kristian-aalborganyone else having flash trouble tonight (more than usual)?00:52
kristian-aalborgah, nm... off to bed - see ya00:53
Red-Ravenwhat's the command to connect to a local ssh server? isn't it just localhost?01:14
Red-Ravenhey nit-wit!01:14
nit-withey hows it going?01:15
Red-Ravennot bad. having to get used to linux again after being gone for so long. lot of personal projects kept me away for a while, but now i'm back on the ssh server.01:16
geirhassh localhost01:18
nit-witas long as your happy that is what counts.:)01:18
Red-Ravenwell im definatly glad to be back. the personal projects were a lot of fun though and im still no where near done with them all.01:19
Red-Raventhanks geirha.01:19
Red-Ravenssh -p 56 localhost lets you join the local host under port 56 right?01:22
geirhaYes, it connects to port 56 instead of the default, 22.01:24
Red-Ravenweird....now i can't even connect locally....01:24
geirhaIs the server listening on that port?   sudo fuser -v 56/tcp01:26
Red-RavenUSER      PID ACCESS COMMAND (1st line)  56/tcp: root 607 F....sshd (2nd line)01:27
geirhaRight, so there's an sshd process listening on port 56.01:28
geirhaThen it's refusing you access for whatever reason.01:28
Red-Ravenhm.... a problem on the client or router?01:29
geirhaadd -v to the ssh command to get verbose output.01:29
geirhaAdd additional -v's to get even more verbose output01:29
geirhaIt should tell you why the server is refusing you access.01:30
Red-Ravendebug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config01:30
Red-Ravendebug1: Applying options for *01:30
Red-Ravendebug2: ssh_connect: needpriv 001:30
Red-Ravendebug1: Connecting to localhost [::1] port 84.01:30
Red-Ravendebug1: connect to address ::1 port 84: Connection refused01:30
Red-Ravendebug1: Connecting to localhost [] port 84.01:30
Red-Ravendebug1: connect to address port 84: Connection refused01:30
Red-Ravenssh: connect to host localhost port 84: Connection refused01:30
JoeMaverickSett!pastebin | Red-Raven01:31
ubot2Red-Raven: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:31
aveilleux!pastebin | Red-Raven01:31
Red-Raven(i was actually using port 84, thats not a typo)01:31
Red-Ravensry :(01:31
charlie-tcathen it won't connect using port 56, will it?01:32
Red-Ravenno. i was using 56 as an example. in reality i was using 84, which shouldn't make a difference.01:32
geirhaRed-Raven: Hm. Look in /var/log/auth.log01:34
jdeslaur2anyone using virtual box?01:35
aveilleuxjdeslaur2: I do, what's up01:36
Red-Ravengeirha, im there. what am i looking for?01:37
geirhaRed-Raven: messages from sshd saying why your connection was refused.01:37
geirhaRed-Raven: Anyway, can't help you any further tonight. Have to get some sleep. Good luck. :)01:39
Red-Ravenk. night.01:39
jdeslaur2is the max resolution in virtual box 800x600?01:42
aveilleuxjdeslaur2: Did you install guest additions?01:43
jdeslaur2aveilleux: that might be what I forgot01:44
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xAndromedaso i moved a file and now i cant find it O.o02:34
holsteinyou remember the name?02:35
holsteinlocate it02:35
xAndromedai did $sudo mv .themes/KUORA /usr/share/02:35
xAndromedathat should move kuora to the share folder right?02:35
holsteinthats what i would expect02:35
xAndromedaits not there :(02:35
holsteinlocate KUORA02:36
xAndromedai searched it and nothing came up02:36
xAndromedaalso mu /usr/share/themes folder seems to be gone02:38
xAndromedaand im sure i didnt mess with that02:38
xAndromedawhut am i suposed to do ? lol02:40
holsteinseems like its just themes02:40
holsteineasy enough to replace02:41
xAndromedahow? O.o02:41
holsteincopy from a live CD ?02:41
holsteinat least its not your data02:41
xAndromedahow do i copy from a live cd?02:42
xAndromedaoh ic02:42
xAndromedawhere on the disk02:44
xAndromedawould it be in? O.o02:44
holstein/usr/share/themes ?02:44
