cyberangerwrst: seems a bit redundant with ssh, but yeah01:50
cyberangerI'm not using xorg right now, why bother with a netbook, when all I want is to look something up and chat01:51
cyberangerI might be the few, but I wouldn't say rare01:51
chris4585I noticed midori surfs the internet faster than chrome does when I'm under FAP03:01
chris4585hrm.. interesting03:01
cyberangerchris4585: not heard of midori, but there's some reasons I can understand that04:00
cyberangerhow often do you get under fap?04:01
chris4585cyberanger, :O04:01
chris4585cyberanger, well, depends, my brother just moved in and hes just now getting how it works..04:01
chris4585but at least 4 times the past month (due to him moving in)04:01
chris4585we get a free token to reset it, but otherwise its $10 to reset it to normal again04:02
chris4585or just wait out the 24hour slowness04:02
chris4585before he moved in it was rare, once a month? or twice04:02
chris4585I try my very best to prevent it though04:05
chris4585for example... lets say for the daily bandwidth we only have 10mbs left, and there is an hour or so.. I will inplug the router to prevent us going over the bandwidth04:06
chris4585which is better because, 1hr with no internet is way better than 24hours of slow ass internet04:06
cyberangerwell, I understand, between my end as a hughesnet middleman (somewhere between corprate and consumer, working with a contractor, lose lose in ways, but I'd do it again)04:08
chris4585I sometimes look at the rate the internet vanishes to make the decision, just depends lol04:08
cyberangerand my exp. with celluar04:08
cyberangerwhich I'm doing again, sorta like a FAP too, 5gb a month, or I'm throttled, and I can reset it for another $4004:09
cyberangerwhich is not too bad, it lasts most of the month if I'm careful, and it's just like paying the bill early really04:10
cyberangerbut I've deployed all my old tricks and then some, just to further keep it down04:11
chris4585yeah, I tell you though they don't know how much I appreciate the free token04:11
cyberangerone a month, right?04:11
chris4585yes, we don't get to choose when and it doesn't add up, I think it appears around the 15th or so04:12
chris4585right now I'm really curious as to why midori seems to run faster than chromium04:13
chris4585sometimes I take advantage of the fact if I know we have the free token, in a day thats about 900mbs worth of bandwidth04:14
cyberangersounds right, on the token04:14
cyberangerif midori has a cache, uses it better, and is careful on any background networking tasks04:16
chris4585ah, well I certainly wish chrome would do the same04:17
cyberangerchris4585: midori doesn't say much , just guesses04:25
cyberangerlogical possibilities04:25
cyberangersome of which I've got in between squid proxy and mozilla firefox (and an addon here and there) for the same effects04:26
cyberangerthere were tricks in browsers and such, that people kinda removed, forgot about and such, useful in the dial up era, some are starting to crop back up for celluar connections04:30
cyberangerbut not alot, and they'd excell for satellite too04:30
chris4585cyberanger, ah well thats interesting, so far its guessing pretty spot on04:32
chris4585on this one website at least, for some very odd reason it loaded facebook mobile I believe instead of standard facebook04:33
chris4585that was fine I guess, just not used to seeing that..04:33
chris4585I got what I needed and faster than chrome would have done for now04:33
cyberangerI've done alot of digging around, to find these tricks, loading a mobile site is one04:34
cyberangerusually that's a browser's user agent trick04:34
cyberangerand it's probally an obscure one04:34
cyberangerwhich would explain that04:34
chris4585well it worked04:36
chris4585at first though I thought I typed facebook.com wrong and thought it was a insecure trick or something04:37
chris4585lookalike website I mean04:37
chris4585I give it midori credit though while using these tricks and such it renders scripts rather nicely or on par with chromium04:40
cyberangeridk if that's it's intent04:44
cyberangerI mean, I don't see much contrasting it to chrome04:45
cyberangerit's nice reguardless04:53
cyberangerbut idk if it's intentional04:53
cyberangerOH YES06:49
cyberangerman, my hometown hockey team is going to the playoffs again, means I might still be able to catch a game afterall06:50
XpistosGuess who just got a big boy phone13:57
wrstXpistos: what did you get?14:48
XpistosMyTouch 4G from T-Mobile14:48
Xpistoswife got a Optimus-T and son got Samsung t669?14:48
wrstwow you guys stepped up into it didn't you... 4G!!14:49
XpistosWell I did14:49
XpistosI think hers is 3g?14:49
XpistosMy wife said this is what I really want and this way she will stop hearing me bitch all the time. Her words not mine.14:50
wrstha ha15:16
wrstwell congrats i love my phone15:16
Xpistosthank you15:25
Xpistosnow how do I tell if I am getting 4g or not?15:26
Xpistoscause my connection icon says E above it15:26
=== Xpistos1 is now known as Xpistos
