iheartubuntuapparently it is being done in the resolution center in extreme cases (such as mine) :)00:08
iheartubuntui hope they can fix it00:08
iheartubuntui put out a request anyhow00:08
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m4gnushello everyone01:52
iheartubuntuhello m4gnus how are you?02:12
m4gnusim good thank you, yourself?02:13
iheartubuntubusy busy02:26
The_Letter_MHello all03:28
nUboon2Ageyo jtatum, are you available to do an Ubuntu Hour: Palo Alto @ Tandori Oven this Friday 7pm?03:28
nUboon2Agehowdy The_Letter_M, whereabouts are you?03:28
The_Letter_MI'm still in Utah03:29
The_Letter_Mhow is everyone?03:29
The_Letter_MI'm originally from the East Bay though03:29
nUboon2Agedoes that mean you are moving back at some point The_Letter_M?03:30
The_Letter_MSOme Day03:30
The_Letter_MAnyone do a lot of Apache hosting?03:30
pleia2depends on what you mean by "a lot"03:31
The_Letter_Mlike maybe work at an ISP03:31
The_Letter_MI've been having people ask me to set up sites with stuff like Joomla, Magento, Wordpress, etc03:32
The_Letter_Mand sometimes I run into permission issues03:32
nUboon2Ageyo pleia2, are you available to do an Ubuntu Hour: Palo Alto @ Tandori Oven this Friday 7pm?03:33
The_Letter_Meverything in /var/www/ is owned by root and sometimes I have to chmod 777 a file to make it work03:33
The_Letter_MI'm wondering if it's better to make a user called www with /var/www/ as their home and that user does all the website stuff03:33
pleia2nUboon2Age: no, sorry03:34
nUboon2Ageokay :-/  pleia203:34
The_Letter_Mhave a group called www and then add a regular user to that group03:34
pleia2The_Letter_M: yikes, you should never 777 a file to "make it work"03:34
The_Letter_Mwell I've been testing all this on a Vbox on my lappy03:34
pleia2yes, much better to create groups that users belong to :)03:34
The_Letter_MI'm trying to learn more before I roll out a live serrver03:34
nUboon2Agebtw The_Letter_M, pleia2 is a sysadmin, so is a good one to get advice from on this topic03:35
The_Letter_Mshe's usually helpful03:35
The_Letter_Mbut yeah03:35
The_Letter_MI would chmod 755 a file and it would give me an error03:35
pleia2we have a few different setups for production, sometimes we use groups that everyone is part of either on the small scale (one group for a series of sites, all users for each site is added)03:35
pleia2or if we have one manager to all sites we'll create a "sites" user that has write access to everything, and then individual users for each site03:36
pleia2the keys to managing this are g+s and asking people to use a umask of 02203:37
pleia2g+s makes files and directories inherit the properties of their parents (so new files end up being in the same group) and umask of 022 makes files you create writeable by you AND the group (default tends to be 002, read and writable by just you)03:38
pleia2oops, I mixed that up, you want 002, not 022 :)03:39
pleia2long day03:39
The_Letter_MnUboon2Age where about are you from?03:40
pleia2another tip is if you need the webserver itself to write to it, you give www-data access to write to that specific thing, since www-data is the user apache uses03:41
pleia2but don't give www-data ability to write to everything, because then if someone compromises a script and start doing things with the www-data user they can make a real mess of things03:41
The_Letter_Mis it possible to su as www-data and install that site with that UN and group?03:42
pleia2much better to lose your whole uploads/ directory than your whole site :)03:43
pleia2ugh, my boyfriend has been sick with flu+fever for 2 days, and now I'm starting to feel not awesome03:44
The_Letter_MI've been fighting a cold since last Sunday03:44
The_Letter_Mit sucks03:45
pleia2with my luck I'll get full sick just in time for the weekend03:45
The_Letter_Mso can I add a user to the group www-data and be able to install a site with that user and also allow apache to write any changes it needs to?03:46
The_Letter_MOr should I leave www-data to apache only and create a seperate group?03:47
The_Letter_MWhat I'm looking at is a single box with only a single site03:47
pleia2I'd create a user to manipulate the files, and if apache really needs to write to them, put the files in the www-data group03:47
