GrueMasterNCommander: We'll need omap as well.00:00
skaet_NCommander,  thanks for chiming in.  :) perfect.00:00
charlie-tcaskaet_: release notes done for xubuntu. Thank you00:05
NCommanderskaet_: GrueMaster:  smbclient : Depends: samba-common (= 2:3.5.6~dfsg-5ubuntu2) but 2:3.5.6~dfsg-5ubuntu3 is to be installed00:12
NCommanderThat's preventing me from spinning new test images00:12
NCommanderoh nifty00:12
NCommanderwe're published00:12
NCommanderGrueMaster: at least another hour before I'll actually be able to spin. samba is currently building on ARM, and skews the archive00:13
* NCommander however does a test build to insure livecd-rootfs will properly update on sycamore00:15
* skaet_ --> dinner, back later.00:15
NCommanderskaet_: GrueMaster; livecd-rootfs updated on the ARM image buildds00:42
NCommandersamba is STILL building00:45
NCommanderif it doesn't finish soon, its going to miss the publisher window00:45
NCommander^- GrueMaster00:46
NCommanderthe chroot is tearing down00:46
NCommanderit should make it00:46
wgrantWith a little luck we'll be able to double publisher frequency in a month or so :)00:48
NCommanderwgrant: I'm more annoyed that people like to ignore freezes. If the build failed on armel, then we'd be absolutely foobared00:49
NCommanderwgrant: just on a technical point, is it possible to freely freeze/unfreeze the archive?00:50
wgrantNCommander: Yes. But Ubuntu moved to soft freezes around milestones a couple of years back.00:51
NCommanderwgrant: an unfortunate policy change IMHO00:51
wgrantIt does occasionally prove bad.00:51
slangaseksamba is accepted, so you're fine on the publisher00:57
slangasekwas this a package that was uploaded in violation of the freeze?00:57
slangasek"soft freeze" doesn't mean "go ahead and upload whatever you want and ignore the release team"00:57
slangasekyes, this was definitely a freeze violation00:58
NCommanderslangasek: yeah, I looked at the changelog, and nothing here required an upload T-24 to milestone freeze00:59
NCommanderslangasek: this isn't the first time a last minute upload has caused issues for the ARM builds. I'd *love* to see milestones have hard freezes return TBH :-/01:00
slangasekthat's very high-load on the release team, and shouldn't be required - we should be able to trust Ubuntu developers to follow simple guidelines wrt milestone uploads01:02
slangasekso I would consider restoring hard freezes a last resort01:02
skaet_hmm, does this mean that we should be collecting some beer from some one?  ;)01:03
slangasekperhaps you could email Chuck and point him to the freeze email, and explain why this was a problem?01:03
NCommanderslangasek: I thought setting the freeze was simply a matter of going to the distro series, and changing it from development to pre-release freeze01:03
NCommander(doable via web UI)01:03
NCommanderor are you referring to approving uploads?01:03
slangasekNCommander: *setting* the freeze is not the problem; managing freeze *exceptions* is01:03
slangasek(also, last I knew, only LOSAs had access to the button to set the freeze state)01:03
NCommanderslangasek: ah :-). yeah, I didn't quite realize that until a moment after I said the first thing01:03
NCommanderslangasek: 20:04:00 < slangasek> (also, last I knew, only LOSAs had access to the01:05
NCommander                      button to set the freeze state)01:05
NCommander20:04:01 < NCommander> slangasek: ah :-). yeah, I didn't quite realize that01:05
NCommander                       until a moment after I said the first thing01:05
* NCommander grumbles that "proper" beahvior isn't proper01:05
NCommanderslangasek: I get your point, and I can see that approving freeze exceptions can be a massive workloadincrease, at cost that when someone violates the freeze, specific images can be foobared due to archive skew01:06
NCommanderok, published01:09
* NCommander kicks buildlive01:10
NCommanderslangasek: is there a way to see if publisher is done? I can't lynx onto ftpmaster.internal to see if the package is in the pool ...01:23
slangasekwell, you know the publisher is done when the mirror you're pulling from has the package?01:27
slangasekthere's no direct test for this, no01:27
ScottKSo you need a script that hits the mirror two or three times a second to let you know when the package arrives ...01:28
wgrantslangasek: (any Launchpad developer should be able to freeze/unfreeze a series now)01:28
slangasekwgrant: "launchpad developer"?  I would think the LOSAs are still who those requests are meant to be directed to, aren't they?01:29
wgrantI'm not sure if the policy has changed, but the technical restrictions certainly have.01:30
NCommanderabout 3 hours ago - by Jon Stokes | Posted in: Law & Disorder02:24
NCommanderThe government brought 22 new charges against Pfc. Bradley Manning, the soldier who allegedly provided a giant trove of classified cables to WikiLeaks.02:24
NCommanderdamn paste bug02:24
charlie-tcaHe signed a agreement when he enlisted. He is in trouble02:26
charlie-tcabut I do worry about Assange02:28
ScottKThis probably isn't the best place for the discussion though.02:29
rsalvetiNCommander: lol :-)02:36
rsalvetiNCommander: the the image built fine?02:36
rsalveti*did the02:36
rsalvetiseems it failed, and no logs02:37