charlie-tcawhere did you get the theme originally?02:45
xAndromedabut anyways in the boot disk i dont see a sur drive02:46
holsteinxAndromeda: you could just reinstall a theme02:48
holsteinand i bet it will just be regenerated02:48
holsteinthe /usr/share/themes dir02:48
xAndromedathats a great idea! lol02:49
holstein*in theory02:49
xAndromedaits not important is it?02:55
xAndromedabrb relog02:56
xAndromedahey do you think i can replace it with02:57
xAndromedathe ./theme02:57
holsteinxAndromeda: can or should?02:59
holsteinsounds like you might should quit while you're still ahead ;)02:59
xAndromedawell hopefully this wont kill me03:00
holsteincant kill you03:00
holsteingo for it :)03:00
xAndromedasudo mv ~/Downloads/themes /usr/share/03:02
xAndromedadoes that look right?03:02
xAndromedai moved a copy of the .theme folder from home, renamed it and put it in downlaods03:02
holsteini would cp them03:02
xAndromedahow would you do that?03:03
xAndromedawell i coped the .theme folder to dl folder03:03
xAndromedarelog :D03:04
holsteincp instead of mv03:05
vtorany 1 there03:12
vtorhello need help people > installed ubuntu 8.04 then upgraded to 10.04 through update that came on screen now i have no apps places sysytem??03:13
holsteinvtor: no menu?03:14
holsteinvtor: do you get error messages?03:14
holsteinvtor: did the upgrade complete?03:14
aveilleuxvtor: Right-click on your top panel, and hit "Add to panel". Select "Menu bar".03:14
vtorno cant do that no panel03:24
vtorupgrade finished perfect03:24
vtorno errors03:24
holsteinvtor: there not hiding right?03:25
holsteinvtor: have you restarted?03:25
vtoryh restarted 5times03:25
holsteini was thinking if you had them set to auto-hide03:25
holsteinin 8.0403:25
holsteinmaybe something funky was going on relating to that03:25
holsteinvtor: try hitting alt+F203:28
holsteinand running03:28
holsteinanother suggestion im reading is creating a new user03:29
vtorhold on restarting03:29
holsteinand moving files over03:29
holsteinBUT, you could make a new user03:29
holsteinand see if the panels are there03:29
vtorwhere u readin this?03:29
holsteinas a trouble-shooting step03:30
holsteini was searching for 'accidentally removed panels'03:30
holsteinnot quite the issue03:30
holsteinbut, the same result03:30
vtoralt f2 run application03:31
vtorclick on show list of apps there all there03:31
holsteingnome-panel didnt do anything?03:32
vtorwhat do u mean03:32
holsteinwhen you hit alt+F203:32
holsteinand type in the box03:33
holsteinand hit the run button03:33
holsteinnothing happened?03:33
vtorno nothing03:33
holsteini think if it were me03:33
vtorshall i reinstall gnome panel03:33
vtorfrom terminal03:33
holsteini would try the user thing03:33
holsteinadd a user and log in03:34
vtorhow do i add a user login03:34
holsteinthen, i would try and repair the stuff in my user03:34
vtortold u im a noob03:34
holstein^^ that looks like what i would do03:36
holsteinthen, you'll know more about what the problem is03:36
holsteinand what you want to do about it03:36
vtorok cool03:37
vtorthabks holstein03:37
holsteinvtor: good luck03:37
holsteinthats just going to be some fiddly upgrade glitch03:37
holsteinyou'll get it :)03:37
vtoryh well i go 8.04 installed lol03:38
vtorim earning03:38
vtori wish i was earning03:38
xAndromedathe su command03:42
xAndromedagrants super user right?03:42
holsteinxAndromeda: sudo03:43
xAndromedawhat does su do?03:43
xAndromedanvm o.o03:44
aveilleuxxAndromeda: su stands for "switch user"03:45
aveilleuxxAndromeda: sudo means "super user do"03:45
vtorholstein u there?03:54
vtorjust added new user03:54
vtorloading now03:54
vtorfingers crossed03:54
vtorno comp loading had 2 restart03:54
vtornautlius could not create the following folders /home/vtor/ desktop, /home/vtor.nautilus03:56
vtori think i will have to install 10.04 from cd  i know how to do that now just a matter of getting it on cd my cddvd drive broke on my lappy03:58
