charlie-tcaalpha3 fails for accessibility install; orca starts and quits immediately when you get to the live desktop00:32
charlie-tcaI think there is too much crashing to make it usable by orca00:33
hajourhai Pendulum  and charlie-tca 00:37
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hajourwe just discovered undifined was hacked today .and the hacker comes root straight away00:38
hajourhe use the owner his name00:38
hajourto do things under the ownders name00:38
hajourwhat seams to have happen to by jacky possible00:39
hajourwe now let all teammembers from speechcontrol and wintermute check there pc s00:40
hajourhe was in 5 attempts true ssh00:40
hajourin amazingly fast way00:40
hajourundi will give logs from it to help irc00:41
hajourundi said i never have this fast way hacking00:41
hajourhe camre true ssh00:41
hajourand undi have worked by government and by europese license office00:42
charlie-tcaIf a hacker got in through ssh, can he tell who it was?00:42
hajourso he know from security00:42
hajourits a a ip from a turkish server00:42
Pendulumyeah, but IP doesn't mean that much. Anyone can buy a server somewhere00:43
hajourDoruk.net 00:43
hajour server in Istanbul - TURKEY00:43
hajourAlanBell, had checked it00:44
Pendulum(or if it's a really good hacker, they could be using a machine they've hacked into to then hack into more machines00:44
macoyou're not a bank, and you're not a government. the authorities won't care that someone tried to crack your system00:44
hajourits means security needs to be improved00:44
Pendulumthey'll care if they stole identity and start using your credit cards, but that's about it00:44
hajouri care when wintermute things and speechcontrol things are gone00:45
hajourthey even have used it to come on wiki00:45
hajourwhat explaned why the links from the wiki where linking to empty pages00:46
hajourthat happened on 18 february00:46
hajouri don't think linux like to be hacked 00:46
hajourwell just do with the info you all want00:47
hajourjust don't say i have not warned for it00:47
hajourthe hacker use the owners name00:47
hajouryou only can see it on the ip adress00:47
hajouri have say jacky to warn everone from wintermute and speechcontrol that all team members need to check there  pc00:49
hajourtill later i am very busy at the moment not meant to be rude just want to inform you thats all00:50
hajourfor info undifined have logs to proof it and to let see how the hacker works00:51
hajourhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/574729/   its all on here00:52
TheMusocharlie-tca: Hrm let me try the alpha 3 candidate and see if I can reproduce what you found with Orca.00:58
TheMusoIf ssh is involved, IMO key authentication is the only way to do.00:59
hajourpaultag is already busy with it01:07
hajouri think he know that things TheMuso ?or need i to tell him01:07
TheMusohajour: He likely knows.01:14
charlie-tcaTheMuso: thanks. 01:14
charlie-tcaMine was a hardware installation here01:14
hajourok thank you TheMuso :)01:14
charlie-tcaI will probably try it again tomorrow, and file all the crash reports, but I am too tired today to file them all01:15
hajourgood night charlie-tca :)01:16
charlie-tcagood night, hajour 01:16
hajourits 2:16 here in night01:16
hajourundi is still awake01:16
charlie-tcaget some rest, morning comes too fast01:16
hajourhe don't want to go sleeping before this is resolved01:16
hajourand he have to be awake again at 6:0001:17
TheMusoThat pastebin does not show how the hack was successful...01:18
TheMusoUnless I missed something.01:18
TheMusoAll I see are invalid attempts, then, stuff to do with a session close for root.01:18
hajouri just have said to undi what you said TheMuso 01:19
hajourhe comes later tomorrow again and will explain it then01:20
hajouri am not a IT person01:21
hajouri only have give true what undifined said01:21
TheMusohajour: No problem, just not sure if I've missed something.01:22
hajourhe says it have no use to do true me he better tell it himself01:22
* TheMuso is now checking his gateway box ssh related activity, since he has an open ssh port for when he is on the road.01:22
hajourbut now he really need to sleep he only have 4 hours left to sleep01:22
charlie-tcaTheMuso, hajour : I see nothing in that pastebin either, except failed attempts.01:22
