HazRPGshauno: heh, know the feeling00:00
shaunolast time was fine.  they called me at work while she was still stood at the checkout00:00
shaunothey got hold of me before she did, so I could just tell her to try again00:00
HazRPGshauno: I got my first card just because I wanted to subscribe to broadband ... and to buy stuff online00:01
* popey pokes shauno with -minecraft00:01
popeyshauno: am I right in thinking that's your rail tunnel to the castle?00:01
popeymind if we move the exit a bit00:01
popeyto accomodate the new train station00:01
shaunosure.  I'm all done there00:02
HazRPGshauno: that was pretty handy then00:02
shaunomy current idea of fun is trying to pull the region files apart with python & edit the world :)00:02
shaunoaided by not knowing python at all00:03
HazRPGshauno: xD00:03
HazRPGpython isn't hard to pick up in all fairness00:03
directhexHazRPG, ooh, didn't know about that!00:04
directhexjust added the summer holiday!00:04
HazRPGjust has some annoying quirks though00:04
HazRPGdirecthex: guessing you use HSBC then? :P00:04
shaunoI think my main grump at the moment is just how my editor of choice handles the indenting.  it tries to do it for me, and gets it wrong more often than not00:05
directhexme? nope! course not!00:05
dogmatic69any good screen captures with gui?00:05
dogmatic69recordmydesktop seems a bit hard to use00:05
HazRPGdogmatic69: I usually use screentoaster.com00:08
HazRPGoh wow, screentoaster seems to be down :o00:09
HazRPGdogmatic69: ooo, http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/ still seems to work though00:11
dogmatic69print screen00:11
HazRPGoh, I thought you meant video00:12
HazRPGyeah... pressing printscreen already has a gui :)00:12
HazRPGa feature windows has lacked for years :P00:12
HazRPGdogmatic69: wait, what is it your trying to do sorry?00:13
dogmatic69ye i was looking for video, but got hit buy tiredness00:14
HazRPGdogmatic69: nixiepixie talks about video captures for ubuntu/linux in one of her videos :)00:16
HazRPGdogmatic69: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hW-ZoKTef_I00:16
dogmatic69will check it later00:17
dogmatic69gonna sleep now, later all00:17
HazRPGdogmatic69: GUVCviewer is the one she uses I think00:17
HazRPGdogmatic69: worth a watch, cos she explains it better :)00:18
HazRPGdogmatic69: anyways, nice :)00:18
HazRPGjust-eat.co.uk has a bad influence one me >_<00:22
shaunotrying he.net's ipv6 tests.  they're making me feel stupid :)00:28
HazRPGthat was weird00:34
HazRPGshauno: hmm, my knowledge of ipv6 is rather limited00:35
shaunoI'm not doing too bad, but it keeps throwing in questions about windows00:37
shaunolast time I had windows at home it didn't have tcp/ip, let alone 600:37
Azelphurhttp://i.imgur.com/lZd0q.jpg :D00:53
shaunohaving good fun trying to figure out wtf a glue record is.  google's returning a bunch of trash00:55
shaunoI really wish google had a "ignore blogs and forums" option sometimes00:57
ali1234i think your google is broken01:01
ali1234mine returns only pages about DNS on the first page of hits01:01
shaunoapparently throwing ipv6 in the query was a red herring, because I mostly got forum posts about who had & hadn't had any luck with their respective registrars01:05
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HazRPGhaha, wow, I'm watching the Sinclair vs Acorn rivalry!02:04
HazRPGon the iplayer02:04
shaunoheh, micromen?02:04
HazRPGcan't believe I was born of that era and somehow I missed this history lesson02:05
HazRPGalthough I owned a Sharp not a BBC/Acorn or Sinclair02:05
directhexi had a dragon 3202:05
shaunowe had bbc micros at school.  in the late 90s :/02:05
directhexwhich was like a tandy coco, but welsher02:05
HazRPGshauno: heh yeah same02:06
shaunohalf decent docu tho.  nice to see the UK side of things02:06
HazRPGI don't know why it shocks me, but I always had it to believe that the Americans had the personal computer before us...02:07
shaunowhen I grew up the rivalry was more atari vs amiga02:07
ali1234atari vs commodore you mean02:07
shaunonot really.02:07
HazRPGshauno: heh I still own an atari :D02:07
shaunoST vs the amiga.  I never saw commodore as relevant, despite owning the brand02:08
ali1234thing is, commodore was around when sinclair and acorn were fighting it out, and making much more compelling hardware too02:09
ali1234which is why they survived into the 16 bit eras while the others faded away02:09
HazRPGSharp MZ-700 is what I've got :)02:10
* HazRPG googled it02:10
ali1234how can it be atari if it's sharp?02:10
HazRPGoh, I owned an atari too02:11
hamitronmy parents never introduced me to computers, so first ones I saw were when I went to secondary school :/02:11
HazRPG(2011-03-03 2:05:28 AM) HazRPG: although I owned a Sharp not a BBC/Acorn or Sinclair02:11
HazRPGhamitron: did you not have one in primary school?02:11
HazRPGwe made a traffic light program in primary school :)02:12
hamitronor junior school02:12
hamitronI was nearly 12 when I had a go on one :)02:12
shaunowe didn't have any in primary school, but not a bad run of 8bit micros at home02:12
hamitronI had a friend with a Spectrum ZX128 +202:13
HazRPGI think most of it was pre-written, because it lit up a traffic-light board that was connected via a serial port of some kind... still my first experience with a computer though :)02:13
hamitronbut he was always trying to load games off it02:13
hamitronI did buy it off him later :)02:14
* HazRPG wonders if is hello world program on his Sharp MZ-700 still exists on tape02:14
shaunocould never stomach spectrums.  had an atari 600 before I ever saw a spectrum, and going from a real keyboard, to that .. 'thing' the speccy had going where each key corresponded to a whole keyword instead of just a character, drove me batty02:15
hamitronit depended what "mode" you selected02:15
hamitrondidn't it?02:15
shaunono idea.  never gave it a chance02:16
shaunofelt like such a flimsy toy after my tank of an atari02:16
hamitronI got a PC shortly after, so I never really learnt much on it02:16
hamitronstill intend to give it a go02:16
shaunolittle thing the size of an oversized calculator, with horrible rubber keycaps.  bleh.02:17
ali1234C64 was always the best02:17
shaunoI always thought having a cart slot /and/ a tape deck in the same machine was the best thing since sliced bread.  stayed my favourite until the a500 :)02:18
shaunoone of the cleverest things I saw, was this teach yourself french thing we had.  it had lessons recorded as audio segments on the same tape as the program loaded from02:21
shaunoso it'd load a lesson, start going thru it .. then roll the tape on at the right times so you could listen to the voice with it02:21
HazRPGshauno: what was that on?02:22
shaunothe atari60002:22
HazRPG600 XL?02:22
HazRPGnice :)02:22
shaunoI still think that was multimedia before the term even existed.02:23
HazRPGali1234: didn't the commodore 64 come in like 3 different models?02:24
ali1234sure, it was on sale for like 10 years though02:24
HazRPGI want me a C6402:24
HazRPGali1234: was that done on the C64? :P02:26
HazRPGhaha nice02:26
ali1234probably the most impressive thing ever done with one02:26
shaunopeople are still using SIDs.  there's even a couple of projects trying to emulate them02:27
shaunothe audio chip in the c6402:27
HazRPGshauno: ah02:27
HazRPGshauno: just the sound part, because as far as I know this one is a finished emulator: http://www.ccs64.com/02:28
ali1234vice uses it02:29
hamitronoff to bed, cya you lot ;)02:30
shaunoapparently the original is still preferred by purists because some of the sound isn't logic alone.  it's leakages and odd capacitances & stuff that was never actually intended02:31
HazRPGhamitron: see ya later dude :)02:31
ali1234then there is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txL9l7fI0P402:31
HazRPGhaha sweet02:33
HazRPGshauno: you mean some people prefer to use the actual machine then an emulator?02:34
ali1234no, they made two versions of the SID chip02:34
shaunothe chips themselves more than the actual c6402:35
shaunotho I know martin galway's CDs were actually recorded straight of the 64.  not sure if that's just because they could tho02:35
shaunoI really should know better than to start messing with mc 2 hours before I have to be up :/02:49
HazRPGali1234: haha I'm using GoatTracker now03:11
HazRPGdidn't realise commodore 64 and SIP emulators existed in the ubuntu repos03:11
* HazRPG is having way too much with this :P03:12
HazRPGnow if only I knew how to save these...03:13
* ball just finished listening to the new UUPC04:39
HazRPGI keep getting interrupted so I haven't finished listening to the UUPC yet >_<04:39
HazRPGI want a c64 :(05:00
shaunosheesh, go to sleep already :p05:22
shaunoevery time I see uupc I read uucp and then wonder why people won't let it rest in peace :/05:23
HazRPGshauno: not a fan of the podcast?05:25
shaunonot that at all.  uucp is a dead tech.  uupc reminds me of the term05:25
HazRPGoh heh05:26
shaunoI think mostly because the first time I saw the term in here, they were talking about keeping various mirrors in sync, and uucp didn't seem terribly out of context.  just 20 years too late.  took me a while to figure out why I was confused :)05:27
HazRPGyeah I can see how that would be confusing :P05:29
HazRPGI've noticed I have to google things a fair amount when reading people on IRC05:30
HazRPGtoo many acronyms05:30
shaunothat's not a bad thing.  tech gets terribly dull if you're not learning anything05:30
HazRPGits just harder to find things when your basing what your reading off the acronym05:31
shaunosometimes it'd be easy to believe unix was written by a guy with one finger.  *everything* is an acronym.05:32
HazRPGthere was one earlier this morning I looked at and and thought "that doesn't make sense" and acronym.com (or similar) just had too many combinations to figure it out :P05:32
HazRPGah that was the one!05:34
shaunocan you imagine how much more obvious the shell would be if it had copy, move, edit, list, instead of cp, mv, ed, ls05:34
HazRPGshauno: extremely :P05:35
shaunoand I do believe I'm late for work again.05:36
shaunohow I manage to do this without even going to bed, I'll never know.  atleast oversleeping makes sense in my head05:37
HazRPGshauno: I've been trying to work things like that out in my head for years - and my conclusion is usally "ARGH! The internet did it again!"05:38
shaunough, forgot to detach screen at home06:12
MartijnVdSscreen -rd (or screen -x)06:13
shaunouse -Dr, but I can't remember why the big D.  but it's easy to remember :)06:13
shaunojust a moment of disorientation while I figure out why the window wouldn't resize06:13
MartijnVdSshauno: -D is a more forceful detach, useful if the other side has a hung pty06:14
shaunoah well, it works06:20
MyrttiWOHHHEEEYYY Gingerbread OTA06:31
MartijnVdSMyrtti: N1?06:32
* MartijnVdS had his last week06:32
MyrttiI thought you flashed it06:32
MartijnVdSMyrtti: I have stock firmware, yes06:33
MartijnVdSMyrtti: I upgraded using the official update.zip that downloads OTA as well06:33
Myrttiwell, I'm doing the OTA as we speak06:33
MartijnVdSI love the new screen-off animation :)06:34
shaunoah.  now I know what on earth you're talking about :)06:36
MartijnVdSshauno: OTA = Over-The-Air06:37
shaunoaye, I didn't put together gingerbread = android in my head immediately06:39
shaunothought it was just a celebration of a fun breakfast06:39
shaunooh sweet.  just got an email telling me I have to take 51 hours of holiday this month  *rubs hands together*06:42
* MartijnVdS never gets mail like that :/06:44
shaunoour funky shift rotation means we rack up holiday hours faster than we can sensibly dispose of them06:45
MyrttiI've got seven days to take this month06:47
shaunoI took 10 weeks holiday in 2009, and still 'lost' holiday balance when the year ended in april06:47
Myrttiorganizations or organisations?07:16
shaunoz I believe07:16
shaunooh dear, this could be fun07:18
shaunoI find wherever I tend towards ~ize, the OED agrees with me.  and that's good enough for me :)07:22
shaunothere's a lot of places where -ize is correct in uk & us english.  and a lot of places where -ise is correct.  the battle over the middle ground seems contentious enough that people assume everything with -ize is 'the american way' and start making a mess07:24
AlanBellmorning all07:38
TheOpenSourcererMorning earthlings. Just received quite a funny email from my local GP (and mate in the pub). danfish would probably like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/574852/07:48
