crazedwhere does write-mime-multipart come from01:03
crazeddon't see it in the cloud-init repo, cloud-utils or cloud-init package01:03
crazedon 10.04 or 10.1001:03
crazedthough i do see it on the filesystem of an ec2 image01:03
smoseron 10.04 and 10.10 it might not be packaged at all01:48
smoserin 11.04 it is in cloud-utils01:48
smoserif you see it in the filesystem of the ec2-image, dpkg -S /path/to/file01:49
crazedah -s!01:49
crazeddidn't think of that01:49
smoserit is cloud-init if it is there in 10.1001:50
smoserand you probaly dont want to isntall cloud-init on your laptop01:50
smoser(or other non-cloud instance)01:50
smoserwhich is why it moved to cloud-utils01:50
smoserits stand alone, though, you can  jsut grab it from cloud-utils bzr01:50
smoseri have to go01:50
crazedoh good call01:53
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TeTeTwhat would be the best way to give cloud credentials to an instance?13:15
semiosisTeTeT: credentials for what, exactly?13:23
TeTeTsemiosis: credentials for S3, so the instance can store data there13:23
semiosisTeTeT: from what i've seen it depends on the tool you're using.  for example, euca2ools would read /etc/euca2ools/eucarc, but another tool (or suite) may look elsewhere13:26
TeTeTsemiosis: yeah, but how to transfer the eucarc and cert files to the instance? Using user data?13:26
semiosisTeTeT: i use puppet but you could very easily do it with cloud-config13:26
semiosisTeTeT: ...and a little shell script13:27
TeTeTsemiosis: right, I will consider cloud-config. I want to leave out puppet for now13:27
TeTeTeven though it's very useful for configuring instances13:27
semiosisTeTeT: couple things you may be interested in: storing the file or script in s3 & just pulling it with cloud-config (using a presigned S3 url), and also using IAM to create an access key with limited rights to put on the instance13:29
TeTeTsemiosis: I don't know about presigned s3 urls and IAM, can you clarify or point me to some docs?13:30
TeTeTsemiosis: nevermind, googled http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AWSJavaSDK/latest/javadoc/com/amazonaws/services/s3/model/GeneratePresignedUrlRequest.html13:33
semiosisright on13:34
TeTeTsemiosis: I fear both are not available on UEC yet :(13:40
TeTeTsemiosis: but thanks for your help, learned something new!13:40
TeTeThggdh: hi, a first result from the runs of my scheduler script, bug 728018. Does it look familiar to you? e.g. is this a usual failure or something extraordinary? in the past I thought my script for capturing the ip was bad, but now it's using boto directly14:52
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 728018 in eucalyptus "10.04 LTS: Failure to start instance due to network address failure" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72801814:52
hggdhTeTeT, looking14:54
hggdhTeTeT, I do not remember this error on 10.04 (when I tested it)14:56
hggdhTeTeT, so I would say you hit a new one...14:56
TeTeThggdh: ok, wonder if it's also in 10.10 or 11.04. Unfortunately I cannot upgrade the training cloud, as I lose the ability to reset it then and IS has to intervene14:59
TeTeThggdh: i thought it was quite rare, after launching hundreds of instances, but just a few mins ago it failed after 29 instances, so seems to be quite random, though rare15:01
hggdhTeTeT, I ran a lot of thousands of instances on 10.10, and did not see it. I am not sure we had a  similar setup, though15:02
TeTeThggdh: hmm, ok15:03
hggdhTeTeT, but it is something to try now, on 11.0415:03
TeTeThggdh: you've got a testing cloud with 11.04?15:10
hggdhTeTeT, yes. but euca is right now broken on DHCP15:11
TeTeThggdh: oh, ok, so no point for me to upgrade my cloud at home yet and try to test15:11
hggdhTeTeT, no, not right now15:11
hggdhTeTeT, I can ping you when euca is workable on 11.04, if you wish15:12
TeTeThggdh: yes, would be nice. FYI I've added a basic hadoop workload to the scheduler script, now on to others15:14
TeTeThggdh: I also moved the branch on lp to lp:~canonical-pse/+junk/uec-scheduler if you want to peek at it. It's now python/boto and cloud-init shell scripts15:18
hggdhTeTeT, pulling it now ;-)15:20
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TeTeThggdh: he he, don't be afraid of bad code ;)15:21
hggdhTeTeT, I am not, I write them all the time ;-)15:29
TeTeThggdh: I'm just writing down some setup script15:29
TeTeThggdh: errr, doc15:29
TeTeThggdh: pushed, though it's untested :) Have to run an errand now but will be back later15:36
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vadi2Is there a micro instance available for ec2 asia?17:54
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jamespagesmoser: around?21:01
smoseryes sir21:01
jamespagehey - time for a bit of help with cloud-init?21:01
jamespageOK; so I've been working on expanding the test cases for ec2 testing.21:03
jamespageAnd I've started to look at the User Data tests.....21:03
jamespageoriginally I had put a test execution into the cloud-config part; however this gets executed before all of the user data scripts21:04
jamespageso that did not work great when I wanted to test that they all ran OK.21:04
jamespagequestion is: can I imply an order in which the user data scripts/data/parts will be executed (I want to run the tests at the end)?21:05
smoserwhere di you put it in the cloud-config part ?21:06
smoserin runcmd ?21:06
smoserruncmd is run in the same way as user-data scripts21:08
smoserit gets put into a directory and run with run-parts21:09
smoserso you can manipulate the ffilename of the other user-scripts to cause it to run last (make them named earlier in order)21:09
jamespageah - right - I see - let me try that out21:10
smoser*or* you could run those scripts as a upstart job that runs after stopped-cloud-init-final.. or something.21:10
smoserthe way i ran tests inside the instance was to ssy after the instance was up21:10
smoseras , if you're testing user-data, you can't really be sure that cloud-nit is going to run the stuff that you put in there.21:11
jamespagesmoser: thanks for you help - that worked just great!21:17
smoserread ^21:18
smoseri suggest though not running those things via cloud-init21:18
jamespageThat would be another way around it; would pickup a break in cloud-init better.21:19
jamespageAt the moment my test would time out after 5 minutes of waiting for the test results to appear21:19
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lotreckdoes anyone have experience using a 10gbit ethernet card on ubuntu lucid ? I just want to know if there are drivers on ubuntu for it . I'm looking at the Intel X520 line.23:16
lotreckI'd hate to purchase new dell gear and some 10 GB nics only to find out that they don't work together.23:16
jeremydeihm, this is weird, i just noticed that maverick on ec2 doesn't have /proc/xen/*23:17
jeremydeianyone know what's up with that?  im particularly interested in the xen clock stuff .. and how it appears to be mia23:17
jeremydeismoser, am i crazy or is the xen independent wallclock not in maverick ec2?  should be in /proc/sys/xen/independent_wallclock23:21
flaccidlotreck: this is ubuntu-cloud. you might want to check driver support for the chipset.23:27
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