TheMusoRAOF: You're probably just used to autotools.00:04
RAOFI'm also used to being able to do an in-tree build :P00:04
TheMusoBut make distcheck does out of tree builds. :)00:05
RAOFFor convenience, yeah.  But it's generally happy to do in-tree builds!00:06
RAOFWell, unity's building and the espresso machine has warmed up.  Time to make coffee!00:11
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OmegaWhat do you guys think about the recent removal of the Maximize and Minimize buttons in GNOME Shell?00:59
nhainesIt's good for them to experiment as long as they put it back.  ;)01:00
OmegaPersonally, I think they might be on to something.01:00
RAOFOk.  I'm now freaked out.02:10
chrisccoulsonRAOF, me too, but that's probably because it's nearly 2.30 am ;)02:26
RAOFI'm freaked out by something suddenly being null when I want to relayout the shell.02:29
ScottKNull is nothing, so no problem, right?02:30
RAOFIt's getting set up correctly at init time, and I can't see where it's getting set anywhere else, so I'm mystigofied.02:33
RAOFDamn you unity folks and your flagrant disregard for method signatures!03:32
RAOFOk.  Well, that now kinda works.03:46
dylan-mHey, two quick design questions: is the name “Me menu” strictly a development code name, or can I use that name for users, too?03:52
dylan-mAlso, do we have a rule for capitalizing these, like “Messaging Menu?”03:53
dylan-mOh well, I have to turn in for the night. I took a guess that it's how I wrote it already (“Me Menu” and “messaging menu”). Hopefully it's right. Will try to clarify tomorrow. Good night / day / whichever! :)07:17
AeronautI loaded Ubuntu 10.4 Netbook edition and hated the Unity interface.07:24
AeronautThe reason is that:07:24
Aeronaut- a lot of space is wasted by permanent icons you can't conceal07:24
Aeronaut- every panel is maximised, to take up  the entire space on the screen07:25
Aeronaut- there are no minimise, maximise and close buttons on each panel07:25
Aeronaut- the minimise, maximise and close functions are moved up to a panel at the top of the screen, that is muddy and difficult to see.07:26
Aeronaut- the "place markers" for each panel don't have pop-out legends, individual icons or explanatory texts07:27
AeronautSo I wiped it and installed 10.4 Desktop instead.07:27
AeronautI hope that the Unity interface is only offered as an option - the xfce interface works perfectly on my Acer Aspire One.07:30
AeronautOf course, I would like to express my admiration and gratitude for all the work that Canonical and others have put into Ubuntu.07:31
AeronautEnd of message =07:31
didrocksgood morning07:37
RAOFDBO: By the way, I hate you and your broken unity/nux multihead code :).  It kinda sorta ish works here, though.08:05
DBORAOF, what multihead code?08:06
DBOwe never did any multihead code08:06
RAOFOk.  The lack of multihead code, then.08:06
DBORAOF, expect to get double renders of nux on the left monitor08:07
DBOdont try to fix that08:07
DBOI know what the problem is08:07
RAOFWhat would double-renders look like?08:07
DBOtransparency is suddenly less transparent08:07
RAOFWell, I don't have anything transparent on my left monitor.08:07
didrocksRAOF: the version in natty is "broken" in the way we forcec double transparency :)08:08
DBOwherever the launcher is08:08
didrockslike 0.8 instead of 0.9 for the dash08:08
RAOFApart from the launcher's tooltips, which are where they would be if the launcher was on the left monitor ;)08:08
didrocks(it's reverted in trunk, blame mr Patel :))08:08
DBOwait he really did that?08:08
DBOwhat a tart...08:08
didrocksDBO: yeah, he was thinking the value was inaccurate :)08:08
DBORAOF, oh well then08:08
didrocksDBO: so it was a last minute commit before alpha3 :)08:09
DBOdidrocks, yeah I can fix that as soon as I get this event processing shit done08:09
RAOFNux almost handles resizing crtcs, too.08:09
didrocksthen saw it was because of the double painting in multihead08:09
didrocksit's reverted in trunk :)08:09
didrocksDBO: heh, you have time, next release is Monday08:09
DBOno I mean the double painting thing08:09
didrocksright, I konw08:09
DBOi think you overestimate how quickly I can rip out an entire event system of a toolkit08:09
DBOI mean I am good08:09
didrocksDBO: just no need to hurry, you still have until Monday08:09
DBObut I am not jesus08:09
didrocksheh :)08:10
didrocksyou are dude!08:10
RAOFI've got the hair, he's got the beard :P08:10
DBOI imagine nux as a medium sized mammal08:10
DBOand what I am doing right now is akin to cutting it open with a chainsaw08:10
didrocksDBO: if you can't get it rewrote for this release, aren't you afraid of ETOOMANYCONFLICTS when merging?08:10
DBOripping out its spine08:10
DBOgrabbing some GTK mammal spine, and sloshing it in there08:10
oSoMoNgood morning08:11
DBOdidrocks, i am seriously considering bzr pushing to lp:nux and then cutting it off half way through08:11
DBOdidrocks, jay wont figure that out for weeks08:11
DBOand then nux trunk is frozen!08:11
didrocksDBO: please, don't break nux trunk ;)08:11
DBOits not broken08:11
didrocksDBO: there are crashes to fix!08:11
didrocksa lot of them :)08:11
DBOI'll just be holding the lock file08:11
* didrocks fires bzr break-locks08:12
didrocksor whatever it is :)08:12
DBOdidrocks, so my plan to avoid too many merge issues is to insert the new spinal system for nux alongside its existing mechanisms08:12
DBOthen just switch it over in WindowCompositor08:12
DBOif I only add code I can A) make your life a living hell08:13
DBOand B) avoid merge conflicts08:13
didrocksDBO: waow, sounds more work though08:13
RAOFSo, I also discovered today that unity kinda-sorta has dynamic multihead code already hooked up, in that it watches the monitors-changed signal.08:13
didrocksto ensure both system are working08:13
DBORAOF, are you saying between the two of us we are Jesus?08:13
DBORAOF, because I always thought of you as the romance novel anti-hero08:14
didrocksRAOF: yeah, just came with that release (thanks cyphermox)08:14
didrocksbut the magic is really elementary though :/08:14
DBORAOF, i told you that08:14
didrocksand introduce design issues08:14
didrockslike, if you primary monitor is the right one08:14
DBOdidrocks, i'll make it work08:14
didrocksthe launcher is there :)08:14
DBOthats crap08:14
didrocksso, quite funny to not have any "resistance" :)08:14
RAOFYeah, but the monitors-changed signal triggers the setting of the needsRelayout variable, which then isn't used anywhere.08:14
DBOMacSlow, keynav is my problem from now on08:15
DBOthat okay with you?08:15
didrocks09:14:03     didrocks | RAOF: yeah, just came with that release (thanks cyphermox)08:15
MacSlowDBO, hey there08:15
DBOI am ripping out all of nux's spinal system (ProcessEvents is dying a terrible death) and replacing it with something sane08:15
MacSlowDBO, yeah08:15
RAOFAlso, the signal is hooked up backwards, so if you actually tried to use the UnityScreen that it gets passed in you'll immediately SIGSEGV :)08:15
DBORAOF, SIGSEGV is for manly men08:16
DBOmanly men with chest hair08:16
RAOFActually… it's a bit worse.08:16
* DBO tries to think of whats worse than sigsegv08:16
MacSlowDBO, I'm atm doing desperate things like starting timers upon opening ql with calling SetInputFocus() at the end in the hope to get it back working :)08:16
RAOFYou *won't* necessarily SIGSEGV, but you *will* set some byte of the GdkScreen to TRUE.08:16
RAOFWho knows what that'll do later ;)08:16
DBOMacSlow, dont bother, I already implemented the global grab thing I talked about08:17
DBOMacSlow, your grabs were racing, now they dont08:17
DBOMacSlow, I am further implementing input grabs with nux08:17
DBOSetInputFocus is a worthless method for us now08:17
DBOI hate to kill all your fun08:17
