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awesomexpressanyone in here?00:12
Mase_wkwell yes00:22
Mase_wkthere are people here, your irc client should give you an indication of that00:22
Mase_wkif not i suggest trying quassel or konversation =)00:23
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dundeeHi all. Am I the only one suffering from momentary freezes in kde 4.6? Any ideas on how to solve?00:57
atalaydundee.. i think it is because of Nepomuk service00:58
dundeeatalay:  I turned that off and the problem still persists.00:59
atalaywell.. then maybe because of Akonadi then.. because i had some problem like yours with previous versions of KDE just because of Akonadi.. But i dont know how to solve your problem. sorry.01:00
dundeeatalay: ok. thanks01:01
dundeeHi all. Am I the only one suffering from momentary freezes in kde 4.6? Any ideas on how to solve?01:01
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dundeeHi all. Am I the only one suffering from momentary freezes in kde 4.6? Any ideas on how to solve?01:11
dundeeAnyone with any ideas why kde 4.6 freezes momentarily on Dell studio?01:20
dthackerdundee: what does top say01:34
JuJuBeeI need help with getting Banshee playing mp3 files.  I just finished a re-install of my os etc and when I try to play an mp3 file, it doesn't work...01:38
dundeedthacker: when I check the processors are at low percentages and the memory. I am wondering if its a problem with the intel graphics driver01:40
dthackerdundee: that's frustrating, I'm sure.   I'd look on launchpad for bugs that have to do with your video setup.01:42
dthackerJuJuBee: what error do you receive when you try to play an mp3?01:42
dundeedthacker:  Yes it is very frustrating. I tried everything I can think of.01:43
JuJuBeedthacker: the song gets a red x on it rather than play it.  Amarok plays it fine though01:45
dthackerJuJuBee: If amarok plays mp3's, you probably have the proper codecs loaded.    I'm not familiar with Banshee,  is it possible that the Banshee sound backend  is not configured properly?01:47
dthackerJuJuBee: here's a url that may help. YMMV http://forum.foresightlinux.org/index.php?topic=445.001:48
dthackerJuJuBee: this forum thread may also be helpful. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131954801:51
SentynelJuJuBee/dthacker: as a gnome app nanshee will probably use different mp3 codec packages; my guess would be gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly01:58
shady_i downloaded a driver for my laptop with a RUN extension01:59
shady_how i run that?01:59
JuJuBeeThanks, I will look at them when I get  a few minutes...02:00
shady_can any1 help?02:09
shady_how to use file wirh RUN extension?02:10
Sentynelshady_: try setting it as executable and running it02:11
shady_u mean deb?02:13
shady_i did but it says corrupted02:13
Sentynelshady_: ...no, I mean set it as executable and run it02:14
Sentynelchmod +x file.run && ./file.run02:14
Mase_wkmorn all02:16
shady_i put that line in konsole?02:19
Sentynelopen konsole, navigate to the directory with that file in, then run that02:19
Sentynelchanging "file" for the actual filename obviously02:19
shady_sry but how i navigate02:26
shady_it's in a partition called silent room?02:26
Sentynelcd /path/to/direcotry02:27
Sentynelyou can also open the directory in the file manager and do tools > open terminal02:27
Sentynelwhich will open konsole in that folder02:27
Sentynelmight be easier02:27
jcollierdavisi'm trying to install kubuntu alongside vista, but the installer doesn't give me the option to resize the vista partition and gparted doesn't seem to want to resize it either.  How to I get kubuntu to install for dual boot?02:31
shady_didn't work02:32
shady_says no such file02:33
shady_guys any help here will be appreciated02:41
Thinkerer68shady_: Are you in the Konsole window?02:41
shady_sry am nab02:42
Thinkerer68Are you in the same directory as the file in question?02:42
shady_i shortened the name of the file too02:43
Thinkerer68When you enter the "ls" command you should be able to see the file. Can you?02:43
Thinkerer68What is the name of the file?02:44
Thinkerer68Enter the command below02:44
Thinkerer68chmod +x nvidia02:44
Thinkerer68What response did you get from that command ^ ?02:45
shady_is there a space or something02:45
shady_no us02:46
shady_no use brother02:46
shady_t says no such file or directory02:46
Thinkerer68WTF does that mean?02:46
Thinkerer68Try this then02:46
Thinkerer68ls nvidia02:47
shady_mb cause i changed it's name02:47
Thinkerer68What is the name of the file?02:47
shady_it was this02:48
shady_i shortened it02:48
Thinkerer68That is very different02:48
shady_to nvidia02:48
arrrghhhhey all.  can anyone help me migrate public keys from putty to linux?02:48
Thinkerer68shady_: chmod +x NVIDIA-Linux-x86-260.19.12.run02:49
Thinkerer68shady_: Yes those are spaces between each part.02:49
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: i'd resize the partition using a windows tool (i prefer EASEUS partition manager - free for home use)02:49
Thinkerer68shady_: What response did you get?02:50
jcollierdavisarrrghh thanks I'm heading that direction.  gparted has the little yellow triangle which looks like an error but i can't see the description because it's off the bottom of the screen02:50
shady_cannot acsses02:51
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: i've just had issues resizing ntfs partitions, and easeus' product worked great for me.02:51
Thinkerer68shady_: I have to go now. Hope someone else can help  :(02:51
shady_am sry man02:51
shady_i consumed ur time02:52
jcollierdavisarrrghhh looks like i'm not going to try it that way. i'm setting it up for a friend who's not so computer savy02:52
shady_ty 4 help anyway02:52
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: not going to try it what way...?  the product i recommened works great.02:52
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: there's always WUBI if you really are concerned.02:52
jcollierdavisnot going to use gparted.02:52
arrrghhhoh, yea that's fine.02:52
jcollierdaviswill wubi do the dual boot correctly?02:53
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: check out the easeus product.  it's worked flawlessly for me on several machine.02:53
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: WUBI isn't a true dual-boot... it carves out a section of the ntfs disk to use as its own.02:53
arrrghhhnot as good as a native install.02:53
jcollierdavisarrghhh i've never tried wubi but since this person's really good at messing up her computer i want it to be where she can't get to the windows super-easy02:54
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: lol.  i wouldn't use WUBI, just makes it easier if you don't want to reparition the drive.02:55
jcollierdavisarrghhh thx.  don't know anything off the top of your head about making the dell boot disc from that stupid recovery partition?02:55
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: i wouldn't touch that partition, if you can help it.02:56
jcollierdavisarrghhh yeah, especially on someone else's machine but there's supposedly a way to make a recovery disc with it02:56
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: yes, usually you can recover completely from those partitions.  i would leave it intact.02:57
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: i would use that EASEUS product, shave off some space from the 'normal' win drive02:58
jcollierdavisarrrghhh Ok, here's my plan 1. make a 10gb partition in the normal drive. Boot the Kubuntu CD and install the / dir there and assign /home to the rest of the drive02:58
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: 10gb is pretty small.  you can do it, but there's going to be issues updating.  i would carve out 20gb if you could.02:59
jcollierdavisarrrghh ok 20's fine03:00
jcollierdavisputting home on the regular partition would be ok you think?03:00
arrrghhhand would help if you ever need to blast anything out03:01
arrrghhhhaving a separate /home.03:01
jcollierdavisthat's have i have my personal machine minus the windows part03:01
arrrghhhit does make things easy if you need to start over.03:01
jcollierdavisarrrghh sweet. Ok, 1 make a 20g partition inside windows. 2. install kubuntu / there and /home on the other partition.03:02
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: /home goes where?03:03
arrrghhhi was thinking 20gb for all of linux.03:03
jcollierdavison the windows part. so she can get to all her files. Won't it put it there and not format it?03:03
arrrghhhi've done 10gb for ubuntu entirely, and it works ok - but updates are a nightmare.03:03
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: oic.  i'd just bind mount stuff in linux so it is seamless03:04
