jribChesterX: one of the options I mentioned ("dead keys") is called the compose key in keyboard preference options00:00
starztormHi, im a new user of ubuntu... I have some questions conserning the software manager, installing a game that is not listed there and upgrading, removing etc... Would anyone pm me? ill try not to be a pain in the ass...... Ive been reading some tutorials and how-to's.. But just want confirmation that i have grasped it all right. Anyone willing to help a newbie?00:00
Logan_WP!pm | starztorm00:00
ubottustarztorm: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.00:00
TheMozartexutux: the total installation size is a little under 1 GB00:00
starztormok ok :)00:00
PiciTheMozart: You may want to take a look at this, specifically the advanced users (GUI) section: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements00:01
exutuxTheMozart: a desktop?00:01
TheMozartexutux: you claim the base ubuntu install is at least 4GB, but I am calling your information misleading... because the base install is a little under 1 GB00:01
jribChesterX: so enabling a compose key, I can type ñ by hitting compose key + ~, releasing, then hitting 'n'.  That's a bit of a pain to type though :)00:01
exutuxTheMozart: maybe you talking about a minimal installation00:02
starztormSoftware manager. Does it only concern the programs listed  in it? or will it find all the programs that i install "outside" the software manager?00:02
PiciTheMozart: And its possible that we're confused, I assumed you wanted to install a desktop system as well.00:02
jribChesterX: what layout do you use now?  If USA, you might consider USA international00:02
TheMozartexutux: the total installation size is a little under 1 GB.   NOT 4GB as you have misleadingly stated00:02
TheMozartPici: i want to install Ubuntu from the LiveCD00:02
LjLTheMozart: the total installed size of standard Ubuntu with GNOME is >2GB00:02
exutuxTheMozart: a regular Desktop installation needs about 4GB of free space00:02
PiciTheMozart: So... Ubuntu Desktop.  And what did that link say that I just sent you?00:02
TheMozartLjL tell that to exutux because he claims its 4GB00:03
LjLTheMozart: i'm telling you that it's definitely not <1GB00:03
ChesterXjrib, i have the normal german layout. I used German Eliminate Dead Keys. It does the job but I ll keep looking ;-) Thank you for your help it will ease thinks a lot :D00:03
ulrichardI'm still struggling with makefile syntax. For example, I don't understand this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/574216/00:03
LjLTheMozart: and IIRC it's actually around 3GB, at least with Hardy00:03
TheMozartLjL I know.. tell exutux because he falsely claimes its 4GB00:03
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
LjLTheMozart: and you falsely claim it's less than a gig. your point?00:04
Logan_WP!attitude | TheMozart00:04
ubottuTheMozart: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:04
jribChesterX: with usa international (altgr) I can just hit altgr + n.  You can hack something together too: like modify the layout to do what you want or just setup a keybinding with e.g. xbindkeys to insert the key (I think).  I have to go now, good luck00:04
TheMozartOk! well it seems its NOT possible to install Ubuntu from LiveCD onto my 2GB USB stick,, so I guess I will just grab it from here: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/put-ubuntu-10-04-on-flash-drive-using-windows/00:04
TheMozart!attitude | Logan_WP00:04
ubottuLogan_WP: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:04
Logan_WPthemill: Stop it.00:04
exutuxTheMozart: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements00:04
Logan_WPTheMozart: Stop abusing the bot.00:05
ChesterXjrib, i ll try it out thank for the suggestion00:05
miketomdooloh i did see a tutorial online on how to compress files like a live cd so that you can take your system anywhere.. but that was a while ago00:05
Nijabo<Nijabo> Is there some IRC I should turn to with questions regarding getting into "Getting started"00:05
Nijabo<Nijabo> I have one regarding TestDrive00:05
PiciTheMozart: thats the same instructions as the Persistant Live CD ones that we gave you before and you claimed you didn't want to use...00:05
krycekselected abusers.00:05
allurehi... will pppoeconf only autodetect the modem if it is already in bridge mode?00:05
TheMozartexutux: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/put-ubuntu-10-04-on-flash-drive-using-windows/00:05
TheMozartill just get that00:05
exutuxTheMozart: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements00:06
Picikrycek: excuse me?00:06
TheMozartPici: I did the LiveCD USB creator thing,, but it doesnt install Ubuntu.. all it did was make a mirror copy of the live CD00:06
PiciTheMozart: Thats the same thing that you're going to get with http://www.pendrivelinux.com/put-ubuntu-10-04-on-flash-drive-using-windows/00:06
krycekPici: you arent excused.00:06
exutuxTheMozart: i repeat persistent live usb stick is different00:06
TheMozartis there another version of Ubuntu that takes up less space?00:07
ZeroZiatHey hey, little question about installing Ubuntu.00:07
Picikrycek: Lets try to say on-topic here.00:07
starztormIf i install a game using the aptitude command, will the update manager list updates for it when new versions are released?00:07
Picistarztorm: Yes.00:07
TheMozartexutux: how come that Usb Install from that link I gave you works with 2GB USB sticks?00:07
nsdstarztorm: Yes, as with any other package00:07
ZeroZiatI happen to have a free unallocated, unpartitioned 10 gigs on my drive, how can I make ubuntu use those in the installer?00:07
Logan_WP!ask | ZeroZiat00:07
ubottuZeroZiat: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:07
Picistarztorm: Well, as long as those new versions are uploaded to the Ubuntu repositories of course.00:08
exutuxTheMozart: for usb live persistent 1GB is enough00:08
dan_Hello everyone, Im having trouble getting the nvidia 330m graphics card to work with ubuntu 10.10. Can anyone help me?00:08
TheMozartexutux: you stated that I need at least 4GB to install Ubuntu.. so explain to me how that link I gave you says I only need 2GB00:08
Logan_WP!nvidia | dan_00:08
ubottudan_: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:08
nsdstarztorm: apt-get, aptitude, and synaptic all acheive the same thing, btw00:08
TheMozartexutux: thats because the usb live usb creator doesnt install it, it only mirrors the liveCD onto the USB stick00:08
exutuxTheMozart: i refer to official wiki and requirements not about link on world00:08
TheMozartexutux: so you cannot explain it?00:09
starztormPici: aha. Does the repositories concern other games than those listed in the software center?00:09
miketomdoolyou might be able to use this and a few other things to put your system on a flash drive http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man1/mksquashfs.1.html00:09
starztormnsd: ty00:09
nsdstarztorm: np00:09
Jordan_UTheMozart: The official requirements for Xubuntu inlude 2.0 GiB free space.00:09
coz_there is also an application named   "imagewriter"00:09
TheMozartexutux: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=33730600:09
ZeroZiatI happen to have a free unallocated, unpartitioned 10 gigs on my drive, how can I make ubuntu use those in the installer?00:10
TheMozartexutux: how do you explain that link?00:10
allurehi... will pppoeconf only autodetect the modem if it is already in bridge mode?00:10
dan_http://forum.notebookreview.com/5820189-post2517.html        This is the link I have tried to follow with no avail00:10
drcTheMozart: no it doesn't, It also creates a ext2 file system for the "persistence" part...that is not simply mirroring the iso00:10
dan_i get an error right when i try to edit anything00:10
exutuxTheMozart: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent read it00:10
exutuxIt is possible to have Ubuntu or Kubuntu on a USB drive (AKA USB Stick or Thumb drive or Flash drive) or USB hard disk drive with persistent mode. This means that you can boot from a USB drive and keep customisations such as keyboard layout, numlock, preferences, additional packages saved on the drive. This can be done using linux or windows00:11
LjLTheMozart, it's really very simple - if you "install" (which is not really installing) by making the USB key the same as a live CD, it'll take as much as a live CD takes (around 700MB) - if you actually *install Ubuntu*, that's bigger than 1GB00:11
TheMozartI wonder how come this Ubuntu only needs 2GB, but exutux claims Ubuntu needs 4GB?  http://www.pendrivelinux.com/put-ubuntu-10-04-on-flash-drive-using-windows/00:11
LjLi don't think there's more to say about this00:11
Metaxa/msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER Metaxa xbcscitawyqd00:11
Trashihi. im browsing http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/allpackages sometimes behind a package i can read "univserve". so i think that means, that the "universe" packages includes are all other packages of the same app .. is that right?00:11
jcdaemon85hello some one help me plis?00:11
TheMozartLjL Yes I understand.. so can I install it from LiveCD onto my 2GB stick?00:11
jcdaemon85see how i can see rmvb on backtrack 4 r1??00:11
LjLTheMozart: define install.00:11
Jordan_UMetaxa: Change your password.00:11
TheMozartLjL pressing "install"00:12
nsdMetaxa: you just broadcasted your password00:12
MetaxaI can'y figure this thing out00:12
LjLTheMozart: no.00:12
PiciThats not the password.00:12
ZeroZiatI happen to have a free unallocated, unpartitioned 10 gigs on my drive, how can I make ubuntu use those in the installer?00:12
PiciMetaxa: Don't put the space in front of /msg00:12
TheMozartLjL then how come this version Ubuntu works on 2GB? http://www.pendrivelinux.com/put-ubuntu-10-04-on-flash-drive-using-windows/00:12
nsdPici: how's that work then?00:12
LjLTheMozart: you know why. stop trolling.00:12
Picinsd: Its the verify key that you get after you've registered your nick. It only works if you're already identified to your account.00:12
TheMozartLjL will installing from LiveCD onto my 8GB USB stick work?00:13
LjLTheMozart: yes.00:13
nsdPici: Ah.00:13
Trashihi. im browsing http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/allpackages sometimes behind a package i can read "univserve". so i think that means, that the "universe" packages includes are all other packages of the same app .. is that right?00:13
TheMozartLjL I have no idea why.. and it seems you cannot explain it to me00:13
skoris there something in ubuntu that allows dynamic libraries to be specifically mapped at runtime ?00:13
ZeroZiatI happen to have a free unallocated, unpartitioned 10 gigs on my drive, how can I make ubuntu use those in the installer?00:13
jcdaemon85friends can helpme plis? i install backtrack 4 r1 but i can see rmvb00:13
skorfor example: when running tcpdump, use custom libpcap library instead of the default00:13
macoZeroZiat: go to manual mode on the partitioning step and allocate it00:13
LjLjcdaemon85: this is not the backtrack channel00:13
Picijcdaemon85: We do not support backtrack here.  Please use their support channel: #backtrack-linux00:13
bastidrazorjcdaemon85: go to #backtrack-linux00:13
Jordan_UTheMozart: LiveCD's use a read only compressed "squashfs" filesystem. It's compressed so that they can fit everything onto a single CD. Squashfs is always read only, even on flash drives, so you can't use it for a complete (upgradeable) install.00:13
TheMozartLjL if I run the Ubunti LiveCD and choose INSTALL at the desktop.. will it install Ubuntu onto my 8GB USB stick and NOT alter or touch my hard drive?00:13
skorlike /etc/libmap.conf on freebsd00:14
MetaxaPici: when i do /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER Metaxa xxxxxx, it returns back unknown command, i'm using empathy00:14
LjLTheMozart: i already answered that00:14
ZeroZiatmaco: I really don't get it, I can select that space but no idea if it will use it, or if I have to format it into something.00:14
ZeroZiatJordan_U: Thanks for solving my wifi problem and my hdd problem earlier. :)00:14
TheMozartJordan_U: so how do I install Ubuntu if I cant from the desktop livecd?00:14
PiciTrashi: Not exactly.  This should explain it better: http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components00:14
TheMozartLjL I missed your answer,, repeat please00:14
Jordan_UZeroZiat: You're welcome.00:14
LjL[00:56:47] <LjL> TheMozart: i do believe your USB stick, if inserted at the time, will show up as a hard drive and you'll be able to install on it, but i can't say i'm 100% sure about that00:14
macoZeroZiat: in manual mode? add a partition in that space. pick a format (ext3 or ext4 are the norm, ext4 is default in auto-partitioning). set the mount point to /   and then itll be the system partition for ubuntu00:15
TheMozartLjL so you are guessing?00:15
Jordan_UTheMozart: You should have enough room to do a normal Xubuntu install.00:15
LjLTheMozart: i can only say again, stop trolling.00:15
ZeroZiatmaco: Oh, thanks!00:15
LjLTheMozart: i could also add, go insert the CD and try and stop wasting everybody's time.00:15
TheMozartLjL you are giving a lot of information based on your own assumptions and guesswork.. you seem to do that a lot... if you dont know the answers, then admit it and stop making things up as you go.00:15
ZeroZiatoh boy00:16
LjLTheMozart: i've admitted it almost exactly 20 minutes. now why don't you admit you are a troll and leave this channel?00:16
LjL*minutes ago00:16
* drc ducks and covers00:16
TrashiPici: the problem is the following: i try to install libimobiledevices libraries inclusive utilities ... and i dont know the name of the package which includes all libraries, programs, utilities, etc.00:16
ZeroZiatMaybe you both should get a second opinion?00:17
pmp6nlHello, does anyone know why in 10.10 I am only allowed to select one minute or less for dimming the display in power management?00:17
TheMozartLjL you fool a lot of beginners with your comments which are based on guessing and assumptions.. trying to big note yourself as an educated Ubuntu user.. but the reality is, most of what you say is not even accurate and you are just making it up as you go.00:17
PiciTrashi: You mean libimobiledevice-utils ?00:17
TheMozartadios amigos00:17
krycekinteresting .)00:17
TrashiPici: ok i'll try that00:18
=== Pythonic is now known as Python[away]
LANKISgood nigth00:20
miketomdoolnight Lankis00:21
aazerthi that it call ssh package on ubuntu ?00:21
MetaxaWhen I try to /msg NickServ , i get " unknown command , try using /help00:21
miketomdoolhello aazert00:21
aazerthiow that it call ssh package on ubuntu ?00:21
ZeroZiatOh, inside the ubuntu chat thing? Yeah, it sucks.00:21
ZeroZiatwell, i think it does, there's no /msg, how am I supposed to identify?00:21
MetaxaI finally registered by typing it into the nickserv window00:22
Metaxabut know I can't get that window back00:22
LANKIScan i mount a MU server on ubuntu?00:22
PiciMetaxa: perhaps: /query nickserv00:23
Metaxaunknow command00:23
LANKIScan i mount a MU server on ubuntu? aazert00:23
ZeroZiatThere must be a better client for ubuntu, I guess.00:24
ZeroZiator get wine with mIRC? i'm a horrible guy, I know00:24
* LjL slaps ZeroZiat around with a large trout00:24
LANKIScan i mount a MU server on ubuntu? aazert Metaxa00:25
ZeroZiatit's a shared feeling00:25
exutuxMetaxa: what you trying to do?00:25
MetaxaLANKIS: i'm an extreme novice, don't want to lead you00:25
Metaxaexutux: Verify my registration00:26
MetaxaUsing Empathy00:26
exutuxMetaxa: /msg nickserv info Metaxa00:27
LANKIScan i mount a MU server on ubuntu? exutux00:27
Metaxaexutux: From Empathy it gives me " unknown command try using /help "00:27
exutuxuhm i don't know empathy sorry00:28
drcMetaxa: Empathy?  It has a lovelace factor of +10 for IRC (it knows almost no IRC commands)...I'd try another IRC client00:28
PiciLANKIS: I don't think any of us know what a 'MU server' is00:28
rocnjbarrI have a webcam that registers as Bus 001 Device 005: ID 058f:3820 Alcor Micro Corp in lsusb. When I run guvcview I get this error The error was 'BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation). Any ideas on what is causing the problem? The linux uvc page shows this chipset as supported00:28
Metaxaexutux: " /msg " is not a recognized command on my client aparently00:28
StarminnMetaxa: I use Pidgin and it works fine. I suggest it for IRC.00:28
exutuxMetaxa: try /quote00:28
LjLMetaxa: telepathy is not a real irc client :P00:29
LANKISPici Mu server is game online00:29
exutuxMetaxa: /quote nickserv info Metaxa00:29
StarminnMetaxa: I use Pidgin because I also IM a lot. If you want *just* IRC then you could try XChat or iirc00:29
aazerthello there00:29
drcMetaxa: Pidgin, xchat, others can suggest other real IRC clients00:29
aazertduring a installation  i have to write Yes each time, how to avoid that ?00:30
StarminnMetaxa I mean irssi not iirc00:30
PiesPidgin sux for irc :/00:30
MetaxaThanks folks. I'll try one of the others, wanted to give the default program a shot00:30
exutuxMetaxa: or /ns info Metaxa00:30
drcMetaxa: but I'd NOT recommend GNOME-Xchat00:30
exutuxMetaxa: but i think that only /help give you some advice00:31
PiesGnome don't have anything like konversation?00:31
nsdPies: Have you tried empathy? I don't know if it supports IRC though -- for that, I use xchat-gnome00:32
Piesempathy sux for irc just like pidgin00:33
ZeroZiatempathy uses IRC, yeah, and it sucks00:33
Piesboth looks nice00:33
Piesbut none of them fully support irc00:33
PiesI anyway use weechat00:33
Pieshave only to write something, to get notifications via notify00:33
Piesane get plugin to hide joins/leaves...00:34
Piesnormally it isn't problem, but here...00:34
StarminnHow can I delete .Trash-1000 on my USB thumb drive?00:37
gilsonboa noite00:38
psusistarcoder, umm... same way you delete anything else?00:38
StarminnNevermind, I got it. It lied about what the device name was.00:38
coz_Starminn,  I would try   gksudo nautilus  then open the drive and try deleteing it that way00:38
francesco_I was wondering if anyone could help with a question about the /etc/issue file ?00:38
coz_Starminn,  or if the drive is empty you could use  /system/administration/disk utility00:38
Starminncoz_ psusi: Nah, I ran "sudo rm -r /media/4.1\ GB\ Filesystem/.trash-1000/* but it said nothing like that existed. Then I realized it's not actually 4.1 GB Filesystem but is instead 1842-7742 and that did it00:39
coz_Starminn,  oh ok00:39
Starminncoz_: Yep, silly me. ;)00:39
coz_Starminn,   hey it happens :)00:40
francesco_does anyone know about /etc/issue ?00:40
cmoloh no my valume sound gone on my toolbar how do i fix it00:40
skoris libcrypto an available package ?00:40
coz_francesco_,  what is the issue?00:40
skorall I find is libcrypto++00:40
coz_francesco_,  oh hold on00:40
francesco_sure thing coz00:40
cmoloh no my valume sound gone on my toolbar how do i fix it00:41
cmoloh no my valume sound gone on my toolbar how do i fix it00:41
coz_francesco_,  well  /etc/issue is generally a text file that contains a message or system identification to be preinted before th elogin prompt00:41
Starminncmol: gnome-volume-control-applet00:42
francesco_so i just add text to the file and where will it show up ?00:42
Starminncmol: Or just remove the Indicator Applet and add it again00:42
aeon-ltd /j archlinux-offtopic00:42
coz_francesco_,   there are many forum posts about /etc/issue  one like   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=35850900:42
aeon-ltddamn spaces00:43
coz_francesco_,  so you can add things to it if you need00:43
Piesspaces are evil00:43
francesco_i know that ... i am just confused as to where it will show up00:43
cmolStarminn, gnome-valume-control-applet whare the position00:43
cmoloke Starminn thnks for Starminn and francesco_ am have slove my promble00:44
Starminncmol: Sure thing.00:44
francesco_you all good cmol ?00:44
halitushi every one00:45
technologovhi all !00:46
technologovRunning Ubuntu 10.0400:46
technologovJust bought new PC with Intel P67 chipset00:46
technologovAnd sound doesn't work on it00:46
technologovlspci shows:00:46
technologov00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation Cougar Point High Definition Audio Controller (rev 04)00:46
technologovany ideas?00:46
freakabcdis there a package for openCV in maverick?00:46
FloodBot3technologov: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:46
technologovdrivers are part of kernel package or part of alsa package ?00:46
halitushey is it possible to install a persistant version of ubuntu to a CF card? (in an ide converter)00:46
freakabcdall i see is an opencv-doc and python-opencv package00:47
=== Zeku is now known as Lap_dragon
freakabcdif there is no library called opencv installed, how will the python bindings for it work?00:47
freakabcdi searched using synaptic and couldn't find any package called opencv00:47
technologovJust bought new PC with Intel P67 chipset, and no sound ! plz help !00:48
technologovWhat to update ?00:48
dsdeizhi! anyone using firefox? i'm sorta figuring out why firefox tends to hang while loading pages. i think this might be related http://kb.mozillazine.org/Firefox_hangs#Hyper-Threading although i can't seem to find a way for firefox in Linux00:48
cmolon my laptop i have cam, and how do i used it please give me tutor00:52
cmolon my laptop i have cam, and how do i used it please give me tutor00:52
nillerzWhat's a good file-manager? It needs dual-pane views, thumbnail views for photos, and needs an option to open a terminal window to the current location, as well as the option to right-click and use 7z.00:53
nillerzcmol, try using Cheese Webcam booth00:53
wn1zidjust got off the phone with bank, their system requires sun java, what is the name in synaptic i should look for ??, thanks00:53
cmolhow i do it nillerz00:53
nillerzwhat happens when you do?00:53
nillerzcmol, press ctrl+f200:54
nillerztype "xterm"00:54
nillerzpress "enter"00:54
cmoloke next nillerz00:54
or__when i am opening a new window he open it but minimize00:55
nillerztype, without quotes, "sudo apt-get install cheese"00:55
or__how can i change this behaver?00:55
or__i need to pick the "always on top"00:55
greg3000hey team, I had to rebuild my user's home folder and now when I login via SSH, I get a "$" prompt and "ctrl-tab" doesn't work .. any ideas why this might happen?00:55
or__it wasnt like that00:55
nillerzcmol, once it finishes, go to applications>sound and video> Cheese webcam booth00:56
itaylor57wn1zid: sun-java6-plugin00:56
bulbinI need some help. :P00:56
or__where i can change it for all the new application?00:56
wn1zidthanks itaylor5700:56
* wn1zid gives it a whirl00:57
itaylor57wn1zid np good luck00:57
cmolno happed00:57
cmolcheese webcam booth am not find it00:57
bulbinAnyone here knows how to fix that irritating flash problem in 10.10?00:57
wn1zidum, it aint there, but it probably is in another form, brb00:58
Piescmol: maybe just mplayer tv://00:58
nillerzcmol, did it install okk?00:58
aazertwhen i try to restart ssh00:59
aazerti got this error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/574228/00:59
aazertwhat could be ?00:59
greg3000anyone know how to change my shell prompt from "$" back to the standard?00:59
syrinx_greg3000: type exit01:00
greg3000syrinx_: eat shit man01:00
* greg3000 wonders if he'll do it01:00
or__when i am opening a new window he open it but minimize,also i need to pick the "always on top" to see it,how can i solve it?01:01
* syrinx_ wonders why greg3000 is retarded01:01
bulbinNo one knows anything about how to fix flash problems in Ubuntu 10.10?01:01
LLStarkswhere can i download old maverick alphas and nightlies01:01
* greg3000 looks for the ignore command in IRC01:01
syrinx_Exiting From su01:02
Piesaazert: fix pirv01:02
syrinx_Exiting From su01:02
syrinx_There are several ways to exit from su, i.e., to return the login session or terminal window to its former owner, for those situations in which the exit is not automatic (e.g., when su is not used with its -c option). One is to type the word exit and then press the ENTER key. Another is to simultaneously press the CTRL and d keys.01:02
aazerthow ? Pies01:02
greg3000I had to rebuild my user's home folder and now when I login via SSH, I get a "$" prompt rather than the standard prompt, and "ctrl-tab" doesn't work .. any ideas why this might happen?01:03
Piesaazert: sudo chmod 600 /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key'01:03
Piesaazert: sudo chmod 600 /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key01:03
Piesand same for second key01:03
Piesdon't touch .pubs01:03
Piesgreg3000: can you pastebin your ~/.bashrc ?01:03
hilarieubuntu 10.10> Video Files from multiple places and stuff are giving me audio, but no video, first trouble shooting step would be?01:04
greg3000Pies: yes, coming up01:04
bastidrazorgreg3000: you can copy a default bashrc from /etc/bash.bashrc  .. cp /etc/bash.bashrc ~/.bashrc01:05
bastidrazorgreg3000: then type source ~/.bashrc01:05
greg3000bastidrazor: thanks I'll give it a shot01:05
bastidrazorgreg3000: that should get you back to where you need to be.01:05
Piessyrinx_: su have # not $01:05
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aazertnow i got this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/574231/ Pies01:07
greg3000bastidrazor: is there another command for "source"?01:08
Pies02:03:09             Pies | and same for second key01:08
bastidrazorgreg3000: ./.bashrc01:09
greg3000bastidrazor: ok01:09
Piesaazert: so do same for second key ;)01:09
Pieserror dialog says "Permissions 0644 for '/etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key' are too open."01:09
Piesand proper Permissions are 60001:09
traceback0 do you reload apparmor on 10.04?01:10
traceback0how do you*01:10
bastidrazortraceback0: have you tried 'sudo service apparmor restart'01:11
traceback0I have not01:11
traceback0apparmor: unrecognized service01:11
aazertperfect Mister Pies01:12
aazertworking fine now thanks a lot01:12
Piesthink why you had bad permissions01:13
bastidrazortraceback0: replace restart with stop then start01:13
aazertthank you very much01:13
aazertbut it was me i change permission01:13
traceback0bastidrazor: it can't even recognize the service, why would that help?01:13
aazertand mistake i thing i done chmod -R01:13
Piesyou should be careful with sudo ;)01:14
aazertthanks a lot01:14
bastidrazortraceback0: are you sure you're typing it correctly? apparmor 'is' a service01:14
Piesbut if you know what was reason, then kay01:14
aazertyes next sure01:14
Piesyup, bye01:14
traceback0bastidrazor: yes? service apparmor start01:14
bastidrazortraceback0: no idea then. apparmor is a service unless you've made changes somewhere that prevents it from loading the module.01:16
nsdAnyone know how I can get my Qt programs to use the oxygen theme when I'm running gnome/fvwm? If it's as simple as a daemon I have to run, I can just add that to my fvwm config.01:20
cainushey all... this isn't necessarily an ubuntu question, but I thought you guys might know: I have a server program that accepts connections on port 80.  it runs fine on one machine when running with sudo, yet doesn't work fine on another running as root... is there some security issue involved?  both machines are ubuntu...01:20
harisundAnybody knows how to add the "Places" and "System" menu under the Applications menu itself, and remove the name "Applications"? I want the Ubuntu logo like the Start menu in Windows01:21
greg3000Familiar with IPTABLES in redhat, with the /etc/sysconfig/iptables file -- do we have similar with debian/ubuntu?01:22
bastidrazorharisund: right click the panel > add to panel > then add Main Menu01:22
harisundbastidrazor: ok you are a genius. Thank you so much !01:22
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bastidrazorharisund: i use it the same way. you're welcome.01:22
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oscarhi everyone01:24
=== fumblnoo1 is now known as fumblnoob
oscarI need help with the battery tray icon for Maverick!!! please??01:24
wn1ziditaylor57-   found it, for those using 10.10 sun java install here:  http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/09/install-sun-java-runtime-environment-jre-ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat/  thanks for your time.01:25
greg3000Just checking for a second opinion before following the instructions in this link: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4599886&postcount=15  it's to configure iptables and have the rules applied during network interface initialization01:25
crimsonmaneHello. is this the replacement for irc.freenode.net ?01:26
bastidrazorcrimsonmane: this is a channel on the freenode network.01:26
oscarcan someone help me?? i have problems with the battery tray icon in ubuntu 10.10!!01:27
crimsonmanealright thank you bastidrazor. i could not get irc.freenode.net to load in my browser anymore so am coming in through pidgin.01:27
Starminn!ask | oscar01:27
ubottuoscar: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:27
nsdgreg3000: I set up iptables as an upstart job / init script, works pretty well01:28
nsdgreg3000: gimme a sec and I can get you a copy of my configs01:28
harisundbastidrazor: I figured you would be the best person to ask, is there anyway to replicate the "most recently used applications" of Windows 7, or shall I just setup shortcuts myself in that menu you pointed me towards?01:29
oscarMy battery tray icon doesn't show the charge of my battery when I place the mouse over it, and when i left click it, it says "estimating" (Estimando, I'm using a spanish version)... does anyone know how to fix that? the battery tray works fine in xfce but i preffer gnome...01:29
Jef91|GamingAnyone know if there is a ppa that brings thunar 1.3 to ubuntu 10.04?01:30
ALexander_Can somebody please help me?01:30
syrinx_oscar: is it plugged into the wall or are you on battery now/01:30
ALexander_I think the boot loader is broken.01:30
ALexander_When ever I click Ubuntu in the boot loader, my pc restarts.01:30
oscarim on battery now01:31
ALexander_[20:30] <ALexander_> When ever I click Ubuntu in the boot loader, my pc restarts01:31
ChogyDanJef91|Gaming: is thunar 1.3 yet in natty even?01:31
bastidrazorharisund: that i don't know about.01:31
ALexander_[20:30] <ALexander_> When ever I click Ubuntu in the boot loader, my pc restarts01:31
Logan_WP!info thunar | ChogyDan01:31
ALexander_oops sorry01:31
ubottuChogyDan: thunar (source: thunar): File Manager for Xfce. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.2-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 219 kB, installed size 716 kB01:31
Jef91|GamingNo it's not ChogyDan - thats why I'm asking01:31
oscarsorry if i delay my answer, but im trying to find the solutions on forums..01:31
nsdgreg3000: http://home.comcast.net/~chet102103/scripts/iptables_2011_03_01.tgz01:33
crimsonmaneoscar: i seem to recall that issue on my netbook. if the settings were to show the battery power "only when using battery power" then it malfunctions, but if you have it on "always show" then it was fine. again this was my netbook.01:33
bastidrazorharisund: for frequently used applications i just drag the icon onto the top panel. i also have cairo-dock replacing my bottom panel01:33
oscarcrimsonmane: should i restart after i change the settings? because i did and nothing changed01:33
crimsonmaneoscar: yes.01:34
crimsonmanebut no promises01:34
crimsonmanemy netbook was finiky01:34
nsdgreg3000: don't use the install script I wrote, it's buggy (I forget what I did wrong). Also, use the instructions for the upstart job / init script, not the links01:34
oscarnon taken... thanks!01:34
nsdgreg3000: skip the part that says "If you want to use the init script system" but do copy the init script (obviously)01:34
harisundbastidrazor: Thanks and one last question. Can I setup Windows key to open that menu?01:36
parabytei see i need to buy a licence from sco01:36
ChogyDanJef91|Gaming: I don't see it, but I think if there was, you would find it here: https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev01:36
parabyteare all you guys running illegal copies of linux?01:36
rootkay Virtual packages like 'alacarte' can't be removed01:36
crimsonmaneoscar did it work?01:36
rootwhat do i do?01:36
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Jef91|GamingYea... Building the .deb myself01:37
oscarcrimsonmane no it didnt :(01:37
Jef91|GamingWas hoping to avoid having to do so01:37
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ugh123im trying to remove apache :(01:37
StarminnHEy, guys... Umm.... Ubuntu keeps losing and finding my graphics drivers and it's quite annoying.01:37
ugh123but i get Virtual packages like 'alacarte' can't be removed01:37
ChogyDanugh123: can you pastebin the error message?01:37
bastidrazorharisund: it is Alt + F1 already.01:38
ugh123like copy paste into chat?01:38
ChogyDan!paste | ugh12301:38
ubottuugh123: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:38
StarminnRight now all my apps got kicked back to Workspace 1, COmpiz isn't working, I have the plain Metacity window borders (so Emerald isn't working), and I'm not quite sure what to do.01:38
oscarhey guuys: my battery tray icon doesnt show how much charge the battery has when i place the cursor over it, and when i left click the icon it says it's estimating... all the time... can anyone help???01:38
crimsonmaneoscar: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160197401:39
bastidrazorharisund: System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > Desktop > Show the panel's main menu > you can change it here01:39
ugh123im an advanced user, so dont bother skipping the geeky stuff.01:39
ugh123and yea, im in root for a reason .01:40
=== ugh123 is now known as BlkSvr
BlkSvrthere :P01:40
ChogyDanugh123: I think that just means alacarte is not installed01:40
BlkSvrIt is installed01:40
ChogyDanBlkSvr: what does apt-cache policy alacarte say?01:41
BlkSvri stand corrected01:42
BlkSvrroot@root:~# sudo apt-cache policy alacarte01:42
BlkSvr  Installed: (none)01:42
BlkSvr  Candidate: (none)01:42
FloodBot3BlkSvr: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:42
BlkSvr  Version table:01:42
ChogyDanBlkSvr: I believe virtual means that it is provided by another package, fwiw01:43
BlkSvrso how do i get rid of it?01:43
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ChogyDanBlkSvr: because you want to remove apache?  can you pastebin the error you get for that?01:43
BlkSvrbrb in 5 kay?01:43
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BlkSvrand i alredy did01:43
BlkSvrits the same as alecrte01:43
=== eamash_ is now known as Daemonic
ChogyDanBlkSvr: I see two attempts to remove alacarte, but let me know when you are back01:44
A|i3NHEY i got a weird question. Say I wanna load up my existing installation of windows 7 within Linux, for the hell of it - is there a program to do this with?01:45
miketomdooli think you can with virtualbox-ose01:45
miketomdooli think you have to convert it with a command from virtualbox... i would google it01:46
BlkSvralright one sec01:47
A|i3Neh not exactly what I'm looking for I don't think. I mean yea I want a virtual machine but I want to load my existing O/S with it, which sounds retarded but i might need a file and don't want to reboot or something lol01:47
dandamanis there a way to make my back audio jacks disable automatically when i plug into my front audio jack?01:47
BlkSvrsee same thing01:47
dandamanor is there software that lets me control jacks?01:48
ChogyDanBlkSvr: apache is actually apache2-server or something, try tab completion01:48
vachoanyone here use webmin?01:49
