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lightahow can I retrieve a file I just erase ? (e.g lets say I copy a file from a different location on past it on my current directory. Filename was similare and my copy erased my previous file, can I get it back ?)02:13
bo_kanetesting testing02:23
bo_kaneanyone know how to exit the busybox prompt on xubuntu02:23
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pupettociao a tutti06:03
menotknowHello all, how do i uninstall xubuntu. I can not get into it to unstall it so any help would nice, thank you09:57
TheSheepmenotknow: how did you install it?09:58
menotknowfrom cd09:58
menotknowmy video card does not let me into xubuntu so i want to uninstall it09:59
Sysidid you install it from windows?09:59
Sysiwith wubi09:59
menotknowno befor i upgraded my computer i booted into xubuntu and installed it that way10:00
Sysiif you want to replace it with windows, it's actually windows issue, it can't uninstall itself, that would be like eating your head10:01
menotknowok, i want to get the hard drive space back from the install of it10:02
menotknowis that possible?10:03
Sysiyou can remove partition(s) with livecd and enlarge windows partition or create new ntfs-partition10:03
Sysibut you will need to fix windows bootloader, and i don't know how10:03
Sysiin win7 it's possible with retail installation disc10:04
menotknowok thank you Sysi for all your help. I guess i will do a fresh install of windows on my computer10:05
menotknowhave a good night all and thank you for all your help10:06
GaudiJust here to say: I like XUbuntu10:12
TheSheepdon't worry, it will pass10:12
GaudiXUbuntu is KISS10:17
beefsaladhow can I configure the network interfaces in xubuntu?  Under ubuntu network-manager was present in the task bar10:58
beefsaladunder xubuntu, NetworkManager is running, but theres no obvious way to configure it via an X app10:59
beefsaladif I didn't have to connect via wpa, I'd do it by hand, but...work requires wpa ;)10:59
Sysialt+F2 "nm-applet" if it isn't in panel11:00
beefsaladdamnit, I'm an idiot11:01
beefsaladit's there, just doesn't look like a network icon to me  ;)11:02
beefsaladthanks Sysi!11:02
beefsaladone more annoyance, and I'll try not to ask a question until I've answered 5 ;)12:40
beefsaladdates in thunderbird are being displayed as YY-MM-DD, in ubuntu it was MM-DD-YY, how can I change that?12:43
citrus23455help..my laptop is an old pentium, can't support compiz, i can't get past the boot cd screen on the live cd, what boot parameters should i enter to avoid compiz?14:52
charlie-tcaIf you are using the Xubuntu cd, it does not use compiz14:55
citrus23455well then it's an intel graphics problem14:56
citrus23455charlie-tca: intel graphics chip doesnt work very well with linux14:57
charlie-tcaI am using it without issues14:57
citrus23455well I seem to have a truckload of issues :(14:57
citrus23455(not personally) but rather with the laptop14:58
charlie-tcahowever, on the cd, at the menu, hit F6, try those options one at a time. You hit enter on one, then escape, then enter to start the install14:58
Sysihow much ram?14:58
brouschyou could also try the alternate install CD and afterwards install xubuntu-desktop14:58
charlie-tcaum, the desktop installs even with the alternate cd14:59
citrus23455well, this laptop is exceptionally hard to install onto.14:59
brouschit does?14:59
citrus23455 INTEL R 82810 GRAPHICS14:59
charlie-tcaof course. The difference is the installer, not what it does14:59
brouschmaybe i'm thinking of the server install14:59
knomethere is the minimal iso as well15:00
charlie-tcaminimal is not good if the person doesn't have the ability/knowledge to get past the boot menu, is it?15:00
citrus23455that's where i'm stuck15:01
charlie-tcahit a key when the two symbols appear at the bottom, try the F6 options to see if one will get you started15:02
citrus23455i'm gonna try this15:04
citrus23455charlie-tca: it didnt work15:14
charlie-tcawhat didn't work?15:28
charlie-tcayou put the Xubuntu cd in the drive, you started the computer, you hit enter at the languages, you hit F6, you tried every one of those options, and ??15:29
citrus23455charlie-tca: i tried all those options, and it won't boot, it flashes at me, it has something to do with the intel 830m graphics card15:40
citrus23455do you know if there's any way of using the 5.10 ubuntu with the latest firefox / latest browser?15:41
citrus23455flash player too15:41
citrus23455charlie-tca: can I install firefox 3.6 on ubuntu 5.10?15:41
brousch5.10 is ancient. even 6.06 LTS desktop has been out of support for a year and a half. i wouldn't hold my breath15:45
charlie-tcaI don't think it will work.15:45
charlie-tcaIs 5.10 the cd that is failing for you, too?15:46
citrus23455charlie-tca: distros that work are: ubuntu 5.10, 7.10. 7.04. xubuntu 7.10.15:47
citrus23455ubuntu 8.10 hangs.15:47
brouschhow about 8.04?15:47
knomeubuntu 8.10 or xubuntu 8.10 ?15:47