jcollierdavisarrrghh ok, i'll do that03:04
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: fyi, you can tab complete names :P03:05
arrrghhhso hit ar then tab ;)03:05
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: that's awesome03:05
arrrghhhisn't it tho?  :D03:05
arrrghhhi <3 tab complete.03:05
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: it makes me so annoyed when i can't do it on my windows machine at work03:06
arrrghhhlol you can fix that too03:06
arrrghhhbut that's kinda another topic03:06
arrrghhhthere is a way to enable tab complete in cmd on windows...03:06
arrrghhhdrove me nuts at work too ;)03:06
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: if i format the kubuntu partition ext3 then windows won't even see it right?03:09
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: why not use ext4?  but yes, windows won't see it at all.03:10
arrrghhhi usually do bind mounts in fstab, so anything on the windows side is seamless on the (k)buntu side03:10
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: honestly, i don't know enough to know what the difference is03:11
arrrghhhi'd just go with ext4.  it's very stable.03:11
arrrghhhi can help you create bind mounts too, they are awesome.  makes the transition from windows to ubuntu much easier.03:13
arrrghhhalthough that means the user data is still stored on windows, which you may not prefer.  depends on the end-user.03:13
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=50242003:14
jcollierdavislooks pretty straightforward03:14
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: all the user data in the same place is a good idea in this case i think03:14
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: oh yea permant bind mounts are no biggie whatsoever.03:15
arrrghhhjust put 'em in fstab and forget about 'em :D03:15
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: it's in /etc/fstab ?03:15
arrrghhhthat's where all mountpoints go.03:16
arrrghhh(on boot)03:16
jcollierdaviseaseus is installing now03:18
jcollierdavisok that was fast03:18
arrrghhhso you'll just carve out the partition, then it'll reboot back to windows to do the dirty work - because the drive can't be mounted when it's doing its work.03:19
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: i made some empty space, about 20g, on the end of the drive03:20
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: should i just leave it empty and format with the kubuntu installer?03:21
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: yes.03:21
arrrghhhso long as it's raw space, kubuntu won't have an issue with it03:21
arrrghhhit's an issue when there's no free space ;)03:21
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: it's rebooting, i guess to do the partition edit03:23
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: yup.03:23
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: this is actually pretty simple isn't it?03:24
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: eh, i try to make things simple.03:24
arrrghhhno need to make things complicated.03:24
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: i'm going to put these steps on my blog03:24
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: that partitioning went really fast03:25
arrrghhhyea, that software is amazing.  so surprised it's free.03:25
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: how long is the MS progress bar supposed to take?03:29
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: eh?03:30
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: the green progress bar that scrolls by while windows is booting it's just been going for a while03:30
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: did it repartition already?03:30
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: that part seemed pretty fast and it rebooted after. Now i'm looking at that green bar03:31
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: hrm.  i'm not sure tbh, that's a windows thing.03:31
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: i just put the kubuntu disc in and turned it off03:38
arrrghhhyou were in windows?03:39
arrrghhhyou should've put the disc in when the computer was off, and boot from the disc.03:39
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: the windows never loaded after the repartition03:39
arrrghhhthat's not good.03:39
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: so i just turned it off an dput the disc in03:39
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: i got the install side by side dialog now03:39
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jcollierdavisarrrghhh: looks like what i expected to see.  i picked the empty space and manually specify partitions.03:41
arrrghhhsounds good03:41
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: i'll use ext4 and mount point /03:41
arrrghhhstupid question, where did you take the free space from?03:41
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: good ?03:41
arrrghhhyea that's fine.03:42
arrrghhhthen /home as ext4 as well.03:42
arrrghhhi'm trying to think if 10gb each is enough.03:42
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: the end of the windows partition03:42
arrrghhhmight want to make / 15gb and /home 5gb.03:42
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: if i put /home on the windows part then /home doesn't really matter right?  5gb is plenty i think too03:42
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: hrm, that is correct.  not sure why windows doesn't boot anymore... install ubuntu and it should pickup the win instsall.03:42
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: i wouldn't put /home on the windows part.03:43
arrrghhhi would just link the necessary stuff using bind mounts to the windows stuff03:43
arrrghhhthen it's transparent to the end-user, they see all the familiar stuff from windows.03:43
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: right but i can do that bind mount so the what's on the windows partition will 'appear' to be on the /home03:43
arrrghhhi would do it in pieces personally03:44
arrrghhhlink music in windows to music folder in ubuntu03:44
arrrghhhdocs to docs03:44
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: ok, here's my new partition: / is 17000mb ext4 and /home is 4998 ext4 on the very end where my previous unused space was03:45
arrrghhhsounds good03:46
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: what about swap?03:46
arrrghhhhow much RAM does the machine have?03:47
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: idk. i looked at it when i was using my usb but don't recall03:47
arrrghhhwell it's kinda important.  if there's a ton of RAM, swap can be fairly small.03:48
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: i could probably pull 750mb out if i needed to03:48
arrrghhhif RAM is limited, rule of thumb is 2x RAM for swap.03:49
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: i'll go with 2 for safety then03:49
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: should i just delete my new partitions and start over, i didn't write them yet03:50
arrrghhhkinda a fuzzy thing03:50
arrrghhhyes, i would.03:50
arrrghhhif you have 4gb of RAM, swap probably isn't needed and 1gb is fine.03:50
arrrghhhbut if you have 512mb of ram, 1gb swap is necessary...03:50
arrrghhhit's confusing, and there's no "definitive" answer here.03:50
Mase_wkarrrghhh: also depends if you have swap overcommit enabled or not03:52
Mase_wkby default it is03:52
Mase_wkbut if you turn it off then you most definately need 2x the RAM to cover it03:53
arrrghhhto further confuse the issue.03:53
arrrghhhyea, 2x is usually what i recommend unless there's 4gb+ RAM.03:53
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: ok, here's what i have now: 16500 for /, 4300 for /home and 1498 for swap03:53
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: should be OK.03:53
Mase_wki usually have a smaller / than my /home03:54
Mase_wkas only programs go in /03:54
arrrghhhMase_wk: what's the smallest / you recommend?03:54
Mase_wkand all my data  will go in /home03:54
arrrghhhi didn't think less than 10gb was good for /03:54
Mase_wkwell i use 20Gb03:54
arrrghhhplus, /home doesn't seem like it's going to be used on this machine.03:54
Mase_wkbut my nameserver has 2G :)03:54
jcollierdavisarrrghhh: true03:54
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: you should be fine.03:54
Mase_wkit depends on your usage03:54
arrrghhhMase_wk: indeed.03:54
jcollierdavisthink i should just go with this?03:55
Mase_wkyou can change at a later date03:55
Mase_wkresizing ext4 is trvial from a livecd03:55
