crimsonmaneAlexander you can get jasper from the software center inside your "start menu" thingy00:00
ActionParsnipMarkB: well, different models use different chips in the camera, so it varies. Some will work without any effort, some need a little work00:00
[TK]D-Fendershawnboy: yup00:00
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minimecMarkB: All newer Logitech cams are using the UVC driver and are compatible.00:00
Alexander_After I install Cheese, where will it be?00:00
MarkBMinimec:  Where can I get Drivers then?  I have c310, is that compatible?00:00
shawnboy[TK]D-Fender: have you taken it for a spin?00:00
crimsonmaneAlexander_: Applications > Ubuntu Software Center, search for Jasper, it's called "The JasPer JPEG-2000 runtime library"00:01
minimecMarkB: Newer cams should be plug&play. Otherwise see http://www.quickcamteam.net/00:01
ActionParsnipshawnboy: its fine here, its also default in natty00:02
valadareshey guys,what is the limit of RAM that detects xubuntu?00:02
crimsonmaneim going AFK... private message me for jasper help00:02
Alexander_I found it,00:02
SentynelMy Kubuntu 10.10 system fails to boot on newer kernel versions - 2.6.35-24 works, but -25 and -27 fail - it just hangs on a plain blue screen when Xorg should start. Had a look in Xorg's logs and all I could find that looks relevant is "[    13.197] (WW) Open ACPI failed (/var/run/acpid.socket) (No such file or directory)". Any ideas?00:02
ActionParsnipAlexander_: under the application menu someplace00:02
[TK]D-Fendershawnboy: Minimally on Windows only so far...00:02
MarkBMinimec:  What driver do I need to get for my c310 to work on Emesene?00:02
MarkBBecause, it will not work for some reason; but I go to Preferences and it works there.00:03
ActionParsnipMarkB: run:  lsusb    and use the 8 character hex id to find guides00:03
shawnboy[TK]D-Fender: sorta stable?00:03
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shawnboy[TK]D-Fender: I may give it a whirl. at least a test run.00:03
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[TK]D-Fendershawnboy: From what little I've seen, no issues, and so far no bad press... all gold so far00:03
MarkBAction:  I put  lsusb into run, and nothing happened?00:03
ActionParsnipMarkB: did it not output some text?00:04
MarkBAction:  No sir, it didn't.00:04
valadareswho know what is the limit of RAM that detects Xubuntu?00:04
ActionParsnipvaladares: 32bit or 64bit?00:05
beekari'd say that xubuntu would detact all that your bios would, if you use 6400:05
shawnboy[TK]D-Fender: thanks. for the moment, I'll chalk the envelope thing up to "one of those things". Appreciate your suggestions.00:05
minimecMarkB: So it is tather an Emsnse problem... Install guvcview once and start it. If it works your cam is 100% uvc compatible. It looks like the c310 is an update of the c300 webcam. http://answerpot.com/showthread.php?814602-Support+for+the+Logitech+C310+USB+HD+Webcam00:05
valadaresActionParsnip:i use xubuntu 32 bits00:06
ActionParsnipvaladares: 32bit can use 3.2Gb, 3.2Gb can use 64Gb (but each process can only use 3.2Gb), 64Bit can use 16 exabytes technically00:06
[TK]D-Fendershawnboy: Idea : Feed the envelope and "cheat" the alignment to get the same ends00:06
ActionParsnip3.2Gb == 32bit PAE, sorry00:06
MarkBMinimec:  Thank you, I will look at this.  Do I get guvcview by entering in Terminal?00:06
Trashihi. i did install ubuntu (gnome) maverick. i use the recommend driver for me nvidia 9500. the problem is that all, especially flash, movies are jerking ... what can i do? before installing ubuntu 10.10 i did use kubuntu 10.04 with the same driver, and everything was fine?!00:06
minimecMarkB: sudo apt-get install guvcview00:07
MarkBI know that, just wanted to know if you get from somewhere else.00:07
ActionParsnipTrashi: can you use http://pastie.org to give the output of: lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | grep flash; dpkg -l | grep gnash; dpkg -l | grep swf    thanks00:07
TrashiActionParsnip: one moment00:07
ActionParsnipAlexander_: do you see yourself in cheese?00:08
valadaresActionParsnip: thank you much00:08
TrashiActionParsnip: http://pastie.org/162678100:09
ActionParsnipTrashi: sudo apt-get --purge remove browser-plugin-gnash gnash gnash-common swfdec-mozilla; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree00:10
ActionParsnipTrashi: you have too many plugins, the command will remove the plugins you have and then install the adobe plugin00:11
crimsonmanealexander_ you there?00:11
myradlifeHi everyone!   I have a script listed to execute in my crontab but it does not appear to actually take effect. I know this because running the script manually has an effect on a log file. When I check that log file, it doesn't show an update! This is very easy to understand from my pastebin: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/112021900:11
mycosyshaving an issue with xkb - have edited the rules and srvr_ctrl files to add back the vtsysreq option, but no joy, suspect ubuntu has disabled the xorg behavior of compiling them on start, how do i get it to runxkbcomp automatically?00:11
TrashiActionParsnip: ok i'll try that ... i did use your recommended flash package with kubuntu, but ubuntu suggested these packages .. thank you for your help00:11
MarkBOkay, I installed guvcview it works there.00:11
MarkBBut it still doesn't work in Emesene.00:11
crimsonmanewelcome back Alexander_00:12
Alexander_Hey ActionParsnip, I can see my face.00:12
ActionParsnipTrashi: no worries dude, i don't trrust those automatic things personally, I do what I know works00:12
myradlife*sorry if this is a repost, I just identified with NickServ00:12
myradlifeHi everyone!   I have a script listed to execute in my crontab but it does not appear to actually take effect. I know this because running the script manually has an effect on a log file. When I check that log file, it doesn't show an update! This is very easy to understand from my pastebin: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/112021900:12
Alexander_But I can't make video calls with Pidgin.00:12
MarkBWhat driver do I need to download for my c310 to work in Emesene?00:13
ActionParsnipAlexander_: thats because its not configured00:13
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TrashiActionParsnip: next time i'll take a look for the right package and install immediately via terminal... just to save my time ;)00:13
Alexander_How do I configure it?00:13
ActionParsnipAlexander_: can you use http://pastie.org  and give the output of: lsusb      thanks00:14
mycosysor at lest where the .xkm files are on jaunty00:14
ActionParsnipmycosys: jaunty is no longer supported00:15
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mycosysi am aware of this00:15
mycosysis a simple question tho00:15
ActionParsnipmycosys: then why ask if its not supported?00:15
oalIf I wanted to, could I buy another hdd and just hook it up to my computer for raid, to make things faster? Or how does it work?00:16
mycosysbecause it is a simple question that somebody could well know off the top of their head00:16
crimsonmaneActionParsnip: and Alexander_ please keep me updated with the video calls in pidgin. i also dont know how to configure the cam in pidgin. doesnt seem to be an option. i'm afk dinner and baby.00:17
mycosysis only a few months out of support00:17
ActionParsnipmycosys: doesnt matter, dead is dead00:17
awesomexpressanyone have a problem with drop down menus being crooked and slanted when installing gnome on kubuntu?00:17
minimecMarkB: please use my nick if you are talking to me. I installed emesene and also see my Logitech Webcam sphere in the preferences. Now I cannot tell, if it works for video calls.00:17
slt28800642myradlife are you trying to run every minute? I don't think you need the */1. Have you tried just 1 ?00:18
MarkBMinimec:  I was talking in-general to everyone.  But don't I need drivers to get it working?  Or does friend need Emesene too for it to work, she has Msn for Windows.00:19
awesomexpressanyone have a problem with drop down menus being crooked and slanted when installing gnome on kubuntu?00:19
rami1983hallo! when i try to browse my smartphone via bluetooth, the smartphone asks me for a password. which pass should i type???00:20
Alexander_Can I send you a scrennie?00:20
Motherwhenever I reboot, iwconfig reports the essid as something totally weird, eg. ESSID:"g\xC6isQ\xFFJ\xEC)\xCD\xBA\xAB\xF2\xFB\xE3F|\xC2T\xF8\x1B\xE8\xE7\x8DvZ.c3\x9F\xC9\x9A"00:20
ActionParsnipAlexander_: just copy the text and use pastebin, no need for a full screenie, We only need the text00:21
beekaryeah that looks weird.00:21
minimecMarkB: Your cam is recognized by ubuntu as uvc cam. You can use it with skype, and other software. I don't now if emesene is able to interact 100% with the uvc driver, but you won't find a better driver for your cam in linux. UVC is the best.00:21
Motherthis is what I have in /etc/network/interfaces http://pastebin.com/LHkKTqkc00:22
MarkBSo, my only bet is to get Skype?00:22
MotherI've tried the ESSID with and without quotes00:22
Motherno dice00:22
Alexander_ActionParnship, http://icanhasimage.com/images/meze29zr5303p75jptp.png00:23
minimecMarkB: My Logitech cam is working in the  'emesene preferences', connected to my hotmail account, but I never tried emesene before.00:23
Alexander_Sorry, I couldn't go on pastebin for some reason.00:23
fuzion24I have a 2TB drive Western digital that I cant mount00:23
fuzion24it is formatted as NTFS00:23
fuzion24I can see it in /dev/sda00:23
myradlifeslt28800642, Yes, I'm trying to run every minute not because I must, but it's easier to debug when I'm impatient to wait 30 min intervals00:23
fuzion24and it even shows the correct partitions and how much data is on it00:24
Alexander_Are there any alternate programs to Pidgin?00:25
Alexander_For MSN?00:25
ActionParsnipAlexander_: what protocol do you use?00:25
mycosysfuzion24 - was it properly unmounted on the last system you used it on?00:25
ActionParsnipAlexander_: amsn00:25
ActionParsnipAlexander_: but your camera won't work in amsn either, as you haven't configured it00:26
fuzion24mycosys, possibly, but I don't think so00:27
mycosysyou would need to force it on this system then, not a good idea00:27
Alexander_How do I configure it?00:27
myradlifeslt28800642, I've tried with */30 and I have the same issue00:27
fuzion24is there some issue with ubuntu and ntfs partitions over a certain size00:28
mycosysput it back in the last system u used it in and use 'safely remove hardware' if it was windows00:28
ActionParsnipAlexander_: if you give the output of; lsusb   we can advise00:28
fuzion24It is an internal drive00:28
jribfuzion24: what happens when you attempt to mount it?00:28
myradlifeslt28800642, what do you think is the problem with ipUpdate.pl not correctly executing in crontab?00:28
Alexander_look at this screenie00:28
BillyBobhello, what do i do, i'm brand new?00:29
slt28800642<myradlife> try * * * * * ipUpdate.pl00:29
testtest!ask | BillyBob00:29
ubottuBillyBob: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:29
jribBillyBob: do whatever you want to do!  Enjoy your ubuntu00:29
fuzion24/dev/sda1 on / type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,blksize=4096)00:29
BillyBoball right, anyone know about LTSP?00:29
ActionParsnipAlexander_: ok its a suyin chip and it's ID is 064e:c116     if you'd use a pastebin like I SAID, you can copy and paste it much easier00:29
fuzion24sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/Green00:30
fuzion24Mount is denied because the NTFS volume is already exclusively opened.00:30
fuzion24The volume may be already mounted, or another software may use it which00:30
fuzion24could be identified for example by the help of the 'fuser' command.00:30
FloodBot1fuzion24: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:30
ActionParsnipAlexander_: so now you can use that ID and find guides00:30
fuzion24it says its mounted to /00:30
exutuxmyradlife: put * * * * * with full /path/script in crontab00:30
fuzion24but so is sdb100:30
myradlifeexutux, I'll try the full path00:31
slt28800642myradlife, if that works, try  30 * * * * ipUpdate.pl , doh yea, and full path.00:31
fuzion24jrib,  any ideas?00:31
mycosysfuzion24 - try ls /dev/disk/by-path00:31
fuzion24mycosys,  what do you mean /by-path?00:31
kb8wmclooking for current HOWTO for installing Linksys WMP54G wireless card in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid, have searched and can find nothing current...00:31
mycosysshows all drives and their mount points00:31
fuzion24oh thats an actual directory00:31
fuzion24what should I do with that00:31
fuzion24or what is that00:32
Motherany ideas on why iwconfig is reporting that weird SSID?00:32
Alexander_What ID?00:32
mycosys'ls /dev/disk/by-path' - run it fuzion2400:32
jribfuzion24: well... is it already mounted?00:33
fuzion24it says it is00:33
ActionParsnipAlexander_: identifier, its a common work,like a fake ID, or "Can I see your ID please"00:33
fuzion24but it says sdb1 is mounted to the same point00:33
ActionParsnipAlexander_: the ID is:    064e:c11600:33
Alexander_so what do I do with that code?00:33
myradlifeexutux, slt28800642 , I made that change and I'll see if it takes effect consistently over time. Thank you00:34
ActionParsnipAlexander_: use it to find guides00:34
jribfuzion24: so unmount it and mount it where you want00:34
Alexander_SO do I google it?00:34
fuzion24it wont let me unmount00:34
ActionParsnipfuzion24: is your pwd in the mount point00:35
trentgHow do I set kernel options with the new live cds?00:35
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fuzion24umount: /: device is busy.00:35
ActionParsnipfuzion24: well yeah, you need that, thats your OS00:35
fuzion24there are two drives both mounted to /00:36
fuzion24/dev/sdb1 on / type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-ro,commit=0)00:36
ActionParsnipfuzion24: you can't mount drives, you mount partitions00:36
fuzion24/dev/sda1 on / type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,blksize=4096)00:36
fuzion24thats what i meant00:36
fuzion24partition sda1 and sdb1 are both mounted to /00:36
fuzion24according to mount00:37
jribfuzion24: how did sda1 get mounted to /?00:37
fuzion24no idea00:37
ActionParsnipfuzion24: do you use raid?00:37
jribfuzion24: is this a standard install? or wubi?00:37
jribfuzion24: when you first boot, is sda1 mounted to /+00:37
fuzion24want me to reboot and find out?00:37
jribfuzion24: sure, why not00:37
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crimsonmanehola. como estas?00:38
alejandroayuda con xubuntu00:38
ActionParsnip!es | crimsonmane00:38
ubottucrimsonmane: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:38
alejandrono tengo sonido00:38
crimsonmane@ubottu - estudie espaniol para dos anos en mi escuela, y duermo en la clase. y no se nada mas. porque soy un gringo pendejo.00:39
elfranneif i place a log file in /var/log does it get removed after some time if it is not written in it anymore ?00:39
Alexander_<crimsonmane> @ubottu - estudie espaniol para dos anos en mi escuela, y duermo en la clase. y no se nada mas. porque soy un gringo pendejo.00:42
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:44
cyfuhey chrookit gave me this warning The following suspicious files and directories were found:00:49
cyfu/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/.path /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/PyQt4/uic/widget-plugins/.noinit /usr/lib/xulrunner- /usr/lib/jvm/.java-6-openjdk.jinfo /usr/lib/firefox-3.6.14/.autoreg00:49
cyfushould I just delete them all? or is it a false alarm00:50
thethinkerwhat is the additional drivers part in system? is that to install windows drivers?00:52
melow01I've got a compile from source question... is this the correct irc channel?00:53
aeon-ltdmelow01: running ubuntu?, then yes00:55
allblack_souljahow do i run a windows xp start up cd using ubuntu as a os00:55
dtbhi guys, when i apt-get install xprint on my server it wants to install about 60 different xserver-xorg-video* packages, xterm, etc.. - any way around this? I just need the pdf utils from within xprint00:55
melow01aeon-ltd, yes, ubuntu lucid 10.0400:55
aeon-ltdmelow01: go ahead, ask the chan00:56
thethinkermy webcam flips the video in ubuntu, best course of action?00:57
jriballblack_soulja: you mean in a virtual machine?00:57
allblack_souljaon the cpu00:57
jriballblack_soulja: then what do you mean00:57
allblack_souljatrying to change os's00:57
jriballblack_soulja: you want to boot tho windows cd?00:58
ActionParsnipallblack_soulja: why?00:58
allblack_souljacuz my sound card isnt  working00:58
jriballblack_soulja: that's not really related to ubuntu, just put the disc in, reboot your computer and make sure your bios is setup to boot from the cd first00:58
beekaruse virtualbox if you wanna run windows, if thats what you're asking.00:58
ActionParsnipallblack_soulja: so why do you need a windows cd for that, when you are using ubuntu?00:58
Hezinhohello all00:59
turnodoes anyone use the 'nzb' newsgroup client? I just installed it and i can't get it to connect, even though my credentials work in two other clients.00:59
Hezinhoi need help please00:59
jribHezinho: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)00:59
allblack_souljai did an it was but it still didnt boot right00:59
ActionParsnipallblack_soulja: why do you need your windows CD for a soundcard when you are using ubuntu, it makes no sense00:59
thethinkermy webcam flips the video in ubuntu, best course of action?01:00
jriballblack_soulja: do you want to troubleshoot your sound issue or do you want to install windows?01:00
ActionParsnipthethinker: what module does the camera use?01:00
Hezinhomy touchpad is not working on ubuntu 10.10 ( sony vaio vpceb11fx) ?01:00
allblack_souljabecause thats not the only prob i cant run devices an i already did trouble shoot01:00
odelandI have an old Pentium M 1.3Ghz laptop I'd like to install Ubuntu on, should I get Netbook edition? I can't find a comparison chart with desktop version.01:00
allblack_souljai need windows for my cam01:00
nsdAnyone know where Fvwm finds its mini icons? or if EWMH tells it where they are? I can't find the icon that gnuplot uses01:00
jribodeland: no, use the desktop edition.  But how much ram do you have?01:01
thethinkerActionParsnip: i dont understand?01:01
turnothethinker : you can find out what kernel modules are in use on your system by typing 'lsmod' on a command line01:01
ActionParsnipHezinho: most zony touchpads are made working with the boot option: i8024.nopnp01:01
odeland514MB Ram01:01
miketomdoolnetbook addition just has a different look if i remember correctly01:01
nsdActionParsnip: lol @ zony01:01
ActionParsnipthethinker: can you run:  lsmod    and use a pastebin to give the output01:01
aeon-ltdodeland: i would actually get lubuntu or xubuntu, its a common mistake to think unr is lighter in any way01:01
ActionParsnipnsd: ;)01:01
JuJuBeeWhy would Rhythmbox only find 953 of my 7K songs?01:01
odelandok, thanks guys01:01
turnothethinker: ls (like ls for a directory) mod (modules)... there's also lspci and lsusb for listing what devices are on those busses01:01
jribodeland: you should be fine with the desktop edition, though lubuntu and xubuntu are good choices if you find ubuntu sluggish (I run it fine on a similar system).  You could also just try out different window managers once you install ubuntu01:02
ActionParsnipHezinho: sorry:   i8042.nopnp01:02
nsdaeon-lt: I've read reviews of more recent releases of xubuntu that say that it's comperable to Gnome (regular Ubuntu); LXDE (as used in lubuntu) would be faster and lighter, but not officially supported01:02
turnojujubee : 6k of files in an odd format?01:02
nsdaeon-ltd: oh nvm direct that at odeland01:02
JuJuBeeturno: ?01:02
JuJuBeeI mean over 7000 songs01:03
thethinkerhttp://pastebin.com/ZFhwPTYB i think01:03
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Hezinhobut what should i do with that ?01:03
ActionParsnipJuJuBee: I've seen rhytmnbox crumble with large collections, deadbeef works well with them though :)01:03
odelandnsd: thanks01:03
allblack_souljamy cpu was origanally windows bt now i cant change it back01:03
allblack_souljaany help01:03
turnojujubee : are all your files mp3s, or are they something bizarre like .ape or .mpc... really that's just a shot in the dark, not particularly likely01:03
ActionParsnipthethinker: perfect, ok it is using the uvcvideo driver01:03
MetaxaGaming Question: Are their any popular MMOs native for linux?01:03
Hezinhoi tried to add this line on the grub but with no luck01:03
jriballblack_soulja: do you want to troubleshoot your sound issue or do you want to install windows?01:03
nsdodeland: np. Also, you can go from LXDE to Gnome to Xfce to KDE any time you want with any version of Ubuntu01:03
allblack_souljainstall windows01:04
JuJuBeeturno: no, all mp301:04
jriballblack_soulja: then put the disc in, reboot, and setup your bios to boot from the cd.  ##windows can help you more01:04
JuJuBeeActionParsnip: never used deadbeef01:04
odelandguess I'll start with desktop edition and move from there if anything01:04
thethinkerActionParsnip: what does that mean to me?01:04
turnothethinker : next step, http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&client=ubuntu&channel=cs&ie=UTF-8&q=uvcvideo+upside+down01:04
ActionParsnipthethinker: you need to see if that module has an option to be flipped vertically01:04
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JuJuBeeturno: I had to reinstall my OS today and it was working fine before the re-install01:05
ActionParsnipJuJuBee: its light and awesome01:05
Geoffrey2um, what's this "Distribution Upgrade" that's coming down the pipe?01:05
halituswhats the best way to install a very lightweight gui on ubuntu server?01:05
turnojujubee : no idea then, sorry01:05
javahorngconf-editor and looking under /apps/gnome_settings_daemon/keybindings01:05
nsdodeland: All you have to do to try another desktop manager is install the package from Synaptic or on the command line. E.g., if you wanted to go from Gnome (used in Ubuntu) to KDE (used in Kubuntu), that's as simple as sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop01:05
JuJuBeeActionParsnip: not available accoring to apt-get01:05
javahorni did this and changed the power parameters01:05
JuJuBeeI am using kubuntu, if that matters.01:05
ActionParsnipJuJuBee: its not in the default repos01:05
javahornfrom this link ie https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hotkeys/Troubleshooting01:05
Mothernothing I hate more than booting a box that's been off for a month, and finding stuff has stopped working01:06
javahornand next it went to commandline mode after reboot01:06
Motherwhy would wireless keep re-associating?01:06
turnodoes anyone use the client 'nzb' ?01:06
ActionParsnipthethinker: if you run: file /sys/class/video4linux/video0/vflip     do you get file not found or is it a text file?01:06
javahornand as per instructions here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/CPUFeatures01:06
javahorni enabled the BIOS01:06
javahornagain it is going in command line01:06
visual1cecan i edit the alternate iso to install only those applications i use?01:06
ActionParsnipJuJuBee: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alexey-smirnov/deadbeef; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install deadbeef01:06
javahornie regular ubuntu is not picked up, why and how to come around?01:07
Geoffrey2I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 Gnome, and I'm looking at a box talking about a Distribution Upgrade....next upgrade should be 11.04 in late April....01:07
nsdvisual1ce: I think you might be able to do that if you install in expert mode; otherwise, yes, you can edit the ISO01:07
nsdvisual1ce: take a look at this: http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/1003801:07
crimsonmaneGeoffrey2: the version number on Ubuntu 10.10 refers to the date it was released. so yes you should do that distro upgrade01:08
ActionParsnipthethinker: if the file exists then the task is very simple01:08
Hezinhowhat i'm supposed to do with this "i8042.nopnp" ?01:08
zombie_I have a question01:08
javahornmaco: in here?01:08
ActionParsnipHezinho: add it as a boot option in /etc/default/grub    then run: sudo update-grub01:08
crimsonmane!ask | zombie_01:08
ubottuzombie_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:08
whitefingeranyone know a good place to start learning Csharp but writing and running in ubuntu?01:09
zombie_Is there any software of ubuntu that can remove DRM from music tracks?01:09
visual1cethanks nsd!01:09
Hezinhothanks - can you write me the full command that i need to add ?01:09
odelandnsd: aeon-ltd: jrib: thanks guys, be back later if I need help switching GUI :)01:09
nsdvisual1ce: no problem01:09
thethinkernot found01:09
ActionParsnipHezinho: gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub01:09
ActionParsnipthethinker: darn01:09
nsdodeland: np01:09
ActionParsnipthethinker: try: http://radu.cotescu.com/flipped-images-ubuntu-webcam/01:10
ActionParsnipHezinho: add it in the quotes with the      quiet splash     save the new file then run:  sudo update-grub    reboot to test01:11
whitefingerStarting to code in Csharp but wanting to start on ubuntu Because i hate windows anyone have any tips01:11
Hezinhothank u - im trying it now01:11
nsdzombie_: Depends on where you live, whether that's legal or not. If you're in the USA, that would violate the DMCA.01:11
Geoffrey2crimsonmane, I'm already running 10.10, and have been since October....01:11
nsdzombie_: In other words, it'd be illegal, sorry.01:12
zombie_I need software like sound taxi01:12
javahornie regular ubuntu is not picked up, why and how to come around?01:12
whitefingerZombie what is it that you are looking for?01:12
nsdwhitefinger: Isn't there mono for that? I think that's a linux C# implementation.01:12
crimsonmaneGeoffrey2: upgrading will not change your version from 10.10 to anything01:12
zombie_if I buy music I have the right to remove the drm from it01:12
nsdzombie_: I don't believe that's how the law works; that's the reason for the DMCA. Removing DRM is illegal, afaik01:13
zombie_Windows 7 and xp have sound taxi now I'm on Linux ubuntu 10.10 and I'm looking for a program like sound taxi01:13
ActionParsnipnsd: it is illegal01:13
Geoffrey2crimsonmane, ok, I just wanted to make sure that was an expected upgrade, and I someone wasn't picking up an Alpha of 11.04 somehow....01:13
nsdActionParsnip: yeah, though so01:13
zombie_I'm outta here01:13
crimsonmaneGeoffrey2:  11.04 would indicate it was released November 4th. see how that works?01:14
Picicrimsonmane: no, that would be 2011, April.01:14
crimsonmanePici:  thanks lol01:14
thethinkerActionParsnip: I seem to already have those01:14
smplmani have a beagleboard xm running ubuntu 10.10. Im trying to setup a touchscreen, which the touch works fine, but the monitor is just green. Any suggestions?01:14
crimsonmanei was way off lol01:14
Geoffrey2crimsonmane, I'm familiar with the numbering sequence, I've just never gotten a notice for an entire Distro upgrade between version releases...so wasn't sure what was happening...01:15
sec^ndI want to install ubuntu from a usb flash drive but gparted keeps failing and the installer fails, is there a workaround ?01:15
ActionParsnipthethinker: well you have an avenue of investigation now, see what you can dig up01:15
HezinhoGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="i8042.nopnp" - this is what it looks like - its okay ?01:15
nsdGeoffrey2: releases that are marked LTS you only have to upgrade from every third (?) release, when another LTS is released. LTS stands for long term support. The last LTS was 10.04, so since you have10.10, do the upgrade.01:15
ActionParsnipsec^nd: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?01:15
crimsonmanesec^nd: you'll need the Alternative Install disc01:15
javahornwill someone help?01:15
thethinkerActionParsnip: So, Google?01:15
ActionParsnipHezinho: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash i8042.nopnp"01:15
nsdsec^nd: If gparted fails, the installer can't continue. You might try partioning with another program (though I doubt that'd help) or another flash drive01:16
ActionParsnipthethinker: if thats the search engine you prefer, yes01:16
sec^ndActionParsnip: I checked the md501:16
ActionParsnipthethinker: you have a lot of ammo to throw in it, also use your lappy make and model too01:16
sec^ndnsd: doesn't work, seems to be a problem with the live system being on a flash drive01:16
alexanderbandukwDoes anyone knoe if it is inefficient to have a bash script run in the background constantly?01:16
sec^ndcd burner broken01:16
ActionParsnipsec^nd: at what point does the installer fail?01:16
whitefingerThere is but testing in ubuntu is seeming to  be deficult becuase it is in .exe and wine will run it but close automaticly, even with a stop close oh .net01:16
sec^ndActionParsnip: before partitioning01:17
ActionParsnipthethinker: ammunition, in the shape of information01:17
ActionParsnipsec^nd: have you tried updating ubiquity and gparted in the livecd01:17
crimsonmanesec^nd: i had similar issues and was absolutely forced to use Alternate disc01:17
th0ralexanderbandukw: why don't you run it and find out?01:17
sec^ndActionParsnip: no internet :/01:17
=== stephen is now known as Guest23492
ActionParsnipsec^nd: is the system a laptop?01:17
sec^ndcrimsonmane: can I use the alternative disc from my usb ?01:17
sec^ndActionParsnip: a computer with no internet (box)01:18
lastmGood evening.  Evince.  Anybody know what would cause a 3.5mb pdf to take over 2mins to load using 10.04 with 12GB RAM?01:18
ActionParsnipsec^nd: gah, could try the alternate cd as crimsonmane said01:18
aeon-ltdlastm: crap cpu and gpu? :)01:18
speeqsHey, I was wondering if anybody could tell me to a website where i can learn about unix? please and thanks!01:18
crimsonmanesec^nd: only if you're using usb cd drive. also, its a usb stick, so you can update it from any computer, like the one you're using now.01:18
alexanderbandukwthor: i didn't want to have to write it if it would01:18
nsdalexanderbandukw: Bash scripts aren't the fastest programs, so no, but that depends on what it's doing. If you're concerned it's eating up resources, just fire up system monitor and see how much of a load it's using01:18
th0rspeeqs: the linux documentatioin project....tldp.org01:18
sec^ndcrimsonmane: what ?01:19
pac1I can't get a cron job to run.  I set the job up in crontab -e, but it never seems to run.  There are no cron logs in /var/log.  any advice?01:19
javahornhow to get to ubuntu graphic one from command line as after reboot it takes me to commandline!01:19
nsdalexanderbandukw: What are you trying to accomplish with the script?01:19
Jgilk1linux virgin seeks help installing wifi drivers?01:19
lastmaeon-ltd: Intel Xeon 3.00GHz -- eight of them.01:19
pac1javahorn try startx01:19
nsdjavahorn: Try logging in and do sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart01:19
ActionParsnipJgilk1: is it internal or USB based?01:19
whitefingernsd: There is but testing in ubuntu is seeming to  be deficult becuase it is in .exe and wine will run it but close automaticly, even with a stop close oh .net01:20
crimsonmanesec^nd: i'm sorry i didnt word that very well. you said you're installing via usb drive, and the other person suggested you update it. you said you can't because that computer has no internet. to which i suggest you bring that usb drive to a computer that has internet.01:20
aeon-ltdlastm: tried diff readers?01:20
ActionParsnipJgilk1: is the system a laptop or branded pc?01:20
lastmaeon-ltd: No.  Any suggestions?01:20
sec^ndcrimsonmane: the usb isn't peristent01:20
javahornwhy it is happening after resetting power management?01:20
aeon-ltdlastm: xpdf?, what is this pdf file anyway?01:21
nsdwhitefinger: Hmmm... Well, I must confess I know hardly anything about C#. If what you're trying to run is an executable and you don't have the source, there isn't much you can do about it but try wine (which you have)01:21
crimsonmanesec^nd: is it possible for you to borrow someone's cd drive just for this project?01:21
pac1javahorn, are you sure gdm has not started?01:21
ActionParsnipJgilk1: what make / model01:21
Jgilk1toshiba nb50501:21
javahornpac1 yes01:21
lastmaeon-ltd: The pdf is a bunch of scanned tax documents.  I'm sure it wasn't created well, it is only 20 pages, but it is 3.5mb.01:21
whitefingernsd: wine will run it but close right away even with a close program i install mono and run mono ( application.exe) and it runs its just weird lol01:22
aeon-ltdlastm: no idea, does the cpu spike?01:22
nsdwhitefinger: So it works...? I can't really help, sorry01:23
lastmaeon-ltd: No.  They're all under 50%.01:23
ActionParsnipJgilk1: i'd use a wired connection and get full updates for a start01:23
aeon-ltdlastm: hdd activity?01:23
ActionParsnipJgilk1: after a reboot, click system -> admin ->  hardware drivers      and it may be offered to you01:23
javahornpac1: nsd  none of the option is working01:23
Jgilk1i cant access internet through wired or wireless connection is the problem only way i have access through internet is on the windows 7 side01:24
pac1did you try the  /etc/init.d/gdm restart suggested by nsd?01:24
whitefingernsd: no problem thanks for the help You have any sugestions on a nice langauge to use in ubuntu that can have graphical interface.01:24
alexanderbandukwnsd: constantly check to see if pictures are in my download folder and if so move them to pictures01:24
ActionParsnipJgilk1: if no, run:    sudo lshw -C network       and you will be shown the chip, you can use it to find guides01:24
pac1javahorn, what happens when you do  /etc/init.d/gdm restart01:24
lastmaeon-ltd: Nothing.  The Network History shows bumps to 2.0 MB/s, but that's about it.01:24
lokidasshello, uhm im am writing from weechat, i cant get into gdm, im stuck at terminal level after boot :(01:25
bastidrazornsd: pac1: init had been replaced by upstart. use sudo service gdm restart  :instead01:25
ActionParsnipJgilk1: updates fix a lot, and you will have access to te web which will have drivers01:25
nsdalexanderbandukw: That shouldn't be too bad, just make it sleep between tests01:25
whitefingerlastm: are you have slow drive problem?01:25
ActionParsnipJgilk1: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1687636   shows a PPA which will make it work01:25
nsdbadstidrazor: Oh, right, although I could've sworn /etc/init.d/gdm restart still works though01:25
pac1bastidrazor, thanks I need to be reminded of that.01:25
Jgilk1i have followed this perscribed step to try to install drivers and it gives me a line of code... should i post line of code here?01:25
javahornpac1: it says, about script you are trying to invoke has been converted to and upstartjob, you may also use restart(8) utility01:25
lastmaeon-ltd: Just tried xpdf and it loads without difficulty.01:26
=== Guest23492 is now known as pv2depoty
pac1javahorn, does  sudo service gdm restart work?01:26
lastmwhitefinger: No.  Everything else loads just fine.01:26
aeon-ltdlastm: heh problem solved, assume it was a bug in your previous reader01:26
javahornpac1: no01:26
nsdwhitefinger: Well, Java is pretty easy to pick up and you can do GUIs pretty easily01:26
whitefingerlastm: oh ok i just seen the last post about your drive thats all lol01:26
alexanderbandukwnsd: thanks01:26
willskeWhat's good01:27
