chrisccoulsonfta - you still there?01:38
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LLStarksctrl+L on the addon tab: http://imgur.com/aeLej02:32
LLStarkswhat kind of madman would do that instead of putting the adressbar in the addon tab?02:32
chrisccoulsonw00t - https://edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/thunderbird-next \o/12:01
ftachrisccoulson, what is w00t? the ftbfs? ;)12:14
chrisccoulsonheh, not so much ;)12:15
chrisccoulsoni just noticed that. i guess i should use pbuilder occasionally ;)12:15
napsterCan I ask a question related to xul based application development here?12:36
napsterCan I ask a question related to xul based application development here asac ?12:37
asacnapster: this is the wrong place ... its about integrating xul/ffox etc. into ubuntu12:38
asacnot about development12:38
asacirc.mozilla.org has a few channels around that12:38
napsterasac: oh ok. But I'm unable to connect to that server. It shows nothing when I try /join #addons12:40
chrisccoulsonright, thunderbird builds should work now :)12:40
asacnapster: not sure if that channel is supposed to exist ... start here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/IRC12:41
napsterasac: ty12:41
asacnapster: http://irc.mozilla.org/12:41
asacthats a more complete list12:41
asacnot sure12:42
asacyou will find out ;)12:42
asaci am sure12:42
napsterasac: ok, my browser shows nothing for that page but timed out12:42
napsterasac: I mean http://irc.mozilla.org/12:42
asacworks for me12:43
asacmust be on your side12:43
asacnapster: its also a different IRC network: irc.mozilla.org (for your client)12:43
chrisccoulsonnapster, you want #xulrunner on irc.mozilla.org12:43
napsterchrisccoulson: asac: yeah, I know, but can't connect to that server at all from my xchat :)12:44
napsterits shows no errors or warning12:44
napster Disconnected (Connection timed out).12:44
napster Cycling to next server in Mozilla Net...12:44
napsterthis is only what I can see12:44
asaci am no ton that server atm12:45
asacso no clue12:45
asacbut the website opens for me quickly12:45
asacmight be your IP is a previous spammer one12:45
asacif you have dynamic IP try to get a new IP12:45
napsterasac: never, I've been to that newtwork for the first time12:45
asacdo you have a static IP?12:45
napsterasac: no12:45
napsterits dynamic12:46
asacthen try to get a new IP12:46
napsterYeah I guess os12:46
asacyours might have been used by a intrusive hacker/virus etc.12:46
napstersee you12:46
napsterasac: no hope :(12:53
napsteranyway leave it12:53
asacyour whole IP block might be blacklisted13:00
napsterasac: Thats is awesome. I'm not able to connect because some else has spammed them! Very nice :)13:02
asacdont know13:02
asacjust a guess ;)13:02
asacif you can connect to freenode and not irc.mozilla.org i would think it has something to do with you :)13:02
asacchrisccoulson: does irc.mozilla.org work for you atm?13:02
* asac is not connected there13:02
asacnapster: for the meantime try mibbit.com13:03
asacits a webinterface ... maybe that has mozilla net support13:03
asacreally sucky thing, but if nothing else works ;)13:03
napsterasac: that sounds good for now. thanks mate13:04
asacyeah works for me13:04
asaci am in #addons using mibbit.com ;)13:04
asacbut #xulrunner might be better for you ... not sure13:05
asaci am mostly did core development ;)13:05
napsterasac: oh, thats good bro13:06
chrisccoulsonasac - sorry, popped out for some lunch13:52
chrisccoulsonyeah, irc.mozilla.org is working here13:52
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chrisccoulsonfta - have you got a few minutes for setting up the thunderbird dailies?14:02
chrisccoulsonasac - are you able to add me as admin to ~mozillateam? I can't create PPA's at the moment :(14:03
chrisccoulsonmicahg alreday tried, but he couldn't do it14:03
ftachrisccoulson, sure14:15
chrisccoulsonfta - so, the current thunderbird stable branch in natty is now coming from lp:~mozillateam/thunderbird/thunderbird-3.1.head14:16
chrisccoulsonwhat is currently lp:~mozillateam/thunderbird/thunderbird.head will become the thunderbird-3.3 packages (although I've not made any changes to that branch yet, but i've got the changes ready to push)14:17
chrisccoulsonso, it's basically the same layout as firefox then14:17
asacchrisccoulson: not?14:23
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asacchrisccoulson: gnomefreak is owner ;)14:24
asacchrisccoulson: is he ever here?14:24
asactry to contact him or talk to IS to make you owner of the team14:24
chrisccoulsonasac - i haven't seen hi for a while14:24
asacone sec14:24
ftamaybe clean-up the team too; too many idle people in there14:30
ftachrisccoulson, today, i have: thunderbird-3.1.head = lp:~mozillateam/thunderbird/thunderbird-3.1.head and thunderbird.head = lp:~mozillateam/thunderbird/thunderbird.head14:33
chrisccoulsonfta - yeah, that looks right14:33
ftai didn't change anything yet14:34
ftaand the bot has: http://paste.ubuntu.com/574995/14:35
