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ralfgroI'm still looking for a solution to start a script when tty1 is in state "starting" 08:37
ralfgro_and_ if installed/active when gdm/kdm is in state starting08:37
ralfgrobut I would like do add only a new upstart script, and not modify other scripts08:38
ralfgroI have a condition that depends on tty and gdm/kdm, but if kdm/gdm is not running this is not working08:39
ralfgromy script should run before a user can login08:39
ralfgroand we have systems with *dm and without08:40
SpamapSralfgro: start on starting tty1 or gdm doesn't work?12:31
SpamapSralfgro: oh you need to run *after* those? 12:31
david506I wrote my upstart script, it starts up fine. It shuts down my services fine but it hangs after it shuts down my program18:27
david506The script actually starts 3 threads. Please help18:27
ionDo not use ‘expect’ if you’re not absolutely sure of the forking behavior of the main process. You’ll confuse Upstart.18:29
david506The service script that is called calls three different scripts with & at the end to fork them. Is that why upstart is confused ?18:30
ionThat definitely doesn’t match what ‘expect daemon’ means.18:32
david506oh ok18:34
ionkeybuk: Do you know how Erlang implements trivially easy and robust runtime code upgrades? I’ve thought a bit of how something similar could be done in C.22:33
ionIn fact, i’ll try to get around to writing an email to the Upstart mailing list, trying to articulate my general idea.22:39
KeybukI don't know much about Erlang22:47
=== Keybuk changed the topic of #upstart to: Upstart 1.0 "This is a fertile land, and we will thrive" | http://upstart.at/
ionWoot, that was quick. Is that with proc connector goodness?23:01
ionAh, the release message doesn’t seem to say so.23:01
Keybukno, that's me declaring that the version that's been stable for years is 1.0 ;-)23:05

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