI'll be in my coffin when you say "ah I see what he meant"04:27
* paultag backs away04:28
paultaghell no I'm not getting caught up in this04:28
dmcglonemaybe I should have said "significant other" instead of "women" but heck I didn't think anyone would take it seriously04:29
Cheri703it was a wholly unnecessary addition to the conversation04:29
Cheri703and it's a recurring thing04:29
Cheri703I like you dmcglone, that's why I voice my opinion, if I didn't, I'd just be pissy in silence and just not like you :)04:30
dmcgloneI'm wondering why you are up04:31
dmcgloneupset about it04:32
canthus13dmcglone: Because it *is* a bit sexist to single out women with blanket generalizations.04:32
Cheri703because if I made a comment and threw in a bit about deaf people, you'd be irritated04:32
canthus13paultag: I wonder how bad elky would flip if she read the stuff dmcglone says in here...04:33
Cheri703a. the "eyecandy, like women" or b. the "women get ugly over time lol"  pick one. MEN GET UGLY TOO, PEOPLE get ugly, that'd be fine (still not entirely a useful/tasteful addition to the convo, but...)04:34
paultagcanthus13: bad, I think04:34
dmcglonepeople are unique and if we can't make jokes about it then there is something wrong04:34
* Cheri703 is mild compared to some women in my response to some of this stuff04:34
paultagdmcglone: it sucks because people actually believe some of this crap04:34
paultagdmcglone: so you'd never make a racist joke because there are racists around04:35
Cheri703jokes are not the same to everyone04:35
paultagdmcglone: y'know?04:35
Cheri703what one person considers funny is NOT what others consider funny04:35
Cheri703some people think it's HILARIOUS to light animals on fire (or people) others don't..."it's just a joke" doesn't absolve someone of doing something shitty04:35
dmcgloneWell they'll have to live with it, otherwise nobody in the world would talk04:36
Cheri703and as I said, that was a mild one, but sometimes you go overboard dmcglone04:36
dmcgloneI see.04:36
canthus13Haha... They lost a client's server at work. Physically.  the box apparently has been running for about 6 years and they can't figure out where it is.04:44
Cheri703that's kind of ridiculous04:44
canthus13Cheri703: The client called to complain that they couldn't get to the machine.04:44
Cheri703they need coordinates on them "3rd from the door, 5th down" or something04:45
canthus13Cheri703: They remodeled the hosting facility about 5 years ago, and apparently that machine got misplaced, but it was still connected.04:45
Cheri703ahhh, nice04:45
* canthus13 is betting it's inside a wall or some other space they can't physically access.04:45
Cheri703they need to connect those little pc speakers, so they can make it beep to find it :)04:46
paultagcanthus13: does it have a cd / floppy?04:46
canthus13Hmm... One reason to keep the pc speaker plugged in, I guess.04:47
paultagcanthus13: spin up the floopy drive04:47
canthus13paultag: I dunno.. but it's not responding anymore, so they can't eject it.04:47
paultagah, shucks04:47
Cheri703ew, that sucks!04:47
canthus13Probably some sort of physical hardware failure.04:47
paultagum, yarp04:47
canthus13bad PSU or somesuch.04:47
paultagcanthus13: use the network to see who's router it's connected to04:47
paultagthen trace it's line :)04:48
canthus13paultag: I'm sure they're working on it.. but it's a freaking datacenter... the networking cabling is measured in tons, I think.04:49
paultagcanthus13: christ. good point04:49
Cheri703I may have to try retracing cabling for a church...their network is JACKED UP04:49
canthus13it's well-organized cabling, but the sheer volume of cabling makes it nearly impossible to follow an individual strand.04:49
paultag+1 canthus1304:49
Cheri703I spent HOURS there one day making sure the right computers were on the right router, someone had set it up previously, but people kept messing with it04:49
canthus13meet the new network threat:  http://pwnieexpress.com/04:50
Cheri703if they're willing to pay me, I'll have to go through it bit by bit and label what comes from what room, etc04:50
paultagcanthus13: I always wanted to use fractal maps to map a datacenter04:50
Cheri703how useful are the ethernet testers? like the "plug it in on one end, plug in the other end" things?04:50
canthus13Cheri703: That's the best way to go about it.04:50
Cheri703ok, I may have to pick one up04:51
Cheri703there are a few things on my wish list :/04:51