holsteinvtor: im sure you can sort it out03:58
holsteinthats the kind of thing that would bug me though03:58
holsteintil i did a fresh install ;)03:58
vtoryes but i like it because i have learned so much today03:59
vtorwhen things go wrong u learn03:59
vtorwell i do03:59
vtorits buggin me bad03:59
vtoris there a way i can uninstall 10.0403:59
vtorbk 2 8.0403:59
aveilleuxvtor: You mean downgrade?03:59
aveilleuxvtor: Not really03:59
vtornot really04:00
vtorits possible tho?04:00
aveilleuxvtor: Not to my knowledge04:00
vtorok lemme throw it out there in other room04:00
NJSchultz07hello. I need a hand install the /boot file onto a hard drive seperate from ubuntu in order to get a dualboot windows system working05:00
bioterrorI have windows and ubuntu on same hard drive and the dual boot works just fine05:02
bioterrorso what's your problem?05:03
NJSchultz07grub2 is not loading at boot up.05:04
NJSchultz07I know why. and what to change to fix it, just not how to fix it.05:04
bioterrorcopy your /boot to another partition05:06
bioterroror drive what ever05:06
NJSchultz07I'm not sure how to do that properly05:06
bioterrorsudo blkid05:06
bioterrortake the UUID05:06
bioterrorsudo nano /etc/fstab05:06
NJSchultz07i'm sorry i'm very new to all this. UUID?05:07
bioterrorUUID=<insert your partitions uuid where boot lies now> /boot ext4 defaults 0 105:07
ubot2To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)05:07
NJSchultz07ok i've got the uuid05:09
bioterrorbut I have to flee to train05:10
bioterrorJackyAlcine or someone else will assist you ;)05:10
NJSchultz07ok, thanks05:10
NJSchultz07jackyalcine, bioterror said you could help.05:11
JackyAlcineHey NJSchultz07, I can.05:12
JackyAlcineDo you have another disk or free partition that you can copy the boot folder to?05:12
NJSchultz07i do. the windows hard drive has two partitions, one for OS and the other for files. I was thinking the files partition?05:13
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JackyAlcineWell, like bioterror had mentioned; running sudo nano /etc/fstab would open a terminal text-editor that shows the partition mount on boot.05:16
NJSchultz07yeah, i've opened that but i'm not really sure what to do with it.05:17
Omsniffiscentctrl+z lol05:18
NJSchultz07what did opening that up do?05:18
Omsniffiscenterr ctrl+x05:19
NJSchultz07ok. that exited out of it. z happened to do the same as x05:20
JackyAlcineNJSchultz07: It displays the UUIDs so when you use the 'sudo blkid -U <UUID>' command, you could find the UNIX path (ie: /dev/sda1)05:20
NJSchultz07I thought blkid displayed that already05:21
NJSchultz07i'm sorry. I learn quick but i am rather new at all this05:21
JackyAlcineNJSchultz07: It did, when provided the UUID, but this is so you can easily do a 'cp -f' (recursive copy)05:22
OmsniffiscentI'm sorry I wasn't being helpful, I was being humorous. :(05:22
bioterror!fstab | NJSchultz0705:23
ubot2NJSchultz07: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:23
NJSchultz07ok. so once i've opened fstab, then what?05:24
bioterroryou add the uuid line05:24
bioterrorwith you uuid05:24
NJSchultz07does it matter where the uuid line is in the file? top/bottom? and just to clarifly, this is the UUID of the drive the /boot is currently on?05:25
bioterrori place them under /05:29
NJSchultz07ok. could you please give me the format what what to type again, i believe you said it started with UUID=05:30
bioterrorUUID=<insert your partitions uuid where boot lies now> /boot ext4 defaults 0 105:31
NJSchultz07should the UUID and EXT4 have parentheses around them as they did in blkid?05:32
NJSchultz07if no, then thats done and that line has been entered05:33
bioterroris your new /boot partition ext4 or what?05:33
NJSchultz07not gonna work?05:34
bioterrorthat wont work05:35