crimsonmaneWhen my computer sits idle for roughly 15 minutes my WUSB refuses to function until a restart. I've moved screensaver and power management to 2 hours to make sure that going idle into those modes wasnt causing it. Is there a fix that i cannot find online, or perhaps a way i can reboot the WUSB itself without rebooting the computer? i would rather just have it work as intended but whatever help anyone offers would be ... helpful.01:49
miketomdoolA|i3n http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76988301:49
Starminndandaman: I just found something in my Applications list I never saw before (probably installed with somehting else) called "JACK Audio Connection Kit" that may be worth a try?01:49
BlkSvrChogyDan, thats why im using purge not remove, purge reads it as sudo apt-get remove apache*01:49
Starminndandaman: I know nothing about it though and even if I did I know nothing about jacks either so... ;)01:49
itaylor57!webmin | vacho01:49
ubottuvacho: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.01:49
BlkSvrGOT IT!01:49
vachoitaylor57: thank you sir'e01:50
BlkSvrapt-get purge apache*01:50
BlkSvrChogyDan,  thanks!01:50
drag0nzhey guys, is there a way to see which folders i have shared with my network?01:50
BlkSvrIll stay in channel incase i get more bs from this01:50
ChogyDanBlkSvr: erm, well, just a warning, sometimes the * goes crazy with apt-get01:50
A|i3NHm, interesting, wonder if this works for 7'01:51
BlkSvrChogyDan, i know i know, ive been using linux since the days of 1.6 ... just ubuntu is a whole new world for me01:51
StarminnWhere can I go to get help with TuxGuitar?01:51
miketomdoolit should...01:51
matcoutoDoes anybody know how to make LXDE keep the last wallpaper set on the new sessions?01:52
BlkSvrwell actually i started on a 1.6, it wasent in the "days of 1.6" it was just a distro that was long since abandoned.01:52
BlkSvrive been using linux since i was 13, and im 16.6 now :P more accurate.01:52
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BlkSvrdang it!01:53
crimsonmaneWhen my computer sits idle for roughly 15 minutes my WUSB refuses to function until a restart. I've moved screensaver and power management to 2 hours to make sure that going idle into those modes wasnt causing it. Is there a fix that i cannot find online, or perhaps a way i can reboot the WUSB itself without rebooting the computer? i would rather just have it work as intended but whatever help anyone offers would be ... helpful.01:53
BlkSvrsame error01:54
ChogyDanBlkSvr: I take it you don't mean linux kernel 1.6  :)  cause that is a long time ago01:54
BlkSvrChogyDan, no i mean kernel 1.6 was on my first distro.01:54
drcBlkSvr: old flavors, huh? Yggdrasil or SLS ?01:54
A|i3NI might try this and get back to you Miketomdool. hehe. Hope it doesn't mess native boot up if i do.01:54
BlkSvrdrc, BK01:55
crimsonmaneWhen my computer sits idle for roughly 15 minutes my WUSB refuses to function until a restart. I've moved screensaver and power management to 2 hours to make sure that going idle into those modes wasnt causing it. Is there a fix that i cannot find online, or perhaps a way i can reboot the WUSB itself without rebooting the computer? i would rather just have it work as intended but whatever help anyone offers would be ... helpful.01:55
ChogyDanBlkSvr: ok, that's well before me.  Anyway, still, virtual package just means that there isn't a package with that name, and other packages provide it.  You need to select the right name.  See dpkg -l | grep apache01:56
drcBlkSvr: hmmm...don't remember that one (they say the memory is the second thing to go)01:56
JoniiI wonder how the flash problem(flash crashing occasionally when closing windows or firefox tabs) was suddenly fixed01:57
BlkSvrsorry would you say that last thing again? i got disconnected.01:57
ahaziah77hello, i have a skype question01:58
ChogyDancrimsonmane: is this a card supported by linux?  I would try linux-backports-modules01:58
ahaziah77does anyone know if there is a way to play the skype games on ubuntu?01:58
ChogyDanBlkSvr: ok, that's well before me.  Anyway, virtual package just means that there isn't a package with that name, and other packages provide it.  You need to find the right name.  See dpkg -l | grep apache01:58
crimsonmanechogydan: yeah its on the list of supported hardware, although this problem has existed for years. i will look up what you said. i don't know what that really is.01:58
StarminnIn an applications (TuxGuitar) sound is not being outputted.01:58
ChogyDancrimsonmane: lucid or maverick?01:59
BlkSvrthanks :) , oh and drc: bk is a pourtugese installation, got it from a exchange student who bricked his labtop01:59
crimsonmanemaverick. the problem has existed since the dawn of time tho01:59
BlkSvrdrc: was banian kaumba or somthing like that01:59
ChogyDancrimsonmane: maybe it is hardware, but the lbm install should be something like: sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-wireless-maverick-generic02:00
drcBlkSvr: ah...02:00
crimsonmanewhat is "lbm" ?02:00
StarminnIn an application (TucGuitar), there is no sound being outputted, although sound has worked beautifully for all other apps. Anybody have any usggestions for fixes?02:00
ChogyDanStarminn: try running it from the command line, see if you get any errors02:01
BlkSvrknow whats really cool? If you take out a harddisk used by windows, you can see the fragmentation as darkspots where data is in random spots :P02:01
BlkSvrbut if you take out a ubuntu harddisk ... its all kinda centered, minimal frags :P02:01
ahaziah77can someone help?02:02
StarminnChogyDan: /dev/sequencer: No such file or directory. Okay, well that probably isn't good.02:02
bezaohow can i list all users created on my ubuntu? (command line)02:02
StarminnChogyDan: I'll try Removing then Installing again first before we try anything weird. ;)02:03
pensioncat /etc/passwd02:03
BlkSvrii  libbatik-java 1.7.ubuntu-4ubuntu1 xml.apache.org SVG Library02:03
BlkSvrthats what i got from dpkg -l | grep apache02:03
Labladorearkadaslar merhaba..02:03
Starminnahaziah77: Ask again, all on one line, and maybe somebody else can answer.02:03
ahaziah77is there any way to run the skype applications, like playing games on ubuntu, all i have is the video?02:04
ChogyDanBlkSvr: I don't think apache is installed then.  Here is mine:  http://pastebin.com/YpFuPHrN02:04
ClankBotCLANK OUT02:04
BlkSvrahaziah77, thats just cus skype hasent been updated for linux in ages. cus they hates us.02:04
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:04
ahaziah77BlkSvr, k, thats all i was wondering, so i guess it cant be done then?02:04
BlkSvrthank you ubottu02:05
crimsonmaneahaziah77: use Wine and the windows version of skype?02:05
ChogyDanStarminn: I suspect that it is looking for some sort sound support that isn't there.  It might be tough to track down a solution02:05
StarminnChogyDan: I know. That's why I wanted to just try Reinstalling it first and crossing my fingers that it accidentally skipped something.02:05
StarminnChogyDan: Nope, no luck. ALright, well I give up, I don't need it that bad and I was only trying it to see what it was like.02:07
ClankBotCLANK IN02:07
StarminnChogyDan: Unless you have a really awesome idea off the top of your head, of curse, but other than that it's not worth troubleshooting honestly lol02:07
adminewbMy lucid installation is behaving oddly: at random long intervals, my files seem to acquire emblems no one put there, that can't be removed. Other emblems on these files can be added or removed ok. Thoughts?02:08
ChogyDanStarminn: yeah, that is one to sort out on launchpad.  The idea I have is something like: http://wwww.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=4160102:08
BlkSvrChogyDan, so how do i get rid of this ?02:09
BlkSvroh and i midaswell tell you what im doin, im using Gnacktrack, installing it, then installin ubuntu and linux mint meta packages over it. and yea.... ive done this before.02:09
StarminnChogyDan: Error's still there.02:10
BlkSvrthere all ubuntu derivatives so they should all be applicable.02:10
=== george__ is now known as george2
ChogyDanBlkSvr: Im not sure what Im looking for02:11
BlkSvrChogyDan,  services, see apache is still in there.02:11
agliodbsanyone know how I map dev8-32 device numbering to device names?  i.e. /dev/sda/?02:11
adminewbMy lucid installation is behaving oddly: at apparently random long intervals, my files&folders seem to acquire emblems no one put there, that can't be removed. Other emblems on these files can be added or removed ok. Thoughts anyone? Ring any bells anyone?02:12
crimsonmanechogydan: was it you telling me to fetch the backports? if so, or if not, do i now need to reboot to finalize (as am used to with windows) or with linux is it flying already?02:12
ChogyDanBlkSvr: OH, no idea02:12
ChogyDancrimsonmane: I actually don't know, but I imagine that you would need to reboot02:13
BlkSvrChogyDan: sigh.02:13
lightahoi, how can I retrieve a file I just erase ? (e.g lets say I copy a file from a different location on past it on my current directory. Filename was similare and my copy erased my previous file, can I get it back ?)02:14
adminewbagliodbs, did you want to mknod to fill your /dev directory?02:14
=== ashish is now known as Guest22681
ChogyDanBlkSvr: that might be something specific to the distro you are using.  I don't have the services menu02:15
BlkSvrChogyDan, it is. I asked the dev and he said it was just simple applications.menu editing, he didnt do anything nobody else on ubuntu coudlnt.02:16
agliodbsadminewb: no, just trying to interpret SAR output02:16
Starminnlighta: I don't have a suggestion, but a better way to ask this (just so it's more in plain-English) is "How do I retrieve a file that was overwritten?" (BEcause what you're talking about is overwriting it sounds, so just use "overwritten" instead of the long example lol)02:16
parkaboyanybody having problems installing programs from Software Center: xchat and a couple of other things today said coming from "Unauthorized sources" then didn't install, but terminal install worked fine02:16
BlkSvrChogyDan, infact the dev half-made everything here.... its rather annoyin. This distro still reads as ubuntu to grub2, that should tell you how much work he put into it lmao.02:16
Starminn!recover | lighta (See if any of these help, although I'm not sure if it applies to being overwritten)02:17
ubottulighta (See if any of these help, although I'm not sure if it applies to being overwritten): Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel02:17
ChogyDanBlkSvr: you can just rightclick the menu and edit out those entries02:17
EmuAlertI can't figure out how to get crontab to work. I'm trying to get my file to run every minute (for easy testing), but my line from crontab -e, '* * * * * /home/brian/launchstuff', doesn't do anything. /home/brian/launchstuff does work straight from the terminal, so that's not the problem02:17
lightathx Starminn =) hehe exemple was clear02:17
DrMaxlast update broke my nfs:  dmsg has message "svc: failed to register lockdv1 RPC service (errno 97)"02:17
DrMaxhow do I fix that ?02:17
BlkSvrChogyDan,  if they were a grey ? , i would .... but theres an icon, which means some installation is left over02:18
bohey so how does one exit busybox and resume normal boot?02:18
UBuxuBUjoin #antivirus02:18
RhamphoryncusI have ubuntu 10.04 booted on my old harddrive and just bought a new drive.  I'd like to do a clean install of 10.10 on the new drives.  What's the easiest method to do that?02:19
BlkSvrthose were whats left when i ran apt-get purge apache*02:19
quizmei have a directory named "-p" (without the double quotes).  How do I rmdir it ?02:19
BlkSvrRhamphoryncus, download the new install, put it on a flash drive , and install to the new system.02:19
devcorkvinceRhamphoryncus: just make the new drive primary02:19
RhamphoryncusBlkSvr: don't have one handy :/02:19
Starminnquizme: You could try putting it between quotes or single-quotes. Basically, anything that tells Bash "This is a single string"02:20
BlkSvrRhamphoryncus a dvd or a dc will do ?02:20
quizmestarminn: i tried that02:20
Starminnquizme: A better place to ask if that doesn't work is in #bash02:20
Starminnquizme: Eh, ask in #bash then. They're the channel for that.02:20
quizmestarminn: thanks02:20
RhamphoryncusBlkSvr: seems wasteful but also seems like the most reliable solution.  The wiki FromLinux page has instructions to avoid it, but it also looks to avoid 75% of the installer and the autoconfiguration that comes with it02:20
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: btw, apt-get uses regexp so you want to be using 'apt-get purge apache.*'02:21
adminewbagliodbs: sar system monitor?02:21
StarminnIS there a way to make a PortablLinux of Maverick? PortableLinux seems to only support up to Jaunty02:21
BlkSvrAmpelbein, thanks, ugh not used to ubuntu, i wish i could go back to a pure cli installation.... but i need the hacker tools ... ugh.02:21
Rhamphoryncushmm barely have enough free space to download the image ;)02:22
adminewbLucid is behaving oddly: at random long intervals, my files&folders acquire emblems for no apparent reason, that can't be removed. Other emblems on these can be added/removed ok. Ring any bells anyone?02:22
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: your system looks severely broken to me (reading through backlog) and you would have it reinstalled faster than the "fixing" you are currently doing.02:22
Fostenanyone had any luck getting vlc to capture rawdv in ubuntu without dvgrab?02:23
bo_kanehey so does anyone know how to get out of busybox in ubuntu/xubuntu/kubuntu??02:23
BlkSvrAmpelbein, its not broken , its just not uninstalling stuff. And this isnt ubuntu. its a ubuntu offshoot made for pen-testing. I plan to strip it down package by package02:23
=== sun_ is now known as Guest60068
BlkSvrAmpelbein, till its just the pentest tools and bassic system utilities02:24
bo_kanewhich flavor are you talking about??02:24
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: why not go the other way round and use debootstrap to install a minimal system and go from there?02:24
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: seems way easier than what you are doing now.02:24
BlkSvrAmpelbein, cus the dev didnt put that option in.02:24
bo_kanewhat OS are you talking about BlkSvr and Ampelbein?02:25
BlkSvrAmpelbiel: Gnacktrack 5.02:25
BlkSvrbo_kane, i tried putting the tools into ubuntu, but this is infact easier (surprisingly)02:25
bo_kanewhich is easier?02:26
bo_kaneinstalling gnacktrack or the tools? clarify :P02:26
bo_kane..why not just add a gnacktrack ppa or request such a rep/o02:26
BlkSvrbo_kane: installing gnack, ripping it down to the bassics, then installing ubuntu and linux mint meta packages over it.02:26
bo_kaneoh cool02:27
bo_kane..is it nearly identical to backtrack in terms of programs?02:27
BlkSvrbo_kane: tried it, for some reason half of it dosent install and the half that dose wont go into the gnome menu.02:27
BlkSvrbo_kane: pretty much, but the dev did a horrible job of it, its only good as a live cd.02:27
bo_kaneyeah thats how most small projects are these days02:28
bo_kanepushing it out as fast as possible to foster interest in the project02:28
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: your best bet is to ask the developer what he did, because I think this is severely off-topic here in #ubuntu.02:28
BlkSvrAmpelbien: its all the same as ubuntu as far as what im doing (package management)02:28
adminewbMy lucid installation is behaving oddly: at random long intervals, my files&folders acquire emblems for no apparent reason, that can't be removed. Other emblems on these can be added/removed ok. Ring any bells anyone?02:28
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: just because it uses apt-get doesn't make it the same.02:29
bo_kaneif this were facebook i would "like" that comment haha02:29
BlkSvrAmpelbien: but using the same version of dpkg as 10.10 , the same synaptic manager, even the same software center dose.02:29
DrMaxlast update broke my nfs:  dmsg has message "svc: failed to register lockdv1 RPC service (errno 97)"  How do I fix this?02:30
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: it is still off topic as it isn't a official supported release. noone knows what the developer did when even such simple tasks as deinstalling packages doesn't work anymore.02:30
bo_kaneso anyone know how to fix busybox boot issues?02:31
BlkSvrAmpelbein: it dose work, ive had simpliar problem on ubuntu itself, apache is a "virtual package" or whatever.02:31
ubuntu_ok ubuntu wouldnt start after i installed along side win7, so I reformatted the drive ubuntu was on, grew it big again for win7, now when I boot I get something that says grub... using ubuntu on cd to get in here to find out what I need to do to remove grub and have my system boot into win7, btw I have no win7 cd...... help02:31
=== putra is now known as wirabumi
BlkSvrubuntu_, grub overwrit your bootloader, if you get rid of it, you wont be able to boot at all.02:32
bo_kaneive had a couple reboots where ive loaded up into busybox and afterwards cannot get past basic boot scripts on both normal and rescue boots02:32
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: like I said, that's broken. there is no apache package in the official repository.02:32
StevenXHi. Can someone tell me how to change my computer's name? The name is too long right now and it takes up a long string when I am using the terminal.02:33
=== PetePorty is now known as Practical
bo_kaneubuntu_, try using wubi02:33
StarminnStevenX: http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/2732/ubuntu_how_to_change_computer_name/02:33
bo_kanedelete your current install or make it smaller then use wubi to reinstall. windows sees it as an uninstallable program02:33
bo_kanestevenx, google02:33
BlkSvrAmpelbein, nothing is broken, he used a differant source. As far as i know, changing sources dosent break anything unless your an idiot with it.02:34
StevenXthanks Starminn02:34
Starminn!google | bo_kane02:34
ubottubo_kane: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.02:34
ubuntu_bo_kane: huh?02:34
bytesabergot an old dos box i added to my network.  it's setup with a nic that supports netbeui.  i'm running the Workgroups add-on for DOS.02:34
bytesabercan ubuntu run samba supporting netbuei ?02:34
Starminnbo_kane: Or if you have to be sarcastic, then at least LMGTFY them. ;)02:34
bo_kanethere is this program called wubi02:34
bo_kanei love that02:35
JasonnBlkSvr: He is not saying that it would break something, he is just saying that the packages are not fully, if at all supported by canonical/ubuntu, so we cant provide support - therefore its offtopic02:35
bo_kanewubi is a program you can use on windows to install ubuntu variants onto your harddrive AS windows programs02:35
exarDrMax: errno 97 is EAFNOSUPPORT and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1431118 says you can disable ipv6 to make the message go away02:35
bo_kaneif something goes wrong, you just hop on over to winblow$ and uninstall as you wish02:35
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: different source = not ubuntu anymore = not supported here02:35
BlkSvrjasonn: but you CAN provide support for your offical package manager, which is not broken or tamperd with, and is simply giving an error it would give with a virtual package from the main repo.02:36
DrMaxexar : hmm thx... so NFS stopped supporting IPv6 suddently?02:36
BlkSvrif i knew of such a package i would lay it down for you, and with 35 thousand + packages, there probably is one in there.02:36
DrMaxwell, rpc/portmap02:36
bo_kaneits also helpful in that you can set the size of the ubuntu install, however, the max is 30gb, which is a bit of a limiting factor but sounds good for you in that you want to keep windows larger02:36
BlkSvras such it IS supported by this session.02:36
BlkSvrNOW. may we stop stalling for time and pushing this off, and put our heads together to help a fellow member of the community.02:37
bo_kaneWas that helpful, ubuntu_ ?02:37
Abhijitif i installed libreoffice .deb form their website then i will not get automatic updates for it, right?02:37
exarDrMax: I just did a quick google search of your error message. I don't know what caused the error to start popping up for you. Sorry.02:37
BlkSvrthis should be an issue of what is and isnt yours to help with, this should be the issue of a member in trouble, and as such it is your obligation, nay your duty, to help such a member if you are a person who is inclined to do so.02:37
bo_kaneif you WANT updates, install the ppa as per their instructions02:38
bo_kanepersonally, i would add it as they update more often than the ubuntu project02:38
Abhijitbo_kane, 'whose' instruction? i only found that on omgubuntu.02:38
Starminn!who | bo_kane02:38
ubottubo_kane: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:38
ChogyDanBlkSvr: I think the virtual message is misleading you.  It just means that it isn't installed.  You are going to have to remove those menu links through a means other than apt-get I think02:38
BlkSvrnow, can we stop pushing off things we dont know about, and learn together about the system we use.02:38
coz_Abhijit,  probably better to find a PPA for it02:38
DrMaxexar : last kernel upgrade02:38
Abhijitcoz_, yeah okay02:38
coz_Abhijit,  but as I recall...doing it your way there were update02:38
BlkSvrChogyDan, but there is an icon, and experance is telling me that means somthing it providin that icon.02:38
=== zz_PhilMather is now known as PhilMather
Abhijitcoz_, :-o how?02:38
BlkSvrSorry for the horrid typing, got myself all worked up.02:39
bo_kaneAbijit, google "libreoffice ppa"02:39
coz_Abhijit,   here is a ppa  I believe that is working02:39
Abhijit!google | bo_kane02:39
ubottubo_kane: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.02:39
* Abhijit is newer!!!02:39
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: then use 'dpkg -S <filename>' to find out what package it belongs to02:39
JasonnBlkSvr: you are getting the package/update from a third party - its like getting a ford car, getting the motor on the black market, and complaining to ford that it doesnt work02:39
ChogyDanBlkSvr: you gotta ask the dev how s/he is managing that icon.  S/he may not have used a package02:39
coz_Abhijit,  I dont recall using the deb from their site and how it updates  but I do recall it updating somehow buts its been a while since I tried again02:39
bo_kanewell i google it for you, abhijit, BlkSvr02:39
bo_kanethere you are02:40
Abhijitbo_kane, no i found it already.02:40
DrMaxexar : so I'm a bit puzzled since the only thing I did was apt-get update/upgrade, reboot ... I did not change configurations manually02:40
BlkSvrChogyDan,  which is lovely because the dev is dead as far as i know. never responds to e-mails.02:40
Abhijitcoz_, ok then i go for ppa02:40
Abhijitbo_kane, thanks02:40
coz_Abhijit,  hold on I think there is an "official"  ppa  looking now02:40
bo_kaneno problem02:40
bo_kanejust make sure you do a sudo apt-get update02:40
bo_kaneBEFORE you try to add libreoffice02:40
coz_Abhijit,    here you go    https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/ppa02:41
bo_kanecoz_, hes good02:41
Abhijitcoz_, ok02:41
BlkSvrJezz, support teams are worse then warrenties... you change one little thing... "NOT OUR PRODUCT, GO AWAY!" ... >.<02:41
halitusHi all can i do a server install from a desktop iso? or just a minimal install and install what i need or remove what i dont etc?02:41
Abhijitthis is my new system and now i cant ctrl shift v - that is paste - to terminal~!02:41
bo_kanehalitus, try ubuntu JeOS02:42
bo_kaneits EXTREMELY lightweight, and can easily be run from a virtual box application02:42
Starminnhalitus: http://www.ubuntu.com/server02:42
coz_Abhijit,   mm that's odd,, this is ubuntu 10.10 ?02:42
BlkSvrAbhijit, check your keyboard layout02:42
adminewbLucid is behaving oddly: at random long intervals, some files&folders acquire emblems for no apparent reason, that can't be removed. Other emblems on these can be added/removed ok. Ring any bells anyone?02:42
Abhijitcoz_, lucidc 6 bit02:42
halitusthe only reason i ask is because my banwidth is low02:42
AbhijitBlkSvr, its usa02:42
halitusand dont want to download another iso02:42
bo_kaneabhijit, yaquake and tilda packages allow you to use a key binding to open terminal02:42
BlkSvrAbhijit, hmm, no idea then.02:42
bo_kaneah i see, halitus02:43
Abhijitbo_kane, not to open the terminal, to paste to terminal02:43
coz_Abhijit,   doest  ctrl+alt  work with other keybindings?02:43
Starminnhalitus Well look at the link I gave you and see what is there and what isn't there compared to Desktop.02:43
AbhijitBlkSvr, ok02:43
bo_kaneoh abhijit i see02:43
coz_Abhijit,  rather  shift + ctlr02:43
halitusStarminn, cheers will do02:43
Starminnhalitus: That way you can use your Desktop .iso and make it exactly like a server02:44
coz_Abhijit, are you running compiz?02:44
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: pastebin 'dpkg -l apache*' and we can tell you what part of it you still have installed02:44
Abhijitcoz_, i dont done anything. its new system.02:44
FirefisheI'm running 10.04 Lucid.  I recently set up my wireless to use openDNS on a specific wireless  network.  I deleted all the information, but it still seems to be using openDNS to filter things I don't want filtered.  Is there a way to reset my entire, system-wide resolve.conf  so that it's like a fresh install?02:44
halitusStarminn, yeah i thought that would be the case but how do i limit what gets installed while im installing it?02:44
Abhijitcoz_, shift ctrl worked!!!!!!!!!!!!02:44
coz_Abhijit,   there you go02:44
BlkSvrAmpelbein: just did that 30 second ago, had to > /root/Desktop/list it. theres alot.02:45
Starminnhalitus: I don't think you can. Maybe the alternate CD? But that'd be another download.02:45
halitushmm fair enough ill jsut give it a ago02:45
bo_kaneif its avaialble why not just pay for a server hosted by someone else?02:45
ubuntu_bo_kane: ima dumbass when it comes to this stuff.. I installed ubuntu along side win7 a week back selecting half my hard drive. ubuntu has never worked, when I would try to select it from the menu I would get kernel panic -- not syncing VFS unable to mount root fs on unknown block 0.0 and tried to figure that out in here... a week later in an attempt to just forget ubuntu, I used gparted to format the drive back to ntfs, then grew it, now I get       grub02:45
ubuntu_ >     thats it... need to fix mbr, dont have recovery cd so thats my story02:45
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: then do 'dpkg -l apache* | grep ii'02:45
Starminnhalitus: If you can, I'd do that server and you're done inmstantly but if not, just do what you wanted to do.02:46
bo_kaneah i see02:46
bo_kaneubuntu_, see if you can delete all ubuntu/grub stuff from inside win702:46
=== CaptHowdy_ is now known as CaptHowdy
bo_kaneand if you still want ubuntu use wubi02:46
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: or even better 'dpkg -l *apache* | grep ii'02:47
exarubuntu_: if you can get to windows 7, try EasyBCD http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=102:47
Starminnbo_kane: Windows has issues seeing Linunx filesystems. He'd be better off using a LiveCD.02:47
ubuntu_cant get into win7, thats my problem, using ubuntu live cd to get in here02:47
MiosI need some help. I am trying to install Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit on an AMD64 computer, yet I don't seem to understand partitioning for it. I do not want to erase my entire hard drive.02:47
BlkSvrAmpelbein,  you mean grep i right? not ii.02:47
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: no, I mean 'ii'02:47
bo_kanestarminn, it sounds like he needs to remove ubuntu to give priority to win702:47
BlkSvri get nothing/02:47
bo_kanein which case he can do that via simple win7 partition tools02:47
MiosI had 32 bit on my desktop, and it's install process was great. I do not know how to partition this one correctly to not screw it up.02:48
BlkSvr:/ *02:48
bo_kaneif i am understanding properly02:48
StarminnMios: For Ubuntu you need an ext* partition mounted at "/" (root) and a 2GB swap.02:48
BlkSvrMios: WAIT02:48
MiosI know this. I dont... *Waits*02:49
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: that means that you don't have anything installed with apache in it's name02:49
bo_kaneMios: if youre feeling ambitious, you can try zfs ^.^02:49
BlkSvrmios: whats your ram, make your swap be 2 times the size of your ram.02:49
ChogyDanubuntu_: I would just reinstall Ubuntu.  Grub needs a few files on the Ubuntu install to function, and unless you can reinstall the win7 bootloader, you are stuck with grub, eh?02:49
MiosMy RAM is 3 GB. I shall make a 6 gig Swap file.02:49
MiosAnd why try zfs?02:49
BlkSvrAmpelbein: then why did i get such a big list for dpkg -l apache* ?02:49
francesco_you can use bootrec.exe to restore the mbr02:49
bo_kanebecause of its speed02:49
BlkSvrnvm i got somthing02:49
bo_kaneand its just interesting and cool to mess around with, not to mention geek cred02:50
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: because that also lists uninstalled, but available packages02:50
BlkSvrbut only when i used i02:50
BlkSvrnot ii02:50
exarMios: do you want to overwrite the 32-bit Ubuntu installation with the 64-bit Ubuntu installation?02:50
MiosGeek cred or compatibility.02:50
MiosDo want the latter.02:50
bo_kaneMios: sounds like its gonna be a reinstall then02:50
MiosI just got this laptop, which is 64 bit. The 32 bit is on my desktop. I do not want to overwrite Windows 7.02:50
BlkSvrAmpelbein: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/574260/02:50
nichoshi all, im trying to boot my system using the amd64 10.10 disc, when i boot it says "can not mount /dev/loop0" and drops me to busy box. I've tried setting the HD to ACHI, raid and ide, all the same results'\02:50
LanhHi, I wonder if someone can point me in the direction of a fix, "passwords and encryption keys" isn't opening when I click it from the preferences menu in Ubuntu 10.10, and I can't figure out why. Any ideas?02:50
bo_kanei dont think you can just upgrade from 32 to 6402:50
FirefisheHow do I reset my DNS servers to use whatever the ISP I'm on is using?  I want to stop using openDNS.02:51
bo_kanegotta run02:51
bo_kanebye all02:51
MiosI know it's a reinstall, I just got this laptop... 7 hours and 30 minutes ago.02:51
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: that's a list of packages that are not installed.02:51
alisalaahFirefishe, usually if you remove opendns and just leave it on default it will use that02:51
alisalaahFirefishe, opendns may be setup from the router not just on the comp02:51
ChogyDanFirefishe: how did you install it?02:52
BlkSvrAmpelbein: Hmm looks like my gut is wrong ill gedit the .desktop file to see wheres it calling the shots from02:52
exarif you are using the Ubuntu installer, you should be able to have it automatically resize your windows 7 partition on the new laptop with a pretty slick GUI02:52
blkdghi, i am using ubuntu 10.10 , latest patches applied. when i connect a sansa clip player, RHYTHMBOX sees it , and i can eject it from there. Why doesn't it show up on my desktop like when i plug in a lacie drive, or a sd card ?02:52
MiosI am using the Installer. The GUI seems to be replaced with a "HEY! YOU NEED SKILLZ TO DO THIS!" for this one.02:52
AmpelbeinBlkSvr: read up on 'man dpkg-query' to find out why you want ii.02:52
nichosDid i download the wrong version??02:52
MiosI, however, do not remember my skillz to do that.02:52
Firefishealisalaah: That might explain why I can't get to certain sites, but I seem to remember I was able to get to them before I started using the openDNS name server addresses.  The thing is, I've deleted everything from all files previously changed.02:52
MiosThe z is unnecessary, I know.02:52
exarMios: well even if you have to manually partition, the process is not that hairy02:53
alisalaahFirefishe, check your router's dns settings02:53
BlkSvrAmpelbein: Mabey later, gotta get this system running tonight. If i dont , tommorow all hell breaks lose.02:53
alisalaahusually or 0.102:53
Firefishealisalaah: This is a public wi-fi area.02:53
MiosHooray, I just noticed GParted.02:53
alisalaahDo they use OpenDNS?02:53
Firefishealisalaah: I don't know.02:53
alisalaahor you were abel to on tehir wifi before you chnaged to opendns?02:53
Firefishealisalaah: Yes, at least, I believe so.02:53
exarMios: but there should be a 3-radio-button list where the options are the equivalent of: 1. Install Ubuntu alongside other operating systems, 2. Blow everything else away, and 3. Manually partition02:54
MiosExar, there are two options. Delete Frakkin' Everything, and Specify Partitions Manually.02:54
Firefishealisalaah: How can I tell what DNS server is being used on the network right now?02:55
blkdgif ubuntu automounts devices, would they all appear as icons on the desktop?02:55
BlkSvrMios: Then getcha geeky glasses on and read about partitions, your about to learn how computer software devides physical media :)02:55
nichoshi all, im trying to boot my system using the amd64 10.10 disc, when i boot it says "can not mount /dev/loop0" and drops me to busy box. I've tried setting the HD to ACHI, raid and ide, all the same results'\02:55
alisalaahFirefishe, http://www.ubuntu-inside.me/2009/05/howto-use-opendns-on-ubuntu.html02:55
alisalaahFirefishe, that tutorial has some good step by steps02:55
alisalaahFirefishe, maybe yo ucould try Google DNS servers, but use that ttorial to find it02:56
exarMios: weird. well, specify partitions manually. Right-click the biggest the NTFS partition, select change, and change the size of the partition02:56
alisalaahor leave blank to deaults should use the providers DNS02:56
MiosDoing so, Exar.02:56
BlkSvrOkay, time to strip this (inset saucy curse word here)02:56
BlkSvrinsert* well that typo ruined it.02:56
BlkSvrbrb, gotta reboot this and chroot in, time for the fun part.02:56
panfistif i'm compiling a program that's not in the repos where should i put the source folder02:56
th0rpanfist: it usually goes into /usr/local/src02:57
exarpanfist: ~/CODEZ02:57
blkdgnichos, just a stab in the dark, but did you check the iso against a md5 ?02:57
MiosExar, does Pastebin have an equivalent to an image hosting thing? It seems that I have no ability to resize anything.02:57
blkdgpanfist,  in your home dir.02:57
adminewbLucid/GNOME is behaving oddly: at random long intervals, some files&folders acquire emblems for no apparent reason, that can't be removed. Other emblems on these can be added/removed ok. Ring any bells anyone?02:57
Firefishealisalaah: Just read it.  I read something similar on openDNS's site.  I've deleted the `prepend ...02:58
Firefisheblasted fingers ;)02:58
MiosThis would be easier for me if I was able to provide screenshots.02:58
blkdgpanfist, once you've compiled, make, make install (or whatever) you can del the source dir02:58
panfistblkdg what if the program is a service, why would i put it in my home dir? i know it's just the source, but still02:58
exarMios: that must be why the installer didn't have an option to install alongside other operating systems02:58
exarit had already figured out it couldn't resize the partition02:59
MiosSo I am screwed?02:59
exartry booting live and using gparted02:59
MiosI am in live.02:59
blkdgpanfist, get the source, untar it in your home dir, enter the newly made dir, compile, exit the dir rm that dir.02:59
exardo you have it mounted?02:59
Firefishealisalaah: Just read it.  I read something similar on openDNS's site.  I've deleted the `prepend ...' stuff from /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf, as well as openDNS's name servers from the wireless account in the lan/wlan manager, so maybe the isp uses it, anyway.02:59
