artfwois it allowed to package data files with CC-BY-NC-SA license or "free for non-commercial use" license?03:42
artfwoI mean, is it accepted in Debian/Ubuntu archives?03:43
james_wartfwo, only in non-free/multiverse03:43
artfwojames_w: if I have a mix of public domain and non-free files, can I produce 2 packages - for universe and multiverse respectively from one source package?03:45
james_wartfwo, should be possible, provided the source package is in multiverse03:45
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broderjames_w: i know that packages split across main and universe have their source package in main. can you split "up" like that?05:32
micahgbroder: that's more of a closure issue than anything else05:33
micahgI think05:33
* micahg retracts his comment05:34
MTecknologySo.. if I have a man page provided by package A and there is package A, B, and C provided by the packaging; what's the right way to tell dh_link to link the man page for those?05:43
MTecknologythey all need to provide the same man page; but the man page is exactly the same05:44
MTecknologyalso; B and C depend on A05:45
RAOFYou mean - A ships a binary + a manpage for said binary.  That manpage also describes a binary found in B and C.  Yes?05:48
MTecknologyRAOF: exactly05:49
RAOFSo, I think you just want to add them to debian/packagename.links05:50
RAOFAs normal, a one-line per link, whitespace delimited $SRC $DEST file.05:50
MTecknologybut would would my source be?05:51
MTecknologythey'd be the same file; right?05:51
RAOFNo, because you've got different binaries in B and C?05:51
RAOFSo their manpages need to be named different things?05:51
StevenKIf the binary has *exactly* the same name, you don't need a link05:51
RAOFBut if the binary has exactly the same name you have other problems, such as playing the Replaces game :)05:52
MTecknologyI'm guessing I can't just put the man page in each package and let them all install the same thing?05:53
RAOFDoes B conflict with A?05:53
RAOFIt sounds like it should, because it's got an identically-named binary?05:53
MTecknologyB and C conflict; but i already dealt with that05:54
RAOFSo this is something like A=foo-common, B=foo-type-one C=foo-type-two?05:54
RAOFRegardless of how this ends up, its likely that lintian will erroneously flag your binary as not having a manpage.  Feel free to override that warning.05:55
MTecknologyyup; that's what i have; only worded much nicer05:55
* RAOF heads out to exercise.05:55
broderso if i take lp:~jelmer/ubuntu/natty/samba4/various-fixes, does anybody want to take lp:~w-shackleton/ubuntu/natty/x2vnc/x2vnc-fix-726783 ?05:56
MTecknologylintian-override file... [<package>[ <type>]: ]<lintian-tag>[ [*]<lintian-info>[*]]. <package>  <-- does this mean that anything inside the brackets can be ignored?..06:34
MTecknologyI'm struggling with adding a lintian override... I can't figure out how to write the thing..07:33
MTecknologynginx-full package does not have a binary; but binary is provided by nginx-common which is a required package07:34
broderMTecknology: i...thought you could generally take the lintian output and paste it in directly07:34
MTecknologyI tried to add to debian/lintian-overrides      nginx-full binary: binary-without-manpage usr/sbin/nginx * Supplied by nginx-common package. * nginx-full07:34
MTecknologybroder: http://dpaste.com/467878/07:34
MTecknologybroder: should I paste in only "nginx-full: binary-without-manpage usr/sbin/nginx" ?07:35
broderi think so. try it?07:35
MTecknologynow the long painful build time....07:37
MTecknologythe proc is good; but that's about it07:38
MTecknologybroder: that didn't work.. I put that exact line "nginx-full: binary-without-manpage usr/sbin/nginx" into debina/lintian-overrides07:47
broderwouldn't you want debian/nginx-full.lintian-overrides?07:48
MTecknologyther'es three of them; I thought I could do just one file to cover all three07:49
broderi don't think it works like that07:50
MTecknologyI'll try with separate files tomorrow; it's getting really late here07:50
MTecknologythanks for the help. :)07:50
dholbachgood morning08:10
tumbleweeddholbach: morning. Care to bzr pull the sponsor queue?08:11
dholbachtumbleweed, done - thanks for the fix08:13
tumbleweeddholbach: just a minor tweak :)08:14
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om26erHi! how do I work on a package to gets its latest version in Ubuntu? I mean its simple to backport a patch what how do I work on a new upstream release?10:37
om26erfor example: telepathy-logger's launchpad maintanance branch is bzr branch lp:ubuntu/telepathy-logger now there is a new upstream release what do i do?10:43
om26ershould I make a diff between the above branch and the new release and apply it to the branch and commit?10:43
Laneythere is a command "bzr merge-upstream" that might do what you want10:44
LaneyI think that's the bzr-ish way of doing it...?10:44
Laneyom26er: you should probably coordinate in #ubuntu-desktop for that package (and look at merging in the packaging with Debian)10:45
