ChinnoDogsup MutantTurkey02:33
MutantTurkeyabout to sleep. all day setting up lights for a jazz band show. time to pass out.02:38
MutantTurkeytrying to get some work in with cmake first though02:38
ChinnoDogAll day? ... don't you have to go to school now and then?02:41
MutantTurkeyWell, I had school till 12:35, had to meet a friend to drop off a book for him, then home around 1:30, grabbed lunch, headed off to high school around 2, just got home.02:42
ChinnoDogI see02:43
MutantTurkeynow i am trying to work on this cmake thinger but i just gave up.02:45
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!13:08
SamuraiAlbaHow is it going?13:35
InHisNameHowdy SamuraiAlba   gobbling up those piggies ?14:19
SamuraiAlbaworking on it.  GF at Neuro today14:35
rhpot1991SamuraiAlba: what were you working on setting up yesterday, I had a response but you were gone and the backlog is at my house14:53
MutantTurkeySamuraiAlba: sorry man was at class. just got home.15:53

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