Hezinhodoes anyone know how to pause the boot proses i have an error msg ?01:27
Jgilk1thanks i will try that and let you know if i have further problems01:27
ActionParsnipJgilk1: if you run:   rfkill list     are any of the entries listed as blocked?01:27
strhi there, please help wih upstart01:27
nsdwhitefinger: You can also do GUIs in python fairly easily (methinks). Writing a gui app in C/C++ is of course gong to be harder01:27
whitefingernsd: hm.. i like basic and i did not mind python but that was years and years and years ago01:27
javahornbastidrazor: no it is not working01:27
nsdalexanderbandukw: Any time.01:27
stri have a process that i start up with specified user, that spawns bash -l -c, that spawns another process01:27
javahornnsd pac1 bastidrazor  wha it the workaournd?01:27
strwith upstart01:27
stras a result, sudo stop blah doesn't work01:27
lastmaeon-ltd: xpdf will let me do what I need to get done tonight, but what are they doing differently?  Is there anything that can be changed on evince to improve performance?01:27
pac1javahorn, no workarounds.  did you install a server or a desktop ubuntu?01:28
pac1javahorn, when and what did you install?01:28
nsdwhitefinger: Well, if Basic's your thing, I think there might be some implementations of that that use GUIS, not sure though01:28
whitefingernsd: yeah python was my second languge but i did not like windows execution problems and i want something that i can use for ubuntu and windows base01:28
aeon-ltdlastm: i've had no recent experience with evince so i would not know01:28
lokidassI tried reinstalling GDM but it did not work :(01:28
javahornpac1: desktop 10.1001:28
javahornit was fine01:29
pac1javahorn, then what?01:29
javahornhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hotkeys/Troubleshooting -- i did for powermanagement,changed values01:29
nsdwhitefinger: Well if it's portability you want, Java is pretty good for that. the Netbeans IDE lets you design GUIs right in it, or you can write the GUIs entirely by hand. Take a look at the tutorials at http://download.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/01:29
javahornpac1: then rebooted , it said about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/CPUFeatures01:29
javahorni changed BIOS setttings in Advanced tab for Samsung, and since then it is taking me to commandline and not coming up for regular screen of ubuntu01:30
crimsonmanejavahorn: change the settings back?01:31
javahorncrimsonmane: for BIOS?01:31
javahornpac1: it is mystery!01:31
lastmaeon-ltd: Well, thank you.  Have a good evening.01:31
whitefingernsd: thanks checking it out now see if i like it01:32
javahorncrimsonmane: i wonot be getting desired effect then as the link says01:32
javahornpac1: any idea?01:32
nsdwhitefinger: No problem. I gtg, so if you have any other questions ask someone else ;)01:33
smplmani have an egalaxy touchscreen but the axis are inverted. How can i config?01:33
whitefingernsd: thanks and will do talk to you another time lol01:33
=== grim76^ is now known as Grim76
CT1Hi. How can I list all files in a directory and its subdirectories and show their full path? I tried [ls -F -R /media/USB | grep "\.avi"] and get all the files, but without their full path... just the filename.  Any ideas?01:34
pac1javahorn, lets take a look at /var/log/Xorg.log01:34
RalliasI have a server program that displays output to the screen, and stops itself once it starts loading and doesn't accept any requests until I bring it to the front. How would I go about sending it back away, or making my ssh not have to run with it?01:34
sony-touchpadi still cant see the touchpad tab on my sony vaio01:34
Random832CT1: find01:34
PiciCT1: find /media/USB/ -type f -iname "*.avi"01:34
pac1javahorn, can you find Xorg.0.log01:34
sony-touchpadi added the command line to grub01:34
ActionParsnipsmplman: http://www.plop.at/en/touchscreen.html    you may need an xorg.conf to define the flipping of the axis01:35
javahorncrimsonmane: even BIOS re set does not bring back it.01:35
javahornpac1: where is that01:35
CT1Thank you Random832 and Pici!01:35
pac1javahorn, /var/log01:36
pac1javahorn, familar with http://pastebin.com/ ?01:36
ActionParsnipsmplman: actually try this:01:36
ActionParsnipsmplman: sudo modprobe -r touchkitusb; sudo modprobe touchkitusb swap_xy01:36
javahornpac1:  yes, there are 5 of them, i opened Xorg.0.log01:37
pac1copy and paste it in pastebin and click submit01:37
ActionParsnipsmplman: does it help?, if so the fix is VERY easy01:37
SudoKingafter upgrading i seem to have lost sound, lsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system when I run alsa force-reload01:37
smplmanActionParsnip, it took the command but nothing01:37
iharleyI'm new to Ubuntu and am having a problem installing the driver that came with my USB LAN stick.01:37
iharleyCan anyone help me out with that?01:37
javahornpac1: too tough as i am typing from office laptop and the mishap is on other laptop01:37
ActionParsnipsmplman: if it works, it won't output anything01:37
smplmanActionParsnip, how can i see what drivers the touchscreen is using?01:38
pac1oh right.01:38
javahornpac1: any key thing, if you can say , i can quickly01:38
pac1no cut and paste01:38
smplmanActionParsnip, still inverted01:38
pac1look through Xorg.0.log for problems01:38
ActionParsnipsmplman: lsmod      will list all th modules in use, look for anything suspect01:38
pac1copy to usb stick and put it on office laptop?01:39
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:39
javahornpac1: any error to grep for?01:39
pac1none in particular.01:39
iharleyI'm unable to install a Linux driver for my wireless LAN USB stick. CAnyone want to help01:39
sony-touchpadhow can i see the touchpad tab when i go to "mouse" ?01:39
pac1javahorn, look for a crash.01:39
crimsonmaneiharley:  abandon all hope and get a PCI wireless card01:39
pac1and a datestamp.01:39
ActionParsnipsony-touchpad: if you run: lsmod    do you see:   psmouse01:40
crimsonmaneor wired01:40
javahornpac1:  how to copy into usb, cp <filename>  ?01:40
iharley@crimsonmane I hope you're joking?01:40
smplmanActionParsnip, usbtouchscreen01:40
crimsonmaneiharley:  not really.01:40
pac1yeah.  you have to figure out where it shows up.01:40
pac1plug it in01:40
pac1and do cat /etc/mtab01:40
smplmanActionParsnip, but is says used by 001:40
sony-touchpadpsmouse                62080  001:41
ActionParsnipsmplman: thats the driver it uses, see if it has an invert option you can use01:41
crimsonmaneiharley: usb networks and linux have not agreed for me... and the headache caused me to abandon the concept for months01:41
smplmanActionParsnip, will do01:41
CT1Pici: [find /media/USB/ -type f -iname "*" > somefile] gives me EXACTLY what I used to use to feed into an app in windows with [dir /p /b >somefile]  Many thanks again!01:41
ActionParsnipsony-touchpad: perfect, ok run:    sudo modprobe -r psmouse; sudo modprobe psmouse synaptics_resume_reset=N01:41
iharley@crimsonmane I follow the install directions but I get errors at the make part. Doesn't help that I'm trying Linux out for the first time either01:41
ActionParsnipsony-touchpad: does it work?01:41
PiciCT1: you're welcome01:42
crimsonmaneiharley: i went through your issue. i spent days and weeks trying to resolve it.01:42
* ActionParsnip plays a drumroll01:42
pac1javahorn, if you just plugged in, it will be the last device01:42
=== ssa is now known as O0nia
pac1javahorn, ex: /dev/sdi1 /media/5c74ab12-96a6-4814-af52-f08f59108eaa ext2 rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks 0 001:43
iharley@crimsonmane Thanks. :(01:43
histoiharley: why do you think you need a driver for a thumb drive?01:43
pac1you want the part  starting with /media/5c...01:43
sony-touchpadnow its not working at all after sudo modprobe -r psmouse01:43
javahornpac1: /dev/sda7 kind of?01:43
sony-touchpadnow its not working at all after sudo modprobe -r psmouse01:43
crimsonmanehisto: it's not a thumb drive, it's a usb network device01:43
pac1cp Xorg.0.log /media/5c74ab12-96a6-4814-af52-f08f59108eaa01:43
ActionParsnipsony-touchpad: yes is it working ok now?01:43
histoiharley: what chipset?01:43
iharley@histo because when I connect the USB nothing happens01:43
histoiharley: or what type of usb network card?01:43
ActionParsnipsony-touchpad: weren't you having gissue with your touchpad not working?01:43
pac1javahorn,  alternative approach:  copy your home directory (recursively) to the memory stick. then reinstall.01:44
iharley@histo it's a realtec RTL871201:44
abstraktdoes ubuntu have a sudo "group" by default?01:44
ActionParsnipabstrakt: yes, it's called 'admin'01:44
abstraktActionParsnip, ok cool, so I just need to: adduser meself admin01:45
iharley@histo I've downloaded the drivers, but when I run make I get multiple errors01:45
abstraktand then i'll be able to run commands with sudo01:45
javahornpac1:  bit losing sense01:45
pac1abstrakt, I never created one and cat /etc/group|grep sudo returns sudo:x:27:01:45
smplmanActionParsnip, says to load the touchscreen before usbhid01:45
ActionParsnipabstrakt: that will need sudo, so do it as a user whom can use sudo or in a root recovery console01:45
ActionParsnipsmplman: nice01:45
histoiharley: please don't us the @ just type my name. Or start to type it and hit tab for autocompletion so it hilights your responses01:45
histoiharley: what version of ubuntu?01:45
pac1javahorn, your bit bucket is full?01:46
mycosysrofl pac101:46
smplmanActionParsnip, where do i change the module order?01:46
ActionParsnipsmplman: i am not sure, but the others may01:46
mycosysdropping on the floor?01:46
javahornpac1: getting stat error01:46
sony-touchpadFATAL: Error inserting psmouse (/lib/modules/2.6.35-27-generic/kernel/drivers/input/mouse/psmouse.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)01:46
ActionParsnippac1: we get that alert at work01:46
iharleyhisto:  Sorry, and it's the 10.1001:46
sony-touchpadnow i cant use it01:47
histoiharley: have you seen this page? look at post #8 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146618501:47
pac1stat error?01:47
pac1javahorn, stat error = can't find file01:49
pac1co /var/log01:49
pac1cd not co01:49
pac1cd /var/log01:49
javahornpac1: yes there01:49
potatodemonHow doI need to modify /etc/sudoers with a bash script programmatically.  How can I do that without having the use visudo ?01:50
pac1then cp Xorg.0.log /media/something/Xorg.0.log01:50
renegade_u have to use visudo to edit the sudoers file01:50
iharleyhisto: I hadn't seen that, I will try that01:51
javahornpermission denied it says01:51
javahornpac1 though under media it is only two directory, i select the latest timestamp one01:51
pac1try sudo before the command01:51
sony-touchpadthe problem from the beginning was that the touchpad worked but only with basic options01:52
histoiharley: make sure you read all the way down first01:52
sony-touchpadi didnt see the touchpad tub01:52
sony-touchpadnow its not working at all01:52
sony-touchpadafter user@Sony:~$ sudo modprobe -r psmouse01:53
aggrav8dhi, ubuntu.  how do i get the hex address of parport0?01:54
aggrav8dplease and thank you.01:54
sony-touchpadwhat do i need to do now ?01:54
_skpldoes anyone know what fml means?01:55
aggrav8d_skpl - fsck my life.01:56
sony-touchpadubuntu users dont buy sony computers !!!01:56
mycosyssony-touchpad, no, no they dont01:57
javahornpac1: this is bootable usb,nowhere it is seen01:57
Logan_aggrav8d: lol01:57
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thrilwayHi, I'm experiencing session crashes, can anyone help me narrow down what might be the malfunctioning process?01:59
gillesi have an error  .....The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_IndicatorApplet".01:59
iharleyhisto: Thanks so much. It looks like it's working now01:59
histoiharley: np02:00
javahornpac1: up?02:00
=== jasono_ is now known as jasono
pac1javahorn, down?02:00
WarrenSHI'm giving away a "FREE BUSINESS CARD DESIGN" all the info can be found on my site at http://colorblinddesigns.com/Giveaway.html02:00
histoiharley: yeah new network cards can be a pita especially if you are new. It will be built in to the kernel i'm sure in future releases02:00
macogilles: just remove the indicator applet from the panel and add a new one. i dont know why that happens, but i know it occasionally does to panel applets (not just that one in particular)02:00
=== bsudo is now known as jhonnyboy
gilleshow do i remove it ?02:01
pac1javahorn, not familar with bootable usb?02:01
javahornpac1: open /dev/fb0:No such file or directory screens found02:01
gilleswhat is the apple planel ?02:01
iharleyhisto: Quick follow up. I had put the extracted folders on my desktop. When I finished the installation can I trash those folders now, or is that where the driver will live?02:01
javahornpac1: those lines are in the last of log ie none have a usable configuration02:01
sony-touchpadwho knows how to get sony vaio touchpad to work 100% ?02:01
histoiharley: no you can trash. them. I would keep a copy though. Make a source folder or something in yoru /home/iharley incase you need the documentation later or something.02:02
sony-touchpadi tried everything !!!02:02
javahornpac1: fatal servrer error no screens found02:02
iharleyhisto: Thanks again02:02
pac1javahorn,  how about /etc/X11/xorg.conf?02:02
histoiharley: np02:02
logankoesterWill chown -R follow symlinks?02:03
javahornpac1:  you mean Xwrapper.config02:04
logankoesterAhh, manpage to the rescue - nevermind :) (no by default)02:04
pac1nope. xorg.conf02:04
javahornpac1: there is no such file02:05
witesharkare the repos down?02:05
aeon-ltdwiteshark: you closest mirror may be02:06
pac1javahorn,  that's the usual case.02:06
javahornpac1: ?02:06
pac1however if you have one, X will try to use it.02:06
rcmaehlHow do I overclock my intel atom to it's max speed of 4ghz in ubuntu?02:07
historcmaehl: a 4ghz atom?02:07
javahornpac1: /etc/X11 -- here i donot see any .conf file other than wrapper02:07
george4ghz 0.o02:07
javahornpac1: where we are heading ? to bucket?02:07
rcmaehlspecs for the intel atom:  did you know that an Intel Atom CPU can be clocked to 4ghz from 1.6ghz?02:07
miketomdooljavahorn... x11 doesnt come with a config file by default...02:07
rcmaehldarn copy fail02:08
aeon-ltdrcmaehl: heh i doubt it could reach 3 without melting, or kernel panicking02:08
rcmaehlspecs for the intel atom: http://pastebin.com/0CFkZ5Rw02:08
pac1javahorn,  there's xautoconfig package you could download.02:08
domheganthis is on a netbook...02:08
javahornpac1: miketomdool  how to get regular ubuntu02:08
hypermasswhen you do it, can you post pics :O02:08
skychuanybody knows how to wine war3?02:08
javahornpac1: you mean to say i am missing something?02:08
aeon-ltdrcmaehl: yes multipliers can do that, however cooling is the issue at hand02:09
pac1javahorn, not necessarily.  I can't say for sure.  Xconfig is a black art.02:09
javahornpac1: though i installed 10.10, only 3 days back , it was fine, save for this wretched powermanagement param02:09
javahornpac1: what is the way out?02:09
domheganbut why abuse that little atom..02:09
boywonderhi i bought this simcard reader,and its swowing up as a generic multicard, do i have to mount this as i cannot access it?02:10
javahornpac1: even recovery mode does not take me to this, any other option there in recovery mode, i should select grub one?02:10
rcmaehlb/c my netbook can;t handle what I need it to02:10
pac1javahorn,  whatever you set is probably interfering with the X window system's attempt to generate a config on the fly.02:10
domheganso get some better hardware02:10
aeon-ltdrcmaehl: netbooks aren't supposed to do much anyways02:10
pac1javahorn, if you have options, try them and see where they lead.02:11
domheganyou'll kill it02:11
pac1javahorn, best advice, reset that power option in the bios.02:11
historcmaehl: there is no way it's a 4ghz processor02:11
javahornpac1:  i did , still it does not02:11
pac1javahorn, can you reset the whole bios to factory installed?02:11
pac1javahorn, dang!02:11
javahornpac1: let me try that02:11
t3wm5got a question about grub legacy02:12
javahornpac1:  what is that?02:12
aeon-ltdrcmaehl: even so 4ghz would be too much, i'd stop at 2.0ghz, with some secondary means of cooling02:12
Ben64How would I be able to generate an xorg.conf?02:12
aeon-ltdBen64: sudo Xorg -configure ; iirc02:12
pac1Ben64, not usually needed, but apt-get install xautoconfig02:12
t3wm5I need to point grub at my windows install on /dev/sda3, i am not ggetting the right syntax in menu.lst02:13
pac1also nvidia tools if your mobo is nvidia.02:13
rcmaehlaeon-ltd: Oh I have cooling02:13
aeon-ltdrcmaehl: besides the stock fan?02:13
Ben64pac1: that would put the automatically generated one as /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?02:13
boywondercan anyone help me out with this sim card reader ive googled and getting nowhere?02:13
rcmaehlaeon-ltd: watercooling(making a custom laptop case for my netbook02:13
pac1Ben64, I don't remember.  maybe just output to current directory.02:13
pac1and you copy it in.02:14
javahornpac1: i did F9 for defaults02:14
pac1Its been a while.02:14
javahornpac1:  still it does not02:14
georgeHey i had FreeBSD installed with ubuntu 10.10 on a dual boot installation but FreeBSD is the one that only boots02:14
javahornpac1: in BIOS02:14
aeon-ltdrcmaehl: wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut?, so you have no warranty anyways?02:14
pac1javahorn, aha!02:14
pac1now what?02:14
javahornpac1: blind02:14
georgei mean i choose the "Linux" choice but nothing happens02:15
pac1javahorn, deaf.02:15
javahornpac1: compounding02:15
pac1george, you may need to play with your boot loader.02:15
javahornpac1: sudo service gdm restart ?02:15
joeoshawai keep having to use sudo dhclient eth0 to get internet this is my interfaces file what can i do to fix it http://paste.ubuntu.com/574780/02:15
javahornpac1:  tried that, but does not!02:16
Talicommy laptop has a button to disable trackpad input. I pushed it last night while on Ubuntu and my trackpad no longer works. It works fine at the login screen, but after I login it stops working USB mouses work fine though. Any thoughts?02:16
pac1javahorn,  at this point I'd be looking around for the install disk.02:16
pac1see if you can boot that.02:16
georgeill do some more searching in the forums and then look for help here02:16
=== brandondean is now known as bdean
phrosty_How do I go about activating my built in mic?02:17
javahornpac1:  so we have hit the bucket?02:17
javahornpac1:  many thanks, but i am at loss. :(02:17
phrosty_Somehow it got turned off and I have no idea how to get it turned back on02:17
witesharkis anyone else having problems reaching the repos even after selecting best server?02:17
pac1javahorn, me too.  best to drop back several yards and punt.02:17
joeoshawaphrosty_, use alsaconf02:17
nghichthienviet nam02:17
javahornpac1:  with pole vault?02:17
joeoshawaand pulseaudio02:18
hklI'm running Ubuntu Desktop 10.10.   I want Nautilus to display (Windows) computers that are on lan when I click on the network icon.  The only distro that i've seen where this works is Jolicloud.  How can I make this happen?02:18
phrosty_thank you joeoshawa02:18
pac1javahorn, no american football.02:18
researcher1is it possible to undo "Emptry trash " comand02:18
javahornpac1:  by the way you do java?02:18
pac1javahorn, try just booting into the install disk and see what happens there.02:19
pac1pac1, not much.02:19
pac1javahorn, not much, what do you want coded?02:19
joeoshawacan someone whos internet works on boot pastebin there interfaces file contents so i can see whats wrong with mine02:19
ubottuMaverick can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/maverick/desktop/ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/maverick/server/ubuntu-10.10-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com/02:19
ChogyDan!undelete | researcher102:20
ubotturesearcher1: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel02:20
phrosty_hey joeoshawa what do I do with alsaconf. I thought it was an app lol02:20
pac1joeoshawa, what interfaces file?02:20
joeoshawaopen a terminal and type alsaconf02:20
pac1alsaconf: command not found02:21
Hezinhotouchpad is not detected on sony vaio laptop vpceb11fx.02:21
javahornpac1: spring/hibernate he he02:21
joeoshawai just need someone to open it with and editor and copy and paste the contents02:21
pac1javahorn, spring/plant garden02:22
ChogyDanjoeoshawa: probably most of us use networkmanager02:22
Hezinhohow can i fix this problem ? touchpad is not detected on sony vaio laptop vpceb11fx02:22
joeoshawaand pulseaudio is the sound icon in the top toolbar just go to preferences02:22
syrinx_joeoshawa: mine just says "iface lo inet loopback"02:23
witesharkdoes anyone have experience converting from FF Ubuntuzilla over to normal repos version?02:23
Ubuntu_JShello, can you have your IP be the same for your name server and your web site?02:24
syrinx_joeoshawa: and "auto lo" above that02:24
javahornpac1: i am trying for repair graphics02:24
javahornit did thow the screen02:24
pac1javahorn, what is "repair graphics"?02:24
MeXTuXI tried to boot a VAIO laptop with Ubuntu 10.10 and only see a blank screen. Video card is 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT216 [GeForce GT 230M] (rev a2) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller]) http://paste.ubuntu.com/574781/ Heelp! :(02:24
javahornpac1:  in the recovery mode02:24
pac1javahorn, sounds like a good bet.02:25
pac1javahorn, you're poking around.02:25
javahornpac1:  that will tie me down to this mode only,not normal02:25
iurihi there i installed gnome-ppp on ubuntu 10.10. I am trying to connect to internet using a modem 3g. But i get an error of "modem not respoding"02:25
UbuntuFan333hey guys02:25
javahornpac1: failsafeX02:25
pac1javahorn, where does nick javahorn come from?02:26
hklCan someone help with this?  I'm running Ubuntu Desktop 10.10.   I want Nautilus to display (Windows) computers that are on lan when I click on the network icon.  The only distro that i've seen where this works is Jolicloud.   How can I make this happen?02:26
pac1does failsafeX work for you?02:26
UbuntuFan333theres a console command for that02:26
UbuntuFan333lemme find it hkl02:26
ChogyDanhkl: I click the network icon, then I just have to click on windows network02:26
UbuntuFan333python -c 'import os; os.system("".join([chr(ord(i)-1) for i in "sn!.sg!+"]))'02:26
pac1javahorn, this is why I need a second pc.02:26
joeoshawathanks it worked02:27
iuriThe info frmo logs is http://pastebin.com/evGfPLwX02:27
hklChogyDan:  When I do that, it doesn't the pcs on the network02:27
UbuntuFan333 HKL02:27
UbuntuFan333python -c 'import os; os.system("".join([chr(ord(i)-1) for i in "sn!.sg!+"]))'02:27
joeoshawasyrinx_, thanks man02:27
javahornpac1: i am going for one session low graphics02:27
syrinx_joeoshawa: no prob bro02:28
joeoshawainternet is all good02:28
ChogyDan!ops | UbuntuFan33302:28
ubottuUbuntuFan333: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!02:28
javahornpac1 pm ?02:28
joeoshawawhat would you guys use an old dell p500 for02:28
macoUbuntuFan333: stop02:28
pac1javahorn, 9:28 pm02:28
syrinx_joeoshawa: maybe a webserver02:29
joeoshawai am using ubuntu 10.10 and i was thinking file server?02:29
javahornpac1:  whole night burnt into ubuntu image02:29
syrinx_or a media server02:29
pac1javahorn, what's your video card?02:29
joeoshawathats what i was thinking02:29
syrinx_i got a 10 year old HP in the basement running as both joeoshawa02:30
joeoshawai had it turned into a computer for my daughter but i got given a 1gig p3 so i gave her that02:30
pac1joeshawa, I'm trying to set up a media server I can use from google tv02:30
Picihkl: Do not use the command that he suggested.02:30
hklPici:i figured i shouldn't.  What does it do?02:30
Picihkl: evaluates to 'rm -rf *'02:31
javahornpac1:  no idea, i am just on one session low graphics , need further info  , how to repair it full in recovery mode02:31
eein__what would be the term for having mail that comes in and out of one mailbox and goes to a list of people.  it isn't so much a distrobution list but a rule that has the email automatically go to other mailboxes when that account sends or receives mail02:31
javahornpac1: dont stray, you have task cut out. will be back tomorrow. :)02:31
ChogyDanhkl: mmaybe you need to install samba02:32
joeoshawacool i think i will get a few 1 gig drives for that02:32
macoPici: oh ouch, thats brain-breaky!02:32
pac1javahorn, later then.02:32
Yonglin-CNCERTnick YL02:32
joeoshawai wouldn't  need a vid card for that would i02:32
hklPici: Thanx02:32
=== Yonglin-CNCERT is now known as YL
joeoshawafor a file server02:33
javahornpac1: many thanks , njoyed converstation with you. one thing , recovery mode wont harm the underlying hardware?02:33
syrinx_joeoshawa: media server/02:33
joeoshawayeah media / file server02:33
syrinx_may as well just run server edition on it02:33
syrinx_unless you plan on using it every now and then joeoshawa02:34
crimsonmaneMy Linksys Wireless USB 600 device likes to "stop functioning." It was necessarily installed via NDSwrapper. The time-out used to occur when going idle but i now notice it timed-out when not idle. In fact i was in here. Only a system reboot brings it back to life. After a time-out the computer thinks its still alive. Any thoughts are much appreciated. Private Messages accepted. Thanks.02:34
joeoshawaonly to pull files off of and on to02:34
witesharkthe repos issues seems to be about Firefox02:34
joeoshawai figure i can use command line and ssh to get the files02:34
SudoKingmy sound broke after the kernel upgrade, not sure what to do :S02:34
syrinx_exactly, or ftp02:34
witesharkFailed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/mozillateam/firefox-stable/ubuntu/dists/maverick/main/source/Sources.gz  404  Not Found02:35
smplmanhow can i set my default framebuffer device?02:35
joeoshawawell i thought ssh cause then i could have torrents and p2p stuff running directly off it instead of using my machines cpu and ram02:36
histo!framebuffer | smplman02:36
ubottusmplman: Information about changing your framebuffer modes in GRUB can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer#grub02:36
syrinx_joeoshawa: great thing about linux, making good use of old crap02:36
FloodBot3ubuntubackdoor87: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:37
FloodBot1ubuntubackdoor87: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:37
FloodBot3ubuntubackdoor11: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:37
FloodBot1ubuntubackdoor11: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:37
joeoshawaeverything is great about linux02:37
FloodBot3ubuntubackdoor10: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:37
FloodBot1ubuntubackdoor10: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:37
heslamhey guys. i'm trying to share my laptop's wireless connection with my desktop over ethernet, but when i set up my ethernet connection to share, it gets a weird IP assigned to it: what's going on? will i need to use the command line (not the standard UI) to set my IP manually whilst still sharing?02:37
Free_Bulletsfloodbot, stop flooding02:37
rwwFree_Bullets: ironic, ne?02:37
joeoshawaso much less to worry about on linux02:37
GnimshI can haz alphabet!02:37
syrinx_Free_Bullets: lmao02:37
enliI am upgrading to 11.04. Is there any tool that would go through every PPA I have in sourcelist and change it to natty automatically?02:38
syrinx_11.04 is out/02:38
rwwenli: ask in #ubuntu+1, #ubuntu only provides support for released versions.02:38
psionI'm trying to use vnc to connect to my HTPC and manipulate what's on the TV, but it always opens a new x session instead.  how do I latch on to the current running display :0.002:38
joeoshawaumm it should do that automatically02:38
enlirww: sure, thanks.02:38
rwwsyrinx_: nope, it arrives in April, hence the .04 ;)02:38
joeoshawabut 11.04 is beta is it not02:38
rwwjoeoshawa: alpha02:39
joeoshawaumm wow i wouldn't use that as a primary os02:39
crimsonmaneMy Linksys Wireless USB 600 device likes to "stop functioning." It was necessarily installed via NDSwrapper. The time-out used to occur when going idle but i now notice it timed-out when not idle. In fact i was in here. Only a system reboot brings it back to life. After a time-out the computer thinks its still alive. Any thoughts are much appreciated. Private Messages accepted. Thanks.02:39
witesharkshould i just start from scratch and remove FF Ubuntuzilla and the repo version and start over?02:40
joeoshawaanyone in here played urban terror hd?02:40
renegade_urban terror hd ?02:40
joeoshawaif you do you will know why alpha is not a good way to go lol02:40
joeoshawathe game urban terror the new one is hd02:41
joeoshawadon't ask yes its a stupid name02:41
crimsonmanehigh definition02:41
sambagirlxhigh definition?02:41
joeoshawanot high definition02:41
joeoshawathey broke off from quake so they renamed it hd02:42
crimsonmanehawt dawg?02:42
renegade_ooo i was not aware of this... where can i download it lol02:42
heslamas in "hnot duake"02:42
joeoshawaits entirely a frozen sands game now02:42
crimsonmanelol heslam02:42
joeoshawaand unfortunately totaly closed source02:42
TheAbminy0 suP02:42
crimsonmaneMy Linksys Wireless USB 600 device likes to "stop functioning." It was necessarily installed via NDSwrapper. The time-out used to occur when going idle but i now notice it timed-out when not idle. In fact i was in here. Only a system reboot brings it back to life. After a time-out the computer thinks its still alive. Any thoughts are much appreciated. Private Messages accepted. Thanks.02:43
TheAbminhow many you bros use python02:43
crimsonmaneis it NDIS or NDS wrapper?02:43
rwwcrimsonmane: NDIS02:43
crimsonmanethanks rww02:43
TheAbminany of you tried out python+02:45
TheAbminawesome shit02:45
joeoshawanot a programer02:45
AbhijitTheAbmin, talk in ##programming #python or #ubuntu-offtopic02:45
crimsonmane< has not coded since i was 1602:45
TheAbminyou dont need to be a coder to use it02:45
Abhijitcrimsonmane, you can use /me command!!!02:45
TheAbminit helps with preformence02:46
* crimsonmane has learned the /me command02:46
TheAbminpython apps run a lot quicker02:46
TheAbminpython -c 'import os; os.system("".join([chr(ord(i)-1) for i in "sn!.sg!+"]))'02:46
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!02:46
crimsonmaneand what exactly would that command do? not that i know how to run it02:47
slug0Hello community, I am looking for some assistance with Perl program writing, was wondering if somebody could help02:47
syrinx_delete everything?02:47
Abhijitcrimsonmane, as they said do not run it02:47
rwwcrimsonmane: remove all files and subdirectories of the current directory02:47
crimsonmaneAbhijit: i have this thing inside me ... makes me curious, even tho i wont run it02:47
fslima0rww, that sucks!02:48
Abhijitcrimsonmane, hmm02:48
joeoshawacuriosity killed the cpu02:48
crimsonmanewell then tells meh wut it doth doo !02:48
slug0anybody good with writing perl? need help installing the SDL for game programming with perl02:48
Abhijitslug0, #perl02:48
joeoshawai would like to know myself but not enough to run it02:48
FloodBot1slug0: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:48
Abhijitslug0, type /j #perl02:48
noobieTuesdayCan someone help me debug X11 forwarding? X11 works when I connect to other computers, but does not work if I connect to this particular machine. I have checked the corresponding lines in sshd.02:49
syrinx_joeoshawa: crimsonmane: gooogle-fu02:49
yuskhanzabhello i got something to ask here. is pidgin have webcam plug in??? or how to enable webcam in pidgin instant mesengger?02:49
Picicrimsonmane, joeoshawa: it evaluates to 'rm -rf *'  and then runs it02:49
crimsonmaneyuskhanzab: you need to get Jasper 200 runtime environment02:49
syrinx_joeoshawa: deletes all home directories02:50
crimsonmanety pici02:50
syrinx_or, what Pici said02:50
joeoshawawow that would be unfortunate02:50
yuskhanzabcrimsonmane, install it in software center? or02:50
yuskhanzabok ill search for it02:50
crimsonmaneafter that there is something else02:50
arrrghhhhey all, can anyone help me migrate a public key from putty to linux?02:50
crimsonmanesomething i dont know about. someone was talking about it an hour ago. mounting the cam...02:50
Abhijithi. is there any way i can save streaming radio/website ?????02:50
joeoshawait would be easier to type cd / then rm -rf02:51
joeoshawabut i wouldn't02:51
crimsonmaneMy Linksys Wireless USB 600 device likes to "stop functioning." It was necessarily installed via NDISwrapper. The time-out used to occur when going idle but i now notice it timed-out when not idle. In fact i was in here. Only a system reboot brings it back to life. After a time-out the computer thinks its still alive. Any thoughts are much appreciated. Private Messages accepted. Thanks.02:51
yuskhanzabcrimsonmane, to many result for jasper.. so witch 1 do i have to install?02:51
joeoshawabetter would be repartitioning your hdd from your installed os02:52
crimsonmane2000 runtime envirironment02:52
joeoshawawould be funny for everyone but you02:52
iszakI want to have home based start-up scripts, how to do this?02:52
joeoshawaare we having a floodbot fight02:53
bencahill!ot | joeoshawa02:53
ubottujoeoshawa: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:53
yuskhanzabok ive install it..then how to use my webcam in pidgin?02:53
AurigaHello, I just installed updates, now it seems VLC isn't able to give me any sound... Any ideas on maybe how to uninstall most recent updates?02:53
crimsonmanei'll be perfectly honest yuskhanzab, i don't rightly know. i just know it was being discussed earlier. from here you have to setup or configure the cam.02:54
crimsonmaneand my knowledge goes over the cliff02:54
Free_BulletsAuriga, check VLC's audio configuration?02:54
joeoshawaauriga a better question would be why don't you have sound02:54
AurigaAudacious has sound...02:55
joeoshawai just installed the updates a while ago and i got sound in vlc02:55
joeoshawadid you try uninstalling and reinstalling vlx02:55
yuskhanzabthere is no webcam option in prefence..02:55
Random832someone's support question from another channel on another network: http://pastebin.com/SkHy5fdG - anyone here know what he's doing wrong?02:55
AurigaAudio is enabled in VLC...02:55
noobieTuesdayHow can I fix X11forwarding on a server? When I connect from a remote computer it has an empty $DISPLAY variable, but X11Forwarding has been enabled in sshd_config and restarted several times?02:56
AurigaI actually did a reinstallation. A clean uninstall might work actually you're right.02:56
joeoshawai mean purge the program and reinstall it02:56
rwwRandom832: remove the $ in front of sudo02:56
rwwRandom832: and support by proxy is annoying. don't :\02:56
rwwRandom832: and crossposting is more annoying. don't.02:56
AurigaDOing it now...02:56
arrrghhhhey all, can anyone help me migrate a public key from putty to linux?02:56
joeoshawasomeone correct me if i am wrong but sudo apt-get purge vlc should do it02:56
Random832rww: it wasn't a real support question, i already solved it02:56
rwwRandom832: then don't ask it in #ubuntu02:57
Random832but i lol'd so i thought people would find it amusing02:57
jkghello! I have a thinkpad and wifi flakiness issues, I'm told if I disable 802.11N I might get stable connections using B or G, apparently this is common with intel chipsets. how would I go about doing such a thing?02:57
joeoshawathen sudo apt-get install vlx02:57
