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danilosgmb, hey, I've got one question: I am looking at the mockups from user testing, and I don't see the case where you *are* marked as the bug supervisor — should that be treated as if you have a structural subscription then?11:06
bachi gmb11:24
bacthe fix you made worked great.11:24
gmbbac: Cool, glad to hear it.11:25
bacthere is one oddity i haven't yet investigated. when the overlay is closed, the accordion and some checkboxes remain behind11:25
gmbThat's a bit weird. I didn't see that one but my testing was probably a bit perfunctory.11:26
gmbbac: I'm just going to grab a cup of tea, but I'll take another look in a few minutes.11:26
bacyeah i only saw it yesterday but not sure if it had been there all along. happens in webkit and FF11:27
bacok thanks11:27
bacit'll be a little bit before im really here11:27
danilosgmb, do we already have some standard code that returns all the subscriptions for a (person, bug) pair? :) if not, do you know what code should I reuse to get at least some bits of it?11:56
gmbdanilos: I guess you're after structural subscriptions there, aren't you?11:57
danilosgmb, nope, quite the contrary11:58
danilosgmb, I need things like "direct subscription", "through duplicate", "you are bug supervisor", "through team membership",...11:58
gmbdanilos: Ah. Take a look at lp.bugs.interfaces.bug. There's a bunch of methods there that will be useful, but nothing that does everything you need all in one method.11:59
gmbdanilos: Thinks like isSubscribed(user), isSubscribedToDupes(user), getSubscribersForPerson(user).... etc.12:00
danilosgmb, right, I just want to re-use as much as possible, thanks12:00
danilosgmb, btw, if you've got a minute to glance over https://pastebin.canonical.com/44215/, I wonder if I am covering all the bases :)12:10
danilosI thought of more supervisor actions ("leave the team" and "I don't want to be supervisor" if you are not product owner)12:15
* danilos -> food12:41
gary_posterhey benji, looks like Huw came through for the CSS.  Any word on the triangle dealie?13:06
benjinope, none yet; once I try out his CSS I'll reply with a "thanks that worked great... how about the other thing"-type message13:07
gary_posterheh, ok benji, sounds good :-)13:08
danilosbenji, hi, are you working on implementing the structural subscriptions part of mock-ups on https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/BetterBugSubscriptionsAndNotifications/Testing/EditingRound2?13:25
gmbbac: I haven't been able to reproduce the problem you mentioned. Can you send me a screenshot13:25
bacgmb, sure13:26
gmbdanilos: I think you've covered everything with that list.13:27
benjidanilos: I'm doing the list of user/team subscriptions for a bug (but I don't think it's mocked up on the slides you reference, it's at https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/BetterBugSubscriptionsAndNotifications/Testing/SubsListRound1/Slide1 instead)13:27
danilosgmb, cool, thanks13:28
danilosbenji, right, thanks13:28
bacgmb: good : http://people.canonical.com/~bac/overlay-opened.png13:29
bacgmb: bad http://people.canonical.com/~bac/overlay-closed-messy.png13:29
gmbOIC. Hang on...13:29
bacto go from good to bad i hit the 'cancel' button13:29
gary_postermumble nowish, bac benji danilos gmb13:30
gmbbac: So, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/574977/ sort of solves the problem... I think it has to do with the way we deal with expanding nodes, but I'm not sure *why*14:10
gmb(That's not a solution, really, but it does make the controls vanish)14:10
bacinteresting.  and it'd need to be done for submit too, i guess14:10
gary_posterThe "kill them all" apprach to DOM manipulation :-)14:11
gmbbac: Yeah (it'd be nice if FormOverlay had a 'hide' event that we could tie onto, but anyway...)14:12
gary_posterwell, perhaps the "SHUT UP ALREADY!" approach to DOM manipulation...14:12
danilosgary_poster, gmb, anyone else who cares: I'll start using the IBug:+subscribe page for the work I am doing (description and direct subscription actions); if you feel I should leave that alone and provide a different page (eg. because we want to continue have +subscribe gracefully degrade), just let me know :)14:22
