RAOFbryce_: Yeah.  That's the bug report I'm wandering through.00:00
albert231fwiw, I got that same assert when I booted my PC without monitor attached00:11
RAOFalbert231: Hm, interesting.  Evidence for my hypothesis!00:12
RAOFGot an Xorg.0.log for that case?00:12
albert231I have a stacktrace...00:12
RAOFBefore I try deliberately breaking my X server? :)00:12
RAOFThat's useful, but I'd also like the Xorg.0.log if you've got it.00:12
RAOFThere's some debugging information earlier in startup that I'm interested in.00:13
albert231Xorg log is in the trace00:13
RAOFYeah.  In that case we also can't copy the fbcon.00:14
RAOFAh, yeah.  There it is.  It makes no sense!  The scratch pixmap *is* initialised before uxa_realize_glyph_caches is called!00:26
LLStarkswhat releases have the same graphics stack and/or kernel as natty? fedora rawhide?01:02
LLStarksor rather maverick.01:03
RAOFMan, “set print pretty” should totally be the default.\01:05
RAOFOk.  I'm obviously crazy.01:11
RAOFAlternatively, one of our patches is totally crazy.01:11
LLStarkshow crazy?01:13
RAOFCrazy like an upstream fox, apparently.01:18
RAOFAh, no.  Just subtly broken.01:31
RAOFIiinteresting.  I can make it crash slightly later :)01:37
LLStarksxrender broken on fc14 too. guess this needs to go to upstream.02:13
LLStarksdoes everyone else have a working upstream, or does this seem limited to intel/94502:14
RAOFWhat was the test, again?02:15
RAOFHah.  There it is.02:19
RAOFI win!02:19
ScottKThe only way to win is not to play the game.02:20
LLStarksi lost the game02:21
RAOFNo, I both played and one.  Your analysis is incorrect :P02:22
RAOFbryce_: Re: 109_dont_reconstruct_glyph_cache_on_rotate.patch - did you cherry-pick this in order to fix a known bug?  IIUC, that fixes a bug introduced in a commit that we don't have in our tree, and causes bug #71862002:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 718620 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "With HybridGraphics Xorg assert failure: X: ../../dix/pixmap.c:118: AllocatePixmap: Assertion `pScreen->totalPixmapSize > 0' failed. (affects: 19) (dups: 25) (heat: 200)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71862002:23
LLStarksi'm positive now. as of around a week ago, vsync has been broken with metacity, at least on intel.02:26
bryce_RAOF, it can probably be dropped02:30
RAOFI'll just check that it dropping it *actually* fixes that bug, but I think it's right.02:30
RAOFWe could also cherry-pick a commit that one depends on.02:31
bryce_I had pulled it in hope that it'd resolve the font corruption issues that people reported right after updating the stack02:32
bryce_since it was a relatively recent upstream change after the -intel update it looked like a good candidate02:33
LLStarksis the font corruption in the same vein as the scrolling corruption?02:37
LLStarksbecause i've noticed both02:37
RAOFbryce_: If you'd like to keep it, I know how to make it not crash :)02:40
bryce_LLStarks, I thought it might be, but it proved not to02:43
bryce_I'm scratching my head, but I seem to recall we had 3 different font corruption bugs at the time, and I don't remember if one of them went away after this patch or not02:43
bryce_(and it could have gone away for other reasons)02:43
RAOFI'll pull in the commit which'll fix the crash, then.02:44
bryce_RAOF, okie02:44
bryce_good find narrowing it to that patch02:48
LLStarksbeing -intel is suffering03:04
* RAOF uses it for both his primary and secondary systems. Although that's gen4.03:05
RAOFbryce_: Would you like to upload -intel 1ubuntu12?03:36
RAOFAnyone available to sponsor xserver-xorg-video-intel?  http://cooperteam.net/Packages04:08
bryce_RAOF, still need sponsoring?  I can do it05:14
RAOFbryce_: Luke's offered to do it, but I also decided to pull from Debian, too.  They've got useful changes.05:14
bryce_I pulled my old synthesizer out of my closet this evening and Dutch went absolutely apeshit over it05:15
RAOFIncidentally, can we start cherry-picking from upstream using git into the diff.gz?05:15
* RAOF has a keyboard on order. Should be fun!05:16
bryce_it's covered in buttons and makes noise and he can sit on it, what more can you ask for as a 1.5 yr old?05:16
RAOFTotally awesome!05:16
bryce_I don't favor that, but lets talk about it at UDS?05:16
bryce_one of the reasons for my hesitation is that we've had a few cases of non-X guys making changes outside version control, and I'm leery we could get into an even messier situation if patches are managed via version control.  bzr might be more workable on that count, but it has some troubles too05:21
