charlie-tcaGood morning14:07
charlie-tcamr_pouit, ochosi : I have not seen the restart/shutdown to gdm bug in the alpha3 testing yet14:41
charlie-tcaalternate images are completed14:42
charlie-tcastarting desktop image testing now14:42
ochosicharlie-tca: same here, also wanted to say that today, that i haven't experienced the restart bug with the latest updates installed15:48
charlie-tcaGreat! Maybe it is fixed now?15:51
* ochosi knocks on wood15:51
charlie-tcahm, I dumped water on a keyboard last night, today that computer is freezing during installs15:51
charlie-tcaIt acts like it doesn't like working today... 15:52
* charlie-tca knows about the drinks at the computer things, but ...15:53
ochosihm, usually spillings drinks on keyboard wasn't a problem for me15:53
ochosidrying it up solved it15:53
charlie-tcaI don't understand it at all. You wouldn't think a bit of water would be a bad thing15:54
charlie-tcaThe keyboard was dirty, too15:54
ochosithen maybe the water was good ;)15:54
charlie-tcaYeah, I thought the way before this freezing thing started15:55
knomewell, i know you really shouldn't have *water* near computers, but rum and other alcoholic beverages are completely different15:58
ochosi+1 ;)15:58
charlie-tcaWater doesn't get sticky though15:59
knomeneither does rum etc if you drink it and not spill it on your keyboard15:59
charlie-tcahm, if I had drunk it, it wouldn't be on the keyboard :-)16:00
charlie-tcaMaybe I got too many computers running at once again.16:00
davmor2charlie-tca: get it cold enough and stick it on your tongue you'll be amazed at how sticky water can be ;)16:00
charlie-tcathat's the pipe, not the water16:01
charlie-tcaoh, and the water, huh?16:01
knomedavmor2, haha, right to the laughter nerve16:02
knomecharlie-tca, well, try to make the water -3016:02
charlie-tcakeyboard to go outside, after this installation attempt16:32
charlie-tcaran into the restart goes to gdm, fresh install in VBox, amd6416:35
charlie-tcabut it does not return to gdm on F7. It went to F8 instead, and F7 is blank16:36
mark76What's the CLI command for untarring a tar.gz?16:39
mark76Wrong room16:40
TheSheeptar xvfz yourfile.tar.gz16:40
TheSheepand yes, wrong :)16:40
ochosiarr, thunar's startup lag is really annoying17:56
Sysinot as annoying as lag when removing files17:57
knomenot as annoying as lag when you've ordered a drink17:59
knomeinstant win17:59

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