stgraberPatrickdk: as in, people who work on the oem installer ?01:34
stgraberdoh, wrong patrick ;)01:34
stgraberand the right one left a bit earlier01:34
aragood morning!07:33
kidsodatelesshello all, anyone else has encountered this bug 728205 on testing?11:15
ubot4Launchpad bug 728205 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity: there is no install "alongside other operating system" (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72820511:15
jibelhi kidsodateless, I didn't tested with MS Windows.11:17
jibelkidsodateless, ms windows is the only os on the system, right ?11:19
kidsodatelessjibel, yes, and i think the problem was with windows xp11:22
kidsodatelessjibel, I tried to install natty with 10.10 and the alongside installation works.11:25
jibelkidsodateless, thanks, I've notified the developer.11:29
kidsodatelessjibel, np. thanks also for that.11:33
qwebirc95066Hi, may i ask You, how soon might Ubuntu 11.04 alpha 3 be released?12:20
jibelHi all, New kubuntu desktop images are on the tracker, go go go, 7 + 7 mandatory tests to go!13:08
patdk-wkI tried running the default+raid1 tests last night, but failing, figured it was cause I don't normally do softraid13:09
jibelqwebirc95066, hi, natty a3 is scheduled today. If you have some spare time feel free to pick an image on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/all/untested and give it a try.13:09
jibelpatdk-wk, I tried and failed to boot with a disconnected drive. What was your error ?13:10
jibelpatdk-wk, did you filed  a bug? I didn't.13:11
jibelpatdk-wk, do you still have the system available and can you file a report, I'll ping the dev.13:12
patdk-wkya, it's still there, I can start it up (I just created a vm in esx for each test I did)13:12
patdk-wkoh, I still have it up, on the fialed screen :)13:13
jibelpatdk-wk, cool, subscribe me to the bug report please.13:13
patdk-wkodd, someone just reported it passed fine13:14
* pedro_ testing kubuntu desktop i38613:15
jibelDaviey, ^ patdk-wk failed the RAID1 test, system doesn't boot when a disk is disconnected.13:16
patdk-wkI was server-amd6413:16
jibelpedro_ and all, please test a basic install of kubuntu then OEM.13:16
pedro_jibel, ok will do13:17
jibelpedro_, I'll do amd6413:17
Davieyjibel, Uh13:17
patdk-wkfiled and posted13:20
jibelbug 72843513:21
ubot4Launchpad bug 728435 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "raid1 boot degraded mode fails (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72843513:21
DavieyHmm.. I thought the test case was to test you could hot remove and add and rebuild the array... I must admit i missed the case for booting missing a disk13:21
DavieyBut i have just reproduced that behaviour13:23
patdk-wkI thought it was just me, since I had very little time to work on it13:24
patdk-wkand though I screwed it up13:24
jibelpatdk-wk, thanks for catching that one!13:26
Riddelljibel: how are you testing "Live Session (Netbook)" on  Kubuntu Desktop amd64?13:39
jibelRiddell, create a usb stick from the iso, and boot is on a netbook13:40
jibelRiddell, is there another way ?13:40
Riddelljibel: that's the way but i didn't know there was such a thing as 64 bit netbooks13:41
patdk-wkmine is :)13:41
patdk-wkit has a 64bit atom cpu13:41
jibelRiddell, asus eeepc 1015pe, Atom N45013:41
patdk-wkatleast I'm running maverick desktop amd64 on it13:42
Riddellamazing what they can do13:42
jibelwell for a daily use I'd go for i386, it's much faster13:42
patdk-wkI haven't noticed any difference13:42
patdk-wkand everything else I do is 64bit13:42
patdk-wkso nicer binary compatability13:42
jibelkubuntu desktop amd64 done. wubi failed as usual. Starting Kubuntu DVD AMD6414:10
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hggdhjibel, uec tested on amd6415:05
hggdh(and failed)15:05
hggdhthere is no need to test it on i386 or the alternative tests, they will all fail the same15:06
hggdhjibel, ^15:06
jibelhggdh, excellent! we like to find bugs ;-)15:06
marjojibel: what's the plan for Kubuntu Netbook Arm (omap)?15:45
jibelmarjo, GrueMaster> Onlything I see there is netboot on omap which is completely unsupported and shouldn't be on iso.qa.15:45
jibeloh netbook15:46
marjojibel, Riddell: Kubuntu Netbook Arm (omap)?15:46
GrueMasterI tested the previous armel image of kubuntu (and it should be desktop not netbook).  It fails miserably.  The respin issue was done because on the ubuntu images, we found oem-config crashed due to bad webkit, so we took out ubiquity slideshow.  While the lubuntu image was respinning, I hacked the 0301 image to see if it worked, and it crashes worse.  No X on boot, no way to configure.15:50
GrueMasterWith all of the QT issues on armel, this really doesn't surprise me though.15:51
GrueMasterI am seeing kubuntu marked as rebuilding on iso.qa.  If someone wants to open it, I can mark it as failed and link a bug into it.15:52
jibelGrueMaster, done. thanks for marking it as failed.15:53
GrueMasterOk, marked.  Someone will need to do more research, but the bugs I listed are very highly probable cause.  We know webkit has issues, and we know that there are issues with QT and QT based apps on armel when built with the current toolchain.16:01
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marjoThank you to jibel, smoser, hggdh, pedro_, charlie-tca, kidsodateless, highvoltage, marjo, brendand, ricsipontaz, PatrickDK, PaoloRotolo, nobuto, Kamusin, valix, primes2h, roadmr, pitti, jamiedmattingly, RoAkSoAx, jamespage, monkeylibre, xdatap1, Fly82, Daviey, homitsu and ogra for testing the ISOs.18:16
marjoThe images would not be able to go out today without your efforts!18:16
marjoSpecial thanks to jibel for his leadership on the testing efforts18:16
highvoltageand thank you, marjo!18:16
highvoltageEdubuntu 11.04a3 has been announced: http://edubuntu.org/2011-03-03/edubuntu-1104-alpha-3-released18:16
marjohighvoltage: thx! nice job on the testing18:16
marjowith your super-duper fast disk array!18:16
marjotest coverage looks great for Alpha 318:16
skaet_Thanks to all who tested Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, Server, Mythbuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Ubuntu Network edition!  The images would not have gone out without your efforts.    Thanks in particular to marjo and jibel for coordinating it and making sure the gaps were all filled in.18:16
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marjoskaet_ thx for your leadership!18:16
pedro_thanks all :-)18:16
skaet_marjo, all, thank you for your patience with me.   :)18:17
patdk-wkI'm just happy I was able to get my iscsi boot test stuff working :)18:17
patdk-wknever attempted iscsi root, been on my list though18:18
marjopatdk-wk: nice! hope we'll see it used for beta 1 testing18:18
kamusinwohoo ;) , thanks to you guys18:19
* charlie-tca thanks everybody, too. Help is always very welcome getting the images tested!18:20
marjopatrickmw: thx for testing ltsp server and other test cases!18:21
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patrickmwmarjo: my pleasure18:23
marjopatrickmw: doc perfected?!18:24
marjotest case documentation, i mean; sorry18:24
patrickmwmarjo: http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cases/LTSPServer18:25
marjopatrickmw: thx!18:25
patrickmwmarjo: I think more testers will be able to follow now18:25
marjopatrickmw: me, too, so we can share the testing opportunities to more folks18:26
marjodavmor2_ alpha 3 is out!18:26
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davmor2marjo: Cool busy trying to test 3 projects and guide someone else through a 4th,  oh and writing bugs from my natty box18:42
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