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fluvvellis it possible to set a fixed ip on a second interface in xfce with network manager?08:09
fluvvellI have the main interface as a wireless broadband connection, want to share it via eth0 but cant easily get eth0 to take a fixed ip. Using /etc/network/interfaces causes network manager to shut down and kill the wireless connection08:11
mycosysfluvvel - would prolly go back to good ol ifup in ur shoes09:14
mycosyshello superm109:20
mycosysjust saying you rock09:20
Locutus_of_BorgIf I were to copy a folder of my videos to the mythtv video directory, the folder hierarchy would be preserved in MythTV itself, would it not? If I had copied a folder that consisted of "Example videos -> Example folder 1 -> Test folder 1 -> Video 1", I would be able to access that in MythTV by going to "Media library -> Watch videos -> Example videos -> ,,, -> Video 1", correct?14:17
tgm4883Locutus_of_Borg, IIRC, only if you have mythvideo set to browse files16:10
tgm4883I've not tested that though16:10
rhpot1991I think thats enabled by default16:12
rhpot1991I see folders for my storage groups16:12
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