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: from what you've described, what you have setup should be fine.03:55
arrrghhhMase_wk: but there's no raw space once he's (or she's) done.03:56
jcollierdavisok, i't writing now03:56
jcollierdavisit's writing now03:56
DaskreechMase_wk: I've never used more than 7GB for /03:56
Mase_wkarrrghhh: doesn't matter so long  as both partitions aren't full. it's not like NTFS03:56
DaskreechSo 10-15 should be pretty good03:56
arrrghhh7gb?  how do you do updates Daskreech?03:56
Mase_wkyou only need space on one03:56
arrrghhhMase_wk: lol but that's the problem :P03:57
Daskreecharrrghhh: Pretty aggressively :)03:57
arrrghhhDaskreech: yea... don't want to recommend that here...03:57
Mase_wkarrrghhh: well then if she / he fills up both paritions i think it's pretty obvious at that stage you need a new disk :)03:57
jcollierdavisi think my personal machine only has 10 for /03:57
Daskreecharrrghhh: I'd put more obviously but just saying that it doesn't take like 50 GB03:57
jcollierdavisit's probably only 3/4th full03:58
Daskreech(Yes Windows 7 and MacOSX I'm talking about you)03:58
jcollierdavisplus ubuntu doesn't take hours to install03:58
Daskreechunless of course you are running a server with /var on / then you are going to want huuuuuuuuuuge /03:58
Daskreechjcollierdavis: Days for Windows03:59
jcollierdaviswindows 7 isn't so bad03:59
arrrghhhDaskreech: i just want to make sure they have some breathing room03:59
arrrghhhtiny / makes for painful updates with /tmp...03:59
Daskreecharrrghhh: What's the machine being used for?03:59
Daskreech i heard that home wasn't going to be used?03:59
arrrghhhDaskreech: doesn't seem like it will be.03:59
jcollierdavisa friend who's terrible with computers has lots of problems with virus, spyware etc on her windows03:59
jcollierdavisso i'll just make her use the kubuntu but keep files where they are04:00
Daskreechjcollierdavis: it installs faster than other Windows but still needs days to make it usable04:00
jcollierdavisit took 2 days so far just to get it to run04:00
jcollierdavisso many people don't realize that they don't really use computers for much anymore04:00
DaskreechI can install Kubuntu and be productive >before< it's finished installing04:01
jcollierdavisshe barely does anything with this machine but internet and downloading pictures from her camera04:02
Daskreechyeah you can get by with anything for that. It's cheaper and safer (and more fun!) with linux04:03
jcollierdavison another topic, what are KDE card decks for?  There's some on kde-look04:03
claydohum, card games :)04:04
Daskreechjcollierdavis: I'm going to go with claydoh's suggestion but do you have a link to one?04:04
jcollierdavisthat's what i thought. i'm don't use kubuntu much04:04
claydohyou can install those from within KPatience now, don't even need to go to kde look anymore04:05
jcollierdavisall done, rebooting now04:08
arrrghhhhope it all works!04:09
jcollierdavisthe only thing i'm worried about is the stupid broadcom wireless drivers04:09
Mase_wkjcollierdavis: broadcom just recently made their drivers Free so hopefully that isn't an issue for much longer04:10
arrrghhhthose do suck.04:10
arrrghhhMase_wk: my neighbor has a new dell laptop, doesn't work _at all_ in linux.04:10
arrrghhhi compiled drivers by hand, nothing worked.04:10
arrrghhhi could get it to scan for networks, but it would never connect.  really pissed me off, had to put him back on win7.04:11
Mase_wkarrrghhh: at the moment... but given that they are now free they can be included in the kernel04:11
arrrghhhcan be04:11
Mase_wkyeh which means,  at some stage we will have them in a later release of kubuntu04:11
arrrghhhi told him hopefully with 11.0404:11
jcollierdavisit worked ok from the live USB i had earlier04:11
Mase_wkit was only a few months ago04:11
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: that's a very good sign.04:12
Mase_wkso i wouldn't hold my breath04:12
jcollierdavisbut now i don't see any wireless networks on the list04:12
Mase_wkthese things take time04:12
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: did you do the hardware drivers mess?04:12
Mase_wkit's only an issue for people who don't take care when purchasing hardware04:12
jcollierdavisnot yet i'm going to have to plug it into the LAN it seems04:13
arrrghhhMase_wk: zing?  it was a gift...04:13
jreuschwtf.... my new ubuntu joined this channel on purpose. cu you guys, please gimme a g-line ban.04:13
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: sorry... that does happen.04:13
Mase_wkyeh that sucks when   people buy you crap you can't use04:15
Mase_wkpeople know me well enough to let me buy my own hardware now :)04:15
arrrghhhMase_wk: indeed.  plus, he's completely clueless when it comes to hardware.  or software.  or anything with a power button.04:15
Mase_wkwouldnt' be an issue if the manufacturers realised at an early stage that having free drivers is an advantage04:16
Mase_wkbroadcom refused for a long time to even consider it04:16
Mase_wknow they have done a complete 18004:17
arrrghhhlots of companies say that it gives them a competitive advantage to have closed drivers.04:18
arrrghhhi've been trying to get android/linux ported to my winmo phone for years now, and we're running into all sorts of issues because there's no docs.04:18
Mase_wkarrrghhh: yeh broadcom said that,so did intel , amd etc... sooner or later they realise the benefits04:19
Mase_wkit just takes time04:19
arrrghhhintel has had a fairly good record of OSS... at least compared to broadcom and the like :P04:20
Mase_wkyeh, but previously they didn't04:20
Mase_wkback in the late 90's04:20
Mase_wkbut they caught on quick and now the majority of the servers out there run intel kit04:20
Mase_wkall our systems are intel04:21
Mase_wkmy desktops, laptops etc..04:21
Mase_wkjust purely because i don't have to think about linux support04:21
Mase_wki know it is there or will be there as soon as possible04:21
Mase_wkand it really pays off, because when i ordered the batch of 3000 laptops for our client, i got all intel kit in them04:22
Mase_wkbecause i use it and i know it works well04:22
arrrghhhyea, my wlan card is intel in this lappy.  always worked great out of the box.04:22
Mase_wkyeh i have an X200 stinkpad and i couldn't be happier with it04:27
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DaskreechMase_wk: other than the smell?04:30
Mase_wkmmm ozoney04:32
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jcollierdavisdoes kubuntu not have a /etc/resolv.conf04:52
arrrghhhjcollierdavis: yes04:56
arrrghhhit should...?04:56
arrrghhhare you using a static IP?04:56
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heatMorning for everyone06:43
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heatits easy install ATI driver ?06:44
heatwhere i got error message.06:44
MykLynxhow does one install drivers08:05
jussiMykLynx: drivers for?08:05
jussiMykLynx: most things have drivers built in, but some graphics cards and wireless cards need proprietry drivers - you can install these if needed with: kmenu -system - Additional drivers08:07
jussi!nvidia | MykLynx08:08
ubottuMykLynx: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:08
MykLynxthank you my webcam is not recognised on Thinkpad Z61m08:09
jussithats a pretty good how to.08:09
MykLynxthis is the part # from ibm  40Y851908:09
jussiMykLynx: ahh, webcam.08:10
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras08:10
MykLynxThank you08:11
jussiMykLynx: read down on that page, it has some info for webcams not supported out of the box08:11
MykLynxany clue for chrome program association?08:11
jussiMykLynx: I wish I knew... (if someone knows, please tell us both)08:14
MykLynxwill do Thank you08:16
MykLynxcontroller for webcam Vimicro / ZSMC08:24
MykLynxHave no clue08:24
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shadeslayerok so anyone using the backports ppa right now?12:10
kyubutsuwhats the projected maximum size of /root?12:17
kyubutsumine is going 5 gigs ... was thinking of doing a separate /home so i can do system reinstalls and not  have to backup everything each time12:18
kyubutsuam thinking 20 gigs for / would be fine12:19
kyubutsusure, i could just upgrade but i prefer fresh install12:21
shadeslayerkyubutsu: i have 40 gigs12:22
shadeslayerno seprate hoem12:22
kyubutsu40 gigs JUST for system?12:23
kyubutsuyou must have a whole lot of apps installed too..12:24
kyubutsui think i be fine with 20 gigs for / .. i cant imagine updates to fill all of that up12:25
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roamHow can I setup a UMTS connection that uses my own nameserver12:43
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shadeslayerso .. anyone on lucid?13:11