DJonesTheOpenSourcerer: I've just sent that joke to my wife who works for the NHS, I'll let you know what her reaction is, if I get thumped though, I'm blaming you08:29
TheOpenSourcererWhat's it mean in a crontab when all five timers are set to *?08:30
TheOpenSourcererEvery tick?08:30
TheOpenSourcererEvery minute I guess. As that's the smallest interval?08:31
shaunoI'd assume every minute too.  not sure I'd try it tho08:32
DJonesTheOpenSourcerer: Does this have an answer on it? http://www.pantz.org/software/cron/croninfo.html08:33
TheOpenSourcererYeah. Thanks. It confirms my assumption. First example.08:34
DJonesThats what I was looking at, thought thats what it was suggesting08:35
tugrikwhat job do you have running every minute TheOpenSourcerer ?08:43
TheOpenSourcererI don't - I am reviewing a book for Packt and wanted to check on the advice being given.08:44
* danfish catches up08:46
danfishvery good TheOpenSourcerer :)08:48
DJonesTheOpenSourcerer: Just thought, there should be another line in that joke, "The dentists could see the holes in the plans"08:49
TheOpenSourcererFeel free to fork it DJones ;-)08:49
danfishDJones: nah - "the dentists commented on the decay of the NHS" ;)08:50
DJonesdanfish: Even better08:50
dwatkinshi folks08:53
danfishsomeone please remind me why I gave myself sudo privileges on this VPS?09:03
danfishin a moment of fat fingered typing I've just deleted half of a website :(09:04
danfishczajkows1i: yeh got us at the cricket /o\09:07
TheOpenSourcererdanfish - just restore from your backup ;-)09:07
TheOpenSourcererczajkows1i: I do not want to hear about the paddies and cricket. It should never have happened. Who let them play anyway?09:08
Nafallopopey: uupc mirror synced, and sync script fixed.09:10
danfishTheOpenSourcerer: what is this 'backup' thing you talk about?09:10
TheOpenSourcererdanfish: Google is your friend http://lmgtfy.com/?q=What+is+a+backup%3F ;-)09:14
TheOpenSourcererJust got to go and reboot - kernel update this morning.09:14
* danfish restores from crashplan and all is well in the world09:20
shaunoI think the only suitable response is for england to put a decent hurling team together ;)09:21
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danfishor send in the armed forces to steal all the potatoes and cabbage. Oops, forgot, our armed forces currrently comprise an air rifle, a ww1 biplane and Keith Chegwin :P09:26
* shauno ponders how much it'd cost to mail you all the cabbage he can find09:28
danfishshauno: no tx - I've got some on the go in the garden as it is09:38
ObtuseWould sending Keith Chegwin not constitute a war crime or something?09:43
directhexObtuse, only if he does another show naked09:47
popeymorning all09:50
bigcalmHi popey09:50
nigelbMorning :)09:52
shaunodid everyone just wake up to a naked keith chegwin?  somehow I don't think that one should be /topic'd09:54
ObtuseOh feck.. that's a mental image that'll ruin the rest of the my morning!09:55
kazademorning everyone09:56
* kazade is angry about the BSkyB whitewash :/09:56
kazade_hmm, my angry aura killed my wifi :)09:56
=== kazade_ is now known as kazade
shaunodid a double-take to make sure sky aren't your isp ;)09:56
kazadegrr, the whole thing was such a set up09:57
kazadeI wrote to my MP a while ago, he told me to mind my own business09:57
kazade"Jeremy knows what he's doing"09:57
kazadebring on AV, that's all I'm saying09:57
directhexmp for life, out of interest?09:57
kazadedirecthex, how'd you guess...09:58
ObtuseSickening isn't it.09:58
JamesTaitBon matin!09:58
directhexkazade, my mp has been mp here for longer than i've existed09:58
ObtuseI've moved from a Lib Dem MP who cared to a Tory minister who clearly doesn't.09:58
kazadedirecthex, apparently we live in a democracy - hah09:58
ObtuseI can see myself spending a lot of time on that writetothem.com site!09:59
Baikonurdemocracy isn't any good anyway09:59
JamesTaitWas it Winston Churchill who said "Democracy is the worst form of Government, except for all the others"?10:00
gordno, thats the guy that says "oooooohhh yes!"10:03
ObtuseI'd be lying if I said there weren't lots of people I didn't think should vote :)10:03
ObtuseYou only have to walk through the city centre on a Friday night to see a load of them.10:03
ObtuseBut if it's "We all have a vote or none of us have a vote" then I'd rather we all did.10:04
kazadeObtuse, I'd also rather that our votes actually counted for something10:04
kazadeunlike now when only a small proportion of people's votes count for anything10:04
ObtuseAgreed. I'm not sure I agree with PR, as I think the constituency link is a good thing (tm), but some form of AV seems a good plan. I'd like to think that each returned MP had the backing of at least 50% of the voters.10:08
ObtuseI keep being told it's terrible and will cause us to have coalitions endlessly in future, but I am not at all sure I dislike that idea. If it's provides more checks and balances... perhaps slightly more than currently.10:09
BigRedSI'm a tad concerned it's a change for not quite what anybody really wants, and will just be used as a "look, we tried electoral reform, it didn't work."10:10
danfishI want to create a dictatorship10:10
danfishit will be called fishland10:10
BigRedSBut I really don't think the particular way the votes are counted is what's wrong with the parliament10:10
ObtuseIt's the people in it? :)10:11
JamesTait+1 to that. :)10:11
shaunoperhaps the sensible way to deal with 'lifers' is simply term limits10:11
BigRedSpart of the issue is the short-termness of everything, though10:12
BigRedS*nothing* is thought through beyond the next election10:12
ObtuseI can see why.10:12
ObtuseIf you had to reapply for your job every 4 or 5 years you'd be pretty focused on getting it back from at least half way through.10:13
danfishI have mixed feeling about the current bunch - they've slashed public services but are make good noises (and some actions) wrt open source software10:13
ObtuseThere's an old adage about the police, but I think it applies to politics too, that the same sort of people you would never want being policemen are exactly the sort of people that become one.10:13
directhexObtuse, i'm not sure people understand coalitions10:15
BigRedSObtuse: I've only heard that about politicians10:15
bigcalmBorris Johnson == Zaphod Beebolbrox?10:15
directhexstill a lot of "lib dems broke all their promises!" stuff going on when they control 1/7 of the govt - and that doesn't include the treasury10:16
BigRedSI think the consternation is them supportign things they said they opposed10:17
BigRedSrather than just the fact that, as a coalition, it's basically the tories10:17
JamesTaitBigRedS: Yeah, and things they said they would continue to oppose even in a coalition, I think.10:17
ObtuseBigRedS: Haha, I'd only heard it about the police :)10:17
directhexBigRedS, the average complaint isn't that sophisticated10:18
Obtusedirecthex: Most other European countries have coalitions as I understand it... and not all of them are Italy :)10:18
directhexBigRedS, i think they're doing a LOT of trading of promises - i.e. supporting entirely tory measures to get their way on a few things10:18
BigRedSdirecthex: most of the noise I heard was about the student fees, which is quite an easy one10:18
directhexObtuse, yeah, but johnny foreigner has nothing to teach the glorious empire10:18
BigRedSdirecthex: yeah, but one of 'their' things is AV, for example, but I thought AV was one of the 'solutions' they'd specifically ruled out?10:19
BigRedSMust admit, I've got tremendously bored of following it, recently. It's just depressing...10:19
directhexBigRedS, AV is the second worst system for electing MPs "fairly"10:19
kazadedirecthex, FPTP worst?10:20
ObtuseIt's relentless bad news at the moment it seems. Must be no fun being in politics at the moment.10:20
directhexALSO UBUNTU IS GREAT10:20
* kazade realizes he started this then disappeared10:21
shaunoonce the ball is rolling, probably the smartest move10:22
bigcalmpopey: would you recomend #! over unr for the eeepc?10:22
kazadeyeah, I'm not gonna make a habit of start conversations like that one... So, how about those crazy Christians eh?10:23
bigcalmEasy to install?10:23
popeyi run it on an eee 90010:23
popeykazade: +110:23
BigRedSTerminator's not focussing how it used to, I'm sure10:25
Ngclick vs sloppy?10:26
BigRedSit's sloppy, which is what it's supposed to be10:27
BigRedSbut I also do alt+arrow a lot, and sometimes that goes somewhere I'm not expecting it to10:27
BigRedSI might've just confused it with a chain of opening and closing panes, I suppose10:28
shaunoI thought filling in 150 rows in a html table was going to be mind-numbing.  and then I discovered the wiki formatting.  suddenly 150 rows of html has green grass.10:42
bigcalmAnybody here use a fountain pen in their day to day work?10:44
* popey points bigcalm at dutchie 10:45
bigcalmI tend to make a lot of notes and would like to have something special again instead of a 3 quid Pentel gel pen10:45
* bigcalm starts to imagine dutchie wearing a ruff and using a quil10:46
popeythats about right!10:46
bigcalmFrom school, I remember fountain pens being cheep and scratchy. Would be nice to have something smooth/fluid/comfortable10:47
JamesTaitbigcalm: I do.10:48
bigcalmJamesTait: any recomendations?10:48
bigcalmHouse of Fraiser has a pen counter, might go there and try some10:49
JamesTaitbigcalm: That's quite a tough one for me actually. I use a wooden fountain pen that my wife bought me as an anniversary gift, but it's really smooth.10:49
JamesTaitI'd say keep it clean, use it regularly and give it a little while to wear to the way you hold your pen.10:50
* bigcalm nods10:51
bigcalmWhat about inks?10:51
JamesTaitIf it helps, it says "Iridium point" on it. :)10:51
bigcalmMy boss goes for a vert perticular shade of brown10:51
JamesTaitBlack for me. I don't recall the manufacturer though.10:52
* JamesTait goes to check the bag of cartridges.10:52
bigcalmAh, you use cartridges insead of a pot you suck it up from with the nib?10:53
LaneyI found being left handed and using fountain pens to be incompatible :'(10:53
JamesTaitThese days, yes. I used to have the one with the lever, but with two young boys around it was a little less than practical.10:54
JamesTaitThey tend to want to squirt the ink around...10:54
bigcalmImages of comic books fill my mind10:54
JamesTaitThe cartridges actually don't have a brand on them, which is suboptimal. I probably just got cheap ones. :)10:55
JamesTaitBut for me it's always black ink on 1/5/10mm graph paper.10:56
bigcalmI'm wondering which is better, ink well or cartridges10:56
bigcalmCarts would be a lot cleaner10:56
Myrttibrown ink10:57
brobostigonmorning everyone.10:57
JamesTaitI used to have a beautiful vibrant blue ink, but one day I just couldn't find it any more.10:58
mungojerryfountain pens don't seem to work too well for me, being left-handed10:58
brobostigonmungojerry: same as me, iagree,10:59
mungojerryunless i wrote hebrew or arabic10:59
nigelbWhats wrong with fountain pens and left-handedness?10:59
nigelbI'm right handed so I don't know....10:59
JamesTaitYour hand smudges the ink. :)10:59
BigRedSif you write left-to-right you smudge the ink10:59
JamesTaitMy dad basically writes upside-down because of that.10:59
mungojerrynigelb: and the way LHers learn to hold the pen in order to not smudge seesm to mean that you can't write with fountain pens very well, the ink doesn't come out and you scratch the paper instead11:00
nigelbso that explains why my left-handed friend held the pen almost up-side-down11:00
JamesTaitIt looks quite awkward, but his handwriting is way neater than mine.11:00
* nigelb waves to s-fox 11:00
bigcalmMine style is horrible11:00
danfishanyone know where nfs server logs failed access attempts to?11:00
nigelbWhat is this writing you speak of? and handwriting? :-P11:00
brobostigonmy handwriting looks like several spiders have walked across th page.11:01
Myrttimy mum writes with her right, but can do mirror with her left11:01
nigelbwhat bigcalm said11:01
nigelbThere wwas this old short story about the telegraph operator who could type on 2 machines. one with each hand.11:02
s-foxI am right handed, although when I was 12 I broke my right arm so I used my left.  My right arm is mended, but I can still use my left if I concentrate.11:02
mungojerrywriting is overrated11:02
nigelbat this point, I'd say underrated11:02
nigelbEveryone's slightly lazy to write11:03