* RAOF can push a branch with these fixes if you like.08:17
MacSlowDBO, but why only on the ql and not on the launcher... I still don't see that... the difference between launcher and ql08:17
DBOMacSlow, ql isn't mapped when you call SetInputFocus08:18
DBOyou just *requested* it be mapped08:18
DBObut its not yet mapped08:18
DBOhence why the timer sometimes fixes the issue08:18
DBOagain, leave this one to me08:18
DBOI got it from here on08:18
didrocksmorning MacSlow :)08:18
DBORAOF, you sexy devil, lets run away together and live in a pine studded bungalow (thats what australians live in right?)08:19
MacSlowDBO, but I added the ability to hook up to MapNotify in GraphicsDisplay::GetSystemEvent() and ::ProcessXEvent()08:19
DBOyeah I saw that, it looked nasty...08:19
MacSlowDBO, and that didn't help much08:19
MacSlowsalut didrocks btw :)08:19
MacSlowhey RAOF08:19
RAOFHey MacSlow :)08:19
DBOMacSlow, dont worry, we dont need it anymore, really :)08:19
RAOFGoing to complain about mesa at me? :)08:20
MacSlowRAOF, no... but do you want me to? :)08:20
MacSlowRAOF, I mean I can think of something I bet ;)08:20
RAOFNot particularly :)08:20
DBORAOF, if it wasn't clear, my last message to you roughly translated to "please upload your branch"08:20
RAOFDBO: I'll clean it up and push.08:20
didrocksRAOF: if MacSlow doesn't complain, can I complaing about my nvidia magnetic issue again?08:20
DBORAOF, mesa is a terrible name, we should change its name in a distro patch08:21
didrocksRAOF: I tried some vodoo without any chance08:21
RAOFObviously, it also needs nux to not suck.08:21
RAOFBut that's a one-liner.08:21
MacSlowdidrocks, "magnetic issue" ??08:21
didrocksI was obviously really helpful :)08:21
MacSlowoh and hi there everyone08:21
didrocksMacSlow: yeah, you don't want to see that08:21
didrocksit's ugly :)08:21
didrocksimagine that you monitor was still a lcd, with electrons08:21
didrocksand you bring a magnetic next to it08:22
MacSlowdidrocks, you mean CRT?08:22
didrocksthen, some part of the display is distored08:22
didrocksthat's what I have there :)08:22
didrocksloicm has some too08:22
MacSlowdidrocks, wow... you got that with and LCD?08:22
didrocksonly with unity (think that nux is guilty)08:22
didrocksMacSlow: right…08:22
didrockscompiz only don't get it08:22
MacSlowdidrocks, spooky!08:22
didrocksand the more "interesting"08:22
didrocksis that I get it when I only have one display08:23
didrocksif I use the twinview mode, no issue at all08:23
didrocks(even on the screen having it)08:23
DBOdidrocks, turn of lighting in compiz08:23
MacSlowdidrocks, uff... when did that happen first?08:23
DBOdidrocks, i am 99% sure this is a compiz setting needing tweaking08:23
DBOI saw it once...08:23
MacSlowDBO, you mean GL-lighting so the cube looks nicer upon rotatino?08:24
didrocksDBO: I think it's already turned off, let me check08:24
didrocksMacSlow: mid-november IIRC08:24
DBOMacSlow, yeah that08:24
DBOit causes some issues with other shiz right now08:24
DBOseems nux messes up the lighting for compiz somehow08:25
didrockslet me check lightning again08:25
DBOim not sure why to be honest08:25
DBOdidrocks, if its not that start messing around with other settings08:25
DBOits something in there I am like 99% sure08:25
didrocksI turned it off already08:25
didrocksDBO: ok, will try some config change08:25
DBO80% sure08:26
MacSlowdidrocks, do you still get this issue LP: #72789008:40
didrocksMacSlow: when I added the ql items, I checked for that08:44
didrocksit didn't happen08:44
didrocks(tried 5 times to ensure)08:44
didrockshas I was afraid of it08:44
didrocksI think it's a race08:45
MacSlowdidrocks, hm08:45
RAOFMan, bzr is awesome.  “bzr lp-open” is love.08:48
RAOFDBO: Eat hot lp:~raof/unity/multihead-fixes08:51
seb128RAOF, you know about bzr lp-submit?08:58
didrocks(I have to use it everytime with -R unity-team though)09:06
RAOFHm.  While I'm at it, I should probably see if it's trivial to fix the layout with DPI≠9609:11
didrocksRAOF: DBO is changing a lot in the Layout code09:11
didrocksRAOF: maybe worth to wait for a week?09:11
RAOFDBO: Do you actually want the a nux branch?  It contains exactly the one-line change you suggested.09:31
ryehi, this is still annoying me. Is there anything known about libappindicator failing to pick up changes for the underlying menu in case the menu has been modified by appending/inserting the entries at runtime?10:12
* rye meant that it is again him, "annoying rye"10:12
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rodrigo_is unity supposed to work on intel graphic cards?11:04
aruizrodrigo_, if there's a class of graphics card where it should work, that's intel's11:05
aruizunless it's poulsbo11:05
rodrigo_aruiz, any idea what package do I need to install for the intel drivers? it seems to not work at all here11:05
aruizrobtaylor, try removing /etc/X11/xorg.conf if you happen to have one11:07
aruizthat's not rodrigo_11:08
rodrigo_ok, I think I already have that one, checking11:08
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klattimerseb128, didrocks, kenvandine, I just pushed a branch here; lp:~karl-qdh/indicator-datetime/recurring-and-gsettings-fixes which fixes a whole bunch of issues - we get correct recurrence times and a few small gsettings fixes, I'm battling through to get colours added to the menu items too which seems to at least be feasible now12:47
klattimerwould you like me to file a merge request?12:47
klattimerseb128: didrocks https://code.launchpad.net/~karl-qdh/indicator-datetime/recurring-and-gsettings-fixes/+merge/5205913:00
didrocksklattimer: hey, will get over it if I find some time today, otherwise, kenvandine and seb128 knows more about it than I :)13:00
seb128klattimer, hi, I meant to talk to you today about your way to work, nice that you bring it on13:02
seb128klattimer, could you try to get merge requests happening on a regular basis for fixes and incremental changes13:02
seb128klattimer, like ideally you would have your work of the day landing to trunk every day in small diffs13:03
klattimerseb128: I'd love to, but there are a lot of bits of evolution which are taking time to get the hang of13:03
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
seb128stacking one week of work makes review not as easy and means that if that doesn't land we have nothing to land in natty13:03
seb128klattimer, well it seems some of the gsettings watching and update issues could have landed as separated fixes during the week13:04
klattimerwell you can also see there's a lot of testing that's needed to go back and forth to try and tame eds into this indicator13:04
seb128you seem to stack refactoring and simple bug fixes in the same vcs13:04
klattimerseb128: agreed those smaller changes should have been in a separate branch13:04
seb128we want at least the few liners fixed to land13:05
seb128even if you still fight eds for other things13:05
seb128but in any case today is tarball day so yeah please do a merge proposal with what you have13:05
seb128then we can talk to ted and others about helping you to fix remaining issues so we can roll a tarball13:05
klattimerseb128: it's already done, link above13:06
seb128kenvandine and ted should review that when they will be online13:07
MacSlowhey andreasn13:20
coz_hey all13:23
klattimerseb128: I have a new branch which fixes colours13:50
klattimerseb128: lp:~karl-qdh/indicator-datetime/fixed-appointment-icon-colours13:50
klattimerhow would you like me to merge these13:50
klattimerwould you like a merge request to the previous branch or to trunk?13:51
klattimeractually hang on, I need to do a small fix in there still13:51
mptronoc, hey, do you have a list of all the players that have integrated with the sound menu so far?13:56
