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pleia2doctormo: btw, my slides for the ubucon asking for help talk (including yours!) are up here: http://princessleia.com/presentations/FindingHelpInUbuntuScale9x.pdf06:23
pleia2don't have a video link yet06:23
doctormothanks pleia2!06:23
doctormoHow did it go?06:23
pleia2went well I think :)06:23
pleia2the whole day was really great, nhaines did an amazing job pulling it all together06:24
pleia2hmm, I gave credit when I spoke, but I need to add license and credit to these slides, sorry about that06:25
* pleia2 will revise tomorrow06:25
doctormopleia2: You caught it before I could say anything ;-) yes, the license specifies attribution.06:27
doctormoThanks for the nod, I'm sure you mentioned in the talk part06:27
pleia2yeah, I called your slides the pretty ones and mine the boring ones ;)06:27
doctormoIf ever you want the style as an empty slide, it's very easy to make.06:28
jonokim0, ping?07:00
vishdoctormo: jaopinto seems to have quit over the banshee "issue".. (just noticed your comment)07:51
dholbachgood morning08:10
kim0Morning man08:11
dholbachhey kim008:13
dpmgood morning all08:14
dholbachhola dpm08:14
dpmmorning dholbach and kim008:14
dpmhey :)08:14
kim0dpm: hey morning08:14
nigelbmorning dholbach, kim008:17
nigelboh hey dpm :)08:17
kim0nigelb: hey man :)08:17
dpmheya nigel08:22
nigelberr,don't we have a text browser by default in ubuntu?09:03
nigelbwhat is it called?09:03
nigelbI got it! w3m :)09:09
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evilduanedesignmorning friends09:35
nigelbmorning evilduanedesign :)09:36
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jussievilduanedesign: no... wrong! just wrong - only staff are supposed to have the evil aliases :P10:35
duanedesign /811:27
Pendulumdholbach: all the logs from yesterday are up in case you need them this morning :)13:33
dholbachthanks Pendulum13:34
nigelbduanedesign: did you read y'day's ARM session?13:37
nigelbIt was great! I was only glancing and I got pulled into it :p13:37
jcastrocjohnston: ping13:55
kim0nigelb: got a link for that arm session13:56
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nigelbkim0: yup, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek1103/UbuntuARM13:58
kim0thanks :)13:58
* kim0 adds to his list of toread13:58
jcastrobuenas mornings14:04
jcastrokim0: so, I've gone down the rabbit hole, I am now customizing my xbmc theme14:04
kim0jcastro: hehe :) have fun14:04
cjohnstonjcastro: sir?14:15
cjohnstonyou need to learn to speak southern14:16
jcastrohey so is there a way I can communicate to the website team that this diversity thing is really high priority?14:16
jcastroan employee would be preferrable because I can yell at that point, heh14:16
cjohnstonI have a meeting with Ale on Tuesday to discuss14:16
cjohnstonthey have some sort of deadline tomorrow14:17
cjohnstonif you want to join #ubuntu-website I can get you started tho14:17
jcastrothat would be awesome14:20
jcastroone sec, it takes me 50 minutes to find my bug14:21
cjohnstonbug 72809514:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 728095 in ubuntu-website-content "Create an Ubuntu Values Page" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72809514:21
JFois it just me or has anyone else had to update 3 times this week?15:23
nigelbI stopped counting...15:26
JFovery odd15:33
JFoI realize I update more often than most, but this is ridiculous15:33
cjohnstonive been getting them about twice a day15:34
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 4 starting in 25 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:36
dholbachdpm, ready to go?15:36
dpmdholbach, \o/15:36
* dholbach hugs dpm15:36
* dpm hugs dholbach :)15:37
Technovikingjcastro: pong15:45
Technovikingjcastro: sorry for the delay15:45
jcastrooh no worries15:45
jcastrohey I filed a bug for the diversity statement to get it on the website15:45
jcastrojust fyi15:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 728095 in ubuntu-website-content "Create an Ubuntu Values Page" [Undecided,New]15:46
jcastroI pinged alejandra over mail to let her know we'd like this asap15:46
jcastroanyway, jono said you were the one that brought up just having a values page?15:46
Technovikingjcastro: awesome, I think that will make a bold statement of who we are15:47
Technovikingjcastro: I meantion it at the CC meeting15:47
jcastrocool, I wanted to show you the bug just in case there's something you wanted to add or comment on15:47
TechnovikingI will subscribe to it ASAP15:48
Technovikingmark as invalid?15:49
dholbachdpm, ich mach 'ne (sehr) kurze Einf├╝hrung vorher15:51
dpmdholbach, cool, danke15:52
Pendulumjono_: just giving you a heads up that I'm not going to be able to manage our call today. Sorry!15:57
jono_Pendulum, np15:58