mungojerryi wonder if we would type any faster if keyboards were invented before the typewriter QWERTY imposed slowdown was in place11:03
bigcalmI always keep a pen in my pocket. Writing should never be lost11:03
nigelbI used to keep a pen in my pocket, until I lost a bunch of them.11:03
nigelbNow I just keep the pen in my bag :p11:04
mungojerryi only have that opinion because of my advanced human state of lefthandedness ;)11:04
JamesTaitI always think I have a pen in my pocket, only to find that it's been nicked.11:04
nigelbJamesTait: lol11:04
LaneyI have been burned by leaking ink too many times11:04
* JamesTait looks at the large ink stain on his trousers.11:04
mungojerryi have a chewbacca pen that i take to meetings11:04
JamesTaitYeah, me too.11:04
nigelbI haven't used a fountain pen in a long while11:04
bigcalmJamesTait: heh. If somebody borrows my pen, I keep my eyes on them until I get it back11:04
nigelbI never do that, that's why I keep losing mine11:05
brobostigonnatty is really stablilising out, also the graphics (intel) have stabolised out abit, not many graphics artifacts anymore.11:05
bigcalmThe fountain pen would stay on my desk I think11:05
ubuntuuk-planet[Dave Morris] Improving my C++ - http://davemorris.wordpress.com/2011/03/03/improving-my-c/11:05
mungojerrynobody steals a chewbacca pen and claims it as their own...it's like owning a pink bike11:05
MyrttiI've got a fuchsia pen with glitter and feathers11:05
nigelbBut I have this big pen which makes it look embarassing to keep in a pocket.  That one gets returned to me after use ;)11:05
bigcalmMyrtti: :D11:05
Laneyactually I think I generally prefer writing in pencil11:05
nigelbMyrtti: That's a nice tactic to make sure your pen comes back to you ;)11:05
nigelbLaney: heh, very old fashioned :)11:06
nigelbI guess what most of us use to write these days is whiteboard markers11:07
screen-xmorning :)11:09
bigcalmMorning screen-x11:09
* bigcalm wonders where the postman is11:09
screen-xbigcalm: still no nibbles?11:10
bigcalmNo :(11:10
screen-xbigcalm: you must be doing well out of the graze late delivery thing11:11
bigcalmThere is that11:11
screen-xbigcalm: 9.5 We reserve the right to cancel your membership if it becomes apparent that, in our sole opinion, the postal service in your area is too unreliable. <-- Maybe cant make too many claims..11:16
bigcalmscreen-x: I don't abuse it11:16
bigcalmI tend to use it to let them know that they need to stop using royalmail11:16
davmor2morning all11:27
bigcalmMaybe it's time to really cancel graze11:29
* bigcalm sighs11:29
gordi ended up moving my day that i get graze to a day where i generally get post11:30
bigcalmOk, I'll move it to Tuesday for now11:32
mungojerrywhat is graze?11:32
bigcalmAlso going to give 'eatwellbox' a try11:32
gordi miss fruit :(11:32
bigcalmmungojerry: http://graze.com # enter YQHBHH5 for a free box :)11:32
bigcalmpopey: :P11:33
mungojerrybasically it's food in the post?11:33
popeymine is on saturday11:33
Ngmungojerry: graze is fruit and nuts for people who don't go to shops that already sell fruit and nuts ;)11:33
popeypenfold, shush11:33
mungojerrya bit like http://www.abelandcole.co.uk/11:33
* Ng notes that every wickle supermarket he goes into sells bags of fruit and nuts right by the checkout ;)11:33
gordworking from home, i have justification!11:34
bigcalmIf we were to buy by the bag, we'd eat too much11:34
bigcalmSame here11:34
Ngbut it's cooler if it arrives in an earthy cardboard box from a hippy-sounding brand ;)11:34
* mungojerry looks in his desk drawer...bourbon biccies and monster munch and chocolate11:34
* mungojerry looks in his bag...apple and orange :)11:34
bigcalmWhat flavor monster munch?11:34
mungojerry10 packs of roast beef, pickle onion and flaming hot11:34
mungojerrythe nostalgia effect of MM is too much11:35
mungojerryi also eat frazzles but i kind of OD'd on them11:35
bigcalmThat's why it still sells11:35
mungojerryand the fact the walkers crisps give me mouth ulcers, unless i eat sensations11:35
popeymmmm frazzles11:36
bigcalmI tend not to eat crisps any more11:36
bigcalmOr snack at all really11:36
mungojerrydon't nuts just give you wind?11:36
* popey cant help but think of Myrtti when people mention crisps11:36
popeylol, no11:36
bigcalmBloody wrists are loosing weight more quikcly thank my belly :(11:36
mungojerryalpen, peanuts, anything remotely nutty causes serious issues!11:37
mungojerryotherwise i'd munch on that stuff all day long ...covered in chocolate of course11:37
mungojerrymmm peanut M&Ms11:37
brobostigonmungojerry: anything remotly nutty fires my allergies off, and messes with my immunesystem.11:37
* mungojerry can't eat anything containing chilli either :(11:39
mungojerrycauses serious issues :(11:39
* brobostigon loves chilli :)11:39
* brobostigon hugs mungojerry 11:39
mungojerryme too. food is no fun  without it11:39
mungojerrymrs MJ needs to test my food at buffets etc11:39
mungojerryi can still eat some chicken tikka masala though..the y don't always contain chilli11:40
mungojerrydietary requirements suck11:41
brobostigonespecially when it my allergies, and theymess with my immune system.11:42
mungojerrybrobostigon:  what are you allergic to?11:42
brobostigonmungojerry: you name it, dairy, fish, shell fish, somekinds of acid fruit and veg, nuts, all artificial fabrics and all artificial food colours and preservitives, thats a start.11:44
mungojerrysince birth, or more recently?11:44
brobostigonsince birth.11:44
mungojerrysucks :(11:44
brobostigonoh, i forgot eggs.11:44
brobostigonand that dodgy preservitive, some companies STILL put in beer, and are allowed to. :(11:45
mungojerrylager or ale?11:45
* screen-x is allergic to lyx11:45
brobostigonmungojerry: its a chemical.11:46
MartijnVdSscreen-x: isn't "lyx" pronounces "Lice"11:46
mungojerryethanol :P11:46
brobostigonmungojerry: no, haha. i justhave to be careful whatbeers i have,11:47
bigcalmmungojerry: home brew :D11:47
mungojerry2 beers at my old local used to give you a massive headache11:47
mungojerrywe used to blame it on the pipes not getting cleaned or something11:47
bigcalmEPA gives me massive wind11:47
screen-xMartijnVdS: I thought it was pronounced "lick" as laytex is pronounced "laytech"11:47
mungojerryneedless to say, it wasn't my local for long11:47
brobostigonthe uk needs a law like this,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reinheitsgebot , then there wouldnt be anyproblems anymore.11:49
shaunono they don't :/11:49
brobostigonwe do.11:49
shaunoyou make it illegal to put honey in ale, and you'll make me really sad.11:50
MartijnVdSshauno: You should try meade ;)11:50
brobostigoni will make it illegal to put dodgy chemicals in ale.11:50
mungojerrybecks and lowenbrau give/gave me headaches11:50
mungojerryi had to stop drinking beer because my body suddenly didn't like it anymore11:51
shaunoMartijnVdS: I make mead :)11:51
MartijnVdSshauno: ah, so you've tried it :P11:51
brobostigonmungojerry: not good, :(11:51
shaunomostly because I'm lazy, and it's a whole lot less complicated than beer11:51
mungojerrycorona would give massive stomach upset all of a sudden11:51
shaunoheat it, cool it, add yeast, and try your best to leave it alone for as long as you can.11:52
=== popey changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is publicly archived: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Mailing List: http://tinyurl.com/uukml | Support Guidelines - http://tinyurl.com/uuksupport | Meeting Thursday March 3rd 21:00 GMT in #ubuntu-uk-meeting http://tinyurl.com/uukmeet | Beer and nuts.
MartijnVdSshauno: hm, sounds like something I could do even :)11:52
mungojerryanyone use gpodder? Ubuntu UK podcast not appearing in the feed even though http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/feed/ in the broser shows it11:53
shaunoit is amazingly simple.  the only difficult bits are cleaning the kitchen first, and resisting temptation for 6-12 months11:53
shauno(if you're built like me, moving 5 gallons around the house can be 'entertaining' too)11:55
MartijnVdSshauno: I have two beer brewing brothers11:55
popeymungojerry: ooo, let me have a look11:56
MartijnVdSshauno: does it need heat, or just "not excessively cold"11:56
mungojerrypopey:  S04E00 is there11:56
mungojerrynot 01 though11:56
popeyuse one/all of those11:56
shaunoMartijnVdS: it keeps about room temperature.  cold won't hurt it, but will slow it down11:57
mungojerrypopey: mp3-high is working, thanks11:57
shaunoI have a little dangly heater thing that goes in mine so I don't have to remember to heat the house in the winter11:57
mungojerrypopey: worth being aware of since gpodder is quite popular..even deleting the podcast and re-adding for http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/feed/ didn't work11:58
popeywhy did you add that feed?11:59
popeyits not one thats listed on the site11:59
mungojerryreally? :(11:59
mungojerrypopey: even since early last season?12:00
mungojerrymaybe i was just being a numpty and guessed it12:01
popeywell, the bummer is the browser will offer that as an rss feed12:01
popeythats never been one of the feeds we've advertised though12:02
mungojerryi guess that's what happened12:03
popeynot sure how to fix that12:03
popeyi could grep the logs for that url and see if many people use it12:03
mungojerryi'm on static IP if that helps12:04
mungojerryalthough most other episodes appear so it is mostly working ;)12:04
screen-xpopey: piwik \o/12:04
* mungojerry wonders if he missed any others :(12:04
screen-xalso should be reasonably easy to hack link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo team RSS Feed" href="http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/feed/" />12:07
screen-xout of the template..12:07
shaunodoes feedburner not pull from there?12:09
popeyit pulls from /category/<format>-<quality>/feed/12:12
popeyscreen-x: i suspect that the link rel is generated and would break for the other feeds if we mangled it12:14
shaunogolden.  I wouldn't hack wordpress up, just screw with the mod_rewrite rules a bit to point /feed/ at a specific category12:14
popeywe did used to do something like that12:14
popeyif people came directly to the category feeds, we redirected to feedburner :)12:15
shaunoor easier yet.  just make /feed/ exist12:15
popeythats what we used to do12:16
popeyit does exist :)12:16
shaunoreally? most of wordpress's paths don't exist on the filesystem12:17
popey\o/ fixed12:17
popeyok, i had a different understanding of "exist" :)12:17
popeybut its fixed now :)12:17
popeymungojerry: can you test that original feed again?12:18
mungojerrysure...2 secs12:18
shaunorewrite's easier to futz with because it won't explode next time you need to update wordpress :)12:18
mungojerrypopey:  \o/ huzzah12:18
popeymy fault entirely, sorry12:19
mungojerrythanks. although i will behave and use mp3-high from now on :)12:19
popeywell, /feed/ gets you the ogg high :)12:19
popeyso up to you really :)12:19
gordhum, could you upgrade an old ubuntu release from one release to the next using just the alternate/install cd's? i forget12:20
directhexalternate? yes12:20
directhexuse apt-cdrom12:20
gordsomeone linked me to a youtube video of someone upgrading from msdos 5 through windows 1 -> windows 7, has me curious :)12:20
mungojerrypopey: wow, ogg high is 50% size of mp3 high?12:21
MartijnVdSgord: try Ubuntu 4.10 -> 11.04 :)12:21
gordMartijnVdS, thats the plan12:21
screen-xgord: and save VM snapshots along the way, may come in handy.12:22
kieranafternoon all :))12:22
screen-xso it is.. afternoon kieran12:23
* TheOpenSourcerer is getting annoyed replying to incorrect statements on the mailing list. Thinks about moar coffee.12:26
* DJones notices that there is a -uk meeting tonight12:27
gordTheOpenSourcerer, is it in that thread that is so large that the subject line goes outside of the bounds of its field when threading is enabled? because i generally stay the hell away from that kind of thing ;)12:28
TheOpenSourcerergord: "Re: Strange file sharing problem"12:28
popeymungojerry: good isnt it :)12:28
TheOpenSourcererDJones: Thanks for that reminder. Someone is chairing it12:29
* popey points gord and MartijnVdS at http://people.canonical.com/~kirkland/Museum/12:29
* DJones assumes that the someone is TheOpenSourcerer 12:29
TheOpenSourcererI was sure I put an event in the calendar for that... But it aint there.12:29
screen-xDoes anyone maintain a google calendar for -uk irc meetings?12:31
popeyno, but the podcast has one12:34
popeywe could add meetings to that12:35
caulkzanyone personally recommend a webcam for windows7 and ubuntu maverick ??12:35