NJSchultz07I know when I installed ubuntu it was able to resize an existing ntfs partition, could i simply create a small partition on the primary hard drive in ext4 to put the boot onto?05:35
bioterror100MB is enuff for the /boot05:36
bioterroras therres only few kernels05:36
NJSchultz07ok. I tried to resize the partition in gparted, but seemed to be having some problems getting it to work05:37
bioterrorbut idont understand why you cant boot05:37
bioterrorwhats your problem05:37
bioterrorlike for real05:37
bioterrornow after this worthless hustle05:37
NJSchultz07i cant boot because ubuntu is on a SATA HD hooked up through a PCI card. my computer is old and the BIOS doesnt recognize my second SATA HD on boot up, only my initial IDE HD05:38
NJSchultz07i have the latest BIOS05:39
bioterrorditch the windows :D05:39
bioterrori would use that kind of pci card drives as a storage space05:40
NJSchultz07yeah, I was just hoping to get this figured out easily rather than have to back everything up and reinstall both windows and ubuntu05:41
bioterrormy life is peaceful as i have one computer, one os05:42
NJSchultz07my desktop is windows, my laptop is back, and now i'm trying linux. life is not so peaceful. haha05:43
NJSchultz07laptop is mac*05:43
bioterrorthat pci card really makes things a little complicated05:45
NJSchultz07yeah. but 2TB IDE HD's aren't that common, and I already had the SATA card for flashing dvd drives05:45
bioterrorbut you can try to boot live media, run gparted and resize / partition to get 100MB for a new boot05:46
NJSchultz07yeah. I'm having trouble resizing the NTFS at all. the partition i'm trying to resize is about 170GB and I know it has just over 70Gb free.05:48
bioterrorand remember to run grub-install /dev/hda05:50
bioterrori think hda is your primary disk05:50
NJSchultz07I think its sda for me, but yes.05:50
bioterrorthe one that bios finds05:52
bioterrorahhh laters, ive arrived to my destination05:52
updawgzhey um basically... one of the tuts for emerald said to put emerald --replace into the command area in compiz manager,05:53
updawgzand now my screen05:53
updawgznot the whole screen just the launcher/pannels05:53
NJSchultz07thanks, bye05:54
updawgzanybody?  O.o05:55
JackyAlcineupdawgz: press Alt+F2 and run compiz --replace05:58
updawgzim currently in terminal mode only06:00
updawgzand the error i get is06:00
updawgzxterm xt error: cant open dispay:06:01
updawgzxterm: display is not set06:01
ubot2emerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.06:14
updawgzi guess i found out the hard way...06:16
OmsniffiscentBad news :(06:17
updawgzso err...06:17
updawgzwhat are my options... :(06:17
updawgzaside from wiping it and restarting -_-06:19
updawgzany ideas?06:28
JackyAlcineupdawgz: Try installing metacity.06:32
JackyAlcineor running 'metacity' in a terminal.06:32
ubot2Factoid 'metacity' not found06:32
updawgzwhat do i type?06:33
updawgzerror: unable to open xdisplay06:34
OmsniffiscentMy guess would be, you need to uninstall emerald first.06:36
updawgzalready did that06:36
updawgzI FIXED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!06:38
updawgz:D :D06:38
OmsniffiscentWhat'd you do?06:38
Omsniffiscentcompiz --replace?06:38
updawgzno compiz didnt work06:38
updawgzi did gtk-window-decorator --replace &06:39
OmsniffiscentOh. Whatever worked. So why is compiz not working?06:39
updawgzemerald apparently :/06:40
OmsniffiscentBut you've uninstalled emerald now?06:41
OmsniffiscentDo you have the Compiz Configuration Settings Manager installed?06:41
updawgzthats what caused it lol06:41
updawgzi was on gnome-look06:41
Omsniffiscentcoulda opened that and put a check in the window decoration plugin.06:42
updawgzand a skin06:42
updawgzsaid to set the windwo decorator to emerald06:42
updawgz :D06:43
updawgzthixx for all the help! lol ima go 2 bed <306:46
JRylezMy question is how to connect to the internet 0o so far i cant even get into Windows Network06:58
xAndromedahey do you guys know how to change the colour of08:00