ExilantIs there a special kubuntu-livecd for natty, or just generic ubuntu ones?13:12
nerdy_kidExilant: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/alpha113:16
nerdy_kidim sorry, http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/alpha2 instead13:17
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.13:17
keithzgAs implied by that wiki page, you should be able to generally find the latest Natty release of Kubuntu at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/natty/13:18
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Exilantthanks keithzg, nerdy_kid, pici13:22
Picinp :)13:22
ExilantI hope this time I'll download the right image, have two gnome-natty-livecds already13:23
rorkshadeslayer: yes, I'm on 10.0413:29
shadeslayerrork: could you help us test Amarok 2.4 on Kubuntu 10.04 ?13:29
shadeslayerit won't update anything else13:30
rorkwhich KDE version does it need?13:30
shadeslayerrork: the one from -updates13:30
shadeslayerno extra PPA's required13:31
shadeslayer( -updates as in lucid-updates )13:31
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rorkshadeslayer: sure, can you give me the details?13:32
shadeslayerrork: erm .. lucid updates should be enabled by default :)13:32
shadeslayerso just add the staging ppa once the package is built and upgrade :D13:32
rorkshadeslayer: what's the name of the ppa?13:34
shadeslayerah one sec13:34
shadeslayerrork: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/staging13:35
rorkok, give me about 15 minutes, doing some other updates and stuff first13:37
shadeslayerit needs time to build too13:38
JuJuBeewhy would my up arrow not be working after fresh install of 10.10?13:45
shadeslayerJuJuBee: as in the up key?13:49
shadeslayerhappens to me sometimes too13:50
JuJuBeeshadeslayer: yes, in cli recent commands... doesn't work in text editing either.. but it does work if I boot into windows.13:51
JuJuBeeI seem to recall something  about key mapping being an issue...13:51
shadeslayeryou'll need to relogin13:51
JuJuBeek lemme try that..13:52
roamis there a light alternative for amarok2?13:52
nerdy_kidroam: maybe try clementine? http://www.clementine-player.org/13:53
DrknzzHi guys! Ive suddenly lost all of the KWin effects even tho i do have 3D accel enabled with the ATI driver.... Help? Kubuntu 10.10 x64 on Acer 4540 [ATI HD4200]13:57
BluesKajDrknzz, look at your desktop effects in system settings13:59
BluesKajDrknzz, are you on kde or gnome,? ...I see you asking in #ubuntu as well14:01
BluesKajkwin and kubuntu tells me kde but why would you ask in #ubuntu, Drknzz?14:02
DrknzzBluesKaj: Because #kubuntu can become AFK-land :)14:02
DrknzzAlso, does KWin run on gnome? O:14:03
BluesKajthe gui path to apps is different in gnome than kde14:05
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DrknzzBluesKaj: anyways, back to the problem14:06
DrknzzI suddenly lost all of KWin's effects when i changed some config to Shared Memory for some reason, i have not been able to re-enable them since14:07
DrknzzIt always tells me to check my Xorg configuration14:07
BluesKajwhich OS version are you running, Drknzz ?14:08
DrknzzBluesKaj: Kubuntu 10.10 x6414:08
BluesKajhave you looked in system settings / desktop effects?14:09
DrknzzIt says they are temporarily disabled for some technical reason14:09
DrknzzBut none is given14:09
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BluesKajwhat setting in xorg.conf did you change the memory sharing , or did you add a line?14:11
DrknzzBluesKaj: I did it from the advanced tab of desktop effects14:13
BluesKajwhat composting type , open gl ?14:15
BluesKajDrknzz, opengl mode should be texture fro pixmap , not shared memory14:18
BluesKajDrknzz, change that setting and see what happens14:19
DrknzzBluesKaj: It is set in that mode :S14:19
DrknzzStill, KWin says no plugins can be started14:19
BluesKajin pixmap or shared memory , you didn't specify14:20
DrknzzIt is on pixmap14:20
DrknzzWeird thing is14:20
DrknzzXRender works fine14:20
DrknzzBut it looks so bad14:20
DrknzzAnd not all effects were activated14:21
BluesKajdoin't use xrender14:21
DrknzzIs there any file that mantains XWins preferences? Maybe if its recreated it will work14:22
BluesKajreboot would probly best , altho you could stop kdm and restart it as well14:23
DrknzzA reboot wont work14:23
BluesKajhmm, did you update the graphics driver by any chance ?14:24
DrknzzUsing the one Jockey provided14:25
BluesKajapparently ati has provided source code for some of their drivers to the linux community , so maybe there's newer more effective driver on their site than the jockey default14:26
DrknzzBluesKaj: Should i try installing the latest driver from their site?14:28
DrknzzAlso, do you know how to install this package on 10.10? It seems its not on its repos... http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/karmic/kdebindings14:28
DrknzzIll have to restart as something seems to be blocking apt :S BRB14:30
DrknzzBluesKaj: Any ideas?14:41
BluesKajDrknzz,  you have the karmic version listed , look over on the left for maverick .then scrool to the bottom for this pkg, http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kdebindings/kdebindings_4.5.1.orig.tar.bz2, you'll need to install it yourself14:42
DrknzzBluesKaj: Maverik has no kdebindings-kde4 package14:43
BluesKajclick on the url I posted14:43
DrknzzBluesKaj: Oh, should i build from that bz2?14:46
* Drknzz Hates Kopete... Replacing it ASAP14:46
BluesKajDrknzz, using AIMs to chat on irc is very limiting, try konversation, xchat or quassel14:47
DrknzzBluesKaj: Im suing Quassel14:48
BluesKajeven kvirc is good14:48
BluesKajquassel is fugly IMO14:48
DrknzzIm just saying i hate how Kopete spams notifications uncontrollably14:48
DrknzzI like Quassel14:48
DrknzzDecent XChat-like client14:48
BluesKajthen you like ugly :)14:48
DrknzzBluesKaj: Maybe :)14:49
BluesKajDrknzz, no notifications on/off options ?14:53
DrknzzBluesKaj: It has them, but i overall hate Kopete's look14:53
Thinkerer68Does help.ubuntu.com have a page explaining how to configure xorg for my graphics card and monitor combination? I seem to remember one, but I can not find it now?14:54
* Thinkerer68 searching, searching14:54
BluesKajThinkerer68, which graphics card , first of all14:54
Thinkerer68Intel integrated, but I'll have to lspci to get the model of chip14:55
Thinkerer68But I don't think the specifics are as important as having a page with the general steps  :-/14:55
BluesKajlspci | grep VGA14:55
Thinkerer68ok, brb14:56
BluesKajThinkerer68, there's no xorg,conf on new installs unless you decide to create one14:56
BluesKajThinkerer68, this site is a bit old , but the listed commands work if you need them , http://ubuntulinux.co.in/blog/ubuntu/ubuntu-9-10/xorg-conf-file-create-on-ubuntu-9-10/14:59
* BluesKaj wonders about the factoid db15:00
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution15:00
Thinkerer68"Intel Corporation 82g33/g31 express integrated graphics controller"15:01
BluesKaj!info xorg.conf15:01
ubottuPackage xorg.conf does not exist in maverick15:01
Thinkerer68Sorry so slow, computer is not in front of me  :P15:01
BluesKajThinkerer68, this site is a bit old , but the listed commands work if you need them , http://ubuntulinux.co.in/blog/ubuntu/ubuntu-9-10/xorg-conf-file-create-on-ubuntu-9-10/15:02
Thinkerer68Yeah, the manpage for "xorg.conf" explains that xorg is dynamically reconfigured in ubuntu beginning with 8.04 Hardy15:03
Thinkerer68Problem is that my monitor does not support the mode Kubuntu wants to use.15:04
* Thinkerer68 thinks xorg's dynamic reconfiguring still needs lots of fine tuning 15:04
BluesKajThinkerer68, mode ?15:05
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: I don't know what mode Kubuntu is trying to use, but it is not supported by my monitor.15:05
BluesKajThinkerer68, whatmonitor?15:06
BluesKajor which monitor15:06
quaskwhen kubuntu get's a new version of the distri. do I have to re-install the system?15:06
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: I had to manually add "driver=vesa" to /etc/X11/xorg.conf just to get KDM and the desktop displayed.15:07
BluesKajquask, re-install the system? pls eleaborate15:07
BluesKajThinkerer68, well my opinion is that you graphics driver is responsible for the vga output to your monitor , so that's where the blame lies ...finding the right driver for the graphics card should solve the problem15:09
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: Please wait, I'll go look. Graphics driver already works perfectly, problem only occurs on this one monitor because it does not support the mode Kubuntu is using.15:10
