superflymorning kbmonkey05:21
kbmonkeymorning superfly!05:21
kbmonkeyhow are you today? well i hope!05:33
superflyyeah, alright thanks05:33
superflyhearing from one of our analysts about the stupid things that the business wants05:34
kbmonkeyah, analysts. hmmm. yes i must go work now, have a good one mate :)05:35
inetprogood morning07:48
fwolffhallo inetpro08:09
inetprofwolff: heh, lanklaas vir jou gesien hier08:36
Symmetriaheh Wits university is now the biggest bandwidth user on our network08:55
Symmetriaand holy shit do they know how to use bandwidth08:55
SymmetriaBTW a notice: at some point between now and monday, the mirror server will be down for potentially as long as 8 hours for the installation of the new system08:55
Symmetriaour new fancy box is going in08:55
Symmetriaand the entire mirror server cluster is being relocated to Wits 08:55
inetproSymmetria: thanks for the heads up, let us know how it goes09:06
tumbleweedSymmetria: poking you again about a security.debian.o box10:20
froztbytewhen the new mirror's up I'll take a poke at it, tumbleweed10:49
tumbleweedfroztbyte: we need donated hardware for that11:00
froztbyteoh, it needs to run on another server?11:01
tumbleweedfroztbyte: it needs to be a box that the DSAs control (they need to stage security updates secretly)11:24
tumbleweedotoh, it doesn't need much bandwidth11:25
Symmetriatumbleweed, we are going to work on that once the new mirror server is up and running11:32
Symmetriawhich will also free up some hardware11:32
Symmetriaalternatively, we can do this as a virtual machine in Cape Town on our large Vmware cluster 11:32
nuvolarihi, does anyone know of an ncurses-capable speadsheet editor?12:30
linuxboynuvolari: google spreadspeet in w3m?12:56
inetprolinuxboy: wow, does it work?13:30
* inetpro answers his self13:34
inetproThe page you requested is invalid13:34
inetproafter login13:34
inetproand in elinks it says: Sorry, but this browser does not support web word-processing.13:38
tumbleweedSymmetria: aah, that sounds great13:41
queerydoes anyone know how to import vCards to gmail?14:33
Kilosevening all. hope you all ahd a good day16:14
KilosMaaz, coffee on16:14
* Maaz puts the kettle on16:14
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!16:18
KilosMaaz, thanks16:19
MaazKilos: Sure16:19
=== inetpro_ is now known as inetpro
inetprogood evening18:10
* nlsthzn waves18:10
* kodez waves at inetpro18:10
Kiloshi nlsthzn  kodez inetpro 18:23
nlsthznHi uncle Kilos :)18:23
kodezguys, when are we going to see more ubuntu activities in South Africa?18:25
kodezlike ubuntu hour, developers week, something of that nature18:26
superflykodez: that stuff happens fairly often already, and if it doesn't happen in your area, then do one yourself18:49
superflythat's how this whole thing works18:49
kodez@superfly. where does is happen? the problem is that i don't have the neccessary technical skills and i'm looking forward to participate in this gathering in order to learn. i'm still new in linux world18:51
superflykodez: a lot of stuff is not about technical stuff18:52
superflyubuntu hour is just a bunch of folk gathering together for an hour somewhere public (i.e. not at home) and chatting about ubuntu and free software18:53
superflylots of non-technical people go to install fests and release parties18:53
superflyit happens where you are18:53
superflythere's no leadership organising things, you organise it yourself18:54
kodezi'm based in the capital city of south africa and it's quite here and only active during the freedom day18:55
superflykodez: capital? cape town or pretoria?18:56
nlsthznwe had the first installfast (or something similar) in the UAE  yesterday... I am still pooped :)18:56
kodezpretoria, cape town is for parliament18:57
Symmetriawe have a financial capital and an administrative capital, well sort of18:57
Symmetriabut wow, right now Im seeing double cause of sleeping pills kicking in so I cant think straight18:58
superflygood night Symmetria, go to bed :-P18:58
superflykodez: there was an ubuntu hour up there when maiatoday was up there a few months ago, I'm sure if you just announce one on the mailing list, you'll get some replies18:59
superflythere was even a Durban Ubuntu Hour18:59
Symmetrialol, its fun fighting the effects of this shit, 20 minutes you can barely walk, 30 minutes everything is fuzzy and you can barely see, 45 minutes you're seeing pink elephants lol19:00
Symmetriaand then you pass out completely19:00
Symmetriaand dont wake up for 12 - 14 hours :P19:00
inetproSymmetria: gaan slaap 19:00
inetprokodez: feel free to tell us about your challenges 19:00
kodezi had seen the announcement of the durban one but not the pretoria one19:00
Symmetriakodez if you're getting into linux, can I offer you one piece of advice?19:01
kodezmy point is that we need to have these type of gathering for those of us who are interested in linux to gain our ground19:01
Symmetrialearn it for what it is, enjoy it, use it, but do not, please, do not, join the religious debate :P19:01
kodez@symmetria, i would love more than one but it's ok to give me the first19:02
Symmetrialet it be an interest, and use it for all its good points, and there are many many of them19:02
