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dustinHello everyone04:48
dustinIs there anyone around that might be able to help me with a problem?04:48
GrueMasterDepends on the problem.  There are a few awake, others will be waking shortly.05:06
dustinLast night I installed used https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OMAPMaverickInstall to install 10.10 on a 4GB microSD. However when I try to boot the BeagleBoard it gets to "Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel." and then halts for a while after which it reboots. Do you have any idea what might be going on?06:41
GrueMasterdustin: This is normal.  The images are designed for a system with a monitor.  The first time you boot, a script in the initramfs expands the root partition to fill the empty space on the SD card, then reboots.  The second boot will start X with oem-config so you can configure the language, timezone, and user info.07:09
GrueMasterIf you are looking for an image that doesn't require a monitor, we should have a minimal image that can be configured via serial port when we release natty.  Stay tuned.07:10
GrueMasterOr use rootstock to create one.07:10
dustinnp, I can attach a monitor for now. Thanks!07:10
GrueMasterYou will also need a keyboard & mouse.07:10
dustinmakes sense07:11
dustinI have everything for that configuration, just not at my house07:12
dustinQuick question07:12
GrueMasterReal quick.  It is bedtime for me.  :P07:12
dustinWill it still require the monitor/mouse/keyboard after it's setup? I would like to run it headless once it's setup.07:13
GrueMasterUnfortunately yes, but you can make some tweaks to make it headless.  After you go through oem-config and return to gdm, you can log in and install openssh-server so you can ssh into it.  You can also create a serial login by making a /etc/init/ttyO2.conf file (may be ttyS2 for maverick).  Use one of the existing tty.conf files as a guide.07:16
dustingreat, thanks again. Have a good one.07:16
ogra_NCommander, hey ... i adjusted Bug #727468 a bit, dont set bugs to high if they dont affect all arches (i have been slapped for that by the bugteam in the past)10:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 727468 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu "ubiquity-slideshow tears down oem-config on armel" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72746810:21
NCommanderogra_: Critical10:22
ogra_dont set them to critical10:22
NCommanderand I didn't, it was already critical when I got there10:22
NCommanderI just made the other bit match10:22
ogra_must have been tobin then10:22
ogra_yeah, thanks for that10:22
NCommanderogra_: yeah, the work around works, GrueMaster tested it before he went to sleep10:22
ogra_i added the slideshow to the loop, though its probably disputable to just add webkit directly10:23
* NCommander is "enjoying" insonima10:23
ogra_NCommander, yup, i saw that in the backlog10:23
ogra_NCommander, awesome work of you two tonight !!!10:23
NCommanderogra_: its been known to happen ;-)10:23
ogra_thanks for taking over the last (but most important) bit of that10:23
NCommanderogra_: I'm just happy we didn't need to keep you up to sponsor + do respins10:24
ogra_i hope ricardo has a magic idea for webkit now ;)10:24
* NCommander cheers10:24
NCommanderI don't get the sucky bug for once!10:24
ogra_he picked it faster :P10:24
NCommander(and I probably doomed myself for o-cycle ...)10:24
ogra_probably not knowing what he got himself into10:24
NCommanderogra_: I feel like now would be a great time to suddenly go on vacation10:25
ogra_wrong ... now would be the time to get a quad core, 4G, SATA ARM board ;)10:26
NCommanderogra_: pfft. webkit can not be as bad as openoffice.org10:27
ogra_no, its more in the area of QT :)10:28
NCommanderogra_: Qt still only took a day to build10:29
ogra_yeah, nothing compared to OO.o :P10:29
NCommanderogra_: OO.o took two and a half with four Babbage boards10:30
ogra_it takes 36h atm iirc10:30
ogra_look at LP :)10:30