pleia2so you'll end up with a file for example.com, owned by user example, in the group www-data, with permissions of 77503:48
The_Letter_Mthat works03:48
pleia2but most files shouldn't need to be written to by apache, so most files should be 755 :)03:48
The_Letter_Mthat's a big help to know about the www-data group03:48
pleia2(this assumes files need execution bit, only folders really should)03:49
pleia2yeah, www-data is good03:49
pleia2I see a lot of people chmod 777 just so apache can write to them - I even see this in official instructions for installing webapps!03:49
pleia2they make my sysadmin heart break!03:49
The_Letter_Min the Joomla and Magento stuff they say to do that and then change it to 755 after the install03:50
The_Letter_Mbut then it doesn't work after I change it to 75503:50
pleia2I saw one that did that, and then at the end of the installer checked to see if it was still 777 and yelled at you if it was, that's a slightly lesser sin ;)03:51
The_Letter_Mso I thought perhaps I should have a user with /var/www/ as it's home03:51
The_Letter_Mbut I thought even that sounds risky03:51
pleia2I usually set up /var/www/example.com/ as a home03:51
pleia2(actually /srv/www is the proper convention debian-wise, but it's not widely adopted)03:52
The_Letter_Mthat works03:52
pleia2in side /var/www/example.com/ I'll have an "htdocs/" which is the document root, and then a symlink to /var/logs/apache2/example.com as "logs"03:52
pleia2and then perhaps a cgi-bin/ or whatever else I don't want in the docroot (like .htpasswd files)03:53
* pleia2 needs to clean up the /var/www/ on her server, very messy03:54
nhainespleia2: you're catchong SCaLE flu?04:02
pleia2nhaines: my boyfriend has it, I appear to have some symptoms :(04:03
pleia2this morning his fever was around 101 and he's all "I hate Linux!"04:03
pleia2(because it's a linux conference flu)04:03
nhainesThat's just the contagion talking.04:03
pleia2he went into work this afternoon for a few hours once it got down to 99 because there were some meetings he "couldn't miss" but he's on his way home now04:04
pleia2my cr-48 got an update and now it's harder to see pink highlights on my terminal04:10
pleia2I think the font changed too04:10
The_Letter_Mis that the Google Netbook?04:10
The_Letter_Mthe CR48?04:10
pleia2notebook, yeah04:11
The_Letter_Mcan you access the VTs on it?04:11
pleia2they are actually just full screen xterms, but they feel similar to VTs04:12
The_Letter_Msince it's supposed to be based on Linux04:12
pleia2it's linux, I put some of the specs here: http://princessleia.com/txt/cr48.txt04:13
The_Letter_MI've read about them04:14
The_Letter_MI applied with Google forr one too04:14
The_Letter_Mbut haven't heard back at all04:14
pleia2yeah, they just show up on your doorstep if they decide to send you one04:14
The_Letter_MDoesn't your BF work for Google though?04:15
pleia2the boxes are unmarked too "well, it's not ticking, I suppose I can open this..."04:15
pleia2yeah, but he didn't know I applied for one04:15
seidoswhat's going on?!15:45
seidoshad a fever of 102.6 yesterday.  still a little sick15:46
seidosfairy doctor?15:47
seidosjono_: are there any canonical employees in #ubuntu-hardened?15:47
seidosare there any ubuntu employees <trollface>15:48
seidosnhaines: soup for breakfast + 1 serrano15:49
seidoswhat is the command to display the topic of a channel?16:02
seidosisn't it /topic #channel                        ?16:02
seidosu got my back?16:02
jledbetterI hope you feel better soon.16:06
seidosi got banned from #ubuntu-hardened \o/16:11
seidosi tried to tell them i was an elf, but they wouldn't listen16:11
seidosor they didn't care :(16:11
jamiedmattinglydid you show them your pointy ears seidos or your tiny feet? lol16:22
nhainesseidos: soo... still fever?16:54
seidosnhaines: negative16:55
seidosnhaines: drinking lemon juice, cooked16:55
nhainesI always make sure my lemon juice is thoroughly cooked before human consumption.16:57
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* nhaines is impatient for Ubuntu natty narwhal Alpha 3.18:22
nhainesTusking 3?18:23
nhainesYay, alpha 3!  http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/alpha318:25
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seidosnhaines: what's going on?18:50