bryce_I also am unsure what the workflow would be for testing disabling patches (which we do from time to time), would they need to be reverted?05:22
RAOFThat's a good question.  That wouldn't work nicely.05:23
RAOFAt least I don't think it would.05:24
RAOFHow many times have we needed to revert an upstream cherry-pick, though?05:24
RAOFThis would *only* be for cherry-picks from upstream git, and it's nice because (a) we seem to have rather a lot of them, and (b) they naturally go away when we update to a version which contains those commits.05:26
bryce_true, that's a good point.  there'd been a time (pre-PPA's) when we were carrying a lot more randomly sourced patches, and used to need people to test disabling them from time to time - which I don't think we could do as easily these days05:27
bryce_however with PPAs I find it's easier for me to just roll them a special package than to walk them through building packages ;-)05:27
bryce_and heck, half the time they never even bother testing the packages...05:28
RAOFAnd when walking others through patch disablement there's always the question of whether they've built the packages correctly…05:30
bryce_RAOF, anyway it's probably one of those things that once I've done it a few times I'll be more comfortable with it05:30
RAOFIt's what Debian's doing (and has been doing for a while, although they don't cherry-pick nearly as much as we do).05:31
bryce_I've done git cherrypick once or twice, and remember being quite impressed with it05:31
bryce_anyway, good uds topic.  I think if we switch to doing that we should do it at the start of a new release05:34
bryce_also, we probably should become more consistent about using vcs on all the packages05:35
bryce_(another something I've not fancied doing, but there's enough of us it makes sense)05:36
RAOFThe ones that aren't already in git I tend to feel aren't in git because we're hoping they'll go away :)05:36
bryce_however I do think we have an issue in that using git imposes a barrier for ubuntu colleagues who could do bzr but aren't going to be as willing to do git05:37
RAOFThat is a problem, yes.  Although, really, they can just do what they normally do and upload outside of git and we'll fold the changes in ourselves.05:38
RAOFThat doesn't scale, but we don't really need it to :)05:38
bryce_RAOF, so yeah, even though I don't favor it, I'm open minded to the idea.  Sell me on it at UDS. :-)05:45
tjaaltonooh, git-cherrypicks.. interesting05:49
tjaaltonneed to get some breakfast first before reading the backlog :)05:49
Sarvattcan't say I'm a fan of the idea.. just a few days ago I was having to send our intel 2.12 patch series from maverick to a guy at intel, a bit easier to see our differences that way than know which commits on the branch were cherry picked and dig through the log full of packaging maintenance but I guess its just me :) we'd have to start tagging releases for sure05:54
RAOFSarvatt: Was the intel guy interested in the things we cherry-picked?05:58
RAOFAhem.  Let's save this for a nice, high-bandwidth discussion at UDS :)05:59
* RAOF hopes to be more prominent in the 1.11 version of that.06:11
bryce_RAOF, I wonder how those stats would look if we included commits to the ubuntu git tree too ;-)07:32
tjaaltonRAOF: how to solve the problem of wacom & git? ron keeps his own tree, but we should have a place to host the branch(es)08:31
tjaaltonpkg-xorg isn't it08:31
lagAh, just the people I'm looking for :D08:50
lagI'm trying to pull up a desktop on my u850008:50
lagBut having lack of success08:50
lagWould someone mind seeing if there's a problem here please? https://pastebin.linaro.org/37/08:50
tjaaltonlag: no access08:54
lagtjaalton: Was that a question, or a statement? 08:54
tjaalton"You do not currently have access to the pastebin."08:54
lagtjaalton: Ah yes, I'll use another08:54
lagThis should be better: http://paste.ubuntu.com/574353/08:55
bryce_fbdev, eh?08:57
lagbryce_: Hi Bryce 08:57
lagbryce_: Yes, is that wrong?08:57
apwlag what are your symtoms08:58
lagapw: Black screen08:58
bryce_ah, arm - Linux 2.6.31-608-imx51 armv7l Ubuntu 08:58
lagbryce_: That's wrong, where did you get that from?08:58
apw[    14.264] Build Operating System: Linux 2.6.31-608-imx51 armv7l Ubuntu                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 08:58
bryce_lag, from your pastebin log08:58
lagAh yes, just looked08:59
bryce_that's your build OS tho08:59
lagIt's a generic rootfs that we use for ALL our ARM aboards08:59
bryce_2.6.35-1000-u8500 #2 SMP PREEMPT Tue Mar 1 15:21:38 GMT 2011 armv7l  08:59
bryce_that's better, that's what you booted08:59
lagI'm using Linux version 2.6.35-1000-u850008:59
bryce_anyway, for black screen issues, Xorg.0.log hardly ever provides useful debug info09:00