xAndromedathe window08:00
xAndromedaas in the top bar wher the window buttons are08:00
xAndromedadosnt seem to want to change for me08:00
geirhaYou change the metacity theme08:09
OmsniffiscentThere's a program that will let you change all sorts of color schemes for gnome. I think it's called gnome color picker?08:11
OmsniffiscentGNOME Color Chooser08:12
OmsniffiscentIt's in the Software Center.08:12
xAndromedaso um i nthe thingy08:34
xAndromedawhich one is the very top bar?08:34
xAndromedagenome color chooser08:34
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xAndromedaquick question if anybody is still on...10:51
xAndromedaif installed eclipse from the app store10:52
xAndromedawhere do i drop the folders10:52
xAndromedafor stuff like pydef10:52
geirha~/.eclipse somewhere I'd assume. Though, doesn't it have a system for installing add-ons in the GUI?11:12
xAndromedait does but im not near a good connection11:14
xAndromedaatm so that would take hours :(11:14
geirhaI see, well I'd try asking in #eclipse11:15
xAndromedak thx :D11:15
Fviccan anyone tell me,what is CVE ?is it different than a bug?13:35
geirhaFvic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Vulnerabilities_and_Exposures13:56
johnny77I'm having trouble with a reliable wireless connection. I know it works, because I've got it to connect, but if I reboot it will not reconnect, giving me a "No DHCPOFFERS Received. No working leases in persistent database - sleeping" error.14:49
holsteinjohnny77: do you have other wireless devices on the network?14:54
johnny77holstein: yes. I know the network is good. We have several other devices connected to the netwrok.14:55
holsteinjohnny77: pretty standard set-up though?14:56
holsteinon the AP ?14:56
holsteinrouter or whatever14:56
holsteinjohnny77: how do you get it to connect?14:57
johnny77holstein: yes. I only default setting on the router that I changed would be MAC address filtering. But if added the computers address.14:57
holsteinjust keep restarting til the magig happens ?14:57
holsteinjohnny77: WPA ?14:58
duanedesignjohnny77: what are the contents of :  /etc/network/interfaces14:58
duanedesigncould you pastebin?14:58
johnny77holstein: sometimes I run the command sudo dhclient wlan0 - sometimes sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart14:58
johnny77holstein: yes, it is just brute force until magic happens.14:59
johnny77no encryption14:59
holsteini would like to know what WPA without MAC address filtering performs like14:59
holsteinjust as a trouble-shooting step14:59
holsteinand since MAC address filtering is not that great anyways15:00
holsteinbut, i think you are on the right track15:00
holsteinseems like its something in the buntu machine...15:00
johnny77duanedesign: give me a minute to type it out.15:00
holsteinmaybe assign a static IP manually too15:02
johnny77duanedesign: /etc/network/interfaces - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/575012/15:03
johnny77holstein: I've tried a static, but I may have been setting it up wrong. Wireless has always just worked in my other (this) machine.15:04
holsteinjohnny77: might be interesting to try wicd15:08
holsteinif you dont feel comfortable messing with the install15:08
holsteinyou could get a lubuntu live CD15:08
johnny77holstein: have it installed. No lick with it either. It says it can't get an IP address.15:08
holsteinjohnny77: what device?15:09
johnny77holstein: broadcom15:11
johnny77I've looked for bugs on launchpad, but didn't find any15:11
holsteinjohnny77: i have a broadcom chip in an HP mininote15:12
holsteini dont have the device in front of me right now15:12
holsteinVIA graphics chip in there too15:12
holsteinused to be a total PITA15:12
johnny77I had to install the drivers with a b43fwcutter I think it was called.15:13
holsteinthats the kind of device that really shows what the ubuntu kernel team is up to :)15:13
