mhall119depends on the protocol00:02
* mhall119 assumes you're talking network printing00:02
RoAkSoAxitnet7: ping00:24
Chloricevening fellas00:43
itnet7RoAkSoAx: pong15:08
RoAkSoAxitnet7: pm15:14
mhall119morning itnet7 15:14
mhall119and RoAkSoAx 15:14
RoAkSoAxmorning mhall119 :)15:27
itnet7hey there mhall119 !15:28
reya276Morning everyone15:33
itnet7Morning reya276 !15:35
itnet7Hope things get better today, read you FB post15:35
reya276LOL, yeah me too man15:36
itnet7read you/read your/s/15:36
reya276feel like total junk today15:36
itnet7Sorry to hear that15:36
reya276itnet7, do you know of a good guide to setup an ssh/SFTP for clients to connect to a Ubuntu server and Download/Upload files to15:37
itnet7reya276: I think there are some really good Server Community Documents that are pretty straightforward, let me see if I can find some links15:38
reya276ah cool, thanks. I'm actually looking in there now but I don't see anything like what I want to do. I know that at some point when I was a total newbie with Ubuntu I saw something where you could sertup OpenSSH with Mysql and use to allow clients to connect15:40
maxolasersquadreya276: sudo apt-get install ssh15:46
maxolasersquadThen any user on that machine can connect remotely.  ssh user@host15:46
reya276oh yeah I got OpenSSH install already, but I need to know how to add multiple users kind a like a an SFTP15:46
reya276without having to create system accounts15:47
maxolasersquadThe same way you add any other user to your ubuntu machine15:47
maxolasersquadYou could create a guest account, and then ask for ssh keys.15:47
reya276right but then that would create multiple accounts on the server15:47
maxolasersquadBut that would bypass any sort of seperation of users.15:47
reya276I know there is a way to do it with mySQL15:47
maxolasersquadAssuming that seperation of users is desirable.15:47
maxolasersquadssh, at its core, allows users of a Unix machine to connect remotely.  I don't think there's any way for someone to connect to a machine over ssh without a user account.  Then again, ssh is pretty powerful and I don't even begin to know all of its uses.15:48
reya276what I have also is that while a user is logged on to the server they can see other users home dir15:49
reya276and see their files and folders15:49
reya276oh wait can I create a group called external users and then make them part of that group then can I allow them to only see their files/folders15:50
mhall119reya276: ssh requires a shell program, but I seem to recall that there is a special one that can be used to only allow SFTP, without being able to browse other people's stuff15:54
mhall119reya276: check out http://www.pizzashack.org/rssh/ it might do what you want15:55
reya276yeah is called mySecureShell but the connection on that is way slow15:55
reya276oh this is something new, thanks15:56
reya276ok is there a way to create users so that they can only see their user files/folders but no other users?16:00
maxolasersquadI believe that SFTP is its own protocol that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with FTP or SSH.  IIRC, SFTP is a means of transfering files over a secure connection, but it is not FTP over SSH.16:00
maxolasersquadThough, I could be wrong.16:00
mhall119reya276: yeah, chroot jails, it mentions them in the FAQ of that program16:00
mhall119maxolasersquad: SFTP is tied to SSH, but different from FTP16:01
maxolasersquadmhall119: Thanks.16:01
mhall119you are corrent that it is not FTP over SSH, it is a different protocol, but it does run over SSH16:01
mhall119FTPS (confusingly enough) _is_ the FTP protocol over SSL16:01
reya276yeah but that app says there are pontential security risk and I'm not that good at configuring things16:01
reya276the default ssh setup right now is secure tight and all I really need to is to not let users see each others files/folders16:02
reya276ssh conn is fine for them to use as they will be using WinSCP to connect or any other SSH client they can configure16:03
reya276we have a similar setup but is tied to our Ubuntu email server and that server is slow as hell due to it being so old16:04
reya276it's a Dell 265016:04
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reya276Ah I figured it out, if you set the permissions to sudo chmod -R 700 /home/<userdir> it will only allow that particular user to see his files and folders no one else will be able to see them.17:39
reya276and then on the SSH Server for maximum security you set the Allow Root login to NO and then create a group for the users whom will be connecting, make them part of that group and then on the...17:41
reya276SSH server you "Allow all Users from X group" to connect as well as "Allow individual X user" to connect and there yah got a nice and tight SSH with no slowdown17:42
reya276as long as those SSH keys hold one should be OK17:42
reya276Also it is best to have a Hardware Firewall not a software one, or if you can have both would be even better17:43
maxolasersquadreya276: IMHO software firewalls are just for outbound protection.  Inbound should be done with a hardware solution.17:48
maxolasersquadAnd a NAT solution will take care of most of your inbound needs.17:49
reya276which is why I suggested both17:49
reya276but Hardware one is just fine too17:50
reya276as long as it is a good one'17:50
maxolasersquadI only roll with a hardware firewall.  I'm not too concerned with outbound security.17:51
maxolasersquadWhich is just a personal preference.17:51
reya276And make sure you let that bad boy do the One-To-One NAT conns and straight17:51
reya276oh hey this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLDLAXRetWU&feature=player_embedded is pretty cool I had no Idea you could make AWN your default Panel for GNome, I guess you could do the same with Docky17:54
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Epidemici'm a doctor not a physicist20:01
xfGoldenAny fellow Palm Beach area Penguins?20:38
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Epidemici'm in martin county20:41
Epidemicdoes that count?20:41
xfGoldenThink I was just up that way a couple days ago working at the fpl plant20:49
xfGoldenIt's a little north but I guess I could say it semi counts20:51
xfGoldenanyone in here active in the pbclug?20:53
EpidemicI was just at improv last night to see Gabriel Iglesias20:53
xfGoldenThats one funny Mexican :p20:54
Epidemicit was an awesome show20:55
xfGoldenI bet20:55
xfGoldenWas working on a friends wifi .. last night .. ~500ft between the house and guest house .. 20:56
xfGoldensetup my cantennas to prove to him that it's really not that long of a distance for the right setup20:56
xfGoldenthen we proceeded to mount and aim a pair of unused satellite dishes at each other .. that was impressive .. overkill a little but cool to do20:58
cjohnstonitnet7: ping21:41

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