jsalisburysconklin, I can add my system details to the bug.00:02
jsalisburysconklin, if needed00:02
sconklinjsalisbury: I don't think we need them but thanks00:03
jsalisburysconklin, ok, thanks00:04
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fairuzis this the right channel to ask about DMA? =)07:56
* apw yawns08:30
* _ruben agrees with apw09:09
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fairuzhow to backport patches to my kernel?14:04
fairuzdo i need to recompile the kernel if I backport some patches?14:08
tgardnerapw, linux-backports-modules-wireless-2.6.35-lucid-generic14:09
apwfairuz, after applying them to the source, normally yes you need to recompile14:16
fairuzapw: so I just have to apply the patch normally, and recompile the kernel?14:17
apwfairuz, thats what i do14:18
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fairuzapw: thanks. I give it a try14:18
fairuzsorry, one more easy question, so to backport what exactly i should do? my idea is to modify the file in question and add the differences?14:23
fairuz(I'm new to the patch and git thing)14:24
apwi presume that patch is not able to apply the change you have14:25
fairuzhmm I confuse between a backport and an upgrade14:29
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cnddiwic, something has come up for me on my multitouch stuff14:42
cndI don't think I'll be able to help out with the firmware packaging :(14:42
diwiccnd, today, or ever?14:44
cnddiwic, well, for a few days at least14:44
cndat least14:44
cndsomeone is leaving our team14:44
cndso a pile of tasks got shifted on to everyone14:44
diwiccnd, ok :-( I'll remind you in a week or two then14:45
cndand those tasks are a little late already :)14:45
cnddiwic, you can prepare the upload and tim can push it to the archive14:45
sforsheeapw, bug 662288 was brought to my attention14:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 662288 in linux "rt3090: freeze on module rt2800pci unload" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66228814:56
sforsheethere's a fix in linux-next, but it won't make .3814:56
sforsheeI was asked if we could pull it into natty14:56
apwsforshee, as its for unload its not so important i assume, but sure if it fixes bugs we can take things like that14:57
sforsheeapw, I think it causes a hang when shutting down14:57
apwsforshee, ok, thats deffo worth a poke.  i'll look it over and see shortly14:58
sforsheethanks apw14:58
tgardnersconklin, would you check the moderation queue for ubuntu-kernel-sru@lists.ubuntu.com ? I've sent 2 emails that have not appeared.15:20
sconklintgardner: not seeing any pending requests15:20
tgardnersconklin, hmm15:21
sconklinThis has been happening because I subscribed people and sometimes they send from their alias. As I see them I moderate and whitelist the new address. But I'm not seeing yorus15:21
tgardnersconklin, my mail server says they are going out: Mar  2 19:06:16 mail postfix/smtp[20232]: 6FFCF2A4074: to=<ubuntu-kernel-sru@lists.ubuntu.com>, relay=lists.ubuntu.com[], delay=4, status=sent (250 OK id=1PuysF-0005fa-LX)15:24
sconklintgardner: don't know what to say - I've gotten moderation requests for two other people on the list and fixed them. Haven't seen yours. I'll have to open a ticket15:27
tgardnersconklin, well, I sent my email to the k-t list with a Cc to the sru list15:28
tgardner(just now)15:28
sconklintgardner: Re: [kernel-SRU] linux-lts-backport-maverick archs? ???15:32
sconklinI think what happened is that there's an option turned on in the mailing list to eliminate duplicate emails to members, and it's probably only sending to one of the lists for you. I'll turn that off, as it's counterintuitive15:33
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JFobrb, need to make some more coffee15:46
* smb orders one15:46
* JFo fedexes :)15:51
smbJFo, Many thanks. :)15:52
JFomy pleasure 15:52
JFoooh I hate computers right now... they keep doing what I tell them to.16:10
JFothey are supposed to know what I want :)16:11
* JFo keeps closing pages before he is done with them16:11
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JFo<-lunch bbiab17:31
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aakshay___hi.. i want to begin fixing bugs for kernels.  can somebody suggest me easy bugs for the start?....  :)18:06
aakshay___JFo: hi.. i want to begin fixing bugs for kernels.  can somebody suggest me easy bugs for the start?....  :)18:15
aakshay___hi.. i want to begin fixing bugs for kernels.  can somebody suggest me easy bugs for the start?....  :)18:16