canthus13Cheri703: those fox/hound testers rock when it comes to identifying cables you can't physically follow.04:51
Cheri703yeah, that's probably going to be a lot of what this is04:51
paultagcanthus13: there are some that will put a freq on the line, and you can trace it anywhere along the line by putting it over the plastic and watching for the e/m signal04:51
canthus13Otherwise, you'd need to set up a mini-network with a machine at each end and ping each other.04:51
paultagsince it's twisted pair04:51
Cheri703any recommendations on a specific one?04:52
Cheri703there are various ones out there04:52
canthus13paultag: Neat.. It's been years since I've dealt with that stuff.04:52
Cheri703canthus13: I could always plug in my netbook to the other end04:52
canthus13Cheri703: Anything made by Fluke is likely to be perfect.04:52
Cheri703but...the tester may be easier04:52
paultagcanthus13: that type is badass. You can see if it splits at a junction04:52
Cheri703projects like this are where it'd be amazing to have a reliable assistant...04:52
Cheri703instead of having to run ALL OVER the building between each one04:52
canthus13Cheri703: :)04:53
paultagOK I need to write two papers04:53
paultagsomeone ban me04:53
canthus13paultag: have fun with that.  Or write a script that writes papers.04:53
paultagfuck it, I'll shut off screen04:53
paultagcanthus13: right?04:53
Unit193Cheri703: Last part of the church name?05:03
Cheri703not yours :)05:03
Unit193I know that....05:03
Unit193Ours doesn't have that good of a setup...05:04
Cheri703theirs is bad05:04
Cheri703a whole set of computers somehow is on the wrong ip range...05:05
Cheri703when I left there after setting it all up, they were, now they're all ...something got plugged into the wrong router05:05
Unit193One router unsecured with all the computers wireless...05:06
canthus13Cheri703: Disable DHCP on all routers, set up DHCP on one machine.05:07
canthus13I'm assuming these are little SOHO routers, right?05:08
Cheri703yeah canthus1305:09
canthus13How many machines are on the network?05:09
Cheri703at least 505:09
Cheri703maybe more05:09
Cheri703there's about 42834987 cords coming into there though05:09
canthus13Ah. never mind then.05:10
Cheri703so I'll have to hunt them all down05:10
* canthus13 was figuring on the order of 50-100 machines.05:10
canthus13Those little routers can't handle much DHCP traffic.05:10
Cheri703yeah, not that many, perhaps up to 25 if all jacks are being used05:10
Cheri703there is some bigger switch or something in there, someone donated it or something05:10
Cheri703I don't even know05:10
Cheri703that wasn't my primary focus the one time I was in there05:11
Cheri703it'll be a project, no doubt05:11
Cheri703I kind of hope they'll do it05:12
Cheri703I'm trying to decide what the hourly rate on something like that should be05:12
Cheri703I don't usually do hourly05:12
Cheri703I'm leaning toward $30 or more05:12
canthus13Hourly on-site usually runs around $70/hr+05:12
Cheri703probably will not charge THAT much, as I only partly know what I'm doing ;)05:13
canthus13that's the minimum I see for the pro shops. Some craigslisters will do it cheaper.05:13
Cheri703I need to get a tester, because I don't want to spend 300 years there05:13
Cheri703I will take along my label maker (and LOTS of batteries/extra tape) and label them as I figure out where they've come from05:13
Cheri703I'm going to estimate a minimum of 5 hours, possibly more I'd think05:14
Cheri703it's a crappy setup they have05:14
Cheri703and if I get done early, no problem05:14
canthus13Might invest in a good punchdown tool too.05:14
* Cheri703 only vaguely knows what that is05:15
canthus13Cheri703: It's for stuffing wires into the backs of ethernet outlets, patch panels, etc.05:16
canthus13A lot easier than trying to do it with a knife or screwdriver.05:16
Cheri703there is some kit that microcenter has...might take a look if they don't have wall plates and want them05:16
canthus13Also, a crimping tool and *good* RJ-45 connectors.. not the cheap self-ejecting ones I bought a while back. :)05:19
Cheri703I'd love to get into doing more network related stuff05:20
canthus13Go for your network+ at least, CCNA would be better. If you can find a CCNA course, you'll probably learn everything you need to know for small-medium networks.05:24
Cheri703yeah, for the stuff I'm mainly doing now, I'm probably going to go for the a+, just because at least as a starting point, the general public is like, "ooo, certified!"05:25