quaskI'm comming from the gentoo corner. gentoo does not have any gentoo version like kubuntu does (like kubuntu 10.10). so if I install an application in gentoo, for example kde, it installs kde in version 4.6 (this ebuild does not depend on a special gentoo version, because such gentoo versions does not exist). In kubuntu I would install something like kde-4.6-kubuntu-10.10 <-- right? ... so If a new kubuntu version has been released, and I15:14
quaskdo appy a system udate command, does all kubuntu packages automatically switch to the new version ... or do I have to remove the kubuntu installation and install the new kubuntu version?15:14
Thinkerer68Monitor is Panasonic TC-P50G15 using the "PC input". The "PC input" looks like a VGA connector on PC graphics cards, but it only supports modes from 640x400 to 1024x768. I've got the manual for the monitor in front of me now so I can provide specifications if needed15:15
quaskudate -> update15:15
rorkquask: you'll have to install the new version or explicitely tell kubuntu to upgrade to the new version15:16
Thinkerer68Still with me, BluesKaj ?15:17
BluesKajquask, if you wish to update then all  installed pkgs that require updating will of course updated to the new OS version, sudo do-release-upgrade , will upgrade your version , but make sure you have no non default repositories like ppas in your sources.list or package manager before doing so.15:18
quaskso I am able to run kubuntu several years without to reinstall the system, while keeping the system up to date?15:19
arrrghhhquask: welcome to the beauty of linux.  no need to reinstall every 6 months.15:20
BluesKajThinkerer68, that still doesn't answer my question , what is or isn't happening on the monitor ?15:20
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: I don't think you asked that question at all, but I will explain.15:21
Thinkerer68I moved the computer from its old display to the new Panasonic.15:22
Thinkerer68I power on the computer. Boot to Grub. Select Kubuntu. See the pretty progress bar. Then black screeen15:22
Thinkerer68KDM does not appear. I am able to enter a TTY with CTRL-ALT-F115:23
Thinkerer68I manually edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf. I make it say "driver=vesa".15:23
BluesKajquask, your choice of words is confusing ..this isn't gentoo , you can do aclean install from a cd or usb stick if you wish , but upgrading from one OS version to the next is painless on kubuntu for the most part , by using the repositories on the 'net15:23
Thinkerer68Now restart the computer.15:24
Thinkerer68I see grub, select Kubuntu. I see pretty progress bar. I see KDM. I login. I see Kubuntu desktop.15:24
Thinkerer68But the vesa driver is too limiting for daily use. I want the full resolution my monitor is capable of (1024x768).15:25
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: ^ I hope I have made myself more clear now? My original question still goes unanswered, unless silence == "no".15:26
quaskBluesKaj: so you would not recommend to install kubuntu on my new notebook?15:26
BluesKajThinkerer68, I have 2 suggestions , 1) try to find a better driver for your graphics card, 2) buy a dedicated graphics card like nvidia or ati that can give te resolution you need15:28
BluesKajquask, in a word , yes15:28
quaskthanks a lot for this information @ BluesKaj15:28
BluesKajquask, I would recommend installing on your notebook ,YES!\15:29
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: Better driver than what? Vesa? How do I know what driver Kubuntu is using otherwise?15:31
BluesKajthere should be a linux driver for the intel graphics , vesa is just the fallback to make it barely work , generically, Thinkerer6815:32
DarthNazgulhi. i installed kubuntu 10.10 two days back. while adding one of the widget to my desktop. the sceen went blank for a while, and i rebooted the system. now i'm not able to get to the login screen15:32
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: Remember please that Kubuntu's automatic driver worked perfectly on the old monitor. The problem never happened until the new monitor15:32
DarthNazgulalso, when i tried "startx", i got an error msg that said @kstratupconfig4 does not exist or fails". any solutions?15:33
BluesKajThinkerer68, yes that's why you need a "new" driver15:33
Thinkerer68So I need a "monitor driver"?15:34
Thinkerer68The problem is the monitor, not the graphics chip.15:34
BluesKajok Thinkerer68 if you think the vesa driver is ok , then have fun15:35
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: Sorry, but I don't know how I have failed here. I know what the problem is. How can I communicate this to you so that you will understand the problem as I do?15:36
* Thinkerer68 back to searching15:37
BluesKajThinkerer68, you have communicted your problem very well, but you don't understand my answer , the vesa driver isn't only driver for your graphics card , the intel chip needs the updated driver in order to run in the higher graphics resolution mode that the new monitor requires15:39
genii-aroundBluesKaj: I think rather that the monitor is incapable of currently displaying the default which the current driver wants.15:40
BluesKajgenii-around, he says the monitor is new15:41
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: I manually set "driver=vesa". Before that Kubuntu was using an automatic driver and I was able to set 1024x768 with no problems. My goal is to go back to Kubuntu's automatic driver, but limit xorg to 1024x768 resolution.15:41
BluesKajThinkerer68, may I ask why ?15:42
Thinkerer68genii-around is correct. 1024x768 is the highest resolution supported by my monitor15:42
Thinkerer68^ the new Panasonic monitor15:42
Thinkerer68I did explain this already, yes?15:43
* BluesKaj shakes his head , a new panasonic monitor that supports only 1024x768 ?15:43
Thinkerer68Thinkerer68> Monitor is Panasonic TC-P50G15 using the "PC input". The "PC input" looks like a VGA connector on PC graphics cards, but it only supports modes from 640x400 to 1024x768. I've got the manual for the monitor in front of me now so I can provide specifications if needed15:44
Thinkerer68^ I did already explain this15:44
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: I'm getting the information directly from the manual of Panasonic TC-P50g1515:44
BluesKajThinkerer68, is that a tv?15:45
Thinkerer68 It is a plasma TV, yes15:45
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: I have hte manual of the Panasonic TC-P50G15 in front of me. Do you want to know more about it?15:46
BluesKajThinkerer68, don't use the pc input , use the hdmi , like I'm using on my plasma tcp46u215:46
Thinkerer68No, no, no.15:47
Thinkerer68That does not suit my needs at all.15:47
Thinkerer68This computer must connect to the "PC input".15:47
Thinkerer68Even if I wanted, this computer does not have an HDMI connector.15:47
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BluesKajwhynot, you have no hdmi out on your pc right ? then if you want the the proper resolution your monitor is capable of then buy a 50$ nvidia graphics card with dvi or hdmi out15:48
Thinkerer68Because I have other plans. This computer does not need a new graphics card.15:51
BluesKajThinkerer68, I'm chatting with on this plasma tv as we speak ...I use this tv and pc a s a media server for movies etc, so an inexpensive graphics card will enhance your experience15:51
Thinkerer68I want Kubuntu to work with my monitor and graphics chip combination, not the other way around.15:51
Thinkerer68No, I don't want that experience.15:51
Thinkerer68I want Kubuntu to conform to my graphics chip and monitor. I don't want to purchase a new HDMI graphics card just to get 1024x768 resolution.15:52
macoThinkerer68: do you need to be using xorg.conf?15:52
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution15:52
Thinkerer68maco: Is there another way?15:53
macoyou can set a script to run when kdm starts that'll force the X settings you want15:53
macosee that wiki link15:53
BluesKajwell.feeding an expensive tv from a cheap graphics card is strange economics IMO ..anyway I don't know of any intel drivers that will do what you want , Thinkerer6815:53
Thinkerer68maco: I already have the page open. I'm reading bits of it in between chatting with BluesKaj15:53
BluesKajThinkerer68, forget about me , I can't help15:54
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: Kubuntu's automatic driver already will do it. I just have to know how to configure xorg.15:54
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: Thanks for trying to help. Sorry we can not see eye to eye on this issue  :(15:55
* Thinkerer68 back to searching15:55
macoThinkerer68: see the bit about making xrandr commands permanent?15:56
Thinkerer68maco: Getting there.15:57
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* BluesKaj shakes his head in disbelief15:57
Thinkerer68BTW, my original question is about help.ubuntu.com. Not this monitor and graphics chip.15:57