popeycaulkz: logitech pro 900012:35
caulkzcheers alan12:35
caulkzsoz, just googled lol12:37
popeycaulkz: http://popey.me/eH0jMj12:37
screen-xpopey never misses an opportunity ;-)12:37
caulkzyou nerd LOLz12:37
directhexpopey, zomglol?12:40
caulkzchanged clients :/12:40
caulkzomfg?? lol12:40
directhextag=sapstuffcom08 ?12:42
popeytis me12:43
caulkzbought a sphere mp a few yrs back, now logitech refuses to support it - cost me £80 damn it :/12:43
screen-xI guessed so, but private whois ;-)12:43
popeyexpired domain12:43
shaunothat makes "Registrar: Internet.bs Corp." slightly more entertaining12:44
BigRedSanyone know of a non-xorg.conf way of disabling middle-click paste?12:50
shaunoxmodmap should be able to do mouse buttons13:00
shaunowith your non-xorg.conf restriction, I'd probably start there, or with a soldering iron13:01
screen-xI was poking around in ccsm, but got distracted by various effects.13:01
shaunodunno if you could tell it not to use m3 for paste, but you could tell it that m3 is really m4, so it's free to bind to something else13:02
brobostigonis there a way, for me to tether my android to my n800 via bluetooth, so i can use my internet from my android onmy n800. if that mkes sense.13:03
popeybrobostigon: why via bluetooth and not wifi?13:03
brobostigonpopey: my g1 cant be a wifi hotspot, justwont do it,13:04
kazadeBigRedS, this doesn't use xorg.conf.. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Input#Example:%20Disabling%20middle-mouse%20button%20paste%20on%20a%20scrollwheel%20mouse13:04
popeybrobostigon: what version of android?13:04
brobostigonpopey: 2.2.113:04
popeyi thought wifi sharing was an option in 2.2?13:04
brobostigonpopey: i cant see nor find an option to do it,13:05
* popey gets his hero out13:06
kazadebrobostigon, try searching the market for "barnacle tether"13:07
popeyor anetshare13:08
brobostigonpopey: no matches, on market search.13:08
popeycan you see the loco meeting in that calendar?13:09
screen-xyep :)13:09
screen-xthanks :)13:09
brobostigonkazade: found that,13:09
BigRedSkazade: whoop! Thanks!13:13
screen-xpopey: with that and teh ical feed from the loco directory, calendaring is sorted :)13:14
TheOpenSourcererpopey: The map link is broken though http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en-GB&q=%23ubuntu-uk-meeting%20on%20Freenode%20IRC ;-)13:15
* screen-x imagines streetview for irc13:16
* brobostigon gets kazade a beer, :)13:18
popeyfixed TheOpenSourcerer :)13:25
TheOpenSourcererpopey: That's not a fix, that's a redaction ;-)13:28
popeypatches welcome13:28
popeyoh, hang on13:28
brobostigonyay, wifi tethering if working, :)13:31
TheOpenSourcerer"What is it that a man may call the greatest things in life?"13:38
TheOpenSourcerer- "Hot water, good dentishtry and shoft lavatory paper."13:38
TheOpenSourcerer-- Cohen the Barbarian in conversation with Discworld nomads (Terry Pratchett, The Light Fantastic)13:38
gordapple really have a run for their money these days huh http://images.tipb.com/images/stories/2011/03/ipad_2_xoom_optimus-pad_galaxy-tab_touchpad_playbook_specs.jpg13:42
shaunoapparently 90% of the market don't care so much about specs13:45
popeygord. no.13:46
directhexshauno, yep!13:49
shaunoI think it's fair to say I don't like Excel :(13:56
shaunothey've even hidden the About box to make googling more difficult.13:57
=== imexil1 is now known as imexil
AlanBellscreen-x: popey there is a loco teams calendar too http://ubuntu-news.org/calendars/loco/14:04
screen-xAlanBell: and http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-uk/ical14:05
* DJones read that as Too many candles and wondered whose birthday it was14:10
AlanBellDJones: on Saturday TheOpenSourcerer will have an ETOOMANYCANDLES error14:11
DJonesAlanBell: Oh Dear, I won't ask the number of candles, but I suspect I'm only a handful at most behind him14:14
TheOpenSourcererI will be expecting 46 Candles :-)14:14
bigcalmIs that in hex?14:15
MadLeomon<_< I probably got this wrong but I'm thinking that would be 70 if converted back to something decimal based14:19
bigcalmI'd be pleased in a geeky way if I were to get a cake with 20 candles on it this year14:23
bigcalmBut as I'm the only geek in the village^Whouse, the amusement would be lost in the explination14:23
mungojerrybigcalm: or a cake like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/beelzebozo/2125919810/14:25
bigcalmHehe, cute14:26
mungojerrylol or this one http://www.flickr.com/photos/cyberslayer/216346251/14:26
nigelboh, cute cakes :)14:27
gordgood article :) https://lwn.net/Articles/430686/ (for those that have lwn accounts)14:27
popeythat is excellent14:35
TheOpenSourcererDO NOT BUY ME CAKE.14:35
nigelbonce in a while I use lwn14:36
TheOpenSourcererBuy me Curry or Beer.14:36
TheOpenSourcererOn that note must dash.14:36
shaunohopefully there'll be pics of how many candles you manage to fit in a curry14:38
mungojerrylwn is the website design from the 90s14:39
nigelbgord: that was a good read :)14:39
nigelbmungojerry: lwn isn't not about how it looks ;)14:39
nigelbthink baout reddit design :p14:40
mungojerrynigelb: however i always think i'm reading an out of date article14:40
nigelbmungojerry: lol14:40
gordyeah, honestly, i prefer websites that look like that14:40
nigelbgord: same here14:40
nigelbtoo much flashy can get irritating14:40
mungojerryanyone subscribe to paper magazines?14:40
mungojerryi have a monthly sub to  linux  magazine14:41
=== cking_ is now known as cking
nigelbI don't subscribe, but I buy often14:41
bigcalmI have a subscription to cosmo (for my gf)14:41
gordi don't like paper magazines, they clutter up the place. get a few subscriptions on my kindle though14:43
bigcalmI used to subscribe to MicroUser and then AcornUser14:43
* daubers eats lunch14:45
bigcalmpopey: have you noticed that your upload bandwidth has increased?14:45
popeyhow would I know?14:46
bigcalmJust checked and I'm getting a smidgin under 2mbs14:46
popeyI am not at home :)14:46
daubersThey lie!14:46
popeywill try tonight14:46
bigcalmWell then :P14:46
popeyi might rsync something somewhere to test it14:46
bigcalmI don't recall having that much upload bandwidth before14:46
popeylike minecraft maps :)14:46
bigcalmdaubers: it's a good estimate14:47
daubersbigcalm: ISPs prioritise traffic to those places14:47
bigcalmWell then14:47
popeyi dont think that matters14:48
popeyif all you want to know is 'has my upper limit gone up'14:48
* bigcalm sends a 66MB tarball to his bytemark account14:49
shaunoquite some years ago now, my cable broke in a manner where I had my advertised speed .. in both directions.  boy was I popular that month.14:51
Oli``Anybody know if there's a hide-all-text-layers button in Photoshop?14:53
Oli``I've got about 3000 layers that a designer has scattered all over a document that I need to hide :(14:54
popey100% 2187KB   2.1MB/s   00:0114:54
Oli``popey: Have you had any luck the with the latest (released yesterday on nvnews) nvidia beta driver on Natty? I remember seeing you on twitter with a ton of issues14:55
bigcalm100%   25KB  25.4KB/s   00:0014:55
popeyOli``: i dont use the driver from them14:55
popeyOli``: i only use the packaged one14:55
bigcalmHehe, copy/pasted wrong file14:55
bigcalm100%   66MB 248.0KB/s   04:3214:56
Oli``popey: I just meant it's worth a shot if there's a system you want to use and cant14:56
popeythe current nvidia driver is fine thanks14:56
popeyexcept for EDID errors on my desktop :(14:56
Oli``Yeah EDID never seems to work as well as it should14:57
popeybug 72560014:57
lubotu3Launchpad bug 725600 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "nvidia EDID issue, wrong resolution selected" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72560014:57
popeyused to work fine14:57
bigcalmAnd download: 100%   66MB   2.4MB/s   00:2814:58
gordi still have the old xorg :)14:59
gordhoping alpha 3 will work nicely, gonna reinstall. my system is so broken right now14:59
daubersI took the nvidia driver off my laptop, was preventing it from running gnome headless15:01
DJonesOooh, Blade Runner prequel/sequel possibly being made http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/03/03/us-bladerunner-idUSTRE7220AQ2011030315:05
popeydaubers: my revo runs headless15:05
bigcalmOh no :(15:05
dauberspopey: With the nvidia driver?15:05
* Obtuse sighs.15:06
popeyyes daubers15:06
ObtuseI truly hate it when Firefox craps out when I had lots of tabs open.15:06
popeyii  nvidia-current                         260.19.06-0ubuntu1                     NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library15:06
bigcalmObtuse: this is why I use chrome15:07
ObtuseDo you restore and hope that nothing was a POST?15:07
shaunoDJones: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/532297/Back-to-the-what.jpg15:07
bigcalmIf one tab dies, the whole browser doesn't15:07
Obtusebigcalm: Is it more reliable?15:07
ObtuseOh, that's cool. Better separation of tabs?15:07
bigcalmEach tab is its own process that has no communication with others15:08
bigcalmshauno: heh15:08
DJonesshauno: Thats about right, along with Hawaii 5-0, Upstairs Downstairs, True Grit and many, many more others that I can't think of off the top of my head15:08
nigelbObtuse: and if one does, you can kill it individually15:08
shaunonot mine, but immediately sprung to mind as somewhat apropros15:09
ObtuseRight... I'll give Chrome a go.15:10
popey\o/ ?15:11
bigcalmBeing a web dev, I have to have all browsers handy. Find that chrome is the most relyable now15:11
popeytrain station is taking shape :)15:12
shaunoI really only use ff when I actually need the kitchen sink now15:12
daubersHmmm... mine complains taht it can't find a monitor and doesn't start gdm15:12
nigelbbigcalm: same here :)15:12
bigcalmpopey: looks like the lockness monster15:12
shaunoif you're doing what I think you're doing with the roof, I like it :)15:13
popeyin other news, chrome on windows seems broken15:13
popeyif i alt tab away from it, the window I alt-tab to, doesnt redraw15:13
screen-xpopey: how?15:13
popeyunless thats not chrome but putty or video driver issue15:13
daubers"in other news, windows seems broken" <- Fixed that for you15:13
nigelbdaubers: haha, good one15:13
shaunopopey: I get that from time to time, but it redraws *slowly*.  the whole screen sits still (no cursor, etc) while it fills out line by line15:13
popeyno, switching _away_ from chrome15:14
shaunoit'd almost be funny/retro to watch, if I wasn't into multitasking15:14
dauberschrome has had an alarming number of issues on a fw of my machines :(15:14
popeythe line by line thing is because chrome is a massive bitmap and that got swapped out15:14
DJonespopey: I can check for you, I've got chrome & putty running in front of me15:14
bigcalmOoo, there's a new version. I'm currently on 9.0.597.9815:15
* bigcalm now expects the world to fall apart15:15
nigelbIn the time that we were talking, chrome went up one version.15:16
DJonespopey: I can't see any issues Alt-tabbing to any other other running apps, everything looks fine for me, although I'm on Chrome 9.0.597.10715:17
* nigelb expects the world to fall apart if it doesn't15:17
popeyonly happened recently15:17
popeyi expect its an 11. thing15:17
DJonesI suspect my version is the bog standard stable release15:18
bigcalmHumm. Mine is now on 9.0.597.107. I don't have 11?15:18
popeydeveloper version15:19
DJonesJust looking at the change channels, when did the "Canary build" come available?15:19
bigcalmThat's your fault then :P15:19
popeythats what it does15:19
popeythats only showing lots because I typed the version15:19
DJones"This build is for people who want to help test Google Chrome and contribute to its development.  The Canary build is updated even more frequently than the Dev channel and is not tested before being released."15:19
popeybefore that all i saw was the window border15:19
bigcalmYay, pretty in pink :)15:19
bigcalmTalk about overloaded system :S15:20
bigcalmAre you ignoring somebody on skype? ;)15:21
popey5 birthday notifications15:21
* bigcalm spies a modem connection15:24
bigcalmHow odd15:24
popeyyeah, very15:26
popeynever used that15:26
popeysee, sabdfl is right, the "system tray"* gets abused15:26
popey*Note: It's not called a system tray15:26
bigcalmNotification area?15:26
DJones"Overcrowded area"15:27
bigcalmI like the windows 7 has all but 4 icons hidden15:27
shaunofor once, I'm with sabdfl on that one.  nuke the whole thing from orbit.15:27
popeyi do not care (for example) that my disk encryption software is running15:28