superflykodez: absolutely, so what are you going to do about it?19:02
Symmetriabut thats my whole problem with the lug's, and the reason I tend not to go near them, there is 2 much linux religious fantasism and zealotry that goes on :)19:02
inetpro03/03 20:51:16 -*- Symmetria thinks its time to make his way to bed before he ends up with keyboard imprint on face when he passes out19:03
Symmetria(and thats not me saying linux is bad, Im simply saying, keep an open mind to the positives, the negatives, and all the aspects)19:03
kodez@Symmetria, i don't think religion is dangerous, as long as i know the "our father" prayer19:03
Symmetriakodez, heh, operating system and technology religion is bad mmmk :) trust me, I used to be one of the zealots :)19:04
SymmetriaI've come to realize in past years that a balanced approach is more beneficial (particularly in the work market), windows, linux, bsd, solaris, each has its place for specific tasks, use what is best for the task you are attempting to perform19:05
* Symmetria waits for the zealots to start shouting at him to shut up :)19:05
inetproSymmetria: ja ja19:05
Symmetriainetpro I advise everyone to explore, learn and educate themeselvs in every system they can19:06
kodezi'm currently a student in unisa doing a diploma in IT. i'm using gcc for c++, firefox for javascript and would love to learn more about networking, database (i don't know which to choose between mysql and postgresql) and, 19:06
Symmetriaand then pick the systems for the jobs they each perform best 19:06
Symmetriakodez, heh, people in here can teach you a lot about linux, if you want networking, feel free to talk to me19:07
Symmetriajust not while Im under the influence of extremely powerful sleeping pills :P19:07
Symmetrianetworking is the one area where I can probably help you more than most 19:07
Symmetria(and dont ask me about programming or databases, I suck at that)19:08
Symmetria:) see, same thing, get your information from the experts in each arena, and use the tools that are best for each job19:08
* Symmetria rambles19:08
kodez@Symmetria, that's the main problem, getting the experts19:10
Symmetriaheh kodez, lotta linux experts in here19:12
Symmetriaand I'm pretty sure I classify as a networks expert :P19:12
Symmetria(if I dont, then Im not sure who would, considering what I do for a living)19:13
Symmetriathough again, in the networking arena, you need to decide if you want lan based networking or SP based networking19:13
kodez@Symmetria: i have you in terms of network issues but to have structured discussions will make ubuntu-za interesting and allow us to learn19:14
SymmetriaI can help you more in the latter section and in base networking theory19:14
Symmetriayes :) everything has its purpose19:14
kodezi left python 3 because i felt boring and hope to be back as soon as i get energy19:15
Symmetrialol, like I say, now isnt a good time to chat with me though, because Im struggling to read the screen, took my sleeping tablet almost 45 minutes ago and Im suprised Im still able to type never mind that Im still sitting up straight19:15
Symmetria(be warned, Im biased and I will do everything I can convince you that a career in networking is something you want, we need more motivated clued up networking people in this country, more badly than you can imagine, which is why networking salaries are so bizarrely insane)19:16
Symmetriaanyway, Im off to bed :) gnight 19:16
Symmetria(btw, if anyone suffers from insomnia, I highly recommend these things, I do not think that a strongly sleeping tablet exists)19:16
Symmetrialol, its base ingridients are benzodiazepine and cloraphorm :P19:17
kodezgood night @Symmetria19:18
kodez1is there someone good in php?19:22
kodez1and mysql, postgresql?19:23
* superfly has done a bit of PostgreSQL19:26
kodez1@superfly, where can i start to learn about postgresql? and how does it differ from mysql?19:29
superflykodez1: dude, drop the @19:29
superflykodez1: it's a real database19:29
superflyand you can start here: http://www.postgresql.org/19:30
superflykodez1: also, Python is a real programming language, don't bother with PHP, it's messed up19:30
kodez1can python be a server script like php?19:33
kodez1superfly, is there an irc for postgresql/19:59
superflykodez1: do you know the site www.careerjunction.co.za ?19:59
superflyand yes, there most probably is a PostgreSQL IRC channel20:00
kodez1i din't knew about it but had just opened it now, i will go through it. what's more important that i must look for?20:04
superflykodez1: careerjunction is built in Python20:12
kodez1superfly, i had managed to preview the source code, i had not seen something about python, where can i look for that? or how is python used in this website?20:20
superflykodez1: the site runs on python, not PHP20:21
superflykodez1: look at the server signature20:21
superfly2.3 IIRC20:21
kodez1where or how do i look for server signature?20:23
superflyin the response headers20:24
superflykodez1: the reason I know it was coded in Python is because I developed half of it20:25
* superfly => bed20:28
Kilosnight everyone. sleep well20:38

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