cyberangerdid I, I think it's the common standard00:00
techMilesI went in, and idt it's the one you wanted me to join. lol.00:00
cyberanger6667 6697+SSL00:00
techMilesthey directed me to try port 666600:01
cyberangertry 6697+ssl00:01
techMileswhat chan00:02
cyberangersorry, distractions00:59
cyberangerI'll have to look01:00
techMilescyberanger: do you know anything about ndiswrapper?01:01
cyberangertechMiles_: two things, one, it means your wireless card has the lowest level of linux support01:27
techMiles_actually it was a stupid issue... I restarted both routers (ione rebooted itself, actually. O_o) and then I restarted the other one01:27
techMiles_and ti's fine now01:27
cyberangerand two, means you gotta use a half baked approach to extract driver details to get a working card, from a usually half baked windows driver01:28
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chibihogoshinosomething just blew up and the lights flicked off for a second06:18
chris4585chibihogoshino, that doesn't sound too good07:29
techMilesanybody tried gnome-shell yet?07:51
chibihogoshinoi havnt07:52
chibihogoshinowhy ?07:53
techMilesam testing it, myself.07:53
chris4585techMiles, not lately, but I really can't wait until they're released it07:55
techMilesI just added a ppa of the testing.07:55
techMilesme like so far..07:55
chibihogoshinoi dont see the point07:57
chris4585chibihogoshino, well I kind of do, and I kind of like it, but I'm eager to try it to see if its a better way to use a computer..07:59
chris4585but generally I just like trying new stuff07:59
techMilesohh it's SEXY.08:00
chibihogoshinoim going to go with. meah08:00
chris4585techMiles, I agree, but I'd really like to see it go further with more options..08:01
techMilesit's still only in testing though guys.08:01
chibihogoshinouh huh.. shuuur08:02
chibihogoshinothats what the guy who discovered acid said08:02
techMilesthey ever get the netbook remix WM too work faster08:03
chibihogoshinoohh.. i just totally read that wrong .. disregard what i said..08:04
techMileslol. wat???08:04
chris4585techMiles, do you have the version with only a close button on the title bar?08:04
techMileschris4585: uhh. no.08:04
chris4585techMiles, maybe you should try that one08:04
techMilesI have the one from http://live.gnome.org/GnomeShell/DistributionPackages08:05
techMilesthe ppa:ricotz08:05
chris4585techMiles, http://afaikblog.wordpress.com/2011/03/01/where-did-the-buttons-go/08:05
techMilesI imagine that there will be an option to have those back.08:06
techMilesand if you have a hotcorner (right term?) minimizing is kind've a moot point.08:06
techMilesfor me it is08:06
chris4585also http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/03/just-why-has-gnome-3-removed-window-controls-entirely/08:06
techMilesI get it the minimize/maximise buttons are gone.08:07
chris4585well one thing minimizing does is hide the contents of a window, I just hope they put a emphasis on a option to do the same with gnome308:07
techMilesfor me, if I am using hotcorners, I'd just use the 'show desktop'08:08
* wrst yawns16:07
electricusnice woot right now16:09
electricusapparently good linux support too16:13
wrstxTEMPLARx: www.woot.com16:27
wrstxTEMPLARx: you mean you don't woot?16:27
xTEMPLARxbeen a long time since I've visited that site wrst... forgot all about it16:27
wrstwell xTEMPLARx get your woot on16:30
Its_XpistosHey everybody17:55
Its_XpistosIRC ing from remote today17:55
Its_Xpistosit is nice having the Alt3red Egos IRC client available anywhere I go!17:55
cyberangerglad you like that too17:56
cyberangerI can ssh in from anywhere too17:56
Its_XpistosYes, but I am not ssh in17:57
* cyberanger gasps for air on the moon, remembered the netbook, left the O2 tanks on my couch17:57
cyberangerIts_Xpistos: quassel?17:58
Its_XpistosI am on a windows box with no space to install17:58
cyberangeroh, webchat17:58
* cyberanger never said install, points to portaputty17:58
Xpistos_aginStupide Internet Explorer18:00
* cyberanger should have looked at Xpistos_agin hostmask18:00
* cyberanger never said install, points to portaputty18:00
Xpistos_aginThat is the link i have on alt3redegos.com18:00
Xpistos_agingoes right to the AE chat room18:00
=== Xpistos_agin is now known as Xpistos
cyberangerwebchat.freenode.net made that simple18:01
XpistosThat's better18:01
XpistosI need to get screen protectors for a MyTouch 4G and an Optimus-T. Anybody know a good site?18:02
cyberangerwrst: I just thought of a way for quasel to earn my respect actually, portableapps.com18:02
XpistosYeah, you still wouldn't respect quasel cyberanger18:02
cyberangercurrently it's pchat and an irc proxy18:03
wrstXpistos: cyberangerjust has no respect :P18:03
cyberangerXpistos: I didn't say highly respect18:03
cyberangerjust respect18:03
cyberangerXpistos: hrm, mytouch 4g should be common18:04
cyberangerdunno about the optimus-t, probally as hard as my T-Mo G@18:05
cyberangerdunno about the optimus-t, probally as hard as my T-Mo G218:05
Xpistosnobody else huh, you pack'a bastards.18:22
Xpistoswrst, I know you are holding out on me18:22
cyberangerXpistos: not all android owners are here atm18:31
cyberangergotta run myself, bbiab18:31
cyberangerwrst: btw, I was serious on that bit about quassel20:33
cyberangerservers have no bussiness being portable, but I keep Portable PuTTY for the rainiest of days20:34
cyberangerand with windows, it rains it pours20:34
cyberangerquassel portable makes sense, with so many gui loyal20:34
cyberangerand the better to get them off windows20:35
wrstyeah i agree cyberanger, or a cli quassel client would be cool also20:35

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