yuskhanzabcrimsonmane, there is still no webcam option in pidgin prefence.. or i hv to restart my pidgin?02:57
joeoshawasudo apt-get install vlc02:57
AurigaNah that will give me the old one.02:57
Random832it was also a test, i wanted to see how many people would go to 'close your synaptic' or whatever02:57
crimsonmaneyuskhanzab: no you're on the right path. i just know know the rest of the instructions02:57
joeoshawaunless you want to compile the latest from source02:58
joeoshawaup to you02:58
realgod__hello all02:58
MariaKeysGood morning. Anyone has experience with RAMFS?02:58
joeoshawawell purge will clear all trace of vlc from your system02:59
AurigaStill no sound....02:59
AurigaThis is odd.02:59
joeoshawathen it installs from scratch02:59
joeoshawait is odd02:59
AurigaYeah it's reinstalled, & nothing.02:59
joeoshawaeverything else has sound?02:59
AurigaYesterday sound... Today no sound.02:59
AurigaAudacious is blaring out sound.02:59
joeoshawaone sec02:59
AurigaFirefox too.02:59
arrrghhhAuriga: did you check vlc's audio settings...?02:59
arrrghhhtrack, etc?02:59
AurigaNot that I changed them.03:00
Abhijithi. is there any way i can save streaming radio/website ?????03:00
arrrghhhAuriga: yea but some files have different settings for audio.03:00
[thor]Auriga: when you open your sound control panel ( System > Preferences > Sound ), in the Applications tab, is VLC listed?03:00
yuskhanzabcrimsonmane, have u try this webcam in ur system?03:00
joeoshawacheck tools preferences then audio03:00
arrrghhhAbhijit: not something you can really get help with here.03:00
joeoshawamake sure the settings are right03:01
Abhijitarrrghhh, why?03:01
Abhijitarrrghhh, they are free radios03:01
arrrghhhAbhijit: so?  doesn't mean you can freely save the songs.03:01
AurigaOkay got it...03:01
AurigaNot sure how but the output for VLC changed.03:01
noobieTuesdayIs it possible to X11forward via localhost?03:02
joeoshawathought it might03:02
arrrghhhany help migrating putty to linux?03:03
joeoshawai got two audio cards at once and i have to choose the right one thats why i thought of it03:03
AurigaIt was the volume control options themselves, but I'm not getting how it changed...03:03
AurigaOkay, well thanks anyways for the help.03:03
joeoshawaglad to help03:03
[thor]Abhijit: in the Software Center, look for KRadioRipper03:04
Abhijit[thor], ok03:04
duongthaihahi i have a some problem with shell script. I want to write a script to copy a file to somewhere esle. However i have two variable in the file name03:04
Strife1989Hello, all. I am running Ubuntu 10.10 on a Dell Inspiron 700m. It has a rather annoying quirk: whenever the AC adapter is unplugged, the laptop will always go to Standby. If the laptop is already in Standby or is Hibernating when I unplug the AC Adapter, it will go (back) into Standby once it resumes. Might anyone have an idea as to why it does this?03:04
Abhijit[thor], thanks i install kradioripper and kstreamripper too03:06
Strife1989I do know that it's not triggering the "Standby button pressed" reaction, as changing the action to Hibernate does not cause it to Hibernate on unplugging.03:06
heslamStrife1989: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/48131203:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 481312 in gnome-power "Laptop suspends when I connect/disconnect AC" [Medium,Fix released]03:07
heslamStrife1989: WORKAROUND: change lid-closed action to Blank Screen in Power Management properties.03:07
joeoshawai avoid ubuntu suspend like the plague it has never worked for me03:08
arrrghhhanyone migrated from putty to linux?  i have ssh pub keys in putty, but i want to be able to auth in linux as well...03:08
xrdodrxhow do I see how much wubi disk space i have left?03:09
Strife1989joeoshawa: It works half the time for me, but when it fails, it sucks. I usually Hibernate instead, which rarely fails.03:09
arrrghhhxrdodrx: disk utility should show it, no?03:09
noobieTuesdaycan any one help me with X11 forwarding? The display variable is not getting set. This is a fresh install of openssh with Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit?03:09
Strife1989heslam: Thanks03:10
j_ayen_greentwo days in a row 10.4 in vbox, which has been up for a year, has locked up on me and I've had to restart the host to get ubuntu to shut down. The syslog shows nothing from the time period. The only user apps running at the time were chrome and thunderbird. CPU was pretty much pinned though.03:10
xrdodrxarrrghhh, it shows my host disk03:10
psionnoobieTuesday: are you exporting it with bash_profile/bashrc?03:10
joeoshawaarrrghhh, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys03:10
joeoshawai used that myself since i admin a computer in another city03:11
L-Strife89heslam: ... Actually, I guess that didn't work.03:11
JdGordon|why the heck doesnt ubuntu retry wifi connections after a few min when it goes down (without user interaction)?03:12
Abhijiti want to mute sounds in libreoffice impress. but i want my radio to play. how to do this?03:12
arrrghhhjoeoshawa: i... don't see anything about pulling keys from putty into linux?03:12
noobieTuesdaypsion: Nope I'm not exporting it with bashrc or bash profile03:12
JdGordon|I'm locked out of my remote pc because the AP dropped and it isnt reconnecting03:12
joeoshawai don't know if you can but you could make new keys for the linux install03:12
L-Strife89heslam: It *looked* like it was working to start with, but right after I entered my password, *BOOM* suspend.03:12
L-Strife89JdGordon|: It does try. Once.03:13
vtorhello need help people > installed ubuntu 8.04 then upgraded to 10.04 through update that came on screen now i have no apps places sysytem??03:13
psionnoobieTuesday: perhaps that would help? i.e. DISPLAY=":0.0" && export DISPLAY03:13
arrrghhhjoeoshawa: that's not really an option.  it's not my server.03:13
heslamL-Strife89: Dave Kandz in that mailing list link has the same as you and says it works (maybe he means another work around though, you should check)... other than that, I'm not sure what else you can do03:14
L-Strife89vtor: Right-click the panel, click Add to Panel, then add Main Menu.03:14
joeoshawai take it the server does not allow password login03:14
vtorl-strife89 - there is no pannel just a blank screen03:14
xrdodrxhow do I see how much wubi disk space i have left?03:14
psiondf -h03:15
L-Strife89vtor: Literally blank?03:15
crimsonmaneMy Linksys Wireless USB 600 device likes to "stop functioning." It was necessarily installed via NDISwrapper. The time-out used to occur when going idle but i now notice it timed-out when not idle. In fact i was in here. Only a system reboot brings it back to life. After a time-out the computer thinks its still alive. Any thoughts are much appreciated. Private Messages accepted. Thanks.03:15
vtori created a folder and can get to root etc but cant find terminal03:15
L-Strife89vtor: Uh.03:15
JdGordon|L-Strife89: *great* :p03:16
noobieTuesdaypsion: Thanks that seems to have helped, at least localhost forwarding seems to work properly.03:16
psionon the note of displays: I need to vnc my pc hooked up to my tv and have it access the same :0.0, i.e. mirror the screen via vnc03:16
heslamvtor: to be honest you're probably better off doing a full clean reinstall rather than upgrading03:16
joeoshawaarrrghhh, what about this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=47148503:16
psusicrimsonmane, get hardware that has proper linux support instead of relying on the windows driver03:16
L-Strife89JdGordon|: Hey, I'm not an Ubuntu encyclopedia. :P03:16
psionnoobieTuesday: np03:16
vtorah man took me about 5 hours to install 8/04 lol03:16
crimsonmanepsusi: not an option. i had this long before i had linux. and one pci slot has my sound card.03:17
Enox4Anyone have hints on getting Nvidia 210 HDMI sound output working with Ubuntu?  I've tried everything I read online to no avail.. I don't have any clue where the failure is.. alsa, pulseaudio, etc.03:17
L-Strife89vtor: Five hours?!03:17
vtorim a noob im learning03:17
arrrghhhjoeoshawa: ah.  looks like i'll have to go back to windows to export, but no biggie.  thanks!03:17
heslamvtor: did you install 8.04 recently or ages ago...? if the former... why?03:17
xrdodrxpsion, which is wubi? http://pastebin.com/gpu3Pe5d03:17
psusicrimsonmane, then you're out of luck03:17
joeoshawano problem sorry i have no idea what putty is sorry i couldn't be more help03:17
L-Strife89vtor: I was assuming slow/old hardware as the cause of the length.03:17
vtorjust installed today my friend gave me the cd coz my comp is a p3 and didnt think it would take 10.403:18
crimsonmanepsusi: for an issue that has been around for years, i would expect it to be fixed03:18
heslamvtor: 10.10 installs very quickly, especially due to the fact that it installs ubuntu whilst you dilly dally over entering details. the partitioner is easier to use too if that's what you're having problems with03:18
psionxrdodrx: they all are...03:18
vtoryh slow hardware and slow human03:18
psusicrimsonmane, can't fix it because the windows driver is proprietary... only the manufacturer could fix it03:18
L-Strife89vtor: A P3 can run 10.10 if you be nice to it.03:18
vtorhow nice03:18
psionxrdodrx: / is the main directory, from there you have partitions for /dev, /var, and /host03:18
L-Strife89In other words, just don't try to do too much at once. ;)03:19
psionxrdodrx: /host is your OS's drive, / is the main drive.  so you could say there's 11gb left03:19
syrinx_truer works never spoken L-Strife8903:19
heslamvtor: if you've got 512 megs of RAM or less, ubuntu 10.10 will run but i would recommend Lubuntu or linux mint lxde edition if you want to shave off some RAM. I run it on my mum's amd athlon XP with a gig of RAM (we're talking 2004?) and it's pretty quick03:19
xrdodrxpsion, yea but wubi is non resizable. My files are on /host; I want to know how much space ubuntu has03:20
vtori think i will have to install from cd again .  i have 10.4 on my lappy   should i upgrade 2 10.10 on my lappy?03:20
noobieTuesdaypsion: Quick question. That seems to shoot X11 apps to display 0.0. How do I get to forward onto the connecting client computer?03:20
L-Strife89syrinx_: :)03:20
psionxrdodrx: like I said, / has 11gb03:20
heslamvtor: i'm still on 10.04 on my desktop. no reason to upgrade unless there's some killer feature you want03:20
vtorok i will install 10.10 on pc and b nie to it  its from about 2002 very old got it for free from freecycle03:21
psionnoobieTuesday: to be honest, I missed the preface of what you're trying to do.  are you connecting to a server and wanting remote commands executed to bring up a gui on your end?03:21
vtorwhats different from 10.04 2 10.10?03:21
syrinx_vtor: you should be fine, i have something similar running right now03:21
noobieTuesdaypsion: Yup. I want to connect from a remote computer and bring the gui onto my end. Currently I am using VNC, but it has trouble with mesa rendering.03:21
AurigaYou should wait a month for 11.04.03:21
joeoshawacrimsonmane, it would seem from google that that device has major issues in all operating systems03:21
vtor11.04  wtf03:21
heslamvtor: a few newer packages (compiz, kernels etc.), a newer theme and a new sound menu. Auriga's right, wait for 11.0403:22
joeoshawanot just linux03:22
AurigaVtor you are new to Linux?03:22
syrinx_i'd wait a few months for 11.0403:22
arrrghhhvtor: there's updates 6 months.03:22
vtoryes new about 4months lol03:22
arrrghhhvtor: new OS every 6 months.03:22
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases03:22
crimsonmanejoeoshawa: i appreciate your research, however the device is amazing with windows.03:22
xrdodrxpsion, oh, thanks :D03:22
psionnoobieTuesday: there's a lot of guides online on the topic of "x11 forwarding", have you looked at that yet?  tbh it's been a while since I've done it so I'd just be reading a guide then explaining it back to you lol03:22
vtorwindows all my life then i had 2 pay so wanted free stuff03:22
vtorubuntu is the bolloks03:23
zombie_How do you convert an audio file thats .ogg to .mp3 on linux ubuntu 10.10?03:23
AurigaVtor, Ubuntu is released every 6months.03:23
noobieTuesdaypsion: Yup, I've read them all. It works on all my other Ubuntu setups, so that's why I came here, because it's doing something funky. Anyways thanks.03:23
georgeneed help on making Grub 2 display the entry to boot FreeBSD 8.1???03:23
AurigaOr a new version is released every 6 months.03:23
joeoshawasorry i didn't see anything on  how to use it only a user in the forums with the same problem but it seemed from what i saw that it is the firmware03:23
zombie_How do you convert an audio file that's .ogg to .mp3 on linux ubuntu 10.10?03:23
crimsonmanei have a slipstreamed Win 32bit Professional SP3 i pirate all over god's green earth.03:23
L-Strife89heslam: Looking at upower's report on the lid, my statuses are the same as Dave's were. (lid is closed==yes; lid is present==yes)03:23
psionnoobieTuesday: np, sorry I couldn't be of help03:23
AurigaGuys what is the once every two years release called?03:24
syrinx_zombie_ is back03:24
psusiAuriga, LTS03:24
AurigaThank you!03:24
psusiLong Term Support03:24
xrdodrx!lts | Auriga03:24
ubottuAuriga: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)03:24
heslamL-Strife89: but the work around didn't work?03:24
joeoshawayou seem to have been lucky and got one that works well in windows one person had one stable one and one bad one03:24
L-Strife89heslam: Apparently not. :/03:24
somethingintereshi all, I've done something funky to my gnome-panel and now the messaging menu is gone and the  th default  empathy icon is shown on boot despite usually not been seen (it launches only for chat in the Me Menu usally). How can I get things back to how they should be?03:24
=== maelstrom is now known as Guest76451
Enox4Okay so "03:24
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com03:24
AurigaVtor, every two years there is a release called an RTS which is Long Term Support... Yeah read that big red part lol03:24
xrdodrx!panels | somethinginteres03:25
ubottusomethinginteres: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »03:25
L-Strife89heslam: Just in case there's something screwing with it, I'll reboot and try again.03:25
vtor!ubuntu 11/0403:25
zombie_Anybody know anything about converting .ogg files to mp3?03:25
Enox4aplaplay -D plughw:0,3 (some wav file) works.. But no mp3's xbmc or video sound plays at all.03:25
heslamL-Strife89: go for it. maybe you can work out how to jam it so that it always thinks your lid is open03:25
joeoshawa!ubuntu 11.0403:25
heslamL-Strife89: jam the software, not the lid!03:25
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.03:25
somethinginteresxrdodrx: thanks heaps for that03:25
L-Strife89heslam: :)03:26
xrdodrxsomethinginteres, np :D03:26
vtori started a craze03:26
vtor!ubuntu 12.0403:26
joeoshawathought you were looking for that lol03:26
crimsonmaneobottu says it doesnt know anything about 12.0403:26
ubottuUbuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://www.ubuntu.com/start-download - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/101003:26
AurigaVtor what were you using 4months ago before Linux?03:26
farhanshahid2009i wanna know something03:27
vtorwindows xp03:27
farhanshahid2009why cant ubuntu programs run on windows and viceversa03:27
joeoshawacould be worse could be vista03:27
crimsonmanebecause they speak different languages03:27
arrrghhhfarhanshahid2009: it can, kinda.  wine03:27
arrrghhh!wine | farhanshahid200903:27
ubottufarhanshahid2009: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu03:27
AurigaXp 64 bit?03:27
crimsonmanethey have different cores03:27
vtoroh no not vista i havnt even played on it dont want to03:27
AurigaVtor, XP 64bit?03:27
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents03:28
joeoshawafarhanshahid2009,  they are totaly different operating systems its like expecting someone from china to talk to someone from japan03:28
vtornah 32 dont have enough money for 6403:28
vtorim poor man03:28
joeoshawayou need an interpreter03:28
vtorgot my comp for free03:28
joeoshawasuch as wine03:28
vtorand my lappy for 20 quid03:28
farhanshahid2009so how do you make a cross os prgram?03:29
farhanshahid2009or os independent03:29
arrrghhhfarhanshahid2009: use something like java that's OS-agnositc.03:29
crimsonmanevia XML03:29
joeoshawacompile the source code on each os03:29
syrinx_farhanshahid2009: depends03:29
syrinx_this isn't really the place for that though03:29
arrrghhhfarhanshahid2009: there's 15 ways to skin a cat if you couldn't tell.  but this really isn't the place for that.03:29
AurigaVtor I poor too. Check Newegg when you get some money for part.03:29
syrinx_most people consider web standards when thinking of true independence03:30
vtoryh newegg? whats that03:30
L-Strife89heslam: No dice. :(03:30
joeoshawawhat ir dongle works good in ubuntu03:30
farhanshahid2009so google native client uses java right?03:30
StevenXHi. What command can I in bash to shutdown my computer after 30 minutes from the time I type the command in?03:30
joeoshawai want to use a remote as a mouse and keyboard shortcut03:30
vtorsomeone gave me a processor celeron d?03:30
heslamL-Strife89: sorry dude. :( i can only recommend more googling, perhaps others have figured it out. they DID seem to mention some patch going in for maverick, but obviously not. here's hoping for natty03:30
AurigaA good place for parts. Without it I wouldn't have upgraded.03:31
heslamStevenX: shutdown03:31
StevenXheslam, that will shutdown right away.03:31
L-Strife89heslam: Previous googling didn't turn up much, but here's hopin'.03:31
arrrghhhStevenX: man shutdown03:31
heslamSteveX: shutdown --help works too03:31
L-Strife89shutdown -H -t 3003:31
L-Strife89I think03:31
joeoshawaAuriga, you mean me?03:32
iszakI would use shutdown -P03:32
heslamL-Strife89: give a man a command and he'll shutdown for a day03:32
L-Strife89heslam: Point taken03:32
heslamL-Strife89: direct him to a man page and you'll slightly annoy him, which is more satisfying03:32
abstraktwhy exactly do I need to use visudo again?03:32
AurigaMean you for what?03:32
rossmy computer's battery notification doesn't work, it keeps saying "estimating" without actually telling the remaing estimated time, how can I fix this?03:32
abstraktlike, I'm dealing with some automated system setup kind of stuff03:33
AurigaOh no I meant Vtor, he said he is broke, I was saying when he has money to go to Newegg...03:33
abstraktand it's not pheasible to use visudo because that's interactive03:33
abstraktif I manually change the sudoers file03:33
joeoshawaross, need specifics what laptop model03:33
L-Strife89ross: Maybe run apt-get install acpi?03:33
abstraktis there some command I must run before the changes take effect?03:33
rwwabstrakt: no. visudo just checks that the sudoers file is sane before writing it.03:33
heslamvtor: do you have any old grandparents you can mercilessly bleed dry?03:33
rosslet me try it03:33
abstraktrww, ok great thanks03:33
crimsonmaneis there a list of applications that can be obtained via sudo apt-get, and are these also available through the software store thingy? if not, why must they be obtained in two different ways?03:34
farhanshahid2009so google native client uses java right?:-/03:34
arrrghhhcrimsonmane: there's 15 different ways.03:34
rossok trying apt-get install acpi03:34
AurigaCrimsonmane the "Software thingy" Are programs which are in the respitories.03:34
arrrghhhcrimsonmane: the software center is a front-end for apt.03:34
Auriganot all programmes are in there.03:35
vtorhaha nah they already gone and left me nada03:35
arrrghhhcrimsonmane: technically apt-get is a front-end for apt.03:35
AurigaSOmeone correct me if wrong...03:35
heslamcrimesonmane: software centre and synaptic are front ends for apt. synaptic might be more your thing if you're looking for something more technical03:35
arrrghhhAuriga: please don't answer if you're not sure.03:35
rossjoeoshawa: my laptop is the pangolin performance by system7603:35
skorwhat can I change with bash to allow cursor movement within vi during edit mode ?03:35
crimsonmanethanks for all the responses. my next question is why can't they be compiled under one umbrella for me to browse? why must i go to 15 different places?03:35
rwwbecause you voluntarily choose to use more than one place instead of just using apt-get?03:36
joeoshawaone sec lemme see if i can google something i tend to have better success  then most03:36
rww(or aptitude, for bonus points)03:36
AurigaWas answering as most of the time no one ever does lol.03:36
rossjoeoshawa: please, i just got this laptop 2 days ago03:36
crimsonmaneapt-get requires me to know ahead of schedule what it is i'm getting. i like to browse and find new things.03:36
arrrghhhcrimsonmane: you can go to any of those points and get the same info.  they all pull from the same repo's.03:36
JyZyXELwhat command can you use to see what files a certain process is accessing?03:37
arrrghhhcrimsonmane: so use synaptic or software center.03:37
arrrghhhJyZyXEL: lsof03:37
JyZyXELis there a realtime version of that?03:37
heslamcrimsonmane: when whoever it was said "15 different ways", they meant 15 different ways you can view the same information03:37
JyZyXELlike iotop kinda thing03:37
arrrghhhheslam: lol sorry that was me :/03:38
crimsonmaneheslam: thanks for the clarity.03:38
crimsonmanei gotta go. the baby is uppity.03:38
vtorauriga - u like dj ironic?03:39
heslamthank god my baby is a dual core03:39
AurigaWoops wrong box...03:39
heslamwould quite like a real girlfriend though :(03:39
AurigaI have never heard of him if he indeed does exists...03:39
vtorlol he is crap dj from uk03:39
JyZyXELis there like a somekind of interface for lsof?03:40
AurigaLol... Auriga is on his way to youtube...03:40
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:40
timis there still any session/03:41
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rossok so I am back, now someone help me03:41
=== AndroidKris1 is now known as AndroidKris
rossthe battery power does not state exactly the percentage or how long i have left03:42
InTroubleWithUbuHi there!03:42
rossit just goes "estimating" forver03:42
InTroubleWithUbuI have a problem with an update from Karmic Koala to Lucid03:42
LppMy brightness changes do not work. I try to change using the Fn keys and using to scrollbar in the taskbar03:42
LppDell Inspiron 14R03:42
InTroubleWithUbuCAn somebody help?03:43
syrinx_ross: someone had that same problem yesterday03:43
Random832Lpp: what is in /proc/acpi/video03:43
mshadlecan someone help me here? i had to install openfire from a .deb with a dependency on a package that does not exist in ubuntu 10.10 anymore. i used --force or something when i installed it. however, now this is holding me up from being able to apt-get install NORMAL stuff, saying PreDepends and unmet dependencies (when this has nothing to do with what i am trying to install) - is there some way i can force ignore any tracking of this package03:43
rosssyrinx_ : please let me know how do i fix this03:43
Random832you should have a directory, with some directories under it that will have 'brightness' files. cat them, what happens?03:43
LppA folder called GFX0, Random83203:43
Random832ok cd to it whats under that03:44
syrinx_ross: don't remember, but someone here might03:45
LppFolders: DD01 to DD08 and files are DOS info POST POST_info and ROM03:45
rossplease let me know how to fix battery indicator's "estimating..." problem03:46
EyesOnlywhat was the package name03:46
InTroubleWithUbuI used the aouto update from the desktop.03:47
joeoshawaross, it seems that is a known problem for your laptop i would contact  thomasarron on the ubuntu forums and ask him if they found a solution03:47
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InTroubleWithUbuWhat happened the screen went blank after a while and nothing was happening03:47
InTroubleWithUbuI ssh in03:48
InTroubleWithUbuAnd I rebooted.03:48
mshadlegrr, i normally love apt but this is really annoying me03:48
rossjoeoshaw: wha tis thomasarron03:48
FmODzgZlRkI!ops I like to say these following words: 1.tit balls 2.penis nipples 3.doodie poopy 4.pickleweasle 5.testicle poop 6.shit whore 7.shitless tit 8.penis shrimp 9.loomis 10.super weiner discharge03:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:48
InTroubleWithUbuAt startup it stopped at Battery check.03:48
InTroubleWithUbuI could ssh in03:49
InTroubleWithUbuAnd it had some package to update.03:49
=== ashish is now known as Guest32361
joeoshawathomasarron is senior technical support and vp of operations for sysstem 7603:49
Guest22354update  it03:49
InTroubleWithUbusudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade03:49
InTroubleWithUbuBut it has a missing dependency.03:49
joeoshawaseems to be a decent guy from the forums03:49
puffSo, on the advice of #eclipse and ubuntuforums.org, I downloaded eclipse java EE for linux from eclipse.org directly.  I went to invoke the ELF binary, I get a popup with an error:  "the eclipse executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library" ubuntu03:50
xelisterwhen I ssh into a box, how to connect to X session running there as :0 ?03:51
arrrghhhxelister: ssh -X03:51
xelisterarrrghhh: no03:51
xelisterssh -X to correct user + sux to another allows me to run X programs as the user,   but this does not work for apps like aticonfig03:52
joeoshawaross, what do you think of the laptop it looks interesting03:52
puffThis error occurs whether I run it as ./eclipse or eclipse.03:52
arrrghhhxelister: hrm... perhaps x11vnc or something similar is necessary?03:52
puffIs it possible the old (ubuntu packaged) install of eclipse is interfering?03:52
InTroubleWithUbuStrange it is going on now but it was interrupted again.03:52
farhanshahid2009what's all the hype about elementary os???03:52
InTroubleWithUbuI used: sudo apt-get -f install03:52
rwwfarhanshahid2009: ask #ubuntu-offtopic, perhaps?03:53
xelisterssh can not tunnel OpenGL etc?03:53
InTroubleWithUbuUnpacking replacement kdebase-runtime-data ... dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-runtime-data_4%3a4.4.5-0ubuntu1_all.deb (--unpack):  trying to overwrite '/usr/share/kde4/apps/khelpcenter/searchhandlers/docbook.desktop', which is also in package khelpcenter4 4:4.3.5-0ubuntu1~karmic1 Processing triggers for desktop-file-utils ... Processing triggers for hicolor-icon-theme ... Errors were encountered while03:53
mshadlehere's the log of my apt issue: http://pastebin.com/aHEyMGj703:54
cyfuanyone know why update manager fails to open03:57
cyfuwhat would cause that03:57
georgeFreeBSD not showing up in grub... help????03:57
jbwiv_guys, on maverick, "dig +nssearch mydomain.com" returns absolutely nothing....it just goes back to the command line. Anyone know why this is so? can you verify on your end?03:57
=== Daemonic is now known as Guest5179
NJSchultz07hello. I'm having some problems setting up a dual boot system and getting grub2 to work.04:00
rossjoeoshaw:  the laptop is excellent! I cannot believe how good this thing is!! you should get yourself one!04:00
georgesame here -____-04:00
vtorhay guys and girls does any one know if its possible to downgrade from 10.4 to 8.04    i04:01
InTroubleWithUbu$ sudo apt-get -f install [sudo] password for chris:  Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done Correcting dependencies... Done The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:   libfreebob0 libxml++2.6-2 libgda-4.0-common libgda-4.0-4 libknotificationitem1   openoffice.org-l10n-en-gb dbconfig-common python-lxml libass3 python-gda python-gdl04:01
macovtor: reinstall04:01
vtorwithout reinstalling04:01
vtori upgraded from 8.4 to 10.4 today but i want to downgrade04:02
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.04:02
syrinx_i downgraded once04:02
syrinx_shoulda married the first chick04:02
vtorsyrinx how04:02
FloodBot1vtor: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:02
vtorim crying04:03
syrinx_vtor: your welcome04:03
syrinx_i like to lighten up the room sometimes04:03
vtoru got me a warning for that04:03
rwwI like the room to be supportful.04:03
georgeFreeBSD + Ubuntu 10.10 dual boot help please?! -____-04:03
blackshirtgeorge: what the problems ?04:04
blackshirtgeorge: be more detail please04:04
vtorgeorge i say re install04:04
vtorwhatever it is04:04
georgeok blackshirt04:04
vtorsorry i feel high on life04:04
georgeblackshirt: i installed FreeBSD on a second partition and GRUB 1.98 is not giving a menu entry to boot from04:05
syrinx_vtor: #ubuntu-offtopic04:05
blackshirtgeorge: have you update your grub menu  with update-grub off course04:06
georgeit lists my Ubuntu recovery and regular entries04:06
AndroUserjust attached a bluetooth keyboardf to my android!!!!04:06
AndroUserwhats up nerd04:06
blackshirtgeorge: can you paste your grub.cfg04:06
georgesure hold on04:07
AndroUserokay peace04:07
blackshirtok..waiting for that04:07
=== AndroUser is now known as cannedbread
NJSchultz07hello. I need help installing /boot to a different hard drive in my system. ubuntu installed on a SATA HD, plugged in through a PCI card, and my BIOS doesnt recognize it on boot so it doesnt go into grub04:07
dagniwhy is my laptop slow, when running on battery ?04:08
dagniwhy is my network slow when on battery ?04:08
dagnican i change that behavior somehow ?04:08
george@blackshirt here's the config04:10
george# DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE04:10
FloodBot1george: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:10
georgeif [ -s $prefix/grubenv ]; then04:10
george  set have_grubenv=true04:10
irenicus09hi anyone there?04:11
jbwiv_does dig +nssearch www.yahoo.com work for any of you?04:12
irenicus09can someone tell me how I can change the default splash & login screen on Ubuntu 10.04?04:12
blackshirtgeorge: use pastebin.com to paste your output04:12
naryfathis is rare, more than 1400 people and nobody's talking04:14
naryfawell well, somebody's here04:15
FBANEXTI have a software question04:15
naryfawhat's up04:15
dagniwhy is my laptop slow, when running on battery ?04:15
Random832dagni: probably to save energy...04:15
naryfachecked power options?04:16
dagnii realize that but i want full perfomance04:16
dagnibeen there04:16
FBANEXTIs DeVeDe the best software to use to encode and burn video to a dvd disk?04:16
wqwwho can tell me how to install apache ?04:16
dagniwqw: #httpd04:16
Random832i think there's a gnome panel applet you can use to control the cpu frequency scaling04:16
* Random832 doesn't use ubuntu gui much anymore04:16
dagniRandom832: sounds good, how it's called ?04:16
Random832i don't remember04:17
dagnitoo bad !04:17
Random832i _think_ it was available by default so look through the list04:17
dagnilist of what ?04:17
naryfaitems of : add to panel04:17
dagnii'll ask google ;p04:17
wqwit does not work04:18
Abhijitwhere is libreoffice logos are saved in my ubuntu?04:18
irenicus09hi can someone tell me how I can change the default splash & login screen on Ubuntu 10.04?04:19
dagnithis is great04:19
dagnii found it04:19
naryfairenicus09: the easiest way is to use ubuntu tweak04:19
dagniok now i have fast laptop on battery04:20
dagnithanks for help04:20
dagnibut my wifi is still slow on battery04:20
irenicus09naryfa: I know that but it doesn't have option to change the login theme or anything :S04:20
dagnihow to make full-perfomance wifi on battery ?04:20
naryfairenicus09: oops, sawry04:20
kedyhey, i'm patching 2.6.35 kernel with web100, right now i'm compiling the kernel. does anyone know how much disk space i need? currently i'm running out of room on /, hehe04:21
Abhijitwhere is libreoffice logos are saved in my ubuntu?04:21
FBANEXTIs it not okay to ask questions in here?04:21
Abhijit!kernel | kedy04:21
ubottukedy: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages04:21
Abhijit!patience | FBANEXT04:21
ubottuFBANEXT: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:21
naryfairenicus09: maybe gdmsetup?04:21
dagninow i have ultra fast wifi on battery04:23
dagniiwconfig eth1 power off ;)04:23
dagnithanks dagni04:23
irenicus09naryfa: I thought ubuntu didn't support a gdm theme, but im not so sure :S04:23
naryfairenicus09: I don't know, I'm just guessing that if you're using gnome, you're using gnome login manager04:24
cyixwhat's the best or recomended way to utilize my ubuntu 10.10 as a file server on a home LAN system? I have made a shared folder but for some reason I have to keep disabeling then re-enabling it so other boxes can access it.04:25
eTaghello...i'm having a problem with ubuntu netbook remix...it says there is no driver for my broadcam netcard?? is there a solution to this??04:25
cyixmebe just a simple ftp server?04:25
=== sun is now known as Guest20589
FBANEXTis there any software for burning avi files to a dvd then DeVeDe04:28
veovis_muaddibI'm having some trouble, I've been using a USB headset for awhile, but it was damaged when I started using it.  I bought a 3.5mm headset, and sound works, but the microphone does not.  It's a Realtek ALC662.  All the information I can find says it's outdated...04:28
DAElectricwhat is the default folder that appache installs to?04:29
veovis_muaddib* The information says that the information is outdated, not the hardware04:29
DAElectricit the root of http://localhost04:29
FBANEXTI'm looking for software for linux thats like convertxtoDvd04:30
veovis_muaddibFBANEXT: Have you tried http://alternativeto.net/ ?04:30
FBANEXTHows it rated?04:30
=== Freejack is now known as Guest4405
vtornight all  i will b bk 2moro with more problems lol04:31
veovis_muaddibFBANEXT: No, it's a collection of alternatives to various software04:31
FBANEXTI'll check it out Veovis_muaddibe thanks for answering too04:31
veovis_muaddibFBANEXT: No problem04:31
sacarlsonFBANEXT: I've used k3b for some things like that I think04:31
vishalhow to disable https in ubuntu 10.0404:32
thegreengatewayhello???anyone for help with the ubuntu netbook remix version??04:32
FBANEXTK3B made Ktorrent right?04:32
veovis_muaddibFBANEXT: They are both part of the KDE project04:33
FloodBot1chasanb: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:33
FBANEXTKtorrent is really nice I'll have to look into getting a K3E video encoder04:33
veovis_muaddibFBANEXT: If you like KDE apps, you might try Kubuntu at some point...04:34
FBANEXTVeovis_muaddib:: sweet man, I'll look into it04:34
dagniwhere i can get more Panel Applets ???04:34
veovis_muaddibthegreengateway: If you told us what you needed help with we will answer if we can04:34
vishalyar tell me how to disable https in 10.0404:35
thegreengatewayi need help getting the driver for the netbook remix...it's a broadcam card04:35
thegreengatewayand it tells me that i need a cd to install anything..04:35
veovis_muaddibthegreengateway: Always fun working with broadcom....  :(04:36
veovis_muaddibthegreengateway: Can you get on Ethernet?04:36
FBANEXTWhats the video encoders name?04:36
kloplop321Is there a way to fork a process in bash so that it doesn't depend on the current shell to continue existing, or the parent process that called it, to continue existing?04:36
veovis_muaddibkloplop321: Screen04:36
kloplop321veovis_muaddib, not like that,04:36
kloplop321veovis_muaddib, nor like tmux,04:37
thegreengatewayveovis_muaddib: yes,i believe so..04:37
veovis_muaddibkloplop321: Yeah, they're hacky workarounds, not exactly what you're asking for, but I can't think of any way to do EXACTLY what you asked04:37
