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al12gamerI got Ubuntu running on my cr-48 :)00:45
al12gameranyone else here get one?00:46
al12gamerHowever I used the easy scripted method.......http://chromeos-cr48.blogspot.com/2010/12/easy-way-to-install-ubuntu-on-your-cr.html00:46
al12gamerI hate that we're forced to use Windows Vista in our highschool. I'm on my vista machine right now. I'd rather be on my Ubuntu 10.10 cr-48 or my Fedora 14 desktop00:47
al12gamerWhy can't schools just go open source? Our Java teacher agrees with me and asks them every year to switch to Linux. We'd save $1000 the first year, if not more.00:47
al12gamerAnyway, feel free to check out my blog http://technation.tumblr.com sometime, perhaps that'd be an easy way to communicate. I'll be on here later or another day in the future00:50
lostConnectionif I downloaded a .tar.gz file do I just have to type something like "sudo install" to install it? Sorry still getting used to terminal commands03:40
Cheri703uhm....I can never remember03:41
canthus13lostConnection: You usually have to extract it into a folder first.03:42
canthus13then you read the README.03:42
canthus13then follow the directions in the README.03:42
lostConnectionhahaha lol it doesn't have a README is some software that my professor has created in his research03:43
canthus13I'd ask him, then.  Is there a makefile?03:46
canthus13...or a .bin or .run?03:46
lostConnectionoh wow I guess there was already an executable in the compressed folder.03:49
lostConnectionI don't know exactly what I'm looking at but I'm getting somewhere now.03:49
canthus13extract the file, chmod +x <filename>, then ./<filename from the folder it's in.03:51
canthus13that should execute it.03:51
lostConnectionhmm.. well I guess I never really knew exactly what this is supposed to do. When I ran it with ./ it just left me with a blankscreen so I can only assume that it is running.03:54
lostConnectionI guess it is some kind of mark up language. Really all of this is over my head at this point. I'm just trying to toy around with it. It's called src2srcml he has it distributed online.03:57
canthus13lostConnection: http://www.sdml.info/projects/srcml/beta/src2srcml.html04:31
canthus13lostConnection: that's the manpage.04:32
lostConnectionwell damn I didn't even find this in the little bit of scanning I did on his site. This is definitely better than all of the stuff that I found on the site.04:37
thafreakwhoa....who was asking about srcml???16:57
thafreakI'm pretty sure that was developed here at kent...16:57
thafreakHey ReLoco leads...17:00
thafreakI've got a few older machines...and I'd like to get them into the hands of some kids who want to tinker, but have no spare hardware17:01
thafreakDo any of you know of such up and coming linux users in your loco?17:01
canthus13thafreak: Only my kids, and I'm up to my ears in spare hardware.17:11
canthus13I'll keep an eye out, though.17:11
thafreakwell, yeah I knew you were in the same boat as me, or very similar... :)17:12
thafreakI'm probably going to get my basement down to two embedded boards, two vm servers, and that might be it (besides switches)17:13
canthus13I've only got 3 machines running in my basement, and one is my kid's sauerbraten server.17:13
thafreakdecided to not have a dedicated storage system, but throw disks in the new vm host, and have a virtual file server...not like performance is uber crucial in my basement :_17:13
canthus13Heh. I've got my file server, my web/mail/shell server, and that sauerbraten server (which I also use to burn CDs because the burner on my laptop has decided it doesn't like to burn.)17:14
thafreakI still have other machines, but those are elsewhere in the house, and turned off most of the time (hopefully)17:15
canthus13I'm thinking about upping the memory and tossing a qaud-core into it and making it do dual duty as a freenx server as well.17:15
thafreakquad core, make it a vm host man17:16
canthus13Oh. Heh. My oldest has a laptop, my youngest has a desktop, my wife has a laptop.17:16
canthus13If I find a need for a VM host.17:16
thafreakMy old one is only a dual core athlon, with 4gb of ram, and it does virtual desktops plus everything else fine17:16
thafreakwell, nxserver from nomahchine did eat a lot of CPU...and memory...17:17
canthus13right now my laptop is serving up FreeNX so I can use it from work... I'd like to shift that duty over to another machine.17:17
thafreaknever used freenx much...17:17
canthus13Really? Mine uses practically nothing.17:17
canthus13Even with two users logged in, the only CPU hog is plugin-container.17:18
thafreakI even separated it out at one point, had a machine run just the nx server from no machine, and ran the desktop on a separate vm17:18
thafreakinteresting, so you use freenx from ppa, or compiled from source?17:18
canthus13thafreak: Umm... ppa.18:44
canthus13...I think.18:49
canthus13thafreak: I used this guide.18:49
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Unit1933 instances of VLC, 2 sound cards and 2 sets of earbuds...20:30
canthus13Unit193: how many ears do you have?21:04
* Cheri703 just reassembled client's zune and is praying it works22:42
Cheri703hey canthus1322:43
Unit193canthus13: 2 people22:44
canthus132 people?22:44
canthus13Cheri703: Hey.. freaking server dropped offline. :(22:44
Cheri703no good22:44
Cheri703at least you know where it is ;)22:44
Unit193canthus13: not 4 ears....22:44
canthus13Oh. Ok.22:45
canthus13Cheri703: True.22:45
canthus13I'm hoping a cable came loose... I was doing some rearranging down there yesterday.22:45
Cheri703I just put my client's zune back together...had to solder on new battery, hoping I didn't kill anything -_- it's charging now22:47
* Cheri703 is always nervous when soldering on boards...I think I bumped the chip with the soldering iron...not extensively, just....frightened22:49
Cheri703it is working!23:40
Cheri703it didn't at first, but now it is :)23:40

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