popeyor that my email client is open15:28
mungojerrybigcalm: just catching up on the last hour... i used to get electron user, then acorn user :)15:28
bigcalmmungojerry: good show :)15:29
mungojerrybigcalm: did you have an archimedes?15:29
* mungojerry always thought that Acorn -> Linux is a natural progression15:30
shaunorisc to x86 is anything but natural15:30
mungojerrylol yeah, but the acorn enthusiast community is at least most similar i feel15:31
mungojerrymaybe it's the underdog thing..we all knew that acorn was the best, but wasn't reflected in market share15:31
bigcalmmungojerry: 2 x BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, Acorn Archimedes 420 (I think)15:31
bigcalmI would have loved to have had an A5000. Ho hum :)15:32
* mungojerry had an A300015:32
mungojerrystill got it somewhere15:32
mungojerryplus the electron15:33
mungojerrygames like chocks away and arcelite were just class15:33
bigcalmJust caught myself being sucked into wikipedia15:37
shaunoif you hit the random page link, it's time to admit you have a problem15:39
shaunoif not, you can brush it off as harmless experimentation :)15:39
screen-xshauno: its also a question of how many pages away from an on topic page you are..15:40
screen-xgrr our ISP are renumbering :(15:44
HazRPGhi all15:52
gordpopey, hehe @ guy complaining about ubuntu members getting lwn subs :D15:55
popeyI know16:00
popeyhe's a troll16:00
popeyI see they're discussing it in #techrights16:06
jonsainthi all. when is the next ubuntu out? im fairly new to ubuntu and i was told new releases are usually twice a year???????16:09
gordjonsaint, yup, next one is in april16:09
gordapril 28th16:09
jonsaintdoes that one have a name and whats the difference between this one and the new one?16:09
gordthere are always so many differences between releases, i could never list them, the next release will be 11.04 (year.month) and is using hte codename natty narwhal16:10
jonsaintis there a website i can check out to see whats new in the 11.04 version?16:11
bigcalmhttp://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes # but only once it's been released16:12
jonsaintah ok. many thanks for all the info16:12
gordjonsaint, http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/alpha2 was the new features in the alpha 2 of natty, if you wait a few hours then hopefully alpha 3 will be out and you can read updated features there16:12
gordits still being made though16:12
czajkows1iTheOpenSourcerer: we WON!!!! had to log on to poke you16:12
TheOpenSourcererczajkows1i: Pee off.16:12
bigcalmARGH. It's a cz<tab>16:12
czajkows1iTheOpenSourcerer: but we beat ye at cricket16:13
czajkows1inow onto rugby16:13
czajkows1ifecking cold today only 20 and over cast16:14
TheOpenSourcererczajkows1i: After what we did to the French?16:14
AlanBellback to the beach you!16:14
czajkows1irented a car and drove all over the island16:14
TheOpenSourcererczajkows1i: Where are you?16:14
mungojerryhmm this android malware thing is getting bad. i feel sad that i effectively own a phone that is the Windows of the mobile world16:15
gordoh come now, its not *that* bad16:17
TheOpenSourcererIf the paddies can only just scrape past the Scots, you'll have ne chance with the brits. Even at Lansdowne Road16:18
TheOpenSourcerermungojerry: Just don't install crapware ;-)16:18
mungojerryeven from the real android market16:18
czajkows1iTheOpenSourcerer: if we cop on and make less mistakes and dont give away penatlies ...16:19
mungojerrymind you who can stop someone putting that into apple and windows market too (if Windows has any apps yet)16:19
TheOpenSourcererAnd kiss the blarney stone three time...16:19
CepheusI don't feel that the issue with android is so much the marketplace as it is the unrestricted access to APIs16:20
TheOpenSourcererEngland 3 3 0 0 102 41 61 11 616:21
TheOpenSourcererIreland   3 2 0 1 56   54 2    7   416:21
DJonesmungojerry: Have you looked at this page http://blog.mylookout.com/2011/03/security-alert-malware-found-in-official-android-market-droiddream/16:21
DJonesmungojerry: It gives a list of the apps affected, some of which definately sound as though they're NSFW16:22
CepheusI feel that certain sensitive features (calling, SMS, device IMEI and IMSI) should only be allowed by dev certificates or vetted developers a la symbian16:22
HazRPGbigcalm: heh, yeah I've recently found myself just typing cz<tab> too :P16:22
Cepheusor at least doing thorough checks on applications using these APIs16:22
HazRPGczajkows1i: congrats on the victory :)16:23
czajkows1iHazRPG: oi hit the tab key!16:23
=== czajkows1i is now known as czajkowski
mungojerryDJones: not all are NSFW, and obfuscated malware can reside in any apps..the fact that lookout is required is a bit more of a windowsism16:23
HazRPGczajkowski: I did :P16:23
DJonesmungojerry: yes, I was wondering, maybe the Lookout app is infected :)16:24
CepheusA lot of them are actually pirated versions of paid apps, I hear.16:24
mungojerryCepheus: even worse, since some people are saying Chess? i instaleld that, how do i know if it's the bad one..etc16:24
mungojerryDJones: even if not, lookout certainly own your phone anyway16:26
Cepheusmungojerry: Google should really inform those who've been affected by these applications16:26
mungojerryyeah, they did a remote wipe i hear?16:26
mungojerryremote uninstall i should say16:26
HazRPGCepheus: there's an infected app?16:26
mungojerrybut what if your phone is rooted?16:26
brobostigonafternoonings everyone.16:27
HazRPGmungojerry has a good point16:27
HazRPGafternoonings mr brobostigon :)16:27
brobostigonHazRPG: afternoonings :)16:27
mungojerryand is the confidence iphone users have in the apple store worse because they somehow think they are safer because of apple's infamous policy of app types16:27
Cepheusthe likelyhood is less. but there have been notable instances where things have slipped through the net16:28
HazRPGI think it would be funny if ubuntu started making their own android variant :)16:28
mungojerryubuntu mobile16:29
MyrttiI wish Gingerbread would've included OpenVPN support :-(16:29
HazRPGmungojerry: I would root my phone for that :)16:29
mungojerryHazRPG: they were working on ubuntu mobile before tablet came along16:29
HazRPGmungojerry: wow really :D16:30
* HazRPG has just found the pdf that documents it16:31
Cepheusas a Maemo user I have to say I prefer it to android... but it's a dead road now that Nokia and Microsoft are bedmates16:31
brobostigonCepheus: i do believe they were working on meego to go onto the n900.16:32
HazRPGCepheus: Hmm, yeah I know what you mean.16:32
Myrttithey are still16:32
HazRPGbrobostigon, Myrtti: Indeed I've seen that too.16:32
MyrttiI'd preferred Maemo over MeeGo ;-)16:33
Cepheusbrobostigon: It's as a developer device though. installing meego is not supported by nokia or intel, and the handset UX is nowhere near ready for production use16:33
brobostigonCepheus: i didnt know  that, ok. interesting.16:34
Myrtti.deb > .rpm16:34
Cepheusyes, delicious dpkg16:34
directhex.deb != .rpm16:35
directhexrpm is smarter at some things. perhaps too smart16:35
HazRPGI'm not a huge fan of rpm, I've had more problems with it than I can count16:36
screen-xI am a huge fan of apt, I've had more problems with it than I can count16:37
HazRPGscreen-x: yeah I prefer apt for most things16:37
Cepheusthe problem with RPM is not so much the format as the fact that mandriva, novell and red hat all use completely different file names, dependency and package names and file paths16:37
Cepheusthis combined with the windows mentality of "if it has the right extension it will run" means that you get very stupid dependency resolution16:39
HazRPGOoo, I've just compiled my first ever .sid :D16:39
brobostigon .sid ?16:39
HazRPGIts not great, but I still did it all on my own :)16:39
HazRPGbrobostigon: yeah it's a music format - made using GoatTracker16:40
HazRPGgood old c64 :)16:40
Cepheusor worse, installing works but you get odd segfaults or errors from LD16:40
bigcalmDave2: wakey wakey16:40
brobostigonHazRPG: ah, i see,16:40
HazRPGbrobostigon: basically synth music using an emulated version of c64's SID16:41
brobostigonHazRPG: ah, ok, interesting.16:41
HazRPGSound Interface Device16:41
HazRPGbrobostigon: http://www.hazrpg.co.uk/music/c64/Untitled-v0.0.1.sid16:43
* brobostigon looks16:43
brobostigonwill vlc do it?16:44
HazRPGshould do16:44
screen-xHazRPG: heh totem played that fine :)16:44
brobostigonvlc does everything.16:44
HazRPGI play it through totem16:44
HazRPGscreen-x: indeed :)16:44
HazRPGscreen-x: btw, its very short so totem will just loop it endlessly16:45
Myrttiin other news: HazRPG, brobostigon, Cepheus http://www.muktware.com/n/03/2011/798/meego-running-n90016:45
Myrttiwell, other and "other"16:45
mungojerryHazRPG: good to know that...after 30 secs i was expecting the drum beat to kick in..16:46
HazRPGMyrtti: ooo, shiny :)16:46
screen-xHazRPG: at uni I had a to write a synth using matrices in matlab.16:46
HazRPGscreen-x: nice :)16:46
HazRPGmungojerry: Still haven't figured how to make that instrument yet... otherwise it would have :P16:47
CepheusMyrtti: oooh. nice find. thank you.16:47
BigRedSoggcamp2011 - are any details public yet?16:47
AlanBellBigRedS: yes, there will be one16:47
mungojerrygot an orange peeler, :) http://www.lakeland.co.uk/orange-peelers/F/product/679216:47
mungojerrymakes you want to buy oranges just to peel them16:47
BigRedSAh, fair enough. I was just wondering if i'd missed them or something16:48
screen-xoooh! I used to use those home... all nostalgic now16:48
HazRPGmungojerry: Don't know if you've ever used a tracker before on the c64, but its basically just hex codes placed around on the interface in various places to make sound16:48
TheOpenSourcererI love this spam I'm getting from the BSA - It *so* supports Free Software. I feel a blog post coming on... http://twitpic.com/45pjq316:49
brobostigonis anyone else getting ubuntu one server disconects, inside natty with todays updates?16:49
HazRPGI couldn't get the c64 emulator to work that's in the repo though - guessing I'm missing a BIOS or something... but GoatTracker worked perfectly ootb16:49
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: I investigated joining the BSA a while back16:49
gordbrobostigon, yup16:50
gordbrobostigon, it also has been telling me that its 92% complete for about a week, every ten minutes or so16:50
brobostigongord: ok, i am not alone then, thats good, yes, same as here.16:50
popeymaybe you need a new xorg16:50
HazRPGmungojerry: mmm oranges16:50
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Did they invite you in with open arms?16:51
ObtuseTheOpenSourcerer: Those adverts are unbelievably cynical.16:51
mungojerrymost humans peel bananas the wrong way too16:51
bigcalmThe correct way being?16:51
HazRPGmungojerry: there's a correct way?16:51
screen-xlike the monkeys do!16:51
shaunoplease tell me it involves trained monkeys16:51
shaunobah, too slow16:51
HazRPGbite the head off first?16:52
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: can't remember how much it cost16:52
* HazRPG loads up his sng of his sid :)16:52
mungojerrymakes life easy16:52
HazRPGI wish my Sharp MZ-700 had a tracker, I would have had loads of these on tape by now16:53
HazRPGsomehow missed the c64 craze16:53
shaunoyou missed a few of them.  there's a whole scene running trackers on original gameboys16:53
mungojerrywhen you have a baby boy in one hand and need to efficiently peel the banana without squishing , digging nails or bruusing, the monkey way works every time16:53
HazRPGshauno: oh wait, yeah I had a tracker on the gameboy, wasn't that impressive though16:54
shaunoHazRPG: 8bc.org.  if you can ignore the assault upon your eyeballs, there's a *lot* there16:55
HazRPGwow thankfully I stored that on dropbox... just overwrote my sng!16:56
* HazRPG restores older version16:56
HazRPGshauno: ah, I was a bigger fan of 8bitpeople16:56
HazRPGshauno: wow, didn't realise the gb could do that - guess I was too young to have a good play with it16:59
* mungojerry asks for permission to speak frankly17:00
brobostigonmungojerry: think about the CoC though. keep that in mind.17:00
* mungojerry checks the CoC17:01
mungojerryi have a question about life:17:01
gordthe universe, and everything?17:02
brobostigonlife, the universe and everything,*17:02
mungojerrywhy, in every company i have ever worked in, is there at least one preson who clearly doesn't know how to use a toilet?17:02
DavieyTheOpenSourcerer, I just got the BSA spam to my work address aswell17:03