NCommanderrsalveti: build is still ongoing. samba's upload skewed the image so i ttook awhile for the archive to get to the point I could build02:37
rsalvetiNCommander: oh, ok02:37
NCommanderrsalveti: there were a bunch of test builds which I expected to fail02:37
rsalvetiyeah, just saw that samba was the culprit02:37
NCommanderrsalveti: you could say I was less than pleased about that :-/02:38
NCommandersycamore.buildd finished at Thu Mar  3 02:40:15 UTC 2011 (success)02:41
NCommanderacorn.buildd finished at Thu Mar  3 02:41:07 UTC 2011 (success)02:41
NCommanderrunning the image build02:42
NCommanderGrueMaster: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/daily-preinstalled/20110303/03:23
GrueMasterSomeone alive that can poke iso.qa.ubuntu.com for me?  I'm pulling these images now, and can start feeding in data asap.03:30
skaet_GrueMaster, iso.qa.ubuntu.com has been poked.03:43
skaet_NCommander,  is it worth building the kubuntu Netbook ARM?03:43
GrueMasterskaet_: In my earlier testing of it, it will have the same issue, but oem-config wasn't even starting.03:47
skaet_GrueMaster,  should I just go ahead and remove kubuntu netbook ARM then from the iso tracker?03:48
* skaet_ thinking its a bit late anyhow...03:48
GrueMasterGive me a minute to start a sanity check of these images.  If they work, we can kick start kubuntu.03:49
GrueMasterSo far so good!03:54
GrueMasteromap passed Alpha 3.  Will log issues in the tracker, but nothing critical.04:03
GrueMasteromap4 is underway.04:03
GrueMasterAs to kubuntu, NCommander has kicked antimony, but they won't be ready for another ~2 hours.  I'll take the 20110301 omap4 and try our fix manually.  I doubt it will work.04:06
GrueMasterI won't be able to test them tonight.04:07
rsalvetiGrueMaster: so we're kind of done for A3?04:29
GrueMasterWell, for the most part.  I am adding test results to http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com04:30
GrueMasterI'll be another 30 minutes I think.04:30
GrueMasterBut for the most part, yes.  Nothing critical to hold up release at this point.  :D04:31
skaet_pitti,  cjwatson,  could you please add the kubuntu images to the .iso tracker when you get in, and let ogra know.04:31
* skaet_ is assuming NCommander won't be around when the kubuntu images come off04:32
skaet_GrueMaster,  good news indeed.   Thanks!04:32
GrueMasterskaet_: Didn't think you'd still be up.04:33
skaet_GrueMaster, working on TechOverview for tomorrow - lots of bugs to document :P04:33
skaet_am probably going to call it a night though now... suspect tomorrow will be a longish day as well.04:34
GrueMasterWell, I still have bugs to add to my results, so don't wait up for me.  I'll have them ready for you when you get up in the morning.  :P04:35
NCommanderskaet_: probably not04:36
skaet_cjwatson, pitti, ^^04:37
GrueMasterLooks like the kubuntu respin may be for not.  I took the 20110301 image and remobed ubiquity-slideshow-*, but oem-config still crashes, this time before X starts.04:59
GrueMasterSo, no kubuntu-preinstalled on armel for this release.04:59
skaet_GrueMaster, ack.   Thanks for looking into it.05:47
pittiGood morning08:22
pittisorry, server crash over the night, I lost backscroll08:22
pitticjwatson, skaet_, slangasek: ^ if you said something to me over night, please repeat08:23
Laneypitti: you can check the logs online ;-)08:24
pitti(reading irclogs.u.c. now)08:27
pittiRiddell, ScottK, ogra_: do you know why kubuntu netbook arm was set to rebuilding? is it affected by the slideshow crash as well?08:28
pitti^ nevermind, saw it on irclogs.u.c. now08:32
pitticjwatson: my feeling about bug 727783  is that OEM installs are not an utterly important use case for alphas, so that we'll release note OEM install as broken (or explain the workaround), and move the bug to b1; I don't think it's important enough to delay a3, WDYT?09:04
ubot4Launchpad bug 727783 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Natty) (and 1 other project) "oem-config is not installed after initial system installation, and the user can't proceed with the step 'prepare for shipping' (affects: 3) (dups: 1) (heat: 20)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72778309:04
cjwatsonpitti: I'm not going to have it fixed for a3 :-(09:09
cjwatsonI mean, I think I have an idea09:09
pitticjwatson: right, if we kept the milestone, we'd need to delay by a couple of days09:09
pittibut I'd like to avoid that09:09
cjwatsonbut the test cycle is long, and I have to go out for a couple of hours shortly09:09
cjwatson(usual Thursday morning sign class)09:10
pitticjwatson: are you ok with moving to b1 and just documenting it?09:10
* pitti will go over tthe bugs now and add them to Tech Overview09:10
cjwatsonone thing to note is that I fear it may impair language pack installation off the CD too, so I suspect that will only work if networked09:11
cjwatsonthat's just a guess but an educated one09:11
cjwatsonbut language-selector is fairly good these days, so I don't think that's vital either09:11
pitticjwatson: not that we actually had a lot of langpacks on the CDs..09:11
pitticjwatson: I'll give that a quick test in kvm -net none09:13
cjwatsonthere is that too :-/09:13
* pitti ponders whether he'd be lost more in a French or Bengali live system09:14
pittithose two, Spanish, and zh-hans is all we have now09:15