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Laneyalternatively (and preferably IMO) you can /do/ the upgrade in Debian and then merge/sync it back into Ubuntu10:46
om26erthanks Laney i'll look into these options10:48
Laneyfor debian you want #debian-gnome on irc.debian.org10:49
Laneyargh, he's gone (but I just noticed 0.2.4 is in NEW)11:13
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james_wbroder, good point, maybe you can't do that13:51
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c2taruncan anyone please help me with this error http://paste.kde.org/6297/ error can be fixed by moving -lm and -lrt at the end. but when I am making this change to one of the Makefiles, on rebuild makefile is getting restored to its previous state.14:12
ari-tczewc2tarun: maybe again debian-changes* is introduced? check debian/patches14:13
c2tarunari-tczew: there are no patches, infact package is not following any patching system14:14
c2tarunari-tczew: there was also a file Makefile.in in the same folder, I made change to that as well :) now buil successful ;)14:20
ari-tczewc2tarun: congrats14:26
c2tarunari-tczew: I have a doubt, I thought that Makefile.in was created automatically during build by Makefile (or some other file) but here when I changed Makefile.in it worked. I was making same changes to Makefile.in of one other package ( dont remember may be chaplin) then it was not working, I had to make change to Makefile.am there.14:30
ari-tczewc2tarun: sometimes it needs to get applied in these 2 both files.14:31
c2tarunari-tczew: ok14:31
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bdmurrayhyperair: I'm a bit confused about how bug 725316 was hijacked.  Could you help me out?15:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 725316 in banshee (Ubuntu) "banshee 1.9.4-1ubuntu1 crashes on now playing view with wikipedia plugin enabled (by default, main banshee package)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72531615:27
hyperairbdmurray: the description shows a BadMatch error returned by X.15:29
hyperairbdmurray: christian was seeing a completely different bug involving missing dependencies15:30
bdmurrayhyperair: isn't christian the reporter of the bug?  when I think of hijacking I think of a person other than the reporter changing the bug15:31
kklimondaScottK: any idea why there is no libqwebkit.so provided by libqtwebkit4? Without it QtCreator doesn't display WebView widget15:31
kklimonda(or rather qt designer)15:31
hyperairbdmurray: ah hell15:32
hyperairbdmurray: looks like i got it wrong15:32
ScottKkklimonda: No.  I suspect debfx knows though.15:32
kklimondadebfx: ^ ?15:32
kklimondaoh well, you did ping him already :)15:32
bdmurrayhyperair: not a big deal.  In case you didn't know the firefox-lp-improvements extension identifies original reporter comments.15:33
hyperairwhat's that?15:33
bdmurrayIts an extension of compiled greasemonkey scripts that add some functionality to launchpad15:34
debfxkklimonda: libqwebkit.so (without the "t")?15:35
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 4 starting in 25 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:36
bdmurrayhyperair: and an example http://www.murraytwins.com/blog/?p=9615:37
hyperairbdmurray: is there any reason we can't have this functionality added directly to launchpad?15:37
kklimondadebfx: erm, libqwebview.so - it should go to /usr/share/qt4/plugins/designer according to some documentation I've found15:37
kklimondadebfx: there is a bug about it on debian bts: http://bugs.debian.org/61297415:38
bdmurrayhyperair: because Launchpad development is hard?  More seriously though some things have been added to Launchpad and some are Ubuntu specific (showing team badges).15:38
bdmurrayAs an LP developer I'd think highlighting reporter comments makes sense.15:39
debfxkklimonda: oh, that fell victim to the qtwebkit split which upstream doesn't really support15:40
ScottKdebfx: Can we fix it?15:43
kklimondadebfx: is it fixable?15:43
debfxScottK, kklimonda: we could copy the source code from qt4-x11 to qtwebkit-source and patch the build system15:47
ChogyDanIs this normal?  Every time I use dch, it always applies maverick as the release when I'm working on a lucid package.  I thought it was supposed to match the release, ie apply lucid to a new entry when the previous is lucid15:48
ari-tczewChogyDan: it bases on system which you're running.15:48
ChogyDanari-tczew: :(  is there any way to get it to base on the previous instead?15:49
ari-tczewChogyDan: dch -i -D lucid ?15:49
ChogyDanari-tczew: yeah, fair enough, thanks!15:50
ari-tczewChogyDan: np15:51
kklimondadebfx: bah, it does sound like quite a lot of work, on the other hand current situation is damn confusing.. I wonder if there are any other plugins that are missing because of that15:54
seidosempathy is better than ex-chat right?16:49
ari-tczewseidos: it depends on taste16:50
seidosari-tczew: motu?16:50