ronochmm lets see, banshee, rb, xnoise, spotify, symphony, amarok, mpd, apparently xmms, clementine13:57
ronocmpt ^13:57
ronocdid I leave any out ?13:57
mptwow, that's a lot13:57
mptthat's cool :-)13:57
ronocmpt, moving over to the mpris only registration in December has removed unnecessary hurdles13:58
mptah, of course13:59
ronocthe weather is beautiful in Ireland13:59
* ronoc is surprised13:59
didrocksronoc: in Frebruary? Waow! The only time I really saw in my 6 months in dubin was April14:00
didrocksok, March in fact :)14:01
ronocdidrocks, clear skies, really really bright. really calm. great skies at night (i'm down the country on the south coast)14:01
ronocthe air is so clean14:01
didrocksronoc: where are you btw?14:01
didrocks(I visited a lot the country)14:01
ronocdidrocks, makes me realise what the hell am i doing in smelly london14:01
didrocksheh ;)14:01
ronocdidrocks, a small town called Dungarvan in Co. Waterford14:02
didrocksok, I went to Wateford :)14:02
ronocdidrocks, http://mjcurran.com/home/store_finder14:02
* didrocks can't type today14:02
ronocdidrocks, i'm like that every day ;)14:02
didrocksronoc: heh :) I probably went not near from Dungarvan as I drove from Waterford to Cork14:03
ronocdidrocks, around the bypass I would imagine14:04
didrocksronoc: exactly :)14:04
ronocdidrocks, its where i grew up14:05
aruizronoc, are you in Dublin atm?14:05
ronocaruiz, nope -> http://mjcurran.com/home/store_finder14:05
aruizah yeah14:05
aruizweather bust me better there most def14:05
didrocksronoc: oh nice! the south coast is beautiful :)14:05
* aruiz never went to the south coast14:06
ronocdidrocks, yeah its nice alright.14:06
* ronoc is wondering if he could move back here ...14:06
* ronoc back to bug fixing14:07
kenvandineklattimer, in case you missed my comment yesterday, your indicator-datetime branch is MUCH better14:15
kenvandineklattimer, it still doesn't get the timezone's right for events14:16
kenvandinebut it does show me the next 5 reliably :)14:16
klattimerkenvandine: have you used todays?14:16
klattimerthe timezone stuff still needs playing with a bit14:16
klattimerbut I'm getting there14:16
klattimerI've just added a new branch which even has colours for the events14:16
kenvandinesame branch?14:17
klattimerwell, the one which works well is14:17
kenvandinei want to get your current fixes at least uploaded today14:17
klattimerthe colours are in a separate branch I'm working on14:17
kenvandinei had to remove a g_debug line to get it to build yesterday, casting to an int or something14:18
klattimeroh yeah, sorry14:18
klattimerI have a delay sometimes when I save :/14:18
kenvandineno worries :)14:18
klattimerit causes a few minor glitches when I push14:18
kenvandineok, didn't look at your changes yet... but after pulling i am getting mostly dupes in the menu14:19
kenvandinewhich i didn't get before14:19
kenvandineoh... but it got the timezone right :)14:20
kenvandineit's showing my 1:1 with jasoncwarner 4 times, but displaying it in my timezone not Australia like it had been14:20
klattimerfor me I get recurring appointments with the right date/time and no repeats14:20
klattimerkenvandine: can you run the indicator on its own with no watchers and send me a copy of the output14:21
kenvandineyou mean in the indicator loader?14:22
kenvandineand without the service running?14:22
klattimerno just the datetime service14:22
kenvandineok, what do you mean with no watchers?14:23
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
kenvandineah, ok14:24
klattimerI think I might have a buffer overflow somewhere but not sure where14:25
kenvandineklattimer, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/574992/14:26
=== API is now known as Guest80757
klattimerkenvandine: wait 10 minutes14:29
klattimerI want to see if it increases in size14:29
klattimerlooks to me like old items haven't been removed14:30
klattimerkenvandine: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/889043/Screenshot-ecalindicator.png - this is what I see on my testing machine14:33
kenvandineklattimer, yeah, your's looks sane14:35
kenvandinenot sure if other events would show multiple times like that... i am only seeing the dupe on the one event14:36
kenvandinebut since i see it 4 times, no room to see if i get dupes for others14:36
klattimerkenvandine: as far as I can tell they all have different comps14:38
klattimerso maybe your duplicate calendar problem is interfering with it14:38
kenvandinenot this one, this event is on one of my google calendars14:38
kenvandineand it is only on one of them14:38
kenvandineklattimer, note before i pulled your changes a few minutes ago, it was displaying it only once14:39
klattimerkenvandine: what I see is 3 completely different ecal components14:39
klattimerall with the same data14:39
klattimerso there's got to be something up in eds14:39
kenvandineweirder is that there are 4 of them displayed :)14:40
klattimerkenvandine: try evolution --force-shutdown then start evolution and restart the indicaotr14:40
kenvandineklattimer, no difference14:41
klattimerkenvandine: I'm adding in a toggle to prevent an overlap occurring14:43
klattimerif that's happening then it *might* cause your problem14:44
klattimerbut I need to make sure things don't get overwritten14:44
klattimerthis should also fix some quirks I'm seeing in the colours14:45
ronockenvandine, i'll have a release for you in a bit14:45
kenvandineronoc, cool14:45
kenvandineronoc, bug fix only right?14:46
klattimerkenvandine: lp:~karl-qdh/indicator-datetime/fixed-appointment-icon-colours14:46
ronockenvandine, yup14:46
klattimerkenvandine: if you can try the above branch14:46
klattimerI think it might fix your trouble and some of mine14:46
klattimerif so we can work out the merge path from here ;)14:46
kenvandineah ha!14:48
kenvandineso having the colors helped a lot14:48
kenvandineit is on other calendars which i don't have enabled14:49
kenvandineso hadn't you fixed that before so it didn't display the disabled calendars?14:50
klattimernow checking a calendar is enabled in evo is a different challenge14:50
klattimerbecause evo stores this in gconf or gkey files14:50
kenvandinedidn't you do that with gconf?14:50
klattimerkenvandine: nope not yet14:50
klattimerbecause I'm not sure which method evo is using atm14:50
kenvandineso why wasn't this happening earlier?14:50
klattimerkenvandine: because it was borked in many other ways14:51
klattimerthere was no generate instances in the earlier version14:51
klattimerand getting objects is not the same as generating instances14:51
jcastroDBO: https://code.launchpad.net/~cando/unity/fix_692444/+merge/4876714:51
klattimereven though the manual says its a combination of that and generate recurring14:51
jcastrohook that up yo14:51
klattimerI'll dig into evolution enabled/disabled calendars14:52
klattimersee if I can get a handle on doing it14:52
kenvandineklattimer, good progress... :)14:56
kenvandineklattimer, can you propose this for merge so we can get the current bug fixes in today?14:56
klattimerkenvandine: in a little while I'm just trying to fix a small bug14:56
kenvandineok, just want to make sure we do it in time for tedg to review and get released today :)14:57
ryehi, people. May I talk to somebody from the libappindicator team?14:59
ryein particular I am interested in why the following test - http://paste.ubuntu.com/575010/ - does not actually work for dynamic gtk.MenuItem()s14:59
kenvandinerye, let me look15:01
klattimerkenvandine: https://code.launchpad.net/~karl-qdh/indicator-datetime/fixed-appointment-icon-colours/+merge/5208015:02
kenvandinerye, so the problem is that the dynamic item doesn't change label or get removed right?15:03
ryekenvandine, after dynamic item is added, everything gets broken, so no changes to menu are seen for all the entries.15:04
