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lifelessis this a regression:00:47
lifeless:!bzr pull :push00:47
lifelessbzr: ERROR: Unsupported protocol for url "lp:~lifeless/launchpad/bug-722956"00:47
spivlifeless: I'm not sure, but it's certainly not ideal.00:58
spivlifeless: not a regression based on quick experimentation00:59
lifelessspiv: k. do you want a bug files?00:59
pooliethere may be one, but if there isn't please do01:00
lifelesspoolie: I no longer know the bzr bugs like the back of my hand :)01:16
lifelesspoolie: I've filed bug 728162, I wasn't sure how imprtant to make it, and have left it untriaged as a result01:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 728162 in Bazaar "bzr pull :push with a push url of lp:~me/project/$appendpath crashes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72816201:18
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stewarthi! I'm having issues using fast-export to do a fast-import into git. I'm getting an error from the git fast-import about a path not being in branch.05:47
stewarthttp://paste.drizzle.org/show/418/ and http://paste.drizzle.org/show/419/ are relevant05:47
stewart(i'm only trying the import to run gitdm on it... instead of extending bzr stats, at least initially)05:48
stewartpoolie, hi!05:49
pooliesorry that doesn't ring any bells05:54
pooliei would probably dig into the fastexport stream to work out whether the name was in fact written already05:55
stewartpoolie, hrm. darn.05:55
stewartpoolie, i'll try doing a bzr fast-import :)05:55
spivHmm, is it just me, or is per_branch.test_bound_sftp always skipping every test?06:39
jamspiv: yes, I saw that a while ago, and I think I opened a bug06:47
stewartpoolie, the first mention of that path is a "M 644 inline storage/innobase/handler/handler0alter.cc" line... which IIRC means the same as create new file, right?06:52
pooliei think so07:12
pooliehi spiv, jam07:12
stewarttrying new git version, seeing if it's fixed there :)07:13
maxbspiv: I'm sorry to report that the bzr-loom testsuite run in the daily PPA is still having five tests failing with NoSuchRevision exceptions after your branch has landed07:43
maxbalthough...perhaps thats because the version of bzr itself wasn't new enough07:44
* maxb hits some rebuild buttons07:44
spivmaxb: yeah, that's probably what's up07:46
maxbHurrah! The daily PPA is now *all green*09:20
catphishdoes bazaar support a 'receive' hook?10:25
maxbcatphish: What is a 'receive' hook?10:39
catphishwhen a client pushes to a server, a 'receive' hook would be executed on the server side10:41
catphishsimilar to pull i suppose, but initiated by an external host10:41
maxbThat's a git-ish way to describe it :-)10:50
catphishi'm a git user :)10:50
maxbThere's a post_change_branch_tip hook10:50
catphishthat is what i need :)10:50
maxbWhat do you want to do with the hook?10:50
catphishwhen someone pushes to my branch i want to know what commits were pushed10:51
catphishthat seems ideal, thanks10:52
catphishis there any documentation about what params it passes?10:52
maxbyes.... at that link10:52
maxbpost_change_branch_tip is called with a bzrlib.branch.ChangeBranchTipParams10:52
catphishoh yeah10:53
catphishsorry i'm not actually a python developer but hopefully i can push that out to a shell script easily enough10:53
catphishit has all the parameters i need in that object10:54
looljames_w: Hey; how do bzr fixes propagate to UDD?  I see bzr was fixed in tip to fix the flash-kernel bug; do we then need a bzr package upload in natty and some action on package-import.ubuntu.com before this gets picked up?  do I need to ask for flash-kernel to be tried again?11:10
spivlool: the bzr on package-import.ubuntu.com needs to be updated11:16
loolspiv: is this a manually installed one, or a .deb from Ubuntu?11:16
spivIt's a deb, packaged by the admins I think11:17
spivProbably an RT asking for it to be updated to tip of lp:bzr/2.3 would be the next step, although perhaps having a tarball release would help, I'm not sure.11:18
spivI think it's based on a deb for hardy in one of our PPAs.11:19
jamjelmer: just a poke that your converter script should be ready to land12:42
jamspiv: isn't it ~midnight in sydney?12:43
jambut hi, nonetheless12:43
jelmerhi John12:43
jelmerjam: Which converter script?12:43
jamAh, I see it says sent-to-pqm12:44
jelmerjam: It's already merged :)12:44
jamdid you have some problems recently with that? I thought I saw a patch from you that got about 4 submissions12:44
jamjelmer: guess it is just lag on LP's part, then.12:44
jamor, lag on *my* part refreshing the page :)12:44
jelmerheh :)12:44
jamwould be nice to have Queued to take things out of Approve Ready to Land12:45
jelmerjam: Are you seeing this in hydrazine?12:45
jelmerthere's a bug in launchpadlib that makes it connect to staging rather than production12:45
jamjelmer: no, on +activereviews12:45
jelmerand staging's data is behind on production12:45
jelmerjam: I had some problems with my mail server a week or so ago, so some of my PQM submissions were being blackholed12:46
jamI haven't had any particular problems with feed-pqm and this12:46
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catphishi seem to be having an odd problem with locks14:59
catphishwhen i push i get "Could not acquire lock"14:59
catphishit seems to be able to get a log but can never release it15:00
catphish"bzr break-lock" returns bzr: ERROR: No such file: '/data/repos2/19/04af0f-525c-c55a-ec7e-0b7b801b8819/master/.bzr/branch/lock/held'15:00
catphishwhich is simply not true15:00
catphishah - it only happens on bzr+https15:05
catphishnot plain http15:05
catphishhow odd15:05
catphishprobably another client bug in 2.1.115:06
sidneiis there a command in bzr that updates either a bound or unbound branch without bothering about which kind it is?15:38
maxbum, define update?15:46
maxbupdate on an unbound branch means make the working tree version match the branch version15:46
maxbupdate on a bound branch involves making the working tree version match the (master) branch version, possibly synchronizing the local mirror of the branch data15:47
maxbWhat about 'bzr pull' ? Does that do what you need?15:48
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maxbjam: Hi. Question about loggerhead - what are your plans for the evicted "experimental" branch? Are you going to bring all that lot in in a big merge at some point, or would it be useful to selectively propose merging of some of the feature branches that landed on experimental whilst it was trunk, to the new trunk?16:20
jammaxb: if you have bits you can selectively propose, that would be great.16:21
jamI don't really know how to split it apart at this point16:21
maxbIn that case, I think I will fire up qlog, and try to extract some merged feature branches for re-merging16:22
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pooliehello all21:45
jelmerg'morning poolie21:59
pooliehi there jelmer, how are you?22:00
jelmerDoing all right, had a productive day :)22:00
jelmersorry I wasn't more awake during the meeting yesterday22:01
jelmerHow's your morning?22:02
pooliepretty good22:10
pooliestephane is learning to scuba dive during her holiday, so i dropped her off at a little cove on sydney harbour this morning22:10
pooliethat's a nice way to start the day22:10
pooliei'd like to actually write some code today after just doing mail and admin and sysadmin stuff yesterday22:11

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