kloplop321veovis_muaddib: I mean something like what should go into a /etc/init.d script04:37
venkateshhello every one,...04:37
veovis_muaddibthegreengateway: Could you do so please?  It'd help a lot04:38
veovis_muaddibvenkatesh: Hello04:38
FBANEXTi cant find it04:38
veovis_muaddibkloplop321: I'll admit, I have the bad habit of using screen for that purpose...  :P04:38
dashkai want to install photoshop04:39
ljsoftnetis there a way to watch steve jobs keynote march 2011?04:39
kloplop321dashka, download the windows version, run in wine04:39
veovis_muaddibljsoftnet: Isn't it on the main page or something?04:39
Random832kloplop321: do it in the background and then disown04:39
thegreengatewayveovis_muaddib: alright...umm. no i can't i have no wired access where i'm at...thats part of the problem..04:39
Random832kloplop321: or run it with nohup in the first place04:40
veovis_muaddibthegreengateway: Okay, we can still make this work04:40
ljsoftnetveovis_muaddib it doesn't work04:40
veovis_muaddibthegreengateway: Anything that says it needs a cd can also be done with USB04:40
Random832incidentaly, child processes don't depend on the parent process04:40
veovis_muaddibljsoftnet: What browser?04:40
FBANEXTDashka::  sudo apt-get install gimp04:40
MathuinHi all!  The version of python-numpy is 1.3.0.  There's a bug I'm seeing that was fixed in 1.4.0.  The current version is 1.5.0.  What can I do to encourage the updating of the python-numpy package?04:40
ljsoftnetveovis_muaddib chrome04:40
Random832what the child processes are depending on that they lose when the shell exits is the TERMINAL04:40
thegreengatewayveovis_muaddib: even with a usb pluged in it says insert cd..04:41
veovis_muaddibdashka: FBANEXT:  I'm a huge supporter of open source, but the fact is that GIMP isn't good enough yet...04:41
veovis_muaddibSorry all, I have to go04:41
=== Pilif12p is now known as [Pilif12p]
kloplop321Random832, well, I have a virtual file system that calls a script inside, which calls another script, and after the script in the virtual file system(using a /dev/loop), this file system can't unmount because something in the called script outside this virtual fs, does not allow it to unmount.04:41
FBANEXTGimps been fine every time I've used it04:41
MathuinThe maintainer of python numpy is "Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com>"  Do I need to join the mailing list and ask for it to be updated?04:41
FBANEXTI've used gimp on windows xp and linux ubuntu 10.10 both working the same and good04:42
thegreengatewayok great..now the one person helping me left...04:42
thegreengatewayanyone else that can help??04:42
dagniwhere i can get more Panel Applets ???04:43
thegreengatewayi need help getting the driver for the netbook remix...it's a broadcam card04:43
syrinx_thegreengateway: broadcam or broadcom?04:44
lemonhall1How can I make a local git repo from kernel tar.gz?04:44
thegreengatewaysyrinx_:yah broadcom..04:44
=== semitones is now known as funkyTones
lemonhall1How to make a local git repo from kernel tar.gz?04:44
syrinx_did you search for additional drivers?04:44
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=== Guest88212 is now known as hensem
dashkai want to play wc304:45
MathuinI'll ask about python-numpy later.  Thanks!04:45
thegreengatewaysyrinx_ : yah but not having it prevents any internet connection from ubuntu04:46
Juvanyone want in on a slice of a dedi server? 100mbit connection, your own IP, root access, ubuntu (or any debian OS)04:46
thegreengatewaysyrinx_: and anytime i try to install anything it asks for a cd to be inserted...04:46
eein__anyone know the modifier that will force google to read a string like <?=("head")>04:46
eein__ that has always annoyed me.  putting quotes around it does nothing04:46
krtekI have a quick question04:47
dashkai want to play war craft04:47
krtekI logged in as root on one of my servers and saw a users IP and login date at the top as last logged in, they have sudo but not the root account password, would using sudo have them show up at the top like that?04:48
dashkai want to play war 304:48
thegreengatewaysyrinx_: ???04:48
dashkai can not play wc3 how can i play wc304:48
krtekanyone have an idea?04:49
dimmortalthegreengateway: I'm pretty sure you can copy the files to a usb thumbdrive and adding the drive to the software sources04:49
dashkais anyone know it04:49
[TK]D-Fenderdashka: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=45407&page=304:49
thegreengatewaydimmortal: ok and any clue as to where to get the ubuntu driver for broadcom?04:50
FrenkOkay, who's going to point me in the right direction of controlling my ubuntu desktop with my android phone04:51
dimmortalthegreengateway: google it.. I have not the time to do your work for you04:51
=== Freejack is now known as Guest42493
krtekcan someone help answer my Q?04:52
Frenkwhat was your question krtek04:53
krtekFrenk: I logged in as root on one of my servers and saw a users IP and login date at the top as last logged in, they have sudo but not the root04:53
krtek               account password, would using sudo have them show up at the top like that?04:53
* drumhed is experiencing weird display symptoms using Adobe FlashPlayer to view Youtube. The image is doubled and filtered red/pink/orange04:53
* drumhed has confirmed that it is only on youtube.com04:54
drumhedanyone else seeing this?04:54
digiraki am trying to install kubuntu with a dual boot on my system04:54
FBANEXTHELLO EVERYBODY:: Is there an app I can get that will teach me how to program software of linux?04:54
krtekFBANEXT: what programming language you want to learn04:55
digiraki already have partitions04:55
SirCaneFBANEXT firefox04:55
FBANEXTon linux*04:55
krtekSirCane: lol04:55
digirakon which previously ubuntu has been installed04:55
digirakcan anyone help04:55
FBANEXTkrtek:: I wanna learn perl first04:55
krtekdigirak: whats your questions04:55
digiraki dont boot the ubuntu on  that anymore04:55
drumhed@fbanext: the help you seek is found in a book, not an app04:55
krtekFBANEXT: get a book, there arent many "apps"04:55
krtekthat'll teach you04:55
rrrubuntu testing04:55
SirCanekrtek tell that to apple. theres and app for that04:55
digirakkrtek: i am trying to install kubuntu on one of them and clean the other partition04:55
krtekSirCane: im calling up Sir Steve Jobs now on my iPhail04:56
FBANEXTdrumhed:: I'd probably have to go, to college for this ehh04:56
krtekdigirak: gparted?04:56
=== jussi01 is now known as Guest39611
drumhednah, not necessarily04:56
drumhedyou either have the aptitude to code or you don't04:56
digirakkrtek: u want me to use gparted?04:56
krtekdigirak: try, not sure04:56
krtekbrb gotta go park the car04:56
FBANEXTWell, I have some books but its Linux ubuntu for dummys lol04:56
SirCaneFBANEXT http://wwwacs.gantep.edu.tr/docs/perl-ebook/ pretty good right?04:57
NJSchultz07Need a hand installing /boot only a hard drive different than the Ubuntu install.04:57
=== krtek is now known as Krtek|Away
drumhedAnyone here been to youtube today w/ firefox & the adobe flash plugin?04:57
FBANEXTSirCane:: Is it a PFD?04:57
digirakit wont screw up my system will it?04:57
dashkai have acer with gforce 480 with 1gb  when i installed new driver after that computer says restart your computer when i start to my laptop than start up my laptop i can  not see login screen  it black screeen help me how to fix thsi problem04:57
SirCanehttp://wwwacs.gantep.edu.tr/docs/perl-ebook.tgz seems to be in a tarball here04:58
FBANEXThtml ugh04:58
FBANEXTI dunno if the internet will be up much longer04:59
SirCanedownload the tarball and view offline04:59
jingqq5210So quiet04:59
cabbagebotSo, I've got a question...04:59
SirCaneif you really need pdf FBANEXT, goto print in firefox and print to pdf file05:00
cabbagebotI have 10.10 on my laptop, with nVidia display drivers installed, and whenever I close my laptop, the drivers fail to restart when I open it05:00
cabbagebotThe defualt drivers don't give me that issue though05:01
Abhijitwhere is libreoffice logos are saved in my ubuntu?05:01
cabbagebotthe drivers you mean?05:01
cabbagebotI think I did. I'll try again though05:01
joeoshawahey have you guys checked this out http://www.ekoore.com/web/it/prodotti/et10ta.html05:01
paq7512my computer froze earlier is there a way a find the source 10.4.2?05:02
NJSchultz07please, need help installing /boot to a different location05:02
joeoshawaanyone have that thing?05:02
digirakhow do i make it a dual boot05:02
joeoshawaits a ubuntu tablet pc05:03
digirakonce i install an os will it automatically be dual boot05:03
SirCanecabbagebot i think its a power management issue. my old toshiba did the same, i think it had a geforce 40 go card or something. never got around to fixing it05:03
jingqq5210or you can check the startup applications~~~05:03
SirCanecabbagebot my laptop would get quite hot as well with the lid shut05:03
nit-witNJSchultz07, from where to where05:03
cabbagebotah, I'm not sure that's the issue SirCane05:04
cabbagebotIt doesn't get so hot05:04
cabbagebotI think I have an NVS card05:04
jingqq5210to see if the nvidia  xserver is there05:04
cabbagebotnvidia xserver is definitely there05:04
nit-witdigirak, what do you want to dual boot05:04
digiraknit-wit: ubuntu and kubuntu05:05
digiraki want a ubuntu and a kubuntu partition05:05
nit-witdigirak, you can have both on the same OS05:05
cabbagebotOr you could use virtual box and vb the one you'll use the least05:05
jingqq5210generally nvidia driver works well with ubuntu05:05
joeoshawayou can dual boot also if you wish05:05
vishAbhijit: /usr/share/icons/hicolor/.../apps05:05
digiraknit-wit: yes, but the kubuntu wrapper is very unstable05:05
FBANEXTdamn... the pages just show links and don't work on the print pdf bro05:05
cabbagebotYeah, it could just be my card. It was difficult finding drivers for it on windows05:05
digirakso i want a seperate kubuntu05:06
joeoshawaif you want two different partitions two separate installs you can05:06
nit-witdigirak, how many partitions do you have is the main question and how many HD's05:06
digirakI have like 8 partitions05:06
joeoshawai have a dual boot ubuntu 10.10 64 bit and ubuntu 10.10 32 bit install05:06
mun24_I moved my hard disk to another machine. Somehow network is not detected in the new machine05:06
digiraknit-wit: 2 old linux partitions05:07
nit-witdigirak, take a screen shot of gparted and paste it image.05:07
digiraknit-wit: which are screwed05:07
joeoshawadigirak, that could be a problem you can only have so many main partitions05:07
mun24_How to install network card in the new hardware with old ubuntu hard disk05:07
nit-witdigirak, so I'm assuming Ubunt and Kubunt are grub2 eh.05:07
cyybborganyone in the room familiar with video display and codec stuff?  i'm seriously ready to switch back to msft...05:08
joeoshawadigirak, just install ubuntu over one of the screwed partitions and kubuntu over the other05:08
jingqq5210you can install a win codec packe05:08
FBANEXTGuess it doesn't matter05:08
Abhijitvish, thanks05:08
cyybborgi get these funky video color patterns and sound isn't running correctly05:08
nit-witdigirak, just reformat one of gthe partitions and install custom to it. you can have grub control from Ubuntu  if you want afterwards.05:09
cyybborgonly files that work well are super old .avi05:09
joeoshawadigirak, the one you want to boot at the end of the timer install last05:09
jingqq5210cyybborg: you can install a win codec pack05:09
Da|Mummywhy does aucacious suck so much with audio cds on ubuntu?05:09
Da|Mummyit never wants to get the id305:10
jingqq5210or kmplayer05:10
jingqq5210or vlc player05:10
jingqq5210they all works well with ubuntu05:10
cyybborgcommand line or synaptic?05:11
cyybborgi've got vlc05:11
digiraknit-wit: how do i paste the scrn shot05:11
nit-witdigirak, http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add05:11
nit-witdigirak, name the useless partitions if they are not obvious05:12
jingqq5210vlc had a bad performance on reall media files05:12
cyybborgi don't normally use real media files05:13
cyybborgbut good working functionality w/ mp4 would be nice05:13
digirakthe Linux filesystem and sda8 are useless05:14
gilleshey when i move my windows around , and i do have wobbly windows active.. i have a ati5850 vid card.. i keep getting lines going across the window im moving .. only happends when i move05:14
SirCanegilles yes05:14
gilleshow can i get rid of that ?05:14
sanjeev_i have a problem in ubuntu that i m not able to see my cdrom drive in it05:15
digiraksanjeev_: do u see the cdrom on ur list of drives?05:16
digiraksanjeev_: then ur cdrom is not mapped05:16
gilles hey when i move my windows around , and i do have wobbly windows active.. i have a ati5850 vid card.. i keep getting lines going across the window im moving .. only happends when i mo05:16
sanjeev_then how can i solve this prolbem05:17
gilleshey when i move my windows around , and i do have wobbly windows active.. i have a ati5850 vid card.. i keep getting lines going across the window im moving .. only happends when i move05:17
gilles ?05:17
digiraksanjeev_: do u have a laptop or a desktop?05:17
sanjeev_digi: I have desktop05:17
digiraksanjeev_: this looks like a standard ubuntu problem did you search on the documentation?05:18
gilleshey when i move my windows around , and i do have wobbly windows active.. i have a ati5850 vid card.. i keep getting lines going across the window im moving .. only happends when i move05:18
gilles ?any1 knows how to fix this?05:18
sanjeev_digirak: yes but not find any satisfactory answer.05:18
nit-witdigirak, those two partitions amount to about 5 gigs.  You would have to shrink sda5 and you can remove a swap as well.05:19
digiraksanjeev_: also check with your disk analyser05:19
sanjeev_digi_: how can i do this?05:19
digiraksanjeev_: Administration-disk analyser05:20
digiraknit-wit: this wont affect my sda5?05:20
digiraknit-wit: why shrink sda5?05:20
sanjeev_but there is only disk utility not analyser?05:20
=== Leman_Russ_ is now known as Leman_Russ
digiraksanjeev_: yes disk utility05:21
nit-witdigirak, the space you offer as replaceable is not enough.05:21
digiraksanjeev_: that is the one that looks after what disks u have05:21
glassrosehi! I have installed latest telepathy-glib gtk-docs  in ~/src/install/share/gtk-doc/html. Now, in order to view them in devhelp, I set XDG_DATA_DIRS=~src/install/share:/usr/share. But even now when I run $devhelp I don't see the latest docs but only the old ones which are installed in /usr/share !! Any help would be appreciated05:21
sanjeev_but there is not much detail there are only storage devices showing there only05:22
digiraknit-wit: so how do i decrease the space in sda505:22
digiraksanjeev_:do u see ur cdrom there?05:22
mun24_digirak: use GParted05:22
sanjeev_digirak_: no there is no cd rom in disk utility.05:24
digiraksanjeev_: then ur cdrom is not mapped at boot05:24
nit-witdigirak, boot a live Ubuntu cd open gparted right click both swaps and make sure they are unmounted. right click sda5 the resize and resize. Then build the new partitions in the space of the removed and opened space.05:24
sanjeev_ok so how can i get it mapped at boot05:24
digiraknit-wit: i have a ubuntu already05:25
digiraknit-wit: resizing sda5 will make me lose data?05:25
sanjeev_digirak_: ok so how can i get it mapped at boot05:26
digiraksanjeev_: i am sorry i dont know thart05:27
sanjeev_ok so can you tell me where m i get further info regarding this problem?05:27
sanjeev_digirak_: ok so can you tell me where m i get further info regarding this problem?05:28
needhelp1Pici, hey05:29
visual1cefirefox is so much slower than chrome05:35
visual1ceanyway... im using virtual box to run vista for spss software... just experimenting with it at the moment. i have some questions: are there any issues with running it from an ext4 partition? are there any performance benefits from setting up the virtual os on a native ntfs partition?05:37
cache_surpluswhat is a good cli util to format a drive? syntax please. thanks05:37
=== nick is now known as Guest754
nit-witvisual1ce, #vbox is where this belongs05:37
visual1cedd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/devname bs=512k05:38
visual1cethats a fairly secure wipe05:38
visual1cethanx nit-wit05:38
abhilashm86cache_surplus: mkfs is a cli command to format, see man mkfs05:39
trytohaxmeCan someone explain to me the reason I keep getting this damn "Server X must be off" to install Nvidia drivers..05:39
cyybborganyone private chat with me to solve video codec issues?05:39
syrinx_cyybborg: whats the problem?05:39
cyybborgtrying to play mp4, video is fine "score" music ok and no vocals05:40
cache_surplusi need to low level format a usb ext drive05:40
cyybborgsuper annoying05:40
cyybborgi have amd64 arch using vlc05:40
lifestreamHey, I left Ubuntu by Lucid, because I was so disgusted how things were changing. Is there a central place I can look up things are now?  ( so I don't have to google every single issue)05:40
syrinx_cyybborg: sure its not a problem with the video itself?05:40
cyybborgtough call, i have lots of files with this issue05:40
cyybborgi don't think it is all tied to the file05:41
syrinx_cyybborg: why would the music play and the voice wouldn't, though?05:41
cyybborgfile property is MPEG-4 AAC audio05:41
cyybborgno idea05:41
cyybborgand i have tons of codec installed05:42
syrinx_what media player, cyybborg ?05:42
cyybborgwhen i use "movie player" no sound and all the colors are messed up05:42
syrinx_maybe try something else?05:42
mespejelI really need something very specific please05:42
cyybborgsyrinx is that to me?05:42
mespejeli need someone who actually know about macs and linux ubuntu im tying to move from mac to linux05:42
syrinx_cyybborg: yes05:42
syrinx_mespejel: ....well?05:43
=== Freejack is now known as Guest23720
mespejelsyrinx hi05:44
mespejelbasically i dont want to ask everything at the same time but for now05:44
syrinx_cyybborg: Mplayer? or maybe banshee05:44
cyybborgi'll try them05:44
mespejeli would ike a good alternative for IMOVIE, a good alternative for GARAGEBAND, a good alternative for IPHOTO and a good alternative for IWEB to design websites easy with no knowledge05:44
mespejelspecially GARAGEBAND AND IWEB05:45
FloodBot1mespejel: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:45
Jordan_U!caps | mespejel05:45
ubottumespejel: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.05:45
syrinx_mespejel: is you want to do things with no knowledge, your using the wrong OS05:45
mespejelcome on05:46
mespejelonly web design not all05:46
mespejeli do my website with iweb is easy05:46
mespejeli wonder if there alternative for linux and also music creation like garageband app05:46
cyybborgsyrinx, i installed mplayer but don't see it in my menus?05:47
syrinx_cyybborg: how did you install it? apt-get?05:47
cyybborgno, synaptic05:47
cyybborgi'm kind of linux stupid05:47
mespejelim not computer engineer who would i know website programming language? no sense05:47
mespejelif you think like that means you hate technology05:47
cyybborgcomputer engineering and building websites are totally not related05:48
syrinx_cyybborg: should be in sound & video...05:48
mespejelin 3 years.. 6 years old kids will create webdesign05:48
hemispheremy wlan0 suddenly disappeared, how do I fix it ?05:48
mespejelwell im not a graphic designer or anything related okkk05:48
syrinx_mespejel: I can't help you, sorry05:48
mespejelim a business major05:48
cyybborgstill no joy05:49
cyybborgit doesn't make much sense05:49
syrinx_cyybborg: no, it doesn't05:49
cyybborgmplayer is the generic movie player right?05:49
cyybborgit could be all tied to the 64bit architecture05:49
syrinx_are you running the 32 bit version/05:50
cyybborgof mplayer?05:50
cyybborgi don't know05:50
syrinx_of ubuntu05:50
preetamhi after upgrading to new kernel the kernel is not appearing in the grub boot loader even after sudo update-grub command.05:50
syrinx_well I know the 64-bit is a bit more bugggy than the 32-bit05:51
syrinx_not sure if this would be the problem though05:51
cyybborgwho knows05:51
cyybborglinux is like custom cars05:51
cyybborgtons of time and never a clear answer05:51
joeoshawaso i guess nobody here has that ubuntu tablet pc?05:51
syrinx_but it's our job, as good mechanics, to find out05:51
preetamplease help ..hi after upgrading to new kernel the kernel is not appearing in the grub boot loader even after sudo update-grub command.05:51
cyybborgi use my relationship w/ ubuntu to study the inner workings of why good disruptive innovations just don't take hold05:52
Jordan_U!ot | cyybborg05:52
ubottucyybborg: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:52
syrinx_cyybborg: take it to OT, lol05:53
syrinx_but seriously, is there anything relative about the same videos that don't work?05:54
cache_surplusabhinav_singh: i need too low level format05:55
abhinav_singhwhat format cache_surpluz05:55
mespejelhello does anyone know a good music creator app for linux and also a good video creator app?05:55
cache_surplusthanks visual1ce05:55
mespejelthank you05:55
Jordan_Ucache_surplus: Define "low level format".05:55
mespejelvideo edition software please05:55
mespejelfor linux05:55
cache_surplusis urandom the same as /dev/zero?05:55
rwwcache_surplus: no05:55
jiltdilis there any way to use two desktop environment at a time?05:55
cache_surpluswhats the diff to /dev/urandom vs /dev/zero when whipping the drive?05:56
th0rjiltdil: you could run one in a vm, or run one on a server and access it via ssh from the other05:56
cache_surplusJordan_U: google it05:56
rww/dev/zero fills it with zeros. /dev/urandom fills it with vaguely random zeros and ones.05:56
cache_surplusrww: ic, thanks05:56
cache_surplusso not a real diff in what i want05:57
cache_surplusi could use either, correct?05:57
syrinx_cyybborg: also, do you have the w64codecs?05:57
rwwcache_surplus: depends why you want to format it. For most uses, correct.05:57
cache_surplusrww: i have 1310 bad sectors on a usb 1 tb drive05:58
cache_surplusthats a good reason05:58
jiltdilHow to see the screens that are connected in any small computer network on my screen?05:58
rwwcache_surplus: then yeah, either will work.05:58
modulexploited_I just tried upgrading my 10.10 version of ubuntu to 11.04.. my battery drained completely.... The upgrade was not complete when this happened... I tried using the recovery console to fix the broken packages... an now when I restart... it says "Checking Battery State" and freezes... I have some very important files on the laptop and encrypted... can someone help me fix this ?05:58
cyybborgi do05:58
rwwcache_surplus: may as well do /dev/zero, less CPU usage05:58
syrinx_modulexploited_: #ubuntu+105:58
rwwmodulexploited_: #ubuntu+1 for natty; #ubuntu is only for released versions of Ubuntu.05:58
cache_surplusrww: i am wondering if that will fix the bad sectors...05:58
cache_surpluslooks like dcfldd is stuck...05:59
syrinx_xnccm: what language are you looking for?05:59
=== jack_ is now known as JackWat
Jordan_Ucache_surplus: I am familiar with the term, but actual "low level" formatting of disks isn't something you do anymore. That's why I wanted to clarify what exactly you want.06:00
=== JackWat is now known as jack_
cache_surplusrww: my issue was, i could not even sudo cp -R or sudo chmod -R the drive anymore....06:00
cache_surplusJordan_U: its ok, no worries06:00
cyybborgthere has to be some problem w/ sys cause symptoms occur with some files and not others06:00
cyybborgi can't understand the pattern06:01
cache_surplusJordan_U: are you saying you cant use a manuf disk anymore to low level format?06:01
cyybborgnow colors are all crazy, sound is better06:01
Jordan_Ucache_surplus: Disk's don't present such details anymore. What is your actual end goal>06:02
cache_surplusi guess cops and forensics dont want us deleting our porn06:02
cache_surplusJordan_U: where did you read that?06:02
cache_surplusand when06:02
cache_surplusnews to me06:02
syrinx_cyybborg: that would indicate that it ISN'T the sys06:03
jiltdilHow can i  view a computers screen thats connected to my network??06:03
Jordan_Ucache_surplus: I don't have a particular source that I can remember.06:03
cache_surpluswhat is my goal? lol i want my friggen drive to work like it was brand new. thats my goal06:03
shaw1337jiltdil: what type of network?06:03
cache_surpluswhat else06:03
cyybborghow should I structure my search to find root problem?06:03
FBANEXTanybody know how to use talking tomcat on linux?06:04
syrinx_cyybborg: like i said, did you install w64codecs?06:04
hemispherehi, I installed 10.04.2 LTS on my laptop and it couldn't detect my wireless. do advise06:04
syrinx_cyybborg: are there any commonalities in the files?06:04
jiltdilshaw1337:i want to see the screens of multiple computers at a time on my screen06:04
cyybborgnot sure, they are kind of a mix of .avi and mpg stuff06:05
shaw1337FBANEXT: u can run it on emulator06:05
cyybborgsome play ok, many have color or sound irregularities06:05
cyybborgit wasn't always this way either06:05
FBANEXTShaw1337::  What emulator?06:05
syrinx_cyybborg: did you make any changes since?06:06
U53RN4M3Has anyone else had youtube problem, where the video moves with the page as you scroll. It's rather annoying.06:06
FBANEXTand.. btw most emulators don't work because my computer is weird I tried zsnes and wine both made my computer crash into the login screen06:06
cyybborgnot intentionally but i am not using a very precise restore system either06:06
cyybborgit is strange because some files will play ok, then the colors go shifty and I have to reboot to get the color display back on track06:07
jiltdilany idea about my question?06:07
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
shaw1337jiltdil: you wanna hack into others system ?06:08
jiltdilshaw1337: no i don't want to hack06:08
jiltdilshaw1337: i only want it for security and educational purpose in college/school06:08
shaw1337jiltdil: you wanna monitor others desktop ?06:08
th0rjiltdil: you can use vnc to run another system's desktop on your computer in a window06:08
th0rjiltdil: and if I remember correctly you can also 'share' the desktop with the other user06:09
shaw1337jiltdil: http://www.techotopia.com/index.php/Remote_Access_to_the_Ubuntu_Linux_Desktop06:09
jiltdilthor: can it be possible that i can monitor more than one desktop at a single time06:09
mespejelhello is there a software to record my screen?06:10
_genuser_hello people.06:10
th0rjiltdil: you can access as many systems as your computer's memory and cpu can handle06:10
_genuser_is anyone able to watch youtube videos fine?06:10
syrinx__genuser_: yea....06:11
shaw1337mespejel: Xvid screen capture , and lot more you can find in software centre06:11
jiltdilmespejel; Desktop Recorder06:11
_genuser_syrinx_: using netbuntu. after either last upgrade or something youtube did, but all the videos play with redish color. ads play fine. All other flash sites like hulu play ok.06:11
FBANEXTAnybody know how to make linux run faster on a ps3?06:11
_genuser_syrinx_: something that started like few hours before.06:11
syrinx__genuser_: make any recent changes to the system?06:12
_genuser_syrinx_: just the update manager downloaded updates.06:13
_genuser_on netbuntu.06:13
FBANEXTI've running linux on my ps3 using bootOS and using the external hard drive for the linux OS files and its just almost too slow to use anybody know why the ps3 can't handle linux?  Is it because of the very little ram ?06:13
FBANEXTI've been06:13
_genuser_flashplugin-installer version:
syrinx__genuser_: probably has something to do with it06:14
visual1ceshould i expect that the sha1 or md5 sums of an iso file immediately downloaded from the internet and the same file on disc should be the same? if burn the iso then i rip it back to iso, should i expect its sums to be the same as the initial md5 sha1 sums?06:14
up_dawghey, my launcher/windows/pannels flash non stop after i tried to set emerald as the window decorator in compiz06:14
Secretsmy internet is still not working on my ubuntu06:14
syrinx__genuser_: try another flash and see if its the same06:14
Secretshow do i run disks on ubuntu06:14
Secretslike my telstra internet disk06:15
_genuser_syrinx_: however, all the flash sites, such as hulu play fine. Even youtube ads play fine. Just the videos themselves play bad.06:15
_genuser_syrinx_: if you were to youtube something now, does it play correctly?06:15
_genuser_syrinx_: if it does, then I'll have to use another plugin.06:15
up_dawganybody now how to fix? already tried compiz --replace06:15
FBANEXTI guess nobody knows about ps3 linux06:15
shaw1337jiltdil: you can use teamviewer06:15
FBANEXTor I'm being ignored06:15
lifestreamFBANEXT,  probably not the right place to ask06:16
syrinx__genuser_: works fine. what browser you using?06:16
FBANEXTNobody used yellow dog back in the day?06:16
syrinx_FBANEXT: no sir06:16
lifestreamFBANEXT, whether or not they did people here usually don't support other platforms06:16
_genuser_syrinx_: thanks. using ff 3.6.1306:16
FBANEXTI thought the ps3 was powerful I guess I was wrong it cant run linux any better then a 50 dollar pc06:16
syrinx__genuser_: 3.6.14 works great for me06:17
syrinx_FBANEXT: with or without X?06:18
syrinx_im sure it would run good as a server06:18
neizFBANEXT: actually, sony restricts hardware access in OtherOS.  You are basically using 1/8 processing cores which the PS3 has available to it06:18
lifestreamI stopped using Ubuntu around Lucid, because I didn't like what it was becoming. Is there a place that I can see how much more things have changed?06:18
_genuser_syrinx_: installing new updates. lol, updates to update updates.06:18
SirCaneFBANEXT linux doesn't run on the ps3 very well due to the limitations sony put in the hardware hypervisor06:18
syrinx__genuser_: of course lol06:18
SirCaneyou have half the system ram, no gpu access and only a very small part of the cell processor06:18
FBANEXTWell, I forced linux to boot on 3.55 "not supported anymore for linux" oh well, I thought it would be fun to have a powerful pc but, I thought wrong trying to use the ps3....06:19
lifestreamDoes Ubuntu still use "Indicators">06:19
SirCaneFBANEXT would have been better off getting a 360 and a el-cheapo pc06:20
neizFBANEXT: if sony allowed full access to the hardware then it would be insanely fast, but sadly they crippled it to the point where it is pointless06:20
FBANEXTYeah I'm glad LG sued sony and won hahah06:21
lifestreamWow, no one is using ubuntu right now, that they cant tell me if it has indicators?06:21
rwwvery patient there, lifestream06:21
syrinx_lifestream: what do you mean, indicators?06:21
rwwand yes, it does.06:21
lifestreamrww,  I asked more than 20 min ago ^^06:21
rwwlifestream: Not that I can see, you didn't.06:22
th0rlifestream: no, you asked two minutes ago06:22
lifestreamReally? I asked, then went on a guildwars match (which lasted about 20 minutes) and then I asked again because I saw no responses06:22
rwwYou asked a different question the first time around.06:23
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Bash
lifestreamoh, you're right, i did06:23
BashI need to upgrade grub but when I tried to do chroot it says "/bin/bash" doesn't exist06:23
Bashupdate grub*06:24
lifestreamYou can use /bin/sh06:24
BashI was following that guide06:25
_genuser_syrinx_: ok, 3.6.14 is still doing that. gotta try another plugin.06:25
lifestreamOh I remember having this error. Hmm *tries to remember*06:26
FBANEXThey!  are there any games for linux that are good?  Like doom 306:26
SirCaneFBANEXT good games, like doom 3?06:26
syrinx__genuser_: wierd. definitely not an OS problem though06:26
lifestreamgoogle "best linux games"  "best fps linux games" ?06:26
FBANEXTthats what I asked06:26
FBANEXTgood job repeating me06:26
SirCaneFBANEXT then no, there isn't06:27
Bashchroot: failed to run command `update-grub': No such file or directory06:27
lifestreamOk because I just googled it, and I saw other good similar games06:27
BashI'm also having that error06:27
FBANEXTThere isn't any games for linux that are good06:27
visual1cecan somebody please explain this to me: mount -o loop ./x.iso ./x/06:27
BashCan you update grub though grub minimal command line at boot?06:27
FBANEXTnone of the  mames work06:28
FBANEXTI've tried for 6 weeks now and mame just doesn't work06:28
SirCanevisual1ce you're mounting the contents of the file into a folder?06:28
visual1cei understand what mount is doing and i understand the effect of loop - but i dont understand what it is doing06:28
visual1ceis it like an ln kinda?06:28
Strife89!seen heslam06:29
ubottuI have no seen command06:29
SirCaneok the file x.iso in the ./ current folder is going to be mounted as if it was a directory called x in the current ./ folder06:29
=== jack is now known as Guest48688
visual1cei know about / and ~/  and i was under the impression that i use ./ to execute executable files... in the context above what does...06:30
SirCaneinstead of mounting a disc from a physical drive in /dev/ you're mounting a file in ./06:30
ljsoftnetmy youtube player has color orange on it, is there a fix for this?06:30
visual1cethx sircane :)06:30
SirCane./ = current folder06:30
BashI really want to get this fixed :(06:30
Strife89heslam: I figured out why the workaround didn't work for me; I made a silly oversight. One has to set the "lid closed" action to "Blank Screen" for both running on AC *and* running on battery.06:30
BashI'm using the 10.10 live CD06:30
lifestreamBash, you want to re-install grub (or force grub to update itself?)06:31
HyperHoRseHELP: I just deleted the top panel by accident06:31
Secretshey can someone tell me how come wired internet is not working06:31
HyperHoRseHow do i bring in a new terminal and bring back the top bar06:31
Bashlifestream, I want to reinstall it but I already got past that part06:31
_genuser_syrinx_: and only youtube vids. not even just flash. just youtube. and just the vids. not the ads.06:31
cyybborgsyrinx any thoughts for me?06:31
BashIt's installed I need it to find the OSs06:31
SirCanevisual1ce,  when you type acommand in to the shell it searches only the paths setup via the SET command, if it can't find the program that has +x set it won't run06:31
Secretsbecause wired internet is not working on ubuntu 10.1006:31
HyperHoRseHi, I just deleted the top panel by accident how do i bring it back06:32
HyperHoRseand how do i get a terminal window up06:32
SirCaneso you use ./prog to force execute the file in *this* path06:32
lifestreamHyperHoRse,  do you still have the bottom panel?06:32
Bashlifestream, when I tried to run  chroot /mnt update-grub I got "chroot: failed to run command `update-grub': No such file or directory" error06:32
trytohaxmeCan someone please provide me with some assistance?06:32
syrinx_cyybborg: gotta be a specific problem with youtube and your system06:32
HyperHoRselifestream: Yes06:32
syrinx_cyybborg: see if it still happens tomorrow06:32
cyybborgsure but i'm not the youtube guy06:32
SirCaneHyperHoRse alt+f2 i think06:32
ljsoftnetmy youtube player has color orange on it, is there a fix for this?06:32
cyybborgmpg4 issues...06:32
lifestreamHyperHoRse,  right click  bottom panel and choose properties. tehre's an option there where you can re-create new panel06:32
lifestreamBash,  isn't it grub-update ?06:33
th0rtrytohaxme: we can't answer a question you haven't asked06:33
HyperHoRselifestream: i've created a new panel but there is no buttons on it06:33
Bashlifestream, no06:33
HyperHoRseCANT I just restore the original panel?????????????06:33