pittioh, not even French any more09:15
pittiso, Spanish it is09:15
Riddellhola, how are we doing?09:24
pittiBuenos días, héroe de Kubuntu!09:25
pittiRiddell: we just declared oem mode officially broken for a3, I'll document it (and a workaround)09:26
pittiotherwise it looks pretty ok, I think09:26
Riddellexcept for Kubuntu desktop and DVD being broken09:26
RiddellI take it someone has done an ubuntu desktop install on real hardware to confirm they don't have the same issue?09:26
pittihm, I saw a few successful test cases, too09:27
pitti(for Kubuntu)09:28
Riddellyes because the QA team only tests on virtual machines09:28
Riddellreal hardware isn't so lucky09:29
pittibug 726581 I tak eit09:29
ubot4Launchpad bug 726581 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Natty) (and 1 other project) "install stops half way through (affects: 4) (dups: 2) (heat: 30)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72658109:29
Riddellyes, which leaves the install with an unbootable hard disk so I don't want to release images with that bug09:29
pittiI'll run a test install on my mini 1009:31
seb128can do that as well09:31
seb128is there any special install scenario that needs testing?09:31
pittimore tests are better, yes09:31
pittiI don't think it's crashing during partitioning, so full disk should be okay09:32
pittiRiddell: what did you try when you saw this?09:32
Riddelllive session -> ubiquity -> use full disk09:32
pitticheers, will try that as well09:33
pitticjwatson: Spanish langpacks were copied properly in my offline install test09:33
pittiRiddell: online or offline?09:33
Riddellpitti: both09:33
pittiwell, can't go online with the mini in the live system anyway09:34
pittiRiddell: no CD drive in the mini, I'm using USB stick; were you using an actual CD? (given the weird media change log entries this might be relevant)09:37
RiddellI had the problem with both CD and USB09:37
pittiinstalled, booted, bug updated09:48
* pitti looks for that string in the sources, to see what could trigger it09:49
seb128ubiquity in natty is still not nb screen friendly09:49
seb128did anybody else got keyboard configuration issues? or a weird question about keyboard after the tz selection?09:50
pittinot me; just a compiz crash on startup09:50
pittihm, I can't find that string09:52
* pitti greps /usr09:53
pittiah, it's from python-apt09:53
pittimvo: do you know under which circumstances apt/python-apt would call media_change()?09:55
pittimvo: (for bug 726581)09:55
ubot4Launchpad bug 726581 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Natty) (and 1 other project) "install stops half way through (affects: 4) (dups: 2) (heat: 30)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72658109:55
mvopitti: either if the sources.list cdrom source is before the http source or if the pkg is not available from the network (e.g. missing cache update)09:56
pittiit allegedly also happens offline09:57
pittiand online09:57
pittimvo: i. e. it tries to install a package which isn't in the live system or on teh CD?09:57
RiddellUbuntu Desktop isn't looking healthy, compiz crashes, random messages about CD with packages in it, blank desktop09:58
pittiyeah, I think we need to teach casper to disable the apt media check10:00
pittiit didn't annoy you with these earlier10:01
seb128ok, I just did an ubuntu desktop i386 custom partition install, worked fine, unity starts10:01
pittimvo: ^ did that change in natty in any way?10:01
jibelseb128, yes I did, but I'm unable to find the steps to reproduce. It looks like being linked to the timing when you proceed to the keyboard layout screen.10:01
seb128jibel: ok, seems to happen every time here10:02
seb128pitti, is jockey supposed to manifest itself after first login?10:03
pitti"Skipping nonexistent file /cdrom/dists/natty/main/binary-i386/Packages" -> I have that on a successful install as well, so that's not it10:03
pittiseb128: actually yes (on the mini, for the wl driver, unless you installed online)10:04
seb128pitti, it doesn't here10:05
mvopitti: uhhh, possible, the mountpoint is /media/cdrom by default now10:05
seb128pitti, ok, .xsession-errors says it crashes on " TypeError: an integer is required"10:07
seb128in update_repository_indexes10:07
jibelmvo, update-notifier is now showing up during install from a live session. Is it expected ?10:08
pittiseb128: ah, bug 711225)10:08
ubot4Launchpad bug 711225 in python2.7 (Ubuntu Natty) (and 1 other project) "subprocess.Popen() crashed with TypeError in _cleanup(): an integer is required (affects: 3) (heat: 28)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71122510:08
seb128pitti, indeed10:08
seb128pitti, thanks10:08
mvojibel: no, not at all10:08
mvojibel: showing up in what way?10:08
seb128jibel: let me know if you open a bug about the keyboard thing, I will confirm it10:08
pittiseb128: fun, I never got that on my workstation, can reproduce on the mini10:08
jibelmvo, bug 72258010:08
ubot4Launchpad bug 722580 in update-notifier (Ubuntu) "update-notifier is launched while ubiquity is running (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72258010:08
pittimvo: it keeps popping up dialogs with "an install medium found, want to open blabla"10:09
seb128pitti, your workstation is online and get an index update10:09
