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DavieyAnyone from foundations around?01:29
nixternalgo to bed01:31
Davieynixternal, no you :)01:32
nixternali will in a bit :)01:32
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didrocksgood morning07:37
dholbachgood morning08:10
pittiGood morning08:22
pittisconklin-gone: we need a matching linux-ubuntu-modules for hardy08:34
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pittijhunt: good morning08:46
jhuntpitti: morning08:46
pittijhunt: would you like to write a short paragraph about new upstart features in alpha-3, in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyNarwhal/TechnicalOverview ?08:46
jhuntpitti: certainly! I'll do that today.08:47
pittijhunt: thanks; we'd like to finish the text soon08:49
jhuntpitti: in which case, I'll do it now :)08:50
jhuntpitti: should I add the detail to the "Ubuntu Desktop Edition" section, or do you think a new subsection in the "New Features" section is appropriate (since it affects all derivates?)08:53
pittijhunt: there's already a 3.1.3 upstart section08:55
jhuntpitti: doh - where's that cup of coffee..08:55
* pitti collects some "known bugs" documentation, but won't touch the wiki for now08:55
pittijhunt: in fact, it doesn't actually need to be limited to a3 -- over time this page will become the full natty release notes08:58
jhuntpitti: gotcha08:59
jhuntpitti, cjwatson: how much detail do we want for user sessions (since we've disabled them by default)?09:22
pittijhunt: I think leave them out for now, and add them for beta-1, when they'll actually work?09:22
jhuntpitti: ok. The good news is that they seem to work pretty well for me, but more testing is required.09:23
jhuntpitti: wiki updated. The styling on that page might need some work - look at how the heading "Override Files" displays in the body of the page.09:47
pittijhunt: great, thanks! wow, that got quite detailled09:50
jhuntpitti: feel free to dilute it if necessary - my brain is currently stuck in "man page mode" :)09:51
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apwjhunt, this tech overview for upstart is very good ...10:27
jhuntapw: thx! (I'll pay you later... ;)10:28
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apwjhunt, upstart Q, where is virtual-filesystems emitted ?11:20
jhuntapw: mountall.11:20
jhuntapw: Here's a preview of the new upstart-events summary that'll be in natty next week - http://people.canonical.com/~jhunt/upstart/man/upstart-events.pdf11:22
jhuntapw: pdf rendering isn't perfect - looks much better in a console! :-)11:22
apwjhunt, awsome.  i am looking at how we might inject a fallback framebuffer load without unduly slowing boot11:23
apwas having vesafb and drm loaded at the same time is causing GPU hangs, and upstream just think we are mad loading both11:23
apwjhunt, nice information though ... good stuff11:25
apwjhunt, now 'graphics-device-added' etc are presumably created by the udev-upstart bridge ?11:30
jhuntapw: indeed11:31
apwthose could do with being on your new page :)11:31
jhuntwell, the trouble is - there are a lot of possible events there: "*-device-*". I have listed some common ones.11:32
seb128pitti, we should perhaps discuss cd use here11:33
apwjhunt, yeah i would prolly add just the two graphics ones as they are of interest in start sequence11:33
seb128pitti, so /usr/lib/gcc won a cc1plus binary between a2 and a3 it seems11:34
seb128pitti, the /usr/lib/egl dir was not in a2 and add an extra 6 as well11:37
seb128pitti, those are the obvious things I see11:38
jhuntapw: ok - I'll add graphics-device-added and drm-device-added. Would that cover it? See "Note K" (Tables 1 and 4) for what I have so far wrt the *-device-* issue.11:38
apwjhunt, yeah there are clearly infinite numbers of actual events, but those two as they appear comonly in the most complex upstart interactions seem appropriate11:39
jhuntapw: right11:39
pittiseb128: seems libcairo pulls in libegl11:39
seb128pitti, that's because we enabled the gl backend which is needed for wayland11:40
pittiseb128: I think we could safely drop g++; for building drivers (which is the primary reason we have this), gcc should be enough?11:40
apwjhunt, what sort of upstart job would i want to use to run a single modprobe11:40
seb128pitti, well, do you know why we g++ got added to the cd?11:41
pittiI don't know11:42
pittiseb128: I think it has been there all the time, it just grew?11:42
