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ChinnoDoglong time ago01:51
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PennBot`Somebody said CoC is < lamalex_2> no the CoC sucks, I get shafted by it all the time. I owe so much money to pleia2 because of the CoC, she always slaps me with it :(. Stupid CoC or http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct, ChinnoDog01:54
ChinnoDoghi jboyette03:14
jboyetteHello ChinnoDog03:14
waltmanThere's a show on the Travel Channel right now called "Bacon Paradise"03:40
andrewwaltman: tell SamuraiAlba03:41
waltmanTurns out there's a place in Arlington, VA called "3" where everything on the menu contains bacon.03:41
waltmanI need to visit this place.03:42
waltmanone dish they showed is a pork chop, stuffed with bacon and corn bread, and wrapped in bacon.03:43
andrewhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPnehDhGa14 <- someone needs to make a video like this for ubuntu04:20
PennBot`Title: YouTube - Chain of Fools : Upgrading through every version of windows (HQ) (at www.youtube.com)04:20
andrewOr, if you feel more ambicious, Linux in general04:20
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!15:36
waltmanSamuraiAlba: There was a show on the Travel Channel last night called "Bacon Paradise"!15:52
andrew22:40:11 < waltman> There's a show on the Travel Channel right now called "Bacon Paradise"15:54
andrew22:41:42 < andrew> waltman: tell SamuraiAlba15:54
andrew22:41:53 < waltman> Turns out there's a place in Arlington, VA called "3" where everything on the menu contains bacon.15:54
andrew22:42:04 < waltman> I need to visit this place.15:55
andrew22:43:15 < waltman> one dish they showed is a pork chop, stuffed with bacon and corn bread, and wrapped in bacon.15:55
andrew[OT] (aka, on topic): Is there a way to prevent Ubuntu from automounting when a digital camera is plugged in?15:56
SamuraiAlbaUbuntu is a bit Randy in that way15:57
jedijfandrew yes16:01
andrewDarn, why did I phrase that as a yes/no question. Mind pointing a path to take?16:01
jedijf polkit-gnome-authorization16:05
jedijfstorage--then removable, then change as required16:06
jedijfor gconf-editor -> apps->nautilus->prefs->media automount ...i thought there was a system (pref or admin)way too, but they keep changing menu item names16:09
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ChinnoDoglol. "What is the difference between a cheeseburger hoagey and a hoageyburger?" A: "hoageyburger has bacon".  But, it is $1.10 more!17:17
jedijfmmm...cheeseburger hoagie17:18
ChinnoDogFor that price it better be wrapped in bacon.17:18
ChinnoDogjedijf: I know you need one now.17:18
jedijfChinnoDog: where is this from?17:19
jedijfi have a special spot for my cheeseburger hoagie in atlantic city,nj17:20
ChinnoDogjedijf: Around the corner from work there is a little sandwich shop17:22
jedijfandrew: i'll check one of my morerecent install when i get home, i think there is a gui way....removable devices or something17:22
jedijfChinnoDog: cheeseburger hoagies when done right, are very nommy17:22
ChinnoDogI wish I were lamalex. Then I could post whatever I want on twitter without fear of offending anyone.17:22
andrewjedijf: I know I can do it via gui, but I'm trying to add it to a script (well, if I can have the script check if mounted & unmount prior to doing what else it will be doing)17:34
ChinnoDogI need an e-mail to snail mail gateway17:43
ChinnoDogAny recommendations from anyone?17:43
JonathanDI'll do it for $1 per byte.17:43
ChinnoDogIf I send it in 7-bit ASCII do I get a 12.5% discount?17:46
JonathanDSeems reasonable.17:46
JonathanDI'll even give you a bulk discount on anything over 1000 bytes per month.17:46
JonathanDand a free toaster17:47
ChinnoDogI'm going to send you 1MB of new page characters and see if you go bankrupt beflore you can fill my order17:48
andrewI still think he'd make out17:48
JonathanDat $1 a page?17:49
ChinnoDogFirst he would have to buy all the paper though17:50
andrew~5 pages per first class stamped envelope17:50
andrewcase of paper is like $47 http://www.staples.com/Staples-Copy-Paper/product_SS122457?cmArea=SC1:CG10:DP1424:CL14069117:51
PennBot`Title: StaplesĀ® Copy Paper | StaplesĀ® (at www.staples.com)17:51
andrewThat's 5,000 pages17:51
andrewor about $0.0094/page17:52
andrew5 pages, plus stamp would equal under 50 cents17:52
ChinnoDogSo I am paying $917,504 for 1,048,576 sheets of paper and 209,716 stamped envelopes?17:52
andrewfortentually, he's got zero printing costs for that order17:54
andrewas even addressing those letters would cost you a ton extra17:54
ChinnoDogThe envelopes still have to be addressed17:55
andrewexactly, but thats still at the rate of $1/byte17:55
andrewwe aren't factoring in your bulk discount17:56
ChinnoDogI could provide the messages in a .zip file17:56
andrewand the free toasters17:57
ChinnoDoghaha. 1,1048,576 separate orders?17:57
ChinnoDogThat could be a lot of free toasters17:57
JonathanDthe free toaster is per 1000 bytes.17:57
JonathanDJust to clarify.17:58
ChinnoDog.zip file is still the way to go17:58
andrewcan't you do better than zip?17:58
ChinnoDogIt is all the same character. What compressed file format has the smallest header?17:59
andrewgranted, with it being all the same repeated character, I'm sure many compression formats will do wonders17:59
JonathanDChinnoDog: I will require you put the funds in escrow.17:59
JonathanDandrew: he has to include the destinations as well.17:59
ChinnoDogThe addresses count against my bytes?17:59
andrewChinnoDog: He didn't say otherwise18:00
JonathanDonce the funds are in escrow I'll apply for a loan against them and proceed with mailing your blank pages of paper :)18:01
andrewSpeaking of nearly free things, after hearing a conversation this morning (well, not "hearing", it was via IRC) I'm scared to attend my former college's BYOC (aka, LAN Party) this year18:01
andrewhave a few numbers: max event attendance: 25018:02
andrewBawls sponsorship18:02
andrewFree* pallet of Bawls18:02
andrewYes, pallet18:03
andrewI'm told a pallet of Bawls is 900 bottles18:03
andrew* Free, except cost of shipping, which ammounts to ~$20018:03
JonathanDWhen is this?18:04
andrewApril 218:05
PennBot`Title: PCT ACM's BYOC Site :: Home (at acm.pct.edu)18:05
andrewPennBot`: nick PennBot18:06
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ChinnoDogSounds like a party18:09
ChinnoDogThat is 23c a can for bawls. Not bad.18:16
ChinnoDogWhat is MSRP?18:16
ChinnoDogCould buy one pallet for $200, sell them at 50c ea. When half are gone you have $200. Spend $100 on pizza, If 1/2 of the rest are gone by the end of the night you have recouped your cost with bawls to spare.18:16
rhpot1991bawls seems to be some random energy drink18:18
ChinnoDog@seen stump18:25
PennBot`ChinnoDog: I have not seen stump.18:25
ChinnoDogPennBot`: bawls?18:26
PennBot`I have no idea, ChinnoDog.18:26
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