Cheri703then the network+ and hopefully ccna later05:25
Cheri703once I can afford it!05:25
canthus13I did network+ on self-study. It was pretty easy.05:25
canthus13I never managed to get my CCNA, though... Couldn't afford the tests, and they changed the curriculum right after I finished the course.05:26
Cheri703yeah, annoying thing is that the a+ just added material, and the free crap I got via torrents is the old one :/ have to wait a while for the new stuff to be...available05:26
canthus13I still learned a *LOT* about it.05:26
canthus13Even the older Cisco stuff is good, solid info on networking fundamentals.05:27
Cheri703I just have trouble buckling down and studying...I LOVE learning new things, but the "HAVE TO STUDY" mentality kicks on the "OMG PROCRASTINATE!" mode :/05:27
canthus13Juniper networking cert guids are just as good.05:27
canthus13Networking and guidos would seem to be mutually exclusive...05:28
Cheri703the newest comptia a+ books at the local library are from 2007 -_-05:31
Cheri703there are some really inexpensive network cable testers, I'm not sure how to know if they're any good :/05:33
Cheri703there's always this one: http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/tools/8510/05:36
canthus13Looks nice. Never used it.05:45
* canthus13 leans more towards the 'plug it in and see if it works' school of thought... Unless it's a big project. :)05:47
Cheri703it's big enough that I want to be able to quickly get through it05:48
Cheri703heck yeah newegg:05:49
canthus13roswill.. king of the cheap electronic testing crap.05:50
canthus13They're kinda like the Belkin of testing equipment.05:50
canthus13It'd probably do for a few jobs, but don't expect it to last.05:51
canthus13I love how they list the power switch as a feature. :)05:51
Cheri703yeah, at this point, I'd just need SOMETHING, almost considering the $6 ones just as a temporary answer, then get a nicer one later05:51
Cheri703well, some of them you have to put the battery in to turn it on, and remove it to turn it off05:51
canthus13Appears that that one in particular has some issues with testing whether or not the cable is good.05:53
Cheri703that's not the goal though05:53
Cheri703not for that job05:53
canthus13But yeah,, to just find the right ends, it'd to.05:53
Cheri703that's why I'm thinking $10 or less would be a good place to start, then after getting paid for a job like that (depending on how much I'd charge), I could get a nicer one05:54
Unit193I hate the TV show "36 hours earlier" crap06:10
Unit193You know in the TV shows...06:11
Cheri703when they flash back?06:11
Unit193Yeah, show you the end then go back...06:12
Unit193wow... didn't know about this.... http://mail.google.com/mail/help/paper/more.html06:35
Unit19368 open tabs again......06:40
Cheri703I have a hipache06:40
Unit193^^ + TBC (to be continued)07:15
Unit193Was a flashback style and to be continued07:16
Cheri703what show?07:16
Unit193Hip any better?07:16
Cheri703still achy07:16
Cheri703ahhh, castle07:16
Cheri703you're a week behind!07:16
Unit193I knew it was a to be continued... :)07:16
* Cheri703 knows how it ends07:44
* Unit193 can guess07:45
Unit193But I'm not going to watch the second half tonight!07:45
Unit193#castle points to castleproject.org07:56
Unit193I'm being put down for the night...07:58
Cheri703my hip made an unfortunate sounding (and painful) crunch earlier when I was shifting position...still hurts quite a bit, but SIGNIFICANTLY less now...21:06
Cheri703yeah, it's good times21:46
Cheri703still ouchy, but less :/21:46
canthus13Rokkett77: Meh. I've gotta come in for that training at 6...21:46
Cheri703canthus13: how is toledo today?21:46
canthus13above freezing and melty.21:47
Cheri703always fun21:47
Unit193How the heck do I get sound out the front and the back??22:17
Rokkett77canthus13: YAY!!! BTW, I finally got that Conky thing I showed you figured out.22:19
lostConnectionRandom Question: Do you think that anyone has every written a driver to make their XBOX 360 wireless network adapter work on their computer?22:21
Cheri703lostConnection: is it usb or ?22:51
lostConnectionyeah usb22:51
lostConnectionI have been looking and I guess you would have to find a way around the authorization portion. Tricking the adapter into accepting your computer as if it were an Xbox22:52
Cheri703for $15 you could just get a generic one23:28
lostConnectionI know I just thought it would be fun. Purely out of curiosity.23:36

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