mungojerryit's always puzzled me, what is their own home like17:03
MyrttiI would ask the same, but I've only worked in three places, of which in one I was the one cleaning toilets and in one I work from home17:03
TheOpenSourcererHi Daviey - Gosh you are still alive17:03
Myrttiso I guess it leaves only one company17:04
mungojerryand it's true there too Myrtti right?17:04
Myrttifactory workers are the worst17:06
DavieyTheOpenSourcerer, sadly.17:06
kirrusDaviey: you'd rather be dead? :/17:06
Davieykirrus, Nah!17:06
TheOpenSourcererDaviey: How's the family?17:07
* mungojerry slaps the uupc onto the mp3 player , giving the dilemma, read important documents on the train..or listen to mp317:07
DavieyTheOpenSourcerer, pretty good...17:07
brobostigonmungojerry: uupc anyday, :)17:07
DJonesmungojerry: Multitask, do both17:08
popeymungojerry: dont forget to shout out the quiz answers on the train!17:08
mungojerryooh i forgot the quiz17:08
mungojerrydefinitely uupc17:08
* AlanBell is writing a quiz17:09
* brobostigon thinks about wht to make for tea. 17:09
* Myrtti thinks about a perry17:09
* TheOpenSourcerer listens to Mrs TheOpenSourcerer make his dinner in the background.17:09
* TheOpenSourcerer wonders where the instructions are for meeting chairing and REMINDS everyone about the meeting this evening 9:00pm UK time.17:10
* brobostigon thinks about a beer.17:10
TheOpenSourcererTY AlanBell17:12
TheOpenSourcererNot many agenda items then.17:12
AlanBellI am about to add one17:13
TheOpenSourcererActions Recorded: None17:13
* brobostigon thinks about what to do with pork steaks.17:14
bigcalmEat them17:14
brobostigonbigcalm: i was thinking about somerhing more constructive than that kind of answer.17:15
ali1234cook them, then eat them17:15
ali1234otherwise you'll get worms17:15
TheOpenSourcererbrobostigon: I would marinate them in a strong sauce of soy, vinegar and honey for a while, then grill them. Then reduce the marinade to a thick syrupy sauce then serve with Noodles and some stir fried veg17:15
brobostigonTheOpenSourcerer: sounds good, :)17:16
bigcalmbrobostigon: greece an overn proof dish, add the steaks. Cover with a packet of sage and onion stuffing. Cover with tinfoil and cook for half an hour on about 175C (fan oven). Remove the tinfoil and cook for a futher half an hour at a slightly reduced heat17:16
brobostigoni dodnt have soy though, i do have some balsamic.17:16
bigcalmYou'll have suculent pork and crispy stuffing17:16
brobostigonbigcalm: sounds good also, :)17:17
TheOpenSourcererbigcalm: Would you add any liquid to the sage & onion stuffing mix before cooking?17:17
bigcalmTheOpenSourcerer: :P17:17
* brobostigon likes TheOpenSourcerer's idea better though.17:18
bigcalmGF and I get 4 steaks from our butcher now and then. Makes 2 good meals17:18
* brobostigon dissappears to do part of the preperation.17:19
TheOpenSourcererYou can also put the steaks in a roasting dish, pour over a tin of chopped toms, then add the Sage & Onion Stuffing mix and follow bigcalm 's instructions. Then you have a nice sauce too :-;17:19
bigcalmThere is that17:19
bigcalmMight do that next time actually17:20
bigcalmEasy fried onions in a tin - magic!17:20
ali1234fry the pork chops then make a sauce in the pan using vinegar and pineapple juice. serve with carrots and mash17:20
ali1234it's niiiiiice17:21
TheOpenSourcererPineapple and dead animal do not mix IMHO.17:21
ali1234sweet and sour?17:21
bigcalmNot a fan of fresh sweet & sour meals then?17:21
DJonesI'm afraid pineapple doesn't really mix with anything17:22
TheOpenSourcererI never got the pineapple on gammon steak thing either.17:22
bigcalmSeems that opinion is divided here17:22
lazarus_hi all17:22
bigcalmPeaches with gammon...17:22
TheOpenSourcererI do like Sweet and Sour yes > "I would marinate them in a strong sauce of soy, vinegar and honey "17:22
DJonesMaybe I'm biased because of buffets which always seem to have a piece of pineapple and cheese on a cocktail stick17:23
popey17:22:11 < TheOpenSourcerer> I never got the pineapple on gammon steak thing either.17:23
popeythere's enzymes in pineapple that help break down the fibres in the meat17:23
bigcalmDJones: you go to the wrong buffets then ;)17:23
TheOpenSourcererThere's enzymes in my stomach that do not taste of pineapple and do a great job too :-)17:24
bigcalmpopey: could be why if you have too much fresh pineapple, it can give you uslars17:24
bigcalmTheOpenSourcerer: hehe17:24
bigcalmSo you just don't like pineapple?17:24
TheOpenSourcererPineapple is nice as a dessert.17:24
TheOpenSourcererAnd I also like Pineapple Cubes17:24
TheOpenSourcererThe hardboiled sweets17:24
ali1234what about cheese and pineapple on a stick?17:25
bigcalmI want a pineapple fritter now!17:25
bigcalmali1234: yellow with yellow?17:25
ali1234um, yeah i guess?17:25
TheOpenSourcererI can handle cheese and pineapple although it's not my favourite combination.17:25
bigcalmAnd on a pizza?17:25
TheOpenSourcererCheese <> dead Animal17:25
TheOpenSourcererNope - Pineapple on a Pizza is the Devil's work. Of that I am in no doubt.17:26
TheOpenSourcererAll this talk of food is making me dribble.17:27
* brobostigon returns from preperation, and will leave the pork to marinade untill after the simpsons.17:27
bigcalmBeing on a diet, this conversation is horrible17:27
TheOpenSourcererDiets, schmiets.17:28
bigcalmWell, reduced food intake17:28
bigcalmIs a better discription17:28
TheOpenSourcererI don't really like that idea.17:28
popeyi want beer17:28
TheOpenSourcererThat's probably why I'm such a lardy ;-)17:28
bigcalmTheOpenSourcerer: I've lost over a stone since end of Jan17:29
Myrttimmmmmm bacon, bluecheese and pineapple pizza17:29
MyrttiOM NOMNOM17:29
bigcalmpopey: plenty of Spitfire over here ;)17:29
brobostigonTheOpenSourcerer: will an hour in the marinade be enough?17:29
TheOpenSourcererbrobostigon: I should think so yes.17:29
brobostigonTheOpenSourcerer: :)17:29
=== jussi01_ is now known as jussi
bigcalmI wish my gf liked blue cheese and olives17:30
bigcalmInstead I have to eat them on my own, which feels like secret eating17:31
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: But Hawaiian is the best pizza (Chees, ham, and pineapple) incase they call it something more exotic down souff17:32
jacobwhmm olives17:32
jacobwwhat could be more exotic than 'hawaiian'17:32
brobostigonmargerita is the best, so simple, but also so hard to get right, :)17:33
bigcalm_Oh ffs17:34
=== bigcalm_ is now known as bigcalm
jpdsSTAY CALM.17:34
jpdsbigcalm: You looked cute with a tail.17:35
=== s-fox2 is now known as s-fox
AlanBellhandy service for web designers http://placekitten.com/17:36
TheOpenSourcererOlives are great. One of my favourite snacks and a very useful ingredient.17:37
TheOpenSourcererA Hawaiian pizza is like having an enema.17:37
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: now an olive is the plaything of the Devil sent to torment normal folk17:37
TheOpenSourcererRight. I am now officially starving. Will now go and pester Mrs TheOpenSourcerer17:37
bigcalmAlanBell: that is the best thing I've seen today!17:37
BigRedSThat's awesome!17:38
TheOpenSourcererThat's really cool. HTF did you find that AlanBell ?17:38
AlanBellFarnham chap, goes to the tweetup type things17:39
TheOpenSourcererYes - I follow him. Just wasn't watching gwibber.17:40
danfishhah - 'placekitten.com : Site Blocked - not of course use to NHS business!'17:41
* AlanBell wonders if placechicken.com is available17:41
AlanBelldanfish: A quick and simple service for getting pictures of kittens for use as placeholders in your designs or code. Just put your image size (width & height) after our URL and you'll get a placeholder.17:42
gordi suggested we use that in unity for when we are waiting on the design team ;)17:43
danfishI figured it might be - but kittens? I don't trust 'em ;)17:43
bigcalm_This isn't funny17:51
=== bigcalm_ is now known as bigcalm
HazRPGbrobostigon: hmm, this tracker is fun... but it's a long learning curve :P18:11
HazRPGcan't believe I'm using headphones in my own computer room T_T18:14
HazRPGmy sister decided to watch stuff in here for once and told me to stop that silly noise :/18:15
HazRPGanyone here used the GoatTracker?18:15
=== tubadaz_ is now known as tubadaz
brobostigonHazRPG: in haiku-os?18:18
HazRPGbrobostigon: no in ubuntu :)18:19
brobostigonHazRPG: in natty, unity?18:19
HazRPGI found GoatTracker, MilkyTracker and C64 emulators in the repos18:19
HazRPGnah, I'm using 10.1018:19
brobostigonoh, you mean, music tracker, sorry, misunderstood18:20
shaunonever heard of goat.  milky I'm aware of because they take cross-platform to an extreme.  only one I've used was protracker, and that was /many/ moons ago18:20
HazRPGshauno: it was in the repo when I was looking for a c64 emulator :P18:21
HazRPGthis is essentially all I see: http://www.20jazzfunkgreats.co.uk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/GoatTracker_1.png18:22
HazRPGits quite... scary... lol18:22
HazRPGI'll see if I can find some .sng files to mess with18:23
shaunothat's ... interesting18:23
HazRPGalthough, thing about the tracker scene - they prefer not to share their instruments and stuff, since its their sound essentially18:23
shaunoBased on your corporate access policies, access to this web site ( http://www.20jazzfunkgreats.co.uk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/GoatTracker_1.png ) has been blocked because the web category "Adult/Sexually Explicit" is not allowed.18:23
HazRPGshauno: wow no way!18:24
shaunoI do wonder where on earth they obtain their filter lists sometimes18:24
shaunoanyhow.  time to go home18:25
HazRPGshauno: http://www.hazrpg.co.uk/images/screenshots/GoatTracker.png18:27
HazRPGbrobostigon: help!18:29
HazRPGbrobostigon: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/gmkbolemmamlpfbnieckhgaghdccmkhe?hl=en18:30
brobostigonHazRPG: how can i help. but i am cooking atthe  same time,18:30
HazRPGread the comments, I don't know how to reply - it seems so obvious to me18:30
brobostigonHazRPG: one minute, give me time, i dont easily multitask.18:30
HazRPGbrobostigon: sure no problem18:30
* MartijnVdS bakes pie18:31
=== davmor2_ is now known as davmor2
* brobostigon noms on tea, yummy.18:54
HazRPGbrobostigon: :)18:55
brobostigonthank you for the the idea TheOpenSourcerer :)18:55
brobostigonthe one show, Prof Brian Cox.18:57
HazRPGbrobostigon: I really haven't a clue what I can say to this guy - he/she is having trouble with my extension :(18:58
brobostigonHazRPG: i truly dont know,18:58
ali1234how about "here's a nickel, get a real operating system"18:59
HazRPGI'm guessing (I'll assume it's a guy) he's having trouble getting his reader to open up... but well I googled it and Windows Live Mail *should* just register the feed:// urls19:00
HazRPGooo winner, there's a gtalk widget for wordpress :)19:01
* HazRPG add to blog19:01
ali1234i don't think that person understands what the extension does19:01
HazRPGali1234: I don't either...19:01
HazRPGali1234: I can't even confirm if it works for others - because he's the only one that has commented19:02
HazRPGI've only tested it on my system19:02
davmor2Ha just had a whicked phone call hello Sir your computer is reporting that you have some redundant files that might corrupt you system -> me really which operating system was telling you that and who do you represent then so I can sue for preach of privacy -> Woman Goodbye sir  brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr19:02
ali1234davmor2: yeah been there done that19:02
ali1234except i played along for like 40 minutes19:03
HazRPGdavmor2: : ha, I wish I could I would get phone calls like that - would amuse me no end19:03
davmor2ali1234: I couldn't be bothered19:03
ali1234"sir your computer is going for a toss"19:04
* HazRPG : Oh really? How do you know?19:04
brobostigonshame is, some people who dont know much, would believe it, even if there is noway, for them to know.19:04
ali1234HazRPG: i'm not sure *i* understand what that extension is supposed to do19:05
HazRPGbrobostigon: I know...19:05
ali1234and why is outlook a feed handler?19:05
brobostigonHazRPG: shame isnt it, people taking advantege of people's lackof knowleadge like that.19:05
HazRPGali1234: I couldn't find a feed handler that opened up Juice in windows for my video podcasts, so I took google's and extended onto it19:06
ali1234what is a feed handler?19:06
ali1234rss is just a list of urls19:06
ali1234i don't understand :S19:06
brobostigongoogle reader for example.19:06