th0rpanfist: if you put it in /usr/local/src you can use it to 'make uninstall' later. Always a good idea to keep the src even after the executable is installed02:59
BlkSvryeeehaa, are you ready for it? time to do every Linux haters dream.03:00
panfistyeah i dont know why people are recommending to put it in home and delete it... i've screwed up too many systems doing crap like that03:00
panfistthanks th0r03:00
panfistblkdg i appreciate the suggestions, too03:01
blkdgpanfist, if you can see yourself recompiling for extra compile time features / optimization, then keep the source. it should be small in relation to the binary that you're making03:01
MiosOH. The largest partition is NTFS, does that make a difference?03:01
Firefishealisalaah: There was one step that had me do this:  `cp /etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf.auto  --  What does that do, exactly?03:01
th0rpanfist: old thinking knows what /usr/local is all about; new thinking (ubuntu) says to keep out of / and do everything in /home03:01
exaryeah Ubuntu can resize NTFS no problem03:01
panfisti think make uninstall is the best part and i had no idea that was even possible before03:01
MiosMerda. I can't figure out what is messed up. D:03:01
exarpanfist: it's not always possible -- it depends on the package03:01
Firefisheexar: I'd also have 'em defrag the NTFS side before having gparted resize it, too.03:02
panfistyeah i guess the package would have to implement an uninstall script03:02
exaryes that is safer, Firefishe03:02
MiosFirefishe, I got the system 7 hours ago, there is very little to defrag.03:02
exarpanfist: just an uninstall target in the Makefile usually, but some don't03:02
FirefisheMios:  @ yer pleasure, and/or risk, then, brotha! ;) hee03:02
blkdgpanfist, there's nothing you can screw up by rm'ing a source dir. think about it, worst case, you use more bandwith and get it again. /home is the safest place to compile03:03
exarMios: if you exit the installer and make sure the NTFS partition is not mounted (disk utility or just type mount at a prompt) you can see if gparted will let you resize it03:04
panfistblkdg: maybe i'm not a typical ubuntu user; i don't want to be safe, i want to learn as much as i can about system administration.03:05
panfisti'm doing this with the objective of learning how to manage a multiuser multihost environment03:05
exarMios: disclaimer: I'm not an op or official Ubuntu support or anything. I've been in this channel for about an hour. I came here to ask a question about bridging wireless networks, but at this point I don't think this is the right place for it.03:06
MiosYeah, I've been disappointed by Ubuntu support before, but I figure it's the best place. Trolls in the tubes can screw up your system when you are trying to install stuff.03:07
blkdgpanfist, linux users are inherently safe. ubuntu users are linux users ...03:07
milamberMios: what is the issue?03:08
milamber!screenshot | Mios03:08
ubottuMios: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.03:08
MiosIt won't let me partition my main drive to install Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit.03:09
milamberMios: are you running a live cd?03:09
panfistblkdg: if you were going to install a program that's a service that could potentially be accessed by many users and hosts...03:09
panfistyou would seriously untar to home, install and delete the source?03:09
milamberMios: are you trying to dual boot?03:10
cmolhai all03:10
cmolam need you help.03:10
Miosmilamber: Ye.s03:10
linuxtechAnyone have issues with the security issued kernek install?   linux-image-2.6.32-29-generic-pae appears to have some debconf/perl issue. http://paste.ubuntu.com/574261/plain/03:10
milamberMios: are you following the tutorial?03:10
cmolam have used microsoft visio on my windows, but what tool like visio on ubuntu 10.10 any body  can help me...03:10
cmolam have used microsoft visio on my windows, but what tool like visio on ubuntu 10.10 any body  can help me...03:10
MiosNo. I've installed Linux 12 times since my 13th birthday.03:10
MiosShould I be following it?03:11
blkdgpanfist, yes03:11
milamberMios: when all else fails . . .03:11
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot03:11
afmanHey if you want a program to run as an root from the GUI menu how do you go about getting Ubuntu to do that? IE if I want to run soemthing like wireshark without having to open up terminal how would that work?03:11
exarMios: try rebooting and run the installer directly instead of live03:12
Miosmilamber:  http://imagebin.org/14071103:12
exarsee if the friendly resize option shows up03:12
panfistblkdg: well you're going to have to do more to convince me than just say '/home is the safest place to compile'03:12
milamberMios: brb03:12
duongthaihaMios:  r u trying to dual boot ??03:13
blkdgpanfist, think about it: grab x.tar.gz, un tar it, enter x, read the README, probabbly do a make , make install, then once it's compiled and installed, I would DELETE  the source.  why on earth would i keep it???03:13
Miosduongthaiha: Yes.03:13
exarMios: hehe that looks bad03:13
exarMios: does your partition have some kind of transparent encryption?03:13
MiosI don't know. I have 7 on that one.03:13
duongthaihaMios: how many partion in the harddrive that you have03:13
Firefishewhat would happen if I manually delete /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/resolv.conf.auto ?03:13
exarduongthaiha: Mios posted a screenshot03:14
duongthaihaMios: ohh can you use automatic partition03:14
MiosNo I can not duongthaiha03:14
duongthaihaexar: sorry just join the forum03:14
duongthaihaMios: do you need all 4 partition?03:14
panfistblkdg: because space is probably the cheapest resource in your computer? why not keep it?03:14
blkdgpanfist, one other thing, compiling a 'service' is the same as compiling an app. the make will dictate where things go unless there are compile time flags which let you over ride.03:15
MiosI most likely do not, duongthaiha03:15
dingowhy cant i reboot properly ? right now i am using the live disk to access this because i cant access my computer any other way ... every time i attempt to reboot my system with ubuntu 10.10 installed it takes me to a grey config screen with a blue background and it asks me to select a language ... but it wont accept any key commands ... therefore i open my cd tray (from the tower) place this disk in the tray close and shutdown ... then i wait and turn it03:15
dingo back on and it will let me reinstall but when i go to reboot later on (after the install) i have to go through the process all over again ... i am very tired of reinstalling so many times and i just want it to be fixed03:15
blkdgpanfist, so you want to mirror every version / revision of said package?03:15
duongthaihaMios: you have a very small ntfs sda303:15
cmolam have used microsoft visio on my windows, but what tool like visio on ubuntu 10.10 any body  can help me...03:15
duongthaihaMios: if you dont use them then delete it03:16
exarI would be wary of that03:16
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duongthaihaMios: make sure you check if you need anything in that partition03:16
panfistblkdg: well, it depends on the package how much i would keep, but if it's huge than re-downloading can be a pain too...i like to collect things03:16
exarthose partitions could be being usedby the laptop manufacturer for restore or backup03:16
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MiosI plan to check03:16
duongthaihaexar: if that was used oem then normally it at the beginning the the harddrive03:17
panfistblkdg: but you are right, service or app it really doesn't matter for the source...03:17
duongthaihaexar: sda3 is somewhere at the middle which is a strange thing to have anyway03:17
blkdgpanfist, so then apply the same rule you just stated to where the compile occurs03:17
blkdgpanfist, /home ...03:17
exarif you boot into windows to check, look at the administrative tools / computer management / disk management to see wtf is going on with your main windows partition03:18
exarif it's encrypted or compressed or something03:18
MiosSDA3 is my recovery partition.03:18
panfistblkdg: i just think for a multi user system, if i was going to keep it at all, why my own home dir...03:18
FirefisheMios:  You could always wipe the entire drive, repartition manually an NTFS side and a ext4 (or what-have-you) side, then install ubuntu and then windows to their specific locations manually.03:18
MiosDo not want to get rid of that.03:19
duongthaihaMios:  okie no problem can you give us a better screen of your harddrive03:19
exarFirefishe: if this is a newer laptop, it can be a pain to get the drivers right for Windows03:19
blkdgpanfist, i would hazard a guess and say most people might keep kernel source, and that's seriously about it.03:20
milamberMios: how's the manual working out?03:20
Firefisheexar:  Well, if MIos's laptop came with a driver-recovery cd, there you go ;)03:20
exarthe manufacturer-installed operating system is usually filled with bloatware but the drivers are all the correct versions installed in the correct order03:20
exaryeah I'm just saying it can be a crap shoot03:20
blkdgpanfist, how multiuser ready is ubuntu?03:20
duongthaihaMios: I had the similar problem when i install my ubuntu. I have to use gpartition to shink some space03:20
th0rpanfist: in a multiuser system there are often several admins with access to the system. They would all have access to /usr/local, but would not have access to each other's /home03:20
blkdggood point th0r03:21
mouseI'm having a hard time doing a remote desktop to a windows 7 machine.  I tried it with rdp and vnc and nothing has worked.  Any idea why?03:21
duongthaihamouse: any error message?03:21
exarmouse: port forwarding in the appropriate places?03:21
dingowow ... 1465 ppl here and no-one can help me ?03:22
cyixdingo: I think many may be afk03:22
syrinx_dingo: whats the situation03:22
mouseduongthaiha, Just that it can't connect.  exar, is port forwarding done on my side or theirs?03:22
dingosyrinx ; i cant reboot03:23
exarmouse: theirs03:23
syrinx_dingo: ok....03:23
mouseexar, What do they have to do?03:23
exarmouse: if they are behind NAT (a firewall) then they have to forward the server port to their server host03:23
dingoi printed it all up a bit if you dont mind scrolling its pretty involved03:23
exardingo: are you taking the CD out after installation?03:24
dingoexar : yes03:24
mouseexar, How would they do that?03:24
duongthaihamouse: ask them to forward port 338903:24
exarmouse: router configuration03:24
syrinx_dingo: dual boot or no?03:25
duongthaihamouse http://portforward.com/03:25
dingosyrinx; no03:25
MiosCrap. The small HP_TOOLS partition apparently contains my BIOS.03:25
duongthaihamouse: this is a very good website for port fowarding03:25
MiosThat's asinine.03:25
blkdgdingo, wireless keyboar or mouse?03:25
dingoblkdg: no on both03:26
mouseduongthaiha, exar, Ah I think that makes sense now.  What happens if the person is at a university and doesn't have access to the router?03:26
exarMios: I doubt it's your actual BIOS, but I would keep it around03:26
duongthaihamouse: haha just forget it then university normally dont allow those thing03:27
MiosThe problem is that I have 4 partitions. The others I am paranoid of getting rid of03:27
blkdgdingo, and it accepts all commands during the install procedure?03:27
jilthow to register my name with irc/03:27
duongthaihaMios: 4 partition in one harddrive?03:27
MiosApparently, duongthaiha03:27
apoagehi just one question about wifi usb card is possible it will work in master mode (like Aces Point / AP) under ubuntu/linux while manufacturer says it works under windows in software AP mode .. no exactly sure what it means but just if someone has any idea03:28
drcjilt: /join freenode    and ask there03:28
dingoblkdg, yes its after install and during the next reboot after the intial that it messes up03:28
duongthaihaMios:  should be ok my have 503:28
mouseduongthaiha, Yeah I was afraid of that.  She went home for the weekend and I assumed that would be the perfect time but it still didn't work even after disabling the firewall.  I didn't think to mess with the router at her parent's house.03:28
drcjilt: err... /join #freenode    and ask there03:28
duongthaihaMios: if you have a default small fat partition then leave it it normally oem03:29
blkdgdingo, standard 32 / 64 bit install, not a server or a netbook or an alternate?03:29
FirefisheWhat is the command for looking up a domain name's ip numbers?03:29
duongthaihaMios if there in any thing with recover name also leave it03:29
duongthaihaMios: then shink some space from the windows partition03:29
exarapoage: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers if you can figure out your manufacturer or chipset then this list will tell you the current capabilities of your device in linux03:29
dingoyes standard 32bit (i assume) desktop03:30
dingoon a desktop03:30
MiosThe SYSTEM partition seems to contain a folder containing BOOT/en-US/bootmgr.exe.mui (And in the same folder memtest.exe.mui) and System Volume Information, along with a bootmgr file. In the SVI folder, there is a folder called EfaData, A file called LightningSand.CFD, and Tracking.log. In the EfaData folder there is SYMEDA.DB03:30
apoageexar: thanks03:30
matt-vaioI am sick of unity for now. until it's bugs are worked out, I want to use gnome again, and there is no gnome-desktop related startup option. Any ideas?03:31
duongthaihaMios: howbig is system?03:31
xanguamatt-vaio: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop03:31
MiosIt is... Hold on.03:31
cmolam have used microsoft visio on my windows, but what tool like visio on ubuntu 10.10 any body  can help me...03:32
cmolam have used microsoft visio on my windows, but what tool like visio on ubuntu 10.10 any body  can help me...03:32
cmolam have used microsoft visio on my windows, but what tool like visio on ubuntu 10.10 any body  can help me...03:32
FloodBot3cmol: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:32
matt-vaioxangua, already says it's at the latest version03:32
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xanguathen choose gnome as your session matt-vaio03:32
MiosIt is 209 Mb03:32
MiosI need to get rid of it to make a new partition, though.03:32
hensemhello all03:32
hensemi've got some problem in ubuntu...03:32
exarcmol: http://www.osalt.com/visio OpenOffice.org Draw should be easy enough to get in 10.1003:32
DrMaxexar : setting nolock to the nfs mount seems to solve the problem03:33
hensemi want to restore mysql dump in ubuntu..03:33
matt-vaioall there is is Ubuntu Desktop Edition and Ubuntu Classic Version among others. xangua, neither work obv03:33
duongthaihaMios: can you post a full picture of the partitions03:33
MiosYes I can.03:33
duongthaihaMios: its easier to visually see it :D03:33
hensembut it can't. i try to 'cat' the dump of mysql... it shows in binary03:33
blkdgdingo, what do you mean , 'i assume'03:33
dingoblkdg,  32 bit install desktop edition03:33
drcmatt-vaio: 10.10 or 11.04a?03:34
xanguamatt-vaio: classic¿ using natty¿ matt-vaio not supported here03:34
hensemis there any way i can restore this dump in ubuntu mysql?03:34
matt-vaio11.04a2 just yesterday03:34
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.03:34
blkdgdingo, 10.4, 10.10 ?03:34
drcmatt-vaio: natty supported in #ubuntu+103:34
dingoblkdg, 10.1003:34
penemuehello everyone, any tip on how to run ubuntu 10.10 under virtualbox at higher than 800x600 ?03:34
Miosduongthaiha: http://imagebin.org/14071603:34
penemuetried adding that package virtualbox-ose something but didn't change anything03:35
duongthaihapenemue: install guest addition03:35
syn-ackpenemue, Install the Guest tools03:35
matt-vaiopenemue, use the virtualbox that is supplied on the website, not OSE03:35
matt-vaioOSE sucks.03:35
penemueguest additions I think i installed... well double clicked  on the stuff on cd, didn't see what the terminal said cause it dissapeared after03:35
mouseI have a linux distro iso file I want to burn to cd but it's 800+ mbs and I want to make it smaller so I ran it in virualbox and uninstalled a few packages but they weren't permanently removed from the iso.  How would I make it smaller?03:35
duongthaihaMios: can you shink the sda203:35
penemuei'll do it again from a terminal tomorrow (5 am here)03:35
Beavis90I am trying to enable the linux firewall as soon as the systems loads03:36
MiosNo I can not, Duongthaia03:36
Beavis90can someone help me with this03:36
duongthaihaMios: encrypted??03:36
MiosRed ! Icon.03:36
MiosOn it.03:36
apoageexar, well emm it is Ralink Technology, Corp. RT2870/RT3070 Wireless Adapter and all i can find is rt2800usb but in colum is only interrogation mark so still have no idea03:36
qq1i need serious help qq03:37
MiosWait a minute, what is an lba partition?03:37
Travfrancesco_, its me on my iphone got the cd burnt whats next03:37
matt-vaiogood question...03:37
duongthaihaMios: Can you boots in windows and shink it from windows?03:38
MiosNo I can not, Duongthaiha.03:38
blkdgdingo, just rereading your original question. so you insert cd, boot, select install, wait, and then reboot with the cd in?03:39
exarMios: I really think you should try to resize the big 280GiB partition03:39
MiosI have tried, Exar03:39
MiosIt will not let me.03:39
duongthaihaMios: any error when you do it it windows?03:39
exarMios: I see you found Gparted. If you make sure it's unmounted, even Gparted won't do it?03:39
MiosEven Gparted won't do it.03:39
dingoblkdg, no the cd is long out of the tray by then ...03:39
matt-vaioMios, it might not work if you are running a partitioner inside linux or using unetbootin on the drive03:39
matt-vaioit will lock it for safety03:40
MiosI am using a partitioner in a liveCD03:40
matt-vaioand stay mounted. try using gparted on a flash...03:40
MiosAnd I have a bunch of warnings on it03:40
exarMios: see how it says mount point and it has text there? that text should not be there03:40
matt-vaioany error messages?03:40
MiosYes. A bunch of them, matt-vaio03:40
blkdgdingo, when you hit restart now at the end of the installation, the cd ejects, right?03:40
exarMios: when that column is empty for sda2, try to resize it03:40
milamber!gparted | Mios03:41
ubottuMios: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php03:41
dingoblkdg, this last time it happened after i had updated the system through the update manager03:41
duongthaihaMios: a buch of them mean very litter :P03:41
bin_bashSkype crashed, and I closed it, and it doesn't show in top, but whne trying to start skype it says "Another instance of skype may exist"03:41
bin_bashwhat do?03:41
dingoblkdg, yes that is correct03:41
duongthaihaMios:  is that a warning of error?03:41
broculisjust bought a  hp g62  and the wifi RaLink RT3090 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R PCIe his having problems connecting/ staying connected/ slow connection03:41
lea123 I happen to uninstall the remanents of evolution and therefore uninstalled the gnome panel.. I tried what ubbuttu said but when i type gnome-panel it the terminal gets attached to the panel and  it also throws up GTK warning03:41
qq1anyone can help me with this kernel panic please?03:41
MiosIt is a warning.03:41
xanguabin_bash: pkill skype03:41
qq1i am going to freak out03:41
duongthaihaMios: what is this warning about?03:41
MiosIt seems to be like 5,000 warnings on one window, and I can not see all of them because of my asinine resolution.03:41
lea123 I happen to uninstall the remanents of evolution and therefore uninstalled the gnome panel.. I tried what ubbuttu said but when i type gnome-panel it the terminal gets attached to the panel and  it also throws up GTK warning03:42
bin_bashxangua: didn't work03:42
MiosAnd I can't copy them either.03:42
ruani've installed the 7zip package but i can't open RAR files.. it says file type not supported03:42
ruanbut i can open .7z files03:42
blkdgdingo, did you change any settings during the installation ?03:42
xangualea123: install ubuntu-desktop and don't uninstall what comes with it ;)03:42
milamber!rar | ruan03:42
ubotturuan: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free03:42
xanguaruan: installed p7zip-full ¿03:43
duongthaihaMios: are you sure that partition is not mounted to your live cd03:43
mouseWhen you press alt f2 you get the run application window.  What's the terminal command for that?03:43
blkdgdingo, did you check the iso you downloaded with md5 ?03:43
ruani'll try p7zip full03:43
dingoonly automatic login03:43
ruanah, non-free rar module for p7zip03:43
lea123xangua: What do you mean ?03:43
drcruan: install p7zip-rar03:43
ruani did so03:44
milamberruan: you need unrar-free for up to version 2 and unrar for version 3, make sure multiverse is enabled for unrar03:44
dingoblkdg, now you have me lost ... the disk i have came from canonical through the mail03:44
syrinx_ruan: unrar-free03:44
ruanand yeah, now it works03:44
blkdgdingo, sorry, one sec03:44
ExplodingPigletshey can somebody give me a direct link to download wireshare? I tried googling, but they all lead to nothing.03:45
dingoblkdg, its ok im thankful you are helping no need to be sorry03:45
qq1well anyone can help me about that kernel panic? please.03:45
exarExplodingPiglets: http://media-2.cacetech.com/wireshark/src/wireshark-1.4.4.tar.bz203:45
MiosOkay, whoever wanted to know the errors. This screwed up and opened like 500 trash instances03:45
MiosIt took forever to fix. Those are the errors I can se03:46
blkdgdingo, when folks grab disk image of ubuntu (*.iso) then should check that it downloaded properly by comparing the md5 checksum that ubuntu provides against the one that the downloader creates on their system. it allows the downloader to make sure the .iso is not corrupt03:46
matt-vaioit's the unity bar.03:46
lea123_Evolution seems to be the Internet Explorer application of Windows. Even though I uninstalled it ages ago it stil provides me the updates, patches and I cant just get rid of it03:46
ExplodingPigletsthanks exar03:46
blkdgdingo, but you got yours in the mail.......03:46
ruanExplodingPiglets: do you mean wireshark?03:46
exarExplodingPiglets: that's the source... if you want Ubuntu's version just type 'apt-get install wireshark'03:46
dingoblkdg, yeah i was wondering how that applied to me03:47
lea123_I had install ubuntu-desktop to get back my Gnome-Panel03:47
blkdgdingo, was this a weird machine to start with ? did it boot windows?03:47
duongthaihaMios: wtf03:47
bin_bashDoes anyone know how to kill a program if it's not listed in top?03:47
MiosMy thoughts exactly, duongthaiha03:47
duongthaihaMios:  seem you having a bad boy here03:47
blkdgdingo, did you change any settings during the installation ?03:47
milamberbin_bash: ps aux | grep <programname>03:47
dingoblkdg, its an hp of somesort and was originally loaded with windows vista03:47
milamberMios: do a disk check03:48
blkdgdingo, did you change any settings during the installation  ?03:48
lea123_Hello anybody has any clue to uninstall evolution completely without having the Gnome-Panel uninstalled03:48
dingoblkdg, the only setting i changed was to automatic login03:48
duongthaihaMios: yup a disk check would be reasonable03:48
MiosIn which OS?03:48
blkdgdingo, install again, take away the auto login03:48
duongthaihaMios: run it in Win03:49
gage_bwHi all. I'm trying to modify my .bashrc to set the title of terminator(but not gnome-terminal), but I'm not sure what to test for.03:49
bin_bashmilamber: It says no such process03:49
opiumhi! I'm trying to boot Ubuntu 10.10 onto my Laptop, booting thru USB gives me the error "NTLDR is missing." Any ideas?03:49
duongthaihaMios make sure you have a good windows disk then i will look to see why you have such error03:49
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MiosI'm done. Linux is not worth this.03:49
gage_bwgood luck Mios03:50
duongthaihaMios: its worth it just a bit of bad luck03:50
MiosI've installed Ubuntu 12 times in 3 years, and this is completely screwed up.03:50
blkdgdingo, maybe when X starts, there's a driver conflict, and that's locking your system?03:50
dingoblkdg, thats exactly what i wanted to avoid (another reinstall) ... but ill try again anyway ... anything else you can think of ?03:50
duongthaihaMios: should still run the check anyway just for windows run well03:50
bin_bashI don't know what the problem is. but liek, I think my skype name is still logged in03:50
=== lea123_ is now known as lea123
blkdgdingo, but just for trouble shooting purposes, reinstall and have it propmt you to log in, no auto login...03:51
dingoblkdg , can you elaborate ?03:51
duongthaihaMios: run chkdsk /f03:51
syn-ackduongthaiha, "Command not found"03:51
milamberbin_bash: can you just run ps?03:51
qq1i am getting the error on boot `` kernel panic - not syncing: VFS : unable to mount root fs on unknown block (0,0)03:51
duongthaihasyn-ack: lol in windows i should have said03:52
bin_bashmilamber: this is the output: 20022  0.0  0.0   3324   800 pts/3    S+   22:51   0:00 grep Skype03:52
ExplodingPigletswhoa whoa whoa03:52
blkdgdingo, have you consistanly reinstalled and told it to auto log you in?03:52
ExplodingPigletswhat is this network analyzer stuff?03:52
ExplodingPigletsI wanted something like limewire03:52
syrinx_whoa whoa whoa03:52
dingoblkdg, yes03:53
bin_bashWhen I try to sudo kill -9 or killall, it says no process found03:53
blkdgdingo, let's eliminate that possibility03:53
blkdgdingo, right?\03:53
=== bullgard_ is now known as bullgard
MiosI'm going back to Windows. Apparently 10.10 has a fatal bug called it wants to rape my entire system, or just not work.03:53
milamberbin_bash: oh, ok. i thought it wasn't working. in which case i would say that skype is not running03:53
exarMios: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=487300 it's a little dated, but this thread says try chkdsk /f on the partition in safe mode then reboot windows a couple of times to let the scans run before Windows attempts to load  the OS off the partition03:53
qq1god please any can help me?03:53
bin_bashSorry I meant my kill attempts aren't working03:53
ExplodingPigletsok, pardon my bluntness but what the hell is wireshark?03:53
ChogyDanqq1: what filesystem do you have?03:53
exarExplodingPiglets: what did you want?03:54
qq1ext4 i guess03:54
syrinx_ExplodingPiglets: packet sniffer03:54
qq1im a bit newb at this stuff sorry03:54
ExplodingPigletsI wanted wireshare03:54
milamber!info wireshark | ExplodingPiglets03:54
MiosTime to reboot.03:54
ubottuExplodingPiglets: wireshark (source: wireshark): network traffic analyzer - GTK+ version. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.11-4build0.10.10.1 (maverick), package size 714 kB, installed size 1812 kB03:54
syn-ackChogyDan, I'm thinking it's a bad fstab03:54
duongthaihaMios: see u in ubuntu soon03:54
exarmy bad03:54
duongthaihaMios: it worth it mate :D03:54
dingoblkdg, thanks i'll be back soon with results03:54
blkdgdingo, should take you about 15 min.03:54
exarExplodingPiglets: I assumed you typo'ed03:54
ExplodingPigletsWhich one is the download link?03:55
bin_bashmilamber: how can I kill this unkillable skype process?03:55
ChogyDanqq1: have you pastebined your fstab and blkid output?03:55
duongthaihamilamber: restart??03:55
milamberbin_bash: you have to be more specific about what the problem is. skype isn't running03:55
=== Desert_Fox is now known as matt-vaio
eossOk, i had to change filer permissions in my www folder so www-data had group access, now everytime i make a new file or folder in the directory i need to also change it specifically? isnt there any way for it to take on some predefined permissions03:55
bin_bashmilamber: when I try to load skype and login, it says "Another skype instance may exist"03:56
bin_bashAnd I can't log in03:56
matt-vaiooh, and while I'm at it, does anybody know how to use aircrack-ng? :D03:56
exarExplodingPiglets: it looks like they have not posted any files to SourceForge, yet03:56
ExplodingPigletsOk, can somebody give me a direct download link to wireshare? I mean when I click the link, it starts downloading.03:56
milambereoss: create the files as www-data03:56
bin_bashExplodingPiglets: sudo apt-get install wireshark03:56
mouseI wasn't paying too much attention.  What exactly was mios having trouble with?03:56
ExplodingPigletsI tried that03:56
qq1ehm what are those :703:56
eossmilamber, how i do that?03:56
syrinx_hes looking for *wireshare* not *wireshark*03:56
duongthaihamouse: he was trying to install ubuntu03:56
blkdggood night03:56
qq1how can i03:57
syrinx_im gessing wireshare is some P2P thingy03:57
ChogyDan!paste | qq1 (can you pastebin /etc/fstab?)03:57
ubottuqq1 (can you pastebin /etc/fstab?): For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:57
matt-vaiofor p2p, stick with transmission or qbittorrent :>03:57
exaryeah it looks like they just created the Wireshare project in January and have not released any files yet03:57
syrinx_i agree with matt-vaio, stick with torrents03:58
mouseduongthaiha, And he couldn't do it?  That's weird.  Did he not have enough ram or wrong file system type or something?03:58
matt-vaioman matt-vaio is such a sucky nick03:58
matt-vaioall the rest of mine are taken:(03:58
milambereoss: sudo su www-data03:58
bin_bashI have no idea how to deal with this skype issue. wtfbbq.03:58
duongthaihamouse: he got something wrong with his ntfs partition03:58
andaiJava sound stutters03:59
drcmatt-vaio: then time to re-invent yourself...pick a new one :)03:59
Logan_WP!skype | bin_bash03:59
ubottubin_bash: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga03:59
syrinx_matt-vaio: change dat ish03:59
bin_bashWow that's so helpful.03:59
mouseduongthaiha, I thought linux couldn't run on ntfs.03:59
matt-vaiomwilson, mw, and desertfox are taken lol03:59
=== Python[away] is now known as Python[HW]
bin_bashThank you for telling me how I can install a program that I already have installed.03:59
duongthaihabin_bash: its a bot :P03:59
bin_bashLogan_WP isn't a bot, is it?04:00
matt-vaioo wow. 1manBandcamp is taken too04:00
Logan_WPbin_bash: I don't think so...04:00
milamberbin_bash: sudo chown -R user.group .Skype04:00
=== matt-vaio is now known as msw
* Logan_WP looks at himself for bot-like characteristics04:00
milamberbin_bash: from your home directory: cd ~04:00
=== msw is now known as mwilson1023
alisalaah!Logan_WP help04:00
gage_bwHmm...When the terminal looks at .bashrc, what information can I access? I want to set the title for certain terminals, but not others.04:00
syrinx_mwilson1023: there u go04:00
bin_basham I supposed to change user.group to something?04:00
mwilson1023:) that's my last choice04:01
witesharkis Ubuntuzilla for FF not working?04:01
switch10_my android phone is mounting read only all of a sudden.  the owner and group is root.  I've tried chmoding and chowning, still no go.  Its fstab entry is listing it mounted as rw.  any ideas?04:01
Logan_WP!firefox | witeshark04:01
ubottuwiteshark: firefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins - See also !firefox-3.504:01
Logan_WPwiteshark: use that instead of Ubuntuzilla04:01
witesharkLogan_WP, thanks04:02
milamberbin_bash: your user your group04:02
Logan_WPwiteshark: np04:02
mwilson1023Anyone know how to use Aircrack-ng? I've forgotten my WPA key lol04:02
bin_bashi have no idea what my group is04:02
Logan_WPmwilson1023: are we supposed to know what it is? :P04:02
andai64 bit, Java stutters like crazy (sound), graphics slow down too, when i turn off sound in-game graphics speed up. Minecraft and "need for madness"04:02
milamberbin_bash: just user should work then04:02
mwilson1023Logan_WP, some of us do04:02
duongthaihamwilson1023: reset your router its faster04:02
syrinx_mwilson1023: reset the router?04:02
exarmwilson1023: I've never used it for WPA. You would need access to some rainbow tables and a lot of time from what I understand.04:02
mwilson1023that was a lame excuse for cracking my neighbors ;P04:03
bin_bashmilamber: that didn't work either04:03
Logan_WPhey, no illegal stuff here :D04:03
mwilson1023lol jk04:03
mwilson1023we're best buds04:03
alisalaahLogan_WP, assuming its a program to crack wireless WPA passwords, but ive never used it04:03
bin_bashmilamber: I still can't login to skype04:03
duongthaihamwilson1023: like i gonna belieave that?04:03
milamberbin_bash: cp .Skype .Skype-backup && rm -r .Skype04:04
Logan_WPalisalaah: that's what it is :)04:04
drcmwilson1023: not if he catches you you aren;t (anymore) :)04:04
alisalaahmwilson1023, plug into ethernet, reset password there04:04
Logan_WPyo, mwilson1023, have you asked in #aircrack-ng?04:04
mwilson1023they have a channel? srsly?04:04
bin_bashlol cp04:04
bin_bashmilamber: what does that do?04:04
Logan_WPmwilson1023: srsly.04:04
mwilson1023yew FORRAEL?04:05
exaractually that might be a good place to ask my question too04:05
milamberbin_bash: it makes a backup of your skype directory and then deletes the original04:05
bin_bashmilamber: the output I got was cp: omitting directory `.Skype'04:06
duongthaihabin_bash: when you run ps can you see skype04:06
Logan_WPmwilson1023: going to join that channel? :P04:06
halitushow do I install ubuntu on an ext4 fs without journaling?04:06
milamberbin_bash: you might need a -R in the cp, so cp -R .Skype .Skype-backup && rm -R .Skype04:06
syn-ackhalitus, install ext2.04:06
mwilson1023Logan_WP, in a few minutes04:06
Logan_WPmwilson1023: ok04:06
BellaHello. I connect to my ADSL2 modem wirelessly... have never had any issues connecting from windows but I cannot seem to connect from ubuntu 10.10. My wireless card is detected but it picks up no networks to connect to... when I try and connect to "Hidden network" and put in the name security and password it just sits there for a while then tells me it needs password for authentication. I have checked it's the right network name security typ04:07
Bellae and password.04:07
halitussyn-ack, yeah thats what i thought no other problems with doing that?04:07
syn-ackWell, yes04:07
bin_bashOkay no output04:07
bin_bashmilamber: now what04:07
syn-ackhalitus, ext4 is not backward compatible with ext2. only ext304:07
milamberbin_bash: try logging in again04:07
syn-ackhalitus, May I inquire as to why you think you don't want a journal?04:08
halitussyn-ack, I am installing onto a CF card04:08
mwilson1023Logan_WP, at first you didn't even knew wut it was, and now ur begging me to join it. trap?04:08
mwilson1023...and it's there.04:08
andaihelp! terrible stuttering & lag in java games (unless i disable sound). what's up?04:08
mouseThis portforward.com site is awesome.  Thank you for showing me.04:08
syn-ackhalitus, ah, in that case, there are some things you can do to make it faster.04:08
halitussyn-ack, my plan was no journaling and no swap and point a few other things to ramdisk04:09
mwilson1023mouse, doesn't it cost money tho?04:09
duongthaihamouse: no pro04:09
halitussyn-ack, im also worried about how many read writes04:09
syn-ackhalitus, That's generally the procedure04:09
alisalaahDoes anyone know if there is any plans to make DisplayLink supported in Native Ubuntu?04:09
alisalaahthere's working drivers and xorg is horrible sometimes04:09
bin_basheff this noise. i'm purging and reinstalling04:10
mousemwilson1023, Oh crap you're right.  I was just looking through the list of routers it supports.04:10
halitussyn-ack, how to i disable swap?04:10
syn-ackhalitus, you mount the swap disk to tmpfs04:10
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=== Practical is now known as UmbraDomino
halitusdo i wait untill ve installed it?04:11
syn-ackhalitus, all of this can be done from within your fstab.04:11
halitussyn-ack, Hmm i dont know what fstab is04:11
syn-ackgoogle for ubuntu cf install. That should get get you on the right path. I would love to help more but I've got a quite a bit going on here on the LAN04:11
syn-ackthat was to you, halitus04:11
halitusgot it04:12
=== UmbraDomino is now known as Petey