ryekenvandine, in that test after I add new gtk.MenuItem() i change its label (not working), change the static item label (also not working) and then hide and remove the dynamic item from the menu (which is not working as well)15:05
lamalexseb128, is there a policy for bugs  filed by apport with a failed trace?15:06
lamalexit's pretty hard to figure out what went wrong without a stack trace :(15:06
seb128lamalex, no, there is stock replies on the wiki you can use to ask the submitter to use gdb and get a stacktrace15:07
lamalexah ok15:08
seb128or close the bug saying that apport didn't work and that he should submit a new report using apport again if that's still an issue15:08
seb128when I do that I tend to add a comment saying that the versions changed and it might be fixed so we close the bug but that he should open a new bug if he gets a crash again with the current version15:08
kenvandinerye, your code looks like it should work... i am betting there is either a appindicator or dbusmenu bug here15:20
jcastrocyphermox: you still looking after multimonitor?15:20
jcastroandreasn:  Man, this is a thing of beauty: https://mozillalabs.com/messaging/messaging-menu15:21
ryekenvandine, well, i did dbus-monitor and found no requests after i added the dynamic item, don't know where to direct the bug report in this case. Is that a responsibility of libappindicator to call dbusmenu methods?15:22
ryekenvandine, ok, thanks!15:23
kenvandinerye, i had it drop to a debugger for me and i tried setting the label then used get_label to test it15:24
kenvandineit got the new label15:24
kenvandinebut the indicator wasn't getting updated15:24
kenvandineso yeah, it looks like it isn't listening anymore15:25
lamalexI wish I could bind everything to super like osx keybindings15:28
lamalexI keep hitting super-tab for alt-tab :P15:28
rodrigo_is there a unity key shortcut to select the indicators?15:32
jcastroit was super-s in the last release15:32
jcastrobut I think it's conflicting with compiz stuff right now, there's a few cases where we need to sort that15:32
rodrigo_yeah, seems super-s does nothing on trunk15:38
cyphermoxjcastro, no, Mirco and Sam merged a branch based on mine to lp:unity, according to the bug report's linked branches. I think it's time I update the bug report :D15:48
jcastroMacSlow: so, upon logging in it seems my panel is now fixed in multimonitor mode, but notify-osd still doesn't15:48
cyphermoxjcastro: how does notify-osd show up... on the last monitor?15:49
kenvandinewhat happens with appmenus in multimonitor mode?15:49
jcastroMacSlow: so I guess my question is, does notify-osd care about where the panel is or is this a pure notify-osd bug?15:49
kenvandinedoes it display the menu on the appropriate screen?15:49
jcastrocyphermox: shows up, just off by itself on the 2nd screen15:49
cyphermoxkenvandine, no, it shows on primary.15:49
jcastrokenvandine: no, there's a bug report on that, currently I have to mouse all the way over15:49
MacSlowjcastro, isolated to notify-osd15:49
jcastroMacSlow: ok weird, that's been working for years until unity. :)15:50
MacSlowjcastro, where does it show up... and where would you expect it?15:50
kenvandineglad i don't have two displays :)15:50
cyphermoxjcastro, link the bug? I'd be interested to try my luck if nobody else is working on it15:50
jcastroI would expect it to show on the primary monitor15:50
MacSlowkenvandine, I don't like the "forest" of possible multi-monitor setups :)15:50
kenvandinejcastro, i would expect it on the monitor that has the focused window15:50
jcastrowhat? no15:51
jcastroit should never move around15:51
kenvandinethat is most likely where you are looking15:51
cyphermoxkenvandine, ah, but then there would be no consistency on where it shows up :/15:51
jcastrocyphermox: looking15:51
cyphermoxeven the primary monitor for osd doesn't necessarily feel "right", since it would be in the middle of some setups, or sometimes at the far end, etc.15:52
jcastroright, so put it where the panel is15:52
jcastrothat's what the user designates as their primary monitor is15:52
kenvandinecyphermox, right... and... the primary monitor might be the one least likely to be used... like on a laptop with a second display plugged in15:52
kenvandinejcastro, oh... you can set that?15:53
* kenvandine hasn't used multimonitor in years15:53
cyphermoxkenvandine, do you mean when the laptop has its lid closed?15:53
MacSlowjcastro, my second lcd just "died" two days ago so I can't re-test although the fix that went in 0.9.30 seemd good when I ran it15:53
kenvandinecyphermox, no... i used to leave it open and have my big monitor on next to it15:53
kenvandineand mostly focus on the big monitor15:53
cyphermoxkenvandine, well, that's how I work in the office ;)15:53
jcastroMacSlow: ok, want me to keep an eye on it and make cyphermox fix it?15:53
jcastroerr, I mean, give him valuable input. :)15:54
MacSlowjcastro, yes... and I'd like to be CC'ed at least15:54
cyphermoxkenvandine, but they both have a different use -- one ends up being bigger than the other in terms of character sizes and all, due to different resolutions... so one is better for a particular use than another15:54
cyphermoxjcastro, the what make me what?15:54
jcastrook, let me get this in a bug report15:54
kenvandineto me i think the lesser of the evils is display it on the screen that has the window which is currently focused15:54
kenvandinebut i know then it varies...15:55
jcastrono way dude15:55
MacSlowjcastro, work on n-osd is only possible on weekends for me atm... and there aren't many weekend-slots left over before 11.04 :/15:55
kenvandineno perfect solution to that problem :/15:55
jcastroMacSlow: k, I'll bitesize it then, is it complicated?15:55
MacSlowjcastro, yes15:55
jcastrook so don't bitesize it then?15:55
MacSlowjcastro, due to the nature of setups and tasts people can have15:56
kenvandineat least then it is displayed in the familiar location on the monitor i am currently looking at15:56
cyphermoxMacSlow, how do you forsee it working?15:56
MacSlowjcastro, but the behaviour (any change) has to go through design15:56
jcastrosure sure15:56
ryeor display the notification on all the monitors :)15:56
MacSlowcyphermox, I do whatever I get told from design... that's the way it works... otherwise I'm in trouble15:56
cyphermoxrye, huh, I don't agree with that ;)15:56
cyphermoxMacSlow, then do you want to bring it up with them and CC me or something?15:57
ryecyphermox, well, i am using laptop screen as a main one and push windows I am not immediately interested to the big external screen... so primary monitor is laptop one. and if notifications are there then it is ok for me15:57
cyphermoxrye, then afaik it's already ok for you, no?15:58
MacSlowcyphermox, until there isn't a flood of complains on LP it'll not be addressed... as n-osd isn't the focus this cycle15:58
jcastrokenvandine: looks like it's supposed to be where the panel is15:58
jcastrokenvandine: so now I pull out my regression card!15:58
cyphermoxI honestly don't see so much of an issue with it being on the primary monitor, even if it ends up being in the middle of the logical X screen15:58
cyphermox(at least for me, I just don't see an annoyance with it showing up there, others may disagree)15:59
ryecyphermox, let me test, since last time i tried (yesterday) the panel was in the middle of my laptop and was not really nice to use...16:00
ryecyphermox, looks like it does not respect the primariness of the display at all :-/16:00
MacSlowrye, the panel was in the middle of your screen?!16:01
ryeMacSlow, omigod, it is now even more messier :http://ubuntuone.com/p/fx9/16:03
MacSlowrye, are... twin-view16:04