chrisccoulsonfta - ah, ok. so, the "thunderbird" source package will be coming from thunderbird-3.1.head, which is the current stable version14:35
chrisccoulsonathunderbird.head will be "thunderbird-3.3"14:36
chrisccoulsonmy keys keep not working :(14:36
ftachrisccoulson, the stable branch is currently called thunderbird.head right?14:43
ftathe daily is thunderbird-3.1.head14:43
chrisccoulsonoh, i'm confused now :/14:43
chrisccoulsonheh :)14:43
ftayou want me to swap those, is that correct?14:43
chrisccoulsonfta - there are daily builds for thunderbird-3.1? i only see thunderbird in the PPA14:45
ftachrisccoulson, http://paste.ubuntu.com/575004/14:45
chrisccoulsonfta - assuming i understand the configuration, i think we want something like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/575003/14:47
ftathe 2nd vpattern is 3.3, not 3.114:48
chrisccoulsonyeah, i didn't notice that bit ;)14:48
ftathat's what preventing the bot to push the dailies atm14:48
ftaso you need to swap the branches in lp14:49
chrisccoulsonfta - i've branched what is currently lp:thunderbird to lp:thunderbird-3.1.head14:52
chrisccoulsonand then, i have the changes to lp:thunderbird.head stored locally which update it to 3.314:53
ftahm, what happened to the old lp:thunderbird-3.1.head branch then?14:55
ftato be consistent with ff, i should call the daily thunderbird-trunk.head14:59
chrisccoulsonfta - i moved the old lp:thunderbird-3.1.head branch to lp:thunderbird-3.1.head.old, but i didn't realise your bot was still using it when i did that15:00
ftawell, it's not, since trunk moved away from 3.115:01
ftan-m, i'll manage15:02
m_conleyHey all - I've started work on integrating Thunderbird into the Messaging Menu.  Mozilla Labs project page is here:  https://mozillalabs.com/messaging/messaging-menu/15:04
m_conleyAny and all feedback welcome.  :)15:04
ftachrisccoulson, could you please rename thunderbird.head to thunderbird-trunk.head in lp, to match firefox?15:04
chrisccoulsonfta - yeah, sure15:05
ftait has thunderbird-3.3 as src package name, right?15:05
chrisccoulsonfta - yeah, it does. ok, i've renamed that now15:06
chrisccoulsonin future, we'll probably just use firefox-trunk and thunderbird-trunk as the source package names too15:07
chrisccoulsonm_conley, that's awesome :-)15:09
m_conleychrisccoulson: thanks! :D  Pretty stoked.  It needs some polish, but I'm happy to see it mostly work.15:09
chrisccoulsonm_conley, the extension is arch-specific isn't it?15:12
m_conleychrisccoulson: oh, yes - good point.  :/  I should probably add that to the add-on listing.15:12
m_conleyi386 for now.15:12
chrisccoulsonheh :)15:12
m_conleychrisccoulson: I may have asked you this before, but when you put together the build structure for your globalmenu-extension... did you just go at it via trial and error, or was there some documentation you were referring to?15:29
chrisccoulsonm_conley, it was mostly just copying config/ and build/, and other bits i knew that i needed. but some of it was trial and error ;)15:37
m_conleychrisccoulson: gotcha.  thanks. :)15:37
micahgchrisccoulson: shouldn't thunderbird.head stay the current dev release and a new thunderbird-trunk become thunderbird-3.3?15:57
ftamicahg, we don't have a firefox.head branch16:28
micahgfta: yep, but we don't have a versioned thunderbird branch at the moment for each release and I'd like to keep it that way16:33
micahgI'd prefer thunderbird.head to remain the distro head branch16:34
ftawe have thunderbird-3.1.head16:36
ftayou last touched it months ago16:36
micahgfta: yep, but then it was merged into thunderbird.head16:41
chrisccoulsoni don't mind having thunderbird.head for the current 3.1 stable releases16:46
chrisccoulsonbut we should probably do the same for firefox at some point too ;)16:46
chrisccoulsonhmm, third time lucky with the tbird builds :(16:46
micahgchrisccoulson: it made sense when we weren't doing major version upgrades in stable releases16:47
chrisccoulsoni guess the only issue with it is, when we eventually roll out thunderbird 3.3, users on older releases will get updated to 3.3 if they are using the daily builds16:49
chrisccoulsonwhereas, that isn't happening for firefox because we still have the daily builds coming off lp:firefox-3.6.head, and natty is using lp:firefox-4.0.head16:50
micahgwell, that's what happened with firefox I think, when 3.6 was stable16:50
micahgah, hmm, I see your point16:51
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure how to handle that16:51
chrisccoulsonbut, on the flip-side - when firefox 4 is released, we are going to lose 4.0 daily builds16:51
chrisccoulsonhmmmm L/16:52
chrisccoulson:/ even16:52
micahgchrisccoulson: I think we should make the "firefox" dailies come off firefox-4.0 then16:52
chrisccoulsoneven for maverick and lucid users?16:52
chrisccoulsonit almost seems like we need more than 1 PPA ;)16:52
chrisccoulsonfta - how does this work for chromium? :)16:52
micahgchrisccoulson: yeah, that's what we did with 3.616:53
chrisccoulsonah, ok16:53
chrisccoulsonif we've done that in the past, then i don't mind doing it again16:53
