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h00kI have an idea of something that I'd like to report a bug for, but I want to make sure that I'm reporting the correct package.  I am trying komodo-edit (http://www.activestate.com/komodo-edit) and it appears to use some sort of wrapper.  The unity dock doesn't appear to handle this correctly.00:22
h00kAs in, if I try to pin the entry that shows up after I launch it, and re-open using that pinned item, it doesn't actually do anything.00:22
h00k"It doesn't actually do anything" meaning that the application doesn't get launched from that unity bar.00:23
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skyjumperanyone know if empathy can be forced to connect *only* when a vpn is active?01:20
charlie-tcacreate an upstart file in /etc/init and tell it to only empathy if VPN is running, I think01:21
skyjumper/etc/init looks like all system wide stuff01:23
charlie-tcaand you want empathy connecting for a single user, not the whole system?01:29
charlie-tcaMaybe do it in a bash file then. You could use an if/then for it01:29
ActionParsnipquiet in here despite alpha 3 being close01:39
h00kAs in, if I try to pin the entry that shows up after I launch it, and re-open using that pinned item, it doesn't actually do anything.01:40
h00kI failed at reposting my question01:40
charlie-tcaeveryone waiting for alpha3 to hit?01:40
h00kI have an idea of something that I'd like to report a bug for, but I want to make sure that I'm reporting the correct package.  I am trying komodo-edit (http://www.activestate.com/komodo-edit) and it appears to use some sort of wrapper. The unity dock isn't launching from the unity bar after it is pinned, I think it's an issue with the unity launcher bar.01:41
h00kor it's not pinning the right...thing01:42
ActionParsnipcharlie-tca: not really, all is well here01:44
h00kI am getting the occasional xorg/nvidia issue01:44
h00knvidia drivers and unity occasionally make my screens flash...it'd be bad if I had epilepsy :(01:45
enliI am upgrading to 11.04. Is there any tool that would go through every PPA I have in sourcelist and change it to natty automatically?02:39
psusiyea... sed02:40
psusised -e s/maverick/natty < sources.list > sources.list.new02:40
enligood enough, thanks psusi02:40
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modulexploited_I just tried upgrading my 10.10 version of ubuntu to 11.04.. my battery drained completely and the laptop did shut down.... The upgrade was not complete when this happened... I tried using the recovery console to fix the broken packages... an now when I restart... it says "Checking Battery State" and freezes... I have some very important files on the laptop and encrypted... can someone help me fix this ?05:59
modulexploited_rww: can you help me out ?06:01
modulexploited_I just tried upgrading my 10.10 version of ubuntu to 11.04.. my battery drained completely.... The upgrade was not complete when this happened... I tried using the recovery console to fix the broken packages... an now when I restart... it says "Checking Battery State" and freezes... I have some very important files on the laptop and encrypted... can someone help me fix this ?06:05
guiharmodulexploited_: Try this http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2009/03/mounting-your-encrypted-home-from.html06:29
AlanBellmodulexploited_: don't randomly message people please, not everyone is in the same timezone as you, it gets busier later07:02
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coz_hey all13:23
xapelwill alpha3 be released today?13:32
Picixapel: thats the plan, isos are still being tested though.13:37
PiciYou can see their statuses here; http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/13:38
xapelPici: thanx13:41
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enliWhen pressed alt+space my window decorator(gtk-window-decorator) crashes with "Could not find frame info \u0008֒\u0001 in frame type table. Segfault..." What would be logical place to submit this bug?14:22
enliI am using latest compiz btw.14:22
ace__I just installed 11.04 on my test laptop. Am I the only one finding this hard to get around? It takes forever to get to your apps. It's almost like a step backwards15:10
enliace__: Unity UI? I hate it too.15:11
ichatim specially  curious what  xubuntu  will bring...  since the new xfce  has many improements ...15:13
ace__enli: I thought it looked great at first, but as I started to use it I couldn't find anything. And then the transparent crap makes it that you don't know what you're clicking on.15:13
ichatlinux ingenerallis  HAS a real bigg issue at hands  (threatening us though)...15:13
charlie-tcaichat: opportunity! alpha3 will be released today. This is a good chance to try it.15:14