* TheMuso usuallyd oes check, but check again after the above discovery.01:23
hajourcharlie-tca,  undifined will tel tomorrow01:23
hajourhe need to sleep01:23
charlie-tcaI will to. so far, my firewall has held up well. I will go look in the logs tonight though and make sure01:23
hajourok charlie-tca  and TheMuso :)01:24
hajouri also need to go to sleep01:24
hajouri have 5 hours left then the kids need to wake up01:24
hajourgoodnight TheMuso  and charlie-tca 01:25
hajourand everyone else 01:25
* hajour yawns01:25
TheMusocharlie-tca: For me, the minimum requirements for ssh are key authenticatino only, and only allowing specific users with the AllowUser directive.01:25
TheMusomy logs are absolutely full of root ssh attempts, which is blocked.01:25
charlie-tcayup, I get hits constantly on my firewall. I use key authentication, but also specific ip's allowed in only01:26
charlie-tcaI set iptables up to only allow my local ip addresses in01:27
TheMusoYeah thats ok if you know where you are connecting from, but when on the road/over seas, I never know.01:27
charlie-tcathat's true01:27
charlie-tcaI can not even connect myself when not at home01:27
TheMusoThats fair enough if you are willing to live with that.01:28
TheMusoWow, a lot of attempts with oracle as the username.01:28
charlie-tcaI am not smart enough to know how to set it safely for other uses01:30
TheMusoFair enough.01:31
Cheri703I have fail2ban set up on mine01:31
charlie-tcanever quite figured that out either01:31
Cheri703I just install it and leave it at default :)01:31
Cheri703locks you out after 3 failed attempts01:31
* Cheri703 tried it successfully then had to wait for it to clear -_-01:31
Cheri703*tried to get it to block er01:32
TheMusoCheri703: How long does it take to clear?01:32
Cheri70315 or so minutes? maybe?01:32
Cheri703I think that's one of the things you can change, but I haven't bothered01:32
Cheri703but it may be long enough to get whoever is poking at it to move on01:33
TheMusofair enough.01:33
Cheri7033 failed attempts and that ip isn't allowed access01:33
Cheri703just a small protection piece01:33
Cheri703I dunno, maybe I'm too lax with mine01:33
TheMusoYeah, I think keys do a large part of securing SSH, you just have to be careful with the keys themselves.01:33
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TheMusocharlie-tca: Whilst booting into the desktop with accessibility/orca enabled works for me, I suspect I might know what caused it for you, and I think its a race. WIll upload a fix for it post alpha 3.02:45
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freglhi, would anyone be interested in packaging the Qt at-spi bridge some time?17:25
AlanBellfregl: probably17:43
AlanBellfregl: where is the code?17:43
freglAlanBell: it needs at-spi2 to work, other than that it is a single .so plugin. feedback welcome http://gitorious.org/qt-at-spi17:45
AlanBellmaco: ^^17:45
macowill give it a look this weekend17:46
AlanBellmaco: I am interested in helping, but you are the Qt guru17:58
maconot a guru17:58
macojust someone with a teensy bit of qt programming knowledge17:59
AlanBelleverything is relative17:59
darkdevil666Hey hi!18:48
darkdevil666is there any team working on voice recognition?18:49
Pendulumdarkdevil666: it's kinda complicated, but you probably want to talk to hajour and UndiFineD about speechcontrol18:50
Pendulumit's an upstream project that was started by them18:51
Pendulumbascially, voice recognition is something that linux and open source in general is waaay behind on18:51
Pendulumbut hopefully speechcontrol will improve some of it for Ubuntu18:52
PendulumI think it's really mainly meant for commands right now18:52
Pendulum(but they're also still a very new project)18:52
darkdevil666that's wonderful18:52
Pendulumthings that aren't so closely ubuntu related you might also want to look at are julius and CMUSphinx and simon listens18:53
UndiFineDThanks pen18:53
Pendulumyou're welcome :)18:53
Pendulum(I'm head of the ubuntu accessibility team so it's kinda what I do to know this stuff ;-) )18:54
Pendulum(especially since I'm not a developer)18:54
darkdevil666thnks a lot pendulum18:54
PendulumUndiFineD: sorry, I missed that you said that. but I'm happy to send people your way who are interested :)18:54
Pendulumdarkdevil666: you're welcome :)18:55
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