ryeMacSlow, yes, that's twin-view, has not yet re-enabled multiple screen mode16:04
MacSlowrye, that's laptop with exteranl screen I guess from the look of the nvidia-settings tool16:04
ryeMacSlow, yep, laptop screen part is at the left and external screen is at the right16:05
MacSlowrye, and it's in "classic desktop"-mode too16:06
ryeMacSlow, no, in classic mode panel is located on the top of my primary display16:06
tedgklattimer, Your datetime patch for the colors is conflicting with kenvandine's update to the query.  I'm not sure of the API there, can you take a look?16:06
MacSlowrye, hm... a bug with unity then16:07
klattimertedg can you reverse kenvandines query change it's no longer needed16:07
ryeMacSlow, what's interesting is that panel in this case accepts clicks on the top of the screen (basically if i click the ubuntu logo now i will switch the focus to firefox running)16:07
MacSlowrye, but hard to say if unity doesn't set the struts right... or twin-view is lying to us (unity)16:07
ryeMacSlow, os yes, unity bug with multiple screens in twinview mode16:07
MacSlowrye, yeah... input-window and drawing-window are two seperate things16:08
tedgklattimer, Ah, K16:08
MacSlowrye, I guess if you "blindly" navigate to the top of the screen you'll be able to access the menus... and they open up at the top of the screen?!16:08
ryeMacSlow, in case i can do anything to help testing that, debug or something like this - feel free to ping me (#canonical/#ubuntuone - rye)16:09
ryeMacSlow, yes, they open on top16:09
ryeMacSlow, more thing, in case launcher is displayed it accepts clicks with the same offset16:09
MacSlowrye, don't know if that's filed already or not... but if not please file it16:09
MacSlowrye, you're running last weeks release or trunk?16:10
ryeMacSlow, the latest natty package, is there a ppa i can try?16:10
MacSlowrye, nope... only trunk (from source) or whatever is in natty's repo16:11
MacSlowrye, I'll try to get my second screen fixed/replaced... I'm not sure about other DX-team-members with a similar setup16:12
ryeMacSlow, well, then i am running 3.6.0-0ubuntu216:12
MacSlowrye, I know it works a lot better with intel :-P16:13
ryeMacSlow, hm, let me test this :)16:13
ryeMacSlow, i can even provide VNC to this machine if somebody wants to have a look how that works... if it works with compiz16:13
MacSlowrye, pfff... never tried that.16:14
ryeokay, plugging intel netbook w/ unity16:16
cyphermoxMacSlow, that looks like how unity should show up in some cases with my multimonitor patch  -- e.g. resolution changes didn't always get done properly16:17
cyphermoxrye, I bet if you restart unity it displays fine, after you enabled twinview16:18
MacSlowcyphermox, there are fixes in unity that deal with res-changes now16:18
cyphermoxMacSlow, ah, ok16:18
MacSlowcyphermox, I think I reviewed and updated your patch even so it could move in16:19
* MacSlow hopes he doesn't mix up names and patches now16:19
cyphermoxno, I'm Matt ;)16:19
MacSlowresolution- and screen-changes should be handled correctly now16:20
MacSlowbut in rye's case it doesn't seem to work16:20
cyphermoxalso notice how the panel gets drawn at the offset of the screen where it should be drawn, assuming the bottom of the primary screen was flush with the bottom of the secondary.16:20
MacSlowwhich let's one assume nvidia's driver is lying to us :)16:21
cyphermoxmaybe ;)16:21
ryeMacSlow, well, i plugged in intel box and, it shut down internal screen and enabled external one at a quite low resolution, with unity components completely missing16:22
MacSlowI hope xrandr 1.4 support comes to nvidia's binary driver at some point16:23
MacSlowread something about this on phoronix in jan16:23
MacSlowrye, bummer :/16:23
ryeMacSlow, that deserves another screenshot16:24
MacSlowrye, make sure to attach them to bugs please16:24
cyphermoxMacSlow, smspillaz's idea of using onScreenChangeNotify to set the resolution seemed to work better, except that it would always be lagging behind and set your stuff to the *previous* resolution you had :)16:25
didrocksogra: agateau: I got some overwrite issue in libunity-2d-private16:25
MacSlowcyphermox, yikes16:25
ryeMacSlow, with intel i have unity on a primary screen, but nautilus and _tooltips_ from unity icons appear on a second screen :-/16:26
ogradidrocks, oh ?16:26
didrocksogra: agateau: /usr/lib/qt4/imports/Unity2d/qmldir is libunity-2d-0 s well16:26
ograwhat did you overwrite16:26
MacSlowrye, :(16:26
cyphermoxrye, screenshot?16:26
agateaudidrocks: that's quite old, libunity-2d-0 is supposed to be replaced with the -private one16:26
MacSlowrye, file bugs please16:26
didrocksagateau: seems it didn't on my system :)16:26
didrocksagateau: just dist-upgrade here16:27
ogradidrocks, that was never in ubuntu16:27
nmarquesgood afternoon everyone16:27
* didrocks checks, maybe I got a ppa16:27
ograubuntu had libuqpanel0 and thats being replaced by libunity-2d-private016:28
didrocksogra: yeah, local install, so probably the ppa16:28
didrocksnevermind then :)16:28
ryeMacSlow, and unity on intel loses some if its icons (blank spaces remain and running app pointers too) after a while for some reason, ok, will revert to a single monitor setup and start filing bugs16:28
didrocksrye: this one is already filed16:28
didrocksrye: just ensure looking at duplicates first :)16:29
MacSlowrye, thank!16:29
ryedidrocks, sure, it is just not that comfortable to user a browser with a panel in the middle :)16:29
MacSlowrye, thanks!16:29
didrocksrye: really? who would have guess? :-)16:30
nmarquesdidrocks, when you have some spare (if there's such a thing) let me know, I have all the stuff ready, and I could use some guidance :)16:34
nmarquesdidrocks, and fire up Unity for the first time ;)16:34
didrocksnmarques: just drop the question, I'll answer them little by little :)16:35
nmarquesdidrocks, this is what I've done so far16:35
nmarquesdidrocks, I've used your patch on gnome-session and it has GNOME (gnome3), classic gnome and Unity16:36
nmarquesdidrocks, I have built compiz from your sources and patches (and it's working cool)16:36
nmarquesdidrocks, I have one doubt16:36
nmarquesdidrocks, 65compiz_profile-on-session you place it on a spot I don't have16:37
nmarquesdidrocks, I've given it executable bits and dropped it on /etc/profile.d (not sure if it's the best option)16:37
didrocksyeah, you need it16:37
nmarquesalso tweaked it for a session called Unity and not xgnome16:38
didrockswell, anyway, all you need is the env to be exported before gnome-session run16:38
didrocks(so that compiz is picking the right profile)16:38
nmarquesdidrocks, ok, then I have a problem :)16:39
nmarquesbecause it's only loaded after user logs in16:39
nmarqueslet me fix that :)16:39
m_conleyhey all - I just got alpha 3, and it rocks.  Great job everyone!16:41
andreasnjcastro, ah, yeah! cool to see it in action!16:45
nmarquesdidrocks, done, it's not properly set16:47
nmarquesdidrocks, this makes compiz load unity.ini, right ?16:47
didrocksnmarques: no, that's where it's misleading! :)16:47
didrocksso, basically, there are two "profiles" notion in compiz16:48
nmarquesI've seen them in your package16:48
nmarquesnormal.profile and extra.profile If I'm not mistaken16:48
didrockshum? not that :)16:48
didrocksso, basically you set an env variable to a profile16:49
didrocksthis profile is retrieved in /etc/compizconfig/config16:49
nmarquesdidrocks, it's blank :/16:49
didrocksthen, it's adding general_16:49
didrocksnmarques: that would we easier for you running ubuntu I guess as well :)16:50
didrocksand this one refers a profile = unity16:50
didrockswith the chosen backend16:50
didrocks(gconf in our case)16:50
nmarquessec I'll locate it16:51
nmarquesstrange thing16:52