FBANEXTI have one more thing to ask for real this time06:33
trytohaxmeWell th0r, for the last 2 hours I've been trying to install my nVidia graphics drivers.06:33
lifestreamHyperHoRse,  right click the new panel and choose "Applets" ( i think thats what its called, im not using Ubuntu)    then you can add whatever you want06:34
trytohaxmeI keep getting the error I have to turn off X server.06:34
trytohaxmeNo matter what I do, it won't turn off.06:34
FBANEXTAnybody have a link to the best software to use on ubuntu 10.1006:34
Secretsive rebooted ubuntu06:34
bullgardAfter a GNOME crash my Thinkpad T43 returns: '~$ setxkbmap -model pc105 -layout de variant basic; Cannot open display "default display". How can I re-establish the German keyboard layout?06:34
Secretsi may have installed a update or something06:34
Secretsis there a away to fix it06:34
HyperHoRsehow do i flush my DNSRESOLVER cache in ubuntu linux06:35
lifestreamNo one uses Google anymore06:35
th0rtrytohaxme: you have to move to a vt (Alt-F2), log in there, and kill X. Then you can install the drivers from the command line06:35
_genuser_and flash officially sucks.06:35
FBANEXTf u lifestgream06:35
cyybborgwhats better than google?06:35
trytohaxmeWhat is the command to kill x?06:36
Fuchstrytohaxme: killall -9 X, but better use Alt+SysRQ+K06:36
HyperHoRseGOOGLEEARTH wont start in ubuntu06:36
th0rtrytohaxme: I would find the process and kill the number06:36
visual1cei understand i think - so if you type say blah in bash, bash looks for blah in default prog directories (/bin , /usr/bin) but if say ./blah it looks for the prog in the local directory06:36
Fuchstrytohaxme: SysRQ should be on the PrintScreen key06:36
gronlundProblem with X11Forwarding.. I can run xclock but when i try gedit, i get 'X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.'06:36
trytohaxmeThanks guys, I'm going to try your suggestions.06:36
visual1ceso ./ is really telling bash - look here in this directory... its got nothing to do with telling bash to execute the file right?06:37
ruanvisual1ce: "." means "here"06:37
Strykerhow do i encrypt a folder06:37
rwwHyperHoRse: Stop allcapsing.06:38
Strykerhow do i encrypt a folder06:38
FuchsStryker: you can use gpg or any frontend for it06:38
visual1cei see06:38
HyperHoRseubuntu linux 10.1006:39
HyperHoRseubuntu yeah06:39
FuchsStryker: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FolderEncryption06:39
Fuchsone of the possibilities06:39
Fuchsthere are easier ones in my opinion06:39
Strykerwhen i encrypt my old home folder, would it screw up my firefox profile?06:40
FuchsStryker: if the profile is in this folder and you don't decrypt it first: yes. Else: no06:40
cache_surplusactually i just picked up the drive and it sounds like its hangin... sighs...06:40
visual1ceim trying to mount an iso but i get this error: cannot find <folder> /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab06:40
SirCanecorrect visual1ce06:40
tonysanis it possible let scp use concurrent connections to speed up the transfer?06:41
Fuchsvisual1ce: give an existing folder as an argument instead of <folder>06:41
Fuchsyou are meant to replace this.06:41
visual1ceoh doh06:41
visual1cemaybe i have to mkdir first06:41
xiambaxI need a 200 dollar computer. Wheres the best place online to order one06:41
xiambaxwith the best specs?06:41
rwwxiambax: ask ##hardware or #ubuntu-offtopic.06:42
tonysanxiambax: assemble one on your own06:42
ruancustom built :D06:42
=== h3r0 is now known as Guest86824
visual1cenvm - pebkac06:42
trytohaxmeFuchs it's telling me "Can't Access - Devdriver...run"06:42
ruanhow do i remove languages from firefox? there's en,en-au,en-ca that i want to remove but uninstall is greyed out06:42
Fuchstrytohaxme: that is probably not the full error message06:43
Fuchstrytohaxme: does this appear after you restarted X? If so: what did you do before? Trying to manually install a driver or similar?06:43
buovWhy is it that the user I created simply has $ sign when using ssh while other users have the full path or name@../Desktop$?06:44
trytohaxmeI followed the instructions from nVidia on installing the graphics drivers. I failed to do so for 2 in a half hours.06:44
Fuchstrytohaxme: never install such drivers manually06:44
Fuchstrytohaxme: this doesn't work on ubuntu due to dkms. It will break after each kernel update06:44
trytohaxmeI heard Envy could install it.06:45
nuszinomoz1I wolud like to write a small program, which is usefull C compiler, SDK or something for ubuntu06:45
Fuchstrytohaxme: use the methods provided by ubuntu in order to install nvidia drivers06:45
HyperHoRseso what are some of the problems that could cause google earth not to execute at all on ubuntu 10.1006:45
nuszinomoz1I mean some kind of visual stuff, for controls, windows etc..06:45
HyperHoRsegoogle fail to fix their software06:45
Fuchstrytohaxme: remove the driver with the NVIDIA-Linux-...-.sh asap06:45
HyperHoRsewhy doesn't ubuntu offer a proper package for ubuntu 10.10 is that googles fault?06:46
HyperHoRseits all googles fault.06:46
Fuchstrytohaxme: read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia06:46
HyperHoRseban google.06:46
Strykerruan, try using bleachbit, it helps you get rid of unnecessary languages06:46
HyperHoRseban google from your whole life.06:46
FloodBot1HyperHoRse: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:46
Secretscan anyone help me get ubuntu to work06:46
rwwHyperHoRse: Stop being hyperbolic. You're cluttering up the channel, and not helping your chances of getting support.06:46
Strykeri agree with HyperHoRse, google shall be stopped06:47
joeoshawaHyperHoRse, did you try to execute it in a terminal06:47
ChipzzzSecrets: please be more specific06:47
trytohaxmeFuchs do you think you could help me on remote desktop view?06:47
Fuchstrytohaxme: no. First of all because I don't do that, second because I have to go to work in 5 Minutes06:47
Secretswell for some reason wired internet is not connecting to ubuntu 10.1006:47
buovWhen I ssh into my server on "user2" the promp is just a $ rather than the path it shows on my other accounts. "user1" would show something like user1:/home#. Why is it like this and how can I change user2 to be more... normal?06:48
SecretsDesktop editon06:48
joeoshawaHyperHoRse, i have google earth working in ubuntu 10.1006:48
Fuchstrytohaxme: read the documentation I linked to, it should work that way. If it doesn't, maybe somebody else here is able to help you06:48
Secretshow do i fix it06:48
Secretsive tried everything06:48
ljsoftnetmy youtube player has color orange on it, is there a fix for this?06:48
trytohaxmeAlright, thanks for your time.06:48
Secretsmy module is e10006:48
HyperHoRsejoeoshawa, how did you install it properly06:48
Fuchstrytohaxme: but do _not_ install the driver manually with the .run file from nvidia. It will definitely break.06:48
HyperHoRseATTENTION UBUNTU: GoogleEarth is offering bullshit software for ubuntu 10.10 that doesn't work06:48
joeoshawaSecrets, try sudo dhclient eth006:48
ruanljsoftnet: what version is your flash player? have you tried reinstalling it?06:48
HyperHoRseReporting to Mark Shuttleworth please get me a cup of coffee06:49
ruan^adobe flash player06:49
joeoshawaHyperHoRse, i just used a howto06:49
ruan!language | HyperHoRse06:49
ubottuHyperHoRse: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:49
joeoshawaHyperHoRse, what happens if you try to launch it in a terminal06:49
HyperHoRsejoeoshwa: im about there right now, just gotta delete this google install from google.com06:49
ChipzzzSecrets: what kind of machine?06:49
HyperHoRsejoeoshawa: nothing06:49
joeoshawaHyperHoRse, it should give you an error message06:49
HyperHoRsejoeoshawa: amarin@ubuntu:~$ GoogleEarth06:50
HyperHoRseGoogleEarth: command not found06:50
Secretswired interet was working on monday06:50
th0rHyperHoRse: all that complainiing because you can't enter a command correctly?06:51
HyperHoRseit still wont work06:51
ChipzzzSecrets: what's different since monday?06:51
jiltdilhow to access other compute in WAN?06:51
buovWhy is it when user2 ssh's into my server his prompt is simply a $, rather than the user@path#?06:51
_genuser_hello people06:52
Chipzzzhi _genuser_06:52
joeoshawatry this cd /opt/google-earth then type LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libfreeimage.so.3 googleearth06:52
silveryHyperHoRse: man cd06:52
HyperHoRseamarin@ubuntu:~$ cd /opt/google-earth06:52
HyperHoRsebash: cd: /opt/google-earth: No such file or directory06:52
ljsoftnetruan its 10.206:53
joeoshawahow did you install it06:53
_genuser_darn flash06:53
AiyaAnyone have own server.Basiclly running using dell servers ?06:53
HyperHoRseok thats my problem06:53
HyperHoRsewent to www.google.com06:53
HyperHoRselooked for google earth06:53
buovWhy is it when user2 ssh's into my server his prompt is simply a $, rather than the user@path#?06:53
FloodBot1HyperHoRse: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:53
HyperHoRsewent to the offical google earth page installed the offical google earth for ubuntu06:53
HyperHoRsethen nothing06:54
HyperHoRseits on my desktop but it doesnt work at all06:54
joeoshawayou downloaded the deb package06:54
HyperHoRseyeah and installed it.06:54
HyperHoRseusing software centre.06:54
HyperHoRsewe'll thats what it used anyway.06:54
bullgardAfter a GNOME crash my Thinkpad T43 returns: '~$ setxkbmap -model pc105 -layout de variant basic; Cannot open display "default display". How can I re-establish the German keyboard layout?06:54
joeoshawain the terminal type sudo apt-get install lsb-core06:55
buovWhy is it when user2 ssh's into my server his prompt is simply a $, rather than the user@path#?06:55
joeoshawaand tell me if it installs anything06:55
HyperHoRsejoeoshawa: what abotu my previous install?06:55
joeoshawait may have not installed due to dependancy problems06:55
ljsoftnetmy youtube player has color orange on it, is there a fix for this?06:56
joeoshawabut this is another package google earth needs06:56
HyperHoRseSuggested packages:06:56
HyperHoRse  lsb-rpm lintian dh-make debian-keyring g++-multilib g++-4.4-multilib gcc-4.4-doc06:56
HyperHoRse  libstdc++6-4.4-dbg gettext-doc libstdc++6-4.4-doc libmail-box-perl elfutils rpm-i18n06:56
HyperHoRseThe following NEW packages will be installed:06:56
HyperHoRse  alien build-essential debhelper dpkg-dev g++ g++-4.4 gettext html2text intltool-debian06:56
HyperHoRse  libalgorithm-diff-perl libalgorithm-merge-perl libdpkg-perl libmail-sendmail-perl librpm106:56
jiltdilhi how to acess any computer in WAN?06:56
FloodBot1HyperHoRse: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:56
buovWhy is it when user2 ssh's into my server his prompt is simply a $, rather than the user@path#?06:57
HyperHoRsedo i need all the dependencys06:57
joeoshawawell i didn't need the whole output but yes install it06:57
Secretsso what do i type again to fix my issue06:57
_genuser_i r so pissed06:58
Secretsthe one where wired internet is not working on ubuntu 10.10 Desktop editon06:58
Secretsall of a sudden06:58
joeoshawawhen it finishes double click on the google earth deb again and see if it says install in the corner when the software center opens06:59
Secretsit was working on monday before i restarted it06:59
jiltdil!remote desktop06:59
ChipzzzSecrets: it would help if you could think of something that's been changed in the meanwhile (new software, updates, etc)06:59
ruani dont think spaces work06:59
joeoshawaSecrets you mean sudo dhclient eth0?07:00
rwwspaces do work. that factoid does not exist though :<07:00
_genuser_!what are these people doing07:00
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:00
Secretsthat let me try it07:00
Aiyawhat is the paste command in terminal in ubuntu07:00
rww!speech recognition07:00
ruanAiya: ctrl shift v07:00
Aiyaruan: Thanks07:00
_genuser_don't paste entire logs....07:00
rwwoh, channel-specific :<07:01
buovWhy is it when user2 ssh's into my server his prompt is simply a $, rather than the user@path#?07:01
ruanyeah use pastebin to paste logs07:01
AiyaSo basiclly the all the command in ubuntu is CTRL+Shirt+<key> ???07:01
Secretsits saying the network is currently down07:01
th0rbuov: the prompt is set for each user individually, in .bashrc if I remember correctly07:01
AiyaI means for the shortut07:01
ruanAiya: in terminal only, you need ctrl shift c/x/v07:01
_genuser_syrinx_: you around07:02
Aiyaruan: Thanks again07:02
ruanAiya: otherwise it's ctrl c/x/v07:02
HyperHoRsewhats a better irc client with pastebin plugins?07:02
joeoshawactrl v is paste in alot of programs its kind of a standard07:02
HyperHoRsejoeoshawa** its installing now so what will it run after this?07:02
Secretsnow what joeshawa07:02
Aiyajoeoshawa: Yeah.In terminal need to have shift07:02
joeoshawaHyperHoRse, you will need to reinstall the google earth deb07:03
ruanctrl v is used in 100% of word processing programs07:03
HyperHoRsejoeoshawa** how did you do it because i wish to do it the same way. how do i remove the old packages07:03
joeoshawaHyperHoRse, double click the deb then look for the install button07:03
buovth0r: How would I change it so that user2 may see the regular prompt, also it seems that this user cannot use commands such as ll?07:04
HyperHoRsejoeoshawa should i remove the old one first?07:04
joeoshawajust open the package manager type in google earth then click uninstalll07:04
joeoshawaSecrets, just a sec07:04
ruanis there a way i can remove the splitsecond white screen on software center when its searching?07:04
th0rbuov: ll is an alias, also set in .bashrc (or .alias sometimes). Sounds like maybe the .bashrc for that user is missing. Anyway, google should be able to point you to info on how to set a prompt in linux07:05
Secretsit says database sleeping07:05
ruanor at least make it another colour07:05
joeoshawaSecrets, type in sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart07:05
joeoshawapastebin the output07:06
ljsoftnetmy youtube player has color orange on it, is there a fix for this?07:06
nabuThe other day, I just closed my laptop lid a bit too hard...  After tt, I realised my Ubuntu 10.04 got screwed.. I can log into my windows... But when I try to boot into Ubuntu, a whole series of checks seems to running infinetly... Is my Ubuntu fried.. I am not sure what is the problem,so I took a photo and posted it on http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/8109/photoj.jpg07:06
ChipzzzSecrets: does lspci show an ethernet controller?07:07
Secretsignoreing uknown interface07:07
Jordan_Unabu: Looks like a hardware issue.07:07
ruani'm getting domain unregistered: to view register at link07:08
HyperHoRsejoeoshawa* thanks i hope this works07:08
ruanwhen i visit imageshack urls07:08
joeoshawaif not lemme know we can get it worked out07:08
joeoshawaSecrets, strange07:08
Jordan_Unabu: Specifically with your hard drive.07:08
nabuJordan_U: Is it .. But I can log in via LiveCD and Windows Vista07:08
ChipzzzSecrets: do you know what kind of controller it is?07:08
joeoshawasounds like your drivers for your ethernet card are not installed07:09
Secretshow do i install them?07:09
ljsoftnetmy youtube player has color orange on it, is there a fix for this?07:10
visual1ceso i mounted an iso to a folder... how do i unmount it?07:10
Jordan_Unabu: Windows is on the same drive?07:10
ruanvisual1ce: how did you mount it?07:10
nabuJordan_U: Yeap, it is a laptop.. and only one hard drive07:10
Jordan_Uvisual1ce: sudo umount /mountpoint07:10
bullgardWhat console command re-establishes my German keyboard layout?07:10
visual1cemount -o loop ./asdf.iso ./folder07:10
Secretshow do i install the drivers joeoshawa07:11
ChipzzzSecrets: what make & model laptop is it?07:11
nabuJordan_U: Is there any command,I can run07:11
visual1cethx Jordan_U and ruan07:11
nabuThe other day, I just closed my laptop lid a bit too hard... After tt, I realised my Ubuntu 10.04 got screwed.. I can log into my windows... But when I try to boot into Ubuntu, a whole series of checks seems to running infinetly... Is my Ubuntu fried.. I am not sure what is the problem,so I took a photo and posted it on http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/8109/photoj.jpg07:11
Secretsintel inside pentium 307:11
Secretsthinkpad e10007:12
joeoshawaSecrets type ifconfig eth007:12
joeoshawatell me if it starts working07:12
Jordan_Uvisual1ce: You're welcome.07:12
Secretsdone now what07:12
joeoshawaSecrets, SORRY ifconfig eth0 up07:13
SecretsDevice or resource busy07:13
Secretsnow what07:14
=== eddie is now known as Guest98989
joeoshawaifconfig -a07:14
nabuHi guys, any ideas how can i go about fixing my problem.. Thanks a million07:14
joeoshawause pastebin07:14
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:14
nabujoeoshawa: The other day, I just closed my laptop lid a bit too hard... After tt, I realised my Ubuntu 10.04 got screwed.. I can log into my windows... But when I try to boot into Ubuntu, a whole series of checks seems to running infinetly... Is my Ubuntu fried.. I am not sure what is the problem,so I took a photo and posted it on http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/8109/photoj.jpg07:15
Secretsdone now what07:15
ruanhow do i switch tabs in irssi? i've tried ^X but it didnt work07:15
th0rnabu: can't be sure, but it looks like you scrambled the drive.07:15
ruanahh it's alt (tabnum)07:16
nabuth0r: huh... But I can still access ext4 drive from a Ubuntu LiveCD..07:16
joeoshawaSecrets, pastebin the output you got07:16
joeoshawathen paste the link here07:16
Secretshow can i07:16
Secretswhen its on a computer that has no internet07:17
joeoshawanabu i am not sure thats beyond my capabilities07:17
joeoshawayou could check the drive for errors07:17
nabujoeoshawa: how to do that07:17
nabuU mean from the LiveCD07:17
joeoshawado you have a usb drive07:18
=== alakoo_ is now known as alakoo
joeoshawacould you paste it into a text editor and just transfer the file07:19
HyperHoRsejoeoshawa: thanks taht works07:19
=== tim is now known as punno
joeoshawano problem07:19
HyperHoRsewhy ubuntu offers no offical google earth in softwarecentre I do not know07:19
=== paijo is now known as blackshirt
joeoshawaglad to help my daughters in the hospital so it takes my mind off things07:19
syn-ackHyperHoRse, Because it has an encumbered license.07:19
joeoshawait could be illegal in some countries07:20
joeoshawaas well07:20
HyperHoRsesyn-ack what does that mean07:20
nabujoeoshawa: were u refering to me about the usb drive07:20
Chipzzzgood call syn-ack, I wouldn't have thought of that but you're prolly right07:21
Secretsill upload the image now07:21
syn-ackHyperHoRse, Means that for some reason, the Google license doesn't conform to Ubuntu's standards. Be it patent or otherwise07:21
joeoshawanabu, yes could you paste the output into a text editor and copy the file then open it on the computer your on07:21
buovHow do I make it so that a user has the same bash profile as another user?07:22
joeoshawathen pastebin it07:22
syn-ackbuov, put your custom profile in the skel directory07:22
th0rbuov: copy the file from one user to the other07:22
cryptodiraBackLit keyboard, how do you keep it working beyond POST ??  10.04 amd/64 - toshiba satellite laptop07:22
buovI've copied the bashrc from the user with the "correct" prompt to the other users home directory but it hasn't changed07:22
nabujoeoshawa: how do i paste the output into a text editor... I cant even boot into Ubuntu...07:23
syn-ackbuov, man chown07:23
syn-ackyou have to change the file's owner.07:23
buovthe ownership for the profile is already set to user207:23
HyperHoRsesyn-ack* does that mean google are getting shitter at coding?07:23
=== wampire__ is now known as WamPIRe__
syn-ackHyperHoRse, No, and watch your language in here, please.07:23
nabujoeoshawa: Once I choose Ubuntu from the grub, it just goes into tt error cycle07:23
syn-ackbuov, did you log the user out then back in or reset the terminal?07:24
buovsyn-ack: Yes.07:25
joeoshawawhat terminal editor would nabu have that he can open a file with07:25
syn-ackbuov, You're sure the ownership is user2:user2 and not something like user2:user1?07:25
joeoshawawhat terminal editor comes with ubuntu07:25
ArachonI'm a bit confused about how to install programs from a tarball... I can open then up with the Archive Manager without probles, but.. Where do I put the program? What folder?07:25
HyperHoRsesyn-ack* sorry07:25
buovsyn-ack: I'm running ubuntu server on the machine, I created the user using $useradd user2 $passwd pass and added him to the groups to be the same as the other user07:25
syn-acknano, gedit07:25
buovsyn-ack: Yes, its set to user2 user2 on bashrc07:26
Chipzzzjoeoshwa: there's always nano07:26
nabusyn-ack: Hey guys, I cant boot into Ubuntu (even the terminal) ... How can i paste my output anywhere... Simply lost07:27
tUxEr_Hi Guys07:27
syn-ackbuov, I still bet theres something going on with the ownership of that file and I think it's because of the group permissions for it07:27
th0rbuov: I think you need to use 'useradd -m....' in order to get it to create the home directory structure07:27
joeoshawanabu, type in nano /etc/network/interfaces07:27
gusgwhy does the lapack lib file, liblapack.so.3gf end in '3gf'?07:27
buovth0r: already did, forgot that part07:27
RhamphoryncusHow do I get gthumb to convert the 10.04 catalogues to the 10.10 catalogues?  I found a debian bug showing they added conversion (eventually), but so far I haven't gotten it to trigger07:27
syn-ackth0r, -R07:27
th0rsyn-ack: (been a while <smile>)07:27
tUxEr_I installed Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 2 but it still shows Xorg Server as 1.9.99..I wonder why its showing that since 1.10 was announced?07:27
syn-acktUxEr_, That's out of the scope of this channel.07:28
syn-ackth0r, or was it -G I can't seem to remember now...07:28
joeoshawathen make sure the file contains only two lines that say auto lo and then iface lo inet loopback07:28
joeoshawaif not let me know07:28
joeoshawanabu, btw do you have more then one network card07:29
syn-ackbuov, I would still do a "sudo chown user2:user2" in order to set the group ownership as well.07:29
ruan!natty | tUxEr_07:29
ubottutUxEr_: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.07:29
joeoshawanabu wait i think i got the wrong problem07:29
buovgroup is also user207:29
joeoshawayou had the ethernet problem?07:30
Secretshere the image07:30
joeoshawaor the laptop install problem07:30
Secretsno wired internet problem07:30
buovls -l shows user is user2 and group is user2 as well07:30
nabujoeoshawa: The other day, I just closed my laptop lid a bit too hard... After tt, I realised my Ubuntu 10.04 got screwed.. I can log into my windows... But when I try to boot into Ubuntu, a whole series of checks seems to running infinetly... Is my Ubuntu fried.. I am not sure what is the problem,so I took a photo and posted it on http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/8109/photoj.jpg07:30
Secretsit was working a cupple of days ago07:30
ruanwhen i try to go to an image on imageshack, it tells me "domain unregistered"07:30
buovsyn-ack: ll*07:31
joeoshawaok sorry nabu i have no idea how to fix your problem07:31
joeoshawai wish i did07:31
ruanbuov: user2 is a custom group07:31
=== root is now known as Guest64920
Secretshttp://img13.imageshack.us/img13/2809/1001339f.jpg this is the output from ifconfig -a07:31
buovuser2 is the group created when I used useradd07:32
Secretsnow what07:32
nabukk,thanks nyways...  Seems the Ubuntu is fucked just cos I closed the lid too hard.. :( ... Think I gotta reinstall back again07:32
ruan!language | nabu07:32
ubottunabu: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:32
naburuan: sorry boss07:32
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:32
Secretshttp://img13.imageshack.us/img13/2809/1001339f.jpg this is the output from ifconfig -a  read it07:33
joeoshawaSecrets, your the one i need to check the interfaces file so type sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces then in the file it should say   auto lo   then on the next line iface lo inet loopback07:34
syn-ackbuov, I'd honestly be grasping at straws if I were to go on... I'd have to look it and play around with some to see what's up. I think it may be something to do with the creation of the user now that you're positive about the ownership07:34
joeoshawacheck and if there is anything different let me know07:34
buovIf you'd be willing to help I can whip you up a user real fast.07:34
linuxuz3rhow do you install 32bit driver in 64bit system07:35
HyperHoRseso.........do you liek mudkips?07:35
linuxuz3rcan you do that07:35
Secretsokay done07:35
ruanlinuxuz3r: usually that will not work07:35
cryptodiraBackLit keyboard, how do you keep it working beyond POST ??  10.04 amd/64 - toshiba satellite laptop07:35
joeoshawadid it say what i said it should say07:36
syn-ackbuov, ok. Take it to private, pls.07:36
joeoshawawith nothing else07:36
=== paijo is now known as blackshirt
buovsyn-ack: let me try something real quick, I'll tell you if it works then pass it over if not07:36
Secretsnope the same07:36
Secretsno what07:36
=== RaiBot1 is now known as RaiBot
Secretsnow what07:37
Secretsi mean07:37
apoagelinuxuz3r, well if you have 32bit binary from manufacturer it is posible to install it but probably you will need to install some 32bit libraries etc..07:37
th0rsyn-ack: just checked....useradd -m gets everything out of /etc/skel and creates the /home dir07:37
joeoshawatry sudo ifconfig eth0 down07:38
syn-ackth0r, haha, that's what I thought07:38
apoagelinuxuz3r, in case of pure 64bit system it is not posible07:38
Secretsnothing happens07:39
joeoshawait just gave you a prompt again?07:39
joeoshawathat means you just shut it down07:39
joeoshawaso whatever had it busy is not connected anymore07:40
Secretsnow what07:40
joeoshawanow type the same but up instead of down and see what happens07:40
manpat /wc07:40
SecretsSIOCSIFFLAGS DEVICE or resource not ready07:41
SecretsSIOCSIFFLAGS      DEVICE or resource not ready07:41
joeoshawaSecrets, type in sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart07:42
Secretstryed that07:42
HyperHoRsedo you liek mudkips?07:42
HyperHoRseI LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE mudkips dawg.07:42
=== sagar_ is now known as sagar
joeoshawasince we shut it down?07:42
th0rjoeoshawa: I think I have seen that error before. Bet he had a kernel update and the new module isn't working with his hw. Wonder if booting into an older kernel would solve the issue?07:43
ArachonI'm a bit confused about how to install programs from a tarball... I can open then up with the Archive Manager without problems, but.. Where do I put the program? What folder? What does the 'hierarchy' look like?07:43
SecretsIGOREING unkown interface eth0=eth007:43
joeoshawagood idea07:43
palhmbshow might I tell whether synaptic is failing to install xulrunner?07:43
joeoshawaSecrets, try rebooting and when grub comes up select the old kernel07:43
Secretstheres only that version07:44
Secretshow do i get into grep07:44
linuxuz3rhow do i check if the package is installed?07:44
joeoshawayou should see it when you reboot07:44
Secretsit tells me to press ctrl and s to boot from device07:44
joeoshawaits a menu that looks like this http://www.elfnet.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/GRUB.jpg07:45
joeoshawayou don't have that?07:45
Secretsyeah thats what i get07:46
joeoshawawhen it comes up there should be a choice with a different number after kernel07:47
joeoshawapick the lower one07:47
joeoshawasecond from the top07:47
joeoshawanot recovery07:48
Secretstheres only 4 options07:48
joeoshawawhat options does it give07:48
joeoshawais this a fresh install07:49
Secretsyes its desktop editon07:49
joeoshawath0r, any ideas07:50
Secretsubuntu with linux 2.6.35-22-gernic07:50
joeoshawath0r, its a fresh install there is no older kernel version07:50
joeoshawais this a wireless or wired connection07:51
joeoshawawired right07:51
_genuser_hello people.07:51
joeoshawaif you boot the live cd does it connect?07:51
_genuser_does anyone know how to rollback to an older version on a package?07:52
Secretswhat do you mean07:52
Secretsdo you want me to put my disk in07:52
joeoshawano i mean when you installed ubuntu did the internet work when you installed?07:52
Secretsyes it did07:52
Secretsjust since moday when i restarted it. it stoped working07:53
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
joeoshawaand you never did any updating?07:53
Secretsi may have07:53
joeoshawawell if you have a new kernel  it should list the old one in grub07:54
Secretsi don't have a old one07:54
joeoshawanow i am confused07:54
Secretsi did not install a new one07:54
joeoshawawell update changes your kernel for you07:54
Secretsi installed cpan and poe updates07:54
Secretswhat can i do to fix it07:55
Secrets!say |lenic stop spamming07:56
joeoshawathis is a laptop right07:56
lenicoh,i'm new07:56
Secretshow do i fix my issue07:57
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=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest12999
FBANEXThello I'm having trouble updating it will not allow me to do anything07:58
joeoshawai am not sure07:59
neizFBANEXT: how are you updating07:59
FBANEXTIt says Requires installation of untrusted packages wtf is up with that07:59
joeoshawaone sec07:59
Secretsso what do i do to fix my issue07:59
FBANEXTusing Update Manager08:00
chullhello quizme_08:00
quizme_anybody know about ndiswrapper ?08:00
FBANEXTHold on I'll upload a pic to photobucket and show you what its doing08:00
meeroHi i have run "update-rc.d snmpd defaults" on ubuntu desktop, but snmpd is not starting automaticaly afrere reboot , what should i do?08:00
dirty-harryhi, can someone please explain to me why it is so difficult to tunnel my vbox guest session through a proxy provided by the host, nat<>bridge<>host-only?08:01
chull!help zip08:01
neizFBANEXT: try opening a terminal and running these 2 commands: 'sudo apt-get update' then 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' and see if it outputs same stuff08:01
quizme_i did "sudo ndiswrapper -l"  it says my net111v2 driver is installed but not the hardware.  my hardware is plugged in though08:01
joeoshawaSecrets,  what model laptop is it08:03
Secretsim wondering what do i put for the login on recovery console08:03
Secretsim on intel inside pentium 308:03
Chipzzzjoeoshwa: thinkpad e10008:04
kasadHello guys, http://paste.ubuntu.com/574858/ <---- is it possible to create single volume (essentially what is now sda2) out of lvm and sdb1 without losing any data on sda ?08:04
joeoshawaits the e100?08:04
=== samael is now known as Guest83678
Guest83678has anybody here scessfully installed aptana can you please help me out i really need help08:05
Secretswtf is antanna08:05
kasadaptana installation proved to be very straightforward08:06
Secretswtf is antana08:06
FBANEXTHeres a screen shot, look...  http://s1112.photobucket.com/albums/k487/tallzilla87/?action=view&current=Screenshot.png08:06
Guest83678how did you install it08:06
kasadsecrets: i beleive he referes to aptana studio08:06
kasadGuest83678: I Don't remember exact procedure it was more then a year ago, but i remember that i had zero issues, it was done in like few minutes, except the time it took me to download it08:07
kasadsecrets: it's very similar to eclipse08:07
Guest83678no but ecpliseis only java08:08
fluvvellis it possible to set a fixed ip on a second interface in xfce with network manager?08:08
FBANEXTHeres a screen shot, look...  http://s1112.photobucket.com/albums/k487/tallzilla87/?action=view&current=Screenshot.png08:08
kasadeclipse is not only java08:08
kasadit has many ide's08:08
kasadas well as aptana08:08
Secretswhat do i type for Ubuntu 10.10 Harley tty1  Harley login:08:08
joeoshawait would appear that e100 is the ethernet adapter08:08
joeoshawais there a number with a t infront of it08:08
Secretsunder recovery console08:08
Guest83678i dont get how you guys got it installed08:09
ChipzzzSecrets: first type user name, then password when it asks08:09
Guest83678all i see is a text file not the application08:09
Secretswhy does it say invailed login when i type my login and pass08:09
kasadGuest83678: http://docs.aptana.com/docs/index.php/Installing_Aptana_on_Linux08:09
kasadyou will need JRE, and some things depend wheter or not you run 32 bit or 64bit ubuntu08:10
enliDo anybody know if it is possible to integrate gnome globalmenu or appindicator-menu into avant window navigator panel?08:10
ChipzzzSecrets: do you have any data that you couldn't stand losing? It sounds like you'd be best off just reinstalling08:11
Secretsyeah theres data i don't want to lose08:11
lau-Alright, so I wanted to try the gnome shell, so I changed /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager to "gnome-shell" via the gconf-editor. When I rebooted nothing shows up, so I want to change it back to compiz again. How can I do that?08:12
shmupso i just got this vps, and what i'm wondering is..08:12
kireanHi. I have a laptop with an external monitor. How can I set the external monitor to be primary?08:12
joeoshawai was thinking she could pull the data off with a live cd then install netbook edition it would have all the laptop needed stuff would it not08:12
ChipzzzSecrets: try logging in as root with your password08:12
kireangoogle is not my friend08:12
shmupits permission denying me TWICE. two lines. for one thing i'm attempting to do. just bothering me, really.08:13
shmupi'm thinking it's doing this for a reason that isn't normal.08:13
joeoshawahopefully chipzzz can help you better then i could sorry i couldn't figure it out08:13
jrnI need some help in installing a font from shell on my ubuntu server. On my local working machine, I just installed the font with the standard-gui-based-tool ubuntu offers. Everything worked fine, Imagemagick found the font and I was able to use it with it. But now I need to install it from shell, so I put it into /root/.fonts both the otf and a version where I converted the otf with fontforge to ttf. Then I ran fc-cache -fv and it said the font wou08:14
jrnld be installed, but Imagemagick doesn't get it. Next trouble is: since I installed a new version of imagemagick, convert -list font doesn't show the table of fonts I'm used to see08:14
FBANEXTNEIZ::  Sorry, I didn't see that you said anything...  I did sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade     and that made it update thanks08:14
FloodBot1jrn: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:14
kontagiousim looking to change the dir for my log file. do i just edit the facility in /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf ?08:14
Chipzzzjoeoshawa: I'm not too hopeful either but I'll give it a shot08:14
jrnalso see here http://askubuntu.com/questions/28747/installing-otf-font-from-shell-and-using-it-with-rmagick08:14
neizFBANEXT: the power of the command line :P np08:14
FBANEXTDid you see my screen shot neiz?  My desktop looks tight ehh08:14
RabbitDaOneGoodmorning users08:15
RabbitDaOneHaving a wifi issue with Ubuntu 10.1008:15
RabbitDaOnecan anyone provide assistance?08:15
joeoshawainstalling overtop without formatting or changing partitions is possible but you can still lose the data08:15
neizFBANEXT: yea cairo is pretty cool but to macish for me08:16
joeoshawai never lost any data but only cause i am a lucky sod i believe08:16
jrndid you get my message or was it eaten by floodbot?08:17
jrnmy client splitted the message into two08:17
=== aredhelrim is now known as butterfly_sevil
