AlanBellstats will be updated later, someone has deleted their launchpad profile without being removed from the groups so I need to add more error trapping or find out who it is and get them removed properly07:22
nigelbAlanBell: now that daniel is in, you can ask him07:48
AlanBellwow, total number of members dropped this month15:12
AlanBell638 to 63315:12
AlanBell32 out of 60115:13
AlanBell32 out of 63315:14
AlanBellno new female members since hajni15:17
AlanBelland skaet is not on the Americas list for this month15:17
nigelbprobably next month15:18
AlanBellhmm. maybe. I have updated the graph, it shows a rise, but only because of people leaving15:36
nigelbthat's the thing with graphs15:36
nigelbIt can show anything you want to show ;)15:37
AlanBelllies, damn lies and statistics15:42
* AlanBell updates http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/ReportingPage16:45
vishAlanBell: how did membership drop? are people removing themselves from Ubuntu membership? was that only female members or total M+W drop?17:34
* vish wondering why folks would quit..17:34
AlanBellsome expire17:34
AlanBellone person seems to have deleted their launchpad profile and stormed off in a huff17:35
vishyea, its a 1 week notification for renewal(atleast on other teams) and it could be easy to let it expire if we are not around during that week..17:35
pleia2thanks AlanBell17:49

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