nmarqueslibcompizconfig is placing a blank config file :/16:53
nmarqueslet me take a look, I'll get back to you soon once I sort this out16:53
nmarquesok, fixed16:55
nmarquesdidrocks, http://susepaste.org/4094168516:55
nmarquesdidrocks, those are the contents of /etc/compizconfig/config16:55
didrocksnmarques: please install ubuntu in a VM, I had to tweak that to get it working, will be easier for you to see what's needed :)16:57
didrockshard to explain, better when looking at it :)16:57
didrocksso yeah16:57
didrocksthat should take unity.ini16:57
bcurtiswxU1 daemon revolving door has commenced again.. woo16:57
=== mdeslaur_ is now known as mdeslaur
nmarquesI will run a VM16:57
nmarquesdidrocks, I have a daily built fro 2 days ago (Natty), but the installer fails for a real install, hopefully will go better on a VMN16:59
didrocksnmarques: anyway, your config looks fine16:59
nmarquesdidrocks, I can use gconf if that makes it easier17:00
nmarquesdidrocks, I've also packaged and installed gconf backend :)17:00
didrocksnmarques: ok, just ensure to set the default plugin list in it as I'm doing :)17:00
nmarquesdidrocks, http://susepaste.org/7899465317:02
nmarquesdidrocks, I know you can't see them all, but they are all there ;)17:02
didrocksnmarques: just ensure that you have an "unity profile" (look at the debian/*gconf* list)17:03
nmarquesI do have a unity profile, though I did had to create it17:05
=== boulabiar_ is now known as boulabiar
didrocksnmarques: I mean, in gconf17:05
nmarquesdidrocks, /apps/compizconfig-1/profiles/unity17:08
nmarquesdidrocks, thats what you mean right ?17:08
nmarqueson gconf17:08
didrocksnmarques: exactly!17:08
nmarquesI don't have  ;)17:08
nmarquesI'm going to populate it now17:08
didrocksyou should if you want to use the gconf backend :)17:08
nmarqueswith the data from the compiz-gnome.gconf-defaults from your package17:09
didrocksyou can't imagine how long it took me to figure out this profile stuff17:09
nmarquesdidrocks, lame question... how do you create those keys? gconftool-2 ?17:15
didrocksnmarques: yeah, on debian, we have a system doing that, I think it's using gconftool-217:15
didrocksoh right, it is17:15
nmarquesdidrocks, done and documented ;) I need the RPM to do this for me17:18
didrocksnice :)17:18
nmarquesnext step will be ?17:19
didrockswell, should be working17:20
nmarquesdidrocks, no valid session found popup :/17:31
nmarquesleaves me with a cursor and a background17:31
didrocksnmarques: so, you made a mistake in the sessions in /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/<file> reference from /usr/share/xsessions/*desktop17:32
nmarquesthe /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/unity.session contents are: http://susepaste.org/8293985617:34
didrocksnmarques: sounds correct, do you reference to it in a session file from /usr/share/xsessions/ ?17:35
nmarquesthats the contents of the file unity.desktop on /usr/share/xsessions17:40
didrocks--session=unity not Unity with your setup17:40
didrocksit's the filename17:40
nmarques--session=unity.desktop ?17:40
didrocksjust --session=unity17:40
didrocksas told above :)17:40
nmarquesbrb :/17:40
=== ion_ is now known as ion
nmarquesdidrocks, not much fun :/18:14
didrocksnmarques: there is something not running it? try looking at ~/.xsession-errors and such18:14
nmarquesdidrocks, http://susepaste.org/8594530918:16
didrocksVirtualBox -> no opengl it seems18:16
didrockslspci: command not found18:17
didrocksso yeah, try on real hardware18:17
didrocksand look at this file :)18:17
nmarquesgnome-session[14926]: WARNING: Cannot use session '/usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/unity.session': no 'GNOME Session' group.18:17
didrocksnmarques: did you check the file and compared to the one we use on ubuntu?18:17
didrocks(the warning isn't in the pastebin)18:18
nmarquesdidrocks, I don't have a ubuntu install at the moment :/18:18
nmarquesdidrocks, it's from an older log18:18
didrocksnmarques: that would make things far easier for you and I18:18
didrockssorry, but I'm really busy :/18:18
didrocksand I can't look at every mistake in config file :/18:18
hytreemguys im disappointed18:23
hytreemi just read the blog posts on the new scrollbars and you used eclipse as an example, but eclipse isn't supported for the global menubar18:23
=== nhaines_ is now known as nhaines
lamalexthese kinds of bugs blow my mind, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/72393618:41
lamalexhow is this happening?18:41
lamalexCimi__, congrats on landing those scrollbars!18:59
=== Cimi__ is now known as Cimi
Cimilamalex: thanks :)19:00
bcurtiswxlamalex, i didn't realize people would hate not having the beep :-\19:00
lamalexbcurtiswx, so that is intentional?19:00
bcurtiswxi doubt it was intentional AFAIK19:01
lamalexoh, I thought you were saying "I did this"19:01
bcurtiswxoh.. lol.. i'm not that smart :P19:01
lamalexso it should be marked wontfix and called a feature :P19:02
bcurtiswxif i had my way, definitely19:02
lamalexCimi, on the page to install it says "you may need to export LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR"19:02
Cimilamalex: LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=true evince19:06
Cimior export LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=true19:06
Cimiand evince19:06
lamalexCimi, right, but it says "may" it should say "will"19:06
lamalexmay means maybe19:06
lamalexit's confusing, you should update the page19:07
jcastroanyone getting invisible boxes in the top left again?19:07
jcastroI can't click in a box-like area on mine19:07
Cimilamalex: where's that?19:07
lamalexyeah, on the ppa page19:08
Cimilamalex: did, anyway you're now a member too19:09
lamalexoh.. really?19:10
lamalexI had no idae19:10
lamalexso Cimi will apps launched from the launcher have the scrollbar?19:11
lamalexor only apps launcher from the terminal19:11
Cimilamalex: now, only from the terminal19:12
Cimilamalex: on natty it will be totally different19:12
lamalexthe video looks really cool19:13
nhainesCimi: Ooh, neat.  Is this available in Alpha 3?19:14
coz_hey all19:16
Ciminhaines: no, PPA, but stay tuned19:18
lamalexdoes anyone know what part of the stack the kinetic scrolling is from? oubiwann is that a MT modification?19:23
oubiwannlamalex: you're talking GTK, right?19:24
oubiwannlamalex: utouch hasn't done any touch/gestures+physics yet19:24
oubiwannbratsche looked into it, but anything that you'19:25
oubiwannre seeing should be in the toolkit19:25
lamalexmaybe it's touchpad driver19:25
oubiwannlamalex: ah, that could be too19:25
oubiwannlamalex: cnd had to take off, otherwise we could ask him19:25
lamalexthe way it's implemented is horrible, but I'm not sure where it is so I don't know where to file a bug19:25
oubiwannlamalex: go ahead and file it in utouch for now... we can sort it out19:26
oubiwann(if you give enough specifics about the context, etc. ;-)19:26
hytreemwill the appmenu be good in 11.04?19:26
lamalexhytreem, everything will be good in 11.0419:26
oubiwannlamalex: assign it to LP id chasedouglas19:27
hytreemwill it support eclipse and libreoffice?19:27
lamalexit just keeps sending the scroll event, so if you do a hard scroll on a tab, then ctrl+w, it sees ctrl+scroll and zooms/out really fast then closes your tab19:27
lamalexor if you alt-tab it scolls what you switch to19:27
lamalexit's driving me nuts19:27
lamalexoubiwann, what package should I apport-collect on?19:32
oubiwannugh... that's a good question19:32
oubiwannwhat package is the synaptics x evdev driver in?19:32
lamalexoubiwann, I can't assign chase19:35
oubiwannlamalex: got a bug number?19:35
lamalexi don't know why but he doesn't show up19:35
oubiwannlamalex: no worries19:36
oubiwanntaking care of it now19:36