NCommanderbuilding in and of itself was an interesting experiment in-10:30
NCommanderogra_: bah, we've gotten better hardware :-/10:31
ogra_no, still same HW10:31
ogra_well, we got some XMs in the pool10:31
ogra_but they are as slow as babbage10:31
* ogra_ just got a hack for the ac100 kernel that makes SD access actually run at 20M/s10:32
NCommanderogra_: weee10:32
NCommandercan we get a 35 kernel10:32
ogra_i wonde if the same hack is missing at the omap4 kernes10:32
ogra_seems you didnt follow #ac100 for a while :)10:32
ogra_work on .36 is pretty far10:33
ogra_it boots, kbd, screen and touchpad work10:33
NCommanderogra_: nifty. where's the ubuntu image ;-)10:33
ogra_they are still working on getting the clocks right but it looks like i can roll a natty image with a 36 kernel which is mostly mainline+chromeos10:33
ogra_will come10:34
ogra_but i want a stable kernel first10:34
ogra_its close but not fully ready10:34
NCommanderwish I had the motivation/drive to help with that10:34
ogra_oh, and there was an android 2.2 update10:34
ogra_which means that toshiba will release a .32 kernel soon10:35
hrwogra_: you can run even 2.3 with 2.6.29 kernel10:35
NCommanderI'm going to probably go to sleep10:36
ogra_hrw, yes, but the 2.2 update uses .32 on the ac10010:36
ogra_NCommander, yeah, get some sleep before the meeting10:36
NCommanderogra_: my alarm is set, but my brain might be on autopilot if I don't pass out10:37
ogra_we'll make tobin poke you ;)10:37
hrwargh.. gtk+2.0 depends on libqt3 to build10:37
ogra_collaboration ftw10:37
hrwat least according to xdeb10:37
NCommanderhrw: ow10:39
* NCommander notes that our collaboration went too far when a library called libqtgconf came into existance :-(10:39
ogra_wait for libqtgnome and libgtkkde10:45
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loologra: Hey11:17
loologra: ISTR you told me someone would look into https://code.launchpad.net/~sveinse/project-rootstock/apt-source-fix/+merge/47387 but I don't remember who?11:17
ogralool, ricardo12:12
ogralool, heh and i told you you would get complaints for the mx51 stuff *g*12:13
* ogra is happy he wasnt the one 12:13
janimoquite a few LP users have armel in their names, making the team subscription require a few clicks12:34
ogrause ubuntu-armel12:37
janimoogra, NCommander webkit is probably smaller than QT as QT includes webkit as a submodule :)12:37
janimoregarding pkg build times12:37
ograpfft, details :)12:37
doko_ogra, janimo, GrueMaster: libreoffice did build in natty. could somebody of you test it?12:38
janimodoko_, oh I did not notice a new upload. Great12:38
janimodoko_, where? Last upload still FTBFS12:39
janimosince a few days ago12:39
doko_janimo: kakadu/~doko/lo/3.3/12:39
doko_not yet uploaded12:39
janimoah ok12:39
janimoCan it be tested on kakadu via ssh -X ?12:39
janimothat's what I'd test anyway on my panda as I have no monitor hooked up now12:40
ograif you have a very very fast internet connection you could probably test it in a chroot12:40
janimoah, it is in a chroot, forgot that had issues with remote X12:41
ograits only packages actually12:44
ograkakadu is a porter box, i dont think you have any environment available to test X packages, you would have to set up a chroot for that first12:44
ograand then somehow bend the shh X proxy to output to the internet12:45
ogra*and* have a very fast connection ;)12:45
ogratheoretically its possible i think, practically its surely faster to test locally12:45
hrwdefine 'very fast'12:45
hrwfor some 1Mbps is very fast, for others 10Mbps is slow12:46
doko_janimo: no, no custom package installs, and no X forwarding12:46
ograi dont think running X apps over less than 10Mbps is usable12:46
ograat least through an ssh tunnel ... XDMCP might be better here12:47
ograbut elmo will kill you and your firstborn if you inject XDMCP into a porter box in the DC ;)12:47
loolrsalveti: Did you intend to look at that rootstock merge request I mentioned earlier?13:09