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charlie-tcaaakshay___: seems to be issues with freenode right now, give it a few minutes18:18
aakshay___charlie-tca: okiez.. :)18:18
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* tgardner --> lunch18:42
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JFowell, that was interesting18:55
charlie-tcais it done yet?18:59
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JFocharlie-tca, I think that last one was my provider19:01
JFomy entire connection dropped19:01
charlie-tcaMine dropped twice during all those spits19:01
JFoI think we are as good as we will get for today19:02
JFoaakshay___, were you looking for me earlier?19:02
* JFo reads back19:03
JFoah, interested in looking at kernel bugs :)19:03
* JFo digs up some links19:03
aakshay___JFo: hi JFo ..... yes i am intrested in fixing kernel bugs19:03
aakshay___but dont know where to start with.. :p19:03
JFoaakshay___, our kernel wiki pages are helpful19:04
JFois the first place you should go19:04
JFofrom the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel page there are a number of other pages of interest19:04
aakshay___JFo: i went through all the bug triaging process..19:04
JFoah, great19:04
aakshay___but i not read debugging yet.. do i need to or can i start?19:05
JFoit would probably be good to read, but you can start without it for now19:05
aakshay___yiipii.... :).. so an easy bug for me?19:06
JFothat is a good question. Unfortunately, I don't have any easy bugs. All of them require some basic triage to a certain extent19:06
JFothen there is a more advanced triage that I do19:07
JFomy best advice to you is to go through the bugs and see which ones you are comfortable looking at19:07
JFoI am here if you have questions :)19:07
aakshay___okiez..  can you please tell me exact bugs page link..19:08
* JFo grabs it19:08
JFothis is the entire list of linux package bugs: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bugs19:08
JFomy pleasure19:08
aakshay___let me check if any suits me.. hehe... :)19:09
JFosounds good, ping me here if you need any advice or help :)19:09
aakshay___sure....thanks... :)..19:09
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aakshay___JFo: i found this bug "289584: networking disabled after resume from sleep" ... how will it be to start working with it?19:38
aakshay___JFo: i need your help.. i dont know how to start with it.. where to get the modules?19:41
JFook, one sec..19:42
aakshay___yes... 19:42
JFoI would start with basic triage, requesting what basic logging we require19:42
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aakshay___okiez.. so do i need to check it in upstream mainline?19:46
JFoI'd ask them to check, yes19:47
aakshay___JFo: okiez... but sorry to ask can you please give me further directions.. :)19:49
JFowhat kind of advice do you need? :)19:51
JFoso on this bug...19:51
aakshay___JFo: yes19:51
JFoI would ask for apport-collect data19:51
aakshay___JFo: that as i understand , i need to take the driver files and check them or so?19:52
JFoso the requests for information text is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BugTriage/Responses19:52
aakshay___ok.. let me read it19:53
JFook :)19:53
JFosorry about that, was a bit distracted by another conversation going on at the same time.19:55
aakshay___no issues... :D19:55
aakshay___JFo: ya.. downloading the image.. and it seems to take long time. so i will come back to you after completing with basic triaging.. :)20:08
JFonot sure what you mean by downloading the image aakshay___ 20:08
JFomaybe I am misunderstanding what it is you are wanting to do20:10
aakshay___JFo: its mention to check with the latest development release20:10
JForight, we ask the reporter to check, as they are the ones encountering the issue20:10
aakshay___and the URL to ISO CD images is given20:10
JForight, we provide that to them so they know where to look for it20:10
aakshay___so i moved to it and it ask to download one as per the system arch20:10
aakshay___yes.. so i am downloading an image for X86... :)20:11
JFobut why are you not asking the reporter of the bug to do that?20:11
JFoI guess that is where you are losing me :)20:11
aakshay___JFo: :D.. we can ask the reporter !!!.. okiez...20:12
tgardnerbjf[afk] I have a lucid stable branch almost ready. I wanted to make sure you weren't working on it before I create the tracking bug.20:12
JFoyep, that is preferred as we want to find out if they still have the issue they reported in the places we point them to20:12
JFothat helps the team determine if a fix exists20:12
JFoit also allows us to find out the differences between the two20:13
JFoso we can identify the problem further20:13