holsteinjohnny77: when i go to the 'restricted drivers' app15:13
holsteinor whatever the kids are calling it these days15:13
holstein*this was from 10.0415:13
holsteinthere were 2 drivers availalbe15:14
johnny77holstein: on a good note, I was told the HD was corrupted and I needed a new one.15:14
holsteinand open and closed one15:14
holsteinboth with different 'issues'15:14
holsteini always tried the open one15:14
holsteinand went to the other one if needed15:14
holsteinjohnny77: is that the case for your hardware?15:15
holstein2 driver options?15:15
holsteinused to be funky back in 9.1015:15
holsteinthere was a patch to fix something buggy15:15
holsteinlike resuming from standby and wifi15:15
johnny77holstein: not that I recall. I was looking at a page that said if I had this chipset I needed to use this driver. I don't think there were options.15:16
holsteinits easy for a wiki page to become totally irrelavant15:16
holsteinquick too15:16
holsteinnew kernel rev can totally change the game for device support15:17
holsteinjohnny77: is this you?15:18
holsteinim using the STA drivers now15:19
johnny77holstein: Yes, and I have the BCM4306/2 and installed it per directions below, under b43 no internet.15:21
holsteintry the other one then15:22
johnny77you mean the STA driver?15:22
holsteinwhy not, right?15:23
johnny77holstein: I guess so.15:23
johnny77looking back over the direction, I do not remember doing step on under b43 - no internet access. Not sure what it is doing there. Could that be the problem?15:24
holsteinjohnny77: plausible i suppose15:26
holsteini gotta run15:26
holsteinbut, i think this is where you need to be15:27
johnny77holstein: ok, thanks for the help..15:27
holsteinhaving used a couple broadcom chips15:27
holsteinthrough a few buntu releases15:27
holsteingood luck :)15:27
johnny77how do i add CDROM to the sources list?15:57
johnny77from the command line.15:58
s-foxjohnny77, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/CommandLine15:59
stlsainti would think you just uncomment the deb cdrom line in your sources.list15:59
stlsaints-fox: ^^ yes, no, maybe so?16:00
stlsaintoh, linky was posted too, hehe16:00
s-foxstlsaint,  If it is already in the sources,lst file then yes :)16:00
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seidosbodhizazen: nirvana now, or suffer for a pureland?16:36
seidoswhat is the command to display an the topic of a channel?16:36
seidosi got banned from #ubuntu-hardened because /topic #channel didn't work16:36
stlsaintseidos: what is ubuntu-hardened?16:36
seidosbodhizazen: blood is alkaline?16:36
seidosstlsaint: security team16:37
seidosstlsaint: is this channel secure?16:37
stlsaintseidos: nope16:37
seidosi believe it is16:37
seidosbelief is insufficient16:37
stlsaintbut there are some pretty hardcore mods here ;)16:37
seidosstlsaint: is it because i'm in it?16:37
seidosstlsaint: mods?16:37
seidosah, ops16:37
seidosbodhizazen: do you recall the grinding/mashing tool that apothecaries use?16:41
seidosddecator: do you recall?  i tried searching google but couldn't find it16:41
seidosalkaine blood16:41
seidosi have HPV16:41
seidosa mitigating factor in cancer16:42
seidoswe'll use a blender16:42
seidosi'm going to use all the standard packages16:46
charlie-tcaseidos: should be able to use     /topic      in any channel to see the topic16:47
charlie-tcaYou don't need #channel16:47
seidos[11:47] Insufficient arguments for command.16:47
seidoscharlie-tca: try it16:47
charlie-tcaworked here16:48
seidosthe links in empathy don't work16:48
seidoscharlie-tca: client?16:48
seidosthat is, for a topic16:48
charlie-tcathe good client16:48
seidoscharlie-tca: empathy and webchat16:48
seidosempathy is better than ex16:48
seidosask motu16:48
charlie-tcaonly for the things that work in it16:48
seidosask masters of the universe #motu16:49
charlie-tcaum, xchat shows the topic, empathy doesn't.16:49