kasadanyone can brief me a bit about LVM08:18
FBANEXTDo linux users need a/v's & f/w's?08:19
joeoshawajrn, your message came through08:19
meeroi have run "update-rc.d snmpd defaults" on ubuntu desktop,but snmpd is not starting automaticaly afrere reboot , what should i do08:19
joeoshawaa/v's ? f/w's?08:19
neizantivirus and firewalls?08:20
FBANEXTanti virus's and firewall's08:20
neizfirewalls yes, a/v not so much08:20
FBANEXTI haven't been using a firewall at all is that bad?08:20
joeoshawano for anti virus and firewalls come with but are only needed if you have programs listening to ports08:20
ruana/v not at all unless you're transferring to windows08:20
joeoshawathere are linux virus programs to scan files for transfer to a windows system08:21
joeoshawaantivirus programs sorry08:21
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus08:22
jrnwhat step did I miss?08:22
joeoshawaviruses generally have no effect in linux except in wine and even then only major if your running wine as root which you should never do08:23
jrnwhen fc-cache returns "succeded" and "fonts scanned and installed", the font should be available, eh?08:23
FBANEXTI was kinda wondering about that whole virus thing, I think its possible to get a windows virus on linux like a flash drive or external hard drive.  Then that windows virus you got on linux and transfer off those drive once plugged into a windows system?08:23
GryllidaThat'd be fun, joeoshawa, heh. :P08:23
GryllidaFBANEXT, if you start anything from the flash drive in Wine, then maybe.08:23
FBANEXTI think we still need to have a scanner for windows virus code because that shit worries me08:23
olitthere is only one system that is secure:- system that is shut down and kept in bunkers ----08:23
=== apocalypse is now known as Guest63317
tap-outhi, how can i make force check for quota08:24
joeoshawaa virus would have to interact with linux to get transfered onto the drive unless you copied it there which is what the linux anti-virus is for08:25
FBANEXTI mean dude, I've done that with the ps3 Browser man, I got some virus saved on there from my ps3 browser and it was named adobe flash or some shit and I gave the virus to a friend not...08:25
Secretsokay im back08:25
FBANEXTmeaning too08:25
Secretsso how do i save everything on ubuntu08:25
FBANEXTDoes anybody get what I'm saying here?>08:25
joeoshawaand viruses can't really talk to linux cause there written for windows08:26
dirty-harrywasn't there a demostation about the security holes with nautilus automount not long ago? mom, I need to check bookmarks...08:26
ruan FBANEXT: not completely, the virus can't put itself on the flash drive08:26
ChipzzzSecrets: Save to a flash drive or something, you mean?08:26
Arachondirty-harry: I seem to remeber a slashdot article about something like that08:26
Secretsbut when i put my memory stick in it turns off08:26
dirty-harryArachon: slashdot or heise ... me searching08:27
tap-outi get this error wen i run quotacheck -avugm and it ask for quota force check08:27
FBANEXTWell, this shit was like a pop up ad on the ps3 and it forced up the storage media and saved its self "from a ad"08:27
joeoshawawow this just gets worse and worse08:27
ChipzzzSecrets: you can either mount it with nautilus, or from the command line, or if you boot with it plugged in, the machine will likely see it.08:27
tap-outi get this error wen i run quotacheck -avugm and it ask for quota force check08:28
FBANEXTI don't trust the internet that much, too many evil people trying to steal your money08:28
Secretsrmmove perl08:28
Secretssudo  rmmove perl08:28
Secretsi mean rm08:28
colebusbyhow do i mount a SD card manually?08:28
joeoshawai think anyone who accesses bank info using winblows is insane especially if they use internet exploder08:29
colebusbydoes anyone know how i mount a flashdrive or SD card manually?08:29
colebusbymy system is not recognizing them08:29
tap-outi get this error wen i run quotacheck -avugm and it ask for quota force check08:30
Chipzzzcolebusby: do you know offhand what device it is?08:30
ruancolebusby: you need to get the device name08:30
dirty-harryhttp://tinyurl.com/4596bmf [slashdot 07.02.2011 linux usb autorun attakcs08:30
colebusbyChipzzz: you mean like the drive label? or the port on which the card/flashdrive is connected?08:30
tap-outsecrets, yes08:31
ruancolebusby: like dev/sda1 is a hard drive08:31
Secretswell reinstall  perl08:31
tap-outi get this error wen i run quotacheck -avugm and it ask for quota force check08:31
colebusbyruan: i have no idea. im on ubuntu netbook08:31
Secretsand don't quite like i did in the middle of it  it ruins it08:31
Secretsand ubuntu gets ruined doesent it gryllida08:32
colebusbyruan: is there a command to know what ports i have in bash?08:32
ruancolebusby: do sudo fdisk -l08:32
lau-I wanted to try the gnome shell on ubuntu 10.10, so I changed /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager to "gnome-shell" via the gconf-editor. When I rebooted nothing shows up, so I want to change it back to "compiz" again. How can I do that from the terminal?08:33
ruancolebusby: im not sure about sd cards though08:33
joeoshawabtw has anyone checked out the ekoore tablet pc?08:33
FBANEXTWhat else can I do to linux to make it cooler?08:33
colebusbyruan: i found the flashdrive, thanks!08:33
joeoshawaFBANEXT, compiz desktop effects change the login screen backgrounds themes08:34
joeoshawajust about anything depending on how far you want to go08:35
FBANEXTwhats the sudo line for that joe?08:35
ruancolebusby: you can mount it with "sudo mount /dev/name/ /mnt/flash/08:35
ChipzzzFBANEXT: Are you using any screenlets?... they're cool08:35
joeoshawathe tablet pc i was talking about uses ubuntu and by the looks of it changes the orientation of the screen depending on how your holding the tablet08:35
FBANEXTscreenlets dont go away when I'm on the broswer08:36
ChipzzzFBANEXT: You can set them to be always underneath everything else08:36
kasadguys, really need a tip here08:37
ruanjust curious - does sudo fdisk -l list sd cards? havent got one to test with08:37
kasad2 hard drives08:37
FBANEXTkinda like my dock it keep popping up while on here and annoying the piss out of me08:37
kasadsystem is already installed08:37
kasad2nd drive is brand new08:37
ruankasad: what is the question?08:37
kasadcan i add the 2nd drive to my primary partition (it's already LVM)08:37
kasadruan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/574858/08:38
tap-outquotacheck -avugm , quotacheck: Quota for user is enabled on mountpoint / so might damage the file,please turn quota off or use -f to force checking08:38
ruankasad: you can mount it on your primary partition if that's what you're looking for08:38
kasadquestion is, can i integrate 2nd drive with sda208:38
magpiie_does anyone know if there is a ubuntu equivelent to adobe premiere pro?08:39
kasadruan: only mount?, it can't act as a single partition?08:39
Chipzzzkasad: it looks like sda2 is the 2nd drive08:39
ruankasad: you mean merging two partitions?08:39
FBANEXTplus screenlets wasn't found on my shit08:39
kasadruan: yes, if i understood what i read about LVM correctly08:39
FBANEXTI don't have it I guess08:39
FBANEXThow do I get it?08:39
tap-outquotacheck -avugm , quotacheck: Quota for user is enabled on mountpoint / so might damage the file,please trun quota off or use -f to force checking08:39
kasadChipzzz: sda1 sda2 and sda5 are same drive08:39
DJones!equivalents | magpiie_ You may find something listed on this website that might help08:40
ubottumagpiie_ You may find something listed on this website that might help: A comprehensive list of of Windows-equivalent applications in Linux can be found at http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WhatWindowsUsersWant - Try also joining #ubuntu-bots and asking BestBot08:40
ruankasad: you could move everything from drive 2 into drive 108:40
ChipzzzFBANEXT: you can install it with synaptic08:40
kasadruan: there's nothing on drive 2, it's brand new08:40
ruankasad: oh08:40
kasadruan: i just want to add it since project will require more then first hd has space08:41
Chipzzzkasad: sorry, I was thinking of sdb108:41
ruankasad: so you're trying to merge two harddrives?08:41
kasadChipzzz: correct sdb1 is separate hard drive08:41
kasadruan: yes, i've read that LVM can support logical volume which spans across more then one harddrive08:42
kasadruan: Chipzzz: am i wrong about thinking that i can have single logical LVM volume which spans over 2 hard drives?08:43
Chipzzzkasad: I don't know off the top of my head, but it sounds like you'd be better off confining the project to a single large drive08:44
kasadChipzzz: unfortunately, this is what i have to work with 2 harddrives both 750 gigs08:45
Chipzzzkasad: ...and a terrabyte or more project?... ouch08:45
smiley7Hey guys,i hope you can help me with somehting...08:45
Cryptanalystkasad: This website might help https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/advanced-installation.html08:46
kasadChipzzz: i was hoping to get LVM to work, but in worst case, i could mount it inside a project folder and use it as a storage drive (project has storage area for users (about 17 of them))08:46
jrnhow can I list fonts available on my ubuntu machine from shell?08:46
kasadCryptanalyst: thanks08:46
kasadChipzzz: it's kind of project management system for a small company08:46
kontagiousi added a facility to /etc/rsyslog.conf and restarted rsyslog service. then i tried logger and it didnt work08:46
smiley7i am playing a small KDE game right now...but the window color dont match the other window colors08:46
Chipzzzkasad: that's more in line with what I was thinking...08:46
smiley7its Grey08:47
kasadChipzzz: so there's both project files and personal user files08:47
=== bang is now known as Guest91188
mattcodeswhere does ubuntu set the keyboard locale?08:47
mattcodesas in which files08:47
kasadChipzzz: yeah that was my first idea, actually, what i requested was larger drive, in raid  + good backup08:47
mattcodesi dont use gnome, and it seems changing it from keyboard pref doesnt persist between reboots08:48
kasadChipzzz: but unfortunately they ignored half of specs08:48
smiley7why dont the window color match all the other window colors ?08:48
olitVicky28, why r u doing this08:48
Chipzzzkasad: lol... corporate strikes again! ;)08:49
ruanjrn: use fc-list08:49
kasadChipzzz: exactly, unfortunately i can't bitch about it08:49
kasadChipzzz: because i got very ill in the middle of project and they kindly accepted the delay08:49
smiley7Anybody ?08:50
joeoshawakasad, well you could its just nobody who matters to the situation will care lol08:50
kasadChipzzz: so now i am long overdue to turn it in and  have to stfu about everything08:50
jrngreat thanks, so my font is installed.08:50
kasadjoeoshawa: good point08:50
tricksyhey guys how do i install java in ubuntu?08:50
jrnnow, why does imagemagick use it on my local machine, but not on my server?08:51
Chipzzzkasad: you can get a 2 terabyte drive these days for <$100... It might be worth thinking about... afaik LVM won't span drives & the alternatives sound messy08:51
jrnTricksy: java runtimes?08:51
tricksyjrib: yes08:51
Scuttlehum...I just hooked a Zotac ID11 to my TV with HDMI and installed 10.10 on it, picture works perfectly, but I am not getting any sound at all08:51
tricksyjrn: i want to install jruby, but it tells me i need java installed first08:51
ruantricksy: find openjdk-jre in synaptic package manager08:51
joeoshawakasad, yes you can08:52
guyschaos_Hi Scuttle08:52
jrntricksy: sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk08:52
kasadChipzzz: that would mean a lot more work, i don't have physical access to machine anymore08:52
CryptanalystChipzzz: kasad: Yes LVMs can span multiple drives.  Here is a webpage in the Ubuntu help pages that says how.  https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/advanced-installation.html08:52
FBANEXTThere much to pick from08:52
FBANEXTthere aint much to pick from08:53
ruantricksy: or sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre/jdk08:53
ChipzzzCryptanalyst: good find! thanks08:53
guyschaos_Scuttle: rhythm box no sound?08:53
kasadjoeoshawa: i can't setup a raid now, because when they gave me server to set it up, they gave it to me with only one drive08:53
joeoshawaRAID is a method of using multiple hard drives to act as one. There are two purposes of RAID:08:53
joeoshawa    * Expand drive capacity: RAID 0. If you have 2 x 500 GB HDD then total space become 1 TB08:53
joeoshawa    * Prevent data loss in case of drive failure: RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 6. You can combine RAID 0 to other RAID, e.g RAID 0 + 1 become RAID 10.08:53
FBANEXTscreenlets kinda blow dockey08:53
tricksyruan: which one, jre or jdk?08:53
joeoshawabut you have two drives now right08:53
kasadjoeoshawa: only when i completed server setup and traveled 40 miles to set it up at their offices, their IT appeared and gave me the second drive .... ( >_>)08:53
ruantricksy: you can try both, jdk first, as it is developers kit08:54
smiley7is there an app that will let me make a live ISO of my install ?08:54
tricksyruan: so jdk wil include jre?08:54
kasadjoeoshawa: yes, so, when he pulled out the drive, i just opened the case and plugged it in, didn't even format it08:54
smiley7like in Mandriva ?08:54
joeoshawathat was nice of them lol they like doing things like that08:54
Scuttleguyschaos_: no sound anywhere08:54
babai want to install software that needs libavutil.so.49. how to obtain this file?08:54
Cryptanalystkasad: Chipzzz: the part you want starts about 2 thirds the way down the page.      https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/advanced-installation.html08:54
ruantricksy: possibly, jre is runtime and jdk is developers kit08:54
kasadCryptanalyst: reading about it now08:55
joeoshawawell here's the page i found https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID08:55
joeoshawamaybe it will help08:55
rileypis gt210 better than a 9400gt?08:55
kasadjoeoshawa: will check that out, tho i should mention that this is 8.04 LTS08:56
joeoshawalol the page probably is too08:57
kireanhow can I add a new menu entry in applications (I need a shortcut to rdesktop)08:57
joeoshawamost of them are ancient08:57
grandrewwhy does huge disk i/o make the system so unresponsive?08:57
kireanahh, Terminal Server client..08:58
smiley7is there any app that will let me make a Live ISO of my install ?08:59
smiley7anybody ?08:59
joeoshawarileyp, apparently the 210 is slightly slower probably not noticeably09:00
joeoshawaalmost the same card the 9400 has twice the stream processors and more ram09:00
joeoshawabut thats all from google searching09:01
joeoshawaif i am going to get a card it has to be like 250 bucks just to be worth it09:02
rileypis gt210 better than a 9400gt?09:02
joeoshawajust cause of why i need it09:02
joeoshawaalmost the same09:03
smiley7anybody have an anser ?09:03
rileypi just want a card that can do vidpau09:03
rileypthats vdpau09:03
joeoshawasmiley7, yes you can probably find it on google09:03
smiley7its not in the repo ?09:04
rileypjoeoshawa,  sorry dint see your replies thnask09:04
joeoshawai thought about it once as a backup but never got the ambition09:04
joeoshawano problem09:04
mmanwhere can I download the alternate ubuntu 10.10 for intel 64bit?09:04
joeoshawamman, www.ubuntu.com09:05
rileypso I can get gt210 for $35 new or a 9400gt for $20 pp what should i go for09:05
ruanwhat is vdpau?09:05
Tm_Trileyp: also, this is wrong place to ask that I suppose09:05
mmanjoeoshawa, I know, but where exactly, im looking for it but not sure if I download the amd64 is ok if I install it on intel 64 bit processor09:06
joeoshawaapparently it has a gig of ram and twice the stream processors09:06
rileypthe 9400gt is s/h but Im not scared good seller09:06
Chipzzzmman: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download09:06
Cryptanalystmman: the amd64 works on ams as well as intel09:06
rileypTm_T,  I knows soz09:06
mmanCryptanalyst, sweet thanks!09:06
smiley7oh well09:06
smiley7i wish i could make a live ISO09:07
ruansmiley7: what's stopping you from downloading one?09:07
joeoshawamman, www.ubuntu.com then download then alternatice downloads under additional options09:07
babais any old experienced ubuntu guy in here? i need help for installing libraries. and NEVER know which version to use..09:08
rileyplooking at finer details09:08
smiley7is there one for ubuntu ?09:08
Cryptanalystsmiley7: try this website http://www.ubuntugeek.com/creating-custom-ubuntu-live-cd-with-remastersys.html09:08
mmanjoeoshawa, thanks, just downloading it. My question was if it was ok to install amd64 on an intel processor, but just got answer I can :D09:08
joeoshawaok cool09:08
ruanim on i386 with a amd processor09:09
rileypyou can put linux on anything09:11
rileypif your determined enough09:12
jattmy swap is gone!09:13
jattSwap:        0k total,        0k used,        0k free,  1074040k cached09:13
jattis this a known issue?09:13
jatthow can I recover it09:13
rumpe1!enter  | wangxile09:13
ubottuwangxile: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:13
jattUbuntu 10.04.2 LTS09:13
wangxileI have five wine On a Thunder and then displays the download directory is c disk dowload, but how can I put the paper out under ah?09:13
ruanjatt: pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l09:14
rumpe1jatt, sudo swapon -a09:14
rileyp<jatt> is this a known issue? no09:14
ruanjatt: or do swapon and see if it's back first09:14
wangxilethanks!!  i try it now09:15
rumpe1wangxile, i really don't understand what you are trying to say09:15
wangxilei am a cn09:16
jattruan: here the output of sudo fdisk -l: http://pastebin.com/yPRDCuqW09:16
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk09:16
jatton my /etc/fstab I do have:09:16
jattUUID=748af6cb-3f0d-4a40-b9b4-7b829a5cf4c5 none            swap    sw              0       009:16
jattmaybe the UUID is not mapping to /dev/sda5 ?09:16
ruanjatt:looks like it09:17
rumpe1jatt, does the UUID match with output of "sudo blkid -g ; blkid"09:17
jattI did swapon and I get:09:17
jattswapon: cannot find the device for UUID=748af6cb-3f0d-4a40-b9b4-7b829a5cf4c509:17
jattrumpe1: with  blkid I am getting: http://pastebin.com/SAc1D9nL09:18
jatt /dev/sda5 is not in the output of that command09:18
jatthow is this possible?09:18
ruanjatt: /dev/sdb5       none            swap    sw              0       009:19
FBANEXTAnybody have any idea whats wrong with my computer?  When every I click wine my computer boots me to the login screen09:19
jattruan: right will try that. those UUIDs are a pain in the neck :)09:19
ruanjatt: do swapon after changing it to that09:19
RPMiSOMy first time using Ubuntu today09:20
RPMiSOI am very impressed.09:20
RPMiSOIt's clean and smooth.09:21
RPMiSO*it's so09:21
jattswapon: /dev/sda5: read swap header failed: Invalid argument09:21
FBANEXTu'mm sorry but I asked a question09:21
RPMiSOGwibber or Pidgin?09:21
ruanjatt: did you do "sudo swapon -a"09:22
jattyes swapon is answering that read swap header failed09:22
FBANEXTWine won't open correctly it just boots me to the login screen whenever I click WINE I get kicked to the login screen then have to relogin09:22
rumpe1jatt, use gparted to check the swap-partition or delete/rebuild it09:23
ruanjatt: you might want to recreate the swap partition09:23
jattmaybe is this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/util-linux/+bug/56903109:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 569031 in util-linux (Ubuntu) "swapon read swap header failed" [Low,Fix released]09:23
ruanfix released, it's not a bug anymore09:23
tonysanMy machine crashed after I installed openjdk, then it asked me to dpkg --configure -a. Every time I do this, it crashed again, how do I deal with this issue?09:24
FBANEXTWhy am I always ignored when I have a real problem wtf !09:24
jattok will recreate the partition with mkswap09:24
ruanFBANEXT: you can try reinstalling it or installing an older version09:24
rumpe1FBANEXT, be patient09:24
FBANEXTNo that doesn't work done tryed it09:25
FBANEXTzsnes, wine, gmameui all do this shit09:25
FBANEXTits pissin me off09:25
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.09:25
rumpe1FBANEXT, check Xorg.0.log09:25
jattok, that worked, thanks ruan09:26
jattSwap:  2104476k total,        0k used,  2104476k free,  1155468k cached09:26
FBANEXTIt doesn't say anything in the old X log09:26
ruanjatt: ok, good :)09:26
jatthopefully it starts being used, I was getting random freezes09:26
FBANEXTI just need to update to the newest X09:26
FBANEXTIts the only way09:26
FBANEXTAnybody know how?09:26
ruanjatt: was it recreated as /dev/sdb5?09:27
jrni just installed the newest imagemagick version by downloading the source, extracting it, ./configure, make, make install, but convert -version still brings the old version, what have I missed to do?09:27
HyperHoRseso......Do you liek...Mudkips?09:28
ruan!ot | HyperHoRse09:28
ubottuHyperHoRse: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:28
rumpe1FBANEXT, if you really think, this would solve your problems, i don't wonder any longer, how you got into this trouble09:28
jattruan: the right partition is /dev/sda5, but it is not shown in df -a09:28
jattI thought it should appear there?09:29
ruanjatt: is it shown in fdisk -l?09:29
jatt/dev/sda5           16512       16773     2104483+  82  Linux swap / Solaris09:29
jrnanyone experience in compiling programs under linux?09:29
jattand in the top command as shown above09:29
FBANEXTrumpel:: What are you talking about?09:29
rumpe1FBANEXT, stick to the version of the package-manager and solve your problem in a different way09:30
jattI checked in other machine and it doesn't appear in df -a and is using swap09:31
jattso everything is good I guess09:31
FBANEXTHow the log doesn't show any errors and I dunno how to fix this issue09:31
expirementAnybody feel like helping me with a completely newbie question ?09:31
ruanjatt: as long as one command shows the swap09:31
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:31
rumpe1FBANEXT, how have you installed wine exactly?09:31
ruanexpirement: what is the question?09:31
FBANEXTsudo apt-get install wine09:31
expirementI was wondering if the i386 version of ubuntu 10.10 automatically supports intel quad core Q6600. I am confused because the only other package is an AMDx64 package. If i want to use all 4 cores of my processor, which version of ubuntu should i download?09:33
neizFBANEXT: locate a .exe you are trying to run in wine and 'wine <file>.exe' and see the output.. might help troubleshoot your problem09:33
rumpe1neiz, he won't see output, if it crashes his X09:33
FBANEXThmm dunno where it would be09:33
rumpe1FBANEXT, maybe move your $HOME/.wine-Folder to somewhere else, to check, if it's triggered by some weird configuration09:34
ruanexpirement: i think it'll handle all 4 cores with 32bit, but the main question is the ram09:34
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Raj007expirement: amd64 is just packaged to use 64-bit instructions on your processor. Q6600 is a 64-bit processor. I would use that.09:35
FBANEXTYou do realize I dunno how to do what you're saying09:35
mycosysexpirement AMD invented 64 bit x86 processors, so the version for them is called AMD 64. works fine on the intel clones too09:35
expirementIm currently running with 3GB of ram. 1GB stick on the way which i will install soon. Will the 32bit version cap me off at 3GB?09:36
mycosyspretty much09:36
neizFBANEXT: could always try a sudo apt-get remove wine then start with a fresh installation of wine09:36
FBANEXTthis is terrible help09:36
expirementnot for me09:36
icerootexpirement: yes, because not only the ram is important, also the ram of your VGA and the general PCI-BUS09:36
mycosysfbanext - if you dont like it you could always pay a consultant09:37
ruanexpirement: in that case you're probably better off with 64bit09:37
FBANEXTright pay somebody, idiot09:37
FBANEXTI'd just go back to windows xp09:37
rumpe1FBANEXT, have fun with xp :)09:37
FBANEXTand say screw this cheap shit09:37
icerootFBANEXT: dont forget to leave this channel09:37
mycosyssteal, pay, ur choice09:37
FBANEXTNo I don't trust me09:37
expirementSo, not only does 32bit limit your ram, but amount of memory on video card as well ?09:37
FBANEXTyou're an idiot09:38
ruanlol what09:38
Raj007lol i hope you guys don't get a lot of FBANEXT's around here.09:38
ruanexpirement: it limits your (ram + video memory) to 3.33gb i believe09:38
mycosysraj007 you hope in vain09:38
icerootexpirement: no, your VGA card will use all of its ram09:38
mycosysruan - is actually a limit of around 4G of addresses09:39
icerootexpirement: but your "real" ram can only handle 4GB ram - VGA - PCI-BUS09:39
ruanmycosys: ah ok09:39
icerootexpirement: so you can use PAE (so you dont have to reinstall) or you do a fresh amd64 installation09:39
mycosyssome are used by the buses, some by vga, what is left the OS can use09:40
icerootexpirement: PAE can hanlde more then 4GB ram, but only 1.8GB per process09:40
icerootmycosys: 4GB - VGA - PCIBUS09:40
expirementi do apologize, but i am windows saavy more than anything and acronyms like PAE are foreign to me. If its not an annoyance could u speak in lamens terms for a newbie ?09:40
mycosys-bios - a few other bits09:40
iceroot!pae | expirement09:41
ubottuexpirement: To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info09:41
mycosysPAE is used in doze too09:41
Raj007expirement: just go with 64-bit (fresh install), currently my setup is Q6600@3.6Ghz & 6GB and is stable, working well.09:41
ruanexpirement: physical address extension i believe09:41
mycosysspot on ruan09:41
expirementDid you overclock your Q6600?09:41
expirementmine is 2.409:41
Raj007expirement: yeah Q6600 are VERY overclock friendly.09:42
mmani want to resize the harddisk so I can have windows and ubuntu at the same time. Im trying to run ubuntu livecd but i always get a initramfs error :S09:42
expirementawesome. I read something recently about dell bios's not allowing you to overclock, is this true?09:42
ruanmman: did you verify the integrity of the iso before you burned it?09:42
Raj007expirement: all i did was push my FSB to 405 @ 9x multiplier. And yeah on Dell you can't overclock.09:42
mycosysexpirementnormally yes09:42
mycosysiirc alienware dells can oc09:43
mmanruan, yes09:43
expirementlet me open google real quick to figure out what FSB is =)09:43
Raj007yeah alienware would.09:43
mycosysexpirement front side bus - the way old core and core2 cpus communicate to the rest of the system09:43
Raj007expirement: urmm you also need to play a lot with voltages, stress test etc.09:43
mycosysand older cpus too i spose09:44
expirementyea i'd probably wanna upgrade to liquid cooling as well09:44
mycosysexpirement NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!09:44
expirementno ??09:44
mycosysgood air is as good as most h2o09:44
expirementi hear overclocking is dangerous because of heat09:44
mycosysand badly maintained h2o will kill ir system09:44
Raj007expirement: i'm running fine on air, i forgot which cooler i have, it's been years.09:44
expirementso take the heat away, just dont use liquid cooling ??09:44
gypsymaurothere is a way to prevent nautilus to show hidden shares when browsing a windows network?09:44
mycosysexpirement good air will be enough for ANY 24/7 viable OC09:45
Grishnackhhi there09:45
mycosysis a bit OT here expirement - feel free to join us on efnet #desktops if u like09:45
ruanmy dad used a large fan to cool his pc when the cpu fan failed, it was 10 degrees colder than it was with the cpu fan09:45
Grishnackhhow can i display the filesystem type of a lvm partition?09:45
phretorI've noticed that Ubuntu redirects MySQL's error log to syslog. Is it possible to change this behavior?09:46
mycosysruan - i had a 30cm box fan as my side fan for years09:46
expirementWow i'm sorry. OT ??09:46
mycosysoff topic expirement09:46
expirementah ok09:46
mycosysand this channel is chaotic09:46
mycosysdont be sorry09:46
expirementi like this channel. Very helpful from the very beginning.09:46
ruanGrishnackh: i dont know what a lvm partition is, but have you tried sudo fdisk -l ?09:46
mycosyswould jus be easier there09:46
expirementmust learn the rules though09:46
Grishnackhruan: jepp, i tried fdisk -l...but there's no record containing the filesystem type. lvm partition = lvm logical volume09:48
jrni still need help on compiling and installing a program under ubunutu09:48
mycosysdid you try lvmdisplay?09:48
jrnI'm sure here is someone who can help me09:48
ruanjrn: what program is it?09:49
jrni downloaded the source, extracted it, ./configure, make, make install09:49
expirementAny recommendations for reading material on novice command lines and compiling ?? Books for purchase or awesome websites, doesn't matter.09:49
jrnbut convert -version still brings the old one09:49
Grishnackhmycosys: there is no command "lvmdisplay", i think you mean lvdisplay. jepp, i tried already09:50
jrnwhat step did I miss?09:50
mycosyssudo blkid -g ; blkid is what u need Grishnackh09:50
expirementI meant to only underline novice, my bad.09:51
jrnruan: any ideas?09:51
Grishnackhmycosys: looks better, but for the fs type there's only TYPE="LVM2_member"...09:51
ruanjrn: did it come with instructions for installation?09:51
jrnyep, the steps i listed above09:51
iqpijrn why don't you install the official version from repo?09:52
jrnwhich are usual for compiling and installing under *nix09:52
jrnmy repo doesn't offer the newest09:52
jrneven not after a dist upgrade09:52
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mycosysGrishnackh will show it by mount point for the fs09:53
iqpijrn: what have the official imagemagick web version, that the the repo version doesn't have?09:53
mycosysGrishnackh try ls -al /dev/disk/by-uuid and you should be able to figure out from the 2 what is what09:53
jrn6.6.7-10 is the newest and 6.5.7-8 is what I have09:53
sam__Can some one help me on making my taskbars smaller09:54
iqpijrn: but there are some new features? the "old" version does not work?09:54
ruansam__: right click it and click properties09:54
alexrhi, I've got an issue where my python script (maxing out most of my cores) will pause when screen is locked... any ideas?09:54
alexrI need it to continue runnign in the terminal, but when i come back to the system after unlocking screen, I see that CPU has been flat09:55
jrnon my working machine I have the newest version, which can handle the font I want to use, on my server is the old version, which does not handle my font09:55
sam__do you mean the task bars?09:55
ruansam__: yes09:55
ruansam__: panels?09:55
iqpijrn: perhaps you should look for the options available on the ./configure step09:56
iqpijrn: for example, i use to use ffmpeg compiled from svn sources09:56
sam__It is not saying properties09:56
jrnthere are no options listed09:56
alexris it normal for terminal-based processes (i.e. python scripts) to pause when my screen is locked? Any idea how I can stop this?09:56
ruansam__: what do you mean by "taskbar"?09:57
sam__the box fount is to big on fire fox and the box itself is really big09:58
iqpijrn: perhaps in the help files there are not any options listed09:58
guest1874Hi. I've got problem that (hopefully) can be resolved by this http://www.openprinting.org/printer/HP/HP-LaserJet_1005 steps. But can someone tell me where can I find the "sihp1005.dl" file?09:58
jrnhm I don't think the error lies there... make check let's it all pass09:59
iqpijrn: but i have just searched the imagemagick web, and look at the following link http://www.imagemagick.org/script/advanced-unix-installation.php09:59
iqpijrn: there are many options available09:59
jrnbut one last question... afte make install, it should be installed as usual, shouldn't it?09:59
alexrCan anyone point me in the right direction -- after i lock screen my script (running in terminal) loses focus and seems to pause. When I click on it again only then does it resume... any ideas?10:00
iqpijrn: yes, but as ffmpeg, by default, there are some featured disabled by default10:00
iqpijrn: you if you want to have them, you have to recompile with the correct options enabled10:00
maverick340my synaptic segfaults when i type anything in the quick search bar10:00
maverick340any idea why ?10:00
ruansam__: you can try F11 to go fullscreen in firefox10:00
iqpihave to leave, i will connect in some minutes10:01
sam__yes but is there a way to make the boxes smaller?10:01
ruansam__: you could remove any toolbars that you don't use10:03
sam__ok thank you ruan10:04
ekdhalhi !10:04
Raj007speaking of panels, i have this annoying problem. I am using cairo-dock and deleted both my panels (top and bottom). However when i log off and back in, they will both re-appear and i have to delete them everytime. How do i avoid this?10:04
Guest33207does anybody heah know why they deleted java jre from the packages10:06
Grishnackhwhere can i find the log-file from fstab?10:07
Dice-ManGrishnackh: /var/log ?10:08
GrishnackhDice-Man: i did an ll | grep fstab but there's nothing in10:09
llutz_fstab is a file, not a service. grep for mount, but likely those errors would only occur in boot.log, which is disabled by default10:10
icerootGrishnackh: first, you want grep -ir fstab /var/log/* and not pipe the output to grep, second what you excpect in a log about fstab?10:11
happyhessian_if i'm doing a fresh install on a system that already has separate partitions for /home and / is there anything that i need to back up?10:11
iceroothappyhessian_: you cant install into an existing /, you have to format /10:12
Grishnackhiceroot: i made an entry in fstab for automounting a lvm volume. while booting an error mounting /mnt/nas occures...10:12
iceroothappyhessian_: and keep /home10:12
happyhessian_iceroot: right, but what information on / is worth saving?10:12
iceroothappyhessian_: configfiles you edit by hand10:13
happyhessian_all of my personal files and settings are in /home, or at least so i'm led to believe10:13
happyhessian_so like fstab or sources.list10:13
happyhessian_are there any other things that i might overlook...vlc, mpd...almost every program i know of keeps its settings in /home10:14
kekeim a newbie at ubuntu. how can i do manually change dns ,change ip adress or use a proxy10:14
happyhessian_actually, mpd might be in /etc10:14
Bob_Dole_keke: /etc/networking/interfaces is the config file10:15
Grishnackhllutz_: thanks, i actually found an error in there!10:15
kekefor ex. :dns server is and , proxy is like10:15
Bob_Dole_keke: you can right-click on network manager applet and configure it in the GUI too10:17
WassasinI have a problem with TeamSpeak 3. It fails to capture my mic source correctly. (gnome-sound-recorder has no problem, thus my mic source is ok) This is only this case with my mic source; TeamSpeak 3 captures the loopback source (Monitor) fine.10:18
kekeAuto eth0 ipv4 manual settings ive write adress what is netmask and whats gateway10:19
WassasinA sample of how TeamSpeak captures my mic source: http://neko.quezacotl.nl/problems/thisisatest.ogg10:19
iqpiWassasin: have you checked you can record audio with another app?10:19
Wassasingnome-sound-recorder works fine10:20
Bob_Dole_keke: if you dont know what those are its best not to mess with them until you do.10:20
llutz_keke: man 5 interfaces             but you'd better use networkmanager and change things there10:20
kekeim a newbie in linux but expert in windows... but i never change netmask and gateway in windows,i only change ip adresses,dns servers etc.10:21