seidosnhaines: journalist xor teacher?18:50
erichammond /join #ubuntu-classroom18:51
erichammondargh. Invisible spaces.18:52
nhainesThe topic recently came up again whether or not the abbreviation "LoCo Team" (as in "Local Community Team") is derrogatory or offensive in Spanish-speaking communities.20:28
nhainesI think it's probably worth mentioning that whenever I was at a speaking event and someone read my badge "Ubuntu California LoCo Team" and asked what "LoCo" meant, I always explained "We're crazy about Ubuntu," which was always met with a smile or laugh.20:29
nhainesThe followup explanation, "It's short for 'local community team'" always seemed to suffice and was usually a good hook for talking about advocacy opportunities.20:30
nhainesGenerally, a cheerful, good-natured response acts to disarm any confusion or misconceptions and shows you to be friendly and approachable.  It's a good way to begin speaking with a member of the public.20:34
seidoshey, do you know the triple gem?20:55
jamiedmattinglytriple gem??21:02
* iheartubuntu hello my name is _____ and im loco about ubuntu and im a user also.21:13
iheartubuntui can see how thats a problem :)21:13
iheartubuntuthank you jledbetter :)21:30
seidoswhat's going on?!21:30
seidosi am not loco!21:30
seidosloco = suicidal21:31
seidoslike buddhist monks that get eaten by tigers21:31
seidosor he-man21:31
iheartubuntuseidos - r u on the ubuntu forums by any chance (well, probably not by chance)21:34
nhainesGrr, the last update to Firefox on natty enables Global Menu support but it hasn't builded yet.21:51
seidosdang it, he left before i had a chance to reply21:58
seidosi only use recommended packages21:58
seidosright view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration21:59
iheartubuntuDarkwingDuck is there a difference between Kubuntu's Desktop CD and Desktop DVD images?22:00
seidosiheartubuntu: i am meditatingfrog on forums.  haven't been inawhile22:06
seidosforums are a hot mess to me22:06
seidoshot mess = hell22:26
seidosmy house is bad enough22:26
seidosthere is a channel #love :)22:28
iheartubuntuon freenode?22:28
seidos1 = yes22:29
seidosi think i was just silenced in #ubuntu-beginners too23:09
nhainesWhere else have you been silenced?23:14
seidosnhaines: are we friends?23:23
seidosi am your friend, are you my friend?23:24
iheartubuntuParanoia is a thought process thought[by whom?] to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion.  Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs concerning a  perceived threat towards oneself. Historically, this characterization  was used to describe any delusional state.23:36
seidosah, then cautionary23:37
seidosi want the future to be awesome23:37
seidosnot putrid23:37
seidoswhere do bug triagers go when they die?23:38
iheartubuntuis putrid a colour? it sounds like a colour.23:38
iheartubuntujust head over to the kubuntu triagers, that will keep you busy ;)23:39
seidosfoul then, not putrid23:39
seidosnot putrid = !putrid23:39
seidosi have my own bugs to triage23:39
seidosi don't use kubuntu, it isn't the default23:39
iheartubuntuyou sound like a doctor23:39
seidostake your medicine23:40
seidosi am drinking lemon juice, made in a blender23:40
seidosrecipe is:  put cut up lemons in microwave for 3min, then put in blender, add water until juicy.  100% lemon juice.23:41
seidosthe secret to alochol is:  taste something crappy.  then act stupid.23:41
iheartubuntunot just squeezed lemons? im curious what benefits the rind gives23:42
iheartubuntuor is that ruffage23:43
iheartubuntudont eat the seeds. a tree will grow inside of you23:43
iheartubuntuseidos -> the future is already awesome. we are on this big mass hurling thousands of miles an hour, circling a sun, circling a galaxy, with billions of planets and galaxies around us. there are butterflies, bees, trees, mammals, humans, you name it on our own mass. you cant get much more awesome than that!23:54
seidosiheartubuntu: cats and dogs living together, human sacrifice, mass hysteria!23:55
iheartubuntui digress23:55
seidosit's from the ghostbusters movie23:56
seidosi should probably be at a monastery focusing on escape or something23:56
seidosor a church23:56

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