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fisch246if anyone has questions or comment about the metro natty release party, i'm all ears17:37
ColinHarringtonfisch246: what? when? who? how? where?18:01
fisch246Natty Release Party for the Metro area18:02
fisch246around Minnetonka area18:02
fisch24630th of April18:02
fisch246anyone can attend, i'm hosting it... there will be door prized18:03
fisch246the place might change to my place...18:03
fisch246so we can have wifi to watch a comp go from 10.10 to 11.0418:03
fisch246unless people just want to sit down, talk, and eat...18:04
fisch246we can meet at a restaurant...18:04
fisch246which is currently the place that's decided18:04
fisch246any questions?18:04
fisch246if you wish to come, PM me your name, and email18:05
fisch246and don't worry, i'll be the only one who will see your email18:05
fisch246ColinHarrington: anything you wanted to know specifically?18:21
ColinHarringtonI just didn't really know much about it in the first place18:25
fisch246ah ok18:30
fisch246where about in MN do you come from?18:31
ColinHarringtonfisch246: I'm in the twin cities18:45
fisch246ColinHarrington: would you like to come to the release party?18:46
ColinHarringtonI may, but thats a little far out to plan18:46
fisch246well i'd like to get RSVP's by the end of march...18:47
fisch246and then get confirmation by the middle of april...18:48

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