aakshay___so i will contact him and ask to run the same to check..20:13
JFosounds good :)20:13
aakshay___then i need to add comment there??20:13
JFoyes, you would take one of the responses I pointed you to and see which one fits the best20:14
JFoand then provide that to the reporter20:14
aakshay___let me see which one can be best20:15
aakshay___JFo: i think this is best "Old With No Activity"20:16
JFoyep :)20:16
aakshay___and then when i will add in comments there.. :)20:16
JFothat sounds fine :)20:16
aakshay___JFo: sorry to say  but i think reporter will take lot of time to respond?? .. :(20:17
JFoperhaps, it is also possible that they will not respond. 20:18
JFotheir issue may have been fixed already in a later release20:19
JFoand they may just not be willing to answer20:19
JFoonce you comment, set the bug to incomplete so that we will have the correct state of that issue20:19
aakshay___JFo: ok....20:19
aakshay___JFo: is there any direct way to enter in developing modules for kernel?.. :)20:20
JFonot sure what you mean20:20
aakshay___JFo: i have been reading a lot of stuff on programming linux kernel.. so eager to implement and design something.20:21
JFoso you are wondering what the best way to contribute is?20:22
aakshay___JFo: like any module of kernel. :).. please suggest something20:22
aakshay___yes.. in development of it20:22
JFoon that I am afraid I would be no help. I am the bug triager :)20:22
JFodevelopment would be something one of the engineers would be better advising on20:22
aakshay___:)... no problem.. so whom can i ask here or elsewhere?20:23
JFolet me see.20:23
aakshay___please.. :)20:23
JFoapw, you forgot to mark yourself away. :)20:24
JFosconklin, got a minute?20:24
JFoor are you in the middle of something?20:24
sconklinfor you, sure ;)20:24
JFoheh, thanks20:24
JFosconklin, aakshay___ was wondering where to begin on kernel module development20:24
sconklinreading back20:25
JFoas I am hopelessly lost in bugs, I wondered if you could point in the right way20:25
sconklinthere was an excellent book out a few years ago, let me see if it's up to date with the latest kernels. One sec20:26
aakshay___sconklin: hi.. i am looking for programming the kernel.. can you please suggest me20:26
aakshay___sconklin: please :)20:26
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sconklinaakshay___: If you want to know specifically about how to write drivers, this book is probably the best resource: http://lwn.net/Kernel/LDD3/20:27
sconklindrivers are equivalent to modules, essentially20:27
aakshay___sconklin: thanks.. :) and i have completed half of it.. 20:28
aakshay___and doing the "Programming with Linux" as well20:28
aakshay___so eager to implement now20:28
Krunch"LDD3 is current as of the 2.6.10 kernel" that's a bit old20:29
sconklinThe examples in that are going to give you a different method for building the kernel than the way we typically build Ubuntu kernels, so the build steps may not be what you see on our wiki for how to build kernels20:29
hertonone good book is also "Writing Linux Device Drivers" (Jerry Cooperstein)20:29
aakshay___Krunch: yes.. :)20:29
sconklinyes, but I don't think that the major APIs have changed. Some things like debugfs have changed tho. I wish it were more up to date20:30
Krunchwell, it can certainly get you started20:30
sconklinthe more I think about it the more I think of that changed20:30
keestgardner: say, are there any sandybridge systems we can do builds on?20:30
Krunchbut double check all the details in the source (that applies even with the latest book really)20:30
JFooh yeah, the kernel is a constantly moving target20:31
tgardnerkees, none of the kernel buildd's are SBs. you might ask VanHoof20:31
sconklinaakshay___: are you interested in developing a new driver, or working on an existing one?20:31
JFoit is a main reason all of the bugs require constant triage20:31
keestgardner: okay, cool. I was curious about some benchmarks.20:31
tgardnerkees, they are all laptops AFAIK20:31
aakshay___as i am a begineer.. dont have much idea.. you suggest me.. :)20:31
keesvanhoof: if you get some sandybridge systems that I can get access to for some builds, I'd be curious. not a priority at all, just idle curiosity. :)20:32
keestgardner: yeah. just a random bit of curiosity. thanks!20:32
aakshay___sconklin: as i am a begineer.. dont have much idea.. you suggest me.. :)20:32
vanhoofkees: I'm sure we can sort something out :)20:32
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vanhoofkees: after a desktop I assume?20:32
vanhoofkees: the bulk of what we have out there now are mobile, but there are a few desktops scattered around the team20:33