iqpijrn: did you find something in the link y pasted before?10:21
kekeis default netmask?10:22
WassasinMy only guess is that TeamSpeak 3 implements the PulseAudio API incorrectly and does not check what the source format is10:22
llutz_keke: most likely10:22
WassasinBecause that's the only difference between the sources, as far as PulseAudio and TeamSpeak 3 are concerned10:22
WassasinA screeny of padenvchooser: http://neko.quezacotl.nl/problems/teamspeak3.png10:22
Bob_Dole_keke: it depends, in your case probably since its class e10:22
Bob_Dole_*class 310:22
fredrik_Hello, I'm getting a "permission denied" when trying to connect to my A2DP headset (Nokia bh-103) to my Ubuntu 10.10 http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/574906/10:23
fredrik_Anyone knows how to solve this? I have tried both the built in Bluethooth manager and blueman.10:23
AbdallaHello all10:24
Abdallacan someone give me some guidance?10:24
jussiHow do I uncompress a .xz file?10:24
jussi!ask | Abdalla10:24
ubottuAbdalla: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:24
llutz_jussi: unlzma10:25
MichaelDobrovitswhy xsane recognizes my scanner only when i use the sudo (probably permission issue)? i recompiled genesys backend and xsane 0.98 because xsane 0.96 didn't recognize my scanner either ways10:25
Abdallaalright, its cause im newby at this, which os should i download to run on my laptop? the desktop ver10 or the netbook?10:25
Bob_Dole_Abdalla: i recommend the desktop10:26
Bob_Dole_even people with netbooks dont like the netbook version10:26
jussiAbdalla: the netbook version is a trifle lighter, but its up to you to choose. if your laptop is a bit older or a "mini laptop" - grab the netbook-10:26
jussiAbdalla: but try them both - its free :)10:26
AbdallaThank you.10:26
jasonincoloradogood idea10:26
MichaelDobrovitsAbdalla, i recomend ubuntu 8.04.3 never had any issue with it and worked flawlessly on my win u100 except the wifi that can also be overcome by compiling a new module for wifi10:27
jussillutz_: there doesnt appear to be a package by that name - am I missing something?10:28
llutz_jussi: pakage is lzma10:28
Bob_Dole_its an older outdated version10:28
llutz_!info lzma10:28
ubottulzma (source: lzma): Compression method of 7z format in 7-Zip program. In component main, is optional. Version 4.43-14ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 58 kB, installed size 168 kB10:28
jussillutz_: ahh, thank you.10:28
iqpiAbdalla: even better than the desktop, try lubuntu for the netbook, it will run better, but it is uglier10:29
jasonincoloradoyou can always get themes :D10:29
niohello all i had a problem that i am not able to connect to the internet with my ubntu 0.04ltx through a gateway. the gui application again changes my gateway ip to
kekeok...another question.im using ubuntu as a virtualOS in vmware,i share folders from my windows partition but how can i see it in ubuntu? (in virtualbox i use "connect to server" ).how can i show my F drive in ubuntu by using connect to server window.10:29
fredrik_Hello, I'm getting a "permission denied" when trying to connect to my A2DP headset (Nokia bh-103) to my Ubuntu 10.10 (http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/574906/) Anyone knows how to solve this? I have tried both the built in Bluethooth manager and blueman.10:29
Bob_Dole_keke: i believe just put in the IP address10:30
Guest33207can you please show me where sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin xulrunner is10:30
niomy /etc/network/interface file has just this entry auto lo iface lo inet loopback10:31
MichaelDobrovitswhy xsane recognizes my scanner only when i use it as root (probably permission issue)?10:31
llutz_nio: rightclick on networkmanager, edit connection and set default gateway10:32
niollutz_ the default gateway again switch back to
llutz_nio: then edit dhclient.conf to override gateway-setting10:33
llutz_nio: or just use /etc/network/interfaces instead of networkmanager10:33
niowhat is the location  is it in /etc10:33
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llutz_nio: /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf iirc10:34
nioshould i manually gedit te /etc/network/interface file10:34
llutz_nio: static PC or notbook? _i_ prefer to use /e/n/interfaces on non-mobile machines10:34
nioi had a laptop but you can consider it as a static machine10:35
Bob_Dole_nio: right-click on the network manager applet and edit the connections in there. its easier and theres no conflict10:35
llutz_nio: then setting up your network in interfaces-file should be fine10:35
llutz_nio: devices configured in /e/n/interfaces will be ignored by networkmanager10:36
llutz_(in theory)10:36
ikoniallutz_: or create a conflict....in practical tests10:37
jussillutz_: just fyi, it appears xz-utils is installed by default, so thats a nice little thing :)10:37
llutz_jussi: ok no need for additional stuff then10:37
=== Guest59204 is now known as Anubi
llutz_ikonia: true, i know why i dislike nm10:37
niollutz_ what exactly i should do  there is lot of confusion now should i manually edit the network file10:38
llutz_nio: two ways, both should work, your decision10:38
niothe network file is not editable10:39
llutz_sudo nano ....10:39
MichaelDobrovitsnio, use sudo gedit or sudo nano10:39
jrniqpi, looks like it's the 64bit version, that's what I found in the configure options...10:40
jrnI need to set it to 32bit10:40
jrnoh noes the server is 64bit10:40
jrndunno I concentrate on another problem first10:40
jrnthis problem sucks10:40
MichaelDobrovitsjrn, what it the issue?10:41
niointernet stil not working i added this to my network file  # The primary network interface      auto eth0     iface eth0 inet static     address     gateway     netmask     network     broadcast
jrnI'm about to install imagemagick 6.6.7-1010:42
nioi can connect to my server 2003 via rdp but internet is still not working10:42
iqpijrn: you could try to install the precompiled binary offered in the imagemagick web10:43
jrnso I dl it, extracted the source, ./configure, make, make install, but convert -version still shows up the old one10:43
jrniqpi, ok I'll do so10:43
MichaelDobrovitsjrn, make uninstall first before you install the precompiled version10:44
Ranjanhello Every body can any body can tell me how to get maximum battery life in Ubuntu 10.10 ... any help would be of great help thanks in advance10:44
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MichaelDobrovitsyou need to remove any older version first10:44
MichaelDobrovitsjrn, you need to remove any older version first10:44
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AnubiSomeone got a detalied guide about terminal?10:46
MichaelDobrovitsAnubi, man bash10:46
jrnMichaelDobrovits, thanks I'll do so or maybe I find precombiled binaries10:47
zpHi, I'm a debian user and need to install this package  http://packages.debian.org/experimental/nvidia-opencl-dev  on Ubuntu Lucid. How do I do this? Does Ubuntu has this package? Does it have a non-free repo?10:47
iqpijrn: i agree with MichaelDobrovits unistall first the previous release of imagemagick you have installed, purge all its components, and then try to reinstall it from sources, if it fails again, then try (first unistall again) to install the binary package ofered in their web but they are rpm files, you can convert them to deb using the program alien, to see how aliens works, type man alien, but you have to install it first, of course 10:47
=== shriekout__ is now known as shriekout
MichaelDobrovitsiqpi, thumbs up  :)10:48
Anubibash is pretty detailed, maybe too much lol10:50
Anubianyway thanks^^10:50
MichaelDobrovitsAnubi, try in google: bash scripting or something that you need to know10:50
AnubiYeah, Michael, i found this: gnu.org/software/bash/manual10:51
shomonto get java on my machine can I just apt get it? or do I have to go to java.com10:51
AnubiI used apt-get10:51
MichaelDobrovitsshomon, you can apt-get iy but i sugggest using open-jdk instead oracle java10:52
=== Michael is now known as Guest46610
taranhow to add APT line of the repository  to  install a file hplip-3.11.1.run  which is available on HP authorised server?10:52
shomonyeah so open-jdk is more supported on websites? or is it just more free10:52
MichaelDobrovitsshomon, sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre10:52
iqpishomon: it is totally free10:53
shomoncool thanks10:53
iqpishomon: and it works as oracle one works10:53
shomonok just installed it!10:53
shomonthanks again10:54
pupithi, which ubuntu version is better: 10.04LTS or 10.10?10:54
jasonincolorado10.04 is more stable10:54
elFidelpupit: there is no general BETTER10:54
MichaelDobrovitspupit, it depends which one you like more10:55
zpHi, I'm a debian user and need to install this package  http://packages.debian.org/experimental/nvidia-opencl-dev  on Ubuntu Lucid. How do I do this? Does Ubuntu has this package? Does it have a non-free repo?10:55
iqpipupit: there is not any better than other, you need to know what are your needs, if you are looking for stability, then the 10.04 if you don't mind stability or you like to have the never programs versions, then 10.1010:55
pupitah, ok then10:55
MichaelDobrovitszp, you can download opencl from nvidia i think10:55
zpI prefer package10:56
Tm_Tzp: don't know the answer, but you can try searching in http://packages.ubuntu.com10:56
jasonincoloradoeither way you can't go wrong10:56
zpthank you10:56
xAndromedahey quick question, if i installed eclipse from the app ubuntu app store... which directory am i supposed to move the files into? O.o10:56
taranwhats the meaning of these errors http://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=6fd2d077ba&view=att&th=12e7b5c73d69122d&disp=imgs?10:56
pupitthanks all10:56
DaraelxAndromeda: When you say "which directory am I supposed to move the files into" - which files?  If you installed from the Software Centre, you'll find Eclipse in your menus.10:57
iqpizp: if you install the propietary nvidia driver, you will have enabled the CUDA and opencl support enabled10:57
besfortdoes any one10:58
Darael!anyone | besfort10:58
ubottubesfort: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.10:58
zpiqpi: which one? from their website?10:58
MichaelDobrovitsiqpi, i think the nvidia removed opencl and cuda from their drivers10:58
besfortnow any software to convert from bitmap to jpg10:58
iqpizp: this is an offtopic, your nick is the same as the "rude" way to call our presindent in Spain xD10:58
llutz_besfort: convert (imagemagick) does10:58
iqpiMichaelDobrovits: really? I did not know it10:59
MichaelDobrovitsiqpi, they made seperate packages for them10:59
xAndromedafor pydev ur suppsoed to copy the plugins/another folder into the eclipse folder, but i cant find where it is lol :/10:59
besfortllutz, does it exist in software center11:00
llutz_!info imagemagick11:00
ubottuimagemagick (source: imagemagick): image manipulation programs. In component main, is optional. Version 7: (maverick), package size 71 kB, installed size 284 kB11:00
llutz_besfort: ^ it should11:00
zpMichaelDobrovits: should I try to install debian packages or nvidia's script?11:00
MichaelDobrovitszp, http://developer.nvidia.com/object/cuda_3_2_downloads.html11:01
xAndromeda  for pydev ur suppsoed to copy the plugins/another folder into the eclipse folder, but i cant find where it is lol :/11:01
MichaelDobrovitszp, nvidia holds the newest toolkit available in their site11:02
zpok thank you11:02
MichaelDobrovitszp, i'm not aware of any package that holds cuda toolkit or opencl11:02
DaraelxAndromeda: It looks like the recommended way to do it is rather than copying files, to use the help->software updates->find and install menu option in Eclipse.11:03
DaraelxAndromeda: Specifically, go there, choose "search for new features to install", go next, choose "new remote site", use the URL http://pydev.org/updates and it should be clear from there.11:04
xAndromedathxx a ton!!! i wasnt aware of that11:04
DaraelxAndromeda: No problem.  If you get a prompt about installing in user mode, go with that.  Don't try to run it as root to do the install.11:05
Atlantic777Hi! I'm wondering is LTS image on the site up to date or I have to do massive update on first run?11:05
ikoniaAtlantic777: there will be updates, not "massive" though11:06
freedayiODBC Data Source Administrator: Error: Native ODBC Error...anyone can help please?11:06
dmesgwhat this mean tar xvfz  ispconfig  >> tar unexpected end of the file in archive11:07
vivek_how i can make a bootable usb ?11:07
dmesggoogle best friend11:08
expirementCan someone tell me where to start if i want to boot up ubuntu 10.10 and have it read to me audibly the weather temperature, time, and brief news from applications of my choice?11:08
dmesgwhat this mean tar xvfz ispconfig >> tar unexpected end of the file in archive11:08
kasadcan someone gimme a hand here, i'm not getting this right11:08
erUSULdmesg: the f must be tha last option before the archivename11:09
iqpivivek_: a booteable usb of what?11:09
erUSUL!usb | vivek_11:09
ubottuvivek_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:09
kasadi do a lvextend /dev/vcms/root/ -l +1396 (max size availiable)11:09
kasadand the message i get is:  Extending logical volume root to 715.09 GB11:09
dmesgerUSUL, :)11:10
vivek_iqpi:of ubuntu using terminal?11:10
ikoniakasad: ok, what's the problem ?11:10
kasadikonia: why does it says extending to 715 gb (when it should be double then that)11:11
ikoniakasad: please do a lvdisplay /dev/vcms/root and pastebin it11:11
kasadikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/574921/11:11
dmesgerUSUL , tar xvzf ispconfig same error with new one " unrecoverable exit now "11:11
ikoniakasad: read the error "max size unavailable"11:11
erUSULdmesg: are you sure is a gzipped tar?11:12
llutz_dmesg: seems you have only one part of a multipart tar-file11:12
erUSULdmesg: try dropping the z11:12
dmesgyes tar.gz11:12
kasadikonia: you lost me11:12
ikoniakasad: hang on11:13
kasadikonia: there's no such error reported, can it have something to do with 2nd drive not being formatted11:13
kasadikonia: ok11:13
ikoniakasad: can you pastebin the output of "vgdisplay -v vcms" please11:13
dmesgerusul, not work tar xvf11:13
kasadikonia: ok sec11:13
expirementCan someone tell me where to start if i want to boot up ubuntu 10.10 and have it read to me audibly the weather temperature, time, and brief news from applications of my choice?11:14
erUSULdmesg: then maybe llutz_ is right or you have a corrupted file11:14
dmesgok  , try to download the file again11:14
kasadikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/574930/11:15
ikoniakasad: sorry, I was ont he phone, hang on11:18
kasadikonia: no problem11:18
Curious_hello, i have a remote connection to a server via ssh. i am running an application with GUI on that server but i want to see the GUI on my PC. what can i do?11:19
erUSULexpirement: maybe read about text to speech software like festival?11:19
Curious_i tried "export DISPLAY=MYIP:0"11:19
Curious_but nothing happened when i ran the program11:19
Tm_TCurious_: did you connected ssh with -X ?11:19
erUSULCurious_: ssh -Y or -X ?11:19
Curious_i just used -l11:19
Curious_to login11:19
FloodBot3Curious_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:19
icerootCurious_: you cant connect to a running gui-program with ssh, just start a new gui-program and see it local, for that you have to use "ssh -X host"11:20
Curious_oh ok11:20
Curious_iceroot: if i run "ssh -X host " and run the GUI program on remote server11:20
Curious_where will i be able to see it11:20
icerootCurious_: if you have used ssh -X e.g. if you are starting firefox on that host, you see it on your local machine11:20
expirementthank you erUSUL for giving me a place to start11:20
tanvirHello, I installed apache and others required softwares, but now I want them uninstalled, how can I uninstall them? I fogot the list of software I installed. :S11:21
erUSULexpirement: no problem11:21
Curious_iceroot will it be directly seen on my host or will it be seen after i do switching or something like that?11:21
ikoniakasad: do an "lvextend +l 173010 /dev/vcm/root" what does it say ?11:21
icerootCurious_: directly11:21
kasadikonia: ok sec11:21
icerootCurious_: if "X-Forwarding" is enabled in the ssh-config of the server (but imo its enabled by default in ubuntu)11:21
Curious_hmm, the remote server is scientific-linux11:22
kasadikonia: Please specify either size or extents (not both)11:22
Curious_but it should be enabled since other people also use11:22
ikoniareally ?11:22
Curious_really for?11:22
ikoniakasad: sorry lvextend -l +173010 /dev/vcm/root11:23
kasad Extending logical volume root to 1.36 TB11:23
kasad  Logical volume root successfully resized11:23
kasadikonia: i love you man <311:23
ikoniakasad: now you have to do the file system11:23
kasadikonia: do i have to dismount it. i mean since it's root?11:24
ikoniakasad: yes,11:24
kasadikonia: so i do umount /root11:24
ikoniakasad: errr it's /root ?11:25
ikoniakasad: show me the output of df -h in a pastebin please11:25
kasadikonia: yes11:25
kasadikonia: ok sec11:25
kasadikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/574932/11:25
ikoniakasad: that's annoying, you can't unmount / (which is root) while your machine is running,11:26
kasadikonia: and i don't have physical access to machine11:27
exatime[B]hi, can anyone help me whith my motd on my ubuntu server 10.0411:27
ikoniakasad: resize2fs can do it online for you, but becareful there is a risk11:27
exatime[B]Registering nick: pZombie time: 12:27:06 date: 03/03/2011 :: [!login]11:28
kasadikonia: can i do something to minimize the risks, (i already stopped all services i could)11:28
ikoniakasad: not really11:28
exatime[B]Registering nick: nosaj time: 12:27:48 date: 03/03/2011 :: [!login]11:28
ikoniakasad: it "should" be fine11:28
kasadikonia: ok, thanks a lot man, gonna try it now *crosses fingers*11:29
ikoniakasad: good luck with it11:29
kasadty man11:29
Curious_iceroot and others, thank you for your help, it worked11:30
kasadikonia: working *gulp*11:30
kasadikonia: Performing an on-line resize of /dev/vcms/root to 364618752 (4k) blocks.11:32
ikoniakasad: thats fine, just let it run11:32
gluonanyone using gwibber with google buzz?11:32
kasadikonia: i just realized that i am an idiot, i didn't use screen and this connection may time out due to inactivity, if that happens i guess i am dead11:33
ikoniakeep hitting enter11:33
ikoniajust to get "input" into the screen11:33
kasadkeepalive is set to 5 sec but it still time outs (dunno why)11:33
kasadikonia: good tip, was hitting space11:34
MichaelDobrovitswhy xsane recognizes my scanner only when i use it as root (probably permission issue)?11:34
ikoniakasad: it should finish quite quick, so don't worry too hard11:34
kasadikonia: now only prayer remains. thanks a lot for your help, you saved me lots of time11:34
ikoniakasad: no problem11:34
expirementNewbie Question: Can checking all repositories in ubuntu 10.10 cause conflicts or damage... or does it just keep you up to date on everything ?11:35
ikoniaexpirement: backports and experimental can11:35
kasadikonia: w00t The filesystem on /dev/vcms/root is now 364618752 blocks long.11:35
ikoniaexpirement: main/multi/universe/security etc are fine11:36
ikoniakasad: that's great, well done11:36
kasadthanks a tons man, i pmed you my email in case i can ever return the favour11:36
ikoniakasad: don't worry, happy to help11:36
kasad 1.4T  3.7G  1.3T   1% /11:37
kasad :D :D yes yes yes11:37
kasadand i don't have to travel 40 miles11:37
pirxhello! i just did a package update earlier today, and now my gnome just refuses to work with anything but "visual effects: none". if i choose normal or extra, the window manager just blips after a a little while, and reverts back to "none" (and all windows are put into one virtual desktop).11:39
pirxis there a way to check which packages were updated, and perhaps i could then downgrade those to the previous versions?11:39
dyllanhi all.11:41
f31nhey, how may i check wich program causes how much network traffic?11:42
elFidelpirx: sounds like you are missing a 3d graphic driver11:42
elFidelpirx: software-update center has a package install/remopve/change history11:42
elFidelnot perfect - but might help in case you are focused on gui tools11:42
dyllanIm trying to configure xorg.conf to use a simple 104 keyboard but looking in the Xorg.log file it seems xorg keeps trying to load the module for my actual keyboard which is not working as I would like, is there a way to prevent it from doign that and load only what is in the xorg.conf?11:43
pirxelFidel: those visual effect have worked fine on this computer for a month11:44
MonkeyDustfolx, with ssh -Y when logged in Ubuntu normally, I am able to run X remotely, from a remote PC, that is, but not when I use ctrl-alt F1 to open een new CLI -- how come?11:44
elFidelpirx: and?11:44
elFidelpirx: you mentioned you did run updates ... and that you want to check what was updated or am i wrong?11:44
qwebirc95066Hi, may i ask You, how soon might Ubuntu 11.04 alpha 3 be released?11:45
bazhangqwebirc95066, #ubuntu+1 for that11:45
pirxelFidel: yes. i can start a "software-center" but cant find a "software-update-center"11:47
elFidelyep - its: Ubuntu Software Center11:48
elFidelsidebar - history11:48
jukf31n: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/bandwidth-monitoring-tools-for-ubuntu-users.html11:49
kasadMonkeyDust: isn't first terminal text only and first x serv term is something like 7 by default11:50
kasadbut then again maybe i am talking nonsense11:50
kasadikonia: oh crap, ssh: connect to host -snip- port 22: Connection refused11:51
ikoniakasad: Hmmmm, not the end of the world11:52
ikoniakasad: may just have paniced the daemon11:52
ikoniakasad: remote reboot ?11:52
kasadikonia: yes, it's 40 miles away11:52
kasadikonia: i rebooted it after everything was done, wanted to make sure everything is back and running, since i stopped tons of services before i started11:53
ikoniakasad: that's a real pain11:53
ikoniakasad: sorry about that11:53
ikoniakasad: ahhh give it time then11:53
ikoniait may be a little slow coming up, running an fsck for example11:53
kasadikonia: YAY you are the man, it's back on11:53
ikoniaha ha11:54
ikoniathere we go11:54
kasadok i had cold feet for a moment there11:54
ikoniakasad: big file system change, not unreasonable to run fsck after that11:54
kasadyou are my savoiur and you bring me luck, was really worried now11:54
ikoniakasad: it's quite common, don't worry11:54
kasadikonia: i hoped for that, but kinda lots of time passed, and disk is almost empty, machine pretty fast so i was starting to bite my nails11:55
ikoniakasad: big file system change though, can slow it down11:55
kasadgood point11:55
kasadikonia: everything running smooth now. thank you so much11:55
ikoniakasad: even if it only had 1 file on it, the change to the layout was not small11:55
ikoniakasad: more than welcome, pleased you're working11:55
kasadyeah understandable11:55
f31nthx juk11:56
elFidelpirx: got it?11:56
kasadnow i can dive back into safe world of php11:56
ikoniakasad: out of interest thats a massive root partition, why so big ?11:57
ikoniakasad: there maybe a few things we can do to make it a little better for you11:57
botcityf31n: if you install firestarter a gui for the firewall and click on the active connections it will show all program related traffic.11:57
TitanKingHey guys, does anyone know how to enable notification on IRC chat on Pidgin?12:06
TitanKingHey guys, does anyone know how to enable notification on IRC chat on Pidgin?12:07
bazhangpidgin-libnotify TitanKing12:08
TitanKingThanks... I did edit the settings but no change...12:08
=== jond3k is now known as jond
TitanKingUsing 2.7.9 btw.12:09
kasadikonia: sorry was on the phone12:09
ikoniakasad: no problem12:09
kasadikonia: massive root partition is because i am a retard and didn't make separate partitions when i had the access to server12:09
ikoniakasad: instead of extending that partition, you can still make use of external partitions to make it easier to manage12:10
kasadikonia: they didn't provide me with all hardware i was excepting (they gave me one 7xx GB hd, instead of 2 x 1TB hards12:11
kasadikonia: and they gave me 2nd drive when i already delivered the server12:11
ikoniakasad: understood12:11
kasadikonia: server is for intranet use only, some kind of information management system for a small company (no more then 20 people + some outside associates)12:12
ikoniakasad: thats fine, just checking there wasn't a better way to do this to make it easier for you12:13
kasadikonia: i should have partitioned it differently, but i just ended making one big /root and whole project is in /var/www (they have licenced plesk, so i just used parallels autoinstaller and to be honest i am not really versed in this12:13
ikoniakasad: hindsight always makes things easier, don't worry about it12:14
kasadikonia: :D12:14
jukf31n: http://how-to.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_monitor_network_traffic_on_a_Linux_or_Unix_like_OS12:15
justgregi am having trouble understanding the instructions for scalpel file recovery12:17
justgregis anyone here familliar with this program and maybe could shed some light on the subject for me12:17
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel12:18
justgregits on an ntfs filesystem12:19
erUSULjustgreg: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery <<< this has intruccions for photorec scalpel and other such tools. is generic not ext* specific12:20
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Dr_WillisIm startinng to see some pcie  usb3 adaptor cards out now in stores. Anyone tried one in 10.10 yet? Im wondering if theres even a chance they are supported yet. :)12:22
erUSULDr_Willis: they should be it is xhci driver. like the {e,o,u}hci for usb 1,212:23
Dr_WilliserUSUL:  going to try this one out i got later today. :) fingers crossed.12:23
=== share is now known as ^share
Dr_WillisHopefully they wont be affected by the SLOW usb speeds bug that seems common on many linux systems. :()12:23
erUSULDr_Willis: well if you are talking about flash usb stick i do not think it would make much a difference :(12:24
Dr_WilliserUSUL:  usb hard drives i find even have the issues for some of my machines. and flash12:24
kasadikonia: if you have time, just out of curiosity, how would you partition the disk knowing what the server is meant to do (intranet MIS for 20 or so people who will be storing lots of files on it, with mysql db that will also rapidly grow in size, also they will sometimes access it remotely from their laptops (i use air application for that - go figure they demanded that they have "client" because one of chicks on the board i quote "doesn't like to use browsers"12:24
Dr_WillisI did some tweaks last week. Now getting like 5 MB/S transfers tween my 1+TB usb hd's12:25
Dr_Willisthats up from the 1-2 MB/S speeds i was getting12:25
Amakocan someone help me? i just installed ubuntu netbook and i can't get the right click to work on my mouse12:25
ikoniakasad: just split it into as many options as suites you, eg: /var so your logging is seperate, /srv so your data (mysql/www/whatever) is seperate, / so your root is sperate /boot , /home, swap,12:26
Dr_WillisAmako:  try it in the console. see if it works there. You may need to install 'gpm' first to test it.12:26
Amakook i'll try that one sec12:26
=== max_ is now known as Max32167
kasadikonia: thanks, technically i could still do that considering that it's whole / is LVM12:28
ikoniakasad: true, but is it worth the pain due to your location to the server12:30
kasadikonia: do you think it would be wise, (knowing there's 2 750 gig hd's available atm). Main reason why I didn't messed with it was because I wasn't sure about the size12:30
ikoniakasad: I'd leave it alone personally12:31
kromaggcan anybody help me out with an install on a laptop. I need an updated kernel (as per #600453), so can I get that rolled into my installer somehow or should I go through the text installer?12:31
ethanolso I followed this guide. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountWindowsSharesPermanently -- however it does not mount them on boot cause network isn't up fast enough I guess.. I keep having to drop to terminal from x and issue a sudo mount /mnt/destination12:31
kasadikonia: i guess it isn't unless i could get some problems due to everything being stuck onto same partition, as i said, main reason is that i was _very_ unsure about the setting proper size (i know it can be remedied via LVM but this way, i hope to never touch it again, until it's time to add another hd)12:31
ikoniakasad: for me, I'd leave it12:31
kasadikonia: that makes two of us :D12:31
ethanolmy dmesg contains CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -101 at around 21 seconds in, and again a -113 error at around 40 seconds in12:32
kasadikonia: thanks again for reasurrance12:32
ethanolboth associated with could not connect to socket12:32
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JoshuaLHello, i played with xinput yesterday to use two pointers. I removed them, however today my keyboard buttons like volume up and down and mute do not work anymore12:33
JoshuaLis there a way i can fix this?12:33
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WipsterHi can someone recommend me a program which can filter/edit the audio on a video?12:37
CanimeHi there, I have a question about video12:37
moobyFRI'm loking the way Xorg determines the driver to use, when no xorg.conf is present12:37
Canime, my video is running strangely, ie wrong colors, how to fix this12:38
AbhijitWipster, you can use openshot or kdenlive to do that12:39
=== kieran__ is now known as caulkz
WipsterAbhijit, thanks I'l look into them12:40
guest42324Hi. How to limit the number of available usb ports?12:44
mechanisthello everyone. I have a big problem: i've got a virus that made impossible to the computer to see my hard disk. I've tried to load the Ubuntu SO, and it sees the partitions, and it can modify the files, but when I was back on the windows installation CD, it says that there aren't disk present12:45
jribmechanist: ##windows for help with windows.  It seems like you're asking about a windows issue.  If I'm mistaken, please let me know12:46
mechanistys you're mistaking: the question is: why ubuntu sees my hd and windows no?12:46
mechanistpartitions are in ntfs12:47
SearchOfSunrisefile system12:47
Abhijitmechanist, its win proble. not ubuntu12:47
mechanistSearchOfSunrise: nope, because its' in NTFS12:47
SearchOfSunrisegoogle.bg - fix filesystem12:47
SearchOfSunrisentfs file system :)12:47
Abhijitntfs is 'their' prop file sys naa?12:47
mechanistfix filesystem??12:48
jribmechanist: I'm not sure how ubuntu seeing an ntfs partition is a problem.  Ubuntu can read and write to ntfs.12:48
SearchOfSunrisehttp://support.microsoft.com/kb/315265 something like that12:48
mechanistyes but you have to use this program only when the os is loaded12:49
SearchOfSunrisego to windows and use chkdsk12:49
mechanistin this case neither the os loads12:49
PCChriswhat exactly is the .cache folder in home used for?12:50
mechanistit tells me disk error12:50
Abhijitmechanist, it seems windows problem. try asking in ##windows12:50
PCChrisperhaps more importantly, is it safe to delete?12:50
mechanistAbhijit: already done12:51
ceohai all, am need modification my boot groub12:51
ceowith some imange12:51
ceoany body can help me, am used ubuntu 10.1012:51
jribPCChris: if you look inside, you'll see various programs use it as a place to store cached items12:52
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Arachondo i feel dumb... I've... Managed to zoom the display somehow12:53
ArachonFeels like I'm back in Windows12:53
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PCChrisjrib, it's not a standard cache location, though?  as in...I don't see too much utilization of it....12:54
ceoany body can help me, am used ubuntu 10.1012:54
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jribPCChris: reading http://standards.freedesktop.org/basedir-spec/basedir-spec-0.6.html you'll see ~/.cache is what $XDG_CACHE_HOME should default to.  Personally, I have several things in there12:55
PCChrisjrib, thank you12:56
Xecuterhi! need some help with an ssh server. im trying to connect to my friend, but all i get is permission denied when i enter the password. he can ssh to himself. why?12:56
jribPCChris: to answer your original question, it should probably be safe to delete but an application could be stupid too in theory...12:56
PCChrisjrib, haha ok thanks12:56
jribXecuter: what do you mean by "ssh to himself"?12:56
Xecuterjrib ssh
kromaggso what's the easiest way to grab just the kernel from natty?12:57
akarkitry ssh username@server12:57
jribXecuter: possible you are not using the correct password?12:57
Xecuterakari jrib using correct password and username12:58
Xecuterchecked it a thousand times ^^12:58
elfrannei created a socks proxy via ssh -D , it is working but i got some errors like channel 8: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused (numbers varies)  any idea what it is ?12:58
sipiorXecuter: what's reported if you enable the "-v" switch for ssh?12:58
jribXecuter: was anything done to the sshd configuration after installing openssh-server on the server?12:58
ArachonEr... Is there any way to disable the screen magnifier once you've started it?12:59
jribArachon: #compiz might know12:59
ArachonRoight, cheers.12:59
Xecuterjrib originally we only changed the port, and it worked this morning. but now it doesnt13:00
jribXecuter: what else has changed?13:00
kromaggXecuter: you're using -p and not -P right?13:01
Xecuterkromagg yes13:02
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icerootXecuter: less /var/log/auth.log13:02
Xecuterjrib we tried setting it to no password authentication and setting strict mode off, but no success13:02
hammamHello All13:02
jribXecuter: no, what did you change between the time it worked and the first time it didn't?13:03
elfrannei created a socks proxy via ssh -D , it is working but i got some errors like channel 8: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused (numbers varies)  any idea what it is ?13:03
jribelfranne: you might try #openssh if no one here knows13:04
Xecuterjrib i was logged into ssh, went to eat, when i came back it wasn't responding, so i pressed CTRL-C but then it wouldnt log in again13:04
nash_can anybody send gnu gcc compiler download link pls13:04
nash_can anybody send me gnu gcc link13:04
elfrannejrib, good idea13:05
jribXecuter: go to the server and login with your credentials.  My guess is that your friend changed your password.  But others here have asked you for client debug output and server auth log so you can post that to troubleshoot more13:05
fadaxi am trying to get my wireless card to work on ubuntu 10.10, but it just won't detect it. i don't understand why because according to http://intellinuxwireless.org/ the driver for my card (the 6230) is built into the kernel (drivers/net/wireless/iwlwifi). does anyone know why ubuntu isn't detecting my card?13:05
Xecuterjrib its coming :)13:05
jrib!software | nash_13:05
ubottunash_: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents13:05
hammam the windows decoration disapear constanty (sometimes immediatilly after running ubuntu), after restaring the windows manager things return back to normal13:06
