ailo_paultag, Is it ok if you keep the package part of this app, and I just provide you with the source? I feel there's too many things that are over my head at the moment, which will require many days of study to master.00:10
ailo_paultag, I think it would be better you took control of the packagin completely, since I'm just likely to mess that up.00:12
ailo_paultag, Before we decide to upload the package, we still need to try it out I think. 00:13
ailo_paultag, How about setting up something a little more structured for the next release? Maybe you could set up the workflow for that?00:20
paultagailo_: I'll fix the rest of the issues on this package when I get my uni work done :)00:23
paultagailo_: then we can get our FFe and try and upload.00:24
paultaghopefully persia can help, once it's in decent shape00:24
ailo_paultag, The app is not totally done yet. There's still some facelifting on the glade file, and I'd like to do some testing too  before we decide anything.00:25
paultagOK. 00:25
paultagailo_: let me know when I need to fix up the package. it's clean to test with right now00:25
ailo_paultag, It would be great if we could just have a package to install to test it. 00:25
paultagailo_: it's already there, the issues are policy issues00:26
ailo_paultag, Could you build it and give us a link?00:26
paultagailo_: I am not at home, but I can put it up on metatron.pault.ag, if you need it right now00:26
ailo_paultag, No immediate hurry of course. Just so we can have a go with it and see if it works :P00:27
paultagit's still building :)00:27
scott-worknew jack is released...well, a new version of jack1 is released, which honestly is a little less bit exciting to me actually, but still...yay!14:35
scott-workwow, and nedko already has a patch for it for d-bus support :)14:57
ailo__paultag, So, I was thinking about a workflow for a future development of the ubuntustudio-controls. I'm learning more about git at the moment. Using it for my own projects and messing around with it. We should create a common repo for that, no? We might need someone to lead the development. Would you be interested? I can see myself adding to it, at least. We should check with falktx too to see what plans he had for his own 18:31
ailo__control application. What do you think?18:31
paultagailo__: sure. sounds about right18:39

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