halitusyeah im looking but i find alot of questions rather than tutorails04:12
halitusthanks for the help syn-ack04:12
zombie_Where can I find the latest X for ubuntu 10.1004:12
syn-ackhalitus, No problem, Sorry I could help you further.04:12
syn-ackcouldn't too04:12
=== SpockVulcan is now known as AndrewMC
zombie_Repeat:: Where can I find the latest X for ubuntu 10.1004:13
syn-ackhalitus, this is a little outdated but start here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=54991804:13
deoi am deo from uk04:13
Logan_WPnice to meet you04:13
deoimmy hello04:13
deologan hiya04:13
deozombie :D04:14
syn-ackzombie_, you're running the newest X. There's no need to worry about getting anything newer.04:14
deozombie nice name04:14
zombie_u'mm yeah there is04:14
immyin a script i have let pattern='a-zA-z' <newline> echo $pattern - this writes 0 to the terminal...04:14
zombie_I need to find the lastest X I got it from somebody on here before04:14
syn-ackzombie_, Well, don't plan on getting support for it here.04:14
deoi dont understand :S04:14
zombie_Why the hell now?04:14
=== Petey is now known as H1TLER
Logan_WP!wtf | zombie_04:15
ubottuzombie_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.04:15
bin_bashOkay, so, I purged skype and re-installed it. but I'm stuck in a sign-in loops04:15
bin_bashi have NO idea what to do04:15
Logan_WPH1TLER: inappropriate username - please change it04:15
mwilson1023ahh, mIRC scripts I presume?04:15
syn-ackzombie_, that's an out of line update. PPAs and backports are generally NOT supported in this channel.04:15
mwilson1023or that drabby eggdrop lol04:15
deoi am new here :(04:15
zombie_Okay now I'm a bit upset.04:15
bin_bashOH MY GOD FINALLY04:15
Logan_WP!caps | bin_bash04:15
ubottubin_bash: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.04:15
mwilson1023!blasphemy | bin_bash04:15
zombie_I came here before and got help now once I restored my pc again I don't get help whats up with that?04:15
=== H1TLER is now known as Petey
mwilson1023SHOUT SHOUT04:16
immymaybe you forgot to put on deodorant04:16
IdleOnemwilson1023: drop the caps please04:16
Logan_WPmwilson1023: let it all out04:16
syrinx_zombie_: sup dude04:16
bin_bashLogan_WP: caps lock is cruise control for cool04:16
zombie_I need help finding the lastest X for ubuntu 10.1004:17
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:17
switch10_my android phone is mounting read only all of a sudden.  the owner and group is root.  I've tried chmoding and chowning, still no go.  Its fstab entry is listing it mounted as rw.  any ideas?04:17
zombie_Its the only way I can run some software without it crashing04:17
deoxchat from ubuntu software centre ^_^04:17
mwilson1023syrinx_, what is that from? I haven't put that together yet?04:17
mwilson1023I g2g04:18
FirefisheI'm using 10.04 Lucid.  Firefox 3.6.13 is giving me a lot of this error:  Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.04:18
Logan_WPdeo: Do you need help with Ubuntu_04:18
deoLogan , no not me04:18
Logan_WPzombie_: hi04:19
deozombie :D dead man walking :D04:19
syrinx_zombie_: weren't you here this morning?04:20
Logan_WPdeo: Please, no offtopic comments.04:20
deosorry , logan04:20
deowhat to discuss here i am new :S04:20
Logan_WP!ot | deo04:20
ubottudeo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:20
=== hiredgoo1 is now known as hiredgoon
deogot it logan thanks04:21
deoLogan, do you know how to get yahoo messenger in ubuntu04:22
santhoshguys can any one tell me how to make a permanent port forwarding for a port from one system to anoter, pls its very urgent04:22
Logan_WP!yahoo | deo04:22
ubottudeo: Empathy is the default instant messaging and video client for GNOME. Since Karmic, it has been the default client in Ubuntu, replacing !pidgin04:22
zombie_Hello - I need help finding the latest X for ubuntu 10.1004:22
cyixhi all.. do I need to defrag my HDD periodically, like for windows? I have been installing and removing a lot of stuff as I am new to Ubuntu.04:22
Logan_WPzombie_: someone already explained to you that the latest X is already installed in Ubuntu04:23
zombie_No its freaking not04:23
deobut pidgin doesnot support webcam chats nor does empathy :(04:23
Logan_WPcalm down, please, zombie_04:23
santhoshguys pls can any one guide me on how to create a permanent port forwarding04:23
syrinx_he mad04:23
Logan_WPhe mad zombie04:23
cyixI can has corpse then?04:24
mousedeo, Pidgin does but it has to be a gmail account and both people need a webcam.04:24
Logan_WPdeo: http://www.phrozensmoke.com/projects/pyvoicechat/04:24
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
exarWell, I've had no luck in #linux-wireless or #aircrack-ng so I'll try here: anyone know how to include a managed wlan interface in a bridge in recent Linux kernels (>= 2.6.33)?04:24
syn-ackhahahaha, the definition of irony. Apport crashing while trying to report a crash04:25
deomouse and logan , thanks i will come back in sometime let me check the link and gmail thingy04:25
mousedeo, Actually it's not just gmail but it has to be something that uses the same chat protocol gmail uses.04:25
mouseI don't remember the name of it.04:26
qq1i am getting `Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0) ` error what can i do any1 can help?04:26
Logan_WPmouse: ^04:26
Logan_WPor XMPP?04:26
mouseLogan_WP, Yeah the xmpp04:26
SwedeMikejabber is xmpp04:26
SwedeMikeso is google chat04:27
mouseI just remember it cause I saw a discussion about it on some website about a year ago.04:27
SwedeMikeqq1: it means you're trying to boot off of the wrong device.04:27
qq1how can i fix it?04:28
syrinx_qq1 did you google it?04:28
witesharkdoes the new FF need a full reboot?04:28
qq1i did a lot but i couldnt figured it out04:28
arrrghhhhey all, i have a 10.10 install but grub2 picks up 2 windows OSes.  for whatever reason the recovery partition is also picked up04:28
arrrghhhhow can i disable it?  i can remove the entry, but i assume next time os-prober runs it'll just pick it back up04:29
syrinx_arrrghhh: so?04:29
mousewiteshark, Firefox?  Why would you have to reboot for firefox?04:29
Logan_WP!google | syrinx_04:29
ubottusyrinx_: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.04:29
qq1i m trying to fix it about 4-5 hours04:29
* syrinx_ tries to save humanity04:30
witesharki added the package to Software Sources and updated, but FF is still 3.6.1304:30
mousewiteshark, That's my current version.04:30
Starminnwiteshark: For the Beta I had to add a launcher04:30
syn-acksudo apt-get update04:31
witesharkStarminn, for FF 4?04:31
Starminnwitehsark: I assume that is what you're trying to get work?04:31
Starminnwitehsark: ^04:31
witesharkwell i was expecting 2.6.1404:31
Starminnwiteshark: ^^ (keep typo'ing your name)04:32
sweetexcuse me...04:32
=== Logan_WP is now known as __Logan__
Starminnwiteshark: Wait a minute, please explain exactly what you're trying to do, and exactly what's happening instead of that.04:32
phixhey, any way to disable NetworkManager?04:33
phixOr add in static content to it?  it is really starting to annoy me04:33
witesharkfirst i tried the older Ubuntuzilla to update, that's gone so I added ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable to your system's Software Sources04:33
exarphix: right click, edit connections04:33
exarphix: to disable it for an interface, add entries for that interface in /etc/network/interfaces04:34
witesharkthen ran update manager but 2.6.14 did not replace 2.6.1304:34
exarphix: edit connections will let you set static MAC/IP settings though04:34
xanguafirefox-stable ..... that says it everything witeshark04:34
phixexar: hmmmm, it still shows up 3G connection and bridging doesn't relly work with it04:35
exarphix: Sorry. I've never messed with 3G interfaces in Linux.04:36
mouseI actually wasted 4 seconds cause I had to read it twice.04:36
witesharkxangua, i don't see what you mean, do i need to replace the panel launcher?04:37
derpyderphi guys. anyone here from poll and or know polish? #pl #poland04:37
immyim trying to write a password generating script but i've hit a wall: http://nopaste.inside-irc.net/paste/edJSmiW/04:37
derpyderp*from poll and sorry04:37
=== Pilif12p is now known as [Pilif12p]
immyif you can run this script and tell me what pattern is04:38
immyis it 0??04:38
phixexar: ok, well any way it would be nice to disable NetworkManager or have some level of control over it, which interfaces to ignore or whatnot04:38
phiximmy: sudo apt-get install apg04:38
Gibss37how to uninstall ubuntu completely that no traces are left not even grub or any boot records ?04:38
syrinx_Gibss37: erase the disk...04:38
phixGibss37: Blasphomy!! :)   hehe nah you can do it04:38
Ep1kMalwaresudo rm -rf /04:38
phixGibss37: you want to load windows back on it?  or just get rid of partition?04:39
exarphix: to disable NetworkManager's management of an interface, add entries for that interface in /etc/network/interfaces04:39
xangua!ops | Ep1kMalware04:39
ubottuEp1kMalware: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!04:39
Gibss37phix:  yes04:39
phixexar: ok, so I need to add in entries for all bridged interfaces too?04:39
rwwxangua: thanks04:39
Gibss37phix:  I have windows in one partition and my data in other, a 50 gb space is alloted to ubuntu04:40
exarphix: it shouldn't try to manage bridged interfaces, but you can add them there if you want them to be created automatically on startup04:40
phixexar: another thing that is annoying me in Ubuntu 10.10 is it is using beta NVIDIA drivers, which crashes X / freezes computer every noe and then,  I need to do a ALT+SYSREQ+S, ALT+SYSREQ+B as a work around04:41
lwizardlcan someone help me with getting sound to work again on my intel hdmi audio laptop04:41
phixexar: ok thnx04:41
phixlwizardl: you need to add in an entry into pulse04:41
lwizardlphix, how?04:41
Gibss37phix:  I have windows in one partition and my data in other, a 50 gb space is alloted to ubuntu , so how i get those 50 gb back and uninstall it ?04:42
phixGibss37: why would you want to do that though?04:42
Ep1kMalwareGibss37: give easus a look04:42
Gibss37phix:  because the grub loader is giving problems with windows 7 ?04:42
phixGibss37: but you can do that, just use a partition resizing / merging application like Partition Magic or partimage to do it then wipe the MBR04:43
Ep1kMalware__Logan__: you forgot the trailing slash. not that it matters.04:43
phixGibss37: I havn't experienced grub causing issues with Windows 704:43
phixGibss37: I dual boot on this computer04:43
Ep1kMalwarephix: why whipe the mbr, what if his primary (likely is) is windows.04:44
Gibss37phix:  when ever i log on to windows 7 after that, when i restart, a black screen says  "no module found...........No operating system found"04:44
Gibss37phix:  then i have to reinstall ubuntu each time04:44
Ep1kMalwarephix: if he whipes the mbr odds are we'll be giving him unstructions on how to use testdisk.04:44
Gibss37!grub2 phix:04:45
Alexander_Hey can somebody help me?04:45
Alexander_I am trying to install Ubuntu from a USB04:45
witesharkam i missing a step after running update manager? it found and downloaded FF 2.6.14 but has not replaced 2.6.13 which came from the old Ubuntuzilla source.04:45
Alexander_And I don't know how to make a partition.04:45
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:45
Ep1kMalwareGibss37: move everything from ubuntu you wish to keep to your windows partition. install easus on windows. delete the partition you could care less about. resize it if you wish. and reboot.04:45
phixGibss37: I need to know about grub2?04:46
Gibss37phix:  what04:46
phix15:45 < Gibss37> !grub2 phix:04:46
Gibss37Ep1kMalware:  so will it remove bootrecords too04:46
Ep1kMalwareGibss37: nope.04:46
Ep1kMalwarewhat boot manager are you using?04:46
Gibss37so what i need to remove grub too04:47
Gibss37Ep1kMalware: or should i edit boot.ini04:47
Ep1kMalwarejust edit boot.ini04:47
Gibss37okay you sure its gonna help me04:47
phixGibss37: fixmbr on windows xp boot cd04:47
Ep1kMalwareI'm betting windows is your primary. I'd just plow the partition04:47
AndroidKrisPhoneSo I'm completely wiping windows xp from a laptop to install ubuntu...the thing is, this laptop was overrun with viruses and stuff...my question, what are the risks?04:48
Gibss37windows xp cd wont run on win704:48
Ep1kMalwareGibss37: you could always use gag.04:48
phixAndroidKrisPhone: no risks if you and reinstalling over the top of it04:48
Ep1kMalwareGibss37: here's what ya do04:48
Gibss37Ep1kMalware:  yeah i have also heard of gag loader but never tried04:48
AndroidKrisPhoneOkay, thanks phix...I did wipe everything.04:48
Ep1kMalwareuse easus to wreck your partition, then download easyBCD and click the install MBR button04:48
Gibss37Ep1kMalware:  me?04:49
mouseDoes anyone know a safe alternative for adobe flash player for x64 machines?04:49
Ep1kMalwareGibss37: easus will allow you to very easilly resize/remove/create parititions. easyBCD will let you effortlesssly fix your mbr without too much trouble04:50
__Logan__!flash64 | mouse04:50
ubottumouse: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava04:50
lwizardlok alsamisxer is saying my laptop has no audio card04:50
Gibss37Ep1kMalware:  so you mean deleting partitions removes mbr too?04:50
Ep1kMalwareGibss37: nop04:50
mouse__Logan__, Thank you.04:50
__Logan__mouse: np04:50
Ep1kMalwareGibss37: here are the easiest instructions I can give ya04:51
Gibss37Ep1kMalware:  then why fixing it, I am just not getting point ?04:51
Ep1kMalwaredownload easus on windows04:51
Ep1kMalwareremove the partition04:51
Ep1kMalwarethen resize it04:51
Ep1kMalwaredownload easybcd04:51
Ep1kMalwareinstall it04:51
Ep1kMalwarein one of the tabs it'll have an option to re-install your windows mbr04:52
Ep1kMalwareclick that button and reboot.04:52
Ep1kMalwarethat's it04:52
exareasybcd really is a free and easy way to fix windows boot problems04:52
Gibss37thats fantastic then, thanks a lot Ep1kMalware04:52
Gibss37Ep1kMalware:  i try it and get back04:52
Ep1kMalwareexar: for a whoppin 1.5mb download without much googling it's probably the best.04:52
Ep1kMalwareGibss37: I'll idle here.04:52
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Ep1kMalwareexar: although it's not a suitable replacement for UBCD for those.. unbootable problems :D04:53
exarright it only works if you can get into windows in the first place04:54
Ep1kMalwareexar do you have UBCD or gag lying around?04:55
h0rnmanevening all, I am having a problem with my 10.10 install reporting at boot time that there was an error mounting /boot (bad superblock) and will not boot unless I manually cancel out of the fsck process.  My concern is that I have my /boot partition formatted as ext3 and somehow that is causing a problem.  Has anyone run into this before and figured out a solution?04:55
Ep1kMalwareIk how you could release the mbr back to windows over bsd, but I couldn't tell  ye for linux04:55
Logan_WPEp1kMalware: English, please04:56
Ep1kMalwarethough you may need a recovery utility04:56
Ep1kMalwareLogan_WP: that is english.04:56
=== lea123_ is now known as lea123
AndroidKrisPhoneSuccessful ubuntu install after wiping windows xp...now how do I get wifi to work?04:56
Ep1kMalwareI'm sorry, here I'll dumb it down further:04:57
Logan_WP!wireless | AndroidKrisPhone04:57
ubottuAndroidKrisPhone: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:57
DSpairHello all.. Got a question about memory use reporting on Ubuntu/Linux.04:57
Ep1kMalwaredo you have a boot-based recovery utility such as gag or  UBCD to give back to windows that charming master bewt record.04:57
dingoblkdg, if you are still here i just wanted to say thanks because it seems to have worked04:57
Logan_WP!ask | DSpair04:58
ubottuDSpair: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:58
DSpairI have an application I have written which is highly multithreaded. When I look at the memory use of that application it shows it to be about 10x what I would expect. It seems to report the total memory usage as the sum of the threads. The threads all use the same memory space though.04:58
Ep1kMalwareLogan_WP: BSD has a way to release the mbr I'm wondering if linux does do.04:59
witesharkam i missing a step after running update manager? it found and downloaded FF 2.6.14 but has not replaced 2.6.13 which came from the old Ubuntuzilla source.  I removed Ubuntuzilla via Synaptic and reinstalled FF 3.6.14 but it still has not worked... any ideas?04:59
Ep1kMalwareLogan_WP: no..04:59
DSpairSo, the question is, is there a bug in the way the memory use is reported for multithreaded apps in Linux?04:59
Ep1kMalware"too" is an excess of something.04:59
Logan_WPEp1kMalware: it also means "also"04:59
Ep1kMalwareLogan_WP: that's "to".04:59
Logan_WP /sigh05:00
Ep1kMalwareLogan_WP: google.com: "define: too" and depress the enter key :D05:01
rwwEp1kMalware: FYI, Logan_WP's right here.05:01
Ep1kMalwarethere are a few variations of the word. All individual and unique to any of the others.05:01
rwwbut, this is not ##english, so let's move on :)05:01
Ep1kMalwarerww: hold on.05:01
kevin_Does anyone notice pulseaudio or ALSA stutter on high cpu load when playing a music in the background?05:02
Ep1kMalwarewoa look at that.05:02
* Ep1kMalware pats himself on the back.05:02
rwwEp1kMalware: Please come join #ubuntu-offtopic if you'd like to continue discussing :)05:02
Logan_WPEp1kMalware: besides: in addition; "he has a Mercedes, too"05:02
syrinx_Ep1kMalware: u mad bro05:02
Ep1kMalwareLogan_WP: cool story bro.05:02
rwwLogan_WP: you too ;)05:02
Ep1kMalwaresyrinx_: how am I mad, I have the whole damned dictionary on my side.05:03
kevin_Anyone know what the problem is.. or how to fix sound stutter?05:03
syrinx_Ep1kMalware: can't argue with websters05:03
Ep1kMalwaresyrinx_: now ya get it.05:03
Logan_WPalright, alright, !ot :D05:03
tittnhello does anybody here have an idea when my internal soundcard (microphone) intel ibexpeak hdmi will work again it worked in older i think first version of ubuntu 10.10 it work but now its still broken any ideas ???05:03
needhelp1is there a way i can copy the contents in multiple folders and move them all into one folder. I have like a folder which has like over 3005:03
elainehi, im using ubuntu netbook. at boot i get "cannot connect to worker. connection refused. [-1] kill it. it says that about 20 times then boots like normal, everything works just fine.05:03
Logan_WPwhoa there05:03
syrinx_Ep1kMalware: most people on here aren't native english speakers though05:04
needhelp1is there a way i can copy the contents in multiple folders and move them all into one folder. I have like a folder which has like over 30 folders with tons of stuff in them, i want to put all this into one large folder05:04
Ep1kMalwaresyrinx_: I guessed lol. I'll try my best.05:04
kevin_needhelp1: mv 'content' 'dest'?05:04
Ep1kMalware2 letter programs seem to be the most effective.05:05
bullgardWhat Ubuntu applications do use the DEB program package siproxd?05:05
needhelp1kevin_, would that work, with over 30 folders and probably over 2k files05:05
kevin_needhelp1: mv -t DIRECTORY SOURCE05:05
kevin_try that05:05
syrinx_lotta people in here that were here this morning05:06
giikerneedhelp1: mv /yourfolder/ *.* /target/?05:06
kevin_what do u want to do... move the stuff in directory?05:07
tittndoes anybody here have problems with there internal microphone not working ????05:07
tittnit works on windows so its not broken ...05:07
kevin_mv dir/* dest05:07
kevin_tittn, driver update?05:07
undecimDoes hibernate with with a logical swap partition?05:08
tittnuhm it worked in older version of ubuntu 10.10 but now with recent updates it has been broken for a while05:08
bullgardundecim: Say it in other words again.05:08
cmolhai guy05:08
undecimbullgard: If my swap partition is a logical partition, instead of a primary, can I still use hibernation?05:08
needhelp1giiker, yeah, that looks like it will work05:08
h0rnmanperhaps a different way to phrase this then:  does anyone know why I would get boot time errors that my /boot partition is corrupt (bad superblock: magic number wrong), but a manual fsck after the bootup fsck has been bypassed shows the partition as clean?05:08
bullgardundecim: Yes.05:09
cmolam need ask to you, any body know how make file cmh on ubuntu, or have some software / application for make the chm file05:09
needhelp1giiker, mv /folder1/ *.* newfolder .. right?05:09
undecimbullgard: ty05:09
kevin_no space btwn folder1/ and *.*05:09
tittnand uhm whee do i find the intel ibexpeak hdmi drivers for ubuntu thought intel chipset worked oob05:09
=== Logan_WP is now known as Brain_S
giikerneedhelp1: yeap05:10
Ep1kMalwareneedhelp1: "man mv"05:11
=== Brain_S is now known as CharlieEchoSalsa
witesharkhas anyone had success changing from Ubuntuzilla FF to new releases from repos?05:15
dylanhey im shit at this05:15
dylanwhy cant i get this to install05:15
=== dylan is now known as Guest78825
syrinx_dylan: get what to install05:16
stormherzwacom (ctl-460) stopped working after system update (ubuntu 10.04) anyone experiencing the same problem?05:18
=== RexM is now known as fallguy
fallguyHi guys... can anyone help me with connecting an Ipod Touch to Ubuntu?05:19
AndroidKrisPhoneApparently ubuntu doesn't support the network card that I have in this pc...of course, this thing is a dinosaur.05:20
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: have you tried atunes?05:21
witesharkHas anyone had success changing from Ubuntuzilla FF to new releases from repos? I have tried all night to make the transition; I see the new FF 2.6.14 in Synaptic but all attempts to remove Ubuntuzilla and reinstall the update have not yet worked. What do I need to do?05:21
fallguyNo.. what is atunes, Epl?05:21
stat1kanybody know a way to hook your cell phone up to your pc and make calls via the cell phone?05:21
Ep1kMalwareit's similar to itunes.05:21
fallguyI've been trying gtkpod and Banshee, but neither seem to recognize my Ipod Touch05:21
=== Guest78825 is now known as dylan85
Ep1kMalwarewhat does dmesg say when you plug in your ipod?05:22
fallguyI don't see atunes in the software center05:22
fallguySorry.. im a novice at this.. what is dmesg?05:22
Ep1kMalwareopen up your terminal05:22
Ep1kMalwareshould have an icon that looks like >_05:22
fallguyGot it05:22
Ep1kMalwareand type dmesg05:22
fallguyok let me try05:23
dylan85can someone help me install java?05:23
dylan85sudo apt-get install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre05:23
Alexander_hey guys can somebody help me?05:23
dylan85doesnt work05:23
fallguywhoa... a flood of lines came back at me EM... what should i look for?05:23
Alexander_I installed ubuntu desktop version on my laptop05:23
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: any mention of your ipod?05:23
Alexander_And UBuntu isnt rading my touchpad05:23
TimyCGood evening. I have looked just about everywhere but I cannot get mysql server to start up on ubuntu server. I have tried purging it and reinstalling, creating the debian-sys-maint user... and the service just will not seem to start up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.05:23
Alexander_Like my laptop's "mouse"05:23
nezZariohas anyone ever had issues running ubuntu as a HVM under xen?05:24
nezZarioi thought I was going mad for the past 2 days but maybe I am not05:24
nezZarioother OS's/distro's work05:24
nezZariomaybe I got a bad image file?05:24
fallguyI will look... i can see it recognizing my Sansa mp3 player.. should i unplug that while the Ipod it plugged in?05:24
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: unplug and plugin your ipod, and re-enter dmesgt05:25
Ep1kMalwareyou should see some lines exclusive to your ipod05:25
fallguyOK i05:25
dylan85any one?05:25
fallguyI'll try that05:25
fallguysorry EM.. should I type dmesgt or dmesg*, or both?05:27
robbmunsonfallguy, type dmesg05:27
leo1379dmesg i think05:27
robbmunsonyes dmesg05:28
nezZariowell that's amazing05:29
nezZarioubuntu refuses to boot as a hvm05:29
nezZariomy ISO is fine05:29
fallguyNo mention of Ipod, but I do see "unable to enumerate USB device on port 705:29
fallguyThat is might be it05:29
fallguyI'm using Ubuntu 10.04 btw05:30
Ep1kMalwarecig, bbr05:30
fallguyOK i'll hang out here... let me know what's next when you can05:30
chasrHey dylan85: you try update-java-alternatives ?05:32
Gibss37Ep1kMalware:  hey buddy, thanks for all the help, my problem is now solved.05:33
dylan85chasr what you mean05:33
junkHow to install vanilla GNOME 3 in Maverick?05:34
pepe__alguien habla espanol?05:34
Ep1kMalwareGibss37: no problem, you're all set.05:35
Ep1kMalwareyou can also use those same 2 utilities to add another parition os should you wish to dual boot again.05:35
Ep1kMalwareGibss37: if you decide to dual boot agian. do NOT reinstall the linux boot loader. Simply install, go back to easybcd and select linux ;)05:36
fallguyEM - anything I can do, or am I screwed? I got aTunes up and running, but it isn't finding the connected Ipod either05:36
Ep1kMalwareit'll give you a choice on which os you wish to boot shortly after you power up your machine ;)05:36
Ep1kMalware(easy to remove as well)05:36
Gibss37Ep1kMalware:  yeah i do want it05:36
[TK]D-Fenderjunk: TONS of good links  - http://www.google.ca/#sclient=psy&hl=en&q=How+to+install+vanilla+GNOME+3+in+Maverick%3F&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&pbx=1&fp=60889b8cb709a63c05:37
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: you're not screwed, my knowledge of linux is limited as I've never used it.05:37
fallguyahh ok!05:38
fallguyShould I take my Q somewhere else?05:38
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest80448
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: there are some similarities between bsd and linux I can exploit. when it announced your ipod05:38
Ep1kMalwareit should have a device entry05:38
Ep1kMalware(something 0)05:38
fallguyhmmm ok... all greek to me im afraid05:38
Ep1kMalwarealright type dmesg > dmesg.txt05:39
Ep1kMalwarethen open up dmesg.txt and upload it to pastebin.com :D05:39
Ep1kMalwaremeanwhile, I'll do a quick google search while you're doing that.05:40
kevin_um.. I'm using ubuntu 10.04, if I want to upgrade openoffice to 3.3, must i uninstall 3.2 first?05:40
freedayiODBC Data Source Administrator: Error: Native ODBC Error...anyone encountered this? my mysql is installed locally and there is no problem in connecting using command line but I'm not able to test connection thru iODBC...anyone please?05:40
fallguyi typed 'dmesg > dmesg.txt'  and nothing happened, as far as i could see...05:40
Ep1kMalwareit took everything from dmg05:40
Ep1kMalwareand outputted it to a text file05:41
fallguywhere will the text file be?05:41
Ep1kMalwareif you type "pwd" no quotation marks05:41
Ep1kMalwareit'll tell ya05:41
fallguyok found it05:41
Ep1kMalwareand I found an article that looks helpful give me just a sec.05:41
freedayError: Native ODBC returns a bunch of [X][X][X]....05:41
fallguyok no prob05:42
fallguythanks for the help! I appreciate it05:42
Chad1_I have rsync set w/ the --delete flag. Is there any way I can move files without having to completely write them again?05:42
BollweevillFreeNAS has a Channel, but no one's awake..and this room is alive, anyone have experience with it?05:42
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: knowledge is built through experience. Consider this a learnign experience with linux.05:43
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: wouldn't be an ipod nano would it?05:44
[TK]D-FenderKevin_: Natty will be coming with LibreOfice instead of OpenOffice.  LO also has more advancements at this point and looks like a trend that is likely to continue.  I ight suggest going that route05:44
fallguyYeah... everything is a learning experience with Linux ;) hahaha05:44
fallguyNo, it is a Ipod Touch05:45
fallguyI just uploaded the dmesg stuff to pastebin05:45
Ep1kMalwareif you do..05:47
kevin_[TK]D-Fender, k, I will try LibreOffice, thanks for tip05:48
Ep1kMalwarelet's start with ls /media05:48
Ep1kMalwaredo you see an entry for an ipod?05:48
[TK]D-Fendercheckout time, later all05:48
fallguyok hold on05:49
fallguyi just typed 'ls /media' and nothing05:49
Ep1kMalwaremakes sense05:49
Ep1kMalwarelemme check05:50
fallguyok thanks again!05:50
Ep1kMalwareif it's anything like bsd you should have something in /dev that we can use to mount it manually.05:50
fallguyThat owuld be great05:50
fallguywhat is BSD btw? hahaha05:51
Ep1kMalwarealso, when you plug it in, it gives the "connected" icon on your ipod screen yes?05:51
fallguyNo.. i don't even get that on my screen05:51
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: http://www.freebsd.org/ http://www.pcbsd.org/05:51
fallguythere is no feedback from the pc at all that i have plugged anythign in05:51
fallguyit does charge the Ipod tho05:51
Ep1kMalwarethere may not be untill it's mounted.05:52
Ep1kMalwarelemme look05:52
Ep1kMalwarethere should be a device that'll mount it for you.05:52
Ep1kMalwareif that fails.. we dig more :)05:52
giikerI'm getting this error on DMESG whn in fact I'm using a 80 wire  ATA cble: ata1.01: limited to UDMA/33 due to 40-wire cable05:53
Ep1kMalwarelooks like an sda device05:53
Ep1kMalwaretry dmesg | grep sda*05:53
Ep1kMalwareany listing for an ipod?05:53
Ep1kMalwareI take it back05:55
fallguyi want to type that | thing?05:55
Ep1kMalwareI want you to type dmesg | grep sd*05:55
Ep1kMalwarescratch that05:55
giikerEp1kMalware: I have one sata drive connected with an ATA adapter and the other is a regular PATA one05:55
Ep1kMalwaretype dmesg | grep sd* > ipod.txt05:55
kurtisHey guys, I'm trying to get my wifi to work with an AR5001 wifi adapter and not having any luck. Would anyone wanna help me troubleshoot it?05:55
Ep1kMalwareupload that to pastebin and past the link here05:55
=== lamstyle_ is now known as lamstyle
Ep1kMalwaremaybe your kernel is assigning your device another name.05:56
Ep1kMalwaregiiker: ok?05:56
=== alex37 is now known as lexxx
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: in linux / bsd everything starts with a name. we just have to find it ;)05:57
Secretsi need help for some reason when i start up ubuntu the internet is not working05:57
Secretshow do i fix it05:57
StarminnHow can I make Maverick a portable Linux?05:57
madfoxStarminn, just burn the image to a usb or cd05:57
fallguyOk just posted it to pastebin05:57
Ep1kMalwarewhat is the url.05:58
Ep1kMalware1 sec05:58
kurtisHere's the results of my lspci, lsmod, and iwconfig ... but the Network Manager says "Wireless is not enabled". When I enable it, it says "Device not ready"05:58
Starminnmadfox: Not a LiveCD, I've done that a dozen and a half times. (Not really a half -- I'm being facetious) I'm talking about a legitimate Portable Linunx. "PortableLinux" doesn't seem to support even Lucid, so I'm wondering if there is anything that can allow me to do so with Maverick.05:59
Secretsalso how do i reinstall the internet on  ubuntu05:59
kurtisSecrets: What do you mean by "reinstall the internet"?05:59
Alexander_Hey guys, what is the command to restore defaults on the upper toolbar?06:00
Alexander_The wireless signal Icon dissapeared.06:00
Secretsbecause its not working06:00
Starminn!resetpanel | Alexander_06:00
ubottuAlexander_: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »06:00
Alexander_wait so what do I type?06:00
StarminnAlaxander_: Oh, if it's just that it's mroe simple than that06:00
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: alright, we got an entry for "mass storage device".06:00
Secretsso how do i fix it06:00
Ep1kMalwarewhat all do you have attatched via usb?06:00
Secretsmy internet is wired and its not connecting06:01
kurtisSecrets: Are you using WIFI or Ethernet? (Wireless or Cabled)06:01
fallguythat's progress at least06:01
StarminnAlexander_: Right-click the panel, "Add to Panel..."->Notification Area06:01
JDM_SOHCIs there an xbox 360 IRC chat?06:01
Ep1kMalwarelet's hope so, though it could be a usb thumbdrive, or another media player06:01
fallguyI just have that and a wireless mouse USB attachment06:01
kurtisSecrets: ahh okay. Do you have DSL/Cable Internet or are you using something different like a modem?06:01
Ep1kMalwarelet's remove the false positives06:01
fallguyI could unplug that and go with a wired mouse if you want06:01
Ep1kMalwarealright sweet06:01
Ep1kMalwareyou're good06:02
FloodBot3Ep1kMalware: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:02
giikerEp1kMalware: http://pastebin.com/KsV8jLQT06:02
Ep1kMalwareFloodBot3: gtfo06:02
Starminn!language | Ep1kMalware06:02
ubottuEp1kMalware: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:02
bazhangEp1kMalware, watch the language06:02
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: lemme check06:02
kurtisWhat am I missing? I didn't see him use bad language or flood06:02
Alexander_q do i change languages?06:02
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: there should be a device entry around here somewhere for it.06:03
fallguyno other storage... well there is a external hard drive but it is not plugged in terms of AC power06:03
madfoxEp1kMalware, floodbot is a bot :/ silly you06:03
Starminnkurtis: If you send a lot of messages quickly then the FloodBot(s) will pick up and yell at them. The language was his acronym. DOn't worry about it, though. ;)06:03
StarminnAlexander_: I know on the login screen you can. Not sure if you can afterwards, though.06:04
JDM_SOHCanyone know if theres an xbox 360 IRC?06:04
kurtisahh okay :) I didn't realize it was just an auto trigger on a flood bot06:04
StarminnJDM_SOHC: This is the channel for Ubuntu support. If you have a qustion relating to that, then ask it. If not, ask in a channel more appropriate for your question.06:04
kurtisShould I stick around here and try to find help with my AR5001 Wifi Adapter or head over to Freenode? I haven't been to an Ubuntu channel in a while.06:04
StarminnJDM_SOHC: If you're not sure of a channel to ask in, then just try #freenode. They should be able to answer or at least properly redirect you.06:05
Starminnkurtis: Yeah, we have 3 of them I think. Regarding asking your question, why not both? ;) (I don't know anything about Wifi though, so don't count on me to answer)06:05
Ep1kMalwarethis is interesting06:06
kurtisStarminn: haha. Well I asked it here but in all of the chatter, it was either lost or un-help-able (ignored)06:06
Ep1kMalwaresudo mount /dev/sdb106:06
Secretsmy internet is wired and its not connecting06:07
kurtisStairminn: Thanks though! I'll give Freenode a shot.06:07
Starminnkurtis: Try again every so often. As long as you're not asking everytime it disappears off the screen we don't care. Just ask after it seems pretty far gone in the conversation. ;)06:07
Ep1kMalwaredid it return an error?06:07
Starminnkurtis: Yep. And if they don't know they'll be able ot show you where.06:07
fallguySays it can't find it06:07
kurtisSecrets: I tried to help you out but you didn't answer. What kind of an internet connection do you have? (DSL, Cable Internet, etc...)06:08
fallguymount: can't find /dev/sdb1 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab06:08
kurtisStarminn: Cool, thanks06:08
Ep1kMalwaresda/sdb are your only annoucned devices..06:08
Ep1kMalware1 sec06:08
kurtisI'm just having a problem connecting with my wifi. The Network Manager reports that Wifi is not enabled, I enabled it and not it says "Device not ready". I have some info here: http://pastebin.com/a0h3Z9Nn06:08
Ep1kMalwareit's been a while since I've worked with fstab, while back I had a gnarly external drive..06:09
Ep1kMalwarelet me read the man page06:09
Ep1kMalwaremeanwhile, let's create a temporary mount folder06:09
aarcanehelp, I've got two different systems with two different wifi cards and both run ubuntu 10.10 up to date as of tonight.  Neither will connect to my WPA2-EAP-TLS access point, however, both systems will connect fine from within windows 706:09