seb128pitti, it's a chicken-egg issue on the 10v10:09
seb128no wifi no internet no index10:09
jibelseb128, no I didn't filed a bug because I have no useful information to provide.10:09
seb128jibel: well the prompt seems buggy and you get an english keyboard after installation10:09
pittimvo: so that media change thing could be related to the changed mount point? did that change after a2?10:10
mvopitti: yeah, its quite likely, I can revert it for now10:12
pittimvo: does that depend on anything else? I wonder why we only see it on kubuntu10:12
mvopitti: maybe its just kubuntu that triggers a additional pkg install from the cd?10:13
mvopitti: and the normal ubuntu does not10:13
pittihm, perhaps that's what breaks oem-install as well, checking logs10:13
pittiMar  2 13:10:38 ubuntu plugininstall.py: FetchFailedException: Failed to fetch cdrom:[Ubuntu 11.04 _Natty Narwhal_ - Alpha amd64 (20110302)]/pool/main/u/ubiquity/oem-config-gtk_2.5.22_all.deb File not found10:14
pittimvo: so, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/727783/+attachment/1880803/+files/UbiquitySyslog.gz (log from the failed oem install) doesn't have a "Media change" notification, but above ^10:15
ubot4Launchpad bug 727783 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Natty) (and 1 other project) "oem-config is not installed after initial system installation, and the user can't proceed with the step 'prepare for shipping' (affects: 3) (dups: 1) (heat: 20)" [High,Confirmed]10:15
mvopitti: I can do a new upload now, its a likely candidate and the only one I can currently think of10:16
pittimvo: is that in the binary bits or in python?10:16
pittimvo: it could be worth locally installing that reversion on a kubuntu live system, and checking if it installs10:17
seb128pitti, so the jockey issue is solved if you do an apt-get update iirc10:17
pittimvo: if you have a package, I can do a parallel test with OEM, to see whether it affects that as well10:17
pittiseb128: right; I'll investigate the python crash later on10:17
seb128pitti, i.e find an ethernet cable, do apt-get update and it will work10:17
pittiseb128: now that I can reliably reproduce it10:17
seb128pitti, ok10:17
pittiseb128: right; I'm actually eager to keep it breaking, as this looks like a weird bug in python's subprocess.py10:18
seb128pitti, just letting you know as a piece of information10:18
mvopitti: it should be enough to add a symlink from /media/cdrom to /cdrom for testing10:18
seb128pitti, running the command in the python interpreter works, so it's weird10:18
mvopitti: its the binary bits10:18
pittimvo: that would be equivalent to the reversion? good10:18
RiddellI don't have the problem during Ubuntu Desktop install10:18
Riddellmvo: I'll try a Kubuntu install with that change10:18
pittilet's try that10:18
pittiRiddell: can you try Kubuntu? I'll try Ubuntu oem10:19
pitti/media/cdrom -> /cdrom, right?10:21
pitti/cdrom is already mounted10:22
mvocould you please link the other way around then?10:22
pittino, I can't10:22
mvoare both directories?10:22
pitti/cdrom is existing and mounted, I can't replace it with a symlink to /media/cdrom10:22
pittimvo: /media/cdrom doens't exist by default; I created it as  a link to /cdrom10:23
mvothe important bit is that apt finds something at /media/cdrom10:23
mvoso that should be good now10:23
* mvo crosses fingers10:23
pittils -l /media/cdrom/dists/ -> natty10:24
mvonowdays apt-cdrom/cdrom.cc will use udev unless explicitely disabled, I guess the installer disabled that bit during install10:25
evindeed it does10:25
pittimvo: is that related in any way with the "install cd has been detected" spam?10:26
mvoit might be, I can currently not think how though, but it sounds likely10:31
pittiinstall finished; booting and crossing fingers..10:32
pittihah! worked10:32
Riddellmy install is at 65%! it always got stuck at 64% before10:35
pittigo! go! go!10:35
pittithe 64th percent is always the hardest10:35
pittimvo, ev: so what would be the correct fix for this? does ubiquity/d-i make assumptions about /cdrom? or does this need to be fixed entirely in apt?10:36
pittior would the correct fix take longer, and as a workaround we just upload a casper which creates the symlink?10:36
pittiOEM configure step now complete, I'm in the user session10:37
mvopitti: I don't have a strong opinion on this, I'm fine reverting10:40
pittimvo: what do you want to revert in particular, the default mount point if udev is disabled?10:40
mvothe default mount point10:40
mvoit got changed because of a debian bugreport from kfreebsd where no udev is available10:40
ubot4Debian bug 611569 in apt "apt-cdrom doesn't work on GNU/kFreeBSD" [Important,Fixed]10:41
mvofor all clients (including apt itself) the dir should not matter when udev is used, it will just detect it10:41
pittiah, seems cjwatson already identified that as probable cause10:41
pittiso reverting this doesn't sound optimal then10:42
mvoit eventually got fixed in a different way for kfreebsd10:42
pittimvo: so the problem is that the installer/casper/etc. still use and assume /cdrom ?10:42
pittiFWIW, http://gitweb.dragonflybsd.org/dragonfly.git/commitdiff/3a3826b3871c8c2f480bcba820c6da8f86700143 :)10:42
pittiit might not take that long any more10:42
mvoheh, woah!10:43