seidosanyone here using empathy?16:50
seidosempathy shows the topic16:50
MrChrisDruifseidos: Sorry, using Pidgin....my kinda bird ;)16:50
seidosMrChrisDruif: motu?16:51
MrChrisDruifseidos: Nope, sorry I'm not a motu16:51
seidosMrChrisDruif: but the motus believe empathy > xchat16:51
seidosempathy supports multiple protocols16:52
MrChrisDruifWooow....empathy better than xchat? =-O16:52
charlie-tcaIt is still an opinion, isn't it?16:52
MrChrisDruifseidos: So does Pidgin :)16:52
seidosempathy supports mutliple protocols16:52
seidosMrChrisDruif: ask in motu16:52
seidosMrChrisDruif: #ubuntu-motu16:52
charlie-tcaXubuntu believes in xchat and pidgin, but does not include empathy by default. That would seem to point a different way to me.16:52
seidosbelief is sufficient?16:52
MrChrisDruifseidos: It's not a question, I know Pidgin does support multiple-protocols :D16:53
seidoswhy did motu select empathy?16:53
seidoself, not trolling16:53
charlie-tcaThose are still people in #ubuntu-motu, and entitled to their opinions.16:53
seidosgot entitlement?16:56
* charlie-tca shrugs, pretty sure you can find people anyway that will insist on a client being the absolute best for IRC.16:56
seidoswho decided empathy was best for ubuntu?16:57
seidoshow can i ask them charlie-tca ?16:57
charlie-tcaa group of community members that met at UDS16:57
MrChrisDruifseidos: seems (to me) a bit offtopic this; might be better off in #ubuntu-beginners-team ?16:57
charlie-tcaYou would have to search the blueprints in launchpad, I guess16:58
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ddecatorseidos: recall what?18:12
seidosddecator: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_QzOHBaZw2Ok/TSg6CY3rU7I/AAAAAAAACAY/7wapsjZSEik/s1600/genital-warts-female.jpg18:13
seidosddecator: how did that happen?  you're going to be a doctor, right?18:13
ddecatorseidos: no, ಠ_ಠ, and that seems inappropriate for this channel18:14
seiunoddecator: are you in #medicine?18:14
ddecatorseiuno: no18:15
seidosdon't look at me!!!!18:15
seiunoPD187_: are you really a police?18:16
johnny77I'm trying to kill NetworkManager but it is still showing up in the processes even when I sudo killall NetworkManager18:17
aveilleuxjohnny77: ps -ef |grep NetworkManager18:17
aveilleuxjohnny77: Take the process ID, plug it into kill -9 <PID>18:17
seiunoi recommend using a default install of ubuntu, for security reasons18:18
johnny77aveilleux: I think it is restarting automatically.18:20
aveilleuxjohnny77: sudo service NetworkManager stop18:21
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johnny77Is NetworkManager typically loaded on boot?18:39
stlsaintjohnny77: yes18:39
johnny77stlsaint: ok, thanks.18:40
johnny77oops I made a mistake, now my screen is blank. ctrl+alt+del is not responding, any suggestions before I hit the power button?18:44
seidosjohnny77: install and run default.  work with motu recommended packages18:51
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johnny77seidos: Then it is no fun to play and try to figure things out.18:52
seidosjohnny77: download source for empathy18:52
seidosi'm trying to file a bug, no time T_T18:53
seidoshow to reset gnome panels again?18:53
seidosand i need to clip my nails18:53
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davidl_quick irc question... which channel can I ask for help on resetting my password for my registered nickname?18:59
davidl_thought I had it written down... but can't remember it... =)~18:59
ubot2Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode18:59
charlie-tcacheck in #freenode19:00
charlie-tcaYou are welcome19:00
seidosddecator, bodhizazen are you aware of any "medicine app" community?19:43
ddecatorseidos: can't say i am19:43
seidosi just asked a doctor friend of mine if he knew any hackers19:44
lordjjCan someone tell me how fix my numpad: Instead of typing numbers it's scrolling the mouse (num lock doesn't seem to change anything)19:45