ichatkde (based on   qt  will suffer since  nokia   is about to drop QT ...15:14
ace__charlie-tca: will there be a change in the interface?15:14
ichatgnome seems to take ages to finnish...    and   xfce and others are juit not 'that good'15:15
enliace__: I totally agree. I want to switch between my open windows quickly. Like if I have 3 nautilus windows, first I have to click on left side panel, wait for 3 windows to cascade nicely and then switch to the one I am interested in or alt+tab combo. I love the good old bottom panel windows list. So I am back to Ubuntu classic desktop.15:15
charlie-tcaace__: compared to ?15:15
ace__enli: I agree!15:16
ace__charlie-tca: compared to the previous version. This is horrible.15:16
charlie-tcaace__: the Xubuntu images are pretty done as far as themes, layouts, etc15:16
ichatis xubuntu based new   xfce  4.8  ?15:18
ichatnice, -  i just hope its as good as they promissed it would be\15:18
ichatthat may be the first NON lts version ill be using on  other than my own pc's15:20
hobbsci've been forcing myself to use unity in 10.10 for the week15:22
hobbscit's not all bad15:22
hobbsci just need to get some of my mouse gestures/keyboard shortcuts out of muscle memory15:22
ace__hobbsc: It's going to be tough on people that are not too computer savvy15:24
hobbsci think i agree15:25
hobbscthe icons for different applications aren't always noticably different15:25
hobbsctake virtualbox and virt-manager, for example15:25
hobbscnot your average "user" applications15:25
hobbscbut, they're very similar15:25
hobbscmy only other gripe is the clock.  i miss timezones, date+time+weather displays15:26
hobbsci think unity is headed in an interesting direction, but it may not be ready for the public15:26
hobbscchange is hard, etc.15:26
ace__hobbsc: I just got my wife totally away from Windows. She really loves 10.10. I will not let her update or I'll be spending hours trying to show her how to use it. She will get frustrated and boot to her Windows partition.15:27
ace__I agree with the date+time+weather15:27
hobbscmy wife and parents both love 10.1015:28
PiciYou don't need to use Unity.15:28
hobbscand as far as the clock is concerned, at least give me the date displayed with the time15:28
hobbsci haven't figured out how to put it in 24 hour time yet, either15:28
PiciI personally use 'Classic gnome' myself.15:28
ace__Pici: you can use a different UI with 11.04?15:28
Piciace__: Yes.15:29
hobbsci'll likely use unity myself and just leave my wife with gnome15:29
ichathobbsc:  - the prob with unity for me is at least that  any desktop that you may build requires   a  fast  grafics card    not even working properly whit  intel atom based (Non ION)  computers,    i m h o     they shouldn't have used it that way   or at least not as the main  featuresset15:29
hobbscthey're trying to make good changes, i can see the effort15:30
ace__Pici: Do you have a link that shows how to change it?15:31
hobbsci don't think it's ready15:31
Piciichat: There is a 2d version that it falls back to if you don't have a compositing graphics card.15:31
hobbsci think you can just install gnome, or a meta-package to get it all back15:31
enliace__: You mean the old UI before unity?15:31
Piciace__: From the login screen pick 'Classic Gnome' via the sessions selector.15:31
hobbscPici: can you pick the second ui in gdm?15:31
ace__enli: yes15:31
PiciThats available by default.15:31
PiciNo extra install needed.15:31
ace__Pici: Thanks, I'll give it a shot.15:31
hobbscgrabbing the alpha 3 iso now15:33
ichatPici:  -  true   but i woul have rahter have it  ther exact other way araount.  some like it used to be     where you     get the basic  and  than    install the more adavanced     basicly  even with   an older compositing grafic card  i had to  indure error's  than  reverd to 2d   install my drivers and get back to 3d again]\15:34
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 4 starting in 25 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:35
knightstalker'grabbing the alpha 3 iso now' from where? oO15:44
knightstalkerI cant seem to find better then alpha 215:44
yofelknightstalker: there are a3 candidate images that are being tested currently15:46
yofelor just take the daily build15:46
charlie-tca!daily | knightstalker15:49
ubottuknightstalker: Daily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/15:49
h31Hi all. Starting from which issue Ubuntu 11.04 will become usable for an everyday usage in home? RCs?16:12
BUGabundoI tried a daily image on Monday and it was unsable16:12
BUGabundomaybe RC3 gets it a bit better h3116:12
h31BUGabundo, thank you!16:13
methrilhi all16:17
methrilsomeone could tell me if it's safe to upgrade for RV770 ati chipsets?16:17