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macoive had the "screen goes black, no kdm" problem before. i blind-typed to login and open a konsole and set the right refresh rate (which is what was wrong on mine)15:59
Thinkerer68maco: changing ~/.xprofile is not what I need. The new setting needs to apply globally15:59
macoThinkerer68: there is more than one thing listed there15:59
macofollow the kdm directions15:59
Thinkerer68Yes, I can get a TTY15:59
macothere should be directions on the page to edit one of kdm's startup scripts and add an xrandr command to it16:00
maco.xprofile is only one a few ways listed on the page to make things permanent16:00
Thinkerer68maco: I need some more time to absorb this. This is 100% new information for me. I have to read more than just this web page.16:01
Thinkerer68Is there a manpage for KDM scripts?16:01
macothey're just some text files in /etc16:02
macothe file to edit is /etc/kde4/kdm/Xsetup16:02
macoif you type "xrandr" by itself, it should tell you your screen's name.16:03
macoand a list of resolutions, of which 1024x768 should be one16:03
macojust add a line to the file:    xrandr --output SCREENNAME --mode RESOLUTION16:03
maco(there is a manpage for xrandr, by the way. it has been the way to configure X on the fly for about 2 years now)16:04
Guest86796howdy all16:04
Guest86796how i can change my keyboard layout ?16:05
Guest86796i have kubuntu 10.10 OS16:05
Guest86796ctrl+shift and alt+shift not work16:06
macosystem settings -> input devices16:06
Thinkerer68maco: Thanks for all that. I have to go read more now  :)16:08
* BluesKaj admires maco's patience16:13
macoBluesKaj: hey, ive run into "my monitor claims to do impossible things, i need to tell the driver to do lower specs instead" thing before16:14
Thinkerer68"<maco> (there is a manpage for xrandr, by the way. it has been the way to configure X on the fly for about 2 years now)"16:15
BluesKajmaco, well, it's beyond me that someone would want such low res on a 50" plasma tv/monitor16:15
Thinkerer68^ I haven't needed to manually change anything in xorg for about that long  :P16:15
macoBluesKaj: because the monitor *CANT* do a higher res using VGA16:16
macojust like my monitor cant *really* do 75Hz16:16
Thinkerer68Exactly :)16:16
BluesKajmaco, yes,but..... to me it'slike driving a big mercedes or caddy with a motorcycle engine under the hood16:17
macosave on fuel...16:17
Thinkerer68I don't drive my car with the gas peddle permanently nailed to the floor either16:18
Thinkerer68Most of the time 25 MPH is good enough.16:18
* Thinkerer68 goes to check out /etc/kde4/kdm/Xsetup16:20
BluesKajThinkerer68, admit it, you're just cheap :)16:20
=== dharm is now known as dharm_
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: I am financially challenged.16:20
BluesKajand politically correct...16:20
dharm_i want chat with anyone16:21
BluesKajThinkerer68, keep in mind the options that a dvi or hdmi with an inexpensive graphics card can do for you entertainment dollar as well16:22
macoBluesKaj: ever consider the screen was a gift and Thinkerer68 can't afford to spend on spare hardware?16:23
BluesKaj!question | dharm_16:23
ubottudharm_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:23
rorkdharm_: please do not personal message random people, you can try to start a conversation in #kubuntu-offtopic or look for other active channels somehow16:23
BluesKajmaco, of course , I know what it's like to be financially challenged , hence my cheap graphics card and media server pc16:24
macoif you were talking to my sister, thatd be the case. she was given a 34" tv/screen for christmas, but she has no job. cant afford to her broken laptop that she needs for school fixed16:25
BluesKajmaco and btw , I'm retired on fixed income16:25
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: I have a different machine with nVidia HD video card connected to 1080p monitor for those needs. This system must fill a different role for me, and does not need HD video at 1080p16:25
Thinkerer68Ugh. Have to leave again  :-/16:25
BluesKajaha, maco , he's not challenged after all16:26
macodoesnt change that "just go buy hardware" does not solve everyone's problems16:26
BluesKajnot in most cases, maco , but his is an exceptional case with very few options to fix the prob16:28
Thinkerer68maco, BluesKaj: This computer is usually a Samba file server, and I don't keep the monitor powered on most of the time. No more than 2 times per week I use it to watch videos. Those are the only two roles for this computer.16:41
Thinkerer68The videos I watch on it are not 1080p encoded and are mostly SD. I don't need an HD video card for it at all. It would be a com16:41
Thinkerer68It would be a complete waste of money to purchase one.16:42
Thinkerer68And I am on a fixed income. Most of my money goes to living expenses. I can't just take out money for whatever I want to buy.16:42
=== ralsina_lunch is now known as ralsina
Thinkerer68Also, I believe there are solutions to my problems. I believe the page you both linked me to will lead me to those solutions.16:44
Thinkerer68And to be honest, I do some things on LInux not out of necessity, but because I want to learn how to do them.16:44
Thinkerer68I must learn how the new xorg system works. The old xorg system has been gone since 8.04 Hardy AFAIK.16:45
Thinkerer68Kubuntu will bend to my wishes one way or another.  ;)16:46
mastercactapushey, when i connect an hdmi monitor/tv its detected and says its getting signal (shows resolution i set it too) but its all balack16:46
BluesKajThinkerer68, and new one X 1.10 is going to be launched on natty 11.04 , which I'm testing as we speak :)16:47
* Thinkerer68 plays catch-up16:47
BluesKajmastercactapus, I have to mention first, check that you're tv is set to the proper input.16:49
mastercactapusyes it is; and fyi its also plugged in :P16:49
BluesKajmastercactapus, I have to ask16:49
BluesKajmastercactapus, which graphics card?16:50
mastercactapusATI Technologies Inc Mobility Radeon HD 365016:51
mastercactapusit worked wonderfully previously using open source drivers but its been doing this in maverick and natty (unless i have proprietary drivers installed)16:52
BluesKajmastercactapus, ati rcently announced open source linux drivers are available, not sure if they're availble on their website yet tho16:54
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mastercactapusdo you have a link to the announcement?17:00
BluesKajmastercactapus, you may find the proper linux driver here http://support.amd.com/us/Pages/AMDSupportHub.aspx17:00
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marxjohnsonI just installed updates on Kubuntu Maverick, and now Amarok's removed itself and wont reinstall due to an unmet dependency. Anyone else got this?17:51
nata_marxjohnson: reinstall at synaptic should solve your problem17:53
Specialistmarxjohnson: probably re-enabling the backports ppa should do the trick17:53
marxjohnsonSpecialist: backports is enabled17:54
marxjohnsonnata_: what are you suggesting I reinstall?17:55
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nata_marxjohnson: completely remove amarok in synaptic or kpackagekit then reinstall back, if still suck at dependency pls check out your sofware list17:57
marxjohnsonaha, it looks like a dodgy repo in source.list was preventing apt-get update from getting the updated package list17:58
marxjohnsonthanks for your help17:58
marxjohnson(i commented out the dodgy repo and did apt-get update && apt-get install amarok)17:59
BluesKajwell, one linuxbox with 10.10 is stalling updates due to dependency probs , at last count about 80 of them , another linuxbox is fine and updates normally ...strange happenings18:00
BluesKajboth with 10.1018:01
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Thinkerer68maco: BluesKaj , inserting "xrandr --output VGA --mode 1024x768" at the bottom of /etc/kde4/kdm/Xsetup did exactly what I wanted  :)18:28
macotoldja so :P18:28
Thinkerer68Yeah, you did. I have much to learn18:28
Thinkerer68Now I wonder whether I should edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf to properly inform xorg about my monitor?18:29
Thinkerer68I mean, as it stands, a user could still choose a resolution outside the capabilities of my monitor.18:30
BluesKajglad you followed maco's advice , I would have just bought an vidia card :)18:30
Thinkerer68To be fair BluesKaj , that would have solved the problem. It was just way overkill for what I want.18:30
BluesKajyour monitor is capable of higher resolution , just not with a vga input, Thinkerer6818:31
Thinkerer68Yes, HD inputs can provide higher resolutions.18:32
Thinkerer68The real problem here, as I see it, is that xorg is not properly informed about my monitor by the automatic detection process.18:32