pittimvo: should we perhaps just quickfix this in casper, to get a3 out of the door?10:43
Riddellkubuntu install completed, awesomeage10:44
pittiI propose we only rebuild the Kubuntu CD/DVD, not the entire set, and document that OEM install is broken (and how to fix it)10:44
pittiRiddell: \o/10:44
pittiI wonder if this can be done even quicker with a cdimage hack10:45
pittihm, no, this would keep the symlink in the installed system10:45
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
mvopitti: sure, thats fine with me10:46
mvopitti: just a symlink10:46
pittiRiddell: I'll upload a new casper then, ok?10:47
Riddellyes, thanks10:47
pittichroot /root apt-cdrom -o Acquire::cdrom::AutoDetect=false -m add10:48
pittimvo: ^ is that what is supposed to disable the CD check?10:48
mvopitti: yes, thats the one10:50
pittiso apparently it stopped working?10:50
pitti+# temporary hack for LP#72778310:50
pitti+mkdir -p /root/media10:50
pitti+ln -s /cdrom /root/media/cdrom10:51
mvowell, if the autodetect is disabled, then it will look at the default cdrom path, that used to be /cdrom and now its /media/cdrom10:51
mvowould be nice to just have auto-detect true here, but I guess the problem is the chroot10:51
mvoyour diff looks good10:52
pittiuploaded; let's see how fast it can build10:54
* pitti runs process-upload manually and then stops the publisher10:54
pittiRiddell: alternates are ok, right?10:57
pittimarked Kubuntu desktop and DVD for rebuild10:58
Riddellpitti: yes10:58
mvocan I upload a new software-center for immediate publication after a3 - or wll that interfere with your workflow (new reviews server got deployed last night :-D10:59
pittimvo: can you still wait a bit please? just in case I screwed up and we need a new casper10:59
* mvo will just have lunch then :)11:00
pitti. o O { the chroot upgrade on the amd64 buildd takes aages.. }11:00
pitticongrats, armel beat amd6411:04
ograyeah, its the fjutscha :)11:06
pittiaccepted, publisher running11:06
pittiogra: wärrie well11:07
pittiWTH, publisher crashes11:08
pittimkdir: cannot create directory `/srv/launchpad.net/ppa': Permission denied11:09
pittiseems more happy now11:13
jibelev, any idea about  bug 728205 when mswindows is the primary os ?11:18
ubot4Launchpad bug 728205 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity: there is no install "alongside other operating system" (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72820511:18
evjibel: bug updated11:23
evapologies for the delayed responses.  I'm helping a Millbank intern get set up with our tools and trying to get caught up myself after being without a working computer for much of yesterday.11:23
wgrantpitti: Were you running it without LPCONFIG set?11:23
pittiwgrant: I think I did at first, yes11:24
wgrantGreat. Was hoping it wasn't some new issue :/11:25
pittiRiddell: I'll set up a trigger for new casper, and rebuild Kubuntu desktop and DVDs11:31
Riddellpitti: a trigger?11:32
cjwatsonpitti: oh, the langpacks are on the livefs, so that would work yes11:32
pitticjwatson: wb11:32
cjwatsonpitti: I'm sure there's some other case that wouldn't, maybe something or other on the DVD11:33
pitticjwatson: so, the woes with OEM and Kubuntu is all due to the same bug, I updated it accordingly11:33
pitticjwatson: we figured the fastest way was to install a /media/cdrom -> /cdrom symlink (verified to work), I changed casper11:33
cjwatsonyou sure that won't break things later?11:34
cjwatsonI knew it was all due to basically the same bug11:34
pittichanging casper, ubiquity etc. for /media/cdrom seems like an awful lot of change and testing11:34
cjwatsonI was in the middle of figuring out a proper fix11:34
cjwatson(though not for a3)11:34
pitticjwatson: it's only in the live system, not on the actual CD11:34
cjwatsonbut the chroot needs to match11:34
pittiit completely breaks Kubuntu, we can't release it like that11:34
cjwatsonwhich means you'll be installing a symlink in /media in the installed system11:35
cjwatsonwhich is going to get complicated11:35
jibelev, thanks11:35
cjwatsonthe correct fix IMO is to install proper apt configuration during installation.  we already do this, it just needs to be updated11:35
pitticjwatson: I don't have a symlink in the installed system11:35
pittiRiddell: ^ do you?11:36
cjwatsonthen it still won't work entirely right, if you've done neither that nor the proper fix11:36
cjwatsonif it works well enough for Kubuntu, great11:36
cjwatsonbut please don't close the bug11:36
pittiit also works for OEM11:36
pitticjwatson: no, it's open, just moved to b1; I just added a casper task for a3 (the hack)11:36
cjwatsonyep, the casper hack sounds fine11:36
cjwatsonthanks for looking into that11:37
pittithis should totally disappear again right after a311:37
pitticjwatson: I still propose to not rebuild ubuntu CD/DVD; I'll document the sudo ln -s /cdrom /media/cdrom in teh release notes instead11:37
cjwatsond-i and ubiquity do make assumptions about /cdrom, they're quite pervasive11:37
pitticjwatson: ^ that's what I thought, too, and why we opted for the link11:37
cjwatsonI'm surprised Kubuntu broke hard, what's different there?11:37
pitticjwatson: presumably it always installs a package from the livefs repo11:38
pittihard to tell from the log, it doesn't say which package it's about to install11:38