gary_posterdanilos, we have a page for this already that gmb started and that benji is working on...14:23
danilosgary_poster, do we?14:23
gary_posterit has nothing on it ATM :-P14:23
gmbdanilos: NOOOOOooooo. That page is used to render the overlay for direct subscriptions. Use Bug:+subscriptions14:23
gmb(Which is what gary_poster is talking about)14:23
danilosgmb, gary_poster: but I can't find it :)14:23
danilosgmb, gary_poster: ok, that's the kind of info I was looking for14:24
danilosgary_poster, that actually confuses me a bit; benji told me he's working on https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/BetterBugSubscriptionsAndNotifications/Testing/SubsListRound1/Slide1, so just to clarify, https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/BetterBugSubscriptionsAndNotifications/Testing/EditingRound2 is part of that as well?14:25
* gary_poster looks14:25
gary_posterbenji, you are working on the bottom part of https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/BetterBugSubscriptionsAndNotifications/Testing/EditingRound2/Slide2 I thought?14:26
gary_poster("Other subscriptions that may send you email about this bug")14:26
benjidanilos: I don't see anything on those slides that (as far as I'm aware) I'm working on (i.e., I'm not doing the "If you don't want to receive..." part)14:26
gary_posteryeah you are :-)14:27
gary_posterthe one you are looking at is a part of the full one; you are only implementing the non-direct subscriptions, though14:28
gary_posterwhich is pretty much the same14:28
gary_posteracross the two mockups14:28
gary_posterdanilos is working on the explanation and direct subscription part14:28
gary_posterdoes that ring a bell, benji, or at least are you satisfied that this jibes with what you were already doing?14:29
benjigary_poster: exactly, I'm doing the non-direct bits14:30
gary_posterGreat.  Danilos, you cool too?14:30
danilosgary_poster, yep :)14:30
gary_posteryay :-)14:30
gary_postergmb, halloo.  call now, or ping me when you are ready?14:30
danilosthanks all14:30
gmbOh, bother, forgot about that.14:31
* gmb gets his mumble on.14:31
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gmbbac: D'you have a second to mumble?14:47
benjigary_poster: an RM pre-nag about QAing Bug 16419614:53
_mup_Bug #164196: Quickly-undone actions shouldn't send mail notifications <email> <lp-bugs> <qa-needstesting> <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by yellow> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/164196 >14:53
gary_posterthanks benji.  Yeah, QA is blocked on the bug I'm working on :-/14:54
gary_poster(was blocked on staging being down for about a week brfore that)14:54
gmbbac: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/575007/14:57
gary_posterhey danilos.  ping when you are ready for call?15:30
danilosgary_poster, https://pastebin.canonical.com/44239/ with syntax highlighting :)15:44
gmbgary_poster: I've just submitted AWS expenses; rather higher than I'd hoped as there was an EC2 instance that got stuck.17:14
gary_postergmb :-/ ack, approving.17:14
gmbgary_poster: Thanks.17:15
gary_posterapproved.  np17:16
gmbbac: I've added a rudimentary test suite (i.e. all the setup, doesn't do anything helpful yet) to the ~yellow branch. I'll check back later, so if you've any questions, ping me.17:51
* gmb -> dinner17:51
bacgmb: another annoyance -- if you simply click away from the overlay somewhere else on the page, the overlay disappears, leaving the cruft in place.  is it supposed to make the overlay disappear?  seems wrong.18:50
gmbbac: Yes, it's supposed to hide the overlay. I wonder if the overlay does fire a 'hide' event that we can tie our cleanup to. It would seem odd not to.18:51
gary_posterbac, I still haven't had lunch and am feeling a bit lightheaded.  I should get some food.  I might be 10 min late for our call.  Is that alright?19:20
bacgary_poster: that's fine.  would you like to just say 3:00?19:21
gary_postersure, thank you bac19:21
bacgreat.  i'm going to take a walk now, then.19:21
bacsee you in a bit19:21

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