BluesKajstrange that it's so low , even with vga inputs my samasung 22' monitors run at much higher res18:32
macoThinkerer68:  if you type "xrandr" what does it list?18:33
macoi suspect it IS being informed about the full range of resolutions the monitor can do, and so picking the "best" (ie, highest) of them18:33
Thinkerer68I agree it is strange, BluesKaj. I don't know why Panasonic did not build a full range of resolutions into the "PC input"18:33
Thinkerer68maco: let me check18:33
* Thinkerer68 walks to the other system18:34
BluesKajThinkerer68, I have a panasonic monitor /tv as well, but there's no PC input18:34
jonathan_Can I ask a question about PyQt4? PyQt4 apps cant run on my system, they error out on an undefined symbol in QtWebkit.so18:35
Thinkerer68maco: xrandr reports 5 modes - 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1360x768. (I suspect that is the limit of my Intel intgrated chip.)18:37
Thinkerer68maco: xorg was previously dynamically choosing 1152x864 mode, which my monitor will not support on the "PC input"18:38
macojonathan_: say that in #kuuntu-devel. that .so was just mentioned about an hour ago as causing a problem with a Qt IDE18:38
tsimpsonjonathan_: that's #kubuntu-devel by the way18:39
BluesKajis your pc relatively old , like over 5 yrs , Thinkerer68?18:39
macotsimpson: whoops, thanks18:39
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: It is 2 or 3 years old18:39
Thinkerer68Should I boot Windows to see what resolutions it reports are available?18:40
BluesKajThinkerer68, then it should handle much higher resolutions18:40
jonathan_tsimpson: thanks!18:40
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: I know for a fact the chip will not do 1920x108018:40
BluesKajThinkerer68, right , that's too high for most integreated ghraphics18:41
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: Dell Inspiron 530s18:42
* Thinkerer68 looks up the IGP18:42
BluesKajbbl, suddenly my old compaq linuxbox is having dependency probs18:43
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: maco , "<Thinkerer68>   "Intel Corporation 82g33/g31 express integrated graphics controller""18:45
maco*shrug* dunno18:46
macothe drivers on linux will only attempt things reported by EDID as being valid for that screen18:46
macowhether the screen tells the truth or not is another matter ;-)18:46
Thinkerer68I think it lies18:46
macowhich is why xrandr lets you add modes that the screen didnt report18:47
Thinkerer68I think xrandr is reporting the modes of the graphics chip, not necessarily the modes supported by the combination graphics chip + monitor18:47
Thinkerer68How do I show the contents of the EDID18:48
macoi think its supposed to be the intersection18:48
macogetedid, iirc18:48
* Thinkerer68 knows there is a command18:48
macohttp://mjg59.livejournal.com/121851.html  <-- about edid lies18:48
Thinkerer68nVidia tools (included with the binary driver) can report such.18:48
maco"(The good news is that the same set of recommendations says that you can no longer put a Windows sticker on a monitor unless it has a valid and accurate EDID. The bad news is that that implies that you've previously been able to put a Windows sticker on a monitor without it having a valid and accurate EDID)"18:49
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BluesKajThinkerer68, wife's 3yr old windows pc with nvidia integrated graphics does 1680x105018:50
* BluesKaj goes to postbox to get mail...BBL18:59
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dmattwhat is correct way to upgrade my testing kubuntu 10.10 instalation to natty?19:16
BluesKajdmatt, in the terminal , sudo do-release-upgrade -d19:17
dmattBluesKaj: i read that one is for server, but should be more robust so i try :)19:21
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BluesKajdmatt, that command is for upgrading whatever k(ubuntu) maverick you havw installed whether it's a server or pc install19:22
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JontyPlasma is crashing when I try to set up a dual monitor config, but only when i switch from cloning onto stitching or whatver you call it19:24
Jontyand it looks like akonadi is too, during startup, but I'm not sure whether that is causing it19:25
dmattBluesKaj: it has started already so let's see what happens...19:25
Jontyand I don't see how a change in my monitor configuation would cause that19:25
Jontyany ideas?19:25
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r41question: easiest way to get contents of channel.dvb in the sqlite.db of kaffeine 1.119:27
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kyubutsuwhats the combo for desktop snapshot19:34
Thinkerer68kyubutsu: On my 8.04 Hardy system the "Print Screen" key starts ksnapshot. If that doesn't work for you then just try Alt+F2 -> ksnapshot. You can always configure a global shortcut for it later, although I don't know exactly how in KDE419:40
kyubutsuprintscreen key works , 10.10 here19:42
kyubutsuthere is already a shortcut which i happen to activate by mistake while typing .. just cant seem to spot what key combo does it19:43
kyubutsuthanks though19:43
* Thinkerer68 goes to destroy his Jaunty system by installing over 400 updates simultaneously19:46
Thinkerer68Jaunty -> "222 packages upgraded, 41 newly installed, 4 to remove"19:51
Thinkerer68https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution has an error19:53
Thinkerer68xrand only accepts "--mode" options with lowercase "x", but the page shows uppercase "X"19:54
Thinkerer68Too bad common users can't edit the page :-/19:54
yofelof course you can, you need a launchpad account though19:55
Thinkerer68Why does it say "Immutable page" at the top? Doesn't "immutable" mean "unchangable"?19:56
BluesKajprtscn works on 11.0419:56
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: How do you change the global key shortcut on KDE4?19:57
Thinkerer68For example, what if I want Winkey+S for starting ksnapshot?19:57
yofelThinkerer68: I can open the edit dialog fine here19:57
BluesKajThinkerer68, sorry , no idea :(19:57
yofelthat's somewhere in the settings, give me a sec19:57
Thinkerer68yofel: I must just be wrong then. Thanks  :)19:57
BluesKajnever did bother with shortcut keys . maybe I should do some research19:58
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: Try using Kubuntu without a mouse plugged in. You will learn the keyboard shortcuts in short order  ;)19:59
kyubutsuwell.. in that sense, thats what krunner is for .. the only shortcut you need then becomes alt-f220:00
BluesKajtoo used to a mouse , worked with them since they were introduced20:00
Thinkerer68Right. krunner is just too awesome not to use  :)20:01
BluesKajkyubutsu, I just righr click on an open spot on the desktop to get the runbox20:01
Thinkerer68I've been using computers since 1982, so I had to learn mouse when Mac and Windows came out.20:01
* kyubutsu facepalms20:01
yofelThinkerer68: I'm using 4.6 here: systemsettings -> shortcuts and gestures -> global keyboard shortcuts -> khotkeys if you want to change the 'print' behaviour. alt+print and ctrl+print are set in kwin here20:02
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Thinkerer68yofel: I have to try that20:03
kyubutsuam not big on shortcuts, some mouse action + krunner is all i could possibly need20:04
yofelah wait, that's also set in custom shortcuts -> preset actions here20:04
Thinkerer68kyubutsu: I really hate taking my hands off the keyboard to reach for the mouse. It interrupts my workflow and reduces productivity.20:05
* BluesKaj is just happy to have the capslock defeat option20:05
kyubutsusure.. nothing wrong with that20:06
BluesKajone has to DL and install an app to do that on windows altho maybe there might be an option in W7 , I haven't searched20:06
Thinkerer68I consider applications without a complete set of keyboard shortcuts to be defective. Although there are exceptions like CAD where there aren't enough keys to make shortcuts of all the commnads.20:07
* BluesKaj doesn't work for anyone ...anymore , so only wifey interruptions happen here20:07
kyubutsuinterrupts.. /chuckles20:08
* kyubutsu irq's you20:09
BluesKajkyubutsu, it's not what you think ...we're both old and retired20:09
kyubutsuhm.. well.. it wasnt what you thought either20:10
* kyubutsu chuckles moar20:10
Thinkerer68Why can't the Ctrl+f "find" command in Firefox search for regular expressions?20:13
Thinkerer68I want to search for '[0-9]{3}X[0-9]{3}20:14
* BluesKaj checks old compaq pc for dependency probs ..bbl20:16
avihayThinkerer68:  mmm, maybe you'd get lucky with the java console20:16
Thinkerer68I'm sure that would work, avihay , because Javascript does know what a regex is. Problem is I've never used the JS console in FF  :P20:17