mhall119Technoviking: it was only marked invalid on ubuntu-website, because it was moved to ubuntu-website-content, which is the more accurage project for it to be assigned to16:00
duanedesignjono_: if you are still interested in talking about the Beginners Team let me know and maybe we can work out a time to chat.16:03
nigelbdholbach: lots of Indians, if only we could convert them all into contributors ;)16:06
dholbachas long as we continue to make it easier and reach out I'm sure we'll attract a lot of people from all over the place :)16:07
nigelbyeah :)16:07
nigelbwe managed to get one LD dev last night \o/16:08
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dpmok everyone, time to call it a day, see you all tomorrow!17:07
nigelbg'nite dpm17:07
nigelbthanks for the lovely session :)17:07
dpmgodd night nigelb, thanks :)17:07
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dholbachok my friends - I call it a day17:16
dholbachsee you all tomorrow17:16
dholbachbig hugs17:16
nigelbg'nite dholbach17:17
nigelbI'm calling it a day too.  Laters all.17:18
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jono_rick interview right now in -classroom18:08
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jcastrojono_: hey so I'm not going to mention the Python Places thing until tomorrow18:17
jcastroI would be drowned by scrollbars and A318:17
jono_jcastro, np18:18
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jono_jcastro, scrollbars?18:18
jcastrokamstrup blogged it but I want to bang the drum a bit more, today is too full, I can't compete with that18:18
jcastrosee planet and omg18:18
* mhall119 is already thinking of a loco-dir places daemon18:35
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jcastroTechnoviking: cjohnston: jono_: diversity statement should be done tomorrow or mondayish according to Alejandra19:03
Technovikingjcastro: awesome19:15
jcastropaultag: who's in charge over in ohio?19:54
jcastroyou and jacob still?19:54
jcastrojono_: please RT my last thing on filing unity bugs20:06
jono_will do, one sec20:06
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czajkowskijono_: boo20:48
czajkowskiam on hols20:48
jono_hey czajkowski20:49
czajkowskijono_: you were looking for me20:50
jono_czajkowski, yeah wanted to discuss Ubuntu Global Jam20:52
czajkowskijono_: many more teams suscribed?20:53
jono_we have 9 events20:54
jono_wanted to get that number up20:54
jono_I have asked my guys to focus on this, wanted to see if the LoCo Council can help?20:55
czajkowskiwere hoping to run a q&a session20:57
czajkowskiat our next council meeting20:57
czajkowskiits a low number tbnh this cycle20:57
czajkowskiweve had a lot higher in the past20:57
czajkowskikinda frustrating also21:01
czajkowskinone of the spanish teams are taking part due to an event the following week21:01
jono_right, this is why I want to raise the visibility of this21:08
m4n1shjono_: it clashes with gnome.asia event21:10
popeyczajkowski: your blog post is first hit21:18
popeyyet you have a url in it which isnt a link21:18
popeyyou might want to fix that21:18
paultagjcastro: there's a council now, but I'm all up in CLE22:27
paultagjcastro: got your email, thanks dude22:27
paultagit's been on hell of a day. Who's got cigs?22:27
jcastroyou and me both22:28
paultagjcastro: dude, I found out I am currently not able to graduate, I'm 3 credits short.22:29
jcastrosummer class?22:29
paultagjcastro: so I signed up for two classes, one credit each which puts me at 18 crhrs22:29
jcastrofor this semester or summer?22:29
paultagjcastro: and I'm needing to overload for one more, which is another 2K22:29
paultagjcastro: this semster22:29
jcastroI had to do 4.5 years22:29
jcastrobarely missed it22:29
paultagjcastro: but the classes are at 7 AM, and one's typing 10122:29
jcastroso only had to pass one class in the summer22:30
paultagjcastro: damn dude22:30
jcastroI got a 2.0 in it22:30
paultagjcastro: that's where I'm at now22:30
jcastrosince it was only one class so I partied all summer22:30
jcastroI totally aced "Inline Skating 110" though22:30
paultagjcastro: yeah, I really need some cigs right now. Ugh.22:31
jcastroI quit22:31
jcastroI only smoke at UDSes and rallies22:31
paultagjcastro: bullshit22:31
jcastrono bullshit22:31
paultagjcastro: nice! grats :)22:31
jcastrosince I've been married22:31
jcastrobefore it was "I only smoke when I drink"22:31
paultagjcastro: grats, dude22:31
jcastro"every day"22:31
doctormojcastro: Congratulations, smoking is pig of a thing to quit.23:08
jcastroI never really smoked alot23:08
jcastrothough I found myself smoking alot at some point, but then I met jill and that was that23:08
AlanBellooh jcastro, you could be helpful . . .23:21
jcastrodoubtful, but shoot23:21
* AlanBell recruits jcastro to a super secret elite team of Ubuntu experts23:24
paultaghah, like that exists :)23:24
paultagcan't fool me!23:25

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