lamalexJeeze how many bugs do I need to tag before needs-design gets autocompleted.19:43
nhainesCimi: aww... well, I'm already having fun with Unity anyway.  I may or may not try the PPA but the video definitely excites me.  I'm looking forward to it.  :)19:44
=== _LibertyZero is now known as LibertyZero
mhall119okay, question about the new scrollbar design19:55
mhall119how will that work on touch displays, where you don't really have a cursor hover?19:55
mhall119or will it automatically behave like an iphone/android scroll area?19:56
cyphermoxmhall119, afaik, you still do get *something* to scroll with, but I guess it would be different than say, android and iphone because the movement would be reversed19:56
mhall119I meant, will it rely on scroll events on the view pane, rather than click and drag events on the scrollbar itself19:57
cyphermoxI don't know, I wasn't involved in the implementation or design :)19:58
cyphermoxbut thinking about it now, and thanks for you for bringing it up, if it just reacts as it does now, and afaik it already would work for touch, the movement is reversed (as I wrote above)19:59
lamalexmhall119, on a touch device you wouldn't be using a scroll bar20:06
lamalexyou'd just be dragging the content20:07
mhall119that makes sense20:07
jcastrom_conley: chrisccoulson: seems people are getting mixed up a bit about the messaging indicator, like pointing people to the other guy's earlier PPA, etc.20:12
jcastroperhaps we should clear up something on the add on page or something20:12
jcastrothrowing in a thanks to the guy for the intial work, etc.20:12
chrisccoulsonjcastro, yeah, possibly. i thought that might happen :(20:12
m_conleyjcastro: ah, very good point - I forgot to acknowledge him.20:13
m_conleyjcastro: I'd forgotten all about that, and didn't consider the mixup20:13
jcastrothis is a great example of someone "just hacking it to make it work" inspiring upstream projects to take the idea and run with it20:13
jcastroor something like that20:13
m_conleyjcastro: mmhmm - sounds good20:13
=== _thumper_ is now known as thumper
lamalexWoo just had the first 'fix released' for the NEW queue cleaning20:24
lamalexthat always feels good20:24
m_conleyjcastro: alright, the project page and add-on page have been updated.  thanks for the heads up.20:26
jcastrowoo, thanks!20:27
jcastrohigh fives all around!20:27
=== popey_ is now known as popey
DaekdroomCan anyone else check if they're having problems in latest natty unity regarding minimizing banshee and rhythmbox?20:40
DaekdroomWhenever I minimize them, the workspace doesn't lose focus on the window.20:40
mainerrorworks well for me20:43
jcastromine's fine20:52
mainerroroh hey jcastro, I'm almost setup for the expo hide/unhide bug :)20:54
jcastrooh nice dude20:54
jcastrolmk when you submit the branch so I can get someone to review it20:54
mainerrorcool cool20:54
lamalexvish, is there a tag for a regression?21:01
lamalexWho is around, anyone?21:15
lamalexI need someone with autohide enabled to confirm https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/726907 for me21:16
lamalexthere's a bug with enabling/disabling autohide that prevents me from just enabling autohide and testing myself21:16
lamalexid have to restart unity and whatnot21:16
lamalexjcastro, ^^21:16
jcastrothere's a regression tag21:16
jcastroclick on adding a tag and start typing it, it will autocomplete21:17
jcastrolamalex: looking21:17
jcastrolamalex: yep, I can confirm that21:19
didrockslamalex: this is a dup, the issue is in nux21:19
lamalexdidrocks, can you find the dupe and mark it?21:19
didrocksthere were a bug filed for that IIRC21:19
lamalexor give me a hint of the title21:20
didrockslamalex: quite busy there, I don't know, it's been filed a week ago IIRC21:20
jcastrolamalex: you can tag it "likey-dupe" or something21:20
jcastrothere's a tag they made for "this is a dupe I am sure of it I just can't find it right now"21:20
lamalexdidrocks, is this the bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/72624821:22
didrockslamalex: right!21:22
lamalex:) thanks21:23
didrockswell done ;)21:23
jcastroautohide in general seems worse than last unity release21:23
lamalexLet me say again how much I hate autohide21:23
didrockslamalex: btw, some people just answered on some bug you set as incomplete, think to recheck them! (I closed my email client for the noise to focus :))21:23
didrocksjcastro: oh please, I fix a bunch of bugs spending a whole afternoon on it :/21:24
lamalexfollowing up on incompletes is the hardest part of this whole thing for me21:24
lamalexI still don't have a workflow for it really21:24
didrockslamalex: rely on bugmail for that21:24
didrocksit's the easiest21:24
jcastrolamalex: talk to pitti or bryce or jfo21:24
jcastrothey have awesome bugmail workflows21:25
didrocksI proposed my script to the dx team more than once :)21:25
didrocksit's triaging all emails in right directory from assignee/subscribe by team/project21:25
didrocksjcastro: can you get reproducible false positive testcase for autohide?21:25
lamalexi can has?21:25
lamalexdidrocks, where does it run? on the server?21:25
jcastrodidrocks: no, I've been messing with it for a while, "weird"21:26
didrockslamalex: yeah, on the server: mail.canonical.com for me21:26
jcastrois all I can come up with21:26
didrocksjcastro: hum, I still see a false positive due to drag and drop, nothing else :/21:26
didrocksjcastro: but I think I'll add some keybinding, like "false positive there? hit this!"21:26
jcastrothis one alex just duped for example21:26
jcastroI can reproduce it once21:26
jcastronow I can't anymore21:26
didrocksand that will spew all internals :)21:27
jcastrothen my lancher was "stuck" open21:27
jcastronow it works again21:27
lamalexdidrocks, will it create the  folders for me?21:27
didrocksjcastro: right, this is not due to autohide, this is nux :)21:27
didrockslamalex: yeah21:27
lamalexeffin a21:27
didrockslamalex: I can help you to setup that tomorrow if you want21:27
didrocksand just explains how it works21:27
lamalexyes please21:27
* didrocks wishes launchpad was not so complicated to triaged X-Launchpad-Rationale21:27
didrocksjcastro: yeah, so I'll add a debug tab with a keybinding for this21:28
didrocksjcastro: when you have a false positive, you will just have to hit this21:28
didrocksjcastro: the thing is that design is changing the spec every week, so I refactor all 5 times :/21:28
didrocksto avoid having 50 variables21:28
didrocksright now, we have 15, which is already too much21:28
jcastroright, so like, I am not sure what it's supposed to do21:28
jcastrolike it started kind of 50% transparenting for me when I hovered over the bfb21:29
didrocksjcastro: yeah, that's part of it :)21:29
jcastroand then DBO told me that was on purpose21:29
didrocksjcastro: 25% exactly21:29
didrocksit's going from 25 -> 75%21:29
lamalexsometimes I just want to delete bugs, because they're so poorly reported that I don't know what to do21:29
didrocksthen, when you hit 0x0 (to 1x1), it translates that as "time event"21:29
lamalexhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/724477 what?21:29
didrocksand go very fast from 75 -> 100%21:29
didrocksjcastro: also, there are lot of different cases, like, you click on an launcher icon,21:30
didrocksthen if you don't move the mouse21:30
didrocksit hides21:30
didrocksif you move the mouse21:30
didrocksit's locked again21:30
didrocksyou hit super, you move the mouse over it, it locks21:31
jcastroalso, I get confused with the super keyboard shortcuts21:31
jcastroand launcher/dash21:31
didrocksand the latest one (not yet implemented), you hit super, you don't move the mouse, it should hide when you release super21:31
didrocksjcastro: super is:21:31