rsalvetilool: I'm not going to merge this for next release, that should be around next week13:09
ogras/not// ?13:09
rsalvetifor now I just want bug fixes, but will merge after next release13:09
rsalvetithere are enough bugs for a bugfix only release13:11
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Hairospeaking about arm-powered devices...16:00
Hairowhat about linux-powered smartphones16:01
GrueMasterUm, heard of android?16:02
Hairono, i mean linux embedded devices...16:09
Hairolike some motorolas (ie: rokr e8, zine zn5)16:10
GrueMasterWell, all work on this channel is armv7 based, so it wouldn't work anyways.16:11
Hairook :(16:12
ogranot android based though :)16:12
ograwe dont do java ;)16:12
ograHairo, if you find a v7 smartphone and do work on stuff this channel is right though16:14
Hairono, only v5, v6 is what i have... sorry...16:18
ograthen debian is for you i'd guess16:18
ograthey are compatible down to v4t16:18
Hairothanks for the info...16:19
ericb2looks like people are not welcome on #debian-arm16:30
ericb2=> You have been kicked from #debian-arm by ChanServ (Invite only channel)16:30
ograon OFTC ?16:30
ericb2ogra: no, freenode16:30
ogranote the debian channels arent on freenode16:30
ericb2ogra: interesting16:30
ericb2ogra: thanks16:30
ericb2ogra : works better :)16:32
rsalvetijanimo: seems we have gles support for mythtv, but it's currently upstream only16:41
rsalvetinot integrated to the version we're using at natty16:41
rsalvetiand there are more than 10 patches for it to work, it seems16:42
rsalvetithis support would probably fix the ftbfs, and also add a new feature16:42
rsalvetiuseful for arm, but don't know if the mythtv team wants to have it now or just fix the ftbfs by disabling opengl on arm16:43
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prpplaguersalveti: ping19:21
rsalvetiprpplague: pong19:21
prpplaguersalveti: do you happen to know if the current ubuntu dev tree has support for the dvi interface on the panda?19:21
rsalvetiprpplague: we're working on that to be integrated probably next week19:22
rsalvetiwith the 38 kernel19:22
prpplaguersalveti: ahh ok19:22
rsalvetiheavily based on http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=roc/ubuntu-natty.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ti-omap4-dev-linaro19:23
rsalvetiwe'll probably just put some more fixes and then change it to be our default one19:23
GrueMasterIs that rework that you did back in October required for DVI?  If so, I won't be able to test it.19:23
rsalvetiwe're still using the 35 one19:23
rsalvetiGrueMaster: prpplague should know better19:23
prpplagueGrueMaster: techincally no, you can drive the DPI inteface from the DSS_FCLK, but the divisors are limited and you don't get exact clocks19:25
prpplagueGrueMaster: my suggestion is that if you have an older board with the DSI2_PLL unpowered, you need to get with nipuna and have it swapped out asap19:26
GrueMasterSo short answer (for us non-HW engineers) is no?19:26
GrueMasterMine is the EA1.19:27
rsalvetiprobably maybe :-)19:27
rsalvetias we got some pre-production boards19:27
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prpplagueGrueMaster: short answer is that your board will work, but you can only test one of the two possible configurations19:27
GrueMasterrsalveti: From what I remember, 2 of the boards we got at the October rally were reworked, and 4 were not.19:27
GrueMasterYours & Brian's iirc.19:28
prpplagueGrueMaster: i'd contact nipuna and get your swapped out, let him know you are doing DVI testing19:29
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GrueMasterOk.  I'll go through davidm.  Might just swap with him as he has new ones for the ppa pool (which won't need DVI).19:30
GrueMasterFaster turn around this way.19:30
hrwericm|ubuntu: do you plan to have imx xserver in ubuntu?20:10
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dustinCan anyone help me get networking working?22:55
dustinnm, got it! :D22:57

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