ari-tczewseidos: me? yes. does it matter about your question whether motu or not?16:51
seidosari-tczew: yes16:51
seidosuntil i get kicked, then no16:51
ari-tczewseidos: are you going to ask everyone whether is he/she motu?16:52
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seidosif i got a job at ubuntu i'd give half my money to hire another18:34
RhondaI have a dejavu, someone said something similar just recently18:39
RhondaAre you HPV?18:39
Rhondaah :)  -!- HPV is now known as seidos18:39
RhondaThough, as generous as it sounds, at the same time I think it won't work. Either they are paying way too much to make that possible, or half the money won't be able to make a proper living18:41
seidosi am not HPV, though i have it Rhonda18:41
seidosdo you have it?18:41
Rhondahave what?18:41
seidosRhonda: who is "they"?18:41
seidosefficient speak, not double speak18:42
seidosu got my back Rhonda ?18:42
seidosgo outside?18:42
seidoswalk around?18:42
RhondaYour nick was HPV before, that's what I meant.18:43
RhondaAnd they are canonical in that case.18:43
seidosRhonda: i just ran around the block, and in the driveway and lawn.  dog has no leash.18:50
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ari-tczew11 entries in sponsors overview \o/20:06
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seidosright view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration21:59
ari-tczewseidos: right sentences on right channel ;)22:04
seidosari-tczew: trying to use empathy to join right channel22:04
seidosari-tczew: are you an op?22:04
seidosan agent?22:05
ari-tczewseidos: why empathy?22:05
ari-tczewseidos: nope, ask persia22:05
ubottuHelp! Hobbsee, Riddell, sladen, fbond, mneptok, gnomefreak, Seveas, dholbach, elkbuntu, PriceChild, or jpds!22:05
seidosari-tczew: part of the default packages22:05
seidosari-tczew: are you an agent?22:05
ari-tczewseidos: agent? guess no22:05
seidosari-tczew: was that a command?22:05
macowhy do you need an op? whats the emergency?22:06
fbondOdd, I should not be an op.22:06
ari-tczewand persia should be IIRC22:06
seidosmaco: ask ari-tczew22:06
seidoshow's persia doing?22:06
micahgmaco: I think he did it by accident, but I think seidos is very close to needing to be kicked22:06
seidosari-tczew: is persia doing alright?22:07
macohavent seen persia in a bit22:07
ari-tczewseidos: I don't understand.22:07
macostill hasnt added me to the DMB mailing list22:07
seidosari-tczew: middle east revolution22:07
ari-tczewseidos: are you drugged?22:07
* maco raises an eyebrow22:07
seidosari-tczew: negative22:08
ari-tczewseidos: drunk?22:08
seidosari-tczew: define drug22:08
macoare you here for constructive purposes?22:08
seidosari-tczew: define drunk22:08
ari-tczewtake less then22:08
seidosmaco: affirmative22:08
seidosari-tczew: less what?22:08
macoplease define22:08
seidosbrain chemicals?22:08
ari-tczewseidos: alcohol22:08
seidosari-tczew: 0 alcohol22:08
ari-tczewalso brain chemicals22:08
* seidos dies22:08
seidos0 brain chemicals = death?22:08
ari-tczewseidos: if you think you're OK, hit your head on the wall22:09
seidosbrain chemicals at nominal levels22:09
seidosari-tczew: once22:09
macoseidos: what are the constructive purposes for your visit?22:09
seidosari-tczew: are you okay?22:09
ari-tczewseidos: you can twice if you wish22:09
seidosmaco: metta22:09
seidosari-tczew: i do not22:09
ari-tczewmaco: he is looking for friends22:09
* micahg thinks its a bot22:10
macothis channel is for development work22:10
macomicahg: nah, too irregular22:10
seidoscease suffering22:10
macoseidos: take it elsewhere, please22:10
ari-tczewmicahg: nope, too inteligent22:10
seidoswhat package are you working on maco ?22:10
seidoswhat upgrades?22:10
seidosto what packages?22:10
macoat the moment, i'm not doing any packaging work. later this evening or tomorrow, qt/atspi22:11
seidosit was more like a tap22:12
tsimpsonnow back to the silence :)22:13
macotsimpson: too soon22:20
tsimpsonmaco: see my 2nd +q22:22
macotsimpson: i thought the exact string had to match, so you would need more *s22:22
tsimpsonIPs look behind hosts and cloaks22:23
tsimpson(except webchat cloaks, but that's because the IP would be for whatever server runs webchat)22:23
macooh ok22:24
RcartI'm working in this bug 725217 (just some typos)22:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 725217 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Typos in Edubuntu 11.04 slideshow" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72521722:28
Rcartbut the patch in the bug report does not cover the typos in po/ files22:28
RcartSo, I asked in -translators, with no response. I'd like to know if I need to patch the typos in po/ files too22:29
Rcartubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu is a native package and I'll apply a patch to it. Are there any recommendations or rules that differs from non-native packages while working on this kind of packages?23:54
Rcartbtw, I know that that d/source/format must be 3.0 (native)23:55

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