HazRPGali1234: yeah, that's all its for19:06
HazRPGsome applications register feed:// handler to open up its application with the url to "subscribe" to that feed19:07
ali1234hmm i always forget that chrome has no rss support built in19:07
HazRPGsome only respond to podcast:// or pcast://19:07
ali1234this is basically a workaround for that?19:07
HazRPGali1234: yeah pretty much :)19:07
ali1234really, i've never seen a rss with anything but http:// in it19:08
ali1234eg. video podcast has a url that takes you to the video page19:08
HazRPGali1234: yeah, but this basically strips out the http:// and replaces with podcast:// pcast:// or feed://19:08
HazRPGali1234: ah no, your getting confused!19:09
ali1234so then you add a uri handler that opens it in your prefered app19:09
HazRPGali1234: right... obviously a rss feed is a http://domain.com and inside it is basically just a document with a list of urls and descriptions19:10
davmor2brobostigon: It's true and the best of it is the software probably contains the dangerous files that it removes so the end user is thankfully that they called to warn them19:10
HazRPGali1234: this basically sends that feed url into an application instead of having to open the application and place the url in manually19:10
ali1234yes, for example: http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/base/users/ali123492/newsubscriptionvideos19:10
ali1234see, what i don't want to understand is why would i want to put that rss into some other application?19:11
ali1234it's just a list of web pages19:11
davmor2brobostigon: that or it'll highlight the errors in the registry that occur if you're system is on for more than a minute19:11
HazRPGali1234: well what do you use for reading your RSS feeds?19:11
brobostigondavmor2: its a fraud, a cheat, it isnt for real.19:12
HazRPGthere you go, in firefox it's a dynamic list of those urls19:12
TheOpenSourcerernp brobostigon - I'm glad it was yummy. I've just had shepherds pie - nom nom19:12
brobostigonyummy, :)19:13
HazRPGsome use RSS feed readers like say Google Reader, Liferea, Juice, Rhythmbox, etc19:13
ali1234but you only have to subscribe it one time19:14
HazRPGeven Outlook, and Thunderbird can read them too19:14
davmor2brobostigon: I'm with you it sucks but technically if they sell you a product and it does what they say it will they've not broken the law which is why they use such candid vagueries as could/might corrupt etc etc etc19:14
* brobostigon is a google reader junkie, he also has the android app.19:14
HazRPGali1234: oh yeah, don't get me wrong it only needs to be done once for any given feed19:14
HazRPGali1234: but sometimes its easier just to click a button and have it do its thing19:14
ali1234ok, i see19:15
ali1234which brings us back to mr anonymous19:15
davmor2brobostigon: I'm confused how do you snort, smoke or inject google reader?19:15
brobostigondavmor2: and baffle people,with unfamilier but scary words, and it doesnt even have to do anything, its easy enough to fake it, to look as if, its doing something,19:15
HazRPGI mean I use Google Reader for regular feeds with info and urls, and I prefer Juice/Rhythmbox for my music/video feeds19:15
brobostigondavmor2: android app, and inside chromium,19:16
HazRPGali1234: Mr anonymous is wondering why my extension isn't putting the feed into Windows Live Mail19:16
ali1234HazRPG: so he seems to be asking how to register windows live mail as a target reader for subscriptions19:16
HazRPGali1234: as far as google tells me, feed:// should just open Windows Live Mail - assuming he hasn't got other applications looking for the same thing19:17
davmor2brobostigon: explains a lot you need help, now the withdrawal symptoms have been know to kill but we're prepared to risk it on your behalf ;)19:17
HazRPGali1234: pretty much yeah19:17
brobostigondavmor2: prertty accurate,19:17
=== daubers_ is now known as daubers
davmor2brobostigon: haha19:18
HazRPGali1234: The reason I have podcast:// (and it also factors in pcast://) and feed:// is because these are the two most popular ones applications look out for19:18
ali1234HazRPG: so the answers to his two questions are 1. windows live mail and 2. the address of the feed you want to subscribe to19:18
ali1234meh, windows live sucks anyway19:19
HazRPGali1234: ikr :/19:20
HazRPGali1234: I don't think that's the answer to his question19:20
brobostigonthe female presenter on, the one show, seems to be truly dim.19:20
ali1234actually i think the problem is he doesn't understand feed = outlook19:20
HazRPGali1234: he's wondering how to implement for - but well its already implemented in there by default19:20
ali1234he's trying to define a new handler19:20
ali1234and doesn't realise it only works for web readers19:20
ali1234he would have known all these things if he read the description but there you go19:21
HazRPGali1234: Ah,  but its not just web readers really19:21
ali1234well thats what it says19:21
HazRPGoh for pre-defining your own - yes, web-readers only19:22
HazRPGbut its because my current implementation of this is hard coded19:23
gordgot my android phone using 10% battery use every 10 hours, makes me happy :)19:23
brobostigongord: elaborate?19:23
gordupgraded to 2.3, monitored what was using my battery19:23
gordhonestly, its gonna vary from phone to phone19:24
brobostigongord: i used spareparts to do that in 2.2.119:24
freeloreGord, so you get 100 hours between charges?19:24
HazRPGali1234: since I just wanted something that worked for me, but thought other users who use iTunes/Juice/Outlook/Similar might benefit19:24
gordfree theoretically19:24
freeloreImpressive. I had a HTC Magic and the charge lasted maybe 3 hours.19:25
brobostigonwith resonable use, i canget my htc dream, with 2.2.1 to 24hours.19:26
ali1234my C7 lasts 4 days. did not need to tweak anything19:27
* brobostigon needs a ciggie. brb19:27
freeloreDream and Magic had the same internals. I guess the version of Android 1.6 on the Magic was really inefficient.19:28
davmor2freelore: yeah issues with 1.5 and 1.6 of android is it never switched 3g off so it would use 3g and wifi to download.  If you used the disable tools for 3g and wifi it would last all day and then some 2.1 and 2.2 are much better at that sort of power management19:32
MartijnVdS2.2 (stock) on the Magic is SLOW though19:34
freeloreI dare not image19:35
davmor2MartijnVdS: no idea I got the milestone and am still waiting for my 2.2 :)19:38
* MartijnVdS strokes his N119:38
MartijnVdS2.3.3 \o/19:38
HazRPGali1234, brobostigon: Any suggestions for wording this better?19:39
HazRPGbecause I'm useless sometimes at explaining myself19:39
ali1234i wouldn't try to explain all how to use it in the description on the download page19:40
HazRPGali1234: I would have thought it would be better to explain its usage in the description19:43
=== GentileBen is now known as OmNomDePlume
ali1234HazRPG: i think the difficult bit to understand is that it is a two step process19:49
ali1234you don't directly define the application to use19:49
ali1234you define the handler to use, and the handler is defined somewhere else19:50
HazRPGali1234: ah19:53
HazRPGI guess my assumption relies too much on people knowing how the google version works19:53
HazRPGsince you have to click the icon first (or visit the feed directly) then pick which handler you want to use for subscribing19:54
brobostigonHazRPG: umm, you seem tobe sorting it out.19:54
HazRPGbrobostigon: I am?19:54
brobostigonHazRPG: with ali123419:54
HazRPGI want it to be more user friendly19:55
brobostigonthe applet.19:55
HazRPGI'm wondering if I should re-work it completely19:55
brobostigonfor whatpurpose?19:55
HazRPGbrobostigon: So that it's a one-click done job19:56
MartijnVdSwatch out for Amazon's patent lawyers in that case :P19:56
HazRPGbrobostigon: but you can configure it should you need to19:56
brobostigonHazRPG: i see. but wont that add alor more complexity?19:56
HazRPGbrobostigon: Seems the current way is more complex to the average user anyways19:56
HazRPGbrobostigon: so far I've had 1 star rating and a 5 star rating19:57
HazRPGso it's a 50/5019:57
MartijnVdSHazRPG: for what?19:57
HazRPGMartijnVdS: My chrome extension19:57
MartijnVdSHazRPG: which one? :)19:57
brobostigonor /chromium *19:57
HazRPGMartijnVdS: One user has expressed problems with it, but I don't think I understand what his issue is exactly19:58
HazRPGMartijnVdS: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/gmkbolemmamlpfbnieckhgaghdccmkhe?hl=en19:58
MartijnVdSHazRPG: some users are just .. dense19:58
HazRPGMartijnVdS: All I know is, he can't get it to work for Windows Live Mail - which it should19:58
MartijnVdSHazRPG: which might just mean he has a messed-up registry or too-strict virus scanner19:59
HazRPGMartijnVdS: Might also be that he installed Windows Live Mail first, along with another application afterwards which replaced the feed:// handler20:00
MartijnVdSHazRPG: messed-up registry ;)20:00
HazRPGMartijnVdS: Yeah I realised that as I was typing ^,^20:01
brobostigonyay, google buzz finally works in gwibber, amazing, i first saw that bug, ages ago, seems they got it working. finally.20:03
MartijnVdSNow all Google needs to do is enable Buzz for apps accounts and I'm set20:03
brobostigonthats would be interesting,20:04
HazRPGbrobostigon: \o/ hurray!20:05
HazRPGWell I've left a comment on the extension page stating if he'd like to have a chat with me to use my chat widget on my blog. So hopefully I can help him out... I don't want him being discouraged from using it, just because his setup is weird - I mean he probably won't find an extension that'll resolve it for him.20:07
MartijnVdSpodcast time :)20:14
dogmatic69could someone help me install / run http://code.google.com/p/innotop/20:21
dogmatic69plz :)20:22
MartijnVdS This package includes the client binaries and the additional tools innotop and mysqlreport.20:22
MartijnVdSmysql-client-5.1 - MySQL database client binaries20:22
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: ^ you shouldn't have to compile it yourself20:22
dogmatic69where you see that?20:22
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: apt-cache search innotop -> see two pachages -> apt-cache show mysql-client-5.120:23
dogmatic69its installed :D20:23
dogmatic69thanks MartijnVdS20:23
MartijnVdSI'd assume mysql-client is useful in other ways as well if you want to use innotop ;)20:24
dogmatic69MartijnVdS: so i should never compile from source?20:24
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: not if there's a package, unless you need a feature in a version that's not (yet) packaged20:25
dogmatic69ok, its a bit hard to know that though20:25
MartijnVdSwell, now you know :)20:26
dogmatic69i just figured something like that was special20:26
MartijnVdSsoftware = software :)20:26
dogmatic69Can't locate Term/ReadKey.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.1 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at /usr/bin/innotop line 1341.20:27
dogmatic69BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/bin/innotop line 1341.20:27
Cepheustried installing Term::ReadKey from CPAN?20:28
HazRPGbrobostigon: Hmm, I uploaded another photo onto the extension page with a closer view of the RSS subscribe button - hopefully that should help.20:29
brobostigonHazRPG: yes, goodidea.20:29
MartijnVdSCepheus: not CPAN.. there's a package20:29
MartijnVdSinstall that ;)20:29
MartijnVdSCepheus: same thing again.. if there's a package, don't install from source20:30
Cepheusbut I wasn't aware of their being a package =p20:30
Cepheusnethertheless, a good tip.20:30
MartijnVdSCepheus: apt-cache search Term::Readkey :)20:30
HazRPGbrobostigon: I love how ubuntu automatically takes a screenshot with the cursor on it - so the screenshot I uploaded has the mouse hover over the icon too :)20:30
MartijnVdSCepheus: also, check the Suggests: of mysql-client-5.120:30
CepheusMartijnVdS: not at an ubuntu workstation right now.20:31
MartijnVdS(it suggests it, as it's an optional dependency)20:31
brobostigonHazRPG: :)20:31
HazRPGbrobostigon: could you do me a favour and test if the chat widget on my blog works :)20:31
HazRPGbrobostigon: pretty please :)20:31
brobostigonHazRPG: ok,one minute. what is the url again please.20:32
HazRPGbrobostigon: www.hazsoft.co.uk20:32
=== popey_ is now known as popey
brobostigonHazRPG: is it working?20:33
HazRPGbrobostigon: right, try and send me a message now - the inbox chat has been turned off20:36
HazRPGbrobostigon: nope, nothing - did you start a new session?20:37
dogmatic69MartijnVdS: tx again20:37