jhuntapw: not quite sure what you mean. There are existing jobs which do modprobes (gssd, autofs, cups, qemu-kvm, etc).11:42
seb128pitti, seems a2 didn't have build-essential or g++11:43
pittiseb128: ok, then that's new indeed11:43
cjwatsonif the modprobe is triggered solely by a udev event, a udev rule should be sufficient for the modprobe11:43
seb128or the fact that it was missing in a2 was buggy11:43
cjwatsonyou'd use an upstart job for that if the start conditions are more complex11:43
seb128pitti, well in any case g++ and elg is most of the difference11:43
seb128they add an extra 1611:43
apwjhunt, i should better ask if i know which event woke a job ... as i want this job to basically start if a framebuffer appears or cold plug is complete ... but i want it to no-op itself if we woke on framebuffer11:44
pittiseb128: we'll drop 2.8 MB from libreoffice-style-tango11:44
apwcjwatson, yeah indeed.  this is going to me much more complex i fear11:44
apwthis is vesafb fallback fixup11:44
pittiseb128: apparently build-essential is a new recommends, I can purge it11:47
seb128pitti, I've no strong opinion, I just tried to help by having a look at what changed between a2 and a311:47
seb128works for me11:48
cjwatsonapw: LESS=+/UPSTART_ man 5 init11:48
seb128let's try to drop it and see if it creates any issue?11:48
pittiseb128: did we have dpkg-dev previously?11:48
seb128pitti, no11:48
seb128it's all part of what ev added with dpkg-repack to ubiquity11:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 726453 in dpkg-repack (Ubuntu) "[MIR] dpkg-repack" [Undecided,Fix released]11:49
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seb128ev: dpkg-repack is tiny but it's bringing g++ on the CD ;-)11:50
seb128ok so dpkg-repacks Depends on dpkg-dev which Recommends build-essential which depends on g++11:51
seb128pitti, ^11:51
evoh, I mistakenly thought that was a recommends11:51
seb128not sure if we can lower the recommends to a suggest11:51
everr yes11:51
pittidpkg --build needs dpkg-dev, I take it?11:51
pittiseb128: dpkg-dev suggests: b-e?11:52
pittiit doesn't really sound correct for a developer installing it, but then again the recommended package to install is b-e anyway11:52
seb128well that's the only thing we can lower in those11:52
pittiand it would certainly fix that11:52
seb128that seems wrong though11:52
pittiseb128: what?11:53
seb128if dpkg-dev recommends build-essential there is probably a reason11:53
seb128let me check11:53
cjwatsonI think the dpkg-dev Recommendation needs to stay TBH11:54
cjwatsonwe already have enough confusion from users wondering why packages don't build11:54
cjwatsonbut I'm not sure of a better solution11:54
cjwatsonhm, added in dpkg 1.14.1611:54
cjwatsonone thing here is that we had *just* got to the point where all the Ubuntu-local dpkg changes had been accepted upstream11:55
pittidpkg-dev itself is already .5 MB packaged, which we can cope with, but not b-e11:55
cjwatsonit would be really very irritating indeed to add another source of long-term divergence11:55
cjwatsonI wanted to get dpkg synced11:55
seb128ev: do you really need dpkg-repack?11:56
pittiwould it be possible to copy /usr/bin/dpkg-buildpackage into dpkg-repack? (also hackish, I know)11:56
cjwatsonick, no!11:56
seb128or could you just copy what you need in ubiquity?11:56
pittiseb128: you mean copy the package's files, isntead of dpkg-repack'ing it and installing it again?11:57
cjwatsonI don't actually understand why dpkg-repack needs dpkg-dev11:57
cjwatsonit doesn't, AFAICS, use it11:57
seb128pitti, yeah, not sure what ubiquity was doing before dpkg-unpack started being used recently11:57
pitticjwatson: it calls dpkg-buildpackage11:57
pitticjwatson: well, it calls dpkg --build, which does AFAIK?11:58
seb128cjwatson, well, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg-repack/+bug/72645311:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 726453 in dpkg-repack (Ubuntu) "[MIR] dpkg-repack" [Undecided,Fix released]11:58
cjwatsondpkg --build does not call dpkg-buildpackage, that would be infinite recursion11:58
cjwatsondpkg --build is what dh_builddeb calls11:58
pittiah, it calls dpkg-deb -b, I figure (which is in dpkg)11:58
pittiI went through the dpkg-repack code, and that's the only place which could potentially use11:59
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pitti... dpkg-deb11:59
pittidpkg-dev, I mean11:59
cjwatsondpkg-repack (1.19) unstable; urgency=low11:59
cjwatson  * Add missing dependency on dpkg-dev.11:59