cjwatsonRiddell: do you know?  I'm curious11:38
RiddellI have no symlink /media/cdrom11:40
pittiwait-for-package casper_1.259 && echo kubuntu desktop && buildlive kubuntu daily-live && (for-project kubuntu cron.daily-live &) && buildlive kubuntu-dvd dvd && for-project kubuntu cron.dvd11:40
pittiis what I have queued now11:41
pittipublisher finished11:41
pittibuilds started11:52
pitticjwatson: hm, seems installation of third-party software also breaks (bug 728360)12:22
ubot4Launchpad bug 728360 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Natty 20110302, apt require insertion of /media/cdrom during a usb installation, causing lock and hard reboot (dup-of: 727783)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72836012:22
ubot4Launchpad bug 727783 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Natty) (and 3 other projects) "Installing packages from CD repository fails due to changed CD-ROM default mount point (affects: 7) (dups: 5) (heat: 50)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72778312:22
* pitti documents12:22
cjwatsonpitti: I can believe it12:23
pittihttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyNarwhal/TechnicalOverview#Known%20issues updated12:26
pittiRiddell: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/20110303/ coming in12:30
* pitti adds to tracker12:30
pittiRiddell: perhaps right after booting the live system you could check whether the symlink is okay?12:31
pittijibel: ^12:32
pittiDVDs will still take a bit, grabbing quick lunch12:32
Riddellyes I have the symlink on the live CD13:01
jibelskaet_, bug 728435 on server amd6413:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 728435 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "raid1 boot degraded mode fails (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72843513:23
cjwatsonmore likely to be mdadm, reassiging13:24
skaet_good morning all13:39
cjwatsonpitti: I have a proper fix now :)13:40
jibelGood morning skaet_13:45
skaet_good morning jibel,  sorry for delayed response, catching up on the backscroll13:53
skaet_Riddell, looks like we've got some new images for Kubuntu CD/DVD then.   cool.13:55
pittihey skaet_13:56
skaet_pitti, cjwatson,  I talked to Rick about the OEM issue on Ubuntu last night as well, and he's ok with releasing with it as well (not happy, but ok ;) )13:57
cjwatsonit should be fixed comprehensively for b113:57
pittiskaet_: we have a simple workaround now, documented13:57
pittiskaet_: I don't think it's worth a rebuild and retest13:57
skaet_pitti, cjwatson - excellent13:57
cjwatsonI'm just completing a test of my changes, even without pitti's workaround13:57
cjwatsonthey look successful13:57
cjwatsonI see no reason not to leave pitti's workaround in place permanently anyway13:58
cjwatsonno harm in defence in depth13:58
pitticjwatson: hm, I thought we'd move /cdrom to /media/cdrom consistently?13:58
cjwatsonand this is like the 10th time I've fixed this kind of bug, I really don't want to do it again13:58
cjwatsonpitti: that will take longer13:58
cjwatsoneventually, I guess13:58
cjwatsonbut I'm in no rush13:58
skaet_Anything stopping us from starting to publish the rest of the images (other than kubuntu dvd/cd) ?13:59
skaet_Doesn't seem like there are any blockers ( lots of yuchs ) but...14:00
pittiskaet_: I was going to wait a tad more for the "ok" from Riddel for kubuntu desktop14:01
pittibut I can just as well start now, and re-do the thing later in case it breaks14:01
skaet_thanks pitti.14:02
pittiskaet_: I updated TechOverview with the recent bugs, and made some corrections, FTR14:02
pittiat least I can alread archive alpha-2, etc.14:03
skaet_pitti,  :)  great!  It needed some corrections, lol.   Still some projects I'm waiting on input from before it will go out with the announce, but its starting to gel.14:03
skaet_Need to do a pass through the current iso tracker, and add some more bugs to it as well. :P14:04
pittiskaet_: that's what I did about two hours ago; I caught all but some extra LTSP ones, which I wasn't sure about (ran out of time due to the /cdrom issue)14:05
skaet_pitti,  cool.   Will focus on that, and the bugs from the weekly agenda then.14:05
skaet_pitti,  Riddell,  From the comments,  I'm infering that since Riddell will be having his hands full with Kubuntu images,  pitti will be running the push out?  (Riddell was on rotation for this cycle for the release engineering tasks).14:09
pittiskaet_: yeah, doing14:10
pittiskaet_: ah, I thought I was14:10
skaet_pitti,  heh,  Riddell owes you beer/wine ;)14:10
Riddellthanks pitti14:12
pittidrwxrwxr-x  4 cdimage  cdimage  4096 2011-03-02 08:43 www.prev14:12
skaet_Riddell,  how long do you estimate it will take to test out the new Kubuntu images?14:13
pittiogra, Riddell, cjwatson ^ looks like someone wanted to start pre-publishing this morning already? can I wipe this?14:13
ograwasnt me14:13
* ogra makes an innocent face14:13
* skaet_ has kept her paws out as well14:15
jibelskaet_, kubuntu amd64 are done, wubi failed without surprise, pedro is on i386 and I'm starting DVD14:15
cjwatsonnot I14:15
RiddellI've done an install with both amd64 and i386 kubuntu CDs, working fine14:16
cjwatsonpitti: that was yesterday morning though, from the timestamps14:16