methrilwell, then i'm going to upgrade16:18
methrilthank you hifi16:18
hifithe nightly kernels are recognized as xen images by grub on amd6416:18
hobbscwell, that's promising... can't boot from the alpha 3 iso16:24
hobbscgot it to boot in virtualbox, though16:27
hobbscno 3d support, i don't think16:27
compengi_the alpha3 live cds are out right?16:49
charlie-tcahave not seen the announcement yet16:50
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hobbscwell, the repo is up16:54
* hobbsc shrugs16:54
hobbsci downloaded it16:54
compengi_hobbsc: any changes so far?16:56
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knightstalkerhobbsc,any bugs fixed?16:58
hobbscknightstalker: i'm not entirely sure... i can't get it to boot on one of my development machines17:05
hobbscgot it to boot in virtualbox, but no 3d support17:05
hobbsci don't know if it's a hardware issue with the devbox17:05
hobbscgoing to try another machine17:05
hobbsclooks like it booted on another box, but i don't know if the vid card in this box is supported17:14
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hypehi !17:56
hobbscfinally got it to boot, installing it on one of my devboxen17:57
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hypei just need a  trivial information: when you want a window to always appear in front of all others permantly, you right click on the top of the window to and select..... can you tell me the text it displays precisely ? (i'm use french translation, i need the menu name for a bug report :))17:58
hobbscAlways On Top17:58
hypehobbsc, thanks ;)17:58
hypewasn't sure actually :p17:58
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scarleoJust upgraded to Natty on test computer. I'm a bit unsure on how to report found bugs. Do you want them here or in launchpad or both?18:26
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PiciHere as in this IRC channel?18:27
scarleoYeah, they sent me here from #ubuntu18:29
Piciscarleo: Yes, that was me who mentioned it.18:30
scarleoBut I've read through the bug reporting page and submitted to Launchpad now18:30
Piciscarleo: Anyway, its sometimes nice to be informed of bugs here, but you really need to file them in lp for them to be acted upon.18:30
scarleoOk, this was a bug in Ubuntu One control panel. It crashes when I click a shared folder under Cloud Folders18:31
scarleoWhat is this screen called in Natty that I get when I click "Applications"?18:36
scarleoPici: What is this screen called in Natty that I get when I click "Applications"?18:39
Piciscarleo: Uh, I don't know.  I'm not using the Unity interface :/18:39
guiharscarleo: Isn't it called "Places"?18:41
scarleoguihar: Ok, never seen it before so I didn't know what to kall it. I'll go for Places ;) Do you know if there will be mouse wheel scrolling in Places?18:43
guiharI don't know, sorry18:44
scarleoguihar: Sorry, I see now that I maybe misunderstood you18:49
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coz_hey all19:16
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jbrokcHi I'm trying to install a package postgresql and libpq-dev and the error I'm getting back is Fails to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/... 404 Not Fount IP []...19:26
jbrokcAnyone know how I might go about fixing this?19:26
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IdleOnejbrokc: try changing your download servers in the Software Sources. System > Admin > Synaptic Package Manager, click on Settings and then select a different server location.19:30
IdleOneafter clicking on settings click on repositories and change the server19:31
Ampelbeinjbrokc: it is unlikely that the main archive has such a problem, did you run 'sudo apt-get update' before trying to install? what does 'apt-cache policy postgresql' show?19:37
IdleOneAmpelbein: actually it is possible the main server is down. people have been complaining for a couple days now that it has been very slow.19:39
AmpelbeinIdleOne: yeah, but it wouldn't give a 404 then?19:40
IdleOne404 is unknown or unreachable ?19:40
AmpelbeinIdleOne: 404 is not found19:40
IdleOnewell yeah if the server is down it would be not found19:41
IdleOneeither way, try changing servers19:41
AmpelbeinIdleOne: no, it would be either 502 (bad gateway) or 503 (service unavailable)19:41
IdleOneca.archive.ubuntu.com is working fine19:43
IdleOnetry that jbrokc19:43
IdleOnewrong window19:43
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trismIs there an option in the ubiquity installer in natty to skip installing grub?19:51
magn3tsVino NEEDS to log by default.19:51
trismFound it, ubiquity -b;20:02
hobbscanybody successfully running unity with alpha 3?20:17
hobbsci've tried it on three machines and compiz crashes each time20:17