cjwatson -- Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>  Fri, 20 Aug 2004 13:42:03 +010011:59
cjwatsonah, I think it may have been because it used to use 822-date12:00
cjwatsonthat was in dpkg-dev; but that was deprecated and replaced with date -R12:00
cjwatsonI think that was the source of the dependency, but it's no longer relevant12:01
cjwatsonpitti,seb128: ubiquity> the dpkg-repack stuff is a new feature in ubiquity12:01
cjwatsonit's for trying to do a neater job of installing over an existing system I believe (I haven't actually kept up, bad me)12:02
seb128in any case if we can drop the depends problem solved ;-)12:02
evneater job of installing over an existing system> yes, the original option was buried in the advanced partitioner and only preserved files in /home.  This cycle we've pushed it to an automatic partitioning option (as probably noticed) and added the functionality to preserve the set of applications previously installed (thus apt-clone and in turn, dpkg-repack).12:04
DavieyHi, would a member of foundations mind looking at the debdiff for bug #711425 , comment 10.  Thanks.12:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 711425 in sysvinit (Ubuntu) "portmap does not stop during shutdown, causing possible root fs corruption" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71142512:04
seb128ev: nice option ;-)12:05
evseb128: thanks, much thanks to mvo for the apt-clone code.12:06
seb128pitti, so I'm not sure what to do about cairo, the only reason we turn on the gl backend (which is not a stable one) is to be able to get wayland in universe12:06
pittiseb128: it's 1.5 MB packaged, I guess we'll need to leave it for now? Or can we split out the backend in cairo?12:07
seb128we can't12:07
seb128it's not a separate file12:07
seb128pitti, it's likely bryce would not be happy if we said that wayland needs to go, he just got it in universe12:08
seb128pitti, though I doubt it's really useful for any users right now12:08
seb128it's rather a tech demo thing12:08
pittiseb128: so at most we could build a libcairo-egl (Providing libcairo)12:09
seb128it's likely people who want it will want to do work on it and will need updated builds12:09
pittibut no, libraries often have versioned rdepends, so nevermind12:09
pittiseb128: I think getting off g++ and b-e, and libreoffice-style-tango should already buy us quite a bit12:09
pittiI chopped of 20 MB worth of langpacks12:10
seb128dropping egl will not win us an extra language pack it seems12:10
pittighostscript also grew quite a bit, that might be worth investigating, too12:10
seb128speaking of language-pakcs12:11
seb128the current one is 1.5 months old12:11
seb128is there any chance to get new ones in natty?12:11
pittiseb128: yeah, I'm still working on fixing up the firefox langpacks12:12
seb128so it's firefox blocking us?12:12
seb128it's not translated anyway in natty12:13
seb128can't we just do an update with firefox still broken?12:13
seb128ok, lunch time12:13
pittiseb128: we can, but not now, when we're still rebuilding CDs :)12:27
pitti(also, we need a full export now)12:27
ograto get messages on the splash using 'plymouth message --text"..."', do i need to drop quiet from the cmdline ?12:50
* ogra wonders how mountall enforces that12:50
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apwcan someone remind me the magic command which one uses in a 'packaging only' bzr branch to make it packageable as a source package13:08
* apw goes quietly mad trying to remember13:08
pittiseb128, cjwatson: FYI, opened bug 728424 to track this, and sent a bug to Debian as well (will link once ack comes in)13:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 728424 in dpkg-repack (Ubuntu Natty) "Drop dpkg-dev dependency" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72842413:08
cjwatsonpitti: thanks13:08
pittiI can upload this after a3 if you want me to13:08
cjwatsonapw: bzr bd -S13:09
seb128pitti, thanks13:09
seb128pitti, it doesn't seem to be any hurry there, maybe wait for debian to comment13:09
apwcjwatson, thanks ... no wonder i didn't remember13:09
cjwatsonI think it would be OK to go ahead, but either way13:09
pittiseb128: it's a simple change, I'd like to do it to see where we are space-wise13:09
cjwatsonapw: you should be able to use that (or a variation) for any source package in bzr, packaging-only or not13:10
cjwatsonif that helps13:10
apwcjwatson, nice13:12
seb128pitti, seems safe enough to just upload as well yeah13:12