lagbryce_: I'm new to this graphics mallarky - if you could point me in the right direction for decent debug ...09:00
bryce_usually the procedure for debugging black screen bugs is to capture a gpu register dump with it black, and another with it not black (e.g. any workaround you've found) and then folks in the know can compare registers to see what's gone wrong09:01
bryce_however I'm completely unfamiliar with debugging X issues on arm, so YMMV09:02
bryce_also, I have NFI how to get gpu register dumps with fbdev09:02
bryce_but that's how debugging works for -ati, -intel, -nouveau, etc.09:02
lagI have proven graphics to work09:02
lagI have an application which throws some coloured blocks around09:03
bryce_this won't help you but is our stock debug page for this class of issue https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/BlankScreen09:03
tjaaltonX seems to be up, there's just nothing that draws on it?09:03
lagI'll take a look09:03
lagtjaalton: What needs to be running to draw on it?09:04
tjaaltonlag: i dunno, is it a normal distro, ie. gdm should be running?09:04
lagroot      1239  0.0  0.8  13640  2648 ?        Ssl  08:42   0:00 gdm-binary                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               09:05
lagroot      1373  0.0  0.9  16060  2924 ?        Sl   08:42   0:00 /usr/lib/gdm/gdm-simple-slave --display-id /org/gnome/DisplayManager/Display1                                                                                                                                                                            09:05
lagroot      1427  0.2  3.7  25720 12028 tty7     Ss+  08:42   0:03 /usr/bin/X :0 -br -verbose -auth /var/run/gdm/auth-for-gdm-gxP3xX/database -nolisten tcp vt7                                                                                                                                                             09:05
lagroot      1635  0.0  0.7  13860  2296 ?        Sl   08:42   0:00 /usr/lib/gdm/gdm-session-worker 09:05
tjaaltondoes the gdm logfile have something?09:08
lagtjaalton: Nothing new09:09
lagtjaalton: In fact, it's fairly identical 09:10
tjaaltonlag: what about dmesg? it's fbdev playing tricks, so more likely a kernel problem aiui09:14
lagdmesg | grep -i fb09:18
lagI'm fairly sure /dev/fb0 is created by MCDE09:19
lagroot@localhost:~# fuser -v /dev/fb0                                                                                         09:21
lag                     USER        PID ACCESS COMMAND09:21
lag/dev/fb0:            root       1473 f...m Xorg 09:21
lagSo X is running on /dev/fb0 and gdm is also running09:21
lagWhat's in the middle?09:22
tjaaltondo you see the bootsplash (plymouth)09:24
tjaaltonwhile booting09:24
lagIf I kill X, I can run this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/574364/09:24
lagAnd it displays moving blocks, so /dev/fb0 IS working09:25
lagtjaalton: No, but we never to AFAIK09:25
tjaaltonyou can hear the drums when gdm is loaded (dunno if the sounds is still used)09:27
lagAudio doesn't work09:28
lagBut I get a console on the serial09:28
tjaaltonwell, there's no pointer device according to the logfile, but that shouldn't matter09:31
bryce_lag, it seems your issue is non-obvious, perhaps the logical next action would be to file a bug report ('ubuntu-bug xorg')09:40
bryce_lag, also I suspect ultimately it's going to be a kernel drm issue, so may be worthwhile to speak to apw or other kernel team members about it09:41
bryce_tjaalton, any other suggestions for 'next action' on this bug?09:41
* apw sticks his fingers in his ears09:41
bryce_apw, *grin*09:41
tjaaltonbryce_: no, afaict X is running fine, just that nothing ends up on the screen for some reason09:42
tjaaltonlag: by filing the bug we'd also see the full dmesg, in case there's something..09:42
bryce_tjaalton, any chance it's a phantom output or incorrect output issue?09:42
lagI've been speaking to my graphics expert09:43
jcristauwhat's in /proc/fb?09:43
lagHe says that X expects a single buffered autorefreshed framebuffer09:43
tjaaltonbryce_: could be09:43
lagAnd we have a doublebuffered fb0 that needs an explicit  "pan" in order to do a refresh09:43
bryce_lag, what's this fellow's name?09:44
lagHe who must not be named 09:45
lagDo you want to chat with him?09:45
bryce_nah, just curious09:45
lagRobert Fecket 09:45
lagHe's my Graphics Guru on the ST-Ericsson Landing Team09:46
bryce_ok cool09:46
bryce_lag, that sounds like something which might be particular to fbdev (of which I'm unfortunately not sufficiently experienced with to say much)09:47
lagRobert says fbdev is X11, which he isn't fluent in09:47