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compengihobbsc, do you have nvidia card?20:36
hobbsccompengi: i do20:39
hobbscnvidia drivers loaded, too20:39
hobbscit gives me a mouse pointer and a background20:39
hobbscafter probably 5 minutes, i get a compiz error20:39
hobbscbut in the "classic desktop", or whatever it's called, i have compositing happening20:39
hobbsctransparent terminals, etc.20:40
hobbsci get occasional compiz crashes in classic mode, too20:42
scarleohobbsc: I'm running it pretty successfully, although compiz has started to occasionally crash today20:42
hobbsclet me try a dist-upgrade20:42
scarleohobbsc: with Unity that is20:42
hobbsci haven't managed to get unity running at all on 3 boxes20:43
scarleoI have a load of updates I can't install right now, it asks me to do Partial Update but when I do it says everything is up-to-date20:44
scarleohobbsc: I have ATI card, an old 1200 something20:44
alisalaahTrying to figure out is Ubuntu 11 is going to have better support for DisplayLink, but can't find anything?20:54
nperrybug #72867920:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 728679 in unity (Ubuntu) "[unity] window decoration on non-full screen windows fail" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72867920:59
nperryI don't think compiz has crashed21:00
nperrybut can't put my finger on it21:00
nimbioticshello all. (using v11.04) I created a bash file and gave it execute permissions; but when I try it on the terminal, I get err msg "create_db_dog: command not found". Why? TIA!21:00
nperrynimbiotics: are you calling that command in the bash file?21:02
nimbioticsnperry: I intend to use it as a bash file21:03
yofelif you want to execute the script and it's in your local directory then you need to use ./script21:03
alisalaahsorry got disconnected21:05
alisalaahTrying to figure out is Ubuntu 11 is going to have better support for DisplayLink, but can't find anything?21:05
nimbioticsnperry: I'm very new to linux, I tried executing "./script MyScriptToBe" and got error "MyScriptToBe: command not found"21:07
scarleonimbiotics: its ./MyScriptToBe21:08
nimbioticsscarleo: OIC! thx21:09
yofelnimbiotics: since this isn't really natty related you should rather ask in #ubuntu or #ubuntu-beginners21:09
nimbiotics#ubuntu sent me here; its fixed anyways. THX nperry & scarleo21:10
genii-aroundalisalaah: As far as I can tell, libdlo ( X drivers for DisplayLink ) have not yet been brought into Ubuntu21:10
yofelnimbiotics: what was the reason to send you here o.O?21:11
alisalaahgenii-around, okay np, xorg is a PITA so was hoping the drivers could be used with default monitors settings and be more naturally supported like they are in Win/Mac21:12
nimbioticsyofel: probly just cause I mentioned I was using v11.0421:12
genii-aroundalisalaah: Basically you are using them for multi-seat computer?21:12
yofelnimbiotics: if you're new to linux using a devel release is a bit... - but well if you can live with the system getting broken feel free to hang out here with us21:13
alisalaahlaptop with need to have 2 additional monitors, really no other solution, atm im only able to use one of the monitors via vga on my laptop21:13
alisalaahi played with xorg.conf for a day and could either get the 2 monitors up or the laptop up, never boh :/21:13
alisalaahfollowed every tutorial i could find and read/learned polenty about xorg.conf stuff but eh21:13
scarleoTo what package do one report a more general thing, like no apps honour the setting for default browser?21:18
scarleoI tried doing just ubuntu-bug but none of the alternatives seemed right21:18
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aguitelhow can install alpha 3 only with gnome21:19
alisalaahI was going to test-drive the alpha, but before i did, curious is the global menu "feature" able to be turned off?21:21
aguitelanyway to reset to gnome (no unity )21:22
alisalaahone of the things i hated the most in OS X was that21:22
yofelaguitel: you can select classic at login and use that in the future, but I don't think you can install without unity21:24
nimbioticsyofel: I will, THX!21:25
aguitelyofel, but when installed the system is anyway to remove all unity ?21:25
yofelI don't know, but you can try21:25
aguitelyofel, many bugs are in alpha 3 ?21:26
yofeldepends on what you use, but there are several21:27
aguiteli need to install natty coz my netbook (aspireone d260) need the last kernel21:27
aguitelthis netbook came with SD cardreader that work only with last kernel21:29
genii-aroundaguitel: I have 64bit Kubuntu Natty on my d260, it runs nice21:29
alisalaahWon't Unity bring about a merge between Ubuntu and Kubuntu, or no plans of that?21:29
aguitelgenii-around, what about the card reader ?21:29
aguitelgenii-around, does it work fine ?21:30