* skaet_ had better head back into editing the tech overview... sounds like we may get this pushed out earlier rather than end of day for a change. ;)14:16
pittiRiddell: \o/14:17
skaet_Riddell: yay!14:19
skaet_jibel,  thanks!14:19
Riddellskaet_: did claydoh update the tech overview for Kubuntu?14:21
skaet_Riddell,  yup changes went in last night from him,  but feel free to review/update.  ;)14:22
* skaet_ was planning on having to add words about the Kubuntu CD/DVD not shipping, but is glad that will no longer be the case14:23
Riddellall thanks to the debugging work of pitti and mvo14:24
evskaet_: I've added about about the installer partitioning redesign to the notes, at the request of robbiew.  Feel free to tweak or move that around.14:30
skaet_ev, thanks!14:52
evsure thing14:52
pittiimages published, starting the Big Mirror Sync15:00
pittitook a while, sorry; botched the first try (had to fix a bug in ./publish-image-set.py)15:00
pittismoser: can you please publish the milestone UEC images on uec-images.ubuntu.com?15:02
pitti(or did you already?)15:02
smoserie, make public ?15:02
smoserpitti, ^15:03
pittismoser: yes15:03
pittismoser: (if they are alright, but seems so)15:03
pittismoser: I'm publishing the other images to cdimage.u.c. now15:04
pittiskaet_: I cleaned up https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+bugs?field.milestone=33573, now bug 693671 is the only one left15:07
ubot4Launchpad bug 693671 in Ubuntu Natty (and 3 other projects) "wubi install will not boot - phase 2 stops with: Try (hd0,0): NTFS5 (affects: 6) (dups: 2) (heat: 81)" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69367115:07
pittibut I guess it's not gonna happen for a3, so we'll just declare wubi broken for a3?15:07
skaet_yes,  it was broken for A2 as well, so we'll need to consider it broken again....15:08
* skaet_ is looking forward to the fact that now that the features are in, some of these ugly bugs will get some love. ;)15:08
pittiok, a3 list is empth herewith15:09
jibelskaet_, bug 717166 on UEC15:11
ubot4Launchpad bug 717166 in eucalyptus (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "Broken with v4 isc-dhcp-server in Natty (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71716615:11
skaet_Thanks jibel.15:12
jibelkubuntu dvd amd64 is fine. kubuntu desktop i386 looks good too (1 test remaining)15:21
skaet_slangasek, around?15:21
skaet_pitti, Riddell, cjwatson, can you review http://paste.ubuntu.com/575030/  I'm thinking we should probably also mention Unity's version here as well as a new package, thoughts?  Any other significant packages I missed?15:37
cjwatsonseems reasonable15:39
cjwatson(to mention Unity's version)15:39
pittiskaet_: looks fine to me; as unity is a highly focussed component in natty, I agree to add it here15:41
doko_if I start a rebuild of the gcc-4.5 version in natty on i386, it fails to build with:15:44
doko_Unsupported CPU used in --with-cpu=, supported values:15:44
doko_generic atom core2 nocona x86-64 amdfam10 barcelona k8 opteron athlon64 athlon-fx athlon64-sse3 k8-sse3 opteron-sse315:44
doko_make[4]: *** [configure-stage1-gcc] Error 115:44
doko_so something seems to be broken ...15:45
pittiskaet_: ugh @ https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-11.04-beta-1 ..15:46
skaet_pitti, cjwatson - Unity 3.6.0 is the one I'm spotting from -changes.15:46
pittiskaet_: confirmed15:46
skaet_pitti, re ubuntu-11.04.beta-1 - yeah,  and they don't have the unmilestoned ones, that need to still be sorted by the end of the release.  :P15:48
jibelskaet_, what's Kubuntu Netbook Arm (omap) (rebuilding...) on the tracker ? what the status of this image ?15:50
skaet_doko,  urk, looks like some misconfiguring.   is there a bug?15:50
skaet_jibel,  decision was made yesterday that that wouldn't be rebuilt.  Should have removed it.  Sorry.  Please go ahead and do so.15:51
jibelskaet_, k15:51
* doko_ curses the person who uploaded bash, which seems to be broken15:54
cjwatsonwho might that be? :)15:57
* pitti fixes bad CamelCase wiki links on TechOverview16:01
pittiskaet_: looks good to me, should we just drop the software-center todo?16:01
skaet_pitti,  yeah.16:02
pittiskaet_: done16:04
GrueMasterSorry about the kubuntu armel rebuild confusion.  I made the call to have it rebuild with the temprary ubiquity-slideshow fix in the hopes that it would make the image workable, but it appears to have other issues.16:05
GrueMasterI was working with the 301 image that I manually hacked to resemble what would have built last night.  Fails badly though.16:06
skaet_GrueMaster, thanks for the explanation.  :)16:07
* skaet_ is sorry it didn't work out though...16:08
GrueMasterI'll do a quick test on it to make sure it wasn't my hacked image, but I seriously doubt it (all I did was remove ubiquity-slideshow-*).16:09
pittiskaet_: sync complete; all image links on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyNarwhal/TechnicalOverview confirmed to work16:09
pittiiso image that is (not pictures)16:10
pittican we lift the archive freeze?16:10
skaet_ok,  waiting for some final reviews of the contents of the TechOverview to come in,  and then I'll press send on the announce.16:10
skaet_yes,  we can lift archive freeze.  :)16:11
GrueMasterWhat, it was frozen?  Then how did samba update slip through, delaying our rebuild by two hours?16:13