cjwatsonjhunt: hm, are all those upstart changes in the technical overview actually in alpha-3?  I think perhaps it would be worth commenting out ones like visualisation which aren't, for now13:35
janimofta, is there an easy way to build selected third-party modules under the chromium tree?13:39
janimowithout having the whole package built once13:40
janimoI can probably look at the build log and copy paste the config/make equivalent bits but am wondering if the debian rules file provides some help in this regard13:40
jhuntcjwatson: do you know the magic to comment out chunks? I could just remove the vis sections until next week I guess.13:46
cjwatsonjhunt: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpOnProcessingInstructions has it13:47
cjwatson(and other useful stuff)13:47
cjwatson(the root of that is HelpOnEditing)13:47
ricotzpitti, hello, i think gobject-introspection could be synced from experimental http://packages.qa.debian.org/g/gobject-introspection/news/20110228T205151Z.html13:48
jhuntcjwatson: thx! I'd tried 3 other MoinMoin comment techniques, but they either didn't do what I wanted, or broke the parser horribly :)13:49
jhuntgrr - am I the only one seeing lots of server errors when editing pages on wiki.ubuntu.com?13:51
cjwatsonjhunt: no, it's common unfortunately; however, it's usually on redisplay *after* your changes have been committed, IME13:56
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jhuntcjwatson: yes, I'd noticed that after attempting to re-apply changes and getting conflicts :)13:57
ari-tczewdoes anybody know when Robert is sponsoring today?14:08
pittiari-tczew: Robert Ancell? He's currently off for some days14:09
ari-tczewpitti: I thought today is his piloting...14:12
ari-tczewpitti: https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=6k1e5rq45m1bdqq0n1ge3oqaok@group.calendar.google.com&ctz=Europe/Berlin&gsessionid=OK14:14
ftajanimo, not really, depends on which modules, some are buildable independently, like v8 and nacl. what do you have in mind?14:14
pittiari-tczew: yes, it wasn't a planned absence14:17
janimofta, never mind I managed to get a build14:18
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janimoffmpeg. I am looking into the arm ftbfs14:18
ftajanimo, i know the problem and the fix, it's my fault14:18
ftajanimo, when i merged the codecs into the browser source package, i dropped a flag (arm_neon=0) inadvertently14:20
ari-tczewpitti: OK, thanks for info,14:20
janimofta ah ok14:20
janimofta also why is armv7=0 ?14:20
ftajanimo, i will re-add it soon, but i need to check something else too14:20
janimowas that too dropped?14:21
ograjust dont set arm_neon=1 :)14:21
ograunless there is runtime detection in the code14:21
ftaexactly, that armv7=0 is troubling, it's enabled in the codecs and desabled in the browser, or the opposite, that's wrong14:21
janimoI saw armv7=0 is set in debian/rules14:21
janimobut if you are on it ok, I'll live it :)14:22
ftayeah, i'm on it, but more generally, as i said in my blog post yesterday, i suck at supporting arm, by lack of h/w14:22
ftacan't build, can't test14:23
ftathere's a problem with the PIE hardening on arm leading to a crash, i can't investigate14:24
ftaso i disabled it :(14:24
janimofta, do you want me to enable hardening (is this the PIE part then?) and see what happens?14:26
ftajanimo, it was enabled for a while, but someone reported a crash. see bug 71670314:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 716703 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu Natty) "chromium-browser not built PIE on ARM" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71670314:28
didrockspitti: needs your lights right now, got a few minutes?14:32
pittididrocks: my lights?14:33
pittididrocks: in a bit, need to finish the alpha-3 images14:33
didrocksok, that's not translatable :)14:33
didrockspitti: sure14:33
didrockspitti: then, can you join #ubuntu-touch?14:33
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sconklinpitti: lucid ec2 and meta-ec2 may be copied from the PPEA to -proposed when you have time, thanks14:41
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mvoev: re bug 722758 (debconf db locked in apt-clone). I like the idea of clong the debconf db, I will add code for that and (for savety) chroot into the targetdir when invoking dpkg - does that sound reaonsonable?14:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 722758 in openjdk-6 (Ubuntu) "package openjdk-6-jre-headless 6b20-1.9.5-0ubuntu1~9.10.1 failed to install/upgrade: problemas de dependĂȘncia - deixando desconfigurado" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72275814:46
