Denaliyo im having trouble installing02:02
holsteinDenali: ubuntustudio?02:02
holsteinwhats the issue?02:03
Denaliits asking for source directory02:03
Denaliwhat do i type02:03
holsteinthe installer?02:03
holsteinare you trying to install from USB?02:03
holsteintheres the problem02:04
holsteincouple things02:04
Denaliit wont from usb?02:04
holsteinso, first02:04
holsteinmark yourself on this bug02:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 697774 in Ubuntu Studio "cant install ubuntustudio from USB stick" [Undecided,New]02:05
holsteinyou can either do this02:05
holsteinOR you can just get the normal ubuntu live cd02:05
holsteinand install whatever you want from ubuntustudio into that install02:05
holsteinlike this02:05
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation02:05
holsteinyou can search in a package manager ubuntustudio02:06
holsteinand see all the stuff and read about it02:06
holsteinand decide what you want02:06
holsteini think thats easiest02:06
holsteinDenali: all of the alternate installers have this issue02:06
Denalidoes 10.04 have the same problem?02:11
holsteinall of the alternate style installers have this issue02:11
holsteinthe server ones02:12
holsteinthe alternate desktop installers02:12
holsteinfor the vanilla release02:12
Denaliok thanks02:12
holsteini do vanilla02:12
holsteinits easy02:12
holsteinand more like ubuntu anyways02:13
holsteinubuntustudio = ubuntu02:13
holsteinwith some tweaks02:13
holsteinand extra packages02:13
holsteinand a nice theme :)02:13
holsteinDenali: actually02:16
holsteinThe install procedure fails to find the "cdrom" unless I give the kernel parameter "cdrom-detect/try-usb=true". I got that hint from http://die-klapsmuehle.org/2010/02/21/ubuntu-alternate-von-usb-stick-installieren/ .02:16
holsteini didnt realize it was that easy to make it happen02:17
holsteinthats not bad02:17
Denalidang already put open suse on usb02:19
Denaliim distro hopping02:19
holsteincheck out AVlinux and KXstudio while your at it02:19
holsteinpuredyne is ubuntu based02:19
holsteinand runs great from USB02:19
holsteinDenali: are you into audio production?02:20
Denalimostly programing and graphic y?02:21
Guest61414I have a question about getting proprietary drivers because when i go to system>admin>hardware drivers nothing comes up07:18
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Guest25894can someone help me find a help channel for linux mint 1019:57
holsteinGuest25894: hey19:59
holsteinyou probably want to check spotchat19:59
holsteini think thats where the minters and20:00
Guest25894how do i get there20:00
Guest25894its not in the list20:00
Guest25894I tried to add it but i get error mess I must have misspelled it .. I didnt20:01
holsteinGuest25894: its a different server20:01
holsteinthis is freenode20:01
holsteinim in #linuxmint-debian20:01
Guest25894do you know the server?20:01
holsteinand #peppermint20:01
holsteinover on spochat20:01
holsteinGuest25894: yeah, its irc.spotchat.org20:01
holstein  /connect irc.spotchat.org20:02
holsteindepending on what client you are using20:02
holsteinthen /join #linuxmint20:02
Guest25894thank you so much20:02
holsteinsure :)20:03
Guest25894I keep getting unknown host when I add server20:03
PipeManMusicsure it isn't .net?20:05
holsteinPipeManMusic: pretty sure20:05
holsteinyeah, im on it right now20:05
PipeManMusicWell he left.20:05
holsteinyeah, no biggie20:06
holsteinthats something you can take care of in google20:06
Strayfolkholstein, good news. got my TI firewire chip today and it's a lot better!20:42
ailoStrayfolk, It fixed your latency problems?20:59
Strayfolkfixed xruns and stability21:26
Strayfolkso now I'm @ 3x128 and it seems very nice21:27

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