bryce_we need to gain someone either on our side or yours who knows fbdev inside and our09:48
lagbryce_: It's not usually something we deal it, it will have to be a Ubuntuite 09:49
tjaaltonis the single/doublebufferness a hardware feature or something you can decide on kernel cmdline?09:49
* lag checks09:49
bryce_lag, rubbing my magic 8-ball I predict it's something you'll be dealing with in the future ;-)09:50
bryce_lag, but seriously, fbdev is not a driver we tend to deal with much outside of arm09:50
bryce_but still, we'll try to help09:50
bryce_lag, on -intel and other drivers, we have tools that produce register dumps.  Could you ask Robert if he can find out if there are any tools for getting GPU dumps on this hardware?09:52
lagIn fact, I can do better than that09:52
bryce_thanks.  I *think* that is the direction debugging needs to go for this issue (unless it's something obvious I'm just missing).09:52
bryce_yep, 2am for me.  bed->09:53
apwnight night bryce_ 09:53
lagAh, take care09:55
RAOFtjaalton: I'd guess we could just host a bzr branch for wacom on launchpad.  I'd be happy to do that, and bzr builddeb is pretty awesome.12:13
RAOFlag: Sounds like you might need something a little smarter than fbdev?  The other arm guys seem to take fbdev and add a little sauce to bend it to their will (omapfb, for example).12:14
tjaaltonhm, so bzr is said to be easier, but bzr-git has no manpages12:50
lagRAOF apw tjaalton bryce_: Cracked it :D13:39
apwlag, and?13:39
lagApparently turning auto_sync off will dramatically reduce battery life and performance, but I have a desktop!13:40
apwwell you turned it on, so you are good no?13:41
lagI'm happy13:41
tseliotcnd: do you know what can be causing the synaptics kernel driver to pass x coordinates = 8176 after touching  the right area of the touchpad (not only the right edge)? I noticed this change when upgrading from Hardy to Lucid. BTW the x-axis range is 1472 - 547214:04
cndtseliot, no idea14:04
tseliotcnd: do you know someone who might know what's going on?14:05
cndthere's a few people on linux-input14:05
cndbut I think you'd probably need to do some debugging14:06
tseliotcnd: that wouldn't be a problem14:06
johanbr_What's the current situation with Nouveau and 3d in Natty? Default, possible with bits from PPA, or not at all?14:11
tjaaltonpossible with libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental, but unsupported14:13
johanbr_ahh, alright. thank you!14:20
araHello all!16:46
araI know that there is a bug affecting Lucid that prevents installation in headless desktops 16:47
araanyone remembers the bug #?16:47
tjaaltonno idea, can't seem to find it either16:51
bryce_ara, I fixed it earlier this week, it ended up being a bug in ubiquity, not in X17:12
bryce_ara, but #71482917:12
tjaaltonbryce_: that was on natty17:13
tjaaltonthis apparently still in lucid17:13
arabryce_, that's not the bug I am looking for. The one I am looking for is one in Lucid that makes X freeze during the installation if there is no monitor attached to the desktop17:15
bryce_tjaalton, ah didn't read close enough17:19
bryce_yeah dunno that one17:19
RAOFtjaalton: Hm.  I've never noticed that bzr-git doesn't have any manpages, mainly because (a) it's transparent, and (b) bzr help $FOO is how 21:58
RAOFI find bzr help :)21:58
RAOFara was thinking of the bug where X would refuse to start with “no screens found”, right?21:59
LLStarksbryce_, i'm sending xrender bug upstream. should i file against first known affected version of -intel?22:48
bryce_LLStarks, probably doesn't matter but I'd file against the most recently tested version22:52
bryce_or just leave it blank22:52
RAOFThey'll be more interested in the most recently tested version.  If you know the *first* affected version, then there's likely bisection to be done, too.22:53
LLStarkswell, regression window is 2.9.1-2.1222:59
bryce_man, going through bug reports is such a slog23:13
Milos_SDIs there a way to get XServer 1.10 on Maverick?23:35
RAOFIt might be in xorg-edgers?23:36
Milos_SDRAOF, it is not. Only 1.9.2 ... 1.10 is for Natty :(23:37
RAOFAny particular reason you want 1.10?23:37
Milos_SDno :)23:37
Milos_SDI just want latest and gratest :D23:40
LLStarkswhat package holds xorg-macros?23:40
bryce_Milos_SD, the amount of user-visible changes in 1.10 compared with 1.9 is not huge, maybe not compelling enough to trouble with it23:42
bryce_oops just missed him23:42
bryce_was going to suggest just running natty ;-)23:42
LLStarksdoes rendercheck automatically log?23:44
bryce_LLStarks, thanks for pushing the bug report upstream23:54
* bryce_ is way behind on getting bug reports upstreamed23:54

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