jcastrolike, sometimes I want the launcher, but sometimes I want the dash21:31
didrockstab super -> show the dash21:31
didrockspress super (more than 250ms) -> show the launcher21:31
jcastroyeah I am not used to that21:32
jcastroI'm sure we'll nail the timing down21:32
didrocksjcastro: seems you don't like everything I did: fade over bfb, super handling and autohide :p21:32
* didrocks will go and cry in the corner :)21:32
jcastroI like autohide21:32
didrocksnot all autohide behavior ;)21:32
jcastroI was just getting used to "mouse to bfb, then launcher comes out automagically"21:32
didrocksnot my call :)21:33
didrocksjust implemented it21:33
didrocksbut I got used to it21:33
didrocksjcastro: also, you should try "slide only"21:34
jcastroI can get used to it21:34
mainerrorme too I just throw my cursor to the upper left corner and the launcher appears :D21:34
jcastroyeah I turned it to slide only21:34
didrocksmaybe you will it better :)21:34
didrocksso, slide is:21:34
didrocks0% -> 45%21:34
didrockshit the corner -> transform in timing mode (45% -> 100%)21:34
lamalexchrist you know what would be amazing? Something that when a bug status changed, like from incomplete -> confirmed, it marked the bugmail in your incomplete folder as read21:35
didrockslamalex: the thing is that you don't have "history" in the bugmail, but yeah, that would be sweet :)21:36
lamalexdidrocks, what do you mean yo don't have history?21:37
lamalexthe bug number is in the email, right? So there is a way to link them21:37
didrockslamalex: yeah, but that would be quite heavy, a real X-Launchpad* header will be better :)21:38
didrockslamalex: btw, at least, we have automagic revert on design bugs :)21:38
didrocksincomplete -> triaged21:38
lamalexdidrocks, is the bug number not in any lp header?21:40
lamalexit's in the subject..21:40
didrockslamalex: it is, when then, you need to get a script connecting to Launchpad library…21:41
didrockslamalex: what would be sweet is a:21:41
lamalexwhat? why would it need a script connecting to lp21:41
didrocksand X-Launchad-NewStatus21:41
didrocksto put some bugs in another folder21:41
didrockslike "bug status changed"21:42
lamalexIt wouldn't need to connect to lp, it could just have an sqlite db with it21:42
didrockslamalex: I was reacting on your "lamalex | christ you know what would be amazing? Something that when a bug status changed, like from incomplete -> confirmed, it marked the bugmail in your incomplete folder as read"21:42
lamalexI know21:42
didrockshum… depends, for instance, I deactivate my own bugmail21:42
didrockslike, I don't receive my emails21:42
didrocks(for launchpad)21:42
didrocksso it can go out of sync21:42
lamalexwell then this script wouldn't work21:42
lamalexbut you would just turn that off21:43
didrocksnot really fan to sync the status locally, but yeah… why not21:43
lamalexugh an update just changed my caplocks binding to ctrl21:44
didrockslamalex: switch to azerty! we don't have those issues :)21:45
* didrocks tries to convince21:45
lamalexwell didrocks that means buying a new keyboard21:45
lamalexor prying the keys off of this and rearranging them21:45
didrockslamalex: heh :)21:45
didrocksthat doesn't really work21:45
didrockslike 1 is &21:45
didrocksand 1 is Shift + &21:46
didrocksand a lot of other "fun stuff" like that :)21:46
lamalexwell then there you go21:46
lamalex1 more reason I'm not going to do that :P21:46
didrockslamalex: shouldn't I avoid mentionning that? ;)21:46
lamalexno because I would be pissed at you after I went through all of that effort and then found that out :P21:47
lamalexfiguring out what release a bug was fixed in is kind of a pain in the ass if the  commit that fixed it was not explicitly marked21:48
didrocksheh :-)21:48
didrockstotally +121:49
lamalexand when you use trunk sometimes you say, uh wait is this fixed released?21:49
didrocksheh :)21:49
didrocksyeah, being aware of what's in trunk is important for that kind of task21:50
didrockshence the fact, I pester people to put them as "fix committed"21:50
didrocksand milestone to next target21:50
didrockswith the script doing all the changelog for us, it's nice (closing, retargeting to next target if not closed) :)21:50
didrockswin almost 2 hours a week of donkey work21:50
lamalexah ok21:53
lamalexill do that then21:53
didrocksok, time to go to bed21:53
didrockssee you guys21:53
nhainesHuh, since Alpha 3, I get two network manager indicators in my panel.21:55
lamalexhmm.. does API get email sent to the dx list?21:58
Daekdroomnhaines, that happens every once in awhile since Alpha 2, iirc22:01
coz_hey guys22:03
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
nhainesDaekdroom: restarting unity-panel-service clears it right up.22:06
nhainescoz_: hiya  :)22:06
coz_nhaines,  hey guy :)22:06
mainerrorI have a quick question regarding this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/71888922:19
mainerrorexpo is the workspace switcher right?22:19
a3Dmanhow to make overlay scrollbars default?22:22
zekopekolol, I just came to ask the same question22:23
a3Dmanzekopeko, ;)22:24
RAOFJust export the variable system-wide.22:25
RAOFSee, for example, /etc/X11/Xsession.d/80appmenu22:25
zekopekoRAOF, mark pointed me to /etc/X11/Xsession.d/80appmenu  as an example22:26
zekopekobut where do I put the variable?22:26
RAOFWhat do you mean?  You'd create a file, let's call it /etc/X11/Xsession.d/80overlay-scrollbar, and in it put the line “export LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=foo”22:27
zekopekojust what I was thinking but wasn't sure22:28
zekopekothanks! be back in a minute22:29
RAOF(When we do this in the packaging we'll guard that export with a test to make sure the overlay-scrollbar is available, but that's the idea)22:30
kenvandinewhew... DX uploads are done :)22:32
tedgkenvandine, Woot!22:34
kenvandinetedg, see your IM though :)22:34
kenvandinefound a bug, but gotta jet now22:35
lamalexwhat the heck is a digitizer?22:53
lamalexis that some kind of a11y device?22:53
nhaineslamalex: it's a touch-sensitive display.  *maybe* a digitizer tablet like a Wacom tablet.22:55
coz_wacom tablet22:55
lamalexah ha22:55
coz_although last I tried wacom on natty it was very jittery :(22:56
nhainesSome of the fancy tablets have Wacon digitizers in the display.  :)23:02
nhainesIn fact, since Wacom tablets usually let you move the stylus over the surface of the tablet to move the cursor, maybe it is a touch screen mentioned in that bug.23:05
RAOFYeah, they're talking about a touch-screen there.23:06
RAOFOr the stylus-equivalent.23:06
coz___yhvh__,   <a3Dman> how to make overlay scrollbars default?23:25
coz_<zekopeko> lol, I just came to ask the same question23:25
coz_<a3Dman> zekopeko, ;)23:25
coz_<RAOF> Just export the variable system-wide.23:25
coz_<RAOF> See, for example, /etc/X11/Xsession.d/80appmenu23:25
coz_<zekopeko> RAOF, mark pointed me to /etc/X11/Xsession.d/80appmenu  as an example23:25
coz_<zekopeko> lol23:25
coz_<zekopeko> but where do I put the variable?23:25
coz_* rodrigo_ has quit (Quit: Leaving)23:25
coz_<RAOF> What do you mean?  You'd create a file, let's call it /etc/X11/Xsession.d/80overlay-scrollbar, and in it put the line “export LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=foo”23:25
RAOFUTF-8 fail :)23:26
coz___yhvh__,  thats what you wanted to know ...yes?23:27
__yhvh__coz_: yeah cheers, was just reading the wiki before asking :P23:27
coz_ah ok23:27
__yhvh__coz_: thanks23:27
coz___yhvh__,  you should really thank RAOF23:27
Omegacoz_: Do the prefixed numbers mean anything?23:36
coz_Omega,  i would speak to DBO23:36
OmegaDBO: ping23:36
RAOFThe numbers prefixed on the things in /etc/x11/Xsession.d?  They're used for lexographical ordering.23:37

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