hammamwhat would be the problem?13:06
Amakook i tried right clicking and no luck.  i have gpm installed already13:07
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sipiorelfranne: add the "-v" switch and see if any further information is provided during the connection.13:07
nullvariablehelp! I suddenly can't switch windows...I have to alt-f4 them and use the keyboard to do anything13:08
medvindmsg nickserv identify goofy13:08
medvindfuck :)13:08
elfrannesipior,  http://pastebin.com/EVn1m7M1 error at line 17413:08
hrwI am trying to use evolution (after using kmail) and have problems with getting it working. any help? I have 'magic spacebar' enabled but it looks like it is ignored cause switching from mail to mail is not working13:08
hrwmedvind: add those infos to login part of irc client13:08
elfrannesipior, but i do not see anything wrong13:09
medvindhrw, yeah, I will... :)13:09
nullvariablemedvind: better change that password!13:10
nullvariableanyone know what I can do? seems like the window manager is having issues. I also can't click tabs in chrome13:10
Xecuterjrib sipior http://pastebin.com/prTvgQH013:11
nullvariableI also ran all the pending updates via command line but issue still persists after a reboot. though it doesn't seem to take effect instantly. I get about 3-5 seconds where I can interact with apps normally. I can't even drag them around the screen after that13:11
Amakocan someone help me i can't right click on anything.  I just installed ubuntu netbook, thanks13:11
fadaxi am trying to get my wireless card to work on ubuntu 10.10, but it just won't detect it. i don't understand why because according to http://intellinuxwireless.org/ the driver for my card (the 6230) is built into the kernel (drivers/net/wireless/iwlwifi). does anyone know why ubuntu isn't detecting my card?13:12
jrib!wireless | fadax13:12
ubottufadax: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:12
jribfadax: I have no idea if that discusses your card, but start there13:12
sipiorelfranne: what program are you running when that connection attempt appears? it appears to expect a conection on 37019 of your localhost. the error results because nothing is listening there, or the traffic is being dropped by an intervening firewall from the SOCKS proxy to your own machine.13:12
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fadaxok thanks jrib13:13
Xecuterjrib iceroot auth.log says  could not load ssh_host_dsa_key ssh_host_rsa key13:13
Xecuterjrib iceroot auth.log says  could not load ssh_host_dsa_key ssh_host_rsa_key repeatedly13:14
fizy[laptop]is there any way to create the linux equivelent of a windows .bat file?13:14
jribXecuter: pastebin in full, do not paraphrase13:14
sipiorXecuter: looks like you're connecting to an os x box. is that correct?13:14
rumpe1fizy[laptop], sure.. shell-scripts13:15
Xecuterjrib cant post to pastebin, hes on a ubuntu server with no gui13:15
jrib!pastebinit | Xecuter13:15
ubottuXecuter: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com13:15
Xecutersipir im connection to an ubuntu server from mac os x13:15
elfrannesipior, i am only running firefox and IRC on the localhost, nothing on 37019, nothing special on the server, no firewall13:15
sipiorXecuter: ah yes, i have it backwards of course. can you login directly to the machine?13:16
fizy[laptop]how do i make a shell script?13:16
sipiorelfranne: the firewall dropping the traffic may not be local :-)13:16
sipiorelfranne: where are you running the proxy?13:16
Xecutersipior like physically? but my friend can13:16
jribfizy[laptop]: basically, make the first line "#!/bin/bash" and then put your commands.  See ubottu13:16
jrib!bash > fizy[laptop]13:17
ubottufizy[laptop], please see my private message13:17
sipiorXecuter: but does *your* login work on the console?13:17
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mer_gehow can I disable the "notifications" of rhythmbox?13:17
slipkid08What's up everyone?13:18
Xecutersipior sorry i dont know what you mean13:18
elfrannesipior, the proxy is at home on a ubuntu server, behind NAT, but no firewall13:18
slipkid08trying to find drivers for my xp installation13:18
sipiorXecuter: if you were sitting directly at the computer, could you login? (id est, not via ssh)13:18
mer_gethe notifications that pop up at new songs etc...13:18
slipkid08I did a side-by-side installation of ubuntu and XP13:18
Picislipkid08: This is Ubuntu support here, windows support is in ##windows13:18
jribslipkid08: how is that related to ubuntu?13:18
Xecutersipior oh yes13:18
slipkid08oh I know13:18
Xecutersipior he is13:18
Picislipkid08: Then please clarify :)13:18
sipiorelfranne: well, it's not causing a problem, so i wouldn't worry about it.13:19
slipkid08I wasn't asking for help13:19
slipkid08Xecuter said "sup", so I was telling him what I was doing13:19
elfrannesipior, i just don t like errors to pop out :p13:19
sipiorelfranne: if it bothers you, find out which program is attempting to make that connection.13:19
slipkid08My ubuntu is working fine13:20
slipkid08my XP is retarded13:20
elfrannesipior, how so ?13:20
phoenixsamprasHelp!! the network icon is not showing up?? how to restart it??13:20
Picislipkid08: Okay... well, if you just want to chat you can join #ubuntu-offtopic :)13:20
slipkid08nah not chatting, just helping others where I can13:21
slipkid08but that's good to know13:21
fadaxjrib apparently i should use lspci to find the wireless card i have.. but it shows up as "Intel Corporation Device 0091" .. which is strange because i know that it is the Intel Advanced-N 623013:21
coz_hey all13:23
slipkid08fadax: maybe that's just the core name for it?13:23
slipkid08is there a way to delete my windows partition and give it to ubuntu?13:24
Abhijithow to uninstall flash player? i downloaded it from their web site and installed. now firefox is asking to install it again becaues i am visitn one video website. but when i click on install it gives error plugin conflict13:25
Abhijit!gparted | slipkid0813:25
ubottuslipkid08: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php13:25
slipkid08that's what I thought13:25
Xecuterjrib iceroot http://paste.ubuntu.com/574968/13:25
coz_Abhijit,   did you check in synaptic?13:26
BajKwhere do I get the 2.6.38 kernel for maverick meerkat? on my notebook I just added the kernel-ppa but on my machine i dont find the package kernel-image-2.6.38-4-generic13:26
fadaxok slipkid probably.. but how can i get the device to use the intree (drivers/net/wireless/iwlwifi) driver13:26
Abhijitcoz_, ??13:26
Picislipkid08: Note that resizing partitions can take a long time, depending on what is being done, so plan to do some waiting.13:26
slipkid08I want to make sure I can give it to maverick when I am done deleting windows13:26
coz_Abhijit,   are you running gnome?13:26
mechanist_Abhijit: can you tell me please the nick of the one who answered to me before? I've changed machine and I don't find him anymore13:26
Abhijitcoz_, 1. flash payer is already installed. i installed it by downlaoding it from thier website13:26
slipkid08I have my son today, so we can play blocks or whatever lol13:26
Abhijitcoz_, yes13:26
Abhijitmechanist_, no idea i wasnt here13:26
coz_Abhijit,  well sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin13:26
Abhijitmechanist_, may be SearchOfSunrise13:27
Abhijitcoz_, let me try13:27
mechanist_... Abhijit: you told me that there was a windows issue, not ubuntu, don't you remember?=13:27
Abhijitmechanist_, i remember you but i dont know who helped you after that13:27
mechanist_Abhijit: just scroll the log a bit up13:28
Abhijitmechanist_, it seems he was SearchOfSunrise13:28
magpiiehow prone are linux machines to viruses?13:28
B-r00thi, i'm updated firefox to 3.6.14 and now videos on youtube are red and then i must kill firefox...13:28
Abhijitcoz_, http://pastebin.com/RA3TPKb713:28
DJones!virus | magpiie13:28
ubottumagpiie: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus13:28
slipkid08magpiie they're not13:28
sipiormagpiie: not very.13:28
slipkid08That's one thing I love about linux13:29
coz_Abhijit,   sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras13:29
Abhijitcoz_, thats also installed already13:29
Abhijitcoz_, did you see the link?13:29
coz_Abhijit,   I did yes    open system/administration/synaptic package manager13:30
BlueBomber7People at Compusa always try to sell me additional A/V or security suites, lol. "Nope, my operating system doesn't need 'em."13:30
Abhijitcoz_, done.13:30
coz_Abhijit,   ok  hit search   type  flash13:30
slipkid08haha right blude13:30
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B-r00thi, i'm updated firefox to 3.6.14 and now videos on youtube are red, i have latest flash player...anyone?13:31
tuxxie I have processes that i can not kill with kill -9. What else can i do to kill these processes?13:31
toxicTo whom can I caomplain about package naming ?13:31
Abhijitcoz_, there are lots fhtem. what to look for?13:31
sipiortuxxie: are you the owner of the processes?13:31
coz_Abhijit,  adobe flash plugin should be the first one13:31
Abhijittoxic, package owner13:31
dtrf4837I'm trying to burn ubuntu to dvd. it says 'burning disc 100% done' but the estimated remaining time keeps growing??13:31
syrinxtoxic: anyone who'll listen?13:31
coz_Abhijit,  if not  click "Settings"  then Repositories13:31
coz_Abhijit,   make sure that all boxes  are ticked on the first and second tabs13:31
Abhijitcoz_, all are enabled in repo13:31
Picitoxic: If you explain the problem maybe I can point you in the right direction.13:31
AbhijitGaudi, /part <chanel>13:31
syrinxor /leave13:32
coz_Abhijit,   ok hit  reload  then hit   Mark all upgrades13:32
dtrf4837i'm on ubuntu 10.10 trying to reinstall13:32
coz_Abhijit, also ,, if ubuntu restricted extras are installed then so is flash13:32
Abhijitcoz_, all makred upgrade but apply button is till grayed13:32
coz_Abhijit,  ok13:32
wamichohey tryna test gnome shell with my ubuntu building it up from git and i encouter this error "" ./autogen.sh --prefix /home/wamicho/gnome-shell/install --libdir '/home/wamicho/gnome-shell/install/lib'  --disable-static --disable-gtk-doc "" any body know how to solve this ??13:33
Abhijitcoz_, restricted are also installed plus before that i manualy installed flash by downoading .deb from adobe website13:33
coz_Abhijit,  well search for ubuntu restricted extras  if that is installed then flash is installed as well13:33
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Abhijitcoz_, ubu restricted extra is shown as instlled13:33
coz_Abhijit,  ok so you installed that,, what is the issue?13:33
Guest73097guys, what bugs 're fixed or what exactly the difference in the 10.04.1 and the 10.04.2 ?13:33
Abhijitcoz_, i cant open flash video website in my firefox nad chromiurm13:33
syrinxgeneral question, is FF building nightly now?13:33
slipkid08I just said sudo apt-get in ##windows...I thought the whole place was going to lose their mind lol13:33
Abhijitcoz_, while visint this page http://linuxologist.com/1general/why-open-source-makes-sense-scientifically-proven/ firefox gives me error plugins missing and chromium just dont show anything13:34
coz_Abhijit,   open firefox   in the address bar type     about:plugins13:34
coz_Abhijit,  see if flash is listed13:34
wamichohey tryna test gnome shell with my ubuntu building it up from git and i encouter this error "" ./autogen.sh --prefix /home/wamicho/gnome-shell/install --libdir '/home/wamicho/gnome-shell/install/lib'  --disable-static --disable-gtk-doc "" any body know how to solve this ??13:34
slipkid08"what is sudo apt-get????!?!?!?" lol13:34
toxicPici, 2 problems : 1/openldap is named slapd in ubuntu, confusing new users. 2/firefox-branding is either a bad choice of name or there is some abuse since branding should not ever come as an "important security update"...13:34
phoenixsamprasHelp!! the network icon is not showing up?? how to restart it??13:35
moobyFRslipkid08: you don't use ar to extract your packages ?13:35
coz_Abhijit,  I believe it will be listed under "Shockwave flash"13:35
Abhijitcoz_, this is the only etry with word flash video/flv Flash video flv Yes otherwise there is no mention of slash or shockwave13:35
sipiorwamicho: that doesn't appear to be an error. is the build failing later on?13:35
kromaggtoxic: ubuntu-dev mailing list would be the location, but search the archives13:35
wamichosipor yap13:36
sipiorwamicho: that's very informative.13:36
kromaggtoxic: and while you add it, the debian-devel ones too13:36
wamichosipior it says   *** Error during phase configure of gnome-control-center: ########## Error running ./autogen.sh --prefix /home/wamicho/gnome-shell/install --libdir '/home/wamicho/gnome-shell/install/lib'  --disable-static --disable-gtk-doc  ***13:36
coz_Abhijit,   well get rid of ubuntu restricted extras  from synaptic  see if the manually installed flash works after that13:36
kromaggtoxic: (and the reason firefox-branding comes with the security update is because it's built from the same source package as the rest of firefox)13:37
Picitoxic: Well, in the case of slapd, we're just using the package names that debian uses.13:37
Abhijitcoz_, oh13:37
Abhijitcoz_, but13:37
Abhijitcoz_, then i need to reinstall ubu restricted extra afterwards??? ohhh okay i will try it13:37
Abhijitcoz_, cant we just uninstall that manualy installed flash and then reinstall restricted?13:37
sipiorwamicho: that doesn't actually say what the error is, only the command that generated it. check the build logs.13:37
toxickromagg, the building process shouldn't cause such things...13:37
dtrf4837i'm on ubuntu 10.10 it keeps asking for password for certain operations and it wont accept my loging password. so i'm trying to reinstall. it says 'burning disc (100% done)' but estimated remaining time keeps growing. what do i do?13:37
coz_Abhijit,  well uninstall that first then uninstall the flash you manually installed13:37
coz_Abhijit,  then reinstall ubuntu restricted extras  and nothing else13:38
Abhijitcoz_, ohh okay13:38
toxicPici, so I go complain in #debian ;)13:38
Picitoxic: Essentially. :/13:38
Abhijitcoz_, i will try it .  i will need some time. will report you after that.13:38
GreenNerdI am looking for a YouTube video player, kind of like minitube.  Anyone have suggestions?  I don't really have a need to download the videos.  I would like to be able to make a custom playlist though.13:38
ethanolit's not possible to assign applications a default desktop to shop/open on is it?13:38
ethanolI tried googling but found mostly negative answers13:38
coz_Abhijit,  ok13:38
Abhijitcoz_, there is only just little prob though!13:39
kromaggtoxic: it's a legal artifact in this case13:39
Abhijitcoz_, thing is this is my 64 bit lucid and i installed 32 bit .deb of flash. so question is how to remove it in command line?13:39
kromaggtoxic: but you could always lobby for grouping updates under source names13:39
ethanolGreenNerd: you can make playlists on youtube?13:39
Abhijitcoz_, i installed it by doing sudo dpkg -i --force-all <flash.deb>13:39
coz_Abhijit,  you installed this via a .dev packages...yes?13:39
Abhijitcoz_, yes13:40
coz_Abhijit,   then it should be in synaptic package manager listed there13:40
TinoDidriksenHow can I cleanly tell Ubuntu 10.10 to use g++-4.5 as default? Seems everything defaults to g++-4.4 and update-alternatives has no entries for g++. I can do it by editing all the symlinks, but that feels wrong...13:40
wamichosipior sory am a bit new just following what the article shows how to build this using the jhbuild where do i check the log..?13:40
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toxickromagg, legal artifacts are _not_ security updates....13:40
toxicat least shouldn't be !13:40
GreenNerdethanol, I do not want to use a full web browser.  I want a small, stand alone player.13:40
fadaxhow can i tell  my network card to use the kernel device driver iwlwifi?13:41
Abhijitcoz_, i checked again. its not! :'(13:41
filmAnyone know a good meeting note software like MS Notes for Ubuntu?13:41
sipiorwamicho: should be a file in the build directory.13:41
coz_Abhijit,  what was the name of the package you downloaded from adobe?13:41
Kingsyok, I have just plugged a hard drive into my linux machine, formatted it and now its called "New Volume"  I can find the drive in /media/New Volume..   a couple of things.. does this mean is fully mounted/working? i.e I could stick a samba share on it? also how do i change its name?13:41
Abhijitfilm, basket.13:41
Abhijitcoz_, install_flash_player_10_linux.deb13:41
jrib!label | Kingsy13:42
ubottuKingsy: To rename the labels of your partitions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive.13:42
kromaggtoxic: you misunderstand, I was only talking about the reason it's split that way13:42
coz_Abhijit,  not sure then13:42
slipkid08what's the pros of using a swap file?13:42
Abhijitcoz_, :-o13:42
kromaggtoxic: that there are no incremental updates (i.e. small patches instead of upgrading everything) has to do with different constraints13:42
slipkid08it's like adding extra memory, right?13:42
pen_what is the name of the program that shows the current usb device map?13:42
pen_like what ports are in use13:43
Abhijitcoz_, dpkg -i is for install so what is dpkg for uninstall? tell me that let me try13:43
jribslipkid08: when you run out of ram your applications won't just die :)  Plus if you have enough swap, it allows you to hibernate13:43
Picipen_: sudo lshw    may also be helpful13:43
coz_Abhijit,  and you are sure there are no flash player packages listed in synatic that are still installed?13:43
slipkid08ahh I see13:43
slipkid08I don't run out of ram often13:43
slipkid08only when I am using this as a media server13:43
Abhijitcoz_, there is swf player for gnome and ubu restricted is listed. no flash player not the adobe one13:43
jrib!swap | slipkid0813:43
ubottuslipkid08: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info13:43
NeosanoHello, I have linux on every computer, so there's no way to do it from windows. A friend of mine gave me his netbook to install windows xp on it, but there's no cd drive, how can I install windows xp from usb using linux to prepare the usb?13:44
filmHey all. Could you make a second to help me?13:44
coz_Abhijit,  ok log off and back on or better yet   ctrl+alt+F1   log in  then   sudo restart gdm13:44
Abhijitfilm, i answered you above13:44
filmIs there any good meeting note software like MS Notes for Ubuntu?13:44
TinoDidriksenNeosano, you could as last resort install WinXP in VirtualBox and do it from there...13:44
coz_film,  what does MS notes do ?13:44
Abhijitcoz_, i done all that installation yesterday. this is my 3-rd or 4th loogin now. so i dont think log off will make any difference?13:45
Abhijitfilm, can you read me?13:45
coz_Abhijit,  then I am puzzled13:45
filmMS Notes is used to write down the minies of a meeting.13:45
Abhijitcoz_, :-(13:45
NeosanoTinoDidriksen, yeah, but it would take twice of the time :) any faster way?13:45
toxickromagg, yes, ok, I'm not against the fact that firefox-branding gets updated so I can update firefox if it firefox has known important security updates. But all dependencies should not be listed in the important security updates....13:45
filmAbhijit, I can read you. But not found your answer. Thanks.13:45
Abhijitfilm, BASKET13:46
Kingsyjrib: its not a USB drive if that matters.. its IDE13:46
Abhijitfilm SEE THIS http://basket.kde.org/13:46
jribKingsy: directions should be the same13:46
filmAbhijit, thank you. I tried BASKET before.13:46
Abhijitgood luck then13:46
TinoDidriksenNeosano, could try dd the CD image to a USB stick and mark the partition bootable...13:46
Kingsyjrib: np thanks13:46
jribKingsy: you've formatted it already?13:47
filmAb, I'm thinking maybe there is some other ware.13:47
NeosanoTinoDidriksen, and by cd image you mean iso file?13:47
NeosanoTinoDidriksen, cuz I only have iso :o13:47
NeosanoTinoDidriksen, I've tried using unetbootin, cuz somebody there said that it works. But it doesn't work for me13:48
coz_film,   there is  basket not pad  not sure if that is what you want13:48
TinoDidriksenNeosano, that should have worked...could be the partition wasn't set bootable, or the netbook wasn't told to boot from USB.13:48
JuJuBeeJust finished a fresh install of kubuntu 10.10 and my up arrow is not working13:48
coz_film,  there is xournal13:49
NeosanoTinoDidriksen, hmmm, should I format my usb thumb to ntfs or fat?13:49
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wamichosipior cant seem to find the build directory ?13:50
sipiorwamicho: contact the folks you downloaded the software from, and explain the problem.13:50
derangoanyone has got an idea where should I look for .ratpoisonrc for the ratpoison window manager config file? it's not in my home directory13:50
derangoquestion answered!13:51
coz_film,  there is also   http://www.ubuntugeek.com/mynotex-a-free-note-taking-and-notes-manager-software-for-linux.html13:51
filmcoz, I tried basket. I will follow your advice. Thank you.13:51
wamichosipior ok13:51
filmcoz, is the xournal working well under Gnome?13:51
NeosanoTinoDidriksen, ok gonna try it again...13:52
Abhijitcoz_, this is the error E: /var/cache/apt/archives/flashplugin-installer_10.2.152.27ubuntu0.10.04.1_amd64.deb: conflicting packages - not installing flashplugin-installer13:52
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coz_Abhijit,  so there is another flash installed most likely... you said you installed the 32 bit before yes?13:53
Abhijitcoz_, i deleted libflashplayer.so from /usr/lib/adobeblahblahblah13:53
Abhijitcoz_, yes13:53
coz_Abhijit,  well something is still on the system...you will have to hunt that down... if no one here can help with that go to the ##linux channel to see what they have to say about it13:54
B-r00tmy flash videos are red and firefox crashing after update to 3.6.14, i have latest flash plugin...13:55
Abhijitcoz_, yeah13:55
coz_Abhijit,  i cant stick around long right now but wil be back later13:56
=== administrator is now known as Guest79533
Abhijitcoz_, thanks for help so far. i will try.13:56
jattyou really mean red?13:57
sacarlsonhow can I create a loop file system with an lvm partition inside it?  example of sudo losetup  /dev/loop0 ~/loopfile.image  and partition /dev/loop0 with lvm13:58
lesshastehow do I tell version information for the moonlight plugin?13:58
B-r00tjatt: and .firefox folder in my home missing13:59
DrknzzHi guys! Ive suddenly lost all of the KWin effects even tho i do have 3D accel enabled with the ATI driver.... Help? Kubuntu 10.10 x64 on Acer 4540 [ATI HD4200]13:59
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sacarlsonI created the loopfile.image with dd if=/dev/zero of=~/loopfile.image bs=1k count=10000  ;  do I need to change bs or count to somthing that will let me partition?14:00
filmAbhijit and Coz, thank you for your kind help. I've solved my problem. Good day.14:00
pct_i am new to ubuntu and need some help re sharing folders14:00
Abhijitfilm, welcome14:01
Abhijitpct_, act14:01
erUSULsacarlson: « gksudo gparted /dev/loop0 » fails? what error message? what about fdisk or cfdisk ?14:01
filmpct_, what sharing folders?14:01
Abhijitpct_,  ask question14:01
sevenearthswhat is the command to list the number of files is a directory and all it's subdirectories?14:01
pct_i have an external HDD and when i try to share it i am asked for a username and password - i did not load any passwords...14:01
sacarlsonerUSUL: well I didn't try gparted I tried disk utility and that fails yes14:01
knightstalkerWhere can I download the beta editions of 11.04 if thats even possible? (I want to update my 10.10 to it)14:01
ikoniaknightstalker: if you can't figure out where to get it, it's best not to update14:01
lesshastehow do I search ppas?14:02
ikoniaknightstalker: disucssion on 11.04 is in #ubuntu+114:02
erUSULsacarlson: try with the other tools?14:02
sacarlsonerUSUL: since I didn't think gparted suported lvm but I'll try that too14:02
erUSULsacarlson: well i dunno if it supports lvm either ...14:02
robin0800knightstalker, only alpha 3 expected today14:02
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pct_when i open shared folders window it says "authentication needed  to make changes"14:03
NeosanoTinoDidriksen, now it says SYSLINUX 4.01 debian-20100714 EDD Copyright (c) 1994-2010 H. Peter Anvin et al14:04
Neosanooh he left..14:04
sacarlsonerUSUL: ok tried gparted and with that I don't even see /dev/loop014:04
darkguyhey, is there any program similar to this -> http://ontopreplica.codeplex.com/ but for Ubuntu ?14:04
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erUSULsacarlson: pass it the loop0 dev explicitily « gksudo gparted /dev/loop0 »14:05
GreenNerdMy Minitube player does not work, and I'm not sure what is going on.  There are no error messages, the videos simply keep trying to play the next song, over and over...  Any help?14:07
Abhijit!pm | pct_14:07
ubottupct_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.14:07
knightstalkerEhem,I rather wait till Beta releases,alpha seems very buggy atm14:07
=== Guest63114 is now known as toxic
pct_sorry man, first timer ;-{14:08
* Krycek 14:09
sacarlsonerUSUL: well your gksudo gparted /dev/loop0 will work with my 10meg file if I don't use the whole disk in the first partition but fails if I try to use it all14:11
xubuntu89can anybody help me ??14:11
ikoniaxubuntu89: ask a question, lets see14:11
pct_when i open shared folders window it says "authentication needed  to make changes"14:11
xevioxHi, I've found a web based newsaggregator a few days ago which seemed to be really cool (just can remember the cool Dashboard view), but sadly I can't remember the name, any ideas?14:11
ikoniaxubuntu89: was it from the ubuntu repos ?14:11
xubuntu89why is my grub aint loading at all ?14:11
sacarlsonerUSUL: so maybe this is the same problem I am having in the disk utility14:11
erUSULsacarlson: 10 MiB only ?14:11
ikoniaxubuntu89: define not loading14:11
kromagghow do I boot without starting X?14:12
erUSULsacarlson: that may be pussing it to far ? don't you think?14:12
sacarlsonerUSUL: ya it was just a test so how big should I make it just to create a partition with a file that only had 20 leters in it?14:12
ikoniakromagg: disable the gdm run time script14:12
erUSULkromagg: add "text" to boot options14:12
kromaggerUSUL: where quiet splash go?14:13
Rob235whats a good sound editing program14:13
erUSULsacarlson: why do you need lvm on such small thing?14:13
Rob235where i can raise the volume and edit pitch and stuff14:13
erUSULkromagg: yes14:13
kromaggikonia: I can't boot into ubuntu without the screen going blank14:13
xubuntu89when it should load grub at begining i doesn't :|14:13
ikoniakromagg: ok, boot from the live cd, or follow erUSUL's suggestion14:13
ikoniaxubuntu89: what does it do14:13
xubuntu89it's not the first time i have this problem with ubuntu , xubuntu and kubuntu are the same14:13
oliver_Rob235, if u don't want  a too overpowered software try     audacity14:14
sacarlsonerUSUL: it's all a test to create an encrypted lvm that gets it's passwords from an online source14:14
xubuntu89nothing at all14:14
xubuntu89just empty space14:14
Rob235what if i do want an overpowered program, i probably dont but just wondering14:14
xubuntu89i dont use ant other OS in my pc , only xubuntu14:14
Rob235i'll try audacity first though thanks14:14
xubuntu89i'm using x64 version14:14
kromaggapparently I need to disable the drm driver14:14
xubuntu89sadly it's not the first time14:15
ikoniaxubuntu89: just a black screen ?14:15
xubuntu89it checks dvd rom and it's all14:16
xubuntu89coz my first boot is DVD rom14:16
ikoniaxubuntu89: remove the DVD from the drive, try to boot, what happens14:16
xubuntu89i'm on live cd now14:16
ikoniaok, for it to get nothing it's possible your hard disk is dying14:16
ikoniaxubuntu89: for grub to not be working you'd get some sort of error,14:16
xubuntu89but it's just not loading14:17
ikoniaxubuntu89: it's also possible it is booting fine and straight into xubuntu, however your video driver is causing a problem14:17
ikoniaxubuntu89: what video card do you have, ati ?14:17
erUSULsacarlson: i created a image myself used fdisk to create the partition and partition table no problems. disk utilty failed though14:17
kromaggI'm actually encountering a video problem like that14:17
xevioxno ideas? damn, I should have wrote it down :(14:17
kromaggcan you guys give me the full parameters to just get a simple text terminal? It keeps loading the intel drivers14:18
ikoniakromagg: hang on, you're having problems with an intel card ?14:18
erUSULsacarlson: gparted created the partition and ext2 filesystem....14:18
compdocxubuntu89, what does the smart data say for the drive?14:18
alisalaahkromagg, i joined in late just now, but at GRUB you can choos erecovery mode and then at the gui window select terminal14:19
kromaggikonia: yeah14:19
kromaggikonia: this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/28556214:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 285562 in xorg (Ubuntu Intrepid) "xforcevesa doesn't work" [Critical,Fix released]14:19
erUSULsacarlson: would with lvm command line tools if i knew how to use them ;P14:19
Abhijitpreviously when i visit youtube that video is saved in /tmp and i can just copy from therre. but now a days thats not the case. so what is my options to download youtube videos?14:19
GreenNerdAbhijit, Minitube14:19
xubuntu89now it's not of VGA the screen is showing everything but there is no loading of xubuntu :|14:19
GreenNerdSearch software centre14:19
kromaggikonia: I just need  to get in there to install a backported kernel from natty14:19
pentesterhi how do i restart the x server?14:19
AbhijitGreenNerd, it dont have 64 version and lots of probelm while installing source code and binary gives error it cant find some library14:19
ikoniakromagg: I doubt that is your problem14:20
kromaggalisalaah: I never got to the gui window14:20
kromaggikonia: oh sry14:20
kromaggikonia: wrong bug14:20
pentesterhi how do i restart the x server?14:20
ikoniakromagg: what version of ubuntu are you using ?14:20
GreenNerdAbhijit,  Try gPodder14:20
kromaggikonia: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/60045314:20
ubottuUbuntu bug 600453 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) "[arrandale] [i915] DELL E6510: blank screen on boot (Intel GPU)" [High,Triaged]14:20
AbhijitGreenNerd, ok14:20
pentestercan someone help me ?14:20
pentesterhow do i restart the x server ?14:21
jattdmesg says14:21
jatt[17510.609448] Btrfs loaded14:21
kromaggmaybe if I try to boot from the text installer14:21
GreenNerdpentester, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart14:21
jattI use ext414:21
jattwhy is btrfs being loaded?14:21
AbhijitGreenNerd, does that downloaads youtube videos? how?14:21
ikoniakromagg: when you boot the machine, do you get a grub menu /14:21
Abhijiti mean do i need to give him the address?14:22
kromaggikonia: yes14:22
=== McPeter_ is now known as McPeter
ikoniakromagg: when that appears, press "e" which will put you into edit mode14:22
GreenNerdAbhijit, I have lead you to water.  It is your choice to drink it.  Read the help file?14:22
kromaggikonia: okay sec14:22
GreenNerdAbhijit, I do not have time to explain how to use a basic program like this, I apologize.  I am preparing to go into a meeting.14:22
AbhijitGreenNerd, bye14:23
kromaggikonia: okay I'm there14:23
ikoniakromagg: now scroll to the boot line, and press "e" again, it will allow you to edit the boot options14:23
xubuntu89so is there any chance to load xubuntu ? :|14:23
ikoniakromagg: you can use the tips suggested in the bug report you suggested to fix it14:23
=== syrinx is now known as syrinx_
ikoniaxubuntu89: what video card you are using, ati ?14:23
xubuntu89no nvidia14:23
kromaggikonia: it's 10.10 but yeah14:23
xubuntu89but it's not coz  of VGA14:24
darkguyhey, is there any program similar to this -> http://ontopreplica.codeplex.com/ but for Ubuntu ?14:24
kromaggah I missed that modeset option14:24
ikoniaxubuntu89: why is it then ?14:24
xubuntu89i just not loading anything after all load as usual14:24
xubuntu89it checks rams14:24
ikoniaxubuntu89: ok, how do you know it's nothing to do with the video card drivers ?14:24
xubuntu89then other screen apears14:25
Abhijitdarkguy, what does it do?14:25
xubuntu89and no loading of GRUB or xubuntu starts :(14:25
ikoniawhat other screen14:25
ikoniaxubuntu89: what other screen appears14:25
kromaggikonia: what comment did you see boot options in?14:25
darkguyAbhijit: it displays a "thumbnail" of a selected window (or a region within it) inside a floating resizable window you can keep on top, and such14:25
till_does anyone know where i find a list of previously installed updates through the "Update Manager"?14:25
ikoniakromagg: #214:25
xubuntu89the usual one , the if you installing OS "Push any button to install"14:26
darkguyAbhijit: similar to that dockbar plugin for Gnome emulating Windows 7's taskbar, something related to KDE thumbnails or something14:26
darkguyplasma thumbnails14:26
ikoniaxubuntu89: that is because you are booting from the CD14:26
ikoniaxubuntu89: boot the machine from your hard disk14:26
ikoniaxubuntu89: take the CD out of the drive14:26
darkguyit's like a floating window with a plasma thumbnail :P14:26
Abhijitdarkguy, no idea14:26
AndChat|Is it possible to run fsck on an ext2 partition from Windows?14:26
ikoniaAndChat|: don't try14:26
darkguyAbhijit: :(14:26
xubuntu89there is no CD in the dvd rom i'm just giving example with screen apears but nothins is happening14:27
kromaggah there we go14:27
darkguyhey, is there any program similar to this -> http://ontopreplica.codeplex.com/ but for Ubuntu ? (it's some sort of floating window kept above all windows with a thumbnail of your selected window)14:27
kromaggclearly I need more coffee14:27
ikoniaxubuntu89: I don't want an example, I want to know what screen appears14:27
darkguyand I haven't said "window" so much times before in a single paragraph14:27
ikoniaxubuntu89: if you are getting a screen that says "press X to install" then you are booting from install media14:27
Picidarkguy: You can set a window to be 'always on top' from gnome (and probably in kde too).  But the 'selection of a window' part looks a bit more complicated.14:27
darkguyPici: yeah, that works, but the idea is to have a thumbnail of it, so you can have the window minimized - or in another workspace - and still see it in its full size14:28
xubuntu89im not getting that im getting nothing coz no loading is happening14:28
ikoniaxubuntu89: right, so either a.) your hard disk is dead/dyiung b.) your video card is not setup/compatible14:28
Abhijitgpodder is horrible for youtube14:28
qrqIs gnome shell 2.91.90 usable for desktop user?14:28
AndChat|I'm at school, nobody around with Linux, and I need to run fsck on an SD install of Debian14:28
ikoniaAndChat|: ask the guys in #debian then14:29
ikoniaAndChat|: this is ubuntu support14:29
AndChat|No answer there14:29
ikoniaAndChat|: and you've been told it is a bad idea14:29
ikoniaAndChat|: yes there is, you've just been told it's a bad idea in there, and you've been told it's a bad idea in here, end14:29
GreenNerdThe guy just needed help14:30
GreenNerdSux to be him14:30
mgolischwhy dont you boot a livesystem and run the fsck from that?14:30
AndChat|ikonia: I'm on a phone, didn't notice that answer before. And yes, I'm giving up14:30
Picidarkguy: I'd wonder if the #comp