micahgchrisccoulson: we can make firefox-3.6.head push a source firefox-3.6 package if we need the dailies still16:53
micahgchrisccoulson: chromium has channels the users subscribe to, daily, dev, beta, stable16:54
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chrisccoulsonok, i'm happy with keeping lp:thunderbird.head for the current stable (rather than using lp:thunderbird-3.1.head)16:58
chrisccoulsonwe should probably discuss workflow at UDS though, we have a lot of branches now and i guess this is going to get more difficult in the future ;)16:59
chrisccoulson^^^fta - will you be coming to UDS?16:59
magciuswhere is the chromium daily ppa?17:28
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micahgmagcius: I think it's ppa:chromium-daily/ppa17:29
ftachrisccoulson, nope.17:31
ftachrisccoulson, micahg: grr, i already renamed everyting17:33
chrisccoulsonfta - that's ok, don't worry about it ;)17:33
micahgyeah, it's fine17:33
chrisccoulsonwth is eToken?17:34
chrisccoulsonthese issues keep cropping up: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/65515213/DpkgTerminalLog.txt17:35
chrisccoulsonapplications should not be adding private locations to the ld search path!17:35
chrisccoulsonis this going to be another ubuntuzilla? ;)17:35
micahgchrisccoulson: I don't think that's us17:35
chrisccoulsonno, it's not us. i'm just wondering what it is though17:36
chrisccoulsonit's especially bad adding themselves to the ld search path when they ship such antiquated versions of nss17:40
* chrisccoulson is going to have to get the whip out17:40
micahgwell, installing stuff in /usr/lib is generally frowned upon anyways17:40
chrisccoulsonyeah, they aren't doing that. they're installing nss in to a private location in /opt and then presumably dropping a file in /etc/ld.so.conf.d17:40
micahgchrisccoulson: I was referring to the eToken stuff :)17:40
chrisccoulsonit's a good job that firefox isn't using the system nss17:41
chrisccoulsoni wonder if it's this? http://www3.safenet-inc.com/support/etoken.aspx17:41
chrisccoulsoni might send them an e-mail17:41
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micahgdid you see the news about js185?18:07
chrisccoulsonmicahg - not yet, are they doing a tarball release though? i've been pinging them in #jsapi about that ;)18:08
micahgchrisccoulson: yes, sounds like it's planned18:08
micahgwhich means /usr/lib/mozjs185.0.0 hopefully18:08
ubot2Mozilla bug 628723 in JavaScript Engine "Create JS 1.8.5 source release" [Normal,New]18:09
micahgjdstrand: what do you think about bug 72862119:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 728621 in firefox "Apparmor profile works around a fixed security bug in sun-java6" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72862119:39
jdstrandmicahg: seems fine to revert so long as it is tested19:41
micahgjdstrand: is running through the java test suite on the build sufficient?19:41
jdstrandmicahg: should be. probably something for natty only19:41
micahgjdstrand: revert only in natty or test only in natty?19:43
jdstrandmicahg: both19:44
micahgjdstrand: so leave the stable releases alone WRT this19:45
micahgjdstrand: k, it's in the apparmor abstraction now, so should I prepare a merge request for apparmor?19:45
jdstrandsure, or a debdiff19:46
ftajdstrand, micahg: do you want the arm ftbfs fix for this ch release or is it fine to wait for the next one?20:15
* micahg defers to jdstrand on this20:15
ftabtw, the next beta is very active, i won't be surprised to see it become stable very soon20:16
ftalinux/beta (10.0.648.126 -> 10.0.648.127)20:16
micahgthey've also just about reached they're 6 week release deadline20:16
jdstrandfta: which fix is this, dropping the arch or actually getting armel builds?20:17
jdstrands/builds/working builds/20:18
ftajdstrand, i can get it to build "theoretically", it was my fault, a flag dropped by mistake.20:19
jdstrandfta: yes, please let's get armel building again with the next upload (but not a special 9.0.597.107~r75357-0ubuntu0.10.10.2 upload)20:20
jdstrandfta: so whenever google has a new security update for us, we'll get the path then20:21
jdstrandfta: thanks for finding the fix, even if it is just theoretical :)20:21
ftaok, fix committed, so i won't forget it20:28
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ftajdstrand, are the QRT:scripts fully automatic? i mean, would it be possible to run them without a display?22:58
jdstrandfta: no, they are not automatic in any way. they are interactive22:58
jdstrandfta: well, test-browser.py. most of QRT:scripts can be run without a display22:59
ftai guess i should test those one day23:02
ftachrisccoulson, you didn't change the tb 3.3 src package name yet?23:03
chrisccoulsonfta - i thought i pushed my changes already?23:03
chrisccoulson1 sec23:03
chrisccoulsonfta - yeah, it's pushed already23:06
ftawhy is my bot pulling the same sources over and over again then?..23:07
ftaoh, no cache23:08
ftacould you please add one?23:08
ftaff and xul have one already23:09

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