MTecknology    So far there have been very few really abusive users. These users are added to a special list in ChanServ that prevents them from ever entering the channel again. If you think someone qualifies for this list, discuss it with the other operators in #ubuntu-ops.04:33
MTecknologywhat list is that?04:33
m4vmaybe is the akick list? I can't know for sure though04:34
MTecknologydoes that let them enter the channel?04:38
m4vthey might enter, but chanserv would kick them, and ban after a second join04:45
m4vthat's how the akick list works, check help akick with chanserv04:46
MTecknologyinteresting.. seems like a rather odd feature04:59
MTecknologyI don't want you in here; but i'll let you enter twice with immediate removals instead of just banning04:59
elkyMTecknology, useful for seeing when people are trying crap.07:11
MTecknologygood point07:12
elkyNot so useful for #ubuntu though07:12
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fff000hello! I have a vnc-related problem.. anyone here could help me? thank you15:58
nigelberr, #ubuntu might be a better plac. That's the support channel.16:00
fff000oh.. ok:) thank you16:00
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