keesvanhoof: no real preference, just curious about some the CPU extensions20:33
kees*some of the...20:33
vanhoofall of them are presently in flux with a pretty awesome S4 issue :)20:33
JFovanhoof, you forgot the </sarcasm> tag20:33
keesvanhoof: cool, yeah, if one goes idle, keep me in mind. consider me at the end of the line after any real work. :)20:34
keesJFo: I sensed that tag :)20:34
sconklinaakshay___: well, the two things that are important are to pick something you have hardware for, and to pick something that interests you. The way that a lot of kernel driver development is done is by sub-groups who work on video4linux, or audio, or any number of other things.20:34
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sconklinaakshay___: But to just experiment, if you can get to the point of building your own kernels, and loading and using a very simple 'hello world' driver, then you will have learned a lot20:35
JFokees, me too, but I was worried for the others ;)20:35
vanhoofkees: bjf /may/ have a SNB desktop in hand, I want to say he was doing some builds there20:36
vanhoofbut i can see if i can sort one out for you once this s4 bug unwinds a bit20:36
vanhoofwe're nearly there20:36
aakshay___sconklin: so i start with the "hello world" driver...?? 20:36
keesvanhoof: cool; thanks20:37
sconklinaakshay___: if there is one called that. I was using it as a dort of generic name. I can't find my copy of the book, but I think it has an example driver that just loads and unloads and is a basic shell20:37
bjfkees, i have a sugar-bay SDP here at home, bryce has a variant as well (i delivered it to him)20:38
sconklinaakshay___: but the very first things to do are to use git to fetch the kernel source and get it to build and make sure it runs on your machine. You should do that before you start writing any code at all20:38
sconklinaakshay___: have you ever built a kernel?20:39
aakshay___sconklin: no.. :(20:39
sconklinok, hold on while I find our wiki page about how to build the Ubuntu kernel. You should get that working before you do anything else20:39
aakshay___sconklin: its my first time to be here on this channel..20:40
sconklinaakshay___: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel20:41
aakshay___sconklin: for this, first i will download the kernel from "git"20:42
aakshay___then build as per instruions in wiki?20:42
Krunchaakshay___: have you read much C so far?20:42
sconklinaakshay___:  git is a user application tool used for source code management. You will use it to fetch a copy of the source code20:42
aakshay___Krunch: yes.. i have been keep reading more and more of it20:43
aakshay___sconklin: ok.. i will do this.20:43
Kruncha good starting point is to build your own kernel, look at the CONFIG_* options and go see in the code how they are implemented20:44
aakshay___and will finish with the LDD3..20:44
keesbjf: ah, cool; I'll check with bryce and see if I can snag it for an afternoon20:44
Krunchthat should give you a good general idea of how the kernel works and what the code looks like compared to userland applications20:45
Krunchbut then, if you only want to write drivers that's not strictly necessary20:45
aakshay___i have a confusion. here "ownKernel" is the one from Git? :)20:45
sconklinaakshay___: own kernel means that you have compiled it yourself from source code instead of installed one that we built for you20:46
Krunchbuild a kernel, from git or from ubuntu, doesn't matter much for a start20:46
aakshay___ok.. so i will first build own kernel.. and then come back with problems if any.. :)20:47
aakshay___sconklin: Krunch:  JFo:  thanks a lot for guidance..20:48
sconklinaakshay___: I hope it helps ;-)20:49
aakshay___thanks.. :)20:49
aakshay___and will be back to ask more20:49
aakshay___good bye... :)20:50
JFothanks sconklin 20:53
bjfJFo, amber had an easy way to find all the wiki pages under a certain path, do you remember that ?21:39
* JFo thinks21:39
JFolet me see if I have it marked... one sec...21:40
JFohmmm, I don't see it21:41
JFoakgraner, do you happen to have that wiki link for all kernel pages?21:41
apwbjf i think that is described under macros in the wiki help which you get to from the bottom of an edit page21:42
bjfapw, looking21:42
apwwe use something link it in the faq edit page i think21:42
apwsomething like that in your page would do it21:43
* jjohansen -> lunch22:41
bjfapw, is there some way to know where the "Action" wiki pages have been included so one could look at them in context to see if they make sense ?23:13
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