evmvo: it does14:53
evthe installer does employ debconf-copydb at the end, but only for questions that wouldn't impact packages pulled in by apt-clone, if I remember correctly14:54
evwell, console-setup, but we'd want to overwrite that anyway.14:55
cjwatsonSpamapS: do you want to deal with the SRUs for bug 531912?15:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 531912 in openssh (Ubuntu Maverick) "/etc/init.d/ssh seems to work, but actually upstart is used." [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53191215:00
cjwatsonSpamapS: (and sorry for the long review delay)15:02
cjwatsonSpamapS: note that I applied a few tweaks on top of your merge, so you'd want to backport from lp:ubuntu/openssh15:03
janimofta, the chormium rules file were much easier to read and modify if those nested ifdefs were indented :)15:05
janimoless chance to make mistakes too  I guess15:05
ftajanimo, well, Makefiles and indentations..15:07
psusicjwatson: got any hints on how I could try to debug that partman-auto reuse script problem?  like maybe running the scripts outside of ubiquity maybe with set -x?15:08
cjwatsonpsusi: bug#?15:11
cjwatsonpsusi: don't bother trying to run them outside of ubiquity15:11
cjwatsonyou will waste your time and get confused :)15:11
psusicjwatson: bug #72540815:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 725408 in partman-auto (Ubuntu) "installer hangs detecting existing partitions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72540815:15
cjwatsonpsusi: please attach the syslog and partman logs to the bug15:16
cjwatsonI can normally analyse from there15:16
psusiwill do.. any others?15:16
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SpamapScjwatson: ack .. I will look at doing the SRU very soon.. don't want to commit just yet though.15:34
cjwatsonSpamapS: np, thank you!15:35
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 4 starting in 25 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:36
dholbachchrisccoulson, micahg, how hard is it to fix thunderbird's click-on-a-link problem?15:39
chrisccoulsondholbach, hard15:39
chrisccoulsoni'm going to work on it, but it's going to be a non-trivial patch15:39
chrisccoulsonit's basically:15:39
chrisccoulson1) Add gio support to mozilla-1.9.215:39
chrisccoulson2) Wire it in :)15:40
dholbachjust put a "os.system('gnome-open %s' % link)" in there ;-P15:40
dholbachchrisccoulson, and that's something nobody upstream is interested in?15:40
seb128dholbach: will teach you to not sure what we ship with ubuntu ;-)15:40
mr_pouits/gnome-open/xdg-open/ at least15:40
chrisccoulsoni've been talking to upstream about it, it's not the sort of thing that's ever going to get fixed upstream in thunderbird 3.115:40
chrisccoulsonbut we will fix it in comm-central and then carry a distro-patch15:40
chrisccoulsoncomm-central already has gio support though15:41
chrisccoulsoncomm-1.9.2 doesn't ;)15:41
dholbachmr_pouit, I was not really serious, but thanks for reminding me of xdg-open :)15:41
chrisccoulsoni don't think the thunderbird guys are particularly pleased with things being broken like this15:41
chrisccoulsoni will work on it next week, but i suspect it will be quite a substantial distro-patch to fix it15:42
cjwatsondholbach: subprocess.call(['gnome-open', link]) please ;-)15:42
cjwatsonor in fact, probably webbrowser.open(link) ...15:42
dholbachok ok ok ok, I better shut up before I make it worse15:43
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chrisccoulsondholbach, it's also semi-broken in firefox too15:43
chrisccoulsonbut not as bad15:43
ograpitti, are there any known issues with the WI tracker atm ?15:46
pittiogra: not known to me, anyway15:47
ograhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-arm-n-handle-core-boot-files-update doesnt show up for ubuntu-armel at all15:47
chrisccoulsondholbach, have you seen https://mozillalabs.com/messaging/messaging-menu/ btw?15:47
chrisccoulsonyou might be interested, as a tbird user ;)15:47
seb128we should stop shipping emails client and use web emails15:47
chrisccoulsonwe should stop shipping everything, and just provide a console for users to install software with ;)15:48
nigelbthen we'd have big troll wars over whether emacs or vim is the default editor :P15:49