avihaylooking at it now, I don't think there ever was one. you can install the firebug plugin. I know it has one in it20:18
Thinkerer68Mozilla had one built in.20:19
BluesKajBBL ...20:19
digimacalguem pode me ajudar20:21
digimacpor favor??20:22
avihayoh, the error console also proseses javascript20:22
digimacalguem pode me ajudar???20:22
Pici!pt | digimac20:23
ubottudigimac: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.20:23
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rats_hi all is there any way to add the hide buttons on my tool bar like what was in KDE3.521:10
james147hide buttons?21:11
rats_yes in KDE 3.5 you could hide the toolbar by adding the hide buttons21:13
rats_it would slide from side to side21:13
tkeslertrying to upgrade to 10.10.  fails   Says to resolve generated breaks   --How?21:14
JasonnHello, doesn anyone know what i can use as an xbmc alternative21:15
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Thinkerer68Now I messed up real bad  :(21:19
Thinkerer68Grub has been wiped clean of all OSes except Kubuntu  :_/21:20
Thinkerer68Please tell me there's a backup menu.list somewhere21:20
Jasonnwhat did you do?21:21
genii-aroundgrub doesn't use menu.lst anymore21:21
Thinkerer68Well, it all started with "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude -P full-upgrade"21:21
Jasonninstall an older version is what i would say,21:21
tkeslerHelp---Can't upgrade to 10.10....stuck21:22
Thinkerer68Then the installer scrpt prompted me "grub has been customized, replace (etc.)?"21:22
Thinkerer68To which I responded "replace with maintainer's version"21:22
Jasonnanyone know any XBMC alternatives?21:23
Jasonnfor streaming movies from a server21:23
tkeslermight have found...nebbermind for now21:23
genii-aroundThinkerer68: You could usually issue: sudo update-grub                      which will try to auto-discover any OS you have and make a new grub config21:23
Thinkerer68actually, genii-around , doesn't Jaunty still have Grub~Classic?21:24
Thinkerer68I'm pretty sure my Jaunty machines still honor menu.lst21:24
Thinkerer68I'll try "sudo update-grub" and see what transpires.21:25
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genii-around!info grub2 jaunty21:25
ubottugrub2 (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.96+20080724-12ubuntu2.1 (jaunty), package size 8 kB, installed size 100 kB (Only available for i386 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 lpia powerpc ppc64)21:26
Thinkerer68genii-around: "sudo update-grub" didn't add back the other OSes I have on the disk21:33
tkeslercan't get to10.1021:33
Thinkerer68Fortunately I still have a backup of the old menu.lst in a file named menu.lst.backup21:33
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tkeslerhow can i find out if I have held packages...'pulling hair'21:35
tkeslerwoohoo!!...got it see ya on the other side!21:51
janikhave a question: is it known when OO.org 3.3 will be released in Ubuntu22:07
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epimethhello all!  How can I connect to an ftp server that requires explicit ssl/tls if I'm using dolphin (kioslaves)?22:13
statarb3is kubuntu 10.10 comming with kde 4.622:18
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epimethstatarb3: no, you have to install the backports ppa22:19
Thinkerer68Let's see how well the upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 goes.22:28
Thinkerer68Kubuntu is too sturdy. I've been trying to break it all day  :P22:28
epimethThinkerer68: lol... thats because you've been using 9.0422:29
Thinkerer689.04 has been pretty good for me22:29
Thinkerer68As has 8.0422:29
epimethThinkerer68: join the rest of us using the 10.10 + backports PPA and you'll have plenty of bug reports to send22:30
epimethahhh... 8.04... I remember you fondly *tear*22:30
Thinkerer68I'm using 8.04 on this computer right now  :D22:30
* Thinkerer68 still loves some KDE3 :)22:30
epimethHardy was rock solid22:31
epimethoh, I stayed with 3 through Jaunty22:31
epimethI hated kde422:31
* iflema with 4.6 who needs 3.x22:31
epimethunderstandably because it was *horrible* until 4.222:31
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Thinkerer68I hated KDE4 at first, but now I know I can get used to it.22:32
epimethbut then Karmic came along and forced me to move to 4, so I didn't upgrade for almost a year :-)22:32
epimethmore than "get used to", dude... its much much better, really.  it still has problems, but the advantages far outweigh them22:32
Thinkerer68But Hardy has been so relaible on my everyday machine that I am loathe to ever upgrade it.22:32
Thinkerer68I have been waiting for the bugs to get worked out.22:33
Thinkerer68My first experience with KDE4 was Intrepid Ibex. Total disaster! LOL22:34
Thinkerer68Kubuntu just was not ready for 4, and 4 was not ready for any distro!22:34
Thinkerer68I had Intrepid on a few different systems, and all of them self-destructed in less than a month.22:35
Thinkerer68It's gonna take over 2 hours just to get the packages for 9.10  :P22:37
epimethyou need a new ISP22:38
Thinkerer68Tell me about it. Cheap consumer DSL blows.22:39
Thinkerer68I wanted cable internet but the woman with the purse strings knew better than me  :P22:39
epimethDSL? wow.... that sucks22:39
epimethget some 4G action22:40
epimethprobably cheaper than your DSL22:40
Thinkerer68How's that? What's 4G?22:40
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epimethfor example: http://mobileservices.timewarnercable.com/nynj22:40
epimethanyhoo I'm off...22:44
Thinkerer68Okay so there's something out there called "4G". I guess I learned a little22:45
kyubutsubang! amarok's been segfaulting on me22:50
kyubutsu.wma is putting too much preassure on it22:53
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yassineh! bonjour23:00
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longcat8465hey guys i need help23:45
Thinkerer68^ interesting read23:46
Thinkerer68wassup, longcat8465 ?23:46
longcat8465im trying to get this server list script for konversation to work, have you done it\/23:46
Thinkerer68I don't know exactly what a "server list script" is. I've written a few Konversation scripts in Bash though.23:47
longcat8465im gonna blow my head off if i dont get it to work23:47
Thinkerer68Well please exit the room first. We don't need your brains splattered in here.23:48
longcat8465when i try to run it it says i have to quit konversation before i can run the script but i have quit23:48
longcat8465try it out see whats up23:48
Thinkerer68I don't use Konversation any more, but I'll take a look at the thing and see if I can make sense of it.23:49
longcat8465what do you use\/23:50
longcat8465omfg this keyboard is so shit23:50
Thinkerer68I use XChat, which is much more customizable than Konversation.23:50
Thinkerer68Besides, the Konversation package on Hardy 8.04 is really old and stale  :)23:51
Thinkerer68longcat8465: The script is written in perl. I'm afraid I can't do anything for you :(23:51
longcat8465why are you using hardy?23:52
Thinkerer68Because it is the most robust and reliable Kubuntu ever23:52
BluesKajI use kpnversation , dur it's easy setup, altho the lack of autoserver l;isting is looked upon as a negative I prefer being able to use different profiles and identities on different servers23:53
BluesKajerr konversation23:53
longcat8465yeah blues the server list shit is whack23:54
BluesKajdur =due23:54
longcat8465but this script is supposed to use the mirc server list but i cant get it to work23:54
longcat8465have you checkied it out? http://konversation.kde.org/wiki/Server_List23:55
Thinkerer68The script is written in perl. I'm afraid I can't do anything for you :(23:55
Thinkerer68Perl makes my brain hurl23:55
longcat8465well the work is all done its just running the script23:55
longcat8465but the crap says i have to quit konversation even though i have23:56
longcat8465how do i know which perl modules i have installed\/23:56
Thinkerer68longcat8465: check the process table to see if Konversation is really running23:56
longcat8465already did23:56
longcat8465using system monitor right?23:57
BluesKajlongcat8465, I used to complain about the lack of a serverlist , but I don't bother surfing the irc servers much anymore23:57
Thinkerer68should work ok23:57
longcat8465ok so which irc client for linux has an autoupdated server list?23:58
Thinkerer68Damned if I know. Honestly I'm with BluesKaj . I know which servers I want before I ever open my client.23:59
Thinkerer68XChat is pretty good. Very customizable.23:59
Thinkerer68It has features I don't even know about yet  :P23:59
BluesKajmaybe kvirc, dunno for sure....a lotta ppl like that client23:59

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