kurtisfallguy: Are you trying to auto-mount something on startup?06:09
Ep1kMalwaredo sudo cd /mnt || mkdir /mnt06:09
fallguyNo... believe me, I dont even know how to auto mount!06:10
aarcanewhat can I do to diagnose and repair this ?06:10
Ep1kMalwarekurtis: he's trying to get his ipod mounted06:10
kurtisoh ok06:10
Ep1kMalwarebut we're having trouble figuring out what the system is calling it, if at all.06:10
kurtisfallguy: Did you check this out already? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone06:10
fallguymkdir: cannot create directory `/mnt': File exists06:10
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: ok that's good news :)06:11
kurtisaarcane: Run lspci and see what the chipsets are. Then google it06:11
Ep1kMalwareI couldn't remember if linux has a /mnt folder or not.06:11
fallguyfirst time tonight ;) hahaha06:11
aarcanekurtis, they're two different chipsets exhibiting identical symptoms, I believe that rules out chipset specific.06:11
Starminnkurtis: Have you tried connecting it with a wired conenction and having it grab the drivers for you?06:12
Secretshow do i fix my problem06:12
Secretsits annoying06:12
kurtisaarcane: Not nessasarily. I've had trouble getting 3+ WIFI Chipsets working right in Ubuntu without a bunch of hacks/manual work06:13
Secretsit all of a sudden stoped working06:13
StarminnEp1kMalware: It does have a /mnt folder, but it seems to use /media as its default mount point stuff.06:13
Ep1kMalwareStarminn: right on.06:13
StarminnSecrets: Ask again, all on one line, that way people can help you more easily.06:13
Secretsi don't know what happend maybe i deleted a drive if thats the case how do i get it back06:13
Secretsmy internet is wired and its not connecting06:13
Ep1kMalwareStarminn: I like /mnt for testing device mounts :)06:14
Secretson ubuntu06:14
kurtisStarminn: haha yeah :) I'm actually using it right now, wired. I've googled and read a ton of stuff but it either should "Just work", "Will magically start working" or ... there's a few remedies that don't help06:14
kurtisSecrets, I tried to help you but you're not answering my question.06:14
fallguyit's a real puzzle.. the ubuntu page makes this out to be a snap06:14
StarminnEp1kMalware: Yeah, I was going to say that if I had to guess for a reason it even has /mnt to begin with is because it's what people are used to. *shrug*06:14
Secretsi was eating06:14
Secretsthats why06:14
kurtishaha ok06:14
Secretsand got my tabblet06:14
Starminn!enter | Secrets06:14
ubottuSecrets: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:14
kurtisSecrets: What kind of an internet connection do you have? (Cable Modem, DSL, Telephone Modem, etc...)06:15
Starminnkurtis: So this post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1570313 is useless to you then, right?06:15
Secretsits a thompson gateway06:15
Secretsit was working a cupple of days ago06:16
Secretsim with bigpond broadband06:16
fallguyDid i miss a command? Or am i up to date06:16
StarminnSecrets: Keep your responses on one line.06:16
syrinx_Secrets: stop floodin06:16
kurtisStarminn: Thanks :) That's actually one of those scenarios where it just magically started working06:16
kurtisSecrets: Okay, go to your command line and type: ipconfig06:17
Ep1kMalwareI think I finally found something06:17
kurtisSecrets: sorry I mistyped that, it should be ifconfig06:17
fallguysorry this is so tough06:17
Ep1kMalwarebtw your external drive isn't a seagate is it?06:17
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: heh.. try and get a bwm4311 working on freebsd06:18
Ep1kMalwareat least you don't have to recompile your kernal06:18
fallguyyes it is a seagate06:18
fallguyThe USB is plugged in, but the power cord is unplugged, so it isn't on.06:18
syrinx_the pllot thicken06:18
fallguyI just unplugged the USB cord too06:18
Secretswell it shows things06:18
Secretsnow what06:19
Ep1kMalwareplug in ur ipod06:19
Ep1kMalwareand do06:19
syrinx_Secrets: what does it show?06:19
StarminnSecrets: I think he wants you to paste them to http://paste.ubuntu.com and give the link to it here.06:19
kurtisSecrets: Type "ifconfig" in your command line and look for the section starting with eth0. It should tell you if you have an IP address06:19
kurtisStarminn: I was actually going to ask him that ... but then I remembered he can't connect to the internet :P06:19
Ep1kMalwaresudo mount /dev/sdc /mnt06:19
Starminnkurtis Secrets: Oh yeah, true, if you can't connect to the Internet then forget that. Sorry.06:20
* Starminn butts out06:20
Ep1kMalwareI thought for sure it'd be sdc006:20
fallguyEM - was that SUdo command for me?06:20
Starminn!enter | Ep1kMalware06:20
ubottuEp1kMalware: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:20
Starminn!who | Ep1kMalware06:20
ubottuEp1kMalware: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:20
Secretsit shows06:20
Starminn!tab | Ep1kMalware06:20
ubottuEp1kMalware: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:20
Secretsno eth006:21
Secretsnow what06:21
fallguy special device /dev/sdc does not exist06:21
StarminnEp1kMalware: If you would please, listen to ubottu. ;)06:21
Ep1kMalwareStarminn: I'm right about to /ignore it actually06:21
kurtisSecrets: Weird. That means it's not picking up your ethernet card. One second...06:21
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: try doing sudo /dev/sdc1 /mnt06:21
Secretsit said for the first line link encap:local loopback06:21
kurtisSecrets: Type in this exactly (case-sensetive): lspci | grep Ethernet06:22
fallguysudo: /dev/sdc1: command not found06:22
Ep1kMalwaremy bad06:22
fallguythats ok06:22
Ep1kMalwaresudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt06:22
StarminnEp1kMalware: I would advise against that. I would say it would be easier to simply type "fal [TAB]" "message in a cohesive, readable sentence" than to fight me on this one.06:22
fallguyi really do appreciuate the help06:22
kurtisSecrets: That should tell you if you have any identified Ethernet cards in your system06:22
StarminnEp1kMalware: Please and thank you06:22
fallguymount: special device /dev/sdc1 does not exist06:23
Ep1kMalwareStarminn: I'd rather not have a bot highlight me multiple times for a stupid typo.06:23
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: that's interesting, it says here that they do.06:23
Ep1kMalware3 of them, which should make sense, by the looks of things the ipod needs to be mounted 3 times.06:24
Ep1kMalwareI'm thinking sdc should be your ipod.06:24
Secretstyped it in06:24
kurtisSecrets: Did it output anything? Or just a blank line?06:24
Secretsit has red06:25
fallguythat would make sense06:25
Secretsyeah it shows stuff06:25
kurtisfallguy: If you guys can't get it figured out, let me know and I'll try to help. I'd have to start from the beginning though06:25
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: ok, let us try the file system itself then.06:25
kurtisSecrets: okay cool. that's good. Can you tell me the type of ethernet card that came up? (along with the model)06:25
Ep1kMalwaredo sudo mount /dev/sdc2 /mnt06:25
fallguyThanks! EM is really trying Kurtis! We just can't find a way for the ipod to be recognized in any way shape or form  by the desktop pc06:25
kurtisfallguy: Is it a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10 by any chance?06:26
Secretsintel Corporation06:26
=== ashish is now known as Guest89210
fallguyNo.. this is 10.04.  Been on here for 4 months06:26
=== Inumedia_ is now known as Inumedia
fallguysudo mount /dev/sdc2 /mn06:26
fallguymount: special device /dev/sdc2 does not exist06:27
kurtisfallguy: ahh okay. Is your device locked?06:27
Ep1kMalwareI see no reason for that.06:27
kurtisSecrets: okay one second06:27
fallguyyes it is locked....06:27
fallguyI'll unlock it06:27
kurtisfallguy: Yeah, unlock it06:27
kurtisfallguy: It's right in the instructions on that page06:27
kurtisfallguy: You'll probably have to unplug it and plug it back in06:27
syrinx_Secrets: what does vi /etc/network/interfaces say?06:28
fallguyok doing that now06:28
SecretsEthernet pro 100 (rev 0d)06:28
freetimehi, can anybody help me , i delete files from fs with unlink comand , but on slince i dont have free space, and i can see unlinked file to delete it , how in this case i can make free spce on slice, or to recovere file names and delete them  ?06:28
fallguyand what page do you mean, kurtis>06:28
Ep1kMalwarekurtis: if it automounts because of a lock on the device I might take up drinking.06:28
kurtisfallguy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone06:28
kurtisEp1kMalware: lmao!06:28
Secretsnow what06:28
fallguyok it has been replugged back in, and not locked now06:29
fallguyauto lock is off06:29
fallguystill not be recognized in Atunes or any kind of onscreen notification that something has been plugged in06:29
kurtisSecrets: one second, still trying to find out what module (driver) you need loaded06:29
kurtisfallguy: Hmm, weird.06:29
friendishanhttp://code.google.com/p/ratproxy/    - Anyone can guide me how to install it and run it?06:30
fallguyit is charging though06:30
Blue1what would cause the desktop icons NOT to show up on my desktop?06:30
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: do sudo mount /dev/sdc2 /mnt06:30
kurtisfallguy: Well it definitely won't be mountable ... beacuse Apple blocked that06:30
kurtisfallguy: You have to use special software to Sync/Access it if I remember correctly06:30
fallguyBanshee is not recognizing it either06:31
fallguyOK should i still do that sudo mount command, EM?06:31
Ep1kMalwareyou can give it a go06:31
cmolhow do i can make my drive also used auth password06:31
Ep1kMalwarethat should be to the files themselves.06:31
fallguymount: special device /dev/sdc2 does not exist06:31
Ep1kMalwareyea figures.06:32
kurtisfallguy: But, it does say that it should be "Built out of the box" with your version of Ubuntu ... Goto https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone and scroll down to the 10.04 section06:32
cmolcan i make my drive also used auth password if open it06:32
cmolplease help me..06:32
fallguyYes.. i've tried all that, kurtis06:32
kurtisSecrets: try "insmod e100"06:32
fallguyI've installed evern package I can find06:32
kurtisfallguy: Awe that sucks :( What kind of an ipod/iphone do you have and what version?06:33
Guyshello world06:33
fallguyit is a 2G ipod touch with the 4.something firmware06:33
Secretsthats not a command06:34
kurtiscmol: Sorry, I don't really know06:34
* syrinx_ waves to Guys 06:34
Ep1kMalwarekurtis: he has lucid support but not usb tethering06:34
cmoloke any body know06:34
kurtisSecrets: hmm ... sorry "sudo insmod e100"06:34
friendishanhttp://code.google.com/p/ratproxy/    - Anyone can guide me how to install it and run it?06:34
cmolif i open my drive places > 40 Drive and that n eed auth password06:35
fallguyI even have the FUSE installed06:35
Secretsits not a directory06:35
syrinx_Guys: american06:35
Ep1kMalwarefuse is definitly nise..06:35
kurtisfallguy: Check on your ipod and see the exact iOS verion.  Apple tends to make all of its updates with the sole purpose of screwing people over :)06:35
Secretsnow what kurtis06:36
friendishanhttp://code.google.com/p/ratproxy/    - Anyone can guide me how to install it and run it? - I guess i need help on how to run Makefile06:36
kurtisSecrets: What did it say?06:36
Secretsno such directory06:36
Ep1kMalwarekurtis: what is usb tethering?06:36
Secretsno such file of directory06:36
Secretsno such file or directory06:36
kurtisfriendishan: Usually you just type "./configure" then "make" (and some times "make install")06:36
kurtisEp1kMalware: Using your cell phone to provide internet access to your computer06:37
syrinx_Secrets: chill out, we are all very busy around here06:37
friendishankurtis okay will check out06:37
fallguyI dont need tethering06:37
fallguyversion is 4.2.106:37
Ep1kMalwarekurtis: alright, well that's probably not the problem then.06:38
fallguyOK this time when i plugged the ipod back in, I got "unable to mount location"06:38
kurtisfallguy: Did you get the package, libimobiledevice1, ?06:38
fallguyyes i have that package06:38
cmolhow to rename my drive with linux06:38
fallguyI got it earlier today and have rebooted the pc since then06:38
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide06:38
kurtisSecrets: Do a "lsmod | grep e100" and tell me if that shows anything06:38
kurtisSecrets: sorry, throw a sudo at the beginning of that06:39
fallguykurtis - was that for me?06:39
fallguyok sorry i see it isnt06:39
kurtisfallguy: Well at least it detected your ipod this time. That's a potentially good sign06:39
fallguyyes at least a good step06:39
Secretsokay i put a 1 not a l06:39
Secretsthats why it was not working06:40
SecretsUsage: lsmod06:40
Secretsthats what it says06:40
kurtisSecrets: are you running Ubuntu?06:41
kurtisSecrets: What version?06:41
Secretsdesktop editon06:41
Secretsi think 10.1006:41
kurtisfallguy: Sorry I'm trying to bounce back and forth between problems. I'm still pondering on it :)06:41
fallguyi understand06:41
friendishanhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/574315/ - should i continue?06:42
Starminncmol: How about this: http://techbu.com/2009/06/28/renaming-usb-drive-labels-in-linux06:42
Secretsso how do i find out which version i have06:42
Ep1kMalwarekurtis: could be more helpful here if ubuntu had a ports tree. doing some googling..06:42
fidyduceunebootin seems to install iso's to my thumb drive that hang up is there a list of working iso's for unetbootin?06:43
kurtisSecrets: hmm ... try this solution: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1573396&page=206:43
Secretsso now what kurtis06:43
shane2i cannot listen skype call from my ubuntu setp06:44
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
shane2any idea06:44
shane2how skype will work properly on ubuntu06:44
=== che is now known as Guest23740
friendishanhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/574315/ - should i continue?06:44
fallguyGuys - I'm looking at a page now that tells me to remove all ifuse files06:45
Ep1kMalwarekurtis, how would you reinstall a pkg? I'm thinking we could try that.06:45
Guyswhich guys?me,or others?06:45
fallguySorry Guys!!! I didn't see your nick. I meant EM and Kurtis06:46
fallguyI just installed ifuse today though, and it looks like I have the latest version06:46
kurtisfallguy: Here's something I found that *might* help ... it's probably worth the read. But it's for 10.10, not sure if it's a problem. http://www.underthepurplesky.com/2011/01/unable-to-mount-iphone-on-ubuntu-10-10/06:46
abhinav_singhhow to find files with name "foo.php" in the directory....should i use find "foo.php" or grep -nr "foo.php" *06:47
kurtisapt-get remove <packagename>06:47
eastherohi, all. ubuntu10.10 how to upgrade to natty? when upgrade python2.6 to python2.7 , always failed06:47
evinlortHi! Where can I ask some questions about broken system and howto restore it?06:47
fallguyok reading06:47
kurtisGuys: lol. You brought that on to yourself :)06:48
Starminneasthero: You could also try in #ubuntu+1 which si the NAtty channel.06:48
SwedeMikeestauffer: you should probably ask that in #ubuntu+106:48
Secretsi added this and save06:48
SecretsPlease do:06:48
Secretssudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/e100.conf06:48
SecretsAdd two lines:06:48
FloodBot3Secrets: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:48
Secretsnow what06:48
eastheroStarminn, SwedeMike, ok06:48
Ep1kMalwarekurtis: I keep wanting to have him do a pkg_info on libimobiledevice06:49
kurtisSecrets: sorry you were silenced for a second. Try to put everything you were going to say on a single line06:49
evinlortDisk error. Press any key to restart. ???? WTF06:49
SecretsPlease do: Code:  sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/e100.conf  Add two lines: Code:  alias eth0 e100 options e100 eeprom_bad_csum_allow=106:49
Ep1kMalwarebut I'm thinking that probably won't work, is there a way to check pkg info for ubuntu?06:49
Secretsi added that06:49
fallguyOK im doing what that page tells me Kurtis06:49
Secretsnow what06:49
TylerDeLawderSo is there a way to install Ubuntu Desktop Edition from my External Hard Driver?06:50
Secretskurtis now what06:51
kurtisEp1kMalware: Umm, do you just want him to check out the version of that package? it would be dpkg --info <packagename>06:51
kurtisfallguy: Cool. I hope it helps a little :) If not, I'm glad I didn't try to use mine with ubuntu yet haha06:51
kurtisSecrets: I don't really understand ... Did you follow the insructions and do that?06:51
fallguykurtis how do you like 10.10 vs 10.04 . I went with 10.04 because it was going to be supported in the long term06:52
Ep1kMalwarekurtis: I meant to check and see if it's functional.06:52
gahfHello I installed a new graphics card, a 570GTX 1280MB by "Gigabyte". Ubuntu still won't recognize the card and I can't find any drivers for it. In addition when I use  System>Administrator>hardware drivers it comes up with drivers for my old graphics card. can anyone help me get new drivers and make ubuntu accept them?06:52
Secretsyeah i added the to lines to that  blank gedit it brang me to06:52
kurtisfallguy: I love 10.10. It's been the only reason my 2 laptops work (mostly) flawlessly06:52
Secretsand saved ir06:52
Secretsand saved it06:52
Secretsthe first 2 codes06:52
kurtisSecrets: ahh okay. I think it says to restart after that. You just have to read06:52
Secretsdo i add the rest?06:52
Starminnfallguy: I use 10.10 and I've not had any problems.06:52
hot_wheelzanyone know why mics seem to to muted by default in 10.10..on laptops anyway?...I could never work it out?06:52
Starminn!enter | Secrets06:53
ubottuSecrets: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:53
kurtishot_wheelz: Actually, I've seen mics muted on almost every version of Debian I've ever installed.06:53
fallguyI did all that from the last page you found kurtis, and no change.. still not finding the ipod, and this time no message from the computer when i plug it in06:53
gahfHello I installed a new graphics card, a 570GTX 1280MB by "Gigabyte". Ubuntu still won't recognize the card and I can't find any drivers for it. In addition when I use  System>Administrator>hardware drivers it comes up with drivers for my old graphics card. can anyone help me get new drivers and make ubuntu accept them?06:54
Starminn!patience | gahf06:54
ubottugahf: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:54
Ep1kMalwarelet's try doing dpkg --info libimobiledevice06:54
kurtisfallguy: Oh man :( that's no good. I'm not really sure at this point to be honest ... Since it's not really a mount-able device, it's more of a IO hack kinda thing as far as I can tell.06:54
hot_wheelzkurtis yeah i'm wondering why is that though?06:54
fallguyI'll try EM06:55
clientxhello, i need help installing ruby1.9.2 and rails 3.0 on ubuntu, could someone give me some instruction as to how to do this? i keep getting the combination of rails3.0 and ruby1.806:55
kurtisSecrets: Yes, finish typing in all of that stuff and then restart the computer06:55
llutz_gahf: what does "lspci|grep -i vga" say?06:55
fallguydpkg-deb: failed to read archive `libimobiledevice': No such file or directory06:55
Secretseven the mac adress part06:55
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: does it return a version of the pkg you are using?06:55
kurtishot_wheelz: haha I have no idea. That's a good question. Maybe so noone can listen in on you?06:55
fallguyNow those commands I just ty ped from kurtis' page reinstalled and updated libimobile06:55
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: I think we might of found our problem06:55
fallguygood! because Im starting to get drowsy!06:56
kurtisfallguy, Ep1kMalware: Sorry Wrong command! apt-cache show <package>06:56
Ep1kMalwarealright, let's do what he says.06:56
Secretsokay still now working06:57
fallguyok what is the package i put in there06:57
Ep1kMalwaredon't do the < > brackets though.06:57
clientxhello, i need help installing ruby1.9.2 and rails 3.0 on ubuntu, could someone give me some instruction as to how to do this? i keep getting the combination of rails3.0 and ruby1.806:57
fallguyW: Unable to locate package libimobiledevic06:58
fallguyE: No packages found06:58
gahfllutz_ here http://paste.ubuntu.com/574318/06:58
fallguyMan that makes no sense, because that last webpage Kurtis found gave me commands that reinstalled everything06:58
kurtisSecrets: If you're running Ubuntu 10.10 then it should have the driver (module) installed. I'm not really sure06:58
hot_wheelzkurtis yeah maybe but don't u find it anoying to have togo check all the time though when a new version gets released?...Or is it just me?06:58
kurtisfallguy: Umm try running apt-get update first06:58
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: at least now we know what causes your problem to exist.06:58
fallguyok after apt get  update I get:06:59
fallguyE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13: Permission denied)06:59
fallguyE: Unable to lock the list directory06:59
kurtisfallguy: ahh okay, sorry sudo that :)06:59
SealedWithAKissCan anybody help? Details here --> http://pastebin.com/pgGRvark06:59
llutz_gahf:run "sudo update-pciids" and then the first command again. same output?06:59
fallguyOK it worked taht time06:59
kurtisfallguy: sudo apt-get update; apt-cache show libimobiledevic07:00
Ep1kMalwaresudo apt-get update libimobiledevice07:00
fallguyThat was one of the commands from tthat last page you gave me07:00
Assidmy stupid network manager is broken again :(07:00
fallguyW: Unable to locate package libimobiledevic07:00
fallguyE: No packages found07:00
fallguyok EM.. I'll try your line now07:00
kurtisfallguy: does it have an "e" on the end? Sorry I don't know the exact package name07:00
fallguyE: The update command takes no arguments07:01
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: what if you do supder apt-get install libimobiledevice07:01
hipitihopAssid, no idea what your problem is, but I find wicd works really well, have you tried that ?07:01
Ep1kMalwareoops, s/supder/sudo/07:01
Assidi really dont like wicd07:01
kurtisfallguy: Yeah, "apt-get update" just updates your package database, and then "apt-cache show <packagename>" gives you info about the package. To upgrade your package, you can type "apt-get upgrade". Of course sudo that stuff07:01
hipitihopAssid, you prefer network manager ?07:01
fallguyok im getting lost now07:02
fallguywhat should i do next?07:02
fallguyshould i try the supder thing or something else?07:02
kurtisfallguy: try the same command I gave you but with an "e" on the end. I think I mis-spelled the package name07:02
Starminn!find libimobiledevice | kurtis fallguy Ep1kMalware07:02
ubottukurtis: Found: libimobiledevice-dev, libimobiledevice-doc, libimobiledevice1, libimobiledevice1-dbg, libimobiledevice-utils07:02
Starminn!info libimobiledevice1 | kurtis fallguy Ep1kMalware07:02
ubottukurtis: libimobiledevice1 (source: libimobiledevice): Library for communicating with the iPhone and iPod Touch. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.1-1 (maverick), package size 39 kB, installed size 144 kB07:02
kurtisStarminn: Thanks :)07:02
fallguysame thing - no packages down07:02
Ep1kMalwarefallguy try doing sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice07:02
fallguyok EM I'll try that07:03
_skplcan someone tell me how to change the console font?07:03
Starminnkurtis: You're welcome07:03
Ep1kMalwareI'm hoping, it's like bsd. won't install if you have a previous version, and if so will list it.07:03
StarminnEp1kMalware kurtis fallguy: Try some of those07:03
fallguyReading package lists... Done07:03
fallguyBuilding dependency tree07:03
fallguyReading state information... Done07:03
Starminn_skpl: Edit->Profile Preferences...07:03
kurtisEp1kMalware: It would probably just say "latest Package already installed" or something to that tune07:03
Assidhipitihop: the interface of wicd feels rather "un clean"07:03
fallguyWhat was with that response? Couldnt find package??07:04
Secretsim up to typeing this dmesg | grep -e e100 -e eth07:04
kurtisfallguy: well that part was just rebuilding your database. now try "apt-cache show libimobiledevice"07:04
llutz_!pm  |gahf keep it in the channel, i don't accept pms07:04
fallguyE: No packages found07:04
ubottugahf keep it in the channel, i don't accept pms: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.07:04
_skplStarmnot terminal, console.07:04
=== arlander is now known as waspin
_skplStarminn: i mean, not terminal, but console.07:05
kurtisStarminn: Any idea on how to figure out which Repo he needs for that library?07:05
Starminn_skpl: Oh07:05
_skplkurtis: hel.lo.07:05
silverybug #66607:05
SealedWithAKissCan anybody help? http://pastebin.com/Lh35cNx007:05
=== waspin is now known as arlander
kurtis_skpl: Hi07:06
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/666)07:06
kurtisfallguy: I don't think that package is in your repository for some reason07:06
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: it returned "no packages found" when you did sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice ?07:06
fallguylet me try again and see what happens.. .i've been typing in a lot of commands here07:06
kurtisfallguy: Okay, if it doesn't work, try this: "apt-cache search libimobile"07:07
fallguyReading package lists... Done07:07
fallguyBuilding dependency tree07:07
fallguyReading state information... Done07:07
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: starminn had a thought, try doing !info libimobiledevice07:07
Assidhipitihop: setting up pptp etc in wicd seems messy07:07
fallguyOK hold on07:07
Starminn!info libimobiledevice | Ep1kMalware07:07
tap-outfallguy , u have some bug in ur source.list , and that y give yougive you e:\no package found07:07
ubottuEp1kMalware: Package libimobiledevice does not exist in maverick07:07
fallguybash: !info: event not found07:07
Starminn!find libimobiledevice | Ep1kMalware07:07
ubottuEp1kMalware: Found: libimobiledevice-dev, libimobiledevice-doc, libimobiledevice1, libimobiledevice1-dbg, libimobiledevice-utils07:07
StarminnEp1kMalware: So use on of the ones from !find07:08
fallguyI have not tried kurtis' last suggestion yet07:08
fallguyI'll try it now07:08
Ep1kMalwareStarminn: I don't use ubuntu lol07:08
Starminnkurtis Ep1kMalware: So try in here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/07:08
=== Secrets_ is now known as Secrets
Secretsokay typed that command07:08
fallguyOK i did get results from Kurtis' command -07:08
Secretsit brang things up07:08
fallguydt@desktop:~$ apt-cache search libimobile07:09
fallguylibimobiledevice0 - Library for communicating with the iPhone and iPod Touch07:09
fallguylibimobiledevice0-dbg - Library for communicating with iPhone and iPod Touch devices07:09
FloodBot3fallguy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:09
RealOptyanyone wanna help me get audio working on my HDMI connection?07:09
fallguylibimobiledevice1 - Library for communicating with the iPhone and iPod Touch07:09
fallguylibimobiledevice1-dbg - Library for communicating with iPhone and iPod Touch devices07:09
llutz_!paste| fallguy07:09
ubottufallguy: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:09
fallguywhoops sorry.. that constituted a flood.  Did you guys see that?07:09
kurtisfallguy: Cool, now try "apt-cache show libmobiledevice1"07:09
Secretsdmesg | grep -e e100 -e eth07:09
Secretsi typed that07:09
Secretsand it shows me things07:09
FloodBot3Secrets: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:09
Ep1kMalwarekind of. but I have no clue exactly which one(s) you need ifnot all of them.07:09
fallguydt@desktop:~$ apt-cache show libmobiledevice107:10
fallguyW: Unable to locate package libmobiledevice107:10
fallguyE: No packages found07:10
kurtisfallguy: Cool. Now try "sudo apt-get install libmobiledevice1"07:10
blue_pearlhey i am dual booting ubuntu10.04 and xp after updating the kernel xp got removed from boot menu,how to bring it back?07:10
Secretsi added everything what the website told me to add and i typed this in terminal dmesg | grep -e e100 -e eth07:10
kurtisSecrets: okay, now type in "ifconfig" again07:10
Secretsnow what07:10
fallguyReading package lists... Done07:10
fallguyBuilding dependency tree07:10
fallguyReading state information... Done07:10
Secretsnope the same07:11
Secretsno eth\07:11
kurtisfallguy: Anything about installing it?07:11
Secretshow ever it has inet07:11
fallguyNo - the feedback was exactly what I posted above07:11
Secretsand inet607:11
kurtisSecrets: weird .... when you ran dmesg | grep .... did it give you any output?07:11
kurtisfallguy: really??07:11
rigvedfallguy: sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice007:11
fallguyyes.. i'll double check07:12
Secretsyes it did07:12
kurtisSecrets: what did it say?07:12
kurtisSecrets: if it's multiple lines, use pastebin.com to share it07:12
rigvedfallguy: ^^ that's the package to install07:12
Ep1kMalwareholdon, brb y'all07:12
fallguyOK I just tried rigved's command and this is what I got"07:12
kurtisrigved: Thanks.07:12
fallguyReading package lists... Done07:12
fallguyBuilding dependency tree07:12
fallguyReading state information... Done07:12
omnomnomnoob linux07:12
kurtisfallguy: haha something is wrong there07:12
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omnomnomshut up noob07:12
llutz_!paste| fallguy please use this and stop spamming the channel07:12
ubottufallguy please use this and stop spamming the channel: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:12
fallguyyeah no kidding!!!07:12
omnomnomtää failaa07:13
omnomnomlinux on paska07:13
Ep1kMalwarekurtis: can't find/install the pkg07:13
kurtisfallguy: Close your terminal and open up a new one. :)07:13
omnomnomshut up noob07:13
omnomnomim @ school07:13
kurtisEp1kMalware: No ... it shouldn't give that output at all07:13
Starminnomnomnom: If you have an Ubuntu-related question, please ask it. If not, please /part the channel now.07:13
FloodBot3omnomnom: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:13
fallguyok new one opened up07:13
blue_pearlhey i am dual booting ubuntu10.04 and xp after updating the kernel xp got removed from boot menu,how to bring it back?07:13
omnomnomhey there sexcopter!07:13
llutz_!ops | omnomnom spamkid07:13
omnomnomim roflcoprer!07:13
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Guest61414I have a question about getting proprietary drivers because when i go to system>admin>hardware drivers nothing comes up07:13
kurtisfallguy: Cool. Try that again ... make sure it's exactly this: sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice007:14
iRabbitblue_peal XP is not listed in grub on boot?07:14
fallguysudo apt-get install libimobiledevice0 - got it07:14
fallguyim cutting and pasting, so i dont screw up the lines07:14
omnomnomhi there07:14
iRabbitblue_pearl, XP is not listed in GRUB on boot?07:14
omnomnomwhat is this place?07:14
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fallguylibimobiledevice0 is already the newest version.07:14
fallguy0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.07:14
GayNsexx D07:14
blue_pearliRabbit, Yes its not listed, earlier it was there07:14
Guest61414where is the ubuntu help channel or is this it?07:14
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fallguyso it i ssaying i already have the latest version07:15
Starminn!ops | omnomnom GayNsex07:15
ubottuomnomnom GayNsex: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!07:15
rigvedblue_pearl: run this command in the terminal - sudo update-grub07:15
jussiGayNsex: please change your name to something more family friendly.07:15
jiltdil!omnomnom | sex07:15
gahfHello I installed a new graphics card, a 570GTX 1280MB by "Gigabyte". Ubuntu still won't recognize the card and I can't find any drivers for it. In addition when I use  System>Administrator>hardware drivers it comes up with drivers for my old graphics card. can anyone help me get new drivers and make ubuntu accept them?07:15
kurtisfallguy: Well that's good. At least we know you have the latest package. That was EM's concern07:15
kurtisgahf: If your old card was Nvidia as well, it's probably the same drivers07:16
IdleOnejussi: that user has the same host as the one just banned07:16
fallguyyes, as i said earlier, i just downloaded and installed all this stuff for the first time today, so I was pretty sure it was the latest versions.07:16
gahfkrtis it doesn't07:16
iRabbitblue_pearl, cli sudo update-grub07:16
Ep1kMalwarekurtis: if he has the package, and it's completely upgraded. then the only other obstruction I can see is perhaps maybe the ipod is locked with a password/pattern of some sort.07:16
kurtisgahf: You could try going to Nvidia's site and using their drivers. They have Linux (probably Debian but maybe Ubuntu)07:17
Ep1kMalwarei.e. needs somebody to sign into the device.07:17
blue_pearliRabbit, ok i ran it07:17
fallguynever had a password lock on this ipod touch, and disabled the autolock feature... it's on it's normal home screen as it is plugged in right now.07:17
gahfkrutis where?07:17
gahfkrutis it doesn't work07:17
iRabbitblue_pearl, reboot and let me know if it's back07:17
kurtisEp1kMalware: Yeah ... I don't really know. Someone could take him through watching the logs as he plugs in the device and stuff but it's going to be a lot of debugging07:18
kurtisgahf: Goto nvidia.com07:18
Ep1kMalwarekurtis: if it where FreeBSD I'd be more knowledgable there.07:18
blue_pearliRabbit, here is the output if it helps anyway http://paste.ubuntu.com/574324/07:18
fallguywell guys have we hit a dead end?07:19
fallguyBelieve it or not, we've been working on this for more than 2 hours already07:19
Ep1kMalwarefallguy: let me give it another google search.07:19
iRabbitblue_pearl, do you have Windows on one HDD and Ubuntu on the other?07:19
blue_pearliRabbit, no i have only 1 hdd its a laptop07:19
kurtisfallguy: Yeah, I'm about all out of ideas without making a whole project out of it. Im sorry :(07:19
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Secretshere kurtis07:20
Guest61414I have a question about getting proprietary drivers because when i go to system>admin>hardware drivers nothing comes up07:20
Secretsi just pasted07:20
Secretsthe image07:20
kurtisfallguy: The main thing I can suggest, which you've probably already done, is just keep googling. Otherwise, maybe try  some of the "smarter" guys on Freenode #linux and even #debian?07:20
Secretsof the output07:20
kurtisSecrets: Ok, I'll check it out.07:20
iRabbitblue_pearl, alright. I had something similar happen to me... but unfortunately Windows was on another drive. I'm sorry but I'm lost.. perhaps someone with a bit more knowhow will pick up where I left off07:20
fallguyOK I'll give it a shot, Kurtis.  I've been googling the hell out of it all day long but I was coming up with the same pages you were.07:21
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: you still there? is your problem solved?07:21
blue_pearliRabbit, ok thanks though07:21
Guest61414can i have some help?07:21
gahfHello I installed a new graphics card, a 570GTX 1280MB by "Gigabyte". Ubuntu still won't recognize the card and I can't find any drivers for it. In addition when I use  System>Administrator>hardware drivers it comes up with drivers for my old graphics card. can anyone help me get new drivers and make ubuntu accept them?07:21
_skplhow can i reset the panels in gnome?07:21
iRabbitblue_pearl, you will probably end up editing your /boot/grub/menu.lst to add windows and point grub to the partitiion07:21
kurtisSecrets: cool. Now try: "cd /" then "find | grep e100" ... it might take a little while07:22
elFidelGuest61414: maybe - if you start with a question07:22
_skplreset to defaults i mean07:22
recognoscofallguy: you plug your ipod touch and it doesn't work?07:22