dholbachchrisccoulson, awesome15:49
chrisccoulsonit's nice they're using launchpad too :)15:49
dholbachit's not packaged yet?15:49
chrisccoulsondholbach, it's not packaged yet. i'll probably do that soon though15:52
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pittiogra: there are no work item s:)16:07
pittiogra: I'm removing the empty line now, which will fix it16:07
pitti... some more green on your charts now16:07
ograhmm, it doesnt look any different than the other specs we have16:07
pittiogra: there was an empty line after "work items:', which finishes the WI paragraph16:08
ograthats why i didnt get error mail either then16:08
=== pitti changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Archive: feature freeze | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper -> maverick | #ubuntu-app-devel for application development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs | Current Friendly Patch Pilots:
pittia3 freeze lifted, go wild16:11
jelmerbroder: thanks for sponsoring, much appreciated! :)16:27
broderjelmer: no problem. thanks for putting the patch together16:27
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pittiwow -changes@ is fun again :)16:42
pittisconklin: linux-ec2 lucid copied16:51
sconklinpitti: thank you!16:51
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evmvo: any preference on what the software center screenshot in the installer slideshow should show? The design team intern is updating them.17:01
evhow rude of me, Rollo, the intern for the design team.17:01
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mvoev: I have no preferences here17:04
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bjfpitti, at your convenience, could the linux-firmware packages for lucid and maverick get promoted from -proposed to -updates ?17:40
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eitch0000hello everyone. I'm trying to cross compile iperf from source. I'm on an amd64 machine and want to compile it for a i386 machine. Can someone help me with the ./configure script?17:49
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DavieyIs an AA available to process SRU -proposed -> -updates for bug #717397... the duplicate reports are starting to build :(19:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 717397 in squid-deb-proxy (Ubuntu Lucid) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71739719:57
fisch246besides #ubuntu-bugs is there room for bite size bugs? or any other form of bug fixing?20:24
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fisch246hm... that question might be considered support i suppose...20:26
fisch246nvm got my question answered :D20:28
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ari-tczewDaviey: please be patient, pitti regularry takes care about SRUs20:37
micahgari-tczew: if lots of people are affected, it's appropriate to attempt to escalate something20:38
chrisccoulsonis someone available to approve firefox-globalmenu in NEW? :)20:38
chrisccoulsonperrrrrlease :)20:38
ari-tczewmicahg: is there any problem with SRUs? maybe I'm not up-to-date20:38
micahgari-tczew: normally not, but he said additional reports were coming in which could mean a need to push things out faster20:40
ari-tczewmicahg: ah, so urgent is high20:44
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ari-tczewhow can I check which lib is needed for Objectpath::toString() ?20:46
Davieyari-tczew, see the duplicate count :)21:29
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ari-tczewDaviey: duplicate count?21:39
notchin some changelog files i see "Automated backport upload; no source changes". What is the tool used for this?21:42
ari-tczewnotch: backportpackage21:48
notchari-tczew: thx21:49
micahgari-tczew: no, it's an AA script that currently does this for official backports, backportpackage is different21:50
micahgone can use backportpackage to do something similar for oneself21:51
Davieyari-tczew, For the SRU bug i quoted, how many bugs have been marked duplicate.21:51
ari-tczewDaviey: then poke pitti tomorrow21:54
ari-tczewmicahg: I know.21:54
TheMuso@pilot in22:30
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jderoseQuestion: in theory the Python Gobject Introspection bindings should work with traditional bindings, shouldn't they? They used to, but as of updated today `gi.repository.WebKit` isn't playing nice with plain ol `gtk` anymore... suggestions?23:42

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