bioterrorlordjj, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4210901&postcount=319:46
lordjjbioterror: thanks19:50
seidosbioterror: hpv19:57
seidosbioterror: hpv is a bioterror.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hpv20:10
seidosperhaps you have something else in mind20:10
bioterrornice that you connect my nick to something like genital wart :D20:11
seidosbioterror: perhaps you have something else in mind20:14
bioterrorseidos, http://www.crazymonkeygames.com/fullscreen.php?game=pandemic-220:19
bioterrormy flash seems to be broken, asI cant play that20:23
mongoxgood nite everyone, when i read that support for older machines in 10.10 has been droped, what machines they mean ? PIII or or even older ?20:57
holsteinmongox: where is that link?21:06
holsteinprobably older hardware from the kernel21:06
javatexanis there a pdf authoring program where you take a pdf template and make changes to it?21:07
javatexancool, is there an API I can learn to work with the pdf documents too?21:08
mongoxthis is the piece i read and i start to wonder "As support for i586 chipsets has been dropped from the kernel for the 10.10 series (These include VIA C3, AMD K6, National Semiconductor and AMD Geode) "21:12
mongoxmaybe is hardware that has nothingh to do with personal computers lol21:14
holsteinyou can always build your own kernel21:18
holsteinif you need support for something the ubuntu kernel doesnt have21:18
holsteinand backports are usually handy21:19
mongoxerr, ok!21:19
mongoxsorry i feel like when human talk to dogs .. but is fine21:20
mongoxfor some reason i was installing a 10.10 to my old pc and did not work21:20
mongoxi found a old cd with 10.04 and voila21:20
mongoxi was wondering if that have something to do21:20
holsteinmongox: yeah21:22
holsteindifferent kernel21:22
ubot2To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »21:24
mettai created this:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/gnome-panel#preview21:24
mongoxthat means that next time i update "the kernel" my ubuntu is going to be dead ?21:25
holsteinmongox: not in 10.0421:26
holsteinshouldnt be21:26
davidl_Another question...  (Ubuntu 10.04) How would I add linux-headers-virtual, open-vm-dkms, and open-vm-tools to an iso I'm using, and make sure they're included in the install?   :D21:27
holsteindavidl_: i think im going to try remastersys again21:31
holsteinthere is an ubuntu customization kit21:31
holsteini didnt like it though21:31
holsteinthe big kids use a chroot i believe21:32
holsteinto build the install, and make the iso from it21:32
davidl_I'm little... I was hoping I could just mount iso, copy files to it, edit some kind of script that calls for which packages are installed and be done.21:33
holsteinwell, kind of21:33
holsteinwith the chroot21:33
holsteini think its more like that21:33
mongox@ holstein that means everytime i do updates and kernel updates & stuff , my "ubuntu" stay in 10.04 ? and is going to be working21:34
holsteincheck out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization davidl_21:34
davidl_cool... thx21:34
davidl_holstein: is that the customization kit you didn't like to much?21:35
holsteindavidl_: nah21:38
holsteinthat link is more about chroot21:38
holsteinthe kit is called uck i think21:38
holsteinwas in the repos21:38
holsteinworth a look i suppose21:38
seidosright view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration21:59
mettaright view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration21:59
seidosthanks metta :)22:00
seidosdo you have a question metta ?22:00
mettaseidos tab complete doesn't work in empathy22:01
seidosmetta: can you create a bug?22:01
mettaseidos: i'll try, oh, it's working now22:01
mettaseidos: it didn't work in #ubuntu-hardened for some reason22:01

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