pittiit shouldn't have happened16:14
pitti(the upload)16:14
pittiit's in #u-devel topic, planet, and u-d-announce@..16:14
cjwatsonGrueMaster: soft freeze, it relies on developers honouring it16:15
cjwatson(the alternative was bad in other ways)16:15
highvoltageI'm putting together the pieces for the alpha 3 announcement on the edubuntu site: http://edubuntu.org/2011-03-03/edubuntu-1104-alpha-3-released - Let me know if I'm missing anything important!16:16
ograGrueMaster, you earned beer from the person doing the upload though ;)16:17
ografreeze breakage generally requires beer compensation16:17
GrueMaster(Lots of beer)==(complete absolution)16:17
GrueMasterskaet_: Kubuntu armel image broken as predicted.16:31
slangasekskaet_: pong16:46
pittiskaet_: cdimage cronjobs back on, FTR16:46
skaet_slangasek,  hi, could you take a look at the TechOverview and make sure my discussion of dpkg is accurate.  Also, any other new packages that should have been highlighted?16:47
skaet_pitti.  thanks!16:47
slangasekskaet_: full link?16:47
skaet_  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyNarwhal/TechnicalOverview16:48
slangasekthanks :)16:48
slangasekwell, moin doesn't like git uris I see16:49
slangasekskaet_: tweaked the language a bit, let me know how that looks to you16:52
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* skaet_ looking16:58
skaet_slangasek,  looks fine.  Thanks!17:01
pittiskaet_: do you need anything from me in the next hour? if not, I'd like to go AFK a bit and reinstall my main workstation17:02
skaet_pitti,  I think we're good.   Just starting to coord with the web team now, and pick up the last edits.17:02
pittiskaet_: ok, good luck with the rest then!17:04
pitti*uff* what day .. or three of 'em17:04
* skaet_ nods17:11
RiddellKubuntu CDs and DVDs seem good to publish17:41
Riddellah good, already in17:41
Riddellskaet_: ETA on release?17:42
bjfskaet_, at an archive admins convenience, could the linux-firmware packages for lucid and maverick get promoted from -proposed to -updates ?17:46
skaet_Riddell, all edits are in now,  (that I was expecting ;) ) so I think we'll be released shortly.17:46
Riddellbjf: that's something that needs approval from ubuntu-sru17:48
skaet_bjf,  pitti will probably be back in a bit.17:49
pittibjf: they didn't get any testing feedback17:50
bjfpitti, tim just marked them tested17:51
pittibjf: done17:58
pittiand with that, good night everyone!17:58
bjfpitti, thanks17:58
skaet_pitti, cjwatson, Riddell, slangasek, NCommander, ogra  - Announce has been sent out and web site updated.  Thanks for the awesome work this week getting those images stabilized and usable!18:08
slangasekskaet_: great, thanks - and apologies for my role in derailing that stabilization with dpkg... :)18:09
marjo_skaet_ congrats! thx to all18:09
ograskaet_, we only followed a great leader ;)18:12
* highvoltage hits publish button on edubuntu alpha 3 blog post18:16
* skaet_ is still in awe at the teamwork shown through this week to actually get images out the door. you guys rock!18:16
skaet_slangasek,  you probably owe cjwatson and pitti some beers ;)    Am just delighted it all came together, esp with getting Kubuntu resolved and ARM images as well.   whew!  such a different place from Tuesday morning.18:21
slangasekskaet_: yes, I think I do at that18:23
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jdstrandskaet_: hey. so wrt bug #727478, the bug is now triaged and a fix being prepared18:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 727478 in mysql-5.1 (Ubuntu Natty) (and 4 other projects) "mysql upgrade hang at 'installing new version of config file /etc/init/mysql.conf' during upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 (affects: 1) (heat: 3498)" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72747818:43
skaet_jdstrang,  just looking at it.   Glad you found the root cause.    Very good to get that fixed.  :)18:51
slangasekcjwatson: who's owning plymouth this cycle?  (bug #728611)18:52
ubot4Launchpad bug 728611 in plymouth (Ubuntu Natty) (and 1 other project) "[natty] text does not display in plymouth (disk check, passphrase prompts) (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 14)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72861118:52
slangasekhmmm, I hope it's not related to the new upstream freetype18:53
cjwatsonno particularly strong ownership, I've been trying to hoover some things up though18:54
cjwatsonin my copious free time :-/18:54
cjwatsonI'm happy to look at that one18:54
cjwatsonwell, "happy"18:54
slangasekor could someone else on foundations look at it?18:54
cjwatsonwell, I might pass it to jhunt18:54
* slangasek nods18:54
skaet_jdstrand,  sorry 'bout the typo in your nick.   ^^18:56
slangasekcjwatson: timing-wise, the appearance of this bug comes very close to a new upstream version of freetype, and I've seen other contexts where text is not being rendered with freetype 2.4.4, so maybe that's a useful avenue of investigation (and one that lets you reassign the bug back to me ;)18:57
jdstrandskaet_: well, *I* didn't find it. I am just the messenger :)19:08
jdstrandskaet_: but I will be doing the upload19:08
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