wrsti have no clue Xpistos i'm on verizon, and it says 3G when i'm on 3G :)15:46
wrsthey i think cyberanger is on T-Mobile15:52
Xpistos1What is the difference between XAMPP and WAMPP18:09
wrstXpistos1:  all these hard questions today!18:10
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chris4585wrst, http://www.webupd8.org/2011/03/unity-to-get-overlay-scrollbars.html18:38
chris4585interesting news, I like it18:38
wrstchris4585: i tried gnome shell i must say i like unity much better18:40
wrstthat is very interesting, i think i like that18:41
wrstmakes a lot of sense18:41
chris4585wrst, I'm waiting until they're both in the final stages18:41
chris4585wrst, I agree completely I can't wait to see it in action18:41
chris4585Ubuntu seems to be making a whole lot more progress this release18:41
wrstyeah that looks very cool and freeing up screen realestate, but i worry about dual monitor applications with unity18:43
chris4585wrst, hrm yeah, I haven't really seen anything addressing dual monitors, that will be interesting18:45
wrstyeah i'm not for sure how i will like that18:48
cyberangerXpistos: EDGE, not 4G20:23
cyberangerwho's your carrier, and phone20:24
XpistosT-mobile and MyTouch 4G20:24
cyberangeroh, mytouch, right (not the one I'd grab personally)20:24
Xpistosit isn't bad20:25
Xpistosand it is my first smart phone so I wouldn't know any better20:25
wrstXpistos: i got a starter phone also i couldn't handle all the power at once i don't beleieve, like cyberanger can handle the power :)20:26
Xpistosthere is a lot to lean20:26
Xpistosand learn20:27
Xpistosdamnable sausage like appendages of mine.20:27
cyberangeryeah, I did my homework20:27
Xpistosat least I will be ready when I get my gtablet or xoom20:28
Xpistoscourse it is more difficult to make calls on one of those20:28
wrsttook me forever to get used to actually making a call :)20:28
cyberangermenu > settings > about phone > mobile network type20:29
cyberangerXpistos: ^^20:29
cyberangerwhat do you see there20:30
XpistosSon's of bitches it says Edge20:30
cyberangerwrst: you might want to also try that, lemme know20:31
cyberangerXpistos: are you in nashville, or south20:31
Xpistos38401 - Columbia20:31
Xpistosso if there was 4g then it would say 4g?20:31
Xpistosor 3G20:31
wrsti don't have that option cyberanger20:32
cyberangerneither, Evolved HSPA or HSPA+ (not sure which) is 4G20:32
wrstmy phone tells me when i'm on 3G or not in the info bar20:32
cyberangerwrst: I was sorta thinking that, and it might not have any LTE hardware anyhow20:32
Xpistosright now mine says E20:33
Xpistosfor edge20:33
wrstno it doesn't 4G will not happen on this phone20:33
wrstby the time it is available around here i will try to update phones20:33
wrstbut i'm already about as fast as my connection at home20:33
wrstactually a little faster20:34
cyberangerXpistos: HSPA is 3G, it might also say UTMS20:34
XpistosI guess I need to see what happens in nashville on sunday20:35
cyberangerand considering your not even near Nashville, double my distance to chattanooga20:35
cyberangerI'm not suprised20:36
cyberangerthat your 3G20:36
Xpistosit doesn't say either of those just E20:37
cyberangerwell, actually, not even 3G (but I wouldn't call it 2.5G20:37
Xpistosand Edge20:37
cyberangerthe E is EDGE20:37
pace_t_zulunatty alpha 3 is available20:38
wrstpace_t_zulu: its looking up20:38
pace_t_zuluwrst: yea, it's come a long way20:38
wrsti may download and reinstall20:38
pace_t_zuluwrst: i like the new touches on the installer20:38
pace_t_zululooking more polished every day20:38
wrstpace_t_zulu: right now its got gnome shell beat in my book but can't say i'm jumping for joy with either really20:38
cyberangerXpistos: that menu, those terms, that'll clearly tell you20:39
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: already downloaded :-D20:40
pace_t_zulucyberanger: me too20:40
cyberangerand ready with jigdo for the beta and final20:40
pace_t_zuludesktop and server... i386 and amd6420:40
wrstI am downloading now20:40
XpistosMobile Network Type = Edge20:40
cyberangerit's considered 2.5G20:40
cyberangerbut it's better than the other 2.5G methods20:41
cyberangerthe marketing term that would not be 3G. UTMS or HSPA, or 4G HSPA+20:41
cyberangerhow's everyone?21:59
XpistosWhy must every damn discussion in this office go to guns. I swear they do it to piss me off.22:00
cyberangerxpistos, just don't turn it into show and yell22:03
Xpistosmy opinion of guns is they are for guys with lesser masculinity22:03
cyberangernot sure how that can piss someone off, well, maybe the gun control isle22:03
XpistosIn any room in any normal house. I will put my knife against their gun any day.22:04
cyberangerah, and i can see that22:04
cyberangerconcealed carry though, isn't just for men22:04
cyberangerbut women too22:05
cyberangerand for one person, has possibly saved her life22:05
cyberangerthere's a reason i say last resort22:06
vychunewhat did i walk into?22:15

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