dpmgood morning all08:14
damascenegood morning dpm08:14
dpmgood morning damascene :)08:15
damascenedo you have countdown timer for translation last chance?08:16
dpmdamascene, no, I haven't, but it would be cool to have one :)08:16
damascenedpm: why every link I found for translation has mavrick in it?08:23
damasceneshould not it be directing to the latest release?08:24
dpmdamascene, that's because we don't change the translation focus until near to string freeze, but I guess I could change it...08:24
dpmstring freeze is in a month's time. What do everyone else in the channel think, would you like to have the focus set to natty already?08:26
damascenestring freeze or translation freeze?08:27
damasceneI mean no more translation would be accepted after one month or no more changes to the english origin?08:27
dpmdamascene, there is no translation freeze. There is only string freeze (or rather UI freeze) and translation deadline. They mark the start and end of the translation activity, respectively08:28
damasceneI see08:28
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