genii-aroundaguitel: My card reader works fine. Although there is no way to boot from it. I installed from USB stick21:30
yofelalisalaah: unity default is still GTK - only unity-2d is Qt, and there are still worlds between KDE and unity. Stronger collaboration related to Qt: sure21:30
aguitelgenii-around, 64 bits ?21:30
genii-aroundaguitel: Yes. The cpu is atom N450 which is 64 bit21:31
aguitelgenii-around, better than i386 ?21:31
genii-aroundaguitel: I didn't bother trying to use the 32bit on it, went with a fresh 64bit install21:32
aguitelgenii-around, you install kubuntu with :apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ?21:32
aguitelgenii-around, how you install kubuntu?21:36
genii-aroundaguitel: No. I downloaded an iso on my desktop machine and made a bootable usb from it which I used to install21:36
aguitelgenii-around, netbootin you use for this?21:36
genii-aroundaguitel: Work keeps calling me away from the computer, if there is lag it's because I'm doing something, not ignoring you :)21:37
aguitelor usb-creator ?21:37
genii-aroundaguitel: "Startup Disk Creator" on my other Kubuntu box21:37
aguitelgenii-around, ok21:37
genii-aroundHah. Plasma crashed on me just now.21:38
yofelgenii-around: if the crash trace is Qt X11 XI2 related then you have bug 725959 - I got that a lot in the last days, the ppa package there works fine21:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 725959 in qt4-x11 (Ubuntu) "libqt4 4:4.7.1-0ubuntu10, 11 and 12 produce segfault in VirtualBox (libqtgui4)" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72595921:40
aguitelgenii-around, i try to install new kernel from ppa in the netbook but wireless card dont work21:40
aguitelgenii-around, from 10.04.221:41
genii-aroundaguitel: Yes, the wifi is a pain on that one.21:42
aguitelgenii-around, sd card works but wireless not21:43
genii-aroundyofel: I am running regular natty repos, then kubuntu ppa's of beta and experimental21:43
yofelthe kubuntu ppas are unrelated to this21:44
genii-aroundyofel: Which ppa, the xorg-edgers ?21:50
yofelgenii-around: no, the one mentioned on the bug from the utouch-team21:50
genii-aroundAh, OKJ21:50
aguitelgeser, bye bye21:55
aguitelgenii-around, by bye21:55
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coz_hey guys22:03
bp0the alpha 3 install live cd keeps asking me if i want to start package manager because a volume with software packages has been detected22:06
bp0while it is installing22:06
Black_PhantomHey, is 11.04 going go to have Gnome 3 ?22:07
bp0not as default22:08
bp0but you can install it yourself22:08
Black_PhantomI see22:08
Black_Phantomalright, thanks.22:08
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SeverianWell, the new alpha fails much more quickly than the earlier alphas.  I guess that saves me time trying to install.23:09
SeverianI use the alternate installer and it goes to a blank screen after asking about the time zone.23:10
coz_Severian,   which video do you have?23:14
SeverianI am installing in a VirtualBox 3.16 instance.  The Host is Ubuntu Maverick.23:14
coz_ah ok23:15
SeverianI'll burn a CD and install on hardware probably tonight.23:15
coz_Severian,  would be interesting to see if there is a difference with hard drive install  vs  virtual23:15
SeverianI'll report back.  As well as open a bug, if I don't find one already entered.23:16
__yhvh__hey, got sent here from #ubuntu, trying to set the Ayatana Scrollbars globally23:21
coz___yhvh__,  are they stable  yet?23:21
coz___yhvh__,  I havent tried them yet23:22
coz_sod I dont know23:22
coz_so not sod23:22
coz___yhvh__,  however I would guess they would be implimented globally for release ... yes?23:22
__yhvh__someone asked on mark s's blog post about them, but the hint isn't enough for me23:23
coz___yhvh__,  probably a better place would be  #ayatana23:23
coz___yhvh__,  I believe they just had a discussion about that there23:24
coz___yhvh__,    <a3Dman> how to make overlay scrollbars default?23:24
coz_<zekopeko> lol, I just came to ask the same question23:24
coz_<a3Dman> zekopeko, ;)23:24
coz_<RAOF> Just export the variable system-wide.23:24
coz_<RAOF> See, for example, /etc/X11/Xsession.d/80appmenu23:24
SeverianWell, I want to file a bug on the alternate installer being broken, but Launchpad seems to have changed and I don't see how to open a bug.  Maybe this is another way of saving me time, but I did want to help.23:28
SeverianIt tells me to use apport with the package name.  It is the installer, not a package.23:28
yofelSeverian: the package for the alternate installer is 'debian-installer'23:29
SeverianOK.  I'll try that.  Thank you.23:29
Severianyofel, OK.  Bug reported.  Thanks again.23:44

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