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MichealHHi, I have tried to open nano, but I cannot, It says I need to 'Select a terminal type'18:15
MichealHI am runnnng 10.1018:15
MichealHit also happens in 10.0418:15
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head_victimMichealH: odd, it's worked fine here (nano is my editor of choice for all config files)18:16
MichealHLet me paste the one line of output18:16
head_victimAre you just running the command "nano" from terminal or are you doing something a little different18:17
head_victimYeah that would be good :)18:17
MichealHError opening terminal: unknown.18:17
MichealHBut shh says "Please select a terminal type"18:17
MichealHI am doing nano gtk.py18:17
head_victimCan you perform the command locally on the machine?18:18
MichealHI am running the command in LXTermial18:18
MichealHmichealh@michealh-desktop:~$ nano gtk.py18:19
MichealHError opening terminal: unknown.18:19
head_victimAh sorry It hought you said you were running it over ssh18:19
MichealHssh to a computer tells me to select a terminal type18:21
head_victimThat might help :)18:23
stlsainthead_victim: sup amn18:23
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head_victimgday stlsaint ltns18:24
stlsaintyea yea18:24
stlsaintim on more as of lately now that im more settled18:24
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head_victimMichealH: did that link help?18:29
MichealHhead_victim, But it works in the CTRL+ALT+F1 mode?18:35
NRWlionMichealH, you called for help?18:38
MichealHI cannot open nano18:39
stlsaintsomeone needs help?18:39
MichealHIt asks for a terminal type of csome sort18:39
NRWlionor try # nano dateiname via shell18:40
stlsaintMichealH: what happens when you type: nano file18:40
MichealHmichealh@michealh-desktop:~$ nano gtk.py18:40
MichealHError opening terminal: unknown.18:40
stlsaintMichealH: hrm18:41
MichealHIt works in CTRL+ALT+F*18:41
MichealHt happens in 10.04 opening SSH, It asks me to speciafy a terminal type18:42
NRWlionMichealH, try this one http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Optware/Nano and follow the part behind Error opening terminal18:42
stlsaintMichealH: oh have you not choosen a shell?18:42
MichealHIm using LXTerminal18:43
stlsaintMichealH: try running: chsh18:43
stlsaintthen choose your shell18:43
stlsaint/bin/bash or whatever18:43
* stlsaint uses zsh ;)18:43
MichealHstlsaint, Did nto work18:43
NRWlionMichealH, got my link?18:43
MichealHNRWlion, Yup18:44
MichealHThat seems to have not worked either18:45
NRWlionlooked at the newbie solution under that?18:45
MichealHThe one under the newbie one has worked18:46
MichealHThanks NRWlion18:46
MichealHI like nano for the syntax hilighing18:47
NRWlionyou are welcome michael ;)18:47
* NRWlion works with Bluefish18:47
head_victimSorry I'm organising myself for work but I'll leave you in stlsaint's good hands MichealH, good luck :D18:50
=== head_victim changed the topic of #lubuntu to: Lubuntu 10.10 has been released || Please use the Bit-Torrent to download at http://j.mp/lu-10-10 || Off-topic discussion in #lubuntu-offtopic || Documentation can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu || A review of Lubuntu - http://bit.ly/gXlJ94
head_victimHmm freenode is a little odd right about now. Good luck, work calls18:50
MichealHhead_victim, Its a tech issue :P18:50
* MichealH gets the string :P18:50
stlsaint_MichealH: sorry18:51
MichealHstlsaint_, Sorry about what?18:51
stlsaint_shell tip not working18:52
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f1assistancehow does lubuntu compare to xubuntu? I have a laptop with PIII 1 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM...23:24
sicoi'm using it with a celeron 1.4, 1.5GB ram (laptop)23:25
sicoi had x/k/u as well, but i got rid of them yesterday and started with a clean lubuntu.  i get more battery life, almost 40 mins more.23:26
Unit193f1assistance: I got Lubuntu on 500MHz 512Ram 10G HDD23:33
f1assistanceis there a performance difference or would there be a better experience with one over the other?23:54

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