brobostigonHazRPG: no, i didnt.20:37
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: np20:38
dogmatic69QPS -> 0.8 :(20:38
HazRPGbrobostigon: ah, close it and try a new one20:38
HazRPGbecause obviously its trying to send it to my gmail chatbox but that's turned off20:38
brobostigonHazRPG: ok, oneminute.20:39
HazRPGbrobostigon: no problem, take your time20:39
brobostigonHazRPG: done, with new session.20:39
dogmatic69anyone had a bash with http://geekconnection.org/remastersys/20:41
dogmatic69looks good20:41
HazRPGbrobostigon: thanks for that :)20:42
brobostigonHazRPG: no worries, :)20:43
HazRPGbrobostigon: :)20:43
HazRPGbrobostigon: hopefully I can get the annoying confirmation off20:44
TheOpenSourcererReminder - meeting in 15mins in #ubuntu-uk-meeting20:44
brobostigonHazRPG: that was annoying.20:44
HazRPGbrobostigon: the dialogue popped up as being both screens wide20:44
* brobostigon gets more beer.20:45
brobostigonHazRPG: :(20:45
HazRPGI can understand why it shows up, since you might not want to be annoyed with chat invites on say msn, etc... but still20:45
HazRPGbrobostigon: ooo I have tuborg in the fridge!20:46
* HazRPG scurries off to the kitchen20:46
brobostigonHazRPG: the proper danish? from danmark?20:46
HazRPGbrobostigon: brewed in the UK :(20:47
brobostigonHazRPG: ohwell, no thank you. :(20:47
HazRPGbrobostigon: but still just as good (almost)20:47
HazRPGplus its free, since my mates brought round a crate of it the other day, and we only drank half of it20:48
HazRPGthink I've got like 7 left :D20:48
HazRPGwow, great guess...  it is actually 7 left xD20:49
=== bigcalm_ is now known as bigcalm
HazRPGMartijnVdS: hehe20:49
HazRPGare they any good?20:49
brobostigonHazRPG: isee,ok.20:52
* brobostigon has his special dairy free shortbread, because of his allergies, and shares them with everyone.20:53
MartijnVdSHazRPG: "3FM" is the "popular/slightly alternative music" public radio station20:55
* brobostigon makes agreedable noises.20:55
MartijnVdSHazRPG: and they're regular guests there.. so I'd say people think they're good :)20:55
brobostigonHazRPG: are you going to join the meeting?20:55
HazRPGbrobostigon: indeed :)20:57
AlanBellmeeting just started peeps21:00
MyrttiI just had some mämmi21:04
Baikonurit's not mämmi time21:10
freeloreDoes anyone have an opinion on the Intel NM10 chipset?21:13
MyrttiBaikonur: *shrug* Valintatalo had some so we got some.21:15
DJonesWhat is mammi?21:17
Baikonuri don't think i've ever tried mämmi21:18
* MartijnVdS has his starting number for the 20km on Sunday \o/21:19
MyrttiDJones: Finnish easter delicacy that by first impression looks very much like faeces21:19
DJonesMyrtti: I'm not sure whether I even want to google that after that description :)21:20
MyrttiDJones: malted rye porridge, baked very very slowly and for a long time in an oven21:20
DJonesAh, not good for me as I don't like porridge of any sort21:21
Myrttiwell, not exactly porridge either21:21
Myrttisweetened with dark molasses21:21
DJonesIt sounds interesting21:21
Myrttiserved with sugar and milk or cream21:21
Myrttihigh in fiber, no fat - so perfect for my mum - but she didn't want any21:22
DJonesAfter an improved start, it went downhill there, I don't use sugar or milk unless its in cheese/cream formats21:22
MartijnVdShmmm cheese21:23
* DJones has just eaten sausage & cheese toasties21:23
MartijnVdSit looks.. black21:25
MartijnVdSand scary21:25
AlexJakeHi, I'm after a solution please, I've just built a server running Ubuntu, we have it on location, a camera is plugged into it, we have a dedicated server in a datacentre down in london, what we need is a way (software) from the server on location to stream to the dedicated server and allow people to watch the stream in their web browser.21:29
bigcalmAlexJake: quick google: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/gutsy/man1/webcam-server.1.html21:31
AzelphurAlexJake: you could do that with VLC21:31
Azelphurthe whole thing :P21:31
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
AlexJakebigcalm: it's not a webcam, it's a camcorder21:31
bigcalmAnd what do you have it plugged into?21:32
bigcalmA video capture device can be a usb webcam or a usb/pci video capture card21:32
AlexJakebigcalm: a PCI card (not sure of brand at the moment)21:32
Azelphurwhich ever it is, VLC can still do it :D21:33
AlexJakeAzelphur: I know of VLC21:33
AlexJakeAzelphur: but I didn't know VLC could do that21:33
AlexJakeAzelphur: I thought VLC was just a video player21:33
Azelphurnah, VLC is awesome21:33
AzelphurI'm not that fluent in VLC, but I think the logic would be that you set up VLC on the webcam box to stream the input of the webcam/video device to the dedicated server, and then the dedicated server runs a standard video stream21:34
Azelphurthen you just embed that in the page and it plays in the native media player (so wmp for windows, totem for Ubuntu)21:35
Azelphur#vlc will probably be able to help you more and confirm it definitely is possible, but I think it would work.21:35
AlexJakeAzelphur: do I need VLC running on the dedicated server in london?21:35
Azelphuryou need VLC on both21:35
AlexJakeAzelphur: thank you21:36
Azelphuryw :)21:36
daubersI hear my name in -meeting22:12
jpdsdaubers: I would hate to know what text-to-speech with IRC is like.22:15
daubersjpds: It comes in colours :)22:15
AlanBelland here too TheOpenSourcerer22:16
=== TheOpenSourcerer changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Next meeting Thursday March 17th at 21:00 GMT. Agenda for the next meeting https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeamMeetingAgenda
HazRPGjpds: there's text-to-speech for irc :o!22:18
HazRPGthat's just madness!22:18
dauberspopey: Missed a trick, should have mentioned the leadership contest on the podcast22:21
HazRPGAlanBell: might be an idea to place the quiz to 2011plan on the pad22:21
popeydaubers: it was already over22:21
popeywe thought22:21
daubersHmmm... suppose22:21
popeywe will mention it on the next one22:21
AlanBellHazRPG: it is a pad . . .22:23
daubersIt's a bit of a shame only AlanBell's put his name down. Can think of a couple of other people who're in here frequently who could probably also do a good job22:23
AlanBelldaubers: there is another two weeks22:23
HazRPGAlanBell: I know... but I don't want to feel like I'm messing with something I shouldn't :P22:24
daubersAlanBell: Indeed. Hopefully someone'll step forward22:24
AlanBellHazRPG: you are not, you are messing with something you should22:24
brobostigona job discription, might be helpful for potential candiates,22:24
brobostigonto decide.22:24
daubersHazRPG: The worst that happens in those scenarios is that someone else undoes it :)22:24
brobostigonif they want to put their names down,or not.22:25
* daubers suggests an interview panel22:27
dauberspopey can be the nice one, and ciemon can be the grumpy one22:27
HazRPGAlanBell: how does that look? I've also added the Team Leader stuff22:29
HazRPGDid we pick a date for the trivia?22:29
AlanBellno, doodle poll to the list for that22:30
HazRPGAlanBell: What's the link for that, if one exists, so that I can put it on there too22:30
AlanBelldoesn't exist yet22:31
daubersCan anyone recommend any good books on designing hardware?22:35
* daubers has a book budget to spend at work and is trying to boost the library a bit22:36
HazRPGdaubers: what kind of hardware are you speaking of?22:38
HazRPGSeems Atlus can still be relied on for pumping out decent RPGs :)22:39
HazRPGah wait... no EU release date :o22:40
HazRPG... typical :/22:40
gord*assuming talking about catherine* - ps3's are region free, import22:40
gordthats what i am going to do22:41
daubersHazRPG: Anything from USB to PCI-E22:41
HazRPGgord: PS3 games can be locked at a publishers discretion though22:41
gordHazRPG, barely any are22:42
HazRPGI'm assuming it will want people to update to 3.56 though :(22:42
gordah, sucks to be you22:43
bigcalmWhat's the CD ripper of choice?22:43
gordloved persona 4, want more of that sort of stuff22:43
AlanBellHazRPG: ^^22:45
HazRPGAlanBell: Thanks :). Updated pad.22:46
TheOpenSourcererHa - What if everyone is OK with all the dates.22:46
TheOpenSourcererChose a random one.22:46
AlanBellthen we will go with the first one everyone is available for22:46
HazRPGthat works too22:47
AlanBelldoes the description look OK on the poll?22:47
TheOpenSourcererBTW, did AlanBell, popey and czajkowski know about the Farnham Twestival? Tickets are up now and won't last for long I suspect.22:48
=== AlanBell changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is publicly archived: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Mailing List: http://tinyurl.com/uukml | Support Guidelines - http://tinyurl.com/uuksupport | Meeting Thursday March 17th 21:00 GMT in #ubuntu-uk-meeting http://tinyurl.com/uukmeet | Quiz Night poll: http://doodle.com/eucwzx2qdiiiqs5p
TheOpenSourcererOK time for bedski.23:06
TheOpenSourcererNIght all.23:09
davmor2Evening all23:10
AlanBellevening davmor2, just in time to add yourself to this: http://doodle.com/eucwzx2qdiiiqs5p23:11
davmor2Empathy still is kinda sucky as an irc client works better than before though23:11
davmor2nearly on par with pidgin23:11
bigcalmAny suggestions for a cd -> mp3 ripper?23:13
bigcalmThere are many to choose from23:13
davmor2AlanBell: added23:13
brobostigondavmor2: gui or cli ?23:13
brobostigonbigcalm: gui or cli?23:14
davmor2bigcalm: gui, rhythmbox/banshee/sound juicer23:14
bigcalmAs I say, there is a wide selection23:14
* brobostigon cant type quick enough.23:15
brobostigonbigcalm: try them all, and see which works best or you.23:15
davmor2bigcalm: use the default installed app if you like keep it if not change it23:15
bigcalmI have no interest in cataloging or libraries, just rip one cd after another23:15
brobostigonsoundjuicer works then.  simple, and easy.23:16
davmor2bigcalm: yeap they'll do that,  but if you want a dedicated ripper your looking more at sound juicer23:16
bigcalmTa, I'll give it a go23:17
AlanBellone for the twittery types: http://twitter.com/#!/alanbelltolc/status/4344827810009907223:19
* HazRPG grabs another beer23:29
HazRPGI can't be bothered going out now lol23:30
HazRPGfree beer is cheaper :D23:30
brobostigonany suggestions for something new to play with on android?23:31
HazRPGI haven't done much with android recently tbh myself23:32
HazRPGstill trying to get faster with 8pen, but well I don't text often enough23:32
brobostigonme too.23:33
hamitronhow's it going?23:53
HazRPGevening :)23:53
HazRPGnot bad, yourself?23:53
hamitronall good23:54
hamitronstill not bought my new comp, I hate commiting to spending money :/23:54
HazRPGtrust me I know the feeling23:54
HazRPGstill haven't bought an eBook reader yet23:54
HazRPGalso starting to have second thoughts on the kindle23:55
hamitronwell, I would personally wait see what the nook colour update brings23:55
hamitronor get a custom android device23:55
hamitrontempted with one of these: http://uk.store.creative.com/entertainment-devices-mp3-players/zen-touch-2-with-gps/948-20276.aspx?utm_source=Cheetah&utm_medium=Mailer&utm_content=Pdt_MP3_ZENTouch2GPS&utm_campaign=Mailer_uk_03031123:56
gordif you want long battery life, get a kindle. the rest are useless with that these days, otherwise just gett a tablet23:56
HazRPGpersonally reading is black & white for the majority of it anyways, so colour doesn't bother me23:56
HazRPGI'd rather have a long-life battery than colour23:56
hamitronkindle all the way then23:56
gordplus, kindle is nice and hackable :) put the ubuntu font on mine23:57
HazRPGrecent news has put me off if they can retract books off my device though23:57
HazRPGgord: ooo, you've got one?23:57
gordthey can remove books you purchased through the kindle store, you don't have to use that though23:57
gordi do23:57
hamitrongoogle can do that on Android too, can't they?23:57
ali1234any app store can23:58
ali1234except those shady chinese ones23:58
HazRPGhamitron: stuff off the market place yes - but only paid content iirc23:58
gordmost of the books i read are out of copyright anyway so i rarely get them from the kindle store23:58
hamitronI personally prefer a device with installable apps, and files to upload and use23:59
gordi do use the kindle store to get magazine subscriptions and blog subscriptions (basically rss feeds), those are nice23:59
hamitronseperate to everything23:59
hamitronit is handy :)23:59
HazRPGgord: yeah I recently got a nice stack from gutenberg.org23:59

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