charlie-tcaTry downloading and installing 10.04 or 10.1015:47
citrus23455i'm downloading that right now to test it.15:48
charlie-tca8.10 is also EOL15:48
knomeend of life15:48
charlie-tcaEnd Of Life15:48
citrus23455i wish it wasnt15:48
brousch8.04 has another 2 months of life ;)15:48
charlie-tcaNo longer supported15:48
citrus23455drat it15:48
Sysihow do you know it's about graphics card?15:48
citrus23455this machine's a nightmare to work linux on15:48
knomecharlie-tca, please watch your languge15:48
knomeerm, citrus23455 ^15:49
citrus23455it's definitely the graphics card15:49
knomecharlie-tca, but you too little fellow! ;)15:49
citrus23455lol sorry knome15:49
knomeno problem15:49
knomewe're just trying to keep the channel family-friendly15:49
citrus23455ah yes, indeed, i'm sorry15:49
charlie-tcaokay, I will try :-)15:49
knomecharlie-tca can be a real hard case now and then15:50
citrus23455i narrowed it down to the intel 830m chipset lots of others were having that problem15:50
charlie-tcacitrus23455: Most people have better results using the latest releases. They have been improved to work with more hardware15:50
citrus23455can you install .deb into puppylinux>?15:51
citrus23455charlie-tca: 10.10 xubuntu / ubuntu both flash when trying to load boot splash screen.15:51
citrus23455then they hang15:51
citrus23455i'm considering installing puppylinux... provided it is similar to ubuntu15:51
citrus23455charlie-tca: what do yo uthink?15:52
Sysiafaik it has nothing to do with ubuntu15:53
charlie-tcaI think each person should try several different operating systems, to find the one they like15:57
charlie-tcaHopefully, that one will be Xubuntu, in the end15:57
charlie-tcaOn the other hand, I am a bit stubborn, and don't actually give up easy15:57
charlie-tcaI installed wireless on 5.04 and 5.1015:58
charlie-tcawhen you had to download from 4 or 5 sites, copy the files to floppy disks, and install from them to get wireless working15:58
mark76Apparently you can't untar multiple packages at once16:41
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qiyanhello don't open eric python IDE on xubuntu18:17
charlie-tcaokay, but we usually don't bother paying attention to such statements without reasons18:18
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xubuntu811hi all first time on xubuntu so could you recomend what is better for remote controle. i know just 2 options vino and freeNX<-which is better?21:21
xubuntu811is all dead?21:24
Sysidon't know ir no opinions or just not here at this minute, wait for some time21:25
charlie-tcaI suspect it is more a matter of who has tried both and knows the differences21:25
xubuntu811is anybody using any remote controle xubuntu <-> windows 7?21:26
charlie-tcaxubuntu811: I will take a shot at it. I have used vino, so that would be my recommendation21:26
charlie-tcaI have never used freenx21:26
* charlie-tca doesn't really have windows, either21:26
xubuntu3924How can I keep the back audio unmuted when I plug headphones into the front port?21:27
xubuntu3924headphone/line sense is off21:28
xubuntu811thanx for attention :) i will try them bouth and tell you mates :), but at first need to learn some commans21:29
David-Axubuntu811: vino is in the repositories, freenx not afai can see. you can remote control with gui with ssh -Y and command line with ssh. from winxp with X in cygwin, win7 i dont know.21:32
brouschi like nomachine for remote desktop21:34
brouschfreenx tries to be like nomachne's nx21:34
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xubuntu3924I take it no one can help?21:39
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guestI take it you can't use the speakers and headphones?22:19
charlie-tcakind of defeats the purpose of the headphones22:20
guestNot if you have two sets of headphones22:20
Sysiyou propably need to do the muting from mixer, xfce one or pulseaudio22:21
charlie-tcaI don't really know, I only have one speaker output on my soundcard.22:23
charlie-tcaI do know, if I plug into the headphone jack on the sound card, the speakers do not mute. If I plug into the headphones jack on the speakers, they do mute22:24
guestI have a front port and back port22:25
guestNothing is on mute22:25
charlie-tcaPlug the headphones into the speaker ports22:26
guestTwo headphones one in front and one in back22:27
guestWhen I unplug the front the back start playing the audio22:27
charlie-tcathat would be a hardware limit then. the front jack takes priority over the rear jack22:28
guestDo I need to check the jack sense in the switches tab (in mixer)?22:28
charlie-tcaI suspect you would need to rewire the box itself, to allow both headphones to be used22:29
guestIn windows all I need to do is kill the audio manager..22:29
guestOn another computer that is22:30
charlie-tcaum, that is not the same then22:30
guestSo the hardware doesn't support it... thanks for your help22:33

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