Guest61414i did elfidel07:22
Guest61414I have a question about getting proprietary drivers because when i go to system>admin>hardware drivers nothing comes up07:22
blue_pearliRabbit, ok thanx07:22
kurtisGuest: What do you expect to come up?07:22
Guest61414with drivers that are supported for my computer kurtis07:23
Secretsso what do i type again07:23
fallguyIt works Recognosco, but the computer doesn't recognize it at all07:23
iRabbitblue_pearl, found several threads on a google search on how to complete the operation07:23
kurtisGuest: That's only used for things like if you could use Nvidia Proprietary drivers ... most of your drivers are free (not-proprietary)07:23
Secretswhat do i type after cd/07:23
recognoscofallguy: what do you mean? you can transfer music using amarok?07:23
kurtisSecrets: "find | grep e100"07:23
blue_pearliRabbit, ok will check07:23
Guest61414yeah i want to use nividia proprietary drivers07:24
SealedWithAKissrigved, I'm still here. I've just posted it on the Ubuntu forums to see whether I can get any help there.07:24
recognoscofallguy: but the computer doesn't recognize it?07:24
fallguyReco - it's as if nothing is plugged into the computer.  The Ipod Touch is recharging, but the computer doesn't see it at all.07:24
kurtisGuest: You might have to go into your Repositories and add the non-free ones07:24
rigvedgahf: you can go to the nvidia website and download the latest linux drivers. but be warned that these drivers have not been tested by the Ubuntu community07:24
MohammadAGblue_pearl, although I'm pretty sure this'll fail, have you tried mounting the Windows partition and running sudo update-grub?07:24
fallguyI've tried different USB ports too07:24
recognoscofallguy: rebooted the machine?07:24
fallguyim running Ubuntu 10.0407:24
fallguyI rebooted it just before i came on here, but that was 2 hours ago.07:25
fallguylet me try rebooting again07:25
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: boot into the ubuntu on your harddisk and run this command in the terminal - sudo update-grub07:25
fallguyback in 3 mins07:25
Secretsit said no such file or directory found07:25
blue_pearlMohammadAG, i tried running update-grub and windows pratition does not mount on ubuntu07:25
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: but if your grub has been overwritten, then there is a different process to fix it.07:25
rigved!fixmbr > SealedWithAKiss07:26
ubottuSealedWithAKiss, please see my private message07:26
llutz_gahf: according to nvidia.com your card isn't supported07:26
MohammadAGblue_pearl, umm, why doesn't it mount?07:26
kurtisSecrets: That's weird ... I'm using 10.10 and I get like 20 things that pop up07:26
blue_pearliRabbit, the drive in which windows is installed can not mount it07:26
llutz_gahf: http://tinyurl.com/yje3plo07:26
Secretshow do i find out which version im useing07:26
kurtisgahf: Please don't private msg me. Thanks :)07:27
kurtisSecrets: Umm the easiest way is, at the top of your desktop, click on System and then "About Ubuntu" and it should tell you in there07:27
rigvedSecrets: or in the terminal type - uname -sr07:27
stanman246hi i'm at the point where i need to rebuild our home server :( Have got a 64b ubuntu up and running as my desktop and i want to create a virtualized server first (zentyal). But i'm at a loss what virtualization to use: Virtualbox or KVM (QemU) VMware is not an option as it's not free available. Any hints?07:28
ndxtgcould anyone here please confirm that they CAN listen to mms radio on Ubuntu 10.10???? *I need to confirm because I can't, even with w32codecs from medibuntu07:28
iRabbitblue_pearl, uh oh,07:28
kurtisrigved: Thanks :) I didn't feel like looking up the command, hehe07:28
rigvedSecrets: that'll give you your kernel version07:28
Secretsyeah its 10.1007:28
Secretsdesktop editon07:28
kurtisSecrets: Weird ...07:28
iRabbitblue_pearl, what version of ubuntu are you running?07:28
blue_pearlMohammadAG, erroe mounting exited with code 1 only root can mount .... this msg when i try to mount07:28
Secretsi may have not typed it up right07:28
kurtisrigved: He needs to isnmod his e100 (Intel Ethernet Card) driver ... but I dunno the location on his filesystem. Any ideas?07:29
blue_pearliRabbit, 10.04.207:29
Secretsupload it in pastebin07:29
iRabbitblue_pearl, it wont mount the partition its on?07:29
MohammadAGrun the command as root, sudo mount ..07:29
Secretsjust copy it from your terminal07:29
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blue_pearlMohammadAG, i ran mount /media/sda1 it still did not mount... showed a long output07:30
llutz_kurtis: modprobe -l '*e100*'07:30
kurtisSecrets: My kernel version is most likely different than yours.07:30
blue_pearliRabbit, it wont mount not in gui or in cli07:30
Secretsyeah filesystem is /07:30
ndxtgcould anyone here please confirm that they CAN listen to mms radio on Ubuntu 10.10???? *I need to confirm because I can't, even with w32codecs from medibuntu07:30
gahfllutz_ so there is no way to get drivers for my card?07:30
iRabbitblue_pearl, thats random..... I'm sorry I'm lost there.07:30
Secretsso can you type the whole command in one line07:30
MohammadAGblue_pearl, sudo mount /dev/$block /media/$block07:31
rigvedkurtis: yes, use modprobe if the driver is in the correct place, like llutz_ said07:31
MohammadAGreplace $block with your dev node07:31
MohammadAGsda1 i guess?07:31
kurtisrigved: Well I got this: kernel/drivers/net/e1000/e1000.ko ... but I wouldn't know how to tell him the insmod command since that's just a relative path07:31
SealedWithAKissrigved, I have already been advised to run 'sudo update-grub' and it did not resolve my problem. I will see the PM.07:31
llutz_rigved: modprobe -l just lists available modules07:31
kurtisllutz_: Thank you07:31
gahfllutz_ what do i do?07:32
kurtisgahf: What are you trying to accomplish? Hardware 3d?07:32
llutz_gahf: use the free nouveau driver07:32
blue_pearlMohammadAG, still no luck posting u the output07:32
gahfkurtis, since the drivers don't match my screen resolution is all broken. llutz_ link?07:32
Secretsso tell me what to type again kurtis07:32
MohammadAGpastebin it07:32
llutz_gahf: should be installed by default07:33
kurtisSecrets: Sorry I'm not sure yet ... hang on07:33
Secretsall in one  in between the "" these07:33
RealOptyanyone wanna help me get audio working on my HDMI connection?07:33
RealOptyplz :D07:33
Guysubuntu 10.10?\fs2107:34
blue_pearlMohammadAG, here is the output when i ran the comman07:34
kurtisSecrets: okay, first goto /lib/modules07:34
blue_pearlMohammadAG, http://paste.ubuntu.com/574330/07:34
Secretsokay done07:35
llutz_kurtis: "modprobe e1000"  or instmod e1000           both won't need a path07:35
kurtisSecrets: okay try what llutz says: "modprobe e100"07:35
Guysu can try the sound output07:35
kurtisSecrets: it might be "sudo modprobe e100"07:36
RealOptyyeah i did that07:36
llutz_Secrets: with sudo off course07:36
RealOptybut it dont work :(07:36
RealOptyGuys, i chanced it to that but when i use rythmbox no muxic07:36
Secretsnothing happens07:37
=== RexM is now known as fallguy
fallguyOK Im back07:37
fallguyIt looks like it is being recognized07:37
Secretsit gives no message07:37
llutz_Secrets: no message == success, "ifconfig -a"07:37
kurtisSecrets: Now do "sudo lsmod | grep e100"07:37
Secretsnow what07:37
blue_pearlMohammadAG, http://paste.ubuntu.com/574330/ here is the output07:38
kurtisSecrets: What did llutz_ command output?07:38
gahfllutz_ okay07:39
Secretse100 in red  30356 0  and mii 4425 1 e10007:39
fallguyIM sorry guys, I have to turn in07:39
fallguyThanks for your help07:39
fallguyI'll check back in tomorrow night07:39
fallguyI have to get some sleep07:39
kurtisfallguy: No problem, sorry dude!07:39
fallguyI'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with some progress07:39
kurtisSecrets: Definitely making progress!07:39
Secretsnow what07:40
MohammadAGblue_pearl, I'm assuming it's not RAID?07:40
RealOptyGuys, got any other advice?07:40
fallguyPlease thank EM and Recog for me07:40
kurtisSecrets: Does it display an IP Address by any chance?07:40
RealOptyi have a nvidia card07:40
RealOptyit detects the hdmi but no audio07:40
stanman246anyone virtualising machines with virtualbox/qemu? Am looking for some advice07:40
kurtisSecrets: k, try typing in sudo dhclient07:40
SealedWithAKissrigved, I'm having problems with the guide.07:41
blue_pearlMohammadAG, well first it did not mounted after i did not properly shutdown xp and booted in ubuntu07:41
Secretsnetwork is down07:41
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: go ahead. what is the problem?07:41
Secretsnow what07:41
llutz_Secrets: sudo ifconfig eth0 up && sudo dhclient07:41
zambai'm looking for a web-based gui for administrating bind9 zone file07:42
kurtisSecrets: What did it say?07:42
zambaany suggestions?07:42
MohammadAGblue_pearl, can you run chkdsk?07:43
kurtisllutz_: If only that command worked for my Wifi adapter :P07:43
ubottuBrowsers available for Ubuntu: Firefox (GTK, Gecko engine), Konqueror (KDE/Qt, KHTML engine), Epiphany (GTK, Gecko engine), Dillo (GTK), w3m (terminal-based), Links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !man page), edbrowse (command-line), Opera (Qt, proprietary)07:43
gahfllutz_ when i use hardware drivers in system>administrator it won't work and won't let me re-configure my screen resolution07:43
SecretsDevice or resource busy07:43
SealedWithAKissrigved, "sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda7" produces the error "/usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Attempting to install GRUB to a partition instead of the MBR.  This is a BAD idea.."07:43
blue_pearlMohammadAG, i can try but how to run it?07:43
Secretsnow what07:44
SealedWithAKissrigved, I don't know which /dev/sda the MBR is.07:44
kurtisSecrets: I dunno ... was this computer working fine before you installed Ubuntu?07:44
SealedWithAKissrigved, I've obviously tried to install GRUB to /mnt which has /dev/sda7 (Ubuntu) mounted.07:44
kurtisSecrets: Ethernet too?07:44
Secretsit was working just the other day07:44
kurtisSecrets: Have you ever had the ethernet working with Ubuntu on it?07:44
kurtisSecrets: hmm ... open it up and make sure it's pushed in the slot all of the way.07:45
MohammadAGblue_pearl, I'm not sure about XP, but Vista and 7 had a recovery disc option07:45
Secretsits a laptop07:45
kurtisSecrets: ahh okay. That's weird it's not working all of the sudden. It seems like a hardware problem to me07:45
MohammadAGperhaps iRabbit knows07:45
blue_pearlMohammadAG, ok. will reinstalling the grub2 help in any way?07:45
Secretsis there away to fix07:45
kurtisSecrest: but I'm not the expert here so take that with a grain of salt07:45
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: did you carry out the earlier steps? did you mount your filesystem and typed this in the terminal - mount | tail -l07:46
MohammadAGgrub doesn't seem to be broken on your system07:46
kurtisSecrets: Not that I could really help you with. Sorry. You'd have to take it apart and hope that it's something simple and easy .... you could always buy a USB Network Adapter07:46
blue_pearlMohammadAG, ok will try out chkdsk with xp cd....going to reboot now07:46
MohammadAGk :)07:47
Secretsthat always drops out07:47
iRabbitMohammadAG, I know what now?07:47
SealedWithAKissrigved, before I began following the tutorial I mounted /dev/sda7 to /mnt - I was considering chrooting into the partition to attempt the re-installation there.07:47
MohammadAGiRabbit, if there's a way to run chkdsk without booting windows, anyway, he quit, for now07:48
gahfllutz_ when i use hardware drivers in system>administrator it won't work and won't let me re-configure my screen resolution07:48
Thrawnhow do i disable wlan in ubuntu 10.10; i dont have a physical switch for my wlan on my laptop07:48
iRabbitMohammadAG, probably need to boot a recovery disk to do it07:48
recognoscoThrawn: use wicd or network-manager07:49
MohammadAGyeah, that's what I suggested07:49
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: you are trying to install grub to a partition other than the MBR. that's nto advisable as you cannot boot into ubuntu unleass you specifically start grub07:49
Thrawnwhere can i set that in network manager?07:49
llutz_gahf: cannot help you with that, i don't use any of those proprietary drivers07:49
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda --recheck07:49
kurtisHolly Crap ... I spent the last 2 days working on my WIFI and all I had to do is run rfkill :(07:49
Thrawnrecognosco: where can i switch wlan off in network manager07:50
kurtisIs there somewhere I can post that solution to my problem for Ubuntu 10.10?07:50
llutz_gahf: seems it still uses the old nvidia-driver, try to deinstall it to use the free nouveau driver then. read wiki/forums how to do that (i have no clue about that)07:50
rigvedkurtis: in the ubuntuforums. post is as a howto. but make sure that a similar post is not already existing07:51
SealedWithAKissrigved, installation completed no errors reported. Reboot?07:51
recognoscoThrawn: or just do - sudo ifconfig wlan0 down07:51
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions07:51
recognoscoThrawn: that works, right?07:51
=== Inumedia_ is now known as Inumedia
recognoscoThrawn: in network manager, i think it is a checkbox that you uncheck07:52
Thrawnrecognosco: the nm-applet still shows me wlan so and so available07:52
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: reboot into the ubuntu on the hard disk. then run in the terminal - sudo update-grub. then you can boot into XP as well07:52
Thrawnrecognosco: after typing sudo  ifconfig wlan0 down07:53
gahfDoes anyone here know how to uninstall nvidia drivers?07:53
recognoscoThrawn: you want to tuen the device off? there is a switch for it on your computer?07:53
recognoscoThrawn: or just uninstall the driver :D07:53
SealedWithAKissrigved, I'm now in my Ubuntu partition, it booted immediately into it. There was no GRUB menu though.07:53
Thrawnrecognosco: theres no entry of a wlan connection because im not connected to any, so i dont see anything to uncheck there07:54
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: now run in the terminal - sudo update-grub07:54
Thrawnrecognosco: i dont want to disable wlan just turn it off ^.- i still need it at times -.07:54
Thrawnrecognosco: i started my question here by stating: there is no physical switch for my wlan -.07:54
webczatHey, how to use socks5 with apt-get? I really need it.07:55
recognoscoThrawn: sorry, didin't see that. so if the interface is down, what else do you need?07:55
Thrawnrecognosco: kk nevermind, thx for hlp anyway07:55
SealedWithAKissrigved, it isn't recognising Windows 7 it has added my old Vista entry again. That entry was manually created a while ago. Whenever GRUB updates it appears to keep including it.07:55
SealedWithAKissrigved, or at least that's what I think it's doing. Reboot?07:55
Thrawnrecognosco: my wlan is on but i want it off because it eats battery. sudo ifconfig wlan0 down didnt work07:56
SealedWithAKissrigved, any particular key combination I need to press to display the GRUB menu?07:56
llutz_webczat: use tsocks07:56
rigvedThrawn: right-click on the network icon. Enable Wireless should be enabled. Click on that. It'll disable your WLan.07:56
nit-witSealedWithAKiss, have you run this script and posted here.  http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/07:56
Thrawnrigved: genious :D thx :D07:56
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: yes. after the motherboard logo has been displayed, keep the Shift button pressed.07:56
SealedWithAKissnit-wit, yes.07:56
bobweaverhi there I am trying to install 11.04 powerpc+ps3  and am having some trouble on this step Configure the package manager I dont know what to put in those areas could some one please help me thanks07:57
nit-witSealedWithAKiss, could you give me the pastebin07:57
rigvedThrawn: you are welcome07:57
rigvednit-wit: he'll be back. he's just checking if windows is booting or not07:58
Secretsit seems im not the only one exsprinceing the problem07:58
=== jarek is now known as Guest14794
StuckMojohey how do you tell dkms to use multiple cores when building modules?07:59
rigvedSecrets: if you think that it is a bug, then file a bug report07:59
i4ba1excuse me all08:00
i4ba1how to fix grub08:00
i4ba1my grub not show in boot menu08:00
i4ba1just my windows in boot menu08:00
StuckMojohmmm.../etc/dkms/framework.conf seems likely08:00
rigved!fixmbr > i4ba108:00
ubottui4ba1, please see my private message08:00
webczatHow to use it when installed and configured?08:00
i4ba1i try sud apt-get install grub from live cd08:00
i4ba1and then sudo grub-update08:01
i4ba1and restart08:01
i4ba1but the grub still not show08:01
bobweaverits because its a live cd08:01
rigvedi4ba1: ^^ check the pm by ubottu08:01
RealOptyhdmi audio, anyone have suggestions on making it work lol?08:01
i4ba1rigved what do you mean check the pm?08:02
rigved!fixmbr | i4ba108:02
ubottui4ba1: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.08:02
llutz_webczat: man tsocks   ( LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/libtsocks   sudo apt-get cmd....)08:02
rigvedi4ba1: use the RestoreGrub link08:02
SealedWithAKissrigved, the GRUB menu displayed an old entry for Vista. Selecting this entry caused GRUB to take me into Windows Boot Loader. That displayed an error message saying \NST\AutoNeoGrub0.mbr was missing or corrupt.08:02
SealedWithAKissrigved, why would Windows Boot Manager mention GRUB?08:03
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: win 7 has it's own boot partition. grub should have booted into that08:03
bobweaverwhat is the ubuntu achieve mirror directory for 11.04 powerpc+ps3?Anyone know ?08:03
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: you did mention that you had made manual boot entries in windows. maybe that's what it was showing.08:04
SealedWithAKissrigved, indeed using an application called EasyBCD. I suppose it isn't the concern of an Ubuntu channel anymore.08:04
StuckMojodrat, doesn't seem to be in there08:05
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: wait. open System > Administration > Disk Utility08:05
StuckMojoi'm pretty sure you can do it08:05
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: can you see the 100 MB win 7 boot partition?08:05
StuckMojoi suspect it's some global-ish setting that probably affects the kernel build system in general08:06
SealedWithAKissrigved, I see a 206 MB Ext3 boot partition.08:07
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: no, that not the one. it should be a 100 MB partition, just before the Win 7 partition08:08
=== tukangsusu is now known as Vladislas
ruanhow come ubuntu-mono-dark is light and ubuntu-mono light is dark?08:09
macoruan: for on light/dark backgrounds, i think08:09
ruanmaco: oh ok08:09
Starminnruan: It's *for* light and *for* dark08:09
SealedWithAKissrigved, I have 225 GB NTFS, 206 MB Ex3 /boot, Extended 95 GB, 88 GB Ext4, 3.8 GB Swap and 3.1 GB swap.08:09
samos /msg nickserv identify samos12308:10
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: one moment08:10
SealedWithAKissI've been there.08:10
Starminnsamos: Change your password?08:10
SealedWithAKissrigved, sure.08:10
samosits not my password luckily haha08:11
samosbut still stupid08:11
samosi even copy pasted wrong place and wrong pass08:11
SealedWithAKisssamos, just change the password.08:11
SealedWithAKisssamos, perhaps to something a little more complex - samos 1234 for example.08:12
samosits not my real pass have a try :P08:12
i4ba1in my flashdisk drive  i can't paste the folder/file but can copy?08:12
i4ba1it strange for me08:13
Starminni4bai You have read permissions but not write?08:13
ruani4ba1: do you have write permissions?08:13
=== robins is now known as robinsmidsrod
i4ba1how do i change the permissions08:14
Starminni4ba1: Right-click "Properties"->Permisisons08:14
=== Inumedia__ is now known as Inumedia
i4ba1right click on usb media?08:14
StarminnOn the drive,yeah.08:15
SealedWithAKissi4ba1, chmod +w filename08:15
ruani4ba1: or a folder08:15
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: it seems like you do not have the Win 7 boot partition. I think the Win 7 cd provides a repair option. try that to create the Win 7 100 MB boot partition. then use the restore Grub method to install grub. boot into ubuntu, run update-grub. then you should be fine. you should be able to boot into both OSs. this is the setup i have (but both ubuntu and windows have their own hdd, :) )08:15
i4ba1i try chmod -R 766 /media/name of usb08:15
i4ba1but still not success08:15
ruan-r removes read permissions, doesnt it?08:15
llutz_i4ba1: flashdisk with vfat/ntfs? chown/chmod won't work, use mount-options08:15
Starminn-r RECURSIVE08:15
samos123you see i posted my username instead of pass :P08:16
SealedWithAKissrigved, I don't have a Windows Recovery CD. I have a USB, but it's only 1GB in size. Assuming I obtain a larger USB drive, I could make it bootable and use that right?08:16
Starminni4ba1: I don't think 766 is a valid mod08:16
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: how did you install Win 7 ?08:17
StarminnOR permissions setting or whatever08:17
nukeslionHello, I'm trying to convert my screensaver to xscreensaver as opposed to the gnome one, and I have gotten everything working but the "lock screen" command, where would i edit what that button does?08:17
Secretsso how do i reinstall the driver for the internet on ubuntu08:17
SealedWithAKissrigved, I extracted an ISO and ran the installation from inside Windows by executing the autorun file.08:17
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: burn that iso to a cd. this same iso (cd) has the repair option08:18
Secretshas anyone got any idears08:18
SealedWithAKissrigved, I don't have a CD, but obtaining one shouldn't be any trouble. So once it removes GRUB I go back into the LiveCD and then...?08:18
Starminnnukeslion: Isn't there the option at the bottom "Lock Screen After" [_] minutes08:19
Secretsrigved see pm08:19
nit-witSealedWithAKiss, do you still have a link to the pastebin for the bootscript?08:19
Starminnnukeslion: By the way, you can still use the Xscreensavers in GNOME Screensaver (I do)08:19
nukeslionStarminn, that does work, but i mean the Lock Screen button on the top right when you press the power button08:20
xorxorxoris there gonna be Ubuntu OS for mobile devices?08:20
xorxorxorlike android or ios08:20
Secretshow do i reinstall the internet driver on  ubuntu08:20
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: then use the same restore grub mothod - sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda --recheck. then run sudo update-grub in the ubuntu on the hdd08:21
Starminnxorxorxor: They've got a tablet one but to my knowledge no phones have been released yet (officially). It'll come eventually though I'd say. We've already got it on car stereos.08:21
xorxorxorwhaatt? ubuntu for car stereos?08:21
rigvedSealedWithAKiss, Secrets: sorry got to go.08:21
rigvedSealedWithAKiss: i have outlined the whole process for you. all the best!08:22
Secretswhats the command to reinstall the internet driver08:22
Starminnxorxorxor: Yeah, one sec. I'll find the link.08:22
xorxorxorthat is just too awesome08:22
llutz_!ot| xorxorxor08:22
ubottuxorxorxor: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:22
Starminnxorxorxor: http://www.linuxfordevices.com/c/a/News/Vic-NaviSurfer-II-Ubu3G/08:23
xorxorxoroops i'm sorry08:23
Starminnllutz_: Alright, point taken08:23
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:23
StarminnCalinou: It's already settled. Us naughty IRC-goers have learned our lesson. ;)08:24
Starminnxorxorxor: The offtopic channel's great though for these types on conversations if you wish to continue it there. As they said though, it's just nto appropriate for here.08:24
SealedWithAKissnit-wit, http://pastebin.com/VZWXvxJi08:24
xorxorxoryes sir08:25
xorxorxordidn't know that. i'll keep that in mind08:25
llutz_xorxorxor: no worries08:26
vivek200912I need to run servlet programs on ubuntu 10.10, how to do it?08:26
neilubuntu 10.10 seems to crash whenever I do large file transfers to a usb memory stick.  The memory stick is formated to fat.08:26
vivek200912 I have installed Apache tomcat6.08:26
alabdGood day all , These http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10100007#post10100007 steps are done in ubuntu 10.10 but ,plog says there is no input/output signals ... , what's wrong ?08:27
llutz_neil: crash how? "large file" is how large?08:27
rohan927hi guys i am new to ubuntu08:27
neilthe files are not large in themselves (jpgs) but there is about 7gb worth of them that I was transfering to a 8gb memory stick08:28
rohan927i want to connect to internet08:28
rohan927need help08:28
mattalexxI'm trying to get four monitors working in Ubuntu. I have a weird monitor layout: http://i.imgur.com/VmryP.jpg I have two nvidia cards. Should I use TwinView?08:28
ruanrohan927: what type of connection do you have?08:28
icerootneil: fat cant handle files of that size (7gb)08:28
rohan927i have a wifi connection broadband08:28
ruanrohan927: have you tried the connection manager?08:29
neilthat was the total size of all the files I was transfering.  they were only 3mb each roughly08:29
nit-witSealedWithAKiss, so did anybody notice the sda1 error list and suggest the chkdsk? You also have both grub legacy and grub2 mixed08:29
llutz_neil: crash how? what happens, error-messages?08:29
Starminnneil: Try doing it in segments of < 4GB08:29
RealOptywell i made some success08:29
RealOptygot hdmi audo working only with VLC media player.08:30
rohan927<ruan>: i tried... the thing is the notification area of wifi has a red !... i think wifi is not on08:30
RealOptyguess its good enough so i dont have to switch to windows just to watch a damn movie08:30
rohan927how do i do it08:30
neilit would slowly freeze everything but the mouse, then It completely freeze if I tryed to enter the terminal through ctrl alt F108:30
gage_bwdumb question but I'm having trouble tracking down the answer - Where's the main ubuntu repository - is it archive.ubuntu.com or packages.ubuntu.com or what?08:30
llutz_neil: check /var/log/messages for info.08:31
ruanrohan927: did you click the wifi icon to configure it?08:32
Secretsthis is all is showing up when i type ifconfig08:32
Secretsits not showing eth008:32
Starminn!packages | gage_bw08:32
ubottugage_bw: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!08:32
Secretsits not showing eth108:32
llutz_Secrets: ifconfig -a08:32
Secretsnow it is\08:33
rohan927<ruan> i don know how to do it... in one place i gave the ssid n security type as wpa something... when i applied it came as u r offline08:33
ruanrohan927: does the place that you are connecting to use a password?08:34
gage_bwThanks for the link. Now, if I'm looking for something from, say, karmic's repo, what exactly do I add to sources.list?08:34
rohan927ya... it asked for a password08:35
cyclist_2Hello, there! has anyone here been able to have the new version of google-earth [version 6] running? I get a black screen and nothing more; I tried everything out there [including the Medibuntu repository, which is marginally better in the sense that I get an error message!]; I am on Lucid, and have lsb-core installed.08:35
DrkCodeman10.10 has issues with its default audio / burning software i recommend an alternative other than pulseaudio08:35
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:35
gage_bwdeb http://packages.ubuntu.com karmic main   ...or maybe   deb http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic karmic main ?08:35
=== PhilMather is now known as zz_PhilMather
Secretsit happend after installing a update08:36
alabdGood day all , while doing this guide http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10100007#post10100007 , found there is no build/include/linux directroy in /lib/modules/$(uname -r) ..  how to solve it ?08:36
Secretswhats a static ip adress08:36
Secretsis it one that always changes08:37
ruanSecrets: an ip address that never changes08:37
ruanSecrets: dynamic always changes08:37
blue_pearlMohammadAG, hey got it fixed08:38
MohammadAGblue_pearl, :D08:39
blue_pearlMohammadAG, thanx ran chkdsk after bootinh xp cd :)08:39
MohammadAGblue_pearl, you're welcome :)08:39
SealedWithAKissnit-wit, nobody mentioned that to me, no. What does that means for me?08:39
amalgamais it ok if i ask on this channel a question about "wget" ??08:40
ruanamalgama: yes08:40
DrkCodemananyone in here work directly for conocial?08:40
m3ttihi folks08:40
GrimmleSawOdooLaI don't why this happened, but for some reason, the menu in xfdesktop when I right click (take note this is in Xubuntu) simply will not work.08:40
StarminnDrkCodeman: Some might, maybe, but I don't know of any.08:41
GrimmleSawOdooLaIt works on other accounts, but not mine. Why did this happen? lol08:41
amalgamai found a website which has like 20 download links of .zip files and i would like to use wget to download them all in once instead of right click etc... does anyone know which is the command??08:41
Starminn!attitude | DrkCodeman08:41
ubottuDrkCodeman: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:41
DrkCodemani need to order disks for my store to give to customers as an alternative to windows08:41
ruanamalgama: use flashgot08:41
m3ttii've a big problem. I want to setup a server which is some kinda transparent proxy but that server should redirect the traffic to another proxy which is connected to the internet. Could i simply portforward all traffic to the proxy which is connected to the internet08:41
StarminnDrkCodeman: Not that you had a bad atittude, just saying08:41
amalgamai read wiki and man but couldnt get the right answer...08:42
StarminnDrkCodeman: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/cds08:42
ruanamalgama: flashgot addon for firefox08:42
DrkCodemanyeah i tried that lol no response though08:42
rohan927hi can anyone help me out ??? i am new to ubuntu....08:42
Secretsthe wired internet stoped working after installing a update08:42
StarminnDrkCodeman: Try this out? http://www.linuxcd.org/view_distro.php?id_distro=196&ref=distrowatch Not sure if you're only limited to one though08:43
Starminnrohan927: Go ahead and ask and people will respond if they can help.08:43
amalgamaruan : thanx !08:43
Secretsso how can i fix it08:43
ruanamalgama: np :)08:44
rohan927k thanks.. i want to connect to internet... i have wifi connection. just not able to get through08:44
ruan!wifi | rohan92708:44
ubotturohan927: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:44
nit-witSealedWithAKiss, you mentioned a disc of some sort there is a downloadable recovery that may get you to the repair command to run the chkdsk /r http://neosmart.net/blog/2009/windows-7-system-repair-discs/ here is a visual to getting there. http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/20864-mbr-restore-windows-7-master-boot-record.html we can take care of grub with another link.08:44
Secretsoh god now the internet icon disipeard08:45
Secretswhat do i do08:45
nit-witSealedWithAKiss, you can format a thumb to ntfs put a bootflag on it with gparted and exstract that iso to it to boot.08:45
StarminnSecrets: The one in the panel? Just Add to Panel...->Notification something-or-another08:45
Secretsi restarted my computer then it disipeard08:46
rohan927ok... the thing is i find a red exclamation mark(!)on the wifi icon in the notification area... what does that mean?08:46
neilllutz, did you want me to send you the txt of message?08:46
DrkCodemananyone else having difficulties installing ut2k4 on 64bit build of ubuntu?08:46
nit-witSealedWithAKiss, can't gaurantee a fix on the sda1 but it is indicating problems fixed in this manner.08:46
eosshello im trying to understand ownership of files...for my apache server it uses www-data to rear write execute right? what should i have the owner of files be and the group in my www folder for apache?08:47
eossand what permissions08:47
eossas of right now everytime i create a file int he folder i have to change the permission every time08:48
DrkCodemanis ubuntu landscape only pay for software?08:50
poobirdanyone know of any good Overclocking guides for ubuntu?08:50
poobirdanyone know of any good Overclocking guides for ubuntu?08:51
Secretswhy is my wired internet not wokring all of a sudden it was working on monday08:51
FloodBot3poobird: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:51
rumpe1eoss, maybe chmod g+s /var/www08:51
Secretshow do i fix it08:51
poobirdfix what?08:52
Secretsthe wired internet on ubuntu its not connecting for some reason08:52
cr1scoso i can't play .flv files from my google cache folder even if i open them in chrome08:52
poobirdwhat are you using08:53
eossrumpe1, add write permissions to group?08:53
Secretsubuntu 10.1008:54
Secretsdesktop editon08:54
icerootSecrets: you dont get an ip? you get an ip but cant contact the internet? you can only contact other machines by there ip and not the domainname? you are using dhcp?  we cant (and we will not help) without usefull informations08:54
rumpe1eoss, then use umask08:54
dc5alaeoss: apache only need to be able to read those files, except when you want to do an upload via a form08:55
DiverdudeHello. I have a problem with my packet manager. I started giving this error: http://pastebin.com/GeDExHeF   What can be done about that?08:55
neilhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/574352/  my system crashed twice while copying files in the time frame pasted.08:56
neilany ideas?09:00
poobirdanyone know of any good Overclocking guides or programs for ubuntu?09:03
=== Secrets_ is now known as Secrets
gage_bwI'm looking for a repository with irssi 0.8.13 or later in it. I believe Karmic probably has it, but I'm having trouble finding the repo!09:07
Secretsunder ipv4  Ip adress  Netmask/Prefix:
Secretsso its not showing my ip adress09:08
Starminn!info irssi | gage_bw09:09
ubottugage_bw: irssi (source: irssi): terminal based IRC client. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.15-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 1067 kB, installed size 2876 kB09:09
DrkCodemanwould be nice if there was a way to install ubuntu to my ipod touch09:09
_jesse__Diverdude: I'd probably do as it say or clear out the cache09:09
Secretscan someone tell me how to fix this problem09:09
Starminngage_bw: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi09:10
icerootSecrets: you are using DHCP?09:10
DrkCodemanubuntu is derived from debian correct?09:11
gage_bwStarminn: I've been there, it says "the Ubuntu "main" repository", but where is that?09:11
Secretshow do i find out if i am09:11
DrkCodemanubuntu is to debian as osx is to freebsd09:12
Starminngage_bw: Open up the Software Center.09:12
iceroot!debian | DrkCodeman09:13
ubottuDrkCodeman: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!09:13
=== immy is now known as immy78
Starminngage_bw: Edit->Software Sources...->[Enter your password]09:13
Starminngage_bw: In the first tab (where it lands oyu) up top, check the one for main09:13
Secretsnow how do i fix my problem with my wired internet it was working on monday before i installed something09:13
icerootSecrets: and you installed what?09:14
Secretsand now its not working09:14
* jfm` is away: Je ne suis pas là09:14
Secretsi forgot what i installed09:14
icerootSecrets: again, please use usefull details, dont let us guess what your problem is09:14
Secretsi think it was a perl module09:14
Talicommy touchpad works on the login screen but not after i log into my account, what should i do?09:14
Secretsso how do i fix my problem with the internet not working09:15
icerootSecrets: using networkmanager? (gui), /etc/network/interfaces?09:15
iflemagage_bw: youll get a higher version if you make themove to Lucid Lynx LTS 10.04, its time to get a move on anyways - support for hardy 8.04 and karmic 9.10 ends april 2011 and 9.04 Jaunty Jakalope is !EOL....09:15
Secretswhat do i type in terminal ircroot?09:15
gage_bwStarminn: I'm using Synaptic(Hardy has no Software Center). I get to the Repositories window, but main is of course already checked. It's not a package from THIS version of ubuntu that I need09:15
Starminngage_bw: AMD64 or 32-bit?09:15
Starminngage_bw: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/i386/irssi/download09:16
gage_bwiflema: I am terrified that it'll break09:16
gahfHow do I transfer firefox settings from ubuntu to windows 7? alternativley where are firefox settings stored on ubuntu?09:16
poobirdanyone know of any good Overclocking guides or programs for ubuntu?09:16
SecretsSecrets: using networkmanager? (gui), /etc/network/interfaces? what do you mean by that?09:16
icerootSecrets: what program are you using to connect to your network09:17
DrkCodemanwhy does ubuntu charge for landscape when webmin is free?09:17
icerootSecrets: the default tray-icon from gnome? (nm-applet)09:17
HPVif i had a job paying more than $10/hr i would spend 1/2 the money to hire another person to work on ubuntu09:17
StarminnDrkCodeman: I doubt it's Ubuntu charging it -- it's probably the devs for Landscape and Ubuntu, legally, (unless they pay for you) has to charge for it.09:18
llutz_!webmin | DrkCodeman because webmin is a security nightmare and not supported anymore09:18
ubottuDrkCodeman because webmin is a security nightmare and not supported anymore: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.09:18
Secretswhat do i type09:18
Talicommy touchpad works on the login screen but not after i log into my account, what should i do? my trackpad has a button to disable it's function, i pushed it so i could clean it. now ubuntu won't let me use my mouse when i log into my account09:19
iflemagage_bw: whats type of commputer? laptop or tower... model/manu... put it out there(here) mayve some know the results. what version you in 9.04? what wireless, video, audio09:19
DrkCodemani have ubuntu server running at work with webmin running fine its an older build of ubuntu however and its purely a samba server09:19
llutz_DrkCodeman: why webmin and not swat then?09:19
gahfHow do I transfer firefox settings from ubuntu to windows 7? alternativley where are firefox settings stored on ubuntu?09:19
DrkCodemanalot of people recommended webmin09:19
gage_bwiflema: eeepc 900, i'd have to go deeper for the other info09:19
rumpe1gahf, $HOME/.mozilla  *guess*09:20
iflemagage_bw: thats good...09:20
hariramhow can i use my corby txt as a modem in ubuntu09:20
HPVif i had a job paying more than $10/hr i would spend 1/2 the money to hire another person to work on ubuntu09:21
iflemagage_bw: ill have a littlesrach see how other do....09:21
DJones!webmin | DrkCodeman Just for info regarding webmin,09:22
ubottuDrkCodeman Just for info regarding webmin,: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.09:22
Starminngage_bw: For pretty much everything about your system, the commands "uname -a" and "lspci" will cover most of it.09:22
DJonesDrkCodeman: Sorry, just scrolled up and saw that you'd already been given that info09:22
gage_bwLooking at the list of upgrades and removals, I'm not going to try to install irssi until I upgrade the system09:22
Starminngage_bw: Oh, and lshw if you really want to hiti it all. ;)09:22
gage_bwwonder how much bigger 10.10 is than 9.0409:23
gage_bwtiny hdd on this model09:23
MavereXholy crap its quiet in here09:23
=== HPV is now known as seidos
rumpe1!language | MavereX09:23
ubottuMavereX: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.09:24
DrkCodemani wonder how many people realize wubi is creating a emulated filesystem09:24
MavereXare you serious09:24
iflemagage_bw: theres a youtube demo.... 10.04 may be a better move and a better UI if you ask me....09:24
rumpe1MavereX, ... and professional :>09:24
Starminngage_bw: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements09:24
MavereXMy apologies09:24
DrkCodemanwubi doesn't make ubuntu native ;(09:24
StarminnDrkCodeman: Not enough peopel if you ask me. Though this should be in #ubuntu-offtopic09:25
DrkCodemanoff to bed have to be up for work in like 3 hours09:25
gahfHow do I transfer firefox settings from ubuntu to windows 7? alternativley where are firefox settings stored on ubuntu?09:26
thamedaveTest (sorry)09:27
Starminngahf: Why not just use Firefox Sync?09:27
=== Ozzapoo_ is now known as Ozzapoo
gahfstarminn what you mean?09:27
_jesse__gahf: .mozilla/firefox ; dunno if they'd be in the same format or not09:27
Starminngahf: The add-on firefox Sync.09:27
_jesse__I'd probably use a plugin09:27
Starminngahf: Anyway, here:09:27
Starminngahf:http://ubuntuguide.net/share-firefox-bookmarkshistorytabs-between-ubuntuwindows-7vistaxp (forgot link)09:28
ramon_Gimphi all, i am Ramon miranda the chairman of Gimp paint Studio project, i want to ask help in wacom support09:28
iflemagage_bw: 900a ??09:28
hypozwhat does the chkmod bash command do???09:29
gage_bwiflema: Just 900 I believe, but it was a Target special - cheaper because it has only a 4 gig SSD09:30
karlahypoz, i'm not familiar of such command09:30
karlahypoz, do you mean chmod ?09:30
Starminnhypoz: You could try running "whatis <command>" and "man <command>"09:31
Secretscan someone help me fix the wired internet problem or not09:31
_jesse__Secrets: calm down09:32
Secretsive been here for 4 hours09:32
sinblade29any gui for mounting iso  or other image files ... i hate terminal comands09:32
llutz_!volunteers | Secrets09:33
ubottuSecrets: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:33
iflemagage_bw: reports seem very good.. perfect cam bluetooth video audio two finger scroll etc.. possible issue with wireless button and required twaeak for hibernation... does look positive..09:33
sinblade29i need a graphical app for image mounting (iso ,nrg,daa and more)09:33
gage_bwiflema: Oh yeah, no cam either on this model ^^09:33
visual1cei reassigned gnome cli ctrl c to copy... how do i make ctrl x stop what the terminal is running?09:34
almoxarifeSecrets: explain the problem09:34
_jesse__sinblade29: try gmount09:34
jukvisual1ce: you will need some more buttons to push09:35
sipiorvisual1ce: if i understand your question correctly, have a look at the man page for "stty"09:35
nixxerhey, how can i prevent unclean dismounts when my laptop dies?09:36
nixxeris there any application i can run to shut the computer down automatically?09:36
juknixxer: jeez, just run halt as root09:37
visual1cectrl \09:37
nixxeras in, i'm not here, my dog trips over the cord, my laptop dies, i'm up a creek again09:37
juknixxer: seriosly?09:37
iflemagage_bw: i say go for it (10.04) just make  a little backup of ya documents and media.. there wont be much :P09:37
nixxerit's not for me, it's for a client, is there a way or not lol09:38
gage_bwMy system doesn't meet the reqs of 10.10, but I'm still searching for 9.04's reqs09:38
gage_bwso I can see if it meets *those*09:38
karlanixxer, yeah shutdown or suspend to disk on low battery would be nice09:38
th0rnixxer: how are you going to know when the dog trips over the cord?09:38
juknixxer: ok, explain what is automatically09:38
Polysicsinteresting problem i have09:38
Diverdude_jesse__, well how do i clear out the cache? and how do i increase the size of the APT::Cache-Limit?09:38
Polysicsone of my users on a 10.04 server sometimes loses his password!09:38
nixxeras in, battery level gets to 5%, it halts itself09:38
sipiornixxer: you could plug into acpi events to see if the machine is running on battery power, and then have your script issue a shutdown.09:39
Polysicsas in, i set his password, he logs in ok, the next day, teh same password does not work09:39
gage_bwer, 8.1009:39
Polysicsi set his password with "sudo passwd username"09:39
Polysicsnothing special, i have no idea what is happening09:39
nixxerhe's typing it wrong.09:39
Polysicsnixxer: i tried logging in too, to no avail09:40
nixxerwhat happens?09:40
froschi_Polysics: you're typing it wrong09:40
Polysicsi even set a simple password just to test, impossible to type it worng09:40
Polysicspassword invalid09:40
nixxerunset shell?09:40
Polysicsif i reset it to the SAME password with passwd, it works09:40
froschi_Polysics: you use ssh from another machine?09:40
Polysicscan't get "123456" wrong09:40
nixxeryou just said you used passwd09:40
Polysicsfroschi_: ubuntu 10.04 VPS server09:40
nixxersudo messes up passwd09:40
nixxerdon't sudo with passwd09:41
llutz_Polysics: be sure, users can09:41
_jesse__Diverdude: apt-get clean09:41
froschi_Polysics: you use ssh *from* another machine?09:41
Starminngage_bw: Go here: https://help.ubuntu.com/, choose the version you want, go to "Installing Ubuntu" (at the very bottom), choose your architecture, and click on "chapter 2"09:41
Starminngage_bw: That'll give you whatever you need.09:41
froschi_Polysics: or putty?09:41
iflemagrep gage_bw09:41
poobirdanyone know of any good Overclocking guides or programs for ubuntu?09:41
Polysicsfroschi_: ssh off a Mac, both him and me09:41
Polysicsnormal Terminal09:41
poobirdi wanna see if i can melt my computer09:41
froschi_Polysics: i often do 'ssh machinename' and forgot to 'ssh someotheruser@machinename' ... double check that?09:42
Diverdude_jesse__, that did not help anything09:42
poobirdpoobird: yay09:42
Polysicsfroschi_: i tried "su user" and logging in as the user to no avail09:42
Polysicsmust be something about the user's shell, but tbh i have no idea on where to look09:42
poobirdyou use sudo for ubuntu09:42
Polysicspoobird: not if you want to be asked for the password09:42
juknixxer: see what is in, ls /proc/acpi/battery and watch it, when 5% do halt09:43
Fwb2700poobird: Why are you talking to yourself??09:43
poobirdpoobird: its fun09:43
Fwb2700Any from nz on?09:43
froschi_Polysics: well, you're doing it wrong :/09:44
_jesse__Diverdude: you can change it in /etc/apt/apt.conf09:44
_jesse__the cache limit, that is09:44
Polysicsfroschi_: all i need to know is that, reasonably, nothing is changing my password09:44
juk!nz | Fwb2700:09:44
ubottuFwb2700:: nz is the New Zealand LoCo Team has a channel at #ubuntu-nz09:44
llutz_nixxer: you're using gnome?09:44
Polysicsif nothing is changing my passwords, i will just blame it on the user09:44
iflemagage_bw: i see positive remarks about it and 10.04.see no complaining about speed.. but i do see slight variation across the one model... so?? i still say 10.04...09:44
Fwb2700Juk: thanks09:44
llutz_nixxer: there are settings in powermanagement acting on low battery09:44
Polysicslet's just hope i didn't get rooted somehow09:45
seidoscompassion -> buddha09:45
gage_bwiflema: considering 10.04 anyway..long term and probably more stable09:45
anarchistwell if you use keys with ssh the user cannot fuckup :-)09:45
Polysicsi will tell him to upload his key and be done with it09:46
gage_bwI was trying to get an idea of whether 10.10 actually uses more ram, etc09:46
seidos1 xor 0?09:46
iflemagage_bw: not as if you can duel boot =)09:46
Fwb2700juk: Nobody talk there09:46
Starminnanarchist: Keep it family-friendly, pelase.09:46
Polysicsthe guy is a very inexperienced person, that is why i am not fully believing him09:46
gage_bwiflema: i can't, yeah09:46
froschi_Polysics: you can make a copy of /etc/shadow and compare the hashes, if somthing changed the pw/hash. and check for something in /etec/passwd too09:46
jukFwb2700: well im not from nz09:46
Fwb2700juk: Damn lol09:46
seidosHPV?  1 xor 0?09:46
iflemagage_bw: a live USB try it out (10.04)09:46
=== Taffy is now known as Like_A_G6
froschi_Polysics: unless you're using some other auth, which i don't know about and would blame that then :)09:47
Polysicswhoa now09:47
Diverdude_jesse__, there is no such file09:47
Secretshas anyone got any idears to fix my issue09:47
Polysicsi have a shadow and a shadow- file in /etc09:47
Polysicsis that normal or does it smell fishy?09:47
visual1cewhere are the little indicator icons stored?09:47
gage_bwiflema: I only have a spare 2G drive..not sure it's big enough09:47
visual1celike the little envelope09:47
iflemagage_bw: it is09:47
Diverdude_jesse__, have only /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ directory09:47
Secretswith wired internet not working all of a sudden on ubuntu09:47
Starminn!details | visual1ce09:47
ubottuvisual1ce: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:47
Polysicsfroschi_: i would not know either, i never tweaked auth on any of my installs09:48
froschi_Polysics: i think it's normal. not sure if only editors do that backup stuff or the normal 'passwd' does too though...09:48
gage_bwiflema: that's great, then. i'll certainly try it...although it'll be slower running from the flash drive anyway09:48
Polysicsi think i will give chrootkit a go09:49
llutz_seidos: do you have any ubuntu-support related questions? pls stop your random typing09:49
seidoswhere are the elves?09:49
gage_bwrunning in memory, that is09:49
seidosllutz_: it is not random.  troll?09:49
Fwb2700I am new to ubuntu09:49
juk!ot | seidos llutz_09:49
ubottuseidos llutz_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:49
Polysicspasswd has been updated in packages09:50
Polysicsi wonder if there is anything about it09:50
seidosjuk: already talking in ubuntu-offtopic.  where else?09:50
Starminnvisual1ce: Again, what exactly is your problem? Is the envelope missing?09:50
visual1cei dont have a problem - the envelope is fine. im playing with appindicator.py and adding an indicator. but i don't want the messages indicator09:51
seidosvisual1ce: metta?09:51
Starminnvisual1ce: So you want indicator message gone?09:51
Starminnvisual1ce: sudo apt-get remove indicator-messages09:51
mah454wat is this error :            "pg_dump: ERROR:  invalid memory alloc request size 1970233207"09:52
Jordan_Useidos: This channel is only for Ubuntu support. Please follow the channel guidelines and stay on topic, or find a different channel.09:52
Jordan_U!guidelines | seidos09:52
ubottuseidos: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:52
Secretshas anyone got any idears how to get wired working again09:52
Diverdude_jesse__, ?09:53
gage_bwWell, according to this, 10.10 or 10.04 shouldn't be significantly slower, even with half a gig of ram09:53
Starminngage_bw: I ran 10.10 on this computer with 512MB RAM for a month09:53
Starminngage_bw: I didn't have any problems whatsoever. Obviously when I added 4GB it was a bit speedier, but it wasn't a stark difference or anything. (Windows, on the other hand...)09:54
funnyloonywew..rame bener, bnrn org apa boot doang??09:55
DaraelSecrets: First things first.  Could you please open a terminal and pastebin the output of "ifconfig" (no quotes)09:56
epicwhere does the headers end up when i install linux-headers-2.6.35-27-server ?09:57
jukepic: /usr/src09:57
licensehello guys all09:57
licensewhere can I get the dictionary text file  ?09:57
licenseanyone here ?09:58
licensether are 1478 peop09:58
epicjuk: as a .tar.bz2 ?09:58
Fwb2700license: Patience09:59
jukepic: no untared09:59
Secretsand this09:59
epicjuk: hmm i only get a .tar.bz209:59
karlalicense, dictionaries-common ?09:59
juk!bazip | epic:09:59
seidoslicense: does the system have internet?09:59
juk!bzip | epic:10:00
juk!tar | epic:10:00
ubottuepic:: Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression10:00
juk!bzip2 | epic:10:00
epici know that tar jxvf10:00
licensenope can connect internet but I just wanna10:00
Jordan_U!msgthebot > juk10:00
ubottujuk, please see my private message10:00
licensetext file10:00
licensenot app10:00
jukJordan_U: my bad :/10:01
SecretsDarael: look this is what i get  http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad59/pokemonharley/100_1329.jpg10:02
iflemagage_bw: 4gb hd... are you using swap space at the moment?10:03
Starminnlicense: I'm just looking around my own filesystem *I have it enabled offline) and I've got some stuff in /usr/share/dict10:03
gage_bwiflema: I found out a few days ago that the swap is something like 200MB...10:04
gage_bwhaven't changed anything yet10:04
licenseoh thx!! :D10:04
licensehow I can convert to text this ?10:05
iflemagage_bw: itll go... im a little worried about the half gig. but one cant expect too much now can one....10:05
juk!enter | license10:05
ubottulicense: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!10:05
licenseah.. I used RHEL so I can't debian well.. sorry dudes all10:06
Starminnlicense: Complete, cohesive sentences please. Now what?10:06
gage_bwiflema: I'm not afraid of the OS being slow by itself. I'm afraid of the overhead making media even slower10:07
gage_bwthose second-and-a-half ad loading times, for instance10:07
visual1cehi again10:07
visual1ceok so now i'm missing an icon :)10:08
visual1cean indicator icon10:08
Secretsdid that help10:08
SecretsDarael: look this is what i get  http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad59/pokemonharley/100_1329.jpg10:08
visual1ceshould i just reset my panel?10:08
Starminnvisual1ce: You said you wanted it gone. Okay, you want it back? sudo apt-get install indicator-messages10:08
visual1cegconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel10:09
iflemagage_bw: there is openbox, fluxbox, lubuntu and i think i seen something about lubuntu-netbook. hold alt+leftclick to move windows is best workaround for small screens =)10:09
visual1cethx starminn10:09
gage_bwiflema: er, what are those boxes?10:10
iflemagage_bw: openbox and fluxbox are light weight window managers for ubuntu (linux)10:11
gungung!grub2 > gungung10:11
ubottugungung, please see my private message10:11
gage_bwiflema: Like X, or like gnome?10:11
rigved!gui | gage_bw10:11
ubottugage_bw: The graphical user interface (GUI) in Ubuntu is composed of many elements, including the !X server, a window manager, and a desktop environment such as !GNOME or !KDE (which themselves use the !GTK and !Qt toolkits respectively)10:11
iflemagage_bw: rather minimal on features commpaired to gnome kde...10:12
fidyducewhy does unetbootin not give the option to format the drive before an install?10:12
Starminngage_bw: GNOME is the default, but for lightweight stuff you've got Xubuntu (Xcfe) and Lubuntu (Lxde). Openbox and Fluxbox are alternatives to the X Window Manager10:12
iflemagage_bw: more manual work/maintenance10:12
juk!format | fidyduce10:12
ubottufidyduce: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap10:12
gage_bwI've never had any big problems with gnome, so I'll stick with it for now10:13
Starminngage_bw: It should be fine. Again, 512MB RAM for me and it ran fine. If it becomes a problem, though, feel free to try out Xubuntu which is similar to GNOME.10:14
iflemagage_bw: there is always scrotwm =)10:15
gage_bwit sucks that I have to upgrade my OS just to run irssi, though10:17
iflemagage_bw: debian allows you to apt-get -t unstable install blahblah.. not suyre about ubuntu10:18
Starminngage_bw: http://irssi.org/download10:19
gage_bwalready open ^^10:19
Starminnhttp://svn.irssi.org/ (if the first doesn't suffice this might help)10:19
gage_bwStarminn: won't I have the same dependencies?10:21
gage_bwwhichever way I do it10:21
StarminnNo idea10:22
StarminnI see something potentially useful I give it to you. Beyond that? Well, it's past my bed time lol10:23
gahfHow do i update from 10.04 to 10.10?10:23
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade10:23
Starminnsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get distro-upgrade (right guys?)10:24
Starminnllutz_: What'd I miss?10:24
jpdsStarminn: sudo do-release-upgrade10:24
gage_bwi certainly appreciate your help Starminn, iflema, and everyone else who has helped10:24
llutz_Starminn: a lot :) read man apt-get what your commands do and see why it wont update 04->1010:25
gahfWhen i go to update manager it doesn't show 10.10 as avalaible10:25
gahfwhat do10:25
gahfwhat do10:25
iflema!upgrade | gahf10:25
ubottugahf: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade10:25
FloodBot1gahf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:25
Starminngage_bw: I wish there was a more simple way. Hey, might I ask why you want to use irssi?10:25
gahfiflema doesn't work10:25
jpdsgahf: In Update Manager, click "Settings".10:25
gage_bwIt's the best IRC client i've seen yet10:25
Starminnllutz_: Alright.10:25
gahfjpds trhen waht10:26
gahfjpds rhen what10:26
* jfm` is back (gone 01:12:05)10:26
Starminngage_bw: Ah, fair enough. Well, what version of Ubuntu were you running?10:26
jpdsgahf: Change the Release Upgrade option from "Long Term Support only" to "Normal releases".10:26
jpdsgahf: Change the Release Upgrade option from "Long Term Support only" to "Normal releases".10:26
jpdsgahf: Change the Release Upgrade option from "Long Term Support only" to "Normal releases".10:26
gage_bwIt's super lightweight too10:26
jpdsgahf: Change the Release Upgrade option from "Long Term Support only" to "Normal releases".10:26
FloodBot1jpds: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:26
gage_bwStarminn: 8,10, same as now10:26
gahfty jpds10:27
llutz_Starminn: upgrade using apt-get would need to change sources.lists before to the desired version. then you could do it via apt-get ...10:27
Starminngage_bw: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases (Psst... You're not supported)10:27
gage_bwwhich is why I'm so sad it's not working now..I'm wondering if I missed a step10:27
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »10:27
llutz_Starminn: its not the recommended way for ubuntu10:27
Zuhaitzwhy when i change virtual desktop the background moves with the windows? it have no sense, the virtual desktop is the work desktop, the background should be static, is there a way to change that? thanks10:27
Zuhaitzin ubuntu 11.0410:27
Starminngage_bw: So it's time for an upgrade anyway. ;)10:27
gage_bwYeah, I realized that a few weeks ago10:27
Starminn!natty | Zuhaitz10:28
ubottuZuhaitz: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.10:28
Zuhaitzi know but the channel is "ausent"10:28
rigvedStarminn: i would suggest that you backup all your files and then do a fresh install. upgrades can cause problems sometimes, but not always the case10:28
Starminnrigved: Not me upgrading.10:29
rigvedgage_bw: ^^10:29
rigvedStarminn: sorry :)10:29
gage_bwI *just* got this system set up again after my reformat; I'd hate to do it again so soon10:29
iflemagage_bw: what feature you want in irssi.. weechat not so bad once you getinto it... they all have their pros/cons10:29
Starminnllutz_: What is the CLI method for upgrading then? (I know freshes are better, but just for my knowledge)10:29
sagaciEdit your sources10:30
Weazel[Work]hey guys, anyone knows how to change the Auto-fill in open office so when i drag a cell downwards, the numbers will go up instead of down ?10:30
llutz_Starminn: update-manager i guess10:30
sagaciThen dist-upgrade10:30
Starminngage_bw: I'm using Pidgin right now and it's not bad. But if you want irssi, then you want irssi lol10:30
Starminnsagaci llutz_: Alright, thanks.10:30
StarminnGoodnight, everyone.10:32
Weazel[Work]no one knows :( ?10:33
iflemaWeazel[Work]: also see  http://oooforum.org10:33
gage_bwiflema: weechat actually looks ok10:33
Weazel[Work]iflema: thx10:33
* iflema does libre office have a forum??10:33
sagaciGoogle the document foundation10:34
jon__can someone tell me how to add a user to the sudoers file?10:35
llutz_no libreoffice user-support chan on freenode too :(10:35
abdeljn0-120 dumps10:35
llutz_jon__: use visudo10:35
abdellatest dumps10:35
jon__i used visudo, and i gave the user the same providlges as root. is that correctr..ely?10:36
llutz_jon__: if you want your user have full sudo access, just "sudo adduser user admin"10:36
=== jon__ is now known as _skpl
abdelplease can anybody help me with the latest dumps for jn0-12010:36
abdelits a juniper exam10:36
sagaciView the sudoers file then add another line but change the username to the one you want10:36
jpdsabdel: Wrong channel.10:37
seidosi have to go outside TheCrazedPenguin10:37
sagaciChange channel10:37
seidosi innoculated myself with the hpv virus, but i didn't weeken the solution first :(10:38
abdelyeah i know its the wrong channel\10:38
abdelnut can anybody help me with it10:39
abdelit musnt be all about ubuntu10:39
jpdsabdel: If it's not about Ubuntu, it's offtopic for this channel, try ##networking10:39
aCe2anyone here using the awesome window manager?10:40
fidyducejuk: i have the pc version "universal usb installer" and linux "unetbootin". the pc version formats the thumb drive before install. the linux version will just install one iso on top of another currently installed..... unless i use the disk utility, or gparted to reformat the drive before installation. on top of that i am having issues with the unetbootin installing the iso altogether... is there something else that does what "universal usb installer" can do10:40
aCe2!info awesome10:41
ubottuawesome (source: awesome): highly configurable, next generation framework window manager for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.4.5-1 (maverick), package size 792 kB, installed size 2712 kB10:41
sagaciNot really unless it's too much of a pain, just use unetbootin from windows10:41
gusgcan I make a symlink to a folder in a samba share? I tried Ctrl-Shift dragging but it makes a broken link10:43
jattln -s10:45
sagaciSymbolic link10:45
speakmanHow do I list fonts available for .Xresources?10:46
=== sean is now known as Guest51481
abdelok av heard you bro10:47
Weazel[Work]any1 knows how to do autoinput in OpenOffice so when i drag down values will go up instead of down ?10:47
rigvedWeazel[Work]: ask in #openoffice.org10:50
rigvedWeazel[Work]: you are welcome10:51
sdahi all i need delete "[" "]" from a line, how can I do? (sed?)10:52
gusgjatt, were you replying to me?10:53
=== alakoo_ is now known as alakoo
abdelav heard10:55
=== manca_ is now known as nafisa
akhyaniI can not hear any thing10:55
akhyaniit seems that every thing is ok . volume contoroler, sound driver and visualization10:57
akhyanibut I can not hear any sound10:57
akhyaniplease help10:58
sinisterstufI just installed SLiM but I can't login, what can I do?11:02
xcs_wat is dis place??11:04
xcs_I cant believe it11:04
xcs_I'm using YLMF11:05
PhibreOptixwhat's ylmf?11:05
jussiin open office, is there a keyboard shortcut to turn bullets on and off?11:06
PhibreOptixthat's pimp as11:07
xcs_what the hell is this place??11:07
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:07
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines11:07
xcs_thanx/.. its my 1st time here11:08
xcs_1st time to try Ubuntu11:08
sagaciDo you need help with ubuntu11:09
xcs_YLMF - a modified 10.04 Ubuntu11:09
xcs_1st Question..11:09
xcs_can I run games on wines??11:09
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DJonesjussi: Try Shift+F12 thats supposed to turn bullets on or off11:09
iflemajussi: shift+F1211:09
sagaciDepends which games11:09
xcs_GTA San Andreas?11:10
HA1DFOHi. Can you help me? I've created a LogicalVolume on my Lucid box, like this: lvcreate -L10G -nftm system and trying to format it: mkfs.ext4 /dev/system/ftm but it says: "/dev/system/ftm is apparently in use by the system; will not make a filesystem here!". lvremove does not work as well. DMsetup says it is opened, but i don't know what is using it.11:10
sagaciCheck the wine app db11:10
jussiDJones: iflema, thanks, that works11:10
DJonesjussi: This looks like a complete Oo shortcut list http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/w/images/2/28/0219WG3-KeyboardShortcuts.pdf11:10
xcs_got it11:10
xcs_This channel will serve as technical group...??11:10
jussiAlso, can anyone help me with creating a swap file? Ive too many partitions to create one for swap.11:11
bazhangxcs_, #winehq11:11
sagaciAs long as it is on topic11:11
bazhang!appdb | xcs_11:11
ubottuxcs_: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help11:11
xcs_thank you people...!11:11
HA1DFOjussi, you need to create a file for that eg.: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/path/to/swapfile bs=1024 count=KilobyteCount; then sudo mkswap -f /path/to/swapfile11:12
jussiHA1DFO: ahh, thats easier than I thought. thanks!11:12
farr311hi guy11:12
vparkhow should I completely remove the packages Apache2, PHP5, mysql-server, php5-mysql and the related which I've installed thru Synaptic Package Manager?11:14
farr311anyone can help me find for software likes dansguardian?11:14
gypsymaurohi, I'm using LTSP on ubuntu, there is a way to lock down the default user configuration? for example disabling desktop effects, desktop background and so on?11:14
jussiHA1DFO: any recomendations for size? (4gb RAM, dont expect to use it that often)11:15
sagaciapt-get purge11:15
jussi!info dansguardian | farr31111:16
ubottufarr311: dansguardian (source: dansguardian): Web content filtering. In component universe, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 475 kB, installed size 2368 kB11:16
stanman246people, i'm planning to buy a new pc. what cpu is 'best' for ubuntu? Core2 Quad 9500 or i-5?11:18
farr311other than dansguardian?11:18
HA1DFOjussi, the swap is usually twice the ram11:19
sagacii5 is more than enough11:19
jussiHA1DFO: yeah, thats what Ive been told, although with 4 gb, it seems like overkill.11:19
HA1DFOjussi, but it is more a convention than a rule. You won't allocate 180Gigs of disk for a node w/ 96G RAM :)11:19
stanman246sagaci, even though c2q has 4 cores?11:20
jussiHA1DFO: now you are certain count is in KB? I dont want to write my whole hd :P11:20
iflemajussi: its used to be *hibernation* for the most part (out'da'box) will/would fail if swap file was used as opposed to swap partition.... things may have changed. If no hibernation required dont worry =)11:20
sagacii5 is newer tech, it's not all about cores11:21
jussiiflema: yeah, I dont really have a choice :)11:21
iflemajussi: there are logical partitions... provided you can reconfigure ya setup11:21
HA1DFOjussi, yeah, just try with 1 and you will se the statistics at the end. the bs=1024 is blocksize of 1kilobytes. the count is how many of these block you want to write11:22
stanman246sagaci, thanks ur right. New machine, so newest specs as my money can reach ;)11:22
RexodusHA1DFO: Packet radio call-sign? ;)11:23
HA1DFORexodus, not packet, but amateur radio11:23
RexodusOk :)11:23
RexodusNice :)11:23
HA1DFOI have it for years now, but currently not active.11:23
RexodusMe neither.11:23
sagaciNvidia graphics and 4-6gb of ram if you're using it for day to day desktop use that will fly on ubuntu11:24
jussiHA1DFO: , hrm, seemed to work ok, do I need to turn it on or so? (free says no swap still)11:24
HA1DFOso, anyone knows anything about my problem? http://paste.ubuntu.com/574399/ What is using the logical volume?11:26
classical_hey how can i find ownership of files inside some directory ?  for instant nobody under users home folder11:26
HA1DFOjussi, yes, you should add to your fstab /path/to/swapfile  none  swap sw 0 011:27
HA1DFOthen swapon11:27
classical_i want list of all files which owns nobody :)11:27
HA1DFOclassical_, find /path/to/dir -user nobody11:27
classical_HA1DFO, thanks :)11:28
jussiHA1DFO: excellent! Thankyou!  Swap:      1999996          0    199999611:28
anurupranyone used iw before?11:29
=== ckt1g3r is now known as Guest17918
depeszhi. how can I create initial xorg.conf when my own is empty?11:30
depeszi remember there was some dpkg-reconfigure command with some options, but I can't seem to get it working11:31
erUSULdepesz: « sudo Xorg -confgure :1 »11:31
depeszerUSUL: that will create the xorg.conf ? why :1 ?11:31
erUSULdepesz: to make xorg use another display not the current one; it will fail.11:32
depeszerUSUL: current? i don't have x running.11:32
erUSULdepesz: then you can drop the :111:33
ae0000is there a way of finding out the development path for different releases? ie. how can i find out if 10.04 LTS will upgrade php to 5.3.3?11:33
erUSULae0000: it wont11:33
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.11:33
depeszerUSUL: didn't help. created xorg.conf.new, but it doesn't start x window with it :(11:34
erUSULdepesz: you have to copy it to /etc/X11/11:34
ikoniadepesz: the file has to be called /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:34
ikoniadepesz: that path, that file name11:35
depeszerUSUL: or I xan X -config ..., but it still doesn't work.11:35
erUSULdepesz: by default it creates it in your home folder or root's11:35
ae0000erUSUL: it wont upgrade to php5.3.3? or there is no path?11:35
depeszanyway - it created very complex xorg.conf, but the one that ubuntu usually has - very small, < 200 bytes.11:35
erUSULae0000: in a release only bug and security fixes are patched into packages. there are no version bumps11:35
ikoniadepesz: don't worry about the differences11:35
depeszikonia: ? but it doesn't start.11:36
erUSUL!backports > ae000011:36
ubottuae0000, please see my private message11:36
depeszikonia: i tried also dpkg-reconfigure -plow xserver-xorg, but it doesn't create xorg.conf :(11:36
ikoniadepesz: because you've not put it in the correct place with the correct name11:36
ikoniadepesz: I've told you where to create the file11:37
depeszikonia: i did.11:37
depeszikonia: i tried both ways11:37
ikoniawhich way11:37
ikoniadepesz: where is the file now and what is it's name11:37
depeszikonia: the way "Xorg -configure" suggested (X -config /home/depesz/xorg.conf.new), and then your way - copied to /etc/X11/xorg.conf and tried to start X11:38
ae0000erUSUL: OH. ok. thanks :)11:38
erUSULae0000: no problem11:38
ikoniadepesz: ok, have you modified the /etc/X11/xorg.conf to match your machine's config ?11:38
anurupranyone used iw before??11:38
ikoniaanurupr: iw ?11:39
depeszikonia: no. i ran Xorg -configure, and it made the .conf file11:39
ikoniadepesz: ok, then that is default, you need to modify it to meet your machines needs11:39
depeszikonia: from quick look inside it looks more or less ok.11:39
anurupriw is a tool which is supposed to replace iwconfig11:39
Thrawnwhen i connect with my G3 using ppp firefox and pidgin wont recognize a connection; firefox will stay offline mode and pidgin is waiting for connection; how could i fix this?11:39
anuruprusing iw you can create multiple interfaces11:39
depeszikonia: "default"? seems pretty strange default - with 2 graphics cards.11:39
ikoniadepesz: you just said it looks fine11:40
ikoniadepesz: read the config file, delete what you don't need, configure what you do need11:40
depeszikonia: it looks fine for my config.11:40
fleuremiss some packages what is the commande to auto install the muissing packages ? thx11:40
depeszikonia: it looks strange if you'd assume it's "default"11:40
sagaciBackup your conf file next time11:41
ikoniadepesz: ok, pastebin the config file11:41
depeszikonia: http://privatepaste.com/f5ac13999011:41
depeszsagaci: was that to me?11:41
Thrawnwhen i connect with my 3G using ppp firefox and pidgin wont recognize a connection; firefox will stay offline mode and pidgin is waiting for connection; how could i fix this?11:41
Thrawn(12:39:40 PM) zva left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).11:41
depeszikonia: when starting with this config i get "no screens found"11:42
sagaciTry fix-vesa then startx11:43
depeszikonia: x log: http://privatepaste.com/abcb5e119811:44
sanjayhey there11:44
Thrawnwhy will firefox open in offline mode when i connect with my 3G modem?11:45
ikoniadepesz: sorry, I was away for a moment11:46
ikoniadepesz: so you have two video cards, and intel and an nvidia ?11:47
depeszikonia: yes.11:47
ramcari'm a first-timer on linux and just installed ubuntu.  it's great!!!11:47
ikoniadepesz: my first way of looking at it would be to configure xorg to start just one card/one screen, then do the same for the other, make sure they are both working and you have a sane ocnfig11:48
sagaciramcar, thanks - we know :)11:48
depeszikonia: there is only one screen. and the logs seem to suggest than neither of the drivers work :(11:48
depeszikonia: alternatively - is there any console based way to install in manageable way nvidia binary drivers?11:49
ikoniadepesz: why are you using 2 cards if you have 1 screen ?11:49
ramcari do have a question though.  it's my first time to use open office and i was wondering how i could add a background video that would play throughout the presentation?  maybe someone here could point me in the right direction?  :)11:49
ikoniadepesz: how do you expect that to work ?11:49
depeszikonia: 2 cards? because it's already inside the machine.11:49
ikoniadepesz: ok, so don't configure the one you don't want to use, or disable it11:49
ikoniadepesz: only configure the one you want to use11:50
jussidepesz: check your bios, you may have to disable the integrated card.11:50
ikoniadepesz: your screen has a "to the right of" that suggests two monitors11:50
erUSULdepesz: maybe --> sudo jockey-text11:50
=== joerg is now known as Guest63602
depeszok. and how can I install nvidia binary drivers? because as far as I udnerstand nv doesn't work anyway.11:50
ikoniadepesz: look in your serverlayout section, it says "to the right of"11:50
depeszerUSUL: thanks11:50
ikoniadepesz: first things first, disable the inetl one11:50
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »11:51
depeszikonia: i see it. it's something that Xorg -configure put there.11:51
ikoniadepesz: yes, and I told you to READ the config and make sure it was sane to your setup11:51
=== 45PABVAQN is now known as Twin_ge__
Thrawnwhat can i do when pidgin doesnt recognize my internet connection?11:52
depeszikonia: after removing intel, and its screen, and monitor sections - X hangs the computer. black screeen, no way to go back to text console11:53
=== Seldon is now known as Hardin
sagaciMight be better to reinstall?11:54
depesznice. moving the xorg.conf to /etc/X11 wasn't good idea. now booting the computer hangs it immediately :)11:54
depeszok. recovered from that. now playing with jockey-text ...11:56
elfrannehow to see what group a member is on command line ?11:56
geirhaelfranne: groups11:57
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Rexodus.msg ubottu !bot11:59
skorvafter upgrading to the latest kernel my wifi adaptor driver was gone12:00
skorvrecompiling didnt make it work12:00
elFidelny windows-7 sp1 issues you guys noticed?12:01
bullgardskorv: "was gone" is no precise description.12:01
elFidelups - sry wrong window - ignore me12:01
=== McPeter__ is now known as McPeter
elfrannewhy does the new user i just added have access to the first account /home/firstuser ?12:01
skorvafter the update the adaptor cease to work12:01
skorvexcuse my english... portuguese guy here12:02
erUSULelfranne: becouse the permissions in /home/firstuser allow it? chenge them if that's what you want12:02
erUSUL!permissions | elfranne12:02
ubottuelfranne: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions12:02
elfrannethx a lot !12:03
bullgardskorv: "cease to work" no es sufficiamente. Se requiere description precisa.12:03
erUSUL!pt | skorv12:04
ubottuskorv: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.12:04
skorvsome times i just missspell words...12:04
skorvrealtec 8192CU USB wireless N adaptor12:04
skorvdriver from realtek site has a autoinstall shell script12:05
skorvwas working great with the former kernel...12:05
skorvafter kernel upgrade the adaptor didnt appear in ifconfig12:06
skorvreran the script but no use12:06
karlaskorv, does it have a verbose option, run with it and see if it gives any useful information (missing headers, etcc...)12:09
scarra3I'm having some trouble with ubuntu 10.1012:12
sagaciWhat trouble12:13
scarra3I booted the 10.10 live cd and my touchpad on my sony vaio doesn't work at all it isn't detected at all12:13
scarra3Its an alps touchpad but ive looked around and other people have been having this problem12:14
bidossessihi all12:15
bullgardskorv: Did you check if the updated driver exists?12:15
bidossessiis it possible to do an offline network installation using apt-cacher-ng?12:15
scarra3any ideas12:15
bullgardscarra3: If other people had the same problem you better look for a solution in Launchpad.12:17
gahfI'm trying to use gparted to make a windows 7 partition to boot from but it won't let me make a logical partition, why?12:17
lemonhall1 /filter add joinquit * irc_join,irc_part,irc_quit *12:17
scarra3ive looked with no solution I was hoping someone here could help me12:17
Ishwonhi folks12:18
Ishwonneed an advice. is there a way of converting an MS Access Database to OpenOffice?12:18
scarra3My touchpad works on fedora but I really perfer to use ubuntu12:18
icerootIshwon: with openoffice12:19
Ishwoniceroot: yeah12:19
gahfI'm trying to use gparted to make a windows 7 partition to boot from but it won't let me make a logical partition, why?12:19
rigvedIshwon: use openoffice to open it. no need to convert, afaik12:19
Ishwonrigved: openoffice does not recognize the file format. it doesn't open. i tried to see if a connector exists, but none avail.12:21
LintIshwon, odbc drivers?12:22
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
IshwonLint: it asks me to setup connection to an ODBC database. how do i proceed? when i browse, i don't find any option that can import the MS Access file.12:24
LintIshwon, you need to get msjet driver somewhere12:27
lessqqkernel panic - not syncing :VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0.0)      --     pid: 1,comm : swapper Not tainted 2.6.35-27-generic-pae #48 ubuntu12:28
lessqqhow can i fix it?12:29
Lintgahf, are you creating it in extended partition?12:31
rigvedlessqq: did you recently upgrade the system? install a new kernel version?12:31
poobirdcan someone tell me how to auto mount a drive in ubuntu12:31
billythekidpoobird: internal hdd?12:32
rigvedpoobird: put it in fstab12:32
lessqqrigved: i just installed ubuntu 10.10 for the first time do nothing different12:32
poobirdthat all?12:32
rigvedpoobird: /etc/fstab12:32
rigvedpoobird: yep12:32
billythekidpoobird: yeah use 'blkid' to find the uuid and add it in12:32
poobirdgreat thx12:32
rigvedlessqq: it seems that your 10.10 did not get configured properly to boot into the hdd partition12:34
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
lessqqrigved: how can i do it? i reinstalled ubuntu about 5 times tried some stuff on terminal but it didnt worked out12:35
mads-Can anyone recommend a good hex editor for ubuntu?12:36
juk!info ghex12:37
ubottughex (source: ghex): GNOME Hex editor for files. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.24.0-1 (maverick), package size 919 kB, installed size 2856 kB12:37
rigvedlessqq: i don't know what the exact problem is, but i would suggest that you use 10.04, preferably use the alternate version. but this is not a solution, just a workaround.12:37
juk!info hexdump12:37
ubottuPackage hexdump does not exist in maverick12:37
juk!info xxd12:37
ubottuPackage xxd does not exist in maverick12:37
mads-Just gonna try out ghex. Thanks12:38
jukright it's virtual :)12:38
juk!info xxdiff12:39
ubottuxxdiff (source: xxdiff): graphical file/directory comparison and merge tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.2-10 (maverick), package size 392 kB, installed size 1140 kB12:39
juki thought it comes with vim12:39
lessqq:rigved ty gonna install 10.4 then or ill lose my mind i am trying to fix that about 7 hours12:40
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MrUnagigood morning12:47
fidyducei need some help with cli12:48
jribfidyduce: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)12:48
MrUnagicli is command line interface12:48
fidyduceso how do i incorporate multiple dev's into one command?12:48
fidyduceyes i know what cli is lol12:49
MrUnagiseparate with ;12:49
jribfidyduce: what is a "dev"?12:49
fidyduceso like /dev/sda;/dev/sdb?12:49
jribfidyduce: what exactly are you trying to execute?12:49
MrUnaginevermind i dont think i know what you are asking12:50
fidyducejrib: i am not trying to be a pain, but there are things i have to be vague about... is there a RFC i can read or some basic beginner cli doc's i can look over?12:50
llutzfidyduce: to do what?   ls -l /dev/sd[abc][1234567]12:50
fidyducei know some stuff in cli just enough to get my self into trouble sadly :(12:50
jribfidyduce: well the answer to your question is it depends on the command you are executing, thus my question12:51
MrUnagii could probably help if i knew what you are trying to achieve12:51
fidyducejrib: ok, ever hear of a tool called UPT or work with it?12:51
fidyducethen there you have it lol12:52
jribfidyduce: no12:52
fidyduceseems nobody outside of my profession knows of it12:52
MrUnagiwhat is your profession12:52
fidyduceIT for Army12:52
MrUnagi25 what12:52
MrUnagior civilian12:52
MrUnagiim a N doing a B job12:53
fidyduceyou a uniform12:53
MrUnagion rear D12:53
fidyducewell i am purging with UPT12:53
jribfidyduce: read its man page/documentation.  Worst case scenario, use a for loop if the program doesn't support passing multiple arguments and doing what you want it to do12:53
MrUnagiok getting closer...lol12:53
MrUnagiwhat dod computer is on unix?12:54
MrUnagisomewhere higher than me? lol12:54
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:54
fidyduceand it uses linux cli to execute so i was hoping i could use an external hdd mount that supports more than one drive and tell the cli to sweep those drives at the same time12:54
MrUnagiyou could do a loop12:54
=== herton is now known as herton_away
llutzfidyduce: command -device=/dev/sd[abc][1234567]12:55
dvrvmhi. question: we have a system with local /home folders, but the client will sometimes connect via SSHFS to a remote server, and it would be desirable to mount the /home over directyl from there. is this dangerous to do while running a GUI (i.e. while accessing ~/Desktop as well as a lot of other files in ~?)12:55
ethanolwhy does gedit bitch and whine so much when I try to open files from an nfs mount? it cannot determine the character encoding used thus refuses to open it. yet it only allows me to pick utf8 aside from auto detect (which it fails at). but I think the document is iso885912:55
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.12:55
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code12:56
jribdvrvm: I don't see why it would be dangerous12:56
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator12:56
ethanolhow do I specify which locales I want to generate?12:57
jrib!locale | ethanol12:58
ubottuethanol: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf12:58
lessqqany1 can help me with a kernel panic?12:58
dvrvmjrib: because gnome has a ton of files open in ~, and suddenly ~ starts to point somewhere else12:58
=== haseha is now known as arch
jribdvrvm: why "suddenly"?  Can't you mount it before the user logs in?12:58
jribdvrvm: if you're changing home after the user is logged in to gnome, then yes, I wouldn't do that12:59
dvrvmjrib: no. sshfs is not always mounted (since internet access is not a given), and the user has to mount it by hand (using a script) from gnome12:59
sipiordvrvm: don't overwrite a user's home directory on the fly. really bad idea :-)13:00
dvrvmok, that's what i suspected. any alternative ideas?13:00
jribdvrvm: why does the user want to mount the other home?  Just to access some files?13:01
sipiordvrvm: depends. why does the sshfs volume need to be mounted at /home/$USER anyway?13:01
dvrvmit doesn't NEED to. but people want to access their data as if they were in the office13:01
dvrvmlike, using thunderbird etc, having the same openoffice settings...13:02
sipiordvrvm: sure, but the volume can be mounted anywhere. i don't see the problem.13:02
sipiordvrvm: ah, i see.13:02
dvrvmsipior: yes, currently i mount it to /net_home, but it's not ideal13:03
ethanoljrib: that talks about legacy ubuntu versions. not current? also, localeconf does not exist in my repos13:03
jribethanol: one sec13:03
chrispinCould someone tell me how to access ubuntu 'registry'13:04
teweWorki have a Dell N5010 notebook with an ATI5470 vga card running Ubuntu 10.10, when i connect to a windows workstation with tsclient my mouse cursor is messed up, if i use an external monitor the cursor is fine, even the messed up cursor looks fine on screenshot :) any idea?13:04
jribchrispin: what do you mean by "ubuntu 'registry'"?  Do you mean gconf? or?13:04
=== ratita is now known as obiwan_
sipiordvrvm: couple options. you can place the user's home directory under version control (git or the like), which they can then clone elsewhere. or just use nfs to begin with.13:04
rwallaceHi all! I'm on 10.04, trying to compile a C program that wants the Boehm garbage collector. I've got as far as apt-get install libgc-dev which seemed to work, what option should I then give to GCC for linking the program?13:04
jribethanol: it seems to speak about localepurge first, does that not do what you want?13:05
ethanolno, I want to add more locales13:05
obiwan_hi people, i dont understand what's going on, but when i pess f keys in alsamixer i dont get the expected results. it says press f2 to whatever, i press it and it exits to the terminal screen. same with all f keys13:05
ethanolcause gedit only seems to know about utf8, I want iso support too13:05
dvrvmsipior: i don't like nfs over wan. nfs is what we use in the office. sshfs is the alternative for remote accessing your data from somewhere else.13:05
teweWorkbah the cursor is messed up in vmware virtual machine too13:05
sipiordvrvm: use whatever you like.13:06
rwallaceI tried gcc ... -llibgc, and ... -llibgc-dev, and neither of those got any where13:06
chrispin jrib: something similar to regedit of windows13:06
jribethanol: did you run localepurge and select the locales you want?13:06
jribchrispin: why, what do you want to accomplish?13:06
dvrvmsipior: ok, then your idea would be to automate the version control?13:06
ethanoljrib: yes, but that only purges other files. does not seem to create/add anything13:07
sipiordvrvm: it's one possibility. i don't do it much myself, but know of a few folks who swear by it.13:07
sipiordvrvm: or swear at it, i forget.13:07
chrispinjrib: I want to remove some terminal client access licence keys13:07
kaddihi, what utility would allow me to print a file into a pdf with 2 pages per page?13:08
kaddikinda like pdf creator does13:08
sipiordvrvm: depending on the technical facility of your users, it might be more trouble than it's worth.13:08
twitch!make | rwallace13:08
ubotturwallace: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)13:08
guitar431I LOVE UBUNTU13:08
obiwan_why might funciton keys throw me out of alsamixer? instead of showing system info, f2 closes alsamixer. just f6 works13:09
rwallacetwitch, thanks, in this case I know the program in question isn't in the repository because I'm in the middle of writing it :-) basically right now I'm at the stage of trying to write a makefile to compile it with the garbage collector, so trying to find the right GCC command13:10
dvrvmsipior: i see. i will have to think about what is useful / worth the trouble. thanks for your help13:10
ethanolhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/gedit/+bug/75151 please ban gedit from ubuntu :<13:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 75151 in gedit (Ubuntu) "Refuses to open files where the character encoding is not recognised" [Wishlist,Triaged]13:10
chrispinjrib: my windows terminal server assigned my machine temporary client access licence which is expiring today. From windows-based clients, I can easily clear the licence cache13:11
chrispinjrib: this I'm achieving by editing registry on windows-based client. Same I need to do to my Ubuntu client13:12
Enginmy SSH logins are slow on a new VPS I got, it is Ubuntu 10.04, and it lists some updates upon login... could that be the reason ???13:13
sipiorEngin: not likely, that list is not compiled at the time of login. try running ssh with the "-v" switch, and see where it stalls.13:13
kaddii need soemthing like pdf-creator for ubuntu13:14
billythekidkaddi: print to pdf? some applications support that13:15
sipiorkaddi: have a look at pdftk13:15
=== wolf is now known as Guest84712
kaddibillythekid, sipior I want to always print two pages of the old document onto one of the new document. So far i haven't found out how to do this with an app or pdftk13:16
jribchrispin: one sec, afk13:16
Enginsipior, it indeed looks like at the SSH level13:16
Guest84712is there bear share prog for linux ?13:17
billythekidGuest84712: frostwire?13:17
ubottufrostwire is a totally open source !gnutella client, forked from the Limewire source code.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire13:17
Guest84712bearshare music downloader program13:18
Guest84712i need it13:18
maninthemiddlewhy the hell I can't paste PHP scripts into paste.ubuntu.com?13:19
LjLmaninthemiddle: good question13:19
jribchrispin: you can try gconf-editor.  If it's not there then your program probably has some dot file in your ~ with the settings13:20
chrispinjrib: I have tried that but unable to see the specific licence keys I'm looking for13:20
sipiorkaddi: i thought for sure that pdftk supported n-up concatenation, but i'm damned if i can find the man page entry. pdfjam does have a tool for that sort of thing, though: pdfnup.13:21
jribchrispin: if it's not in gconf, then it's in a dot file13:21
kaddisipior: thanks, i'll look into pdfnup.. I couldn't find it with pdftk either, it would've been my first choice :P13:22
elfrannessh -D 9999 username@ip-address-of-ssh-server create a socks proxy on my machine, but will others have access to it ?13:22
llutzelfranne: yes13:22
Abhijithianyone has ibm symphony installed? i want one slide background design from it. help13:23
elfrannellutz:  so it s better to create a firewall rule for that13:23
chrispinjrib: how do I check this dot file13:24
jukAbhijit: hi, whatis ibm symphony13:24
Abhijitjuk, office suit13:24
jimcooncatinstalling acroread gives me a 404 on maverick -- what to do?13:25
billythekidAbhijit: does it have a demo/trial where you can just obtain the image?13:25
jribchrispin: programs like to keep settings in ~/.some-directory usually "some-directory" is related to the program somehow.  Might also check ~/.config/ .  What's the name of the program exactly?13:25
rumpe1chrispin, dot-files are hidden... you can unhide them with ctrl-h in nautilus13:25
Abhijitbillythekid, its closed source. build upon open office. but its free of cost. yoou can get it for free.13:25
jribjimcooncat: where are you installing acroread from?13:25
jribelfranne: define "others"?13:25
billythekidAbhijit: then couldn't you just get it then look around in /usr/share ?13:25
jimcooncatjrib partner repo13:25
jribjimcooncat: have you run « sudo apt-get update » and tried again?13:26
chrispinjrib: rdesktop13:26
Abhijitbillythekid, it will take 1-2 hours to download it. thats why i am looking of someone has already installed it13:26
Abhijiti just want that one slide design13:26
elfrannejrib: people in the same local network ?13:26
llutzelfranne: not network, on local computer13:26
billythekidAbhijit: oh, then i'd ask on several linux channels to get better coverage of users13:26
Abhijitbillythekid, i already asked!13:27
Abhijitok let me see other channels too!13:27
billythekidAbhijit: whats your connection speed?13:27
Abhijitbillythekid, 40Kbps13:27
elfrannellutz: so its only available for "localhost" and not others on the same local network13:27
jimcooncatjrib, thank you, I had forgot to update13:28
llutzelfranne: yes, "other users on localhost"13:28
billythekidAbhijit: oh, if your still here when i can get to a better connection i can do it for you13:28
jribchrispin: check things like ~/.rdesktop13:28
billythekidAbhijit: it will be at least 2-3 hours from now13:28
Abhijitbillythekid, will be highly appreciated!13:28
elfrannellutz: great so i don t need an extra firewall rule13:28
Abhijitbillythekid, no in that  case i will download myself later! this night!13:28
billythekidAbhijit: yeah not much better i suppose, but it'll save you bandwidth :)13:29
Abhijitbillythekid, how much time you need to download?13:29
billythekidAbhijit: less than 15 mins when i get there13:29
BrewNowhere could i get help with pc hardware-related questions?13:30
Abhijitbillythekid, ok then i will wait here13:30
billythekidBrewNo: #hardware13:30
Abhijitbillythekid, please get it for me13:30
didecobuenos dias  some one speack spanish?13:30
BrewNobillythekid [14:30:36] #hardware unable to join channel (invite only)13:30
billythekidAbhijit: i'd still be hoping for someone to get it soon though13:30
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.13:30
billythekidBrewNo: then if you're running ubuntu, here would be fine13:30
Abhijitbillythekid, ok13:31
BrewNowell, it's about a windows pc i would like to buy, but it's not really windows specific13:31
jribBrewNo: it's ##hardware13:31
billythekidBrewNo: ask in one line please13:31
BrewNoi want to buy a hp envy 17, and i found two versions here: one with 8gb ram and 2x 500gb hdd costing 2000 euros, one with 4gb ram and 500gb hdd costing 1500 euros. should i buy the more expensive one or the cheapest one and buy the extra pieces myself?13:32
flowergpg --clearsign UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.1.txt, but how do I specify a certain key?13:33
icerootBrewNo: this is ubuntu-support13:33
flowergpg --clearsign UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.1.txt, uses the first user key which is on the system, I need a other13:33
BrewNo[14:31:42] <billythekid> BrewNo: ask in one line please13:33
billythekidBrewNo: what do you intend to use it for? 4gb is pretty excessive already13:33
billythekidBrewNo: would you ever use 1tb? or even 80% of it?13:34
[TK]D-FenderBrewNo: What game could realistically require 2 HD's & mor than 4 GB RAM?13:34
BrewNoalready am using 1.2tb out of 1.5tb i have now on my pc13:34
billythekidBrewNo: for that kind of price i'd rather get a desktop for easily 2/3 of the price13:34
icerootBrewNo: billythekid again, this is ubuntu-support13:34
kaddithanks pdfnup worked :)13:34
BrewNoi'm going to college next year and need a laptop ;)13:34
billythekidiceroot: sorry, but the channel isn't that busy currently, so i may as well help someone13:34
icerootbillythekid: in #hardware, yes and now lets get on topic13:35
Picibillythekid: No, this channel has rules despite how busy or not the channel is.  ##hardware is the best place to discuss it.13:35
billythekidBrewNo: i'd say get the cheaper one, 500gb is relatively cheap, shop around. 8gb is excessive - cut down on what you use13:35
billythekidPici, iceroot : ok i'll stop here13:35
skorvthe names shown in network manager (wireless) are freaking long13:35
skorv"intel pro/wireless 3945abg [golan]"13:36
skorvis there a way to *rename*13:36
_Narc_Hello all. Sorry to ask this again. When I login, the login sound plays after a pause, only the login screen wallpaper showing, and after it played, it takes Gnome 15 more seconds to load and show a usable desktop. Any help to solve this ? Thanks a lot.. Maverick.13:36
ileahi all13:36
VikashHello Everyone!!! I have one question... Is ubuntu better or Ubuntu-derivatives such as Linux Mint???13:36
skorvi'm googling it for half an hour now13:36
ileai have one big question13:36
jribflower: you can use "-u" for example13:37
Picibillythekid, BrewNo: note that ##hardware probably requires you to register to join/talk /msg ubottu !register    for instructions.13:37
arand_Vikash: That is for _you_ to decide.13:37
j_ayen_greenis there some tweak I can make so that when simplebackup runs it doesn't pretty much lock up the system?13:37
Abhijit!best | Vikash13:37
ubottuVikash: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.13:37
jribj_ayen_green: you can play with « nice » and « ionice » maybe13:37
ileai want to buy a hp multy functional printer that haves scaner and all and i want to know if linux can see it and if it will work13:37
j_ayen_greenjrib: I could, except nothing on my screen responds until it's done13:38
VikashBut still i keep pondering over this and get confused... Now as unity is coming so m bit confused???13:38
AbhijitVikash, there is only one solution13:39
jribj_ayen_green: you can start commands with specific nice values13:39
j_ayen_greenjrib: ah! thank you :)13:39
AbhijitVikash, TRY and see! not satisfied go to next distro. for this very purpuse we have live cd system13:39
jribj_ayen_green: if it's a cpu issue, nice, if it's an input/output issue, ionice might help13:39
brian__hello all,,,13:39
harisundAnybody knows why sh is symlinked to dash ? ???13:40
harisundWho uses dash?13:40
icerootharisund: ubuntu and debian (squeeze)13:40
cynixhow i compile a src with mingw32 ?13:40
Vikashabhijeet, I truely agree and I have tried many distros and is also egarly waiting for 11.04 but still I am unable to decide on that... Can anyone compare this with learning curve and explain?13:40
ileai want to buy a hp multifunctional printer, will linux see it when i plug it in and install the driver or what?13:41
j_ayen_greenjrib: not sure...the backup device is a nas and a wireless connection...could  be either13:41
harisundiceroot: Will anything break if I symlink it to bash?13:41
skorvthe names shown in network manager (wireless) are freaking long13:41
jattmost canon multifunctional printers work out-of-the-box13:41
j_ayen_greenjrib: except cpu is pinned even when it's not writing13:41
skorv"intel pro/wireless 3945abg [golan]"13:41
skorvis there a way to *rename*?13:41
rany27ilea: check for the model at ther site13:41
llutzharisund: it shouldn't13:41
icerootharisund: why you need that?13:42
cynixsomebody knows how i compile src's with mingw ?13:42
ceohai all, am need help again13:42
icerootharisund: bash and dash are running sh-code the same way13:42
Piciharisund: If you feel you need to it shouldn't hurt.13:42
llutzdash won't understand bashisms13:42
ceoany body can help me how to make iso my ubuntu13:42
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:42
ileaso if most comon printers work i will be able to use it without installing any driver because linux haves a driver fir printers in kernel?13:42
harisundiceroot: I had some script that had export variable=data that for some reason worked on Bash but on dash13:42
jribharisund: no one uses dash interactively, but in theory it makes shell scripts run a little faster13:43
harisundPici: llutz thanks !13:43
grusumilea, I have HP Photosmart 5180 and ran hp-setup after connecting and it found and install required drivers no problem13:43
ceoam have install so many application, i am need to destribut it, and if my patner install my app include to ?13:43
icerootharisund: and we are talking about /bin/sh or /bin/bash?13:43
llutzharisund: just use #!/bin/bash as shebang for bash-scripts13:43
jribharisund: those scripts should specify bash in the shebang line, not sh13:43
ceoMayank, what up :)13:43
Mayankceo: did u try using UCK?13:43
Vikashabhijeet, I truely agree and I have tried many distros and is also egarly waiting for 11.04 but still I am unable to decide on that... Can anyone compare this with learning curve and explain?13:43
ceouck ?13:43
ileayes but i am geting a hp multifunctional not a photo printer13:43
vivek_i m a begginer can anyone help me?13:44
ceoMayank, what uck ?13:44
harisundiceroot: llutz jrib : ah ok, I thought I copy pasted it off the web and I guess the place I copied it from had assumed #!/bin/sh was symlinked to bash13:44
jribvivek_: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)13:44
Mayankceo: you want to customize live cd / iso dont you?13:44
ileato work at office and other things not to print photos13:44
icerootharisund: symlink does not mean bash is running sh in bash mode13:44
udayI'm looking to switch the web host for my institute. Can anyone suggest a host that runs Ubuntu, just looking to support the community and I haven't really taken a look around. Thanks13:45
harisundiceroot: So what should I "correctly" do? Have #!/bin/bash in the script, and run it using "bash script_name" or "chmod +x script_name; ./script_name" ?13:45
grusumilea, the HP5180 is a multifunction printer device AND a photoprinter13:45
icerootharisund: so doesnt matter if your are using bash, dash or sh. if you are using #!/bin/bs all three do the same13:45
icerootharisund: always a shebang13:45
ileaok thanks13:45
ileai will try and if i need help i will ask13:46
Mayankuday: dedicatied  or vps or what? and not the correct channel, i suppose!*13:46
ljsoftnethello people13:46
ileagrusum i wonder if it will work on kiwi linux?13:46
grusumilea, the key was running hp-setup in a terminal to install the software required for the scanner to function properly13:47
Mayankljsoftnet: hi!13:47
ljsoftnetMayank: do u know where to get intel GMA 3150 driver?13:47
udayMayank:dedicated: (kindly suggest the right channel, I couldn't think of one)13:47
anuruphello.. anyone used iw before?13:47
grusumilea, don't know have tried many distros but not that one . . .  good luck to u13:47
Dr_Willisanurup:  and 'iw' is what?13:48
Mayankljsoftnet: not really!13:48
ljsoftnetMayank: ok thanks13:48
ceohow to make costume iso13:48
Dr_Willisljsoftnet:  most intel drivers should allready vbe included. there might be some updated ppa's with newer ones.13:49
ceoam need all my setting include on the live cd, any software can i used13:49
Dr_Willisceo:  remaster your own Ubuntu disrto/Live Iso - you mean?13:49
Mayankuday: you could try hostso13:49
Mayankceo: remastertool13:49
Dr_Willisceo:  theres some 'remaster scripts' out there.   but ive not used them13:49
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility13:49
Mayankceo: you can use Ubuntu Customization Kit too!13:49
udaythanks !13:50
ubottuUCK is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/13:50
vivek_how to open facebook on proxy??13:50
Dr_Willisvivek_:  repharase the question. thats not real clear13:51
dan2helll there i am wondering id some one maybe able to help me here?  i have an ubunu 10.4 vps runing currently                                              i have a seperate user and have just downloaded a .jar but when i try and run it i am unable to acces jarfile (yes it is a minecraft server)13:52
dan2any willing to point me in the right direction ?13:53
`greenlightI have installed the downloaded Ubuntu 10.10 from usb stick on Vista. Have 2 partitions, C: and D:, installed Ubuntu on D: 30Gig. Why is it when I was done the installation and Update the fresh installed Ubuntu from Update Manager, when I reboot, Ubuntu can no longer reboot, it says like, /dev/sdba3 is not found?13:53
elfranneI started a socks proxy via ssh -D 9999 username@ip-address-of-ssh-server and now i get  channel 13: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused  (numbers changes) it is working but what does it mean ?13:53
farthammeranyone know if its possible to sync a folder on a LAN13:54
elfrannefarthammer, look for rsync13:54
[TK]D-Fenderfarthammer: Of course.  dozens of ways13:54
[TK]D-Fenderfarthammer: what are you sync-ing onto?13:54
[TK]D-Fender(or from)13:54
farthammerwell whats the best way13:54
farthammerubuntu to ubuntu13:54
dan2should i not be able to run a file ive downloaded with the same user ?13:55
[TK]D-Fenderfarthammer: Are both ends Linux systems?13:55
llutz rsync13:55
dvrvmfarthammer: or unison13:55
farthammerlike have my documents folder synced on both pc's13:55
[TK]D-Fenderfarthammer: Then rsync is about the best tool around13:55
farthammerthanks ill ckeck it out13:55
Dr_Willisfarthammer:   and then theres some gui tools line Unison13:55
[TK]D-Fenderfarthammer: http://www.linuxplanet.com/linuxplanet/tutorials/7307/1/13:55
ayush_I think my hp laptop heats up more when I'm running ubuntu as compared to when it runs windows 7. is this possible?13:55
farthammeris rsync gui?13:56
Dr_Willisayush_:  possible.13:56
llutzfarthammer: no13:56
ubottursync is a fast remote file copy and synchronization program - For more see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync13:56
Dr_Willisnot everything needs a gui. :)13:56
vivek_how to decompress a folder?13:56
llutz!info grsync | farthammer13:56
ubottufarthammer: grsync (source: grsync): GTK+ frontend for rsync. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1-1 (maverick), package size 125 kB, installed size 616 kB13:56
Dr_Willisvivek_:  you can extract an ARCHIVE with several tools...13:56
ayush_Dr_Willis, any idea why? and is there something I can do about it?13:56
farthammerya but its faster most of the time13:56
llutzfarthammer: hardly13:56
Dr_Willisayush_:  the company tweaked better drivers/powersaveing featuyres for windows. and they dont give linux a 2nd thought...13:56
ceoam used virtual box but am need make display 102413:56
farthammer!info grsync13:57
ubottugrsync (source: grsync): GTK+ frontend for rsync. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1-1 (maverick), package size 125 kB, installed size 616 kB13:57
elfranneI started a socks proxy via ssh -D 9999 username@ip-address-of-ssh-server and now i get  channel 13: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused  (numbers changes) it is working but what does it mean ?13:57
Dr_Willisceo:  be sure you installed the vbox 'guest' addations in the guest OS.13:57
ayush_Dr_Willis, is there a mainstream laptop manufacturer that does tweak their products for linux too?13:58
Dr_Willisayush_:  i doubt it.13:58
sagaciSystem76, zareason13:58
ceoam have install it but, the display so small13:58
ActionParsnipayush_: look for companies broviding linux as a pre-installed OS13:58
ceoam can't used the virutal13:58
Dr_Willisthose comanies just take other peoples laptops and set up linux on them. so they proberluy have researched the options more.13:58
dan2can any one help me? im unable to acces a file i have just downloaded - using putty to a vps here13:58
sagaciExpensive, better off just getting a dell or something13:58
ceoDr_Willis, i need you help13:59
Dr_Willisdan2:  clarfy what you mean 'to access'13:59
Dr_Willisceo:  with what? You ahve read the virtualbox docs/manual?13:59
dan2i canot run a jarfile basically13:59
Dr_Willisdan2:  and the command you are using.. and the error is?....13:59
vivek_i have a tar.gz file how to decompress it using terminal?13:59
dan2java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui13:59
sagacitar xvf file13:59
Dr_Willis!info unp14:00
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre4 (maverick), package size 13 kB, installed size 100 kB14:00
kaddidoes anyone have experience with ocr? What would be a good tool to use?14:00
ubottuOCR software for Ubuntu includes Tesseract, Ocrad and GOcr. GNOME users can use 'gocr-gtk' as a front-end to GOcr, while KDE users have Kooka available as a front-end to Ocrad and GOcr.14:01
nirvdrumHi.  Are the canonical partner repos mirrored?  I'd imagine not, but they seem to be down now, so I thought I'd ask.14:02
kaddii think that bot info may need some updating.. looks like kooka was kde3, not 414:03
kaddikde4 has skanlite14:03
lemonhall1!info ghex14:05
ubottughex (source: ghex): GNOME Hex editor for files. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.24.0-1 (maverick), package size 919 kB, installed size 2856 kB14:05
AndroUserwhat's a good way to get into ubuntu development14:05
philinuxnirvdrum: very slow I'd wait a while and try again14:06
ircdonusing ubuntu on my pc14:06
nirvdrumphilinux: Thanks.  I'll try to be more patient.14:06
ircdonits very lite14:06
happyaronwhat if I removed libc6? will there be any possiblity to rescue the system without using additional media?14:06
iceroothappyaron: no14:06
iceroothappyaron: the system will not start without libc614:07
ljsoftnethow do i install this driver? xf86-video-intel-2